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Mail Delivery… via Boat!?


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  • Ārt Eyës
    Ārt Eyës 2 months ago +1510

    Somehow, I see myself slipping and getting left by the boat, soaking wet sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away 😂
    Edit: Thanks for the love, glad y’all could laugh with me 😂🌝💜🧡❤️💛

    • Du
      Du Month ago +1

      @Jim Tom definitely dangerous, anything can happen. Boats are always wet, they could slip, and what it they hit the boat, get knocked out and drown or sucked under the boat and the rotor tears them to shreds?!! Just too many could happens, you know?

    • Jim Tom
      Jim Tom Month ago +2

      What if the boats wet this is mad dumb and dangerous

    • Du
      Du Month ago +1

      Otis would laugh at that. Lol

    • EricKa Kane
      EricKa Kane Month ago


    • Quarantined Teen
      Quarantined Teen 2 months ago

      The imagery is perfect 😂😂😂

  • CastroTheMexican
    CastroTheMexican 10 days ago +1512

    Bro they just need to have the mailbox closer 😭

    • AquaGhostHunter
      AquaGhostHunter 10 minutes ago +1

      or they could have the mailbox post on a track with rope and a pulley system to shift it from the shore to the end of the dock

    • Adi Smajlovic
      Adi Smajlovic 13 hours ago

      ​@jayda totally wrong wtf is wrong with few feet closer LMAO

    • Zentyx
      Zentyx Day ago


    • Comments with Tim
      Comments with Tim 3 days ago +9

      Lol Yes why is the mailbox 30 ft away from the end of the dock? Just put it on the actual end of the dock

    • jayda
      jayda 3 days ago

      with the ship on constant motion this doesn’t work

  • Lupe Barajas
    Lupe Barajas 13 days ago +154

    Appreciate you doing this mail for the people who can't do it there selves.I just want to say ,Thank you from all of them.

  • Thomas Owens
    Thomas Owens 3 days ago +535

    Girl SMACKED the boat on that return though 😭💀

    • Pop games
      Pop games 2 hours ago


    • TwinTingEdits
      TwinTingEdits 18 hours ago +4

      Yeah I saw that like wow must of hurt lol

    • Thomas Owens
      Thomas Owens 23 hours ago

      @DallasRl at least a mfin dome pillow or sum, ol girl steady losing IQ points 😭💀

    • DallasRl
      DallasRl 23 hours ago +1

      Was ab to say you’d think they’d put padding in case a mf was ab to slam the shit😂

    • omar
      omar 2 days ago

      She didn’t smack she just hit her side dumbass smack means like a slap buddy

  • Karissa L
    Karissa L 9 days ago +94

    I'd be fumbling & dropping that mail trying to grab it out of the mailbox

    • Sonna80
      Sonna80 Day ago

      She has prob been doing that for about 5 years maybe but that would be me lol

  • Onandi Lewis
    Onandi Lewis Month ago +25007

    Imagine the boat leaving you and you have to stand there awkwardly 😭😂

    • Tiny Cervid
      Tiny Cervid 6 hours ago

      ​@R.M.S TITANIC that's a cool BOAT on your pfp

    • Yaninou babidou
      Yaninou babidou Day ago

      They would wait at the next pier you see over there.

    • Ala Kazam • 25 years ago
      Ala Kazam • 25 years ago 4 days ago

      Imagine she slipped and fell😂

    • Emanon🇺🇦
      Emanon🇺🇦 7 days ago

      @SE7EN not the same, you can fit a boat on a ship but not a ship on a boat

    • Kinsal _
      Kinsal _ 7 days ago

      @Lunar’s little moon🌝 cus if you ain't fast enough you shouldn't be in the job g.

  • Stop liv haters
    Stop liv haters 6 days ago +1

    The dedication this takes is amazing to me. I’d wouldn’t have made it at all

  • Cheems gaming
    Cheems gaming 11 days ago +6

    I’m amazed by her because she does that for ppl and it’s just amazing to see

  • Anna Hu
    Anna Hu 11 hours ago +1

    I could actually do it way faster but she did a good job! My anxiety actually rised up! Luckily she didn’t fall into the water! Well done!

