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Giving 10,000 Presents To Kids For Christmas


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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  3 years ago +158700

    Subscribe or you will have bad luck

  • Maria Healy
    Maria Healy 3 years ago +26871

    This man had 20 million trees planted, bought a homeless man a house, literally became Santa Claus to help people all over America, and much more. This man deserves everyone’s respect, seriously. This man is a hero.

    • brother green
      brother green Month ago

      I will consume this bot

    • MonkeyBrando
      MonkeyBrando 2 months ago

      @imahalo123he gave him a ton of money and stuff to buy food, toiletries, decorations, and included furniture such as couches, beds, tvs, an entire kitchen, etc.

    • Dellah Finnerty
      Dellah Finnerty 2 months ago


    • Haiden Osborne
      Haiden Osborne 2 months ago

      Yes he is

    • Alfred Estrada
      Alfred Estrada 2 months ago

      Okay but air rack, Zach king, zhc , Matthew beem are doing well too

    GARBAGE FIRE Month ago +163

    I'm glad he's #1 on the internet. And how nowadays he just has people who take care of these folks and doesn't even make content out of it

  • Spencer Marshall
    Spencer Marshall Month ago +66

    There is a special place in heaven for this man.

  • Topher H
    Topher H Month ago +72

    Santa Beast..coming down the chimney for those in need. Amazingly awesome! ❤

  • Nancy B
    Nancy B Month ago +109

    What can I say. I’ve never seen someone so generous. You are a beautiful person. ❤️

  • The Trey King Show
    The Trey King Show 3 years ago +6645

    That is a good and noble thing you guys are doing.

  • Lauren Goodwin
    Lauren Goodwin Month ago +14

    This was absolutely epic! That's all I can say. Just epic

  • Trezdyn
    Trezdyn 6 months ago +284

    The fact that after he learned that all the stuff he donated would only make it until monday and he went back and got more, this man deserves the world.

  • Harold Adams
    Harold Adams Month ago +11

    Thank you for all you do 🎉😊

  • я люблю маму

    мистер бист ООООООООООООООООООЧЕНЬ ХОРОШ, респект ему, и удачи во всеееееееееееееееееееем, мистеру бисту и всем

  • AbisonDaGoat
    AbisonDaGoat 3 years ago +18323

    Dude this guy is the nicest person in the world.

  • YB
    YB Month ago +12

    미스터비스트 감동입니다. 선행을한다는건 쉽지않습니다.당신의선행에 박수을 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Çağın Uçar
    Çağın Uçar Month ago +9

    How do you get a cat? With cat food obviously, idk how I didn't think of that before man's a genius damn

  • Lovi
    Lovi 5 months ago +43

    I don’t understand people who don’t respect this man. He has helped so many people and probably will help more people.

  • Creative_World
    Creative_World Month ago +4

    They need socks Mrbeast: puts them all in the cart

  • LiriksuKun
    LiriksuKun 3 years ago +875

    *MrBeast for President*

  • Deep Stuff
    Deep Stuff 12 days ago

    You are the REAL Santa I read in all the stories. Thanks for all the donation 😭❤🙏🙏

  • Meda Auglyte
    Meda Auglyte Month ago +3

    Your amazing. You helped so many people

  • Audrianna Gabrielle
    Audrianna Gabrielle Month ago +2

    I would’ve went for the ice cream section for the store lol

  • Galaxy 224 Wolf
    Galaxy 224 Wolf 2 months ago +4

    This dude is legit the best person in the world. Dude literally goes above and beyond to give people in need an amazing time. Love this dude ❤️

  • Sigma Objective
    Sigma Objective 3 years ago +21590

    My man is carrying our world to be a better place

    •  ii3bode
      ii3bode Year ago

      Because it's the beast @mr.beast

    • Jerrica Hale
      Jerrica Hale Year ago

      Sorry for your loss

    • Jerrica Hale
      Jerrica Hale Year ago

      Im sorry for your loss

    • Katherine_Tan
      Katherine_Tan Year ago

      So true

    • Void Master gaming
      Void Master gaming Year ago

      @Shift ZoneZ apparently he has a infinite credit card which means his money in his card is infinite money (I don’t even know how he got it)

  • Aubreigh Hall
    Aubreigh Hall Month ago +1

    Mrbeast you are the best you have donated so much keep uploading love your videos bye!

  • joel Abraham
    joel Abraham Month ago

    So awesome 🔥🔥

  • Fallen
    Fallen 2 months ago +6

    Looking forward to this year’s Christmas!

  • Kelly Goelz
    Kelly Goelz Month ago

    love it💞

  • j n
    j n 2 years ago +3580

    it’s crazy he’s 21 and making the world better. jimmy should have an award.

