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We're Finally Getting Married!

  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    We're Finally Getting Married!
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    WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER VLOG! It's happening. Finally, after 9 years together we have decided that later this year we will be getting married! Let me know your thoughts!
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  • MissMangoButt
    MissMangoButt  Month ago +1743

    I can't believe it's happening... make sure to use code MANGO60 to get 60% off your first Factor box ➡ bit.ly/3UCcH3d

    • S Morris
      S Morris Month ago

      Congratulations 🤗💞😀 yay!! We've all been waiting for this.. can't wait to see the videos as u guys prepare & hopefully at least some of your guys' Switzerland trip/wedding 👏YAY & CONGRATULATIONS again 👏

    • Yue Lu
      Yue Lu Month ago

      As an Asian Makeup Artist in Switzerland, I want to do your makeup so bad 😭😭😭

    • RA_J Cat
      RA_J Cat Month ago

      Biss check out Teutamatoshi...they make pretty dresses that not so wedding gown-ish but fairy-like -ish...which I think you will like..

    • zalika .s
      zalika .s Month ago

      Thank you for including us along this journey I'm so excited for you I'm so teary!

    • Haritha Sai Shrieya
      Haritha Sai Shrieya Month ago

      Stephanie congratulations🎉👏
      Stephanie can you do a podcast of book named "Nine Liars "by Maureen Johnson

  • giselle
    giselle Month ago +13077


    • アルビナYunoa
      アルビナYunoa Month ago


    • Haley
      Haley Month ago

      I’m crying

    • rain
      rain Month ago

      10k(th) like 😌

    • Nina Negedu
      Nina Negedu Month ago

      @Jaz★you know it!❤

    • A1
      A1 Month ago

      And now when she wants to divorce him in 10 years she'll get his money 😊

  • merari martinez
    merari martinez Month ago +595

    I have been a silent viewer for the past 4 years and have fallen in love with you guys!! I’m so happy for you guys and can’t wait for the videos to come

  • Lily
    Lily Month ago +82

    Having an all-expenses paid trip for their family is SO THEM. Like if there’s anything that could describe Stephanie and Stephiance as a couple, it’s the love they have for their close ones and how generous they are towards them. Just like how they bought christmas gifts for their entire family.

  • Kevizeno Kiso
    Kevizeno Kiso Month ago +740

    Am I the only one crying of genuine happiness for them? 😭 I’ve been here with them so long I feel like they’re my naughty children (though I’m younger). And now they’re finally taking their big step. uwu my heart can’t take this.

  • Loey
    Loey Month ago +244

    Tiffany not knowing Audrey Hepburn's name and saying she loves her when she sees the picture SENT me

  • chaneldumpling
    chaneldumpling Month ago +624

    I know some people may think that a Clip-Sharer-subscriber relationship is simply not real because we don’t “physically & personally” know them, but to me, the happiness I’ve felt while watching Stephanie, Stephiance, and their family are real, and the difficult times that their videos (& podcasts) has gotten me through are very, very real. That’s why, even if I don’t know them personally, the happiness and peace they’ve given me are very real and valid, and I wish nothing but happiness for them all, but especially for Stephanie and Stephiance 🥹
    Thank you so much for sharing one of the biggest moment of your lives with us, and all I want is to simply continue watching you guys being happy with friends & family 💖 Please continue to share your happiness with us for as long as you’re comfortable to, because your happiness has given me happiness too ❤️❤️
    congratulations again!

  • aeri
    aeri Month ago +2729

    “I want this to be a casual wedding”
    **brings entire clan to switzerland** 😂
    So excited for you guys!!!

    • jaehyun's_8th_kid
      jaehyun's_8th_kid Month ago

      Oh! Czennieee😏😏

    • aeri
      aeri Month ago +29

      @sara griffiin yep, they did mention their preferences on past vids, but wasnt expecting it to be overseas 😂

    • Sidra Abbas
      Sidra Abbas Month ago +2


    • sara griffiin
      sara griffiin Month ago +80

      Yes cause then you don't have to invite a lot of people, smart thinking from there side.

