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I Survived 48 Hours on Tokyo's HIDDEN Desert Island | Feat.

  • Published on Oct 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Could YOU live on Tokyo's biggest island? @CDawgVA & I jet off for Wacky Weekend in the Pacific.
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    00:00 Why Explore Tokyo’s Biggest Island?
    02:39 We Rented Japan’s Tiniest Car
    05:54 Inside an English Teacher’s Island Apartment
    13:23 What Working on a Japanese Island is Like
    14:47 Riding ATV’s to Japan’s Largest Black Sand Desert
    18:57 Japan’s WORST Smelling Dish
    23:00 What Life is Like Living on Tokyo’s Biggest Island
    25:24 Diving in to the Sea
    28:21 Inside an Abandoned School with Huge Spiders
    33:25 The Best Curry in Tokyo
    37:33 Dancing at a Japanese Summer Festival!
    Feat. @CDawgVA of @TrashTaste fame.
    Filmed & Edited by @PaulBallard
    Special thanks to Daniel for being an amazing guide: / @oshidan
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  16 days ago +1104

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: What'd you reckon? Could you be placed on Oshima Island randomly and live there? I'll admit, the spiders were something of a deal breaker.
    Another Wacky Weekend adventure from spiders and ATV's, to volcanoes and Japanese festivals - had an absolute blast as always. Special thanks to Daniel for being such a legendary guide.
    And thanks to Insta360 for sponsoring the episode with the awesome Insta360 Go 3. Having used their cameras for the last 3 years on Journey Across Japan and Wacky Weekend, it was a ton of fun experimenting with what may be the ultimate travel vlogging camera. ⭐Grab yours over here at: store.insta360.com/product/go-3?insrc=INRF3T8&KOL&AbroadinJapan&

    • jo
      jo 16 days ago +9

      Barry Chopsticks

    • The King of Media
      The King of Media 16 days ago +11

      The spiders alone make me say no

    • ocha
      ocha 16 days ago


    • JJ
      JJ 16 days ago

      I luv baguettes

    • Shepperton Studios
      Shepperton Studios 16 days ago +2

      You just made Sunday great again! Looking forward to watching this while we have supper!

  • Jessica Nigri
    Jessica Nigri 14 days ago +1119

    Look i'm sorry but where is your Netflix series??? The quality of these videos is INSANE. Thank you for all the effort holy fk 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Tripoli Beats
      Tripoli Beats 13 days ago +23

      true dude I love this I can watch an entire netflix series of you going everywhere with connor, amazing duo :D

    • Meg.A. Byte
      Meg.A. Byte 13 days ago +10

      I don't know how is it possible that the videos are still getting better and better.

    • Martín F. Molina
      Martín F. Molina 12 days ago +10

      have you watched "Cat Nation"? Chris was the host and it is... pretty good

    • Miles Long
      Miles Long 10 days ago +17

      The answer to your question is that Abroad in Japan is too good for netflix.

    • Gateaux Q
      Gateaux Q 9 days ago +12

      They’d underpay him for everything and take the rights for all of it. I think he’s got a better deal on youtube, as messwd up as that is.

  • yungjeon
    yungjeon 15 days ago +609

    That old Japanese woman's outlook on happiness is honestly inspirational. Happiness for her doesn't stem from convenience and luxury, rather from wholeness of life; being one with world. Truly inspirational.

    • Estevao Abel
      Estevao Abel 14 days ago +13

      true, to live in such a place with houses overlooking the sea and the fresh sea wind coming through and nature just at the backdoor...truly the best place to unwind from all the horrible and stressful stuff going on in the city

    • Gallowz
      Gallowz 14 days ago +7

      in spite of an alarming population of Huntsman spiders no less ❤

    • Nameless King
      Nameless King 11 days ago

      No wonder old people live really long in Japan. With these types of places there's just peace and serenity, no stress and mental health issues you get from modern day societies.

    • Panna Johns
      Panna Johns 11 days ago

      I wish I could live in such a peaceful and quiet place. Clean air, ocean breeze nearby etc. the only thing that would concern me are the spiders, I have really bad arachnophobia, just glancing at these spider on the video made me shiver and itchy all over

    • RockySwayzo
      RockySwayzo 10 days ago +1

      She was an adorably kind soul. I’d love to hear more about her past on the island. She reminds me of the older folks I met in Alberta. Just nice and down to Earth about the unique way they were raised in the wilderness of a major country. Just lovely to see.

