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Şıhoo dayımın neden kayıp olduğu anlaşıldı 🤣

  • Published on Sep 17, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Денис Шахов
    Денис Шахов 14 days ago +14

    Интересно последствия посмотреть

  • skin and scales fishing

    I just seen them go over north Carolina 💯👍

    @COMMENT@ 14 days ago +19

    Да👍 он залил не для хлопка, а явно чтобы подорвать. ✋😃

  • gumelini1
    gumelini1  +664

    The guy who got away knows a thing or two, because he's seen a thing or two before 😂

  • Cihan Karaca
    Cihan Karaca Day ago +4

    En son Londra’da bulunan şıhooo dayı bir tarafı eksik olarak bulundu geçmiş olsun şıhooo dayı 😂

  • Itzeazy*

    The people at farmers insurance are like, “we’ve seen a thing or two”😂


    😅😅😅😅ya kardeşş ya ciddi biş yapıyoz şura modundsyken deli deli güldürüyon bizi😅😅

  • кемран суфьянов

    Парень с баклажкой правильно сделал что отошёл 🥶

  • Nasenbär3411

    the guy who ran away was like.. " u guys are freaking kidding me right? nah.. not with me. i need to get out of here"

  • blocked user

    Dude with the black hooded jacket walking away was like nah I’m aight

  • TheCarSection TheCarSection

    The guy that went to safety is the only survivor.

  • かげろうの影太郎


  • Jimmie Johnson

    " Presto,.. the tire is free of mud".

  • walace poveda
    walace poveda 12 hours ago +2

    😮😮😮 vixi Maria a pessoa sumiu 👻 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • 小野浩志


  • Вика Тимакова

    👍🤘🤕 Красавец, когда выздоровет дайте ему мозги

  • Mopar_ Dude

    You don’t use too much accelerant and you don’t wait too long to light it, the fumes just spread out. When I was a shop manager at a tire place we weren’t supposed to do this, but some of those really wide rims are almost impossible to seat. It scared the crap out of me whenever we would break the rules and do it. One of the old timers would always be the one to actually do it and he would just laugh his ass off when the entire building shook and everyone would jump.

  • Toma presion
    Toma presion 12 hours ago

    Allah rahmet eylesin rahmetli çok iyi lastik şişirirdi

  • Stephen Dela Cruz

    Happy New Year 🎉

  • Dominic Sickler

    Lmao i actually see that coming, edit...