  • J
    J Month ago +61

    For years I have been waiting and I could never be happier, especially cause it’s like watching my big sister get married

  • Julissa F
    Julissa F Month ago +59

    CONGRATS YOU TWO!! I’ve been watching since Stephanie’s first apartment and omg I never thought this day would come 😭 I’m so happy for you two!! 🤩🕊️🫶

  • Pyeimul T-T
    Pyeimul T-T Month ago +241

    Why did I start crying when you were telling Dan Dan about the wedding😭😭 I’m so happy for you guys

    • jojihye
      jojihye Month ago +3

      ikrrr he looked like he was gna cry too😂🥺

  • A. V
    A. V Month ago +41

    i’ve been watching you since you started doing mukbangs in your old apartment and the wooden tray (i think im remembering that right lmao) and basically grew up with you going through high school and now im about to graduate college soon,, this all goes to say how happy i am for u and i really appreciate you and wish you and stephiance the best forever :D

  • Yoichie
    Yoichie Month ago +1


  • fallin_flower
    fallin_flower Month ago +3494

    It’s going to be an adjustment going from hearing “my fiancé” to “my husband” but I’m sooooo excited for you both 😭😭😭

    • Jennifer Ang
      Jennifer Ang Month ago


    • Jimmy Nguyen
      Jimmy Nguyen Month ago +2

      @lurker PG THIS.

    • lurker PG
      lurker PG Month ago +72

      @CHAN nary it's gonna be Mr. MangoButt and Mrs. MangoButt!

    • KemoniAlexis
      KemoniAlexis Month ago +73

      @CHAN nary I was thinking more like Stephubby but then it looks like step-hubby wait😂😂

    • CHAN nary
      CHAN nary Month ago +110

      Is he still going to be Stephiance or Stephand? Stephband? Stephus?

  • Marlene Evans
    Marlene Evans Month ago +1

    I am so happy for you both. I have been waiting for a long time for this day to come. How ever you choose your wedding, will be beautiful. It should be what you want, because it is your special day and your memories. Congratulations þo a beautiful couple.

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen Month ago +9

    MIA😂😭 Just casually LOOKING at the floor with her giant ass cracker, then looking up when Stephanie calls her name- WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY😭 SHE’S SO CUTEEEE

  • STAN NCT or be a square

    I felt that too. Tradition is not a reason. My parents are on my ass about marriage too and I am only 22 TT They are like "ever since you were born, we dreamt of so many things for your wedding." And they are like you need to get married no matter what so our lifelong wish/dream will get fulfilled. LIKE IT'S NOT EVEN ABOUT MY LIFE?? Asian parents are wack bruh.

  • Njabulo Nzimande
    Njabulo Nzimande Month ago +1

    I'm so happy for u both, be bold and fearless in the persuit to your happiness, u both deserve it, Mr and Mrs...💖💞💕💗

  • grape
    grape Month ago +1382

    cant believe we are going from "my fiance" to "my husband"🥺😭 literally cannot wait for the wedding i am 100% sure the wedding video is gna look absolutely amazing

    • nessa
      nessa Month ago +2

      Face reveal maybe? Haha I wish ):

    • echung
      echung Month ago +1

      Stephusband? I haven't referenced Stephiance in so long, just referred to him as Mr MangoButt. LOL

    • Ama Mart
      Ama Mart Month ago +5

      Omg yes I can’t wait for that 😭

    • Michaela Lee
      Michaela Lee Month ago +32


  • Chey but WHY?
    Chey but WHY? 18 days ago +1


  • Armincia Edwards
    Armincia Edwards Month ago +4

    As an INFJ who is not about traditions either, I get it. ALSO CONGRATS! Glad you guys did things your way & I hope the rest of the planning goes how you'd like too.

