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Why are politicians so DAMN RICH?!

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • How Congress Cheats The Stock Market
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    Evidence is mounting that US senators and members of Congress are using insider knowledge on major policy decisions and looming crises to game the stock market. And they think it’s totally okay.
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  • Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris  3 months ago +64

    Check out the soundtrack for this video & be sure to subscribe to The Music Room for more soundtracks: clip-share.net/video/5EazUhVpOSk/video.html

    • Gina B
      Gina B 2 months ago +20

      plz drop the background music

    • ATOM Picks & Parlays
      ATOM Picks & Parlays Month ago +2

      After videos like these the government seems to always create "accidents"

    • Dezz Nutz
      Dezz Nutz Month ago +2

      *Why is politicians in USA so DAMN RICH?!

  • Labour Law Advisor
    Labour Law Advisor 4 months ago +5798

    Johnny investigates finance better than financial journalists and Finfluencers.

    • RRD
      RRD 4 months ago +44

      Waah bhaiya ji 😀😀 aap yaha

    • Samir ji
      Samir ji 4 months ago +25

      Ham aap k bhi fan hai...

    • Serious Potato
      Serious Potato 4 months ago +13

      It do be like dat

    • Zachary Galland
      Zachary Galland 4 months ago +42

      Would love a Coffeezilla Johnny Harris collab

    • Kenneth Welch
      Kenneth Welch 4 months ago +10

      what is a finfluencer?

  • Krombopulos Michael
    Krombopulos Michael 3 months ago +573

    I used to work for a bank and currently for a trading company. In both cases, I had no insider information, but I still had to follow policies stating that if I wanted to buy or sell stock, I had to lodge a request to do so and be granted access. I also had to hold onto anything I bought for at least 30 days.
    I don't know why this isn't the bare minimum expected of politicians and their families.

    • Dennis Callesen
      Dennis Callesen 25 days ago +66

      Because said politicians would have to vote in favour for it to happen.

    • ASRP428
      ASRP428 23 days ago +14

      @Dennis CallesenThere should be an actual commity of the people to regulate members of the government. They should be able to enforce new laws for the higher ups, and essential make sure there is a balance of power

    • Creative Sav
      Creative Sav 22 days ago +1

      @ASRP428they’re still people. Soooo. Corrupt

    • R G
      R G 21 day ago +5

      @ASRP428 "We the people" should have a way we can implement laws that govern those individuals we elect to represent us. Currently, we have a system where those we elect tell us what we can and can not do through legislation and then exempt themselves from such legislation.

  • Blackstone
    Blackstone Month ago +292

    When I started at one of the Fortune 100 companies, they handed me a list of nearly 2000 publicly traded companies in the US and Europe. I wasn’t allowed to trade stocks of these companies due to potential insider information. I also had to watch a 2-hour video and take a test on insider trading. At that time, I had some stocks on Robinhood. I was quite nervous, so I ended up selling those stocks and closing my account. Now, I’m observing lawmakers making millions through insider trading, and it seems like no one can actually prove it. What a joke!

    • Buck Murdock
      Buck Murdock 22 days ago +13

      Pelosi admits it and said that's the reason she wouldn't outlaw insider trading.

    • Nitro Light
      Nitro Light 20 days ago +27

      No you were right to do so. They would go after you because you are not a member of the priviledged class.

    ATADEMO 17 days ago +64

    The problem isn't insider trading. It's the fact that the people have been duped into believing these laws worked. If the laws just didn't exist at all, the entire stock market would be seen as insecure and people would stop putting so much money into it.

    • EsotericCat
      EsotericCat 8 days ago +4

      its both things. Two things can be true, the insider trading is also a problem

  • Inzane
    Inzane 26 days ago +90

    The one thing I have learned, there are no such thing as coincidences when it comes to politicians.

  • Into Sound
    Into Sound 27 days ago +214

    i paid into my 401k for 12 years, double payments, 2008, i lost all of my retirement savings, job, and house. so glad politicians were smart enough to save themselves and then bailout the millionaires they shorted with tax payers money. almost 15 years to be debt free and not homeless anymore. thanks government

    • camtwan1
      camtwan1 24 days ago +6

      Sounds to be like you were not diversified, over bought on your home, and relied on someone else to manage your money. I feel bad for someone with a medical issue that causes this, not a lazy npc.