    • Jason Todd
      Jason Todd 10 months ago

      Lifetime Achievement Award for Being a Postive Impact & Changing so Many Lives for the Better.

    • Kyle_Busse
      Kyle_Busse Year ago

      He has an award, down in our hearts!

    • Starman123
      Starman123 Year ago

      i agry

    • Sarah Long
      Sarah Long Year ago

      The fact that his friends help in it as well

    • Crooked Gaming
      Crooked Gaming Year ago

      Jimmy had 20 million trees planted, bought a homeless man a house, became Santa Claus to help people, and much more. This man deserves WAY more than a award...

  • Naiyah arthur
    Naiyah arthur Month ago +1

    I present to you, Chris is funny lines.
    COLGATE! 🪥
    It's ok its peachy🍑

  • Diego S
    Diego S 2 months ago +8

    Hola MrBeast, gracias por darle una linda navidad a quienes lo necesitan bendiciones 🥳🙌

  • Ranaiden
    Ranaiden 5 months ago +12

    I love how kind and polite jimmy is and respects all people and ages equally

  • axriell
    axriell 6 months ago +15

    What he did is absolutely incredible, he has all my respect

  • kora erdogan
    kora erdogan 3 years ago +8276

    We should elect Mr Beast for president.

  • pimckle
    pimckle 5 months ago +8

    Jimmy you are the most thoughtful person in the world. you are changing so many lives everyday, you deserve all of this

  • Alissa Stephens
    Alissa Stephens 3 months ago +1

    I would honestly just love to meet Mr. Beast!!!!!!!! I literally watch him all day at work and when I'm at home I watch!!!!!!!! Love what you are doing!!!!!! Honestly watching you giving back to those in need honestly is amazing!!! I try to give back when I can or pay it forward!!!!

  • Nandi RW
    Nandi RW 25 days ago +1

    yes MrBeast spread goodness & happiness on this special day, I appreciate your efforts. Chris & Chandler with their wisdom of humor, also the crew with their passion. I hope Jimmy's family, his friends, as well as the crew, don't forget that all of us who are watching are in good health and always have a smooth routine.

  • John Slivinski
    John Slivinski 6 months ago +9

    Fantastic vid! It really warms my heart how Jimmy has created a whole movement of helping people!

  • Brevin Carter
    Brevin Carter 2 years ago +2032

    this man is seriously the best.he has donated to food banks and homeless shelters multiple times, gave a house to a homeless man and a pizza delivery guy who both desperately needed it,gave toys to children in hospitals, plans on opening his own food banks,planted 20 million trees, gave away cars for free,and paid for college tuitions.the list goes on for all the outstanding things he has done to the world.this man deserves so much respect.

  • Arbaz khalid
    Arbaz khalid Month ago +1

    Love from Pakistan 💖

  • IND_bunny044
    IND_bunny044  Month ago

    you do a great work

  • 𝕎𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕏𝕚𝕠

    This guy helps people more than the government he should have more respect 🤞

  • Patty Green
    Patty Green Month ago

    I would love to be an elf. That would be amazing. 🇨🇦🙋‍♀️❤❤❤

    ILYREL! 3 years ago +1950

    Chandler: “ever heard of elf on the shelf”.

  • Marisol Cruz V
    Marisol Cruz V Month ago +110

    Mr SantaBeast keep helping people in need. Everything you give life will multiply for you. Bless your heart. Have a wonderful end of year and may 2023 be even more amazing.

  • Immortal gunz
    Immortal gunz Month ago +1

    Love you from india sir

  • Kelly Goelz
    Kelly Goelz Month ago +2

    keep it up😄

  • Puppip Puppip
    Puppip Puppip Month ago +1

    I'm from Thailand and I love this kind of content :D

  • Demrey /
    Demrey / Year ago +3688

    Got to respect the fact he keeps children off the camera were others would seek for their reaction

  • YouWizards
    YouWizards Month ago

    Mr beast is now Santa claus

  • Puro Vladimil Rodríguez Guerrero

    Excelente inovacion felicidades por su logros Éxitos señor Jimmy Mr Beast 🇩🇴

  • Kendra Collins
    Kendra Collins 3 months ago +6

    You are such a good man and you don’t even care about the money and you just give people free items that don’t have much. You deserve to be treated with great respect.

  • Tareq
    Tareq 2 months ago +3

    MrBeast, you are a living legend my friend. The world should thank you and your team for what you do.