  • James Pettigrove
    James Pettigrove 15 days ago +537

    Wow - this is a genuine surprise. Thanks Chris and Connor for sharing Oshima with us. I feel like next time I go to Japan, I don't need to make my way down to Okinawa but rather get the same vibes with a 30 min sauna flight instead right out of Tokyo! Love it

    • はりけんちょ
      はりけんちょ 15 days ago +10


    • Nigs Balchin
      Nigs Balchin 14 days ago +2

      And still in the Tokyo prefecture.

    • The Tokyo Texan
      The Tokyo Texan 14 days ago +10

      You can also come to the island by jet boat. It Takes 1 hour 45 minute from Tokyo.

  • T
    T 15 days ago +122

    Chris!! Speaking japanese with the locals again?!?! So amazing to see. The confidence, the execution. Great work man. Know you wanted to start doing that again.

  • CoupleaNerdz
    CoupleaNerdz 13 days ago +88

    Seriously though!! Chris is a natural documentarian!
    Turning a whacky weekend into a little documentary with stunning shots - this is what I love!!!

  • kinneas
    kinneas 15 days ago +188

    The people on the island are so friendly. Kanagawa-san is a true G.

  • iskandertime747
    iskandertime747 16 days ago +3197

    Nice to hear you speaking Japanese with such ease and confidence, Chris.

    • mfaizsyahmi.
      mfaizsyahmi. 16 days ago +167

      He's eyeing for the NHK

    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  16 days ago +1608

      My pronunciation wasn’t great I’ll admit. Still I definitely plan to speak more Japanese in videos going forward. Been secretly studying recently 😉

    • ZorchBoy
      ZorchBoy 15 days ago +56

      Don't stress it, most can't tell you have an accent @Abroad in Japan

    • Carlos A
      Carlos A 15 days ago +32

      ​@Abroad in Japandon't worry about your accent, most countries I visited like my English accent.lol😂

  • Anastasiia Zdorikova
    Anastasiia Zdorikova 14 days ago +103

    Hands down most unexpectedly heartfelt video I saw from Chris this whole year! Idk why, but Kiri-san, Kanagawa-san, and even the worker in the restaurant that asked for the correct word for the menu - so cute, so real! The festival looks straight up from the Wanokuni arc in One Piece, with everyone dancing. Amazing, really

  • thatkenesu
    thatkenesu 11 days ago +45

    Really love that Chris interviewed the locals himself in Japanese. Would be great to see more of it

  • StrayHat
    StrayHat 15 days ago +81

    I always love it when Chris talks to the locals to get their perspective. Added to his own experience it gives a nice, broad view of these places.

  • Gaia
    Gaia 15 days ago +35

    chris talking with the locals is just such a nice change to see on video... that reminds me of the time he interviewed multiple people after the 2011 earthquake and how it affected their life.
    These last few months I was thinking about what was left for chris to explore in Japan but seeing these small interviews and stories about random people in Japan give me hope that Chris can make so so much more content about this beautiful country and its people

  • PM
    PM 15 days ago +59

    Love that he interacted with Japanese people and helped them fix the phrase. Wanna see more of Chris interacting with the locals. Love watching you sponsor items too. :)

  • Frostern
    Frostern 16 days ago +2623

    Kanagawa-san's energy is contagious and i cant help but smile when she said "no mos burger"

    • Just some guy called Karaka
      Just some guy called Karaka 16 days ago +74


    • Abroad in Japan
      Abroad in Japan  16 days ago +612

      She and Kiri san were absolute legends! Everyone on the island was so damn friendly.

    • AAX
      AAX 15 days ago +3

      Japan need Islam, Quran and sharia law to save their country from evil atheism.

    • larcsword890
      larcsword890 15 days ago +31

      You can see how full of life and joy she is :). She is surrounded by nature and has access to fresh food ! What a wonderful island. I'm hoping more people will come to appreciate Oshima island 🏝

  • John has a long Mustache

    I gotta tell you, your videos have really helped me learning Japanese with cultural context. The very first time I tried out my language skills on an actual Japanese person, as you have said, the first thing out of her mouth was "oh, your Japanese is so good!" Then I remembered your warning: "she doesn't really mean it, she's just being polite". So I waved the compliment off with a "zenzen", and everyone in the room lit up, laughed, and I was able to comfortably speak to them, and them to me. After assuring me that they really did, in fact, think my Japanese was pretty good for a gaijin baka, lol.