  • S98
    S98 6 days ago +1

    I love that everyone’s recording her like it’s so fascinating to them

  • Chanel CKT
    Chanel CKT 16 days ago +8193

    These kids work hard and take their job seriously proud of you guys

  • Jeff B856
    Jeff B856 2 days ago

    How many times have you run this boat into one of those piers?
    Captain: Yes

  • Adam Extras
    Adam Extras 3 days ago

    That genuinely looks really fun

  • Randy Random
    Randy Random 8 days ago +29

    Tom Scott Made a video about this traditional summer job of boat mail delivery.

    • PixelHerbs
      PixelHerbs 5 days ago +2

      Get this comment up there!!

  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia 2 days ago +2

    Amazon be stepping up their training game lol

  • Denise Coleman
    Denise Coleman 2 months ago +127984

    at least you can stay in shape with that job

    • cess
      cess Hour ago

      it's funny how these comments think it's just once 💀

    • Sody Pop
      Sody Pop 7 hours ago

      ​@Jack R r/whoosh
      He means several times

    • Senator Agrapa
      Senator Agrapa 7 hours ago

      Which country is that

    • DJW_Tekken
      DJW_Tekken Day ago

      ​@patrick walker yea lol

    • DJW_Tekken
      DJW_Tekken Day ago

      ​@Jack R yea wtf is wrong with them 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Monalisa
    Monalisa 7 days ago +1

    Can't imagine how calculated she has to be to do that and how courageous

    • Ryan Rex
      Ryan Rex 6 days ago +2

      It really doesn’t seem that difficult.

  • Yann Boehm
    Yann Boehm 13 days ago

    Amazing, may be cooler than working in an office for 8 or 9 hours

  • Drew Lester-Nieves 🏳️‍🌈

    This is so f*cking awesome. I can imagine this being used in a slice-of-life film by A24 or something, just such a cool screenshot of humanity here

  • roy braithwaite
    roy braithwaite 6 days ago +1

    Surely this would be easy peezy
    would be fun to do
    no fails possible
    walk in the park!!😂

  • skyler russell
    skyler russell 2 months ago +2064

    Her getting back to the ship “ OH I FORGOT MY PHONE “

    • Mr. sleep deprived
      Mr. sleep deprived Month ago

      @CoolNewUsername your username means you hate this whole chat

    • CoolNewUsername
      CoolNewUsername Month ago

      u dont need to take your phone everywhere 🤧

    • anie 🪐💫
      anie 🪐💫 Month ago

      @Hashirsaka because if it falls 💀 y’all overthinking this shi smh fuck up w rhat emo shi

    • Hashirsaka
      Hashirsaka Month ago

      ​@anie 🪐💫 jokes are meant to be funny also how tf u gon forget to get yo phone

    • Mr. sleep deprived
      Mr. sleep deprived Month ago

      Yeah but people are over reacting about it.

  • JK 2u2
    JK 2u2 4 days ago

    I'd fvcking SMASH this job! This is how quickly my dad expected me to untie and board while he cranked the boat lowered the prop.. if I wasn't done, I wasn't going along. Needless to say, I got quick at it 😆 Miss those days

  • *se cambia el nombre*
    *se cambia el nombre* 11 days ago

    I admire that balance walking on the edge of the boat

  • Samantha McGrath
    Samantha McGrath 8 days ago

    This is awesome she can run so fast I could never

  • Apollo1500
    Apollo1500 4 hours ago +1

    “There absolutely nothing that I can’t afford”
    Then where’s your Bugatti?

  • L17
    L17 Month ago +2427

    Took the saying “Hauling the mail” to a whole new level 😂

  • Landon Denkler
    Landon Denkler 14 hours ago

    I kind of think it’s a possibility that they use gonna be really really fast right????😊

  • Lynell Bigjohn
    Lynell Bigjohn Day ago

    I would gently lay the mail on the dock and say can yall put this in that mailbox please...