  • SpiritedDancer17
    SpiritedDancer17 Month ago +1

    Literally thought this was going to be a joke/prank so I avoided this video when I got the notification!! 😂 24+ hours later here I am literally biting my nails because that’s how anxious I was watching this!!! I didn’t want to be disappointed BUT IT’S REAL!!!! It’s finally happening!!! 🥹🥹🥹
    Your mom’s reaction when you keep saying it’s a prank then it’s not a prank was so funny and your dad’s reaction were seriously so cute!! Aghhh!! I honestly can’t believe it! Also, DanDan be lookin hella good!! This job has him all dressed up and fansayyy.
    Also, Happy Birthday Sophie!!! 🥰💕

  • jaeY
    jaeY Month ago +7

    I honestly wanna give the same happiness that Stephanie gives to her family in this video! Like everyone is also happy for this wedding

  • BarbieKayy
    BarbieKayy Month ago +1255

    I started watching as a 14 year old freshman. You guys have got me through years of hard times. Sudden severe teen chronic illness, depression from missing out on the things my peers did while I was in the hospital, trauma from seeing myself be deathly sick, and recently, a major surgery in which my large intestines was removed & I was given an ileostomy. I’m an 18 year old freshman in college now. You guys have genuinely helped me get through unimaginable pain and hardships. Because of the channels and the podcast, I’ve been able to laugh and still she the beauty throughout my journey. I feel so thankful to be able to watch y’all’s. I’m so happy for you guys and so thankful that all you’ve done for so many of us by allowing us to be a part of your lives ! 💓

    • ♡ νέα ♡
      ♡ νέα ♡ Month ago +15

      Omg u started watching in my freshman yeah too🥲I’m graduating in a few months

  • Joana Boateng
    Joana Boateng Month ago

    I’m so happy for you guys. I’ve been watching you for a long time and I’m so happy ❤

  • bukky subulade
    bukky subulade Month ago +7

    i actually started crying when stephani looked off into the distance whilst describing her dream wedding. it’s been a long journey!!! Congrats!!!!1

  • Abby Talks
    Abby Talks Month ago +13

    Not me crying over this 😭😂❤️ Y'all are my best friends for real and I don't even know you. I'm so happy for you guys, you deserve this ❤️

    VICHI Month ago +13

    I made it 18 mins into the video and then suddenly out of nowhere started crying tears of joy. Congratulations!

  • tallasianchick
    tallasianchick Month ago +3

    Y'all are such a refreshing couple. I hate tradition also; I'm not even monogamous and straight. I'm really proud of you two for paying for your guests for a destination wedding. I'm so broke, I would've been pissed if I had to pay.

  • Caitlyn Nguyen
    Caitlyn Nguyen Month ago +1083

    Stephanie saying it’s a casual announcement…. Me crying uncontrollably as she tells everyone. I’m so happy for them 💖

    • Ash Segovia
      Ash Segovia Month ago +4


  • Diane Danica Dy
    Diane Danica Dy Month ago +2

    I will get married in Switzerland someday too. And when that happens I'll go back to this comment and reminisce how much Stephanie has been an inspiration ❤

  • Syarifah Syahidah
    Syarifah Syahidah 23 days ago +1

    When you told your parents... I cried. I felt the happiness from your dad and I wished I could have the opportunity to tell my parents as both of them passed away. This vid makes me feel so happy 🥰

  • Yada
    Yada Month ago +8

    Why did I get so emotional every time you told your family that you’re finally getting married? I’m so happy for you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  • jade
    jade Month ago

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH have a truly blessed and joyful wedding and relationship

  • echung
    echung Month ago +2

    the moment we all have been waiting for, it's here. CONGRATS STEPHANIE AND STEPHIANCE (Stephusband? Stephausband?)!!!