  • crallen 1197
    crallen 1197 15 days ago +46

    Really liked the change of pace when you interviewed Kanagawa-san, it was nice not having a video that was an all-out sprint for the entire 40 minute run time. Interviewing her was a great way to get people personally invested in the history of the island. 10/10 video

  • Netjak
    Netjak 15 days ago +46

    I don't know why but i got kind of emotional seeing the festival. Seeing the lanterns and people just enjoying each others company and dancing around really hit me. What a beautiful site, and it really shows that the beauty in simplicity away from all the chaos and bustle of a large city.

      TATOOINE TABLEFLIP 13 days ago +1

      I’ve been to several on my many trips over and it’s a joyous, emotional, utterly fantastic experience every single time!

  • mike hawk
    mike hawk 15 days ago +27

    I’ve always wished i could experience a real traditional Japanese festival, it seems like it’d be a blast

    • Chris Woolhead
      Chris Woolhead 14 days ago +2

      Check out Connor's IRL stream he did there with Chris. Loads more of the festival.

  • anima05
    anima05 14 days ago +21

    Amazing content, Chris. I could really feel how much you both enjoyed a different Tokyo than the one we are all used to :) Great hearing you speak japanese, too. Thank you for this great introduction to this beautiful island! ❤❤

  • Galo Maze
    Galo Maze 13 days ago +27

    This was so good. I would happily watch a 10 episode series of this trip. ❤

  • Victoria Walk
    Victoria Walk 15 days ago +92

    How awesome was Kiri San ? What a treasure❤
    This island is way up on my bucket list now. Another epic Wacky Weekend

  • Japan To America
    Japan To America 12 days ago +12

    It is a well-edited video, as always. I love it when Chris interviews local people, who give the sense of what it's like to live there.

  • Olina Kin
    Olina Kin 12 days ago +21

    Chris is getting so much better at speaking Japanese on camera, I love it!

    • Mysterium Mystery
      Mysterium Mystery 5 days ago +1

      I genuinely can't tell if this is a joke/troll or if you just haven't been around for long enough xD

  • Siberian Winds
    Siberian Winds 16 days ago +1345

    Connor: Daniel's a prisoner.
    Chris: Well, he's from Australia.
    Me: 💀

    • Zheng Yong
      Zheng Yong 16 days ago +49

      I literally spat my drink when he said that 🤣🤣

    • HouseMDaddict
      HouseMDaddict 15 days ago +49

      Chris is very good with the quick wit

    • Stinging Roger 🕴
      Stinging Roger 🕴 15 days ago +19

      Yeah flew over the Welshman’s head 🤣

    • AAX
      AAX 15 days ago +1

      Japan need Islam, Quran and sharia law to save their country from evil atheism.

  • auxoraaa
    auxoraaa 20 hours ago

    Absolutely gorgeous video! full of culture and fun :) thanks Chris and Connor for another amazing Wacky Weekend

  • Snugboy
    Snugboy 13 days ago +10

    Been so amazing and inspiring seeing your quality grow and grow over the last 10 years, and this video just blew me away yet again. That 40 minutes went by in a flash. Thanks Chris and Connor!!

    • Ludiscere
      Ludiscere 12 days ago +1

      snugboy! woah fancy seeing you here

    • Snugboy
      Snugboy 12 days ago

      @Ludiscere Well well well if it ain’t my old buddy

  • inksmears
    inksmears 11 days ago +12

    There's this tiny little spider that's been crawling around on my ceiling the past few days that was making me nervous, but after watching this video I now look at it in relief. I don't think visiting remote corners of Japan would be for me so thanks as always for showing them to us! 😂 Your filmography continually impresses me!

  • The Rizzler
    The Rizzler 4 days ago +1

    The cinematography, the pacing, and the content within were all incredible. Good Job Chris!

  • Simon Verhoeven
    Simon Verhoeven 15 days ago +16

    That looked like a magnificent weekend, and I loved the way the restaurant owner talked about what living on the island was like.

  • Gingo
    Gingo 16 days ago +670

    The restaurant owner talking about life on the island was really inspiring and uplifting. Wish I could escape to a tranquil place like that. Sometimes, less is more.