  • peek-ah-boo 💛👻
    peek-ah-boo 💛👻 22 minutes ago +1

    Somedays ago I saw a guy doing the same thing and he couldn't reach the boat on time. But now a women did it.
    Now that's WOMEN🥂.

  • Outlaws_ Xenogide
    Outlaws_ Xenogide 11 days ago

    A while ago I saw the same short but the girl had failed to get in the boat.
    Happy to know she's doing a great job now (:

  • Minnie Mouse Gacha
    Minnie Mouse Gacha Month ago +17624

    The awkward walk when she got hurt by the boat hiding the pain💀

    • Moe Roethler
      Moe Roethler 5 days ago

      @Meatballman I still see them in my notifications, and no i did not report them if thats what you're implying. Cya

    • Meatballman
      Meatballman 5 days ago

      @Moe Roethler oh my comments are gone? Lol, sad. I don't know then, maybe some bozo reported it for no reason. But I elaborated what tf I was talking about. But yeah, see ya.

    • Moe Roethler
      Moe Roethler 5 days ago

      @Meatballman nope, you didnt. I had to look through my notifications because all of your comments are gone here. I only see you saying that you allegedly told me you were talking about mental age. I only see you talking about how grown i am. Havent even said mental until now. Have a good day or night

    • Meatballman
      Meatballman 5 days ago

      @Moe Roethler I did specify mental age in the two previous replies. Blind, much?
      Anywho let's just end this crap here.

    • Moe Roethler
      Moe Roethler 5 days ago

      @Meatballman just looking through. You never specified mental age and i never found a spot where i needed a "comeback". I dont need comebacks, pretty much a waste of time for something as little as this

  • Lily
    Lily 13 days ago +20

    You got real talent!

    • dreams
      dreams 6 days ago +2

      That's not talent anyone in decent shape can do that.

  • Cheeky Ape
    Cheeky Ape 14 days ago

    Imagine missing the boat and having to wait an entire week for the next one 😭

  • chue dynasty
    chue dynasty 3 days ago +1

    Why was I tripping thinking the dock was moving 🤯

  • Breezy Todd
    Breezy Todd 8 days ago +1

    That has made my day thank you!

  • Blitz
    Blitz 2 months ago +10542

    shorty banged that boat a lil too hard 😭💀
    [Edit: Stop debating about religion in the comments guys, every religion is equal in the eyes of God]

    • Pink._.Mystery
      Pink._.Mystery Month ago

      @Ri co you don’t know what god believes in cause all you can do is believe in him

    • Pink._.Mystery
      Pink._.Mystery Month ago

      @Andrew Tackett you don’t know what god believes in cause all you can do is believe in him

    • Pink._.Mystery
      Pink._.Mystery Month ago

      @Sarah Paradiseyou don’t know what god believes in cause all you can do is believe in him

    • Pink._.Mystery
      Pink._.Mystery Month ago

      @Sarah Paradiseyou don’t know the lord either-

    • Ela?!
      Ela?! 2 months ago

      @i and dont say sorry!!, you probably didnt know so yeah :)),

  • SBTL
    SBTL 6 days ago

    Imagine just speed walking the thing and just getting on with a straight face 💀

  • Mbappe
    Mbappe 13 days ago

    I remember seeing some other guy doing this with the same dock and boat in like 2021

  • hubert
    hubert 6 days ago

    i can feel myself falling off or missing the boat 💀

  • FaultedCoyote26
    FaultedCoyote26 4 days ago

    It's not done exactly this way, but there's a mail boat near where I live (Skaneateles Lake) that delivers mail to lakehouses

  • Josh
    Josh 17 days ago +2489

    It’s always nice seeing this tradition throughout the years

  • Ron Cheong
    Ron Cheong Day ago

    pretty cool and all but the area looks so chill, is there a reason this has to be done with such haste?

