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(HOTD) Daemon Targaryen | The Rogue Prince

  • Published on Oct 31, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 526

  • Zurik 23M
    Zurik 23M  4 days ago +2

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  • soul
    soul 5 months ago +2524

    "Over the centuries, House Targaryen has produced both great men and monsters. Prince Daemon was both. In his day there was not a man so admired, so beloved, and so reviled in all Westeros. He was made of light and darkness in equal parts. To some he was a hero, to others the blackest of villains."

    • Budi Sutanto
      Budi Sutanto 19 days ago

      In medieval standard games of power(thrones) he's useful, needed or even rather perfect.
      Arya Stark is a favorite character because she slaughter the opponent, after the opponent plays dirty,
      Daemon did better, pre emptive strike.
      The most key factor . . he didn't strike Rhaenyra when she demand the egg back.
      That would make us hate him because we love her.

    • Stevo Staple
      Stevo Staple 27 days ago

      @Deciduous Refuge he didnt kill her in the book

    • Deciduous Refuge
      Deciduous Refuge 27 days ago +1

      If I was his third wife and found out he killed his first one, I'd certainly name him villain, as opposed to hero. Matter of perspective I guess.

    • Stevo Staple
      Stevo Staple Month ago

      @Koushik Roy they forgot to show his good side and him winning a duel to win over Laena

  • LessCommonKnowledge
    LessCommonKnowledge 5 months ago +1666

    Daemon Targaryen is the definition of a complex character. He is not a good person, violent and sometime evil, yet he is a truly loving brother, husband, and father.

    • Rare Form
      Rare Form Month ago

      @Thalmor Agentyou have shit taste if you don’t like Daemon. He’s literally the best character in the show save maybe Viscerys

    • NovorSec
      NovorSec Month ago

      I dont know about the good husband and father part lol, but he seems to had have some care for his last wife (not Ryanair) and 2 doughters

    • h h
      h h Month ago

      @Lightning Fox He refused to cut into Leona when the maester offers it as a solution so that is hardly his fault to be fair. Also him choking Rhenyra was in response to him thinking she was weak in the same way as Viserys. I do not believe Daemon would ever kill Rhenyra, dare I say hurt her. We see through the show he very much cares for both her and his brother but despises their “weakness.”

    • Lightning Fox
      Lightning Fox Month ago

      @Justice Then we didn't watch the same show. He spooks the horse. Rhea tries to defend herself. The horse falls on her. But she did not dies. She is still alive. Daemon steps on her arm. And then he goes an grabs big ass rock. And kills her.

    • Lightning Fox
      Lightning Fox Month ago

      @h h I disagree with that. He does choke Rhaenyra. And he married her. He wanted a son with Laena. And well she died because of that.

  • Alexander
    Alexander 5 months ago +1031

    And people thought Matt Smith was a bad casting choice. I´m proud to say that I was always confident that he was gonna be great.

    • HesitatedEye
      HesitatedEye Month ago

      Matt Smith can tap into that darkness and light in equal measure when I read about the casting my first thought was Demons Run in Doctor Who because that gives you a glimpse into how good he can be.

    • Cassius Bright
      Cassius Bright Month ago

      Matt Smith is really talented actor. I realize how talented he was when i am watching Doctor Who. He probably my favorite Doctor. He also amazing as young Prince Philip.

    • NovorSec
      NovorSec Month ago

      @Imperators 101 if you never saw an episode of got, what relationship it has with you seeing HOTD?

    • verobelli
      verobelli 3 months ago +3

      Matt Smith is amazing in everything he does, I'm glad people realize that

    • Imperators 101
      Imperators 101 4 months ago +20

      He is playing the crap out of that Character. I never once saw an eposide of GOT but this dude kept me around in HOTD

  • Meg Bear
    Meg Bear 5 months ago +923

    His love for Rhaenyra and his brother cannot be overstated. Hands down my favorite character of all time in the Game of Thrones universe. Thank you for this great edit and showing his complexity!

    • Doomfist Yooom
      Doomfist Yooom 3 hours ago

      @Aerd Wolram i know what his name is but he was born as a stark and lived as a stark hes always been more stark than targaryan he doesnt care about his targaryan heritage.