  • sallychuu
    sallychuu Month ago +1147

    you know the parasocial relationship is strong when you start crying after the announcement 😭 but I’m genuinely so happy for you guys and thank you guys for taking us with you on this journey! 💞💞

    • bubbleteafication
      bubbleteafication Month ago +1

      for real like why am i crying 😭

    • Sherrly Saturn
      Sherrly Saturn Month ago +2

      Ikr literally me tearing up rn 😭🤣 so happy for them! 💕

    • everythingoes
      everythingoes Month ago +21

      ikrr it didn’t really hit me until she called dandan 🥺 i started ugly crying

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen Month ago

    Got me ballin 😭😭 I’m so happy for you guys!!!! ❤❤❤❤ Congrats 🎉🎈

  • Sonia
    Sonia Month ago

    That’s amazing!!! I hope you guys have a beautiful life together.

  • Kate
    Kate Month ago

    OMG YAY! I’ve been watching u guys for like 2-3 years and I’ve been waiting for this moment AHHH congratulations guys

  • yarsm
    yarsm Month ago


  • Laura Floyd
    Laura Floyd 27 days ago +2

    7 years!? Wow! Girl, I have NEVER seen you this animated before. So cute.

  • Colt James
    Colt James Month ago +1247

    Stephiance telling her mom it was a prank, it's not, but it is... Had me DYING from wheezing and crying from laughing so hard. LMAO I'm so happy for you guys.

  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Month ago

    YAAAAAAAYYY 😭😭😭😭 y’all are so sweet to your family I love it 😭😭😭💕💕💕 congratulations again!!!

  • Ellie
    Ellie Month ago

    I absolutely LOVED this video !!! Congratulations you guys! I hope everything will come out as you desire and more❤️

  • Diaz
    Diaz Month ago

    I’m so happy for you both😭❤️ finally! 😂 Just kidding but fr it’s so great to see you guys happy and in love✨And Switzerland looks like heaven on earth !

  • Natalie Dejesus
    Natalie Dejesus Month ago

    Love the non-traditional wedding idea , my brother is getting married next year and has decided to have a Halloween wedding (no white dress and dark fall colors) I’m so excited cuz it’s different. I wish u guys so much happiness!!

    BRAGO Month ago

    I am so excited!! I love this for y’all!! May God continue to bless your union❤

  • Nadia Rose
    Nadia Rose Month ago +852

    i'm usually a silent viewer, but this video made my heart so full. you guys deserve each other, and i cannot express how happy i am for you. congratuations stephanie, and i truly am so happy for the both of you xo

  • Ana Luíza
    Ana Luíza Month ago

    I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait to watch everything about the wedding 🥹💝

  • bxnanamilkk
    bxnanamilkk Month ago


  • Fatimah Ovais
    Fatimah Ovais Month ago


  • daughter of DNWO
    daughter of DNWO Month ago

    Ayyayayayayayya finally 🙌 literally so happy for you guys I can't believe it's finally happening. I wish you guys the best

  • Gwindolyn2013
    Gwindolyn2013 Month ago +4

    Omg. But tell me why I cried when she told Dan Dan. I’m so happy for y’all!!!🎉

  • elysha
    elysha Month ago

    Congratulations Stephanie. Whatever the reason is, I am so happy for the both of you! I love the concept of a personal and intimate wedding rather than focusing on pleasing the guests. I hope the best for y’all. This is my royal wedding fr 🫶

  • starnitez
    starnitez Month ago +684

    idk why I feel so emotional watching Stephanie inviting each of the family members I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GURL CONGRATULATIONS!!

    • Kadice Rhodes
      Kadice Rhodes Month ago +6

      Same!!! It’s like she’s our best friend and her family is our family but we have never met 😂💜💜

    • Slammin Samyn
      Slammin Samyn Month ago +4


  • abcdefarrahg
    abcdefarrahg Month ago +1

    AAAAA Happy for the both of you! Congrats. lol couple goals

  • Alondra Gonzalez
    Alondra Gonzalez Month ago

    I'm gonna cry! 😭 I'm so happy for you guys!!!

