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Which War Crimes Are There?

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Extra exploits the suffering of millions
    Even in all-out war, there are certain rules that militaries must follow so that they don't end up in front of the court of justice. Nobody likes cheaters. Here are all of those war crimes, along with a bit of their history.
    0:00 Introduction
    0:25 Cores
    1:53 History
    3:59 Crimes
    7:33 Outro(duction)
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  • Philip
    Philip 8 months ago +522

    gotta love youtube tutorials on important topics.

  • Sir Coloniser
    Sir Coloniser 8 months ago +349

    Thank you for the comprehensive list
    I can finally make sure that I have committed every one

  • Average Azorian-American
    Average Azorian-American 8 months ago +302

    love the tutorial! 10/10 works very well!

  • Stevee Johnson
    Stevee Johnson 8 months ago +106

    This channel is the best because where else can I hear someone call war crimes "incredibly cringe"?

  • Connie Cruz
    Connie Cruz 8 months ago +105

    Thankyou for people like you making polandball content, I haven't seen many creators do it anymore and it's really nice and well done! Good work :D
    Edit: A good example of War Crime#4 is the Czechoslovak legion after Russia left WW1. Where the USSR threatened & tried to forcefully detain Czechoslovak Soilders after they handed in their weapons and attempted to force them to fight for their side. (This didn't end well)

  • Troppau
    Troppau 8 months ago +65

    I'm glad that there people like you making polandball videos with so much effort!

    • Extra in Exile
      Extra in Exile  8 months ago +5

      Hey I really liked your video on the British Empire as well! Seemed like a lot more effort than I put into this. Can't wait to see more in the future!

    • Troppau
      Troppau 8 months ago +4

      @Extra in Exile Thanks man, means a lot when it comes from an up and coming Clip-Sharer as yourself.

  • bee
    bee 8 months ago +28

    Thanks for this comprehensive and in-depth tutorial, I can finally speedrun them all without having to look at my Geneva convention bucket list

  • Petar Toshkov
    Petar Toshkov 8 months ago +9

    5:25 The Czechoslovak Legion is a unit comprised of Austro-Hungarian Czechoslovaks who were captured and made fight in the Imperial Russian Army.

    • Andrés Martínez Ramos
      Andrés Martínez Ramos Month ago

      Does it count if they volunteer?
      I'd imagine it's only a war crime if tou press them into service

  • Cooper Counts
    Cooper Counts 8 months ago +18

    Love the channel so far. Hope your attempts to improve the audio quality go well! Love the art style btw, has a lot of charm to it!

  • Schnuffel Schnuffel
    Schnuffel Schnuffel 8 months ago +11

    I love these videos, your channel is great. I've always wondered what war crimes *really* are and what all of them are, this gave me a good overview!

  • Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa

    Haven't been this excited for a rising youtuber in a sec. Can't wait to see where you take this. RIP to Brain4Breakfast and fuck yeah to his legacy

  • Qreator
    Qreator 8 months ago +24

    It’s a war crime for not subbing after watching this masterpiece of tutorial

    • K3rr Ju5t1n
      K3rr Ju5t1n 8 months ago +5

      I committed a war crime: I just rickrolled a comment section of a geopolitical video
      Edit: Yo thanks Extra in Exile for the like!:D

    • AntiMatterBoss
      AntiMatterBoss 7 months ago +1

      @K3rr Ju5t1n your like has been revoked.

    • K3rr Ju5t1n
      K3rr Ju5t1n 7 months ago +3


  • Theo Hercules
    Theo Hercules 2 months ago +1

    I love watching Clone Wars war crimes. I think they average 100 per season, and those are just the cool bits that were actually animated.

  • Goofed
    Goofed 7 months ago +4

    I love this channel! Keep up the great work!

  • Miles
    Miles 5 months ago +9

    * Russia saved this video under: "To Do"*

  • Adiuta
    Adiuta 2 months ago +1

    MAN i love your videos, this deserves so much more attention, very simple and really entertaining

    PMCNAG Month ago

    I should do this more often. I did it twice before but I was afraid of the consequences that bestow upon me. But after watching this video, I decided that it is the perfect time to do this as a daily routine. Thank you Very Much, now I don't have to fear the consequences that bestow upon me for commiting these so called crimes.

  • Oof it’s Claudia
    Oof it’s Claudia 7 months ago +4

    your channel seems awesome so far i cant wait to see what else you have in store!! :3

  • MissingGamer
    MissingGamer 8 months ago +4

    Thanks for the quick and easy guide, made for a fun afternoon 👍
    Also mad underrated

  • Muslim
    Muslim 8 months ago +10

    Thanks for informing me, ill make sure to follow all of them

  • Adam Preiss
    Adam Preiss Month ago

    Thanks for the list. A good number of these happened in my fantasy stories.

  • Nil Xargay
    Nil Xargay 8 months ago +2

    I love these videos! Keep up the good work!