    • Aerd Wolram
      Aerd Wolram 6 hours ago

      @Doomfist Yooom I think you’ve forgotten Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen. Jon is a dragon

    • NovorSec
      NovorSec Month ago

      @hereiam is what what has been show in the series, and i forgot to add he also killed a crippled woman lol

    • hereiam
      hereiam Month ago +1

      @NovorSec your fantasies about Daemon is something else...

    • NovorSec
      NovorSec Month ago

      @Aegon Breakspear why would he be better? He literally lost all his combats but the one against crab guy, a big deux ex machina battle, he was forced to retreat when he first landed at crab island, he lost against a no name in the tournament, the sea snake clearly stated he was the reason they were losing the war, but he did beheaded someone from his back lol
      Its an interesting character for sure, left on the side track a bit to much for my taste, i think he should have more screen time, but i understand that the show goal is the queens war and not the peaceful reign of Viserys

  • Alex 354
    Alex 354 5 months ago +645

    He’s one of the coolest Targaryens that ever lived

    • Yamaha X
      Yamaha X 4 months ago

      It's foolishness to compare targeryans " Everyone is intresting like I sometime think what if viserys never dies and took the seven kingdom , what if ageon V never wasted that many dragon's egg and what if Aegon VI (jon) was never sent to the north would he have been like daemon aggresive or like rhagar aimable

    • MCOC Loser
      MCOC Loser 4 months ago

      @Hokage DLO wasn’t being condescending, if that’s the way you took it, that’s on you lol that just speaks to your self esteem issues. Either way, they are still the best and most depth Targaryens.

    • Hokage DLO
      Hokage DLO 4 months ago

      @MCOC Loser let me be clear ive read the books, but I disagree with you. Maybe try not being a condescending pos for a change thanks.

  • 31st Century Peaceseeker
    31st Century Peaceseeker 4 months ago +301

    He’s one of the rare characters George writes that seemingly can’t lose. He’s handsome, charismatic, intelligent, reckless, open-handed, rides Caraxes, one of the strongest dragons alive at that point, top 3 Westerosi warrior in his day, a shrewd politician, a great battle commander, was a king although he didn’t sit the Iron Throne (Stepstones), was king consort if you consider Rhaenrya to have ever reigned, was the father of two kings (Viserys II. and Aegon III.), two extremely brave and awesome women (Rhaena and Baela) participate in the most epic dragon battle in Westerosi history against Aemond 'One Eye' Targaryen and Vhagar, is the namesake to Daemon Blackfyre.
    I didn’t even name everything and that is one helluva resume that I don’t think even Aegon the Conquerer and Tywin Lannister combined could compare with (okay, maybe that’s a bit much); and while Daemon didn’t win everything he did, he surely had more going for him than probably any other character George has ever written.
    Matt Smith did exceeded my expectations. Such an excellent performance from him in S1!

    • Malpheron
      Malpheron 2 months ago +5

      Well said. I am not sure about the "shrewd politician" and "great battle commander", but he is an extremely well written character to be sure.

  • Killmonger 509
    Killmonger 509 5 months ago +552

    Daemon is hands down the best character on this show

    • Melek
      Melek Month ago

      Honestly he is the best character in the dance and in George RR Martin world even George said that Daemon is his favorite

    • Liam Gavsy
      Liam Gavsy 2 months ago

      @Vesdus They have to skip it to reach the Dance. Not everything that happens in between is important to the story.

    • Meg eM
      Meg eM 4 months ago +1

      @Vesdus wow good to know cause in the show ge doesn’t have much screentime. But I heard that probably there will be entire show just about Corlys from when he was younger

    • Meg eM
      Meg eM 4 months ago +4

      I agree - he is the best and he is carrying the show on his shoulders from the beginning. I could watch entire show just about him 🙌

    • slur btw
      slur btw 4 months ago +4

      @Vesdus We were lucky to get as much backstory as we did we were only supposed to see the dance.

  • Rhaegar Heims
    Rhaegar Heims 5 months ago +346

    "Dreams didn't make us Kings, Dragons did."

    • Ali Almijrab
      Ali Almijrab 4 months ago +8

      @noah malchinkhuu being alive and being king isn't the same, house velaryon survived the doom too, are they king's now ?