  • The Director
    The Director 13 days ago

    We need mail carriers like this, hey throw in some parkour too

  • Cali chicana
    Cali chicana 13 days ago +2

    This is Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Home to the Sears and Wrigglelys founders. Not to mention the Famous formerly Playboy mansion designed by Frank Lloyd, it is now a chic country hotel with its own lake and golf course. Great food, great beds.

  • nicole
    nicole 7 hours ago

    Where's the Fool that labels everything "RESPECT" When you need em ? Good job and timing 😁

  • Jack
    Jack 22 days ago +5433

    Can we please actually appreciate these people because they run there and back multiple times a day and sometimes missed the boat which they can get fired for

    • Shallow_Night
      Shallow_Night 12 days ago

      @Lilgrasshat all good

    • Lilgrasshat
      Lilgrasshat 12 days ago

      @Shallow_Night fair enough, i misunderstood the original comment

    • Shallow_Night
      Shallow_Night 12 days ago

      @Lilgrasshat doesn’t mean it should go unnoticed, even if it’s easy it should be appreciated. If your roommate was paid to do your laundry, I don’t think you’d say “you don’t deserve thanks, it was easy anyways,” you’d thank him and appreciate him.

    • Lilgrasshat
      Lilgrasshat 12 days ago

      it’s really not that hard of a job, oohh wow she ran ten feet and then ran back😂 just shows how out of shape most of the world/america really is

    • ItsMrWizzy
      ItsMrWizzy 13 days ago

      They don’t get fired you melt. Tom Scott literally covered this video. They just swing the boat back round and get them again, lots of training and time to get to be a mail runner.

  • 「𝙿𝚒𝚌𝚔𝚕𝚎𝚍_𝙿𝚎𝚊𝚜 」

    I’m sorry, the way she slammed into the boat.
    I was rolling on the floor

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 2 days ago

    This the type of excessive they have you do in sprints for track and field

  • OppionatedIndividual

    That gangway is so wide and forgiving, narrowboat gangways are horribly tiny, and as someone who has gone on narrowboat holidays for the past decade, I’ve had nightmares about missing it, falling in and getting crushed against the bank as it turns.

  • Xillos
    Xillos 9 days ago

    The graphics of the new Mirrors Edge look amazing!

  • monkymon5
    monkymon5 2 months ago +271

    I remember seeing this on a boat tour in Wisconsin. At lake Geneva, where is video was taken, all the mansion/estates have mail delivery via their docks.

    • Rux FN
      Rux FN 2 months ago +1

      @Xavou damn i really pissed u niggas off huh 🤣🤡

    • Adolf Ilyich Marx
      Adolf Ilyich Marx 2 months ago +1

      @Rux FN that really stinks. Unfortunately for you, I asked.

    • anie 🪐💫
      anie 🪐💫 2 months ago +2

      @Rux FN don’t remember asking

    • Xavou
      Xavou 2 months ago +4

      @Rux FN so dont say this then!

    • Rux FN
      Rux FN 2 months ago

      I dont remember asking

  • Faida Hamid
    Faida Hamid 3 days ago

    now let's wait for the plane version

  • zain elhallak
    zain elhallak 9 days ago

    “Yep she’s definitely got the genetics for it 👴🏻”

  • 🌊Blue Side🌊
    🌊Blue Side🌊 12 days ago

    Ok but that kind of looked like it hurt when she “ran into” the boat 😭

  • Mahfouz
    Mahfouz 11 hours ago

    That must’ve hurt the hand 😂

  • ARobotIsMe
    ARobotIsMe 2 months ago +4021

    Grandparents explaining how they got their mail in their day be like:
    Edit: Thanks everyone, I’m famous :)

  • Dude 2379
    Dude 2379 7 days ago

    I imagine most of the mail being about car insurance or pizza promos

  • Blackpink_news
    Blackpink_news 13 days ago

    Me when I try that job: (jumps) (trips) (runs to get mail) (gets mail) (walking back to the boat reading ‘em) (misses the boat) “Well okay, time to post this letters.)

