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It FINALLY Happened!! - Building the Largest LEGO Technic Crane!

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • LEGO is here for real! With the largest LEGO Technic set they have to offer: www.lego.com/en-us/themes/tec... LEGO Technic is designed for kids 11 and up, Cambry and i had a blast assembling this massive contraption. It took us almost a week. And was worth every second. Huge thanks to LEGO for sponsoring this video! Check out all their other LEGO Technic Sets HERE: www.lego.com/en-us/themes/tec...
    Ive been playing with LEGO Bricks for as long as I can remember, and this MASSIVE LEGO Technic Crane was a blast from the past and a super fun trip down memory lane. The classic LEGO I remembered from my childhood with a new slightly more advanced and intricate twist. Which LEGO Technic set do you want to try out?
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  • Filip Angelevski
    Filip Angelevski 4 years ago +2631

    Wow, that's a very cool and complex lego build.
    It would be a shame if someone
    *dropped it*

    • Grant Roberts
      Grant Roberts 18 days ago

      Haha, That cracked me up!

    • Brisingr
      Brisingr 2 months ago

      Said Tyler Toney in Quarantine Stereotypes

    • Nairit Saren
      Nairit Saren 3 months ago

      AND if someone accidentally stepped on it.

    • FishBrix
      FishBrix Year ago +2

      @Kaskobi true

    • CoolStuff Origami
      CoolStuff Origami Year ago

      Ngl it probably won’t break if you drop it, unlike normal lego

  • Ozzie Alarcon
    Ozzie Alarcon Year ago +2276

    I showed this video to my wife a few weeks before Christmas. She asked me if I was going to order one and build it. I told I'd love to have one but there'd be no way I would ever spend that kind of money on a toy, especially since I'm 52 years old. Christmas was two days ago and guess what? My wife surprised me with this same crane as one of my Christmas presents. I was so happy to the point to wheee I thought I was going to fall out of my wheelchair from so much joy and happiness. I've had the crane for a little over 50 hours and I probably have over 24 hours already invested in the building process of the crane. I'm very behind on sleep but I just want to finish my crane. I just finished the first book and it's so awesome so far. I'm pretty sure I would have gotten further in the building process if I weren't such an OCD person in making sure every single part is just perfect. By that I mean even the application of each and every one of the decals are centered and in place just perfectly. But I know in the end my crane will be built with precision accuracy which is something I know I will enjoy for a long time. I love my wife so much for her never ending quest to make me happy. She does that very well........

    • YaGamerBoiChucc
      YaGamerBoiChucc 4 months ago

      This is so damn wholesome you go man! Its okay to blow money on toys sometimes althought i admit i hate how ludicrous legos are getting price wise but i love that you go to build something and youre enjoying it

    • Priyansu
      Priyansu  9 months ago

      My wife also surprised me with her new husband.

    • EINS
      EINS 10 months ago


    • mick H
      mick H Year ago +1

      Yes i``ve just built my first ever Lego kit at 71 yrs of age......Buggati Chiron Technic kit....Really enjoyed it ...took me 22hrs to assemble...plus 12 hrs to install a lighting kit..which was even more challenging.....I now have the Lamborghini Sian kit plus lighting kit to have a go at....addictive indeed.

    • Chinmay
      Chinmay Year ago

      Nice, good to hear

  • Thom Earle
    Thom Earle Year ago +310

    That is an outstanding video. I’m 72 years old, and I’d love to build one of those. Hand on to that girl, treat her right. If she’ll do that with you, she’s definitely a keeper!

    • Preetam Das
      Preetam Das Year ago +18

      @orangedlol They recently welcomed their first child 🤗

    • orangedlol
      orangedlol Year ago +47

      They are married! Also I love your dog profile picture haha

  • ANK
    ANK Day ago

    It is so weird to see you join things 🙂

  • H. J. Taaning
    H. J. Taaning Year ago +27

    As someone who lives in Denmark it’s great to see the joy that Lego gives people 😊 hope you do end up build something else. Allow me to recommend that Bugatti you mention in the video. I’m building it right now and can’t wait to see it finished 😄

    • Tim the Lindroos
      Tim the Lindroos 11 months ago

      Heja Danmark! Hälsningar från Finland! :) Borgå! :)

  • Évariste Galois
    Évariste Galois 4 years ago +4186

    *Seeing Zach build something instead of tearing it down is almost as rare as finding a good Clip-Share Rewind*

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez Year ago +2

    And honestly, that's a very strong motor. Because of it's size I'd have thought there'd be 2, it look's too small to be able to move everything.