  • Azzam2009
    Azzam2009 3 years ago +2736

    If mrbeast runs out of money everyone would help him because he is the best

  • Cristian Castaño
    Cristian Castaño 2 months ago +3

    Jimmy deberías de venir a latino américa, no sabes el gusto que nos daría a nosotros los colombianos de tenerte por aquí y lo agradecidos que seríamos donde nos pudieras ayudar, guardo esperanzas de que si se pueda, se te quiere MR BEAST

  • Chico Black
    Chico Black Month ago +1

    Tbh sometimes mrbeast should have security guards

  • Bila Jackson
    Bila Jackson 5 months ago +5

    Eu amo essa energia ❤️

  • Robot Moments
    Robot Moments 24 days ago

    jimmy you're the best in the whole world , an inspiration , a model , a mentor you will forever be remembered

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 3 years ago +1556

    Mr Beast is slowly changing the world for the better 😊

  • BeatSado
    BeatSado Month ago +3

    How is thus one of his least viewed videos?

  • ClarifyExplosive
    ClarifyExplosive 2 months ago +1

    Give this guy the Medal of Freedom or something. I’ve never seen someone so deserving of national recognition for being such a genuinely good person. Thank you Mr. Beast!

  • The Gold Fam
    The Gold Fam 4 months ago +1

    You and your friends are amazing 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 stay blessed guys

  • DeltaFors 24-7
    DeltaFors 24-7 3 months ago +1

    OK this guy really makes money to give money and made it a fun job! That's pretty amazing and people will continue to watch and help because we need this guy to continue to do good

  • AcyNights
    AcyNights 3 years ago +3892

    All he wants to do is make people happy and make the world a better place.

  • nikhil mirgal
    nikhil mirgal 5 months ago +2

    Thanks for spreading the happiness MrBeast , it feels great to watch your videos.

  • caitlin rose
    caitlin rose 4 months ago +1

    you are truly a blessing

  • Aka.UD94
    Aka.UD94 Month ago

    Just Thank you ❤️

  • movie nut
    movie nut 2 months ago

    You guys are great. Fair play to you all. 👋👊

  • Bouheyr Baluch
    Bouheyr Baluch 3 years ago +1414

    Mr beast: here is 2000 dollars for tuition
    Chris: And here’s 13 cents

    • ᎳᎯᎱᎬᎬᎠ 4
      ᎳᎯᎱᎬᎬᎠ 4 2 years ago +1

      Mrbeast donated 2000 only ( and he has more )
      But Chris donated all what he had

    • Duski
      Duski 3 years ago

      i think he also may have given 2 coins lmao

    • elchubbyboy
      elchubbyboy 3 years ago +5

      It think Chris donated more

    • Wolfie_ Alex
      Wolfie_ Alex 3 years ago +16

      The difference between them is incredible 😂

    • Smallworld Haker
      Smallworld Haker 3 years ago +33

      he’s got the spirit at least !!

  • SJC
    SJC Month ago +2

    Love your work, MrBeast keep it up and I’ll keep watching

  • Ashley fitzgerald
    Ashley fitzgerald Month ago

    Day four of watching all Mr. Beast’s videos

  • Dua Queen
    Dua Queen 3 months ago +2

    This person is a legend he helped soooooo many people and I appreciate it he is the definition of humanity I am verity amazed love himmmmm

  • Ronald Tarup
    Ronald Tarup 2 months ago +2

    A huge respect for Jimmy❤️🙏

  • EF
    EF 3 years ago +25828

    everyone vote mr beast for president.
    stop taking this seriously 💀

  • Roozbeh Kamalian
    Roozbeh Kamalian 3 months ago +1

    Jimmy you are a legend i wish you happy and awsome life♥️♥️♥️ you are truly a lifesaver

  • A. Ismael
    A. Ismael 23 hours ago

    That’s absolutely amazing guys, especially you didn’t filming theirs faces. Great job keep it up!

    ILIYAS SHAIK 4 months ago +2

    Man you guys are great....I literally got tears when I saw the people reaction....🎉🎉🎉

  • Liza Puckett
    Liza Puckett Month ago +1

    That is awesome

  • The LUCK GOD
    The LUCK GOD  2 years ago +1675

    Spending tons of money for himself: **No**
    Spending tons of money for others: **Yes**

  • Sweet TR12
    Sweet TR12 6 months ago

    Mr. Beast does more to people than I ever saw someone do 💕

  • GM David Maldonado
    GM David Maldonado 3 months ago

    Gracias por todo sr Bestia 💛❤️🖤

  • WestCoastVibin
    WestCoastVibin 5 months ago +1

    Jimmys definitely a blessing all around!

  • Elymar Cabrera
    Elymar Cabrera 28 days ago

    Dios te bendiga y a tu familia y equipo 😘🙏

  • Ozi Carrillo
    Ozi Carrillo 2 years ago +2187

    He’s literally doing more than the government💀

  • Kushum Khan
    Kushum Khan Month ago

  • №(PLOV)№
    №(PLOV)№ Month ago

    Я из России и я тебя смотрю

  • Tyler Landreth
    Tyler Landreth 5 months ago +1

    You are just awesome. You do know that, right MrBeast?