  • Me{Mánglé♪Wølf🖤
    Me{Mánglé♪Wølf🖤 13 days ago +1

    Awww...😃 This is amazing I like it haha...!!♥♥💖✨✨👍🏻👏🏻✌🏻

  • Maxwell King-merritt
    Maxwell King-merritt 12 days ago +1

    If I did this as soon as I jumped off the boat I would roll my ankle.

  • orekitty [swiftie13]
    orekitty [swiftie13] Month ago +8179

    imagine she forgot a piece of mail 💀

  • Rel2Rel Rel
    Rel2Rel Rel 13 days ago +2

    Timing is everything.♥️♥️♥️😇

  • Cha kong Yang
    Cha kong Yang 5 days ago

    Imagine if she miss the Mail box and it falls in the water 😂

  • JeGa GaJe
    JeGa GaJe 13 days ago +1

    on the first glance, I thought the deck is the one coming instead of the boat

  • Trippi Hippie
    Trippi Hippie 13 days ago

    I want this job because it looks like so much fun 😩

  • l3layKL33
    l3layKL33 2 months ago +105

    I’ve been on one of these boats before in Massachusetts, it’s was honestly scary seeing them jump from boats like this. But it was all ok because the captain gave me free ice cream😀

  • ViBlu 💜💙
    ViBlu 💜💙 14 days ago

    “wait stop STOP I DROPPED THE MAIL” 💀✨

  • RadioactiveTaco
    RadioactiveTaco 10 days ago

    I swear if I hear the song one more time I’m going to do a -2000 foot vertical off a cliff.

  • 👁 Neko Seek 👁
    👁 Neko Seek 👁 8 days ago

    My mind: *SOAP, JUMP FOR IT*
    Dunno why, I just thought of that and I think it’s for a game

  • Sudeeksha Ravikoti
    Sudeeksha Ravikoti 16 hours ago

    Imagine she runs back and jumps but the boat is already gone

  • Qu_mi25 Is Online
    Qu_mi25 Is Online Month ago +268

    The way she walked back after getting the mail,absolute model 💅

    • Qu_mi25 Is Online
      Qu_mi25 Is Online Month ago

      She on the boat ;-;

    • Spectr5
      Spectr5 Month ago +2

      yo bruh what u on cuz i need sum of that cuz that was a normal walk

    • ykXylo-
      ykXylo- Month ago +9

      Dawg tf is you on about😂😂

    • IcyFlow
      IcyFlow Month ago +18

      @Im High what im sayin! that was a regular ass walk wth is this person talking about

    • Im High
      Im High Month ago +16


  • HoneyBunny Bunny
    HoneyBunny Bunny 2 days ago

    That’s so cool ❤ always show respect to the people who do all of us this service of making sure we get our mail or goodies ❤☺️

  • sanjay srivastav
    sanjay srivastav 13 days ago +1

    "okay I'm gonna make a run for it"
    *Crashes her head into ship*
    "No one saw that😭"

  • Aditya Narayan
    Aditya Narayan Day ago

    is if only me who thought the boat was still and ramp was moving 😭😭

  • Hej Hejsan
    Hej Hejsan 6 days ago


  • nuuu
    nuuu 2 months ago +8591

    The amount of cameramen created a safety aura for her survival

    SPOLADe 13 days ago

    I might run into the water, can't adjust my balance right after leaving the boat😂

  • °•𝙰𝙼𝟷.𝙽𝟺𝙷𝙷𝙷•° // J3LL1.N4HHH


  • Sandra Johnston
    Sandra Johnston 14 hours ago

    They couldn’t have stood at the end of the jetty and handed it over?

  • Jennifer Fuller
    Jennifer Fuller 14 days ago +8

    The anxiety I feel watching this poor girl hit the boat when she jumps back on... I salute her!!!

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh 29 days ago +15171

    My anxiety when everyone is staring

  • Holly Bromeland
    Holly Bromeland 2 days ago


  • Miahh
    Miahh 12 days ago +1

    I feel like id love this job

  • Coffeii
    Coffeii 13 days ago +1

    Imagine they slip into the water 😭

  • AC3
    AC3 3 days ago

    This is cool, but the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt side of me is wondering, why not move the mailbox to the edge of the pier.