    • Spartan117
      Spartan117 15 days ago +12

      Probably when I'm older I'll find somewhere like that and enjoy life before it ends

    • Haskellerz
      Haskellerz 15 days ago +6

      Join the JET program. Pick Tokyo as your preferred place and they will send you to a remote island

    • denimadept
      denimadept 15 days ago +2

      Well, until the next eruption, anyway.

    • raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaAAaaaaa
      raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaAAaaaaa 15 days ago

      ​@Haskellerzexactly what they wanted me to do and go

    • Opalthira
      Opalthira 15 days ago

      @Haskellerz dont you need some kind of college degree to do that?

  • DeathMammoth
    DeathMammoth 10 days ago +2

    The highlight for me was Connor going through the forest to get to the abandoned school...pure comedy gold!! Keep up the great work fellas!!

    WEHO JM 14 days ago +13

    This was such an enjoyable vlog. You guys packed in a lot touring the small island. A real adventure. The people are fantastic,

  • Aviraj Singh
    Aviraj Singh 15 days ago +9

    This wacky weekend feels like a mini abroad in Japan compared to some other ones ! Love the video Chris!

  • Dirt Dirt
    Dirt Dirt 14 days ago +5

    im ngl when the old lady was saying why you should live in oshima and how much she loved it and seeing the view i teared up. I feel like they are living a true life and a calming one.

  • Brendan C
    Brendan C 15 days ago +4

    Probably yours greatest video as it has everything from tourism education, crazy adventures, interesting locals and more. Excellent job on this video. I had been looking forward to the video since Connor's Twitch stream and all the Podcast talk on this trip. Always keeping your videos fresh, fun and informative.

  • Jeff Uchida
    Jeff Uchida 16 days ago +477

    It might not be a big deal but I really appreciated how you featured you speaking Japanese with Kanagawa-san and Kiri-san. I don’t know why but it just felt more genuine to see and hear both sides of the conversation. Excellent video! 🙌

    • Jay Gatsby
      Jay Gatsby 15 days ago +8

      I loved Kanagawa-san so much!

  • Hank PAD
    Hank PAD 14 days ago +3

    These are my favorite videos to watch. I love the interesting settings and incredible camera work. The shots of the island are genuinely incredible. It's also fun with Connor because Chris swaps his character a bit from being the cynical one to being the one more enthusiastic and trying to make Connor break.

  • Radio Behemoth
    Radio Behemoth 15 days ago +37

    NGL, I feel like you could do a whole series wherein you just to go the rural, out-of-sight areas of Japan like this one and just interview the elderly.
    I might be cherry-picking here but they are all so fascinating to listen to.
    Kind, accommodating and all so eager to give you a personalised account on the local history.
    Just sit, have some tea with them and listen to a kindly old man talk your ear off about how the olden days were.
    Anyway, certainly going to write this down as a to-go place when I plan my Japan Visit.
    I prefer scenic vistas over the hustle of the city anyway.

  • milo
    milo 15 days ago +3

    I love Chris's videos. They're always well produced and it always feels like I'm watching a show whenever I watch any of his content. Keep it up, AbroadinJapan!

  • Arthea
    Arthea 11 days ago +27

    So, just so you know, I've long dreamed of visiting Japan, but due to (not only) economic reasons, I never could. Now finally, I'm coming toTokyo in 2 weeks, attending a language school for three months with the GoGoNihon program, which I came to know thank to your videos. Let's just say that watching your videos, slowly gave me that little something I needed to decide to just do it, so... Thank you a lot. (Sorry for my broken english)

    • Daniel
      Daniel 10 days ago +1

      congrats! very inspirational!

    • afridi anindyo
      afridi anindyo 9 days ago +1

      good shit man, proud of you

    • Sol DC
      Sol DC 4 days ago

      Wow nice!!! Wish you the best on your trip

    • Arthea
      Arthea 4 days ago +1

      @Sol DC Thank you a lot 😊

  • Rafiki Life Adventures

    I really enjoyed hearing Chris talk in Japanese when he was interviewing the locals. I'd love to see more of that 😊

  • Mone Peterson
    Mone Peterson 16 days ago +740

    You didn't spend enough time in the KiriKiri restaurant, the lady hand-carved EVERYTHING in there, including some of the furniture. Really amazing place.