    • Rhaegar Heims
      Rhaegar Heims 4 months ago +17

      @noah malchinkhuu "Dragon" Dream..
      Dreams are nothing without Dragon.
      Dragons are nothing without Dreams.

    • noah malchinkhuu
      noah malchinkhuu 4 months ago +19

      Technically dreams are the reason why the Targaryens are still alive. The Targaryens fled Valyria before the Doom because of Daenys the Dreamer.

  • MJ B
    MJ B 5 months ago +278

    Daemon Targaryen is the biggest gangster of the series. By a mile.
    A certified badass.

  • Rahmat Manurung
    Rahmat Manurung 5 months ago +269

    Finally you made tribute for DAEMON TARGARYNE. Chaotic. Daring. Dangerous. Complex. Controvercial. Fan-favorite. Most debatable. Most talked about. The DRAGON himself.

  • Saurav
    Saurav 5 months ago +297

    Matt smith nailed the role. Amazing portrayal. Great cast and acting.

  • Meg Bear
    Meg Bear 5 months ago +174

    Daemon exerts *they tried to plan my funeral but they got the wrong date* energy the entire season and I’m HERE for it. Such a chaotic badass.

    • Meg eM
      Meg eM 4 months ago +4

      I agree. Honestly I could watch entire show just about him 🙌

  • Lana Hartman
    Lana Hartman 5 months ago +119

    Best character by a mile and that is with everything they have done to diminish him. It's worth noting that Daemon really does lose a child with Misaria, never kills Rhea Royce and never isolates and mistreats Laena who he actually fights to safe and mourns when she passes. He is also very cautious about the war and doesn't want to throw in the dragons except as a last resort! The writers really seem afraid of the Rogue Prince and they should be- he is far more complex, interesting, intriguing nuanced and epic than any other f&b character. Always splendidly brought to life by Matt Smith. great edit

    • FN💯
      FN💯 2 months ago +1

      This is his character in the show! Deal with that shit

    • Sam Burns
      Sam Burns 2 months ago +4

      They have failed miserably to make the audience hate Daemon. And the most politically radical member of the show-writers, staunch feminist Sara Hess, is rather salty about it. We know this because she made it known publicly. Twice.
      I'm sorry but she needs to be kept on a leash, otherwise, I seriously worry that, worst case scenario, we'll end up with a shitty HotD S2. Because it appears to me that such individuals are notorious for using entertainment products and/or services as a political platform. And while some are more subtle about it than others, in my experience, entertainment products and/or services do not benefit from it, as it's not appealing. And I've noticed that even the comedy genre is negatively affected by this, but I digress.

    • liverpuddin22
      liverpuddin22 4 months ago +5

      Why are they trying to make him unlikable? I still love him❤

  • LadyMartinson
    LadyMartinson 5 months ago +66

    This is so well done, I love how you always incorporate shots from other characters or scenes where the main subject of the edit is not even included but it all adds something to your story, incredible narrative choices from your part. This absolutely nailed Daemon's character, you really understood his complexity and authentic nature, which is not easy since he's such a layered character. Great job.

  • Paulsoler4
    Paulsoler4 5 months ago +321

    The favourite Targaryen of GRRM for a reason

    • suchada nimitra
      suchada nimitra 4 months ago +8

      @tdvc YT Daemon is the most favorite Targ of GRRM, basically this character had favors from the god himself.

    • Meg eM
      Meg eM 4 months ago +5

      @tdvc YT I think he/she meant that Daemon is Martin’s favourite character. He said that in the interview.

    • tdvc YT
      tdvc YT 5 months ago +1

      As opposed to other people's targaryens? xD

    • Kir
      Kir 5 months ago +34

      Martin has a thing for edgy bad boys

  • Lucas Andrade
    Lucas Andrade 4 months ago +39

    I never switched from hating to love a character as I did with Daemon in this first season, Matt Smith's performance is awe-inspiring.

    • Wingnut1989
      Wingnut1989 4 months ago

      Jokes on you, I thought he was the bomb from the first scene. Controlled chaos

  • voronstark
    voronstark 4 months ago +45

    4:06 gives me chills every time I hear him yell "Laena" 😢
    Truly a great character: one part of a hero, the other part a villain, but all parts a man who loves his family very much and is always ready to stay by their side, loving them, protecting them!
    Thanks for this great edit, Zurik!