  • Cosmos
    Cosmos 25 days ago +7499

    The delivery guy could have stood closer 💀💀
    Edit: y'all in the comments, if there was no delivery guy, at least the mail box should have been built closer if it is made for "jumping off the ship" purpose 🔫
    There are more vids where the mailbox is much closer so

    • DinoDaniNewAccount
      DinoDaniNewAccount 14 days ago

      @gaming with pros they were talking about the person who put the mail there then said or at least the mailbox should be closer so you even read before commenting

    • blue
      blue 14 days ago

      Lol the way home be there around town robbing bank account for doing that for me 😘

    • DinoDaniNewAccount
      DinoDaniNewAccount 14 days ago

      @gaming with pros they were talking about the person who put the mail there that was a omg a guy

    • ساري الرياحنة
      ساري الرياحنة 15 days ago


    • gaming with pros
      gaming with pros 15 days ago

      "guy" its a girl

  • Tiphnee Westry
    Tiphnee Westry 13 days ago

    If that was my weed delivery, I bet I would’ve done the same thing❤

  • NikitaCrave
    NikitaCrave 8 days ago

    Imagine accidentally messing up on trying to get the mail out

  • Understand This
    Understand This 2 days ago

    Does the boat only have off and on speed? They could slow down

  • ChristopherBix
    ChristopherBix 6 days ago

    Lake Geneva Wisconsin mail boat. It’s very cool. You can ride on the boat as they deliver the mail to all the multimillionaires with homes on the lake.

  • Mozygirl
    Mozygirl 2 months ago +9435

    My anxiety watching this video: 📈📈📈
    She has insane trust in he balance tho. Slay

    • Kk ._.
      Kk ._. Month ago

      @Mario Palmer oh nothing really. I just like to use that emoji these days 😩👏🏻✨

    • Mario Palmer
      Mario Palmer Month ago

      @Kk ._. what do the stars mean at the end of your paragraph?

    • Mario Palmer
      Mario Palmer Month ago

      Slay lol

    • CoolNewUsername
      CoolNewUsername Month ago

      Its not hard

    • 6rt8
      6rt8 Month ago

      It's easy asf

  • Vexos
    Vexos 9 days ago +1

    It is more harder than you think
    But i can run very fast
    For 10 km/h

  • NickZ foda
    NickZ foda 10 days ago

    She felt like she was in an action movie!

  • omar
    omar 2 days ago

    Imagine she missed it someone’s gonna have a wet iPhone

  • StickAndMove
    StickAndMove 14 days ago +1

    WAIT!! Can you take this package?!!
    📦😡🖕 …No! 🤣🤣🤣

  • LNA
    LNA 23 days ago +1326

    My toxic trait is thinking I can do this with that much ease

    • Justin Smith
      Justin Smith 13 days ago

      You can it was easy

    • Daniel Flanard
      Daniel Flanard 13 days ago

      Yeah, I agree. I'm saying that to do it well, you need to be in shape. Efficiency would exponentially decrease for someone who is out of shape, especially if there is an area with a large concentration of docks next to each.

    • e
      e 13 days ago

      @Daniel Flanard bruh any men weightening less than 90 kg can do this. It ain't that impressive.

    • J Hunt
      J Hunt 13 days ago

      Not hard lol

    • Hagoromo  NxB
      Hagoromo NxB 14 days ago

      nah bro ik i can, she didn’t run fast

  • Marybeth Unger
    Marybeth Unger 6 days ago

    I grew up on that lake in country club estates. So beautiful 😍

  • AlphaEyad
    AlphaEyad 7 days ago

    All those people recording and i know I’m gonna end up seeing the same video in a different angle 😂

  • ilovebexi
    ilovebexi 3 days ago +1


  • John Crim
    John Crim 17 hours ago

    Looks like a fun summer time job to have...