    • akiheavenly6
      akiheavenly6 16 days ago +114

      My thoughts exactly! I think that restaurant deserves a video on its own. There must be a whole lot of story behind that place. All that wooden furniture was beautiful. The whole place looks like something you'd find in Bali.

    • Heather Walker
      Heather Walker 16 days ago +44

      She seems like a wonderful lady

    • Jocelyn Studios
      Jocelyn Studios 16 days ago +33

      They may have spent more time there than they filmed

    • kageKun
      kageKun 15 days ago +28

      Her use of English really caught me off guard. She looks like a remarkable woman!

    • The Tokyo Texan
      The Tokyo Texan 15 days ago +32

      @akiheavenly6 she has been studying English for the last few years. She is always a blast to hang out with, I will make some videos about her and the restaurant soon.

  • Lee Licayan
    Lee Licayan 14 days ago +8

    I love how Chris is getting more comfortable with speaking Japanese on camera!!

  • MarkipliyayTheFifth
    MarkipliyayTheFifth 13 days ago +7

    The production quality on all your videos is insane! I feel like i'm watching a BBC adventure channel, but even better.

  • Mary O
    Mary O 15 days ago +5

    I seriously can't get over how high quality each and every video Chris makes is. Keep it up mate ur such an inspiration!! 👏

  • Privileged Chromosome
    Privileged Chromosome 11 days ago +2

    The energy in this video is so high! I love it when Connor tags along. 👏

  • Jarod
    Jarod 15 days ago +9

    As an aviation enthusiast, I'm so jealous you guys got to fly a Dornier 228!

  • The Tokyo Texan
    The Tokyo Texan 15 days ago +295

    We appreciate you visiting our tiny island🏝️ . The video was awesome! Fantastic editing, and I appreciate that you were able to highlight some of the locals. I hope you'll be able to attend the camellia festival the following year. I'd also like to show you some of the Local crafts. Get a hands on experience.

    • Tako latte
      Tako latte 15 days ago +1

      We’re you the tall man in a Happi coat dancing at 37:45 ?

    • The Tokyo Texan
      The Tokyo Texan 15 days ago +32

      @Tako latte no that guy was visiting from Sweden . I’m to the left of him with a white head band on. I am the tallest one there 😂 I was on the IRL live stream tho talking with Connor During the festival .

  • EnderGolem997
    EnderGolem997 13 days ago +5

    When the innkeeper of the Pressed Flower was talking about Oshima's strong points, such as the nature, the fields, and the sea, she momentarily felt and sounded like a Studio Ghilbi character. It's a testament to how magical that place must be, and how some of the residents afford a relaxed nature to life

  • ravioli178
    ravioli178 12 days ago

    Videos like this really want me to go to japan to experience the culture of its various regions. Not the touristy places but outside of the cities and see the rural side of it.

  • Kanji
    Kanji 9 days ago

    You may not believe it but your videos are really helping me through the stomach flu
    Not only that You’re videos all of them make me want to move to japan and now its my dream goal, thanks for creating this channel and making such incredible videos without your channel I would’ve missed out what a true joy it is to be/live in japan.
    Thank you Chris Broad.

  • RedVexeD
    RedVexeD 15 days ago +1

    The most hilarious part of this is watching Connor walk through the spider infested woods without even grabbing a stick or something to wave in front of himself... Tell me you don't do nature often without saying it:
    (I live in Canada and am not very outdoorsy, but I still would know to grab up a stick or even better a fallen branch with some leaves still on it to use like a duster) :'D The things they do for content. I'm convinced he must have chosen to walk face first into the spiders.

  • Geraint Harrison
    Geraint Harrison 15 days ago +346

    I love that you now feature guests and tell some of their story, WW is now a great mix between your informative format, and Connor’s insanity. Not to forget the exceptional work Paul does.

  • Eric
    Eric 15 days ago +4

    Cool video. Felt like a different step in direction yet refreshingly simple. Thanks guys. Always look forward to a Abroad in Japan.

  • GrimCatnip [vod Gang]
    GrimCatnip [vod Gang] 15 days ago +2

    i love these wacky weekends. i still keep waiting for connor to start carrying at least a walking stick so that he can swat at webs and stuff in the way. Especially, since hes always having to lead the way into spooky stuff. xD

  • Evie Bee
    Evie Bee 15 days ago +2

    Another great video. Quality has been so high recently, it feels like you're in a real groove, finding interesting things to cover and really digging into them! Growing up with anime and Japanese games around, this video made me feel nostalgic for the natsuyasumi I never had

  • The Silver Ninja
    The Silver Ninja 13 days ago +4

    Wow that island has wonderful "vibes." The festival was a perfect wrap to a very interesting episode. Definitely makes one consider running away for a while and to live the quiet life. Exploration, peace, chill vibes.