  • IdrinkBTSteaForDinner


  • Yumna
    Yumna Month ago

    Congratulations!! ✨🎉 I’ve been watching your videos for the past 4 years and I’m so happy for you guys 😭 best wishes to you both!

  • Joanna Dizon
    Joanna Dizon Month ago +2

    I cried! It's like I'm part of your family, I'm just so happy your tying the knot after 7yrs! Love you guys!

  • Sayden
    Sayden Month ago

    I'm so happy for you guys I wish you all the best and an amazing marriage

  • Beatriz Rosa
    Beatriz Rosa Month ago +887

    Imagine Sofia as a flower girl walking down the aisle with Mango and Tiger 😂 it's not my wedding but I'm planing everything in my head rn

  • kpop ff
    kpop ff Month ago +1

    You guys have been my parents since 2018, and I’ve waited for this moment for such a long time when you guys announced it on Instagram I CRIED this is just so surreal I’m so happy for you guys may your married life be blessed with everything you ever hoped for ❤️❤️

  • abdur raj
    abdur raj Month ago

    ❤🎉🎉🎉 Ahhhhhhhh!!! Congratsssss!!!! It sounds like it’s gonna be so funnn! 🎉🎉🎉❤

  • So What
    So What Month ago

    Biss I almost cried congratulations I’m so happy for you guys 💕💕

  • xianamcghee
    xianamcghee Month ago +4

    Idk why but Tiffany being so excited brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for everyoneeeeee! Love yall❤❤❤

  • angeliii •
    angeliii • Month ago +544

    I've been silently watching Stephanie for over five years now and I still have the same excitement the first time she told us she's getting married. You deserve this much happiness, congrats 언니! 🤍

    • morgan taylor
      morgan taylor Month ago +1

      The wedding dress series was the best thing ever I was sad they decided to wait but I’m so happy they are doing what would make them happy not everyone else

  • ♡Misa Misa♡
    ♡Misa Misa♡ Month ago +1


  • 딘딘
    딘딘 Month ago

    Im so happy for u guys😭😭😭😭 my pandemic parents😭😭😭😭 all the happiness to you both!!! 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Micah Justine Tampil

    congratulations stephanie and stephiance!!!! excited for you guys 🥳

  • Emeraldxx
    Emeraldxx Month ago +1

    THE WAY I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW YOUR IG POST! Girly 😭♥️ I am soo excited for both of you!! I remembered I followed you when you first were dress hunting!!

  • Geonna Smith
    Geonna Smith Month ago +965

    I never get emotional about anyone’s wedding but I just got teary eyed because of this😭 I’m so happy for y’all

    • echung
      echung Month ago +6

      i feel ya on this. stephanie and stephiance (soon to be stephihusband?) have brought us on so many moments of theirs that its hard to not get emotional and feel like part of the family

  • myy
    myy Month ago +2

    I feel like a mother watching my daughter all grown up :)) congratulations for the wedding steph!! ❤️❤️

  • bella irene
    bella irene Month ago +6

    Stephanie’s dad is the sweetest person ever 😭💗

  • Sofia Castanheira
    Sofia Castanheira Month ago +3

    I watched this right when I woke up and I’ve been trying to process it. I am so, so happy for the two of you! Thank you so much for taking us on this adventure with you and for sharing such special moments with us. I love you both to death and I’m wishing you the most happiness, forever and ever!!!

  • kyungmon
    kyungmon Month ago +4


  • Jissel Suazo
    Jissel Suazo Month ago

    Congrats Stephanie!! We’re really happy for y’all!❤

  • May Van
    May Van Month ago +393

    Tell me why I announced this to my whole family and we’re talking about Stephanie like she’s a family friend that we’ve been waiting to finally get married. 🎉Congrats to both of you guys!!! 🎉

  • Snow Tigress
    Snow Tigress Month ago

    O.M.G. I am so happy and excited for you both. I hope it all goes well and you and your family have a great time when the day comes. While I'm not someone who is full on against tradition, I completely understand just wanting a small ceremony with the people I am closest to. Both for financial and comfort reasons. But seriously though, Congratulations !!! 😁😊😍🥰💜💘💜

  • Ana Quintana
    Ana Quintana Month ago

    AHHH YAY Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you two!!! It's going to be an amazing time in Switzerland!