    CONCEPTS J.R.S. 5 months ago +57

    I was waiting for this; wonderful job Zurik. You have a gift of story telling that I've always enjoyed

    • Eric Mwai
      Eric Mwai 2 months ago +1

      Zero skills in editing on my behalf, but I thoroughly enjoy both of your work.

      CONCEPTS J.R.S. 5 months ago +2

      @Zurik 23M and you have no idea how much it meant for me to hear that. You were one of the guys that inspired me to begin editing.

    • Zurik 23M
      Zurik 23M  5 months ago +8

      Thank you so much, brother! ❤
      Your Daemon video is one of my fave videos of all time! ❤

  • Matteeeoooo
    Matteeeoooo 5 months ago +45

    A Masterpiece. The man, the legend, The Rogue Prince

  • Honorio Navarro Mesa
    Honorio Navarro Mesa 5 months ago +147

    The true Targaryen of the Dance with Dragons and worthy heir to Aegon I the Conqueror!

  • Alex H
    Alex H 4 months ago +21

    god i love the picture at 2:07 . Daemon standing there with confidence an Caraxes behind him is just epic.

  • Mohammed Mujeeb
    Mohammed Mujeeb 2 months ago +8

    One of the most important targaryens..He saved their dynasty from extinction through his bloodline when their family was almost destroyed due to the war

  • WorldsAway
    WorldsAway 5 months ago +20

    What a video. Perfectly captivates Daemon's deep and complex character

  • Elijah Al Malik
    Elijah Al Malik 4 months ago +23

    This is the BEST edit I’ve seen of HOTD so far, well done well done 👍🏽

  • Vesper Venom
    Vesper Venom 5 months ago +34

    Of all people I thought he would try to usurp the throne at the beginning of the season. Crazy how he ended up being one of the loyalest ones

  • madyE
    madyE 4 months ago +11

    Beautiful tribute as always! Daemon is evil, abusive and toxic, yet no one can deny his loyalty towards his family. What a brilliant grey character GRRM made for us.

  • Cassius Bright
    Cassius Bright Month ago +2

    Matt Smith is really a talented actor. He always potrayed perfectly every role he played. Ngl him as Daemon is probably my favorite role, second to the Eleventh Doctor.

  • ANA85
    ANA85 5 months ago +28

    It was Matt for me, i knew he would steal the show with his acting but even the fight scenes he nailed it 👏

  • kpopmammy
    kpopmammy 5 months ago +57

    Team black for life🖤 Daemon completely stole the show for me when I first started watching ! His aura and demeanor sells , him and lucerys were my ultimate favorites including rhaenyra . Speaking of which I really want a edit for lucerys he’s my ultimate favorite

    • kpopmammy
      kpopmammy 5 months ago +3

      @Zurik 23M your welcome ❤️

    • Zurik 23M
      Zurik 23M  5 months ago +3

      Thank you so much! ❤

  • Liebert Johann
    Liebert Johann 5 months ago +25

    You never miss with your edits ❤ he's one my favorite targaryen in asoiaf lore with Daenerys and Brynden rivers (bloodraven)

  • Mohammed / محمد
    Mohammed / محمد 5 months ago +43

    Daemon became one of my favorite characters of all time just from the first episode

    • Meg eM
      Meg eM 4 months ago

      Me too! Literally I was so bored almost the entire second episode but I just kept watching cause I knew he will be shown at the end. And I was not disappointed. IMO if it wasn’t for him, the show would not be so good.

    • Sikelela Nqodi
      Sikelela Nqodi 4 months ago +1

      Me too, he was so badass in that first episode that i was like "who is this guy"

  • Julio Michaelis
    Julio Michaelis 5 months ago +65

    by far the best character, a true DRAGON!

  • no one
    no one 4 months ago +12

    Deamon is a definition of a practical ruler, when his elder brother is a dreamer.