  • Tedi
    Tedi 12 days ago

    Hey Chris, i really enjoyed this episode.
    Probably one of the most interesting places you've shown recently, I would love to see what other islands have to offer as well.. Had a great time watching it!

  • yoyoyouka
    yoyoyouka 16 days ago +592

    I usually generalise the content with the featured guest
    Feat @CdawgVA: Survival, Horror, Tragedy
    Feat @joey the animation lad: Family, Fun, Food

    • James Patrick Start
      James Patrick Start 16 days ago +33

      joey the animation manga lad truly the favorite child.

    • Cynthia Lenz
      Cynthia Lenz 16 days ago +63

      But we're still missing Taken for Garnted!

    • G59_999
      G59_999 15 days ago +6

      The day that happens the world will be at peace

    • Manmohan Singh thakur
      Manmohan Singh thakur 11 days ago +1

      connor will always remain the middle child

  • Tallulah
    Tallulah 8 days ago

    Amazing video, and I loved the interviews with locals. As an Australian, it's always a bit funny seeing other people react to huntsmen. Over here I've seen some over double the size of those in the video, but they're not going to bother you if you leave them alone, and they're not dangerous to people. The worst they can do is cause a car crash if they suddenly dart across the windshield and startle you 😅

  • Osteichthyes
    Osteichthyes 9 days ago

    What I still can't believe is after all this time and all these videos, there are still so many amazing places to experience.

  • Maya Flores
    Maya Flores 8 days ago

    Now this is a travel channel show i would looove to watch. So well put together chris. It feels like a travel show but so much more entertaining.

  • SNip3D
    SNip3D 15 days ago +2

    Love the interactions with the locals - more of this would be amazing (for future videos)

  • Mia’s Diary
    Mia’s Diary 13 days ago +3

    It's such a beautiful place and the locals are wonderful! My favourite part is the kirikiri curry restaurant. Thank you Chris, Connor and Daniel for such a great video. ❤️

  • Madison Shay
    Madison Shay 16 days ago +203

    That woman who carved all that stuff is amazing.
    Edit: actually they all were. This island is so beautiful, the people included.

    • iggle
      iggle 15 days ago +5

      I would have liked to hear more from her. She sounded like a rather exceptional woman.

    • nobita nobi
      nobita nobi 15 days ago +2

      @iggle ikr she is so cool!

    • iggle
      iggle 15 days ago

      @nobita nobi 👍

  • Serw Hiuo
    Serw Hiuo 6 days ago +1

    It always seemed like a blast if I could attend a genuine traditional Japanese festival.

  • Kittikat4124
    Kittikat4124 13 days ago

    Thank you for sharing these communities with us. It's so sad to think how much culture is quickly dying as people leave these small towns and islands in favor of city living and that Japan doesn't seem to do much about it... I'm sure if they had a tourist board tasked with sharing these small towns and their festivals, food, activities, etc. they could move more money into the areas and convince more young people to stay/move back to their home towns as well as invite in new residents.

  • arigato22
    arigato22 Day ago

    You guys really love having tall, tanned aussies on your channels? Dan is the embodiment of all that is good about JET; the energy, enthusiasm, politeness... I forgot how fun it was when I was on JET 10 years ago :) Huntsman are nothing, I usually leave them creeping around. If I can, I try to capture and throw them outside. But they're good to scare away other insects :)

  • TheRealDocBrown
    TheRealDocBrown 14 days ago +1

    So happy to see the return of Wacky Weekend. I was hoping for a new one soon.

  • Ramón H.
    Ramón H. 14 days ago +1

    Would love to see more videos covering far off places like this!

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz 16 days ago +116

    Connor says he likes the van, gets in and immediately talks about how awful it is

    • Nigs Balchin
      Nigs Balchin 14 days ago

      It shows how much you appreciate something, when you pick it to pieces! 😊

    • silis_pap
      silis_pap 14 days ago +2

      Very British of him 😂

    • Chequesaurus
      Chequesaurus 11 days ago

      That’s how you know he likes it

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