  • Phrel Estavilla
    Phrel Estavilla Month ago

    I am soooo happy for you!! I’ve been watching you since forever and I couldn’t be happier for you two!! Congrats!! 🍾🎉 👰‍♀️ 🤵‍♂️

  • inseoneit
    inseoneit Month ago +1

    Congrats to you two! it’s been a long time since I followed you and it’s also been a long time since the last time, Seeing that you’ll have a wedding made me so emotional for some reason 🥹 it’ll be so special for you two, your family and friends and just by being part of this journey made us so happy!

  • Sihui Fan
    Sihui Fan Month ago +1

    The first time I think I watch her was trying on engagement dresses🎉

  • Alexa
    Alexa Month ago +550


  • princejay
    princejay Month ago

    so happy for you! been a fan of you guys for agesssss, and honestly wasn't thinking it was gonna happen-
    but all together im so happy for you both and hope the casual wedding planning goes well!

  • Ari B.
    Ari B. Month ago

    im soo happy for you omg❤ hope you have the best weeding that you wished for 😍

  • nats
    nats Month ago


  • Sab B
    Sab B Month ago

    I’m so genuinely happy for you guys 😊

  • Evelyn Ruiz
    Evelyn Ruiz Month ago

    Omg! I was crying throughout the whole video! Congratulations! 🎉 WOOOHOOOOOOO! ❤ Honest question are Tiger and Mango also invited?

  • Angie Nguyen
    Angie Nguyen Month ago +325

    The fact that you would bring us along this journey and watching you invite your family makes me so grateful to have followed you all this time 😭❤ CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!!

    • Zorks
      Zorks Month ago +1

      LETS GO

  • Latina Tries
    Latina Tries Month ago

    The fact that I am getting married the same year as Stephanie Soo says it's meant to be!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥👑👑

  • emmi
    emmi Month ago +1

    excited to finally see the transition from miss mangobutt to mrs mangobutt 😏 CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ❤

  • Leslay leslay
    Leslay leslay Month ago

    Finally!!! I wanna fast forward it to June! 🥰😂 I always feel so emotional and very excited for a wedding except for mine because of the stress. I am married now for exciting 10yrs. 😅

  • Ohana means family
    Ohana means family Month ago +1

    I'm so emotional watching this like it's been a whole journey with you guys and you two deserve this happy moment so much for bringing happiness to so many people ❤️

  • Ash Kadatuan
    Ash Kadatuan Month ago

    Congratulations you guys!!! ❤️🤧 It's about timeeeee!!! Switzerland is a beautiful country omg. I'm excited for you guysss. Loveyouboth and your fam! ❤️

  • Caitlin Huard
    Caitlin Huard Month ago +410

    I honestly thought the entire time they were going to end the video by saying it was just a prank. I think it’s going to be such an amazing trip for their family and to get to share that special moment 💕💕💕

    • H
      H Month ago +1

      Me too! These youtubers do be messing with our heads🤣

  • MyDolphin07
    MyDolphin07 Month ago +3

    As a Swiss myself I'm so happy you guys ties the knot in Switzerland! 🇨🇭 Let me know if you guys need recommendations for different locations! :D

  • A M
    A M Month ago

    I wish you both the happiness wedding and a Long happy life together ❤️

  • Emma Holland
    Emma Holland Month ago

    I’ve been to Switzerland once and let me tell you it is absolutely breathtaking it’s like the blueprint for what earth was supposed to be like if people didn’t ruin everything.

  • Innah
    Innah Month ago

    Finally!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I literally messaged my sister and my friends that follow you!!!😍😍😍 So happy for you guys!! Congrats!!!🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️