  • TheFrenchPlayer
    TheFrenchPlayer Year ago +197

    This dude built legos and now 2 years later he's building a literal electric hummer

    • Jibin Mathews
      Jibin Mathews Year ago +1

      Next thing you know hes building an Electric Lego Hummer

    • Aleksandr
      Aleksandr Year ago +1

      Wholesome Agent 47 is based.

    • Vertex
      Vertex Year ago +11

      now his wife is building a child

    • A Wise Man
      A Wise Man Year ago +16

      0-100 real fucking fast

  • Chase Gordon
    Chase Gordon Year ago +25

    I wanted this set since I saw this video two years ago and I finally bought it last year. It was SO FUN TO BUILD. Thanks!!

  • Kirby
    Kirby Year ago +47

    Imagine being the folks actually creating this set, must take an insane amount of time to create the set from start to finish and at the same time make all the steps, makes you understand why these sets are so pricey.

    • shim vulcan
      shim vulcan Year ago +2

      @Ricardo Kutz its not like it starts on a screen it most likely starts with a sketch and rough drawings before its fleshed out on computer

    • Ricardo Kutz
      Ricardo Kutz Year ago

      @bmxcmx gaming/bmx LOL< you must be very young :D
      No, they have computer aided design software, just for this application, and there is a thing called text editing on a computer, no pens or pencils involved, LOL.

    • Mr Durva
      Mr Durva Year ago

      The normal sets take at least 6 months, sets like this take 1-2 years

    • bmxcmx gaming/bmx
      bmxcmx gaming/bmx Year ago +1

      @Techno but the people that come up with these have no instructions and have to write down and draw everything they do

    • Kirby
      Kirby Year ago +1

      @Techno So they steps of creating a set like this doesn't cost money in your eyes? It's not all of the cost but it is hours of labour.

  • Dan Shepler
    Dan Shepler 10 months ago

    What a challenge, love seeing you guys together.

  • MJ Shirts
    MJ Shirts 25 days ago

    Given it looks like the set has a fully functioning engine, I wonder if you could retrofit some kind of air pressure system onto this system. If so, how much psi would it take to move the assembled components.

  • Ken Bearsley
    Ken Bearsley Year ago +1

    Dam. 17 hours over 3 days and two people to build?! A lot of fun tho. Agree with you, keeps the mind, hands (and in some cases feet trying to find bits on the floor that dropped) active. Lego may be a little on the more expensive side, at least it lasts for years (not like some things) and ya can make many different things out of one box or let the imagination go wild with many different sets. Thanks for the video.

  • hybrid9mm
    hybrid9mm Year ago +1

    I’ve built larger, but that is impressive for a kit 👍
    I had sets throughout the 80’s and 90’s they had less cheat parts then

  • Blake Márquez
    Blake Márquez 4 years ago +857

    Couple goals. A match made in Heaven.
    Zack and LEGOs.

    • Ridham H
      Ridham H 4 years ago

      You made me remind of hentaiHEAVEN ..why

    • Euclid
      Euclid 4 years ago +1

      I ship it.

    • TLO
      TLO 4 years ago +1


    • Danny Perez
      Danny Perez 4 years ago +1


    • Vitaliy
      Vitaliy 4 years ago +6


  • I Santos
    I Santos Year ago +17

    5:20 It made me so happy to hear someone actually say this as many construction crews in my area have no idea themselves when erecting signs 😂

  • Stephen Boyd
    Stephen Boyd Year ago +1

    £250 in the UK. I initially thought wow, that's expensive but having seen the video, I can see why it costs that much.

  • Robert Black
    Robert Black Year ago +6

    The good thing about Lego kits vs other regular RC kits is you can just walk around the floor barefoot to find those lost/dropped parts...

  • Daryl Kanofski
    Daryl Kanofski 10 months ago

    Great video and awesome build. I find having a small container to put the pieces in so that don't get lost

  • شفاء الروح SoulHeal

    Imagine how difficult it was to design the whole project and to put all those drawings and steps with that level of details, and all of that's just for a one product!!!
    People of LEGO deserve a salute and a like.

    • anthony b
      anthony b 3 years ago

      @شفاء الروح SoulHeal lego digital designer

    • Tung Nan Kwong
      Tung Nan Kwong 3 years ago +1

      @شفاء الروح SoulHeal go check out lego digital designer, I've been using it many years ago during my primary school years, don't know if its still available now

    • 666nataS
      666nataS 3 years ago

      it also expensive as fuck so you really dont need to salute lol

    • Guitar_Weeb
      Guitar_Weeb 3 years ago

      اكو عرب بالطيارة

    • Eldian Nationalist
      Eldian Nationalist 3 years ago

      @شفاء الروح SoulHeal I would buy the "How to build a CPU" :p

  • Brad Torville
    