  • Gami Cross
    Gami Cross 5 months ago +42

    Daemon isn't a person as much as a wild dragon that everyone thinks they can tame and control

  • Angel King91
    Angel King91 2 months ago +4

    I admire Daemon, during the first 4 episodes they make it out to be the villain, he doesnt obey the king as much as everyone else, he is constantly trying to be with rheanyra and he steals an egg and claims dragon stone as his own in 1 episode. Near the end of the show they start to show the man daemon really is, the episode that change my image for daemon was the end of episode 4 when he tell viserys he wants rheanyra and that "he will restore the house of the dragon to its proper glory", he cares about his families dynasty and the legacy it has. I admire him for his loyalty to his families name, he wont let anyone talk down on a targeryen or let anyone let them think they are above the targaryens. even during the last ep when it seems the realm is against the house of black he is still making demands and giving orders to everyone, he knows he is on the side of the rightful heir and he is making it known that when he takes the throne back for the house of black anyone who was against them will suffer, i cant wait to see all the things Daemon will do in season 2

  • Jochen
    Jochen 5 months ago +33

    Best character in house of the dragon hands down

  • Mert Ağaoğlu
    Mert Ağaoğlu 5 months ago +20

    I get goosebumps when they speak valyrian

  • Tai
    Tai 5 months ago +20

    This is bloody fantastic just like Daemon

  • Courtney Kimberly
    Courtney Kimberly 4 months ago +10

    You can love a monster, it can even love you back, but that doesn’t change it's true nature.
    Daemon Targaryen, the last true dragon Prince. We will never see his like again.

  • Yok0hama
    Yok0hama 4 months ago +13

    Deamon Targaryen, only the name gives me the shivers.. I love this series can’t wait till season2.
    Caraxes ❤ #1 Dragon.

  • Laphonz
    Laphonz 4 months ago +12

    The most well rounded character ever. He's evil, he's good. You just don't know with him. Such a grey character

  • Sarah Romano
    Sarah Romano 2 months ago

    This is impressively well-edited. I havent even watched the show beyond a few clips here and there, but this had me following and invested. Solid work.

  • Nabanita Dhar
    Nabanita Dhar 4 months ago +8

    How I just fell in love with him watching his very first scene on the screen. Such a marvelous character.he is a charmer. ❤

  • Meg eM
    Meg eM 4 months ago +6

    Wow! What a great editing! It really shows how great and complex character Daemon is. I could watch entire tv series just about him 🙌

  • Kain
    Kain 4 months ago +4

    One of the greatest tributes ive ever seen, You're the best at what you do Zurik.

  • James Garland
    James Garland 5 months ago +13

    what beautiful work!! you've really captured him

  • Apollomasque
    Apollomasque Month ago

    "No one who got a statue made of them wasn't some kind of son of a bitch or another."
    Daemon always felt like an examination of "The Great Man" of history. Bold, intense, driven, everything he does he plays to the hilt. The passion to achieve incredible feats, the fire to burn the world down, the mercurial bondage to his own whims to be capable of *anything*.

  • arun patel
    arun patel 4 months ago +8

    It is not easy to understand him. He is indeed very complex character. He is among one of those evil characters you love more than good characters.

  • aquila
    aquila 4 months ago +6

    Hotd really gave the biggest breakout character with daemon targaryen in all of the asoiaf thats televised so far... like him or hate him but he's the most popular character in just one season.. perhaps even the showrunners didn't predicted this which is causing so much discourse
    "Prince Daemon, a rogue if there ever was one." - GRRM

  • LukeWestWest
    LukeWestWest 4 months ago +9

    People say Daemon is overly Ambitious… I disagree. Those of us that are Younger brothers or the youngest Sibling, we know that sometimes the only thing we want is to impress our older Brothers. Although most of wont EVER ADMIT it, we want to be accepted and be loved by the older siblings who coached us through life, because at one point we all looked up to them.

  • Hemanth kapavarapu
    Hemanth kapavarapu 5 months ago +10

    Your work never disappoints mate

  • hereiam
    hereiam 5 months ago +10

    My fav character from GRRM world. Matt Smith nailed it!