    • Phrozti
      Phrozti 24 days ago +50

      @camtwan1we got a government official over here. Did you get bailed out too?

    • Phrozti
      Phrozti 24 days ago +31

      @camtwan1you’re talking with a lot of authority for someone that only has one comment to base someone’s financial situation from 15 years ago on. How’s the boot taste

    • I’m over here
      I’m over here 23 days ago +24

      @camtwan1sounds like something a politician would say or just some spoiled brat that has mommy and daddy money.

  • Parva Patel
    Parva Patel 4 months ago +2080

    "the only people who can profit from the system are the people running the system." This quote becomes more real and true day by day.

    • Ok
      Ok 4 months ago +3


    • RA
      RA 4 months ago +18

      The systems benefactors also profit. After all, who owns the politicians? Oligarchs, corporate masters and special interest groups who influence voters.

    • Prof Paradox
      Prof Paradox 4 months ago +6

      both parties are responsible to what the country is heading towards what its going right now, the 3rd party really needs to be done

    • JK
      JK 4 months ago +1

      My grandpa said he lost his money during 9/11 in stocks

    • E. Bachaus
      E. Bachaus 4 months ago +2

      @JK terrible portfolio

  • Giwrgos Lampadaridis
    Giwrgos Lampadaridis 3 months ago +171

    Thank you for keeping on investigating corruption all over the world. The quality of the channel has gone up loads during the last year.
    Keep it up team!

  • AZ Card Guy
    AZ Card Guy 3 months ago +892

    I’m a financial advisor and this topic has been my biggest issue with our political system forever. It drives me insane on the daily.

    • plantgal
      plantgal 2 months ago +5

      Nbd but i feel like you prob have more insight than your average Joe on how to help stop it. Am i wrong?

    • Tommy
      Tommy Month ago +10

      The world is rigged

    • Lucky Rockmore
      Lucky Rockmore Month ago +1

      For the people by the people

      MATT GAME Month ago +1

      Not a financial advise.

  • Nurzrachit
    Nurzrachit 26 days ago +15

    I remember losing my ass in the stock market in 2020, it really pisses me off to see these crooks getting fat rich. I honestly believe it's the whole reason they go into politics. I doubt there's even one politician in Washington who hasn't done this. Why wouldn't they? There's no one pursuing them, and all they have to do is deny it or get their spouse to do it.

    • Dano Alex
      Dano Alex 23 days ago +6

      That’s why trump is hated, he was rich before he became a politician

  • Tom Cruz
    Tom Cruz Month ago +51

    📌The funny thing is the politicians' favorite excuse is *"It's a free market".* Well it's not a free market if you're cheating ordinary investors by having an advantage, it's a rigged market. It's like playing a basketball game where one team has a 24-second shot clock and the other has a 5-second shot clock. Check and Balance is one of the pillars of democracy, and it's crazy that this is allowed in the strongest democracy in the world.

  • Cerulium
    Cerulium 23 days ago +11

    So disgusting how evil and corrupt so many things are while millions are struggling to get by every day

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 4 months ago +2193

    Congress has a great talent when it comes to making people disappointed

    • Carl Aagaard Madsen
      Carl Aagaard Madsen 4 months ago +18

      That seems to be a quite important part of what politicians are doing.

    • NakedSausage
      NakedSausage 4 months ago +15

      a universal problem sir

    • Sagarock
      Sagarock 4 months ago +2

      Ok heisenberg

    • Sean rafa Bagas s
      Sean rafa Bagas s 4 months ago +8

      ​Zaydan Alfariz they are no diffrent that the goverment of indonesia and malaysia, the us called corruption lobbying

    • Walter Black
      Walter Black 4 months ago +6

      Stay out of my territory.

  • E D
    E D Month ago +61

    It takes a lot of courage to expose such powerful people like that. Be safe and keep it going Johnny.

    • perpetual phishtour
      perpetual phishtour Month ago

      how you expect him to "be safe" if he keeps it going? Pick one or the other. Don't mean to dig at you arbitrarily but the empty words "be safe" sentiment that people throw out is kind of a pet peeve.

    • Jensen Raylight
      Jensen Raylight Month ago +2

      or, you could befriend them, and watch their investment closely without any tips from them.
      Instant 12% investment return, you might as well become the next generation of warren buffet

    • Free Thinker
      Free Thinker 26 days ago

      @Jensen Raylighthave you been successful with this?

    • Bell UH1H Huey
      Bell UH1H Huey 21 day ago

      it doesn't take courage, muckrackers in the 1900s done way more than him.

  • Ashish Kedia
    Ashish Kedia 3 months ago +44

    Incredible to have journalists like you look into these shady things. Awareness is key to finding a solution here.

  • Goblin Goblinson
    Goblin Goblinson 24 days ago +17

    I'm glad you honestly listed the politicians regardless of their political party. It's nice to see unbiased info

    • Tau ceti
      Tau ceti 20 days ago +1

      Definitely unlike Harry

  • Clegg Media Unlimited
    Clegg Media Unlimited 3 months ago +27

    The irony of this is that Air Traffic Controllers and their spouses are forbidden by federal law from owning or trading in any airline or aircraft manufacturer stock. It’s been that way for decades and it’s no reason Congress shouldn’t be forced into a blind trust.

    • impyrobot
      impyrobot 24 days ago +2

      By who congress no one is going to vote to stop themselves from doing something lmao

    • MyVanir
      MyVanir 15 days ago +2

      @impyrobot What you wrote is unintelligible. Please write in proper english. "By who congress no one is going" is a meaningless jumble of words.

    • impyrobot
      impyrobot 15 days ago +2

      @MyVanir Apologies MyVanir. I may have been in a state of extreme inebriation on that Friday night; sitting on the underground scrolling through my phone meaninglessly commenting whatever my drunk mind conjured up.
      I will rephrase now.
      I think we would find it extremely difficult to convince congress on the matter of passing a vote against their own interests.
      This is because they stand to lose a lot of money by passing a bill that restricts the ability for them to trade in stocks and shares while holding a position of power such as a seat in congress or senate.
      It is unfortunately a catch 42 and very unlikely to happen unless the common man puts an extreme amount of pressure on them to do so but the vast majority of citizens are not even aware of the issue in the slightest let alone how it is throughly corrupt and poses a significant threat to our democracy when individuals financial interest are put ahead of the interests of out nation.
      It was nice to make your correspondance and I looking forward to hearing back from you.

    • James Temple
      James Temple 13 days ago

      @impyrobotThere’s a Convention of States (thanks to Article V of the Constitution) in the works to happen. Its proponents have put term limits, fiscal responsibility, and reduced powers from the federal level among other things to the agenda. It might be a good idea to propose a motion about trading while elected.

  • Jordan Chou
    Jordan Chou 25 days ago +3

    Incredible work Johnny! Your videos are so incredibly informative and well done! Such great research and information! 🙌🏼 I hope these videos trigger some major reform in this country!

  • Mustang_Mike
    Mustang_Mike 4 months ago +3891

    Can we please ban congress members from trading and give them term limits 🙏

    • Justice Watch
      Justice Watch 4 months ago +23

      But, even if you got the inside information, you still have to put money at risk, and there is no guarantee the market will respond. I have seen stocks with blow out earnings and news, and still dump. I think that is why insider trading is hard to prove. What if the information is worthless to a market that already pumped or dumped the stock? Show us proof insider trading even works.

    • Carl Aagaard Madsen
      Carl Aagaard Madsen 4 months ago +205

      Who can do that. Ohh that themself.

    • Carlos Zambrano
      Carlos Zambrano 4 months ago +20

      In a democracy you can of course…

    • Jake Mcgowan
      Jake Mcgowan 4 months ago +275

      @Justice Watch Are you dense? Insider trading is knowing BEFORE everyone else INSIDER information. How is the market going to react to something it doesn't know? Also if it doesn't work what is the problem with banning it?

    • Justice Watch
      Justice Watch 4 months ago +5

      @Jake Mcgowan I agree with you, but there is no guarantee the market will react, hence we don't have a lot of concrete studies on it. How much of a drawdown could you afford going short on inside info, if the market lags, or the market just experience a huge drop? We caught Martha Stewart. But how many others?

  • Brichael Donslee
    Brichael Donslee 14 days ago +4

    Pretty brave of you for posting this, people who expose stuff like this on politicians don’t typically age well, or at all…

  • Liam Wallace
    Liam Wallace Month ago +7

    Keep up the good work Johnny. A lot of your recent videos have been very balanced and informative and I feel like I'm getting well researched and cited facts, for me the viewer to interpret and react to. Hopefully your work inspires others to have the courage to return to high-quality journalism. Let us know the best way to support your videos and bring more attention

  • Zach B
    Zach B 4 days ago +6

    We need to vote these crooks out or drag them out

  • John T Hicks
    John T Hicks 23 days ago +6

    I think having 0 lag between the trade and the reporting time would be a good way to stop this if we can't just make it illegal. It can be a few weeks for the public filings are reported. If they had to announce it the minute they did it the market would cancel out their gains.

  • gonzayare
    gonzayare 29 days ago +199

    They feel so unaccountable for their action, no matter how evidently illegal they are, they don't even bother to use a family member or a friend to make the transaction and get a cut out of it.
    The laws just don't apply to them, period.

    • Joseph Mathes
      Joseph Mathes 27 days ago +9

      You said "illegal," but you meant "wrong."
      Why is it such a surprise that the people who make the laws are allowed to do whatever they want?

    • Reez
      Reez 25 days ago +2

      None of the actions are illegal. With reading comprehension levels as poor as yours, it's no wonder why they're able to legally get away with things.

    • gonzayare
      gonzayare 25 days ago +2

      @Reez Yes there are, but political parties can't go after them selves.

    • Reez
      Reez 25 days ago

      @gonzayare No they're not. Because their exact actions have not been deemed illegal by a lawmaking body, otherwise, they would've been in jail.
      Learn to read.

    • Robot Overlord
      Robot Overlord 25 days ago

      Legal/Illegal vs Moral/Immoral.

  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones 4 months ago +1187

    I work as a corporate trainer at a law firm. I do not handle any client documents. And I am still *completely barred* from any stock trading without going through a byzantine approval process, and that goes for my spouse, too.
    If I, a private citizen, cannot trade stock because I happen to work at a law firm, there is no way congresspeople or their families should be able to play the stock market like this.

    • Hassetjifrebro
      Hassetjifrebro 4 months ago +86

      I don’t see the issue. Ban them from trading all stocks but allow them to put money in index funds. All with limits on when and how to sell and buy.

    • TheBlakus420
      TheBlakus420 4 months ago +20

      You couldn't be more right

    • Childish
      Childish 4 months ago +14

      Why are you barred? Is this a company policy or from higher up? Genuinely curious

    • Prathamjeet Singh
      Prathamjeet Singh 4 months ago +38

      @Childish Yep it is usually the company's policy and is also regulated by higher up

    • Mindflayer
      Mindflayer 4 months ago +3

      You cannot see clearly when looking through the lens of capitalism. No one is exempt..

  • Aisha Martinek
    Aisha Martinek 3 months ago +14

    Your work is phenomenal. The erosion of trust in our institutions is serious and all of these government officials strategically straddling the ambiguous line between borderline unlawful ans blatantly unethical certainly isn't helping.

  • Samantha Twining
    Samantha Twining 4 months ago +21

    As always, incredible layout. Everything about your content is not only beautifully done, but it’s dire information to know. Thanks for your work!

  • idrool2
    idrool2 21 day ago +8

    I thought the rule WAS to put your investments into a blind trust when holding office. Once again, a no brainer fix for government corruption that we will most likely never see.

    • Laaaliiiluuu
      Laaaliiiluuu 19 days ago +2

      Why would politicians who make the laws make a law that gives themselves a disadvantage? 😅

    • idrool2
      idrool2 19 days ago +2

      Perhaps a sense of honor and integrity? I know...how naive of me...🙄@Laaaliiiluuu

    • MyVanir
      MyVanir 15 days ago +1

      @idrool2 Politics and integrity are like oil and water.

  • Jimmy Prusty
    Jimmy Prusty 3 months ago +105

    This is scary. Rich people pay politicians to make sure they get access to taxpayer funds first when banks shutter or they're in jeopardy of losing all their money. I feel bad for the lowest paid workers that may be affected, but not CEO's. A lot of them have created this abusive corporate pay structure where they are paid 300 to 400 percent above the salary of entry level workers. Most add very little value. They posture and perform with speeches, meetings, and excessive travel to provide the appearance of working hard. It's a con.

    • Erwin
      Erwin 2 months ago +1

      Ok Marx

    • Carl O
      Carl O 2 months ago +1

      So so true, you are paying attention.