  • Animation Echo
    Animation Echo 8 months ago +2

    Your channel is awesome, keep up the great work :D

  • nnnnnn
    nnnnnn 5 months ago +2

    5:22 An example would be the Czechoslovak legion when the Russian Empire captured and forced the Czech and Slovakian soldiers they captured from Austria-Hungary to fight against them. They were able to do this because many of the fighters wanted to fight their Austrian overlords to form an independent Czechoslovakia. This legion would become important not in ww1 but in the Russian revolution when they joined the whites just to keep Russia in the war but eventually crossed the entire country via railway to get out once they found out that wasn't going to happen. They even stole Russia's gold reserves.

  • Alex Hebi
    Alex Hebi 8 months ago +6

    "your country has probably committed a war crime before"
    My German ass: no, really? I'm shocked

  • eggshell
    eggshell 8 months ago +2

    Wow, this channel grew loads since I last watched the landlocked video, good job man

  • Luke P.
    Luke P. 7 months ago +2

    5:20 There is actually 1 good example I can think of, the Czechoslovak Legion of Russia, captured from the Austrians and sent right back at them

    • Extra in Exile
      Extra in Exile  7 months ago +1

      True! People have already mentioned it, can't believe I forgot about it

  • Greenhawk
    Greenhawk 3 months ago +1

    Correction for 0:54: What distinguishes Genocide from Crimes Against Humanity is the intent to destroy the group while a Crime Against Humanity is a 'widespread and systematic attack directed against any civilian population', not collective vs. individual per se. Also, based on the prohibited acts in the ICC statute, it is technically possible to commit both genocide and crimes against humanity without mass killings (though the alternative methods are equally horrific). There is a lot of overlap, but Crimes Against Humanity includes a broader range of acts and is more open-ended while Genocide is more focused on just the attempted destruction of the protected groups (national, racial, ethnic or religious).

  • Mojang Crafter999
    Mojang Crafter999 6 months ago +4

    Thank you for the guide ive already racked up a good K:D ratio!!

  • Hadley Phillips-Seatter

    example of no. 4 Yang Kyoungjong He was Korean - captured by the Japanese and pressed to fight the Soviets, captured by the Soviets and pressed to fight the Germans, captured by the Germans and pressed to defend Normandy, where he was captured by the Americans. he is the only known soldier to fight on three sides of a war.

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    As a Luxembourger, you really caught me off guard there hehe. Definitely subscribed :)

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    Thank you for turning my To-Do List into a video ☺️☺️

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    mukodoki 19 days ago

    Thanks you for good explaination i was wondering which one of my crimes are considered as which but now i can list them all🥰

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  • Fernitetas
    Fernitetas Month ago +1

    As a Spaniard, seeing how almost every crime can be applied to the Spanish Civil War is pretty depressing.

  • Delivery Boy Roy
    Delivery Boy Roy 8 months ago +5

    4:56 "surrendered combatants" *Napoleon and proud French people cry in the background*

  • Java_Siege_
    Java_Siege_ 8 months ago +4

    My favorite war crime was that outroduction!

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    ch5rry 8 months ago +1

    awesome video, i'm sad that you didn't mention my country though. we commited some whimsical acts in Indonesia!

  • Attila der Hunne
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  • Untold History Animations
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    Great video as usual 👍

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    I had to watched this video 3 times
    *Leans in and whispers:* because this sounds like the stuff I do. Every. Day.

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    Good video, but if you want better voiceover cohesion for it to be more understandable, talk slower. Commentaries don't need to be lighting fast, and you can always slightly speed up the audio if you want it to fit in a specific time frame.

    JUICE 7 months ago

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    Extra: *says a war crime commited by italy*
    Extra later: *says a war crime commited by ethiopia against italy*
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  • Tyler's Stuff
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  • InquisitorXarius
    InquisitorXarius 2 months ago

    Genocide should be defined as any action that consists of any targeted action with the intent of mass murder, forceful assimilation, mass rape, forceful displacement, and any all actions done with the intent of removing, destroying, or covering up the former commited upon any specific classification of a group of persons with the sole exception being the economic elite whom due to the fact they commit genocide more than any other group in proof and practice any action targeting them and them alone shall not constitute a genocide unless the genocide is one proven to be not one not based on their excessive quantity of material wealth but based on group.

  • 5naf squirrel
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    european post office 7 months ago

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    0:14 You can't eat the pieces in chess.
    ChatGPT strongly disagrees.

  • Torric Roma
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    For Israel, the territory is disputed, not occupied. The Jordanians occupied Judea and Samara (west Bank) and Egypt occupied Gaza and imported their people into the lands, then Israel retook what they say as historically their lands back and the Egyptians and Jordanians dropped their claims of the lands. The only group who have an issue are the Arab population that call themselves Palestinians even though Palestinian would have meant Jew until 1964 since the British mandate stated that they should reconstitute the Jewish homelands.

  • Philip
    Philip 8 months ago

    my favourite kind of warcrime is the one i dont get caught doing.

  • Torric Roma
    Torric Roma Month ago

    Dumdum bullets? Aka hollow points, aka expanding bullets. Basically, the bullet lodges into the target, and the bullet doesn't go all the way through the target and hits the little girl behind the target. It's totally legal for civilian self-defense and police action. It's stupid if you ask me

  • Sylvia Montaez
    Sylvia Montaez 2 months ago

    5:20 a good example is that soviet prisoners of war of various nationalities served in the waffen SS and Wehrmacht

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