  • leeuziblaxk
    leeuziblaxk 4 months ago +9

    This guy and his dragon are the bravest and deadliest in house Targaryen history

  • Haryo Olule
    Haryo Olule Month ago

    You are the reason why I watch the series because of your beautiful editing

  • Burning Sky
    Burning Sky 4 months ago +4

    I like Daemon and I like what Corless said " Our worth is not given it must be made" plus the Daemons famous line" Dreams didn't make us kings dragons did" is fire 🔥

  • Estaaaas
    Estaaaas 5 months ago +9

    This was the best video of Daemon I have seen so far.

  • Heavymetalcorgi
    Heavymetalcorgi 4 months ago +5

    A true masterpiece about my favorite character of this show

  • Roya Valiyeva
    Roya Valiyeva Month ago

    It was so smart of you to finish the video with Daemon calmly singing to a dragon after all this crazy fights and dialogues. Can’t wait for more ❤️

  • TheDrexxus
    TheDrexxus 4 months ago +3

    Daemon is such a cool guy.
    It makes me want to see a series about Aegon, Visenya, and Rhaenys. I want to see how the original trio, the big three, did things.

  • Lᴜɪ́s
    Lᴜɪ́s  5 months ago +16

    Amazing character and an amazing show.

  • Tomate Grün
    Tomate Grün 4 months ago +7

    one of the best characters in the series

  • thumbnail man
    thumbnail man 3 months ago +1

    Cant wait for s2 and how they gonna show the battle of gods eye, my fav battle in the book and prolly the most anticipated in s2. God damien is such a good character

  • mbarekkk souad
    mbarekkk souad 4 months ago +7

    What a great performance from matt smith 👏👏👏 and it is only season 1

  • John Charitidis
    John Charitidis 5 months ago +13

    Freaking goosebumps man...

  • Led Beck
    Led Beck 5 months ago +16

    Some people aren't suited for the throne and serve through sidelines cause they overshadow the Ruler even without being one.
    And Daemon is one of them.

  • Dandy Moone
    Dandy Moone 5 months ago +11

    Beautiful editing, thank you ❤

  • Duende2211
    Duende2211 5 months ago +9

    Best character of the show so far.

  • Lavinia Jane Hollis
    Lavinia Jane Hollis 4 months ago +2

    Excellently done! When you get a chance if you like...can you do an edit of all the badass/bad-boy characters from GOT & HOTD so far? Such as Oberyn Martell, Tyrion, Dario Naharis, the Unsullied dude & others. It would be great.

  • B.K.D Edits
    B.K.D Edits 5 months ago +6

    Zurik, you are simply incredible! Thank you for this masterpiece!

    • B.K.D Edits
      B.K.D Edits 5 months ago +2

      I hope one day you will make a video for Otto Hightower as well! If there's inspiration for you, of course. I quite like the character and I would be very happy. 😁☺

    • Zurik 23M
      Zurik 23M  5 months ago +1

      Thank you so much, Kíra! ❤

  • Fearociti
    Fearociti 3 months ago +1

    Matt and Paddy carried the first season stellar performances from them both 😮

  • StormBorn
    StormBorn 5 months ago +5

    stunning portrait as always!!! was it possible that i can expect some upcoming edits focused on the two major female characters in the show? kinda curious about how would your mastermind lay out their complex storyline.

  • Za Ri
    Za Ri 4 months ago

    "The Gods have yet to make a man who lacks the patients for absolute power " is one of my favourite lines of this show so far.

  • Stylezz iR
    Stylezz iR 4 months ago +5

    HBO did a fantastic job in choosing Matt Smith for this Role - I’m not sure who else could play the role of a Rouge Prince better then him ❤

  • Nevel Haim
    Nevel Haim 4 months ago +1

    Daemon is the definition of evil
    He’s a human, always justifying his rage and violence
    And Sometime no justifications are needed
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    Never thought you'd make me perspire
    Never thought I'd do you the same
    Never thought I'd fill with desire
    Never thought I'd feel so ashamed
    Me and the DRAGON can chase all the pain away
    So before I end my day, remember
    My sweet PRINCE, you are the one
    My sweet prince
    You are the one
    Never thought I'd have to retire
    Never thought I'd have to abstain
    Never thought all this could back fire
    Close up the hole in my vain
    Me and my valuable friend
    Can fix all the pain away
    So before I end my day
    My sweet prince
    You are the one

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