    • DataAnalystByNight
      DataAnalystByNight 2 months ago +5

      300-400 times as in x, not just 300 or 400 percent. Way more than percentage points 😂

  • Chester
    Chester 22 days ago +1

    The only way to make the act better would be that they would need to disclose their stocks in real time, but we all know that would destroy the entire market in a short time

  • Ohio Guy19
    Ohio Guy19 4 months ago +368

    I can’t believe such an obvious public display of corruption is still allowed in this country.

    • Mytruthbekind
      Mytruthbekind 4 months ago +21

      They make the rules so… lawmakers. It is absurd.

    • Johnny V
      Johnny V 4 months ago +42

      and key terms in that statement, "obvious public display of corruption," imagine all the Non obvious corruption occurring in private! SMH

    • Wes Durlan
      Wes Durlan 4 months ago +1

      I can when it's the people who decide what is allowed are the ones doing it

  • Zwifty
    Zwifty 3 months ago +42

    “Power is a lot like real estate. It's all about location, location, location. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value." Frank Underwood
    Sums this up quite well

    • Jason Dashney
      Jason Dashney 18 days ago

      Fortunately we can get there by proxy with newsletters. You can get very good newsletters from experts in a variety of industries who know the movers and shakers and this info is for hundreds or the low thousands per year and is worth every penny, and are publicly available for subscription. Anyone going about their investing all on their own is nuts. Spend the money.

  • TheGardener
    TheGardener 3 months ago +5

    Johnny we the American people need you now more than ever. Please don’t stop what you’re doing.

  • Sandile Mzinyane
    Sandile Mzinyane Month ago +2

    I love how Johnny Harris is trying so hard to give us as much "smoking gun" information without getting whacked 😂

  • Mr. Kapusta
    Mr. Kapusta 29 days ago +5

    This video is a treasure. Thank you for spreading the truth and making it easily understandable for anyone

    • Bell UH1H Huey
      Bell UH1H Huey 21 day ago +1

      it isn't, it's public information with GOOD editing. The editing carries him.

    • Mr. Kapusta
      Mr. Kapusta 21 day ago

      @Bell UH1H Huey It's public info he's spreading and his good editing is making this easy to understand. So what's your issue?

  • Blake
    Blake Month ago +3

    Its like going back in time and betting on the winning team.. insane.. as a kid i always wondered why tv shows and movies always showed politicians in a bad light.

  • gardenlifelove
    gardenlifelove 4 months ago +1575

    I wish for the day that congress is held accountable for their decades of insider trading.

    • Spice Dreamer
      Spice Dreamer 4 months ago +95

      That can be today if we stop quibbling over inconsequential crap, band together and apply democracy the way it was intended.

    • Gargoyled_Drake
      Gargoyled_Drake 4 months ago +58

      @Spice Dreamer it requires a complete cleanout in all of politics. Which means, no trump, no biden, no none of those who are there today. none of them should be in politics and instead be replaced with actual people who have lived actual lifes in society.

    • Chris Aguilera
      Chris Aguilera 4 months ago +2

      Drain the swamp. Oh wait, we tried that.

    • Carl Snyder
      Carl Snyder 4 months ago +16

      Sadly, that day will never come. The best we can hope for will be the day it will just be stopped from continuing. Rest assured though, these people will NOT be held accountable.

    • Maurice Wilson
      Maurice Wilson 4 months ago +1

      Don't hate the player. Hate the game 😀

  • CAM Channel
    CAM Channel 3 months ago +6

    I work in the financial industry and I can’t even have a brokerage account without my employer approving every position or have them do it for me. What a convenient double standard

  • Angela Poch
    Angela Poch 4 months ago +3

    I really appreciate your content and I especially love your presentation style and the amount of effort you do to be informed. I feel awkward but also annoyed about your sponsorship Better Help. Of course I am bias because I tried to join Better Help as a licensed professional Counsellor but they don’t take any non-USA therapists (and UK for their UK division). I find this is misleading and it’s breaking laws in other countries yet they keep getting away with it because apparently they tell me they are not breaking us law. Seems strange because I have many colleagues who tell me they don’t know how that’s possible. Anyway I don’t have the motivation to investigate since I have so much else already on my plate but it’s been really bugging me when I see ads that Better Help serves worldwide. I’d have no issue if they stayed in their lane or if they’d take therapists from the countries they serve. Unethical practice for sure, maybe even illegal according to my very very very limited research. Ok. Rant over.