  • Fate_the_great
    Fate_the_great Month ago

    This man is the nicest person in the world and keep helping ❤

  • OfficialSstein-YT
    OfficialSstein-YT Year ago +1508

    Can’t believe this man never got the Nobel Peace Prize yet.

    • nissa
      nissa Year ago

      @Legolas2675 at this point, mr. beast probably also used multiple billions of dollars on videos to entertain us, and make money just to give it away in people in need. jimmys just as deserving of a nobel prize as him imo

    • AreUBallin'?
      AreUBallin'? Year ago


    • BlueDreams
      BlueDreams Year ago +1

      @Jenete j He probably means young adult

    • BlueDreams
      BlueDreams Year ago +1

      @Cneh Ndlela Do you mean young adult? A child is 12 and under

    • BlueDreams
      BlueDreams Year ago +1

      @Cring Memes I think he means a young adult

  • HalfAsleepNate
    HalfAsleepNate 2 months ago

    Mr.Beast warms my heart with his videos, and I’m sure he has for all of you! Merry early Christmas 🎅🏻🎄

  • Good Witch Intuitive Tarot

    I Love You Guys.....Most adorable little Do-Gooders Ever!
    As always I'm in tears. Watch Mr. Beast = Turn on the waterworks! Lol
    Thank you so much Mr Beast and Company, for making the world a better place.
    Sending Love and Light To all of you! Wishing you all beautiful blessed holidays.
    I hope someone does something amazing for all of you too, you deserve it! 💜🌈🌞🍀

    • Tele-gram me 👈 Beastphilanthrophy10
      Tele-gram me 👈 Beastphilanthrophy10 Month ago

      Congratulations you have have been shortlisted to win a prize for the season giveaway.....

    • _Disturbed_Theorist_
      _Disturbed_Theorist_ Month ago +2

      I do really hope someone returns the favor, they've done so much to help the whole world, they definitely deserve a reward for all their good doings.

  • Mavra Estrella
    Mavra Estrella 5 months ago

    I love how he actually buys the things instead of sending money

  • junichichrist TM
    junichichrist TM 5 months ago +2

    you guys are awesome!!!!... please keep continue helping people who really in need... godbless bro.

  • Miracle
    Miracle 3 years ago +815

    This is incredible. Bringing such joy to so many. The world needs more of you

    • tara serenity
      tara serenity 2 years ago +1

      Indeed 👍🏻⭐

    • Cars For Sale uk
      Cars For Sale uk 2 years ago

      Miracle Ochei thanks u please support me and subs

    • Eg Noggin
      Eg Noggin 3 years ago

      @PassionIsInspiration yep 😔

    • PassionIsInspiration
      PassionIsInspiration 3 years ago +3

      @Eg Noggin because of these bots the creaters are suffering indirectly as youtube wants to make itself a kid friendly platform.(because of these fvking bots)

    • Charles Noonan
      Charles Noonan 3 years ago +4

      The world doesn’t have too many generous millionaires

  • ★ SlowLorisgamer4783 ★

    Jimmy is a good person because he actually wants to help people in need and dosen't do it just for the fame 😊

  • МеМы
    МеМы 5 months ago +1

    Ты мой самый любимый блогер, спасибо тебе❤️

  • Kent
    Kent Month ago

    When you are in love with your passion you will be happy,. And seeing Mr.Beast and his team happy doing this kindness. I can tell that they are the best.

  • M_itch0
    M_itch0 Month ago +1

    Mrbeast is the real santa claus

  • G B
    G B 2 years ago +652

    Mr beast definitely has a whole section of heaven reserved just for him after all the good he has done

    • jaeishalfstrawberry
      jaeishalfstrawberry 2 years ago

      The question is does he believe in Jesus, but yes he is good man! 🤨🥰

    • Rylins
      Rylins 2 years ago

      @bigracks i’m guessing your catholic huh?🤨

    • bigracks
      bigracks 2 years ago

      @Rylins yes u do tho 💀

    • Angelica💗
      Angelica💗 2 years ago

      @Muhammad Rayan Read Ephesians 8:9 and Romans 10:9. You are saved through Faith in Christ :)

    • t1ff ?!
      t1ff ?! 2 years ago

      *First Person To Do 10 GOOD DEEDS Gets My PRIVATE HEAVEN!*

  • Nathaniel Buzzell
    Nathaniel Buzzell 5 months ago

    I am speechless to this incredible operation by MR Beast. This was just amazing he's a hero

  • Anna Twinkles sprinkles 007

    Your videos are hilarious! You put so much effort into these

  • Danielle B
    Danielle B 3 months ago

    That’s such a blessing to be able to do that.