  • ALP'ie
    ALP'ie 27 days ago +1

    Simple rule:
    Any public official must use a stock broker or service that discloses any and all financial trades, sales, buys, etc, immediately into a publicly accessible database.

  • Jake Schlachter
    Jake Schlachter 3 months ago +5

    Insider trading just might be the most lucrative (and legal) part about being in congress

  • CryptoStudent99
    CryptoStudent99 Month ago

    Thanks for this Johnny. There will come a day in the near future when Nancy P. Actually puts forward this bill and bans congress from owning or trading stocks. This will most likely happen around 38,500 and at the top of the market for the next 25 years. My advice is to sell wvwrything when congress "forces themselves " to sell everything they own at the top as well. Keep the great content coming.

  • Taryn Elise
    Taryn Elise 4 months ago +910

    I will never not be bitter that, as an external auditor, I had more stock buying restrictions than members of congress. My immediate family was subject to these tighter laws than CONGRESS.

    • _--
      _-- 4 months ago +80

      Rules for thee but not for me

    • David Zhou
      David Zhou 4 months ago +16

      CPA life

    • WhatDoestheMouseSay
      WhatDoestheMouseSay 4 months ago +29

      Same, I work as an accountant for a public company and we're constantly given rules about selling stock.

    • rustytr
      rustytr 4 months ago +11

      I bet you still vote though and pretend you're doing something good

  • strongallalong89
    strongallalong89 3 months ago +9

    For Americans (and arguably everyone worldwide), this is one of the most important videos on Clip-Share in the last decade.

    RANDY'S REVIEWS 2 months ago +7

    😮 Thanks Johnny. No wonder all members of Congress are rich. I never understood how each one became so wealthy. This explains it.

  • GC 1970
    GC 1970 23 days ago +1

    It amazes me just how many people invest themselves whole heartedly into idolising politicians, hanging on every word and defending them while ignoring the fact they are urinating down their backs proclaiming it’s raining.

  • stixxx2k
    stixxx2k 2 months ago +3

    One of the big problems isn't making money out of the knowledge. It is, making decisions out of your investment.

  • Gustavo Aragon
    Gustavo Aragon 18 hours ago

    This is why politicians shall not be in office for more then two terms . People needs to vote out all of these crooks.

    GRAPHIC J 4 months ago +361

    Politicians: "We investigated ourselves for insider trading and we found out that we have done no wrongdoing"

    • Riffin Kajangu
      Riffin Kajangu 4 months ago +19

      Crazy how they never find anything… I wonder what the investigation looks like 😅

    • Jari Sanou
      Jari Sanou 4 months ago +8

      “The system is working as intended”

  • Jack Steel
    Jack Steel 3 months ago +10

    This is like getting your home appraised only for the appraiser to make an anonymous offer having found out it's on top of a gold mine

  • Brian Kline
    Brian Kline 3 months ago +2

    Thank you for making this video, the more exposure the politician insider trading gets the more likely it will change

  • TheRyansLion
    TheRyansLion 22 days ago +1

    We need a massive reform on the government, so many problems we see today don’t get fixed because these politicians don’t want to lose money or become exposed

  • köö koo
    köö koo 2 months ago +1

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    • Stephen McCalley
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      @Justice Watch Yes, but the ethics are also about the appearance of impropriety. Congress could gain some goodwill back by restricting their investments to only broadly diversified mutual funds and ETF's much like any other federal employee.

    • Justice Watch
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      @Stephen McCalley ​ @4DCResinSmoker I think it would have been better if they let us see their trades in real time, not just ban them, cause they still got their brother in law to take the trades for them. Or funnel a news letter that just happens to be 90% accurate. We jump to conclusions way too fast. The more activity we get to see the more likely crooks won't run for office.

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      @Abram Rex Joaquin Yep. They call it the cost of doing business and move on. Murdoch's recent payout of 780 million dollars is a prime example. That was a fraction of what he made from the lies he had his media networks spread.

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    • Chris M
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    It's a COI no matter how you look at it because they can make laws that would benefit their investments. The only way to prevent this is to have an investment management company take over their investments that keeps them blind to what is being invested in while they are in office. The only communication they should have are talking about total returns, and how much to be invested vs how much they want in their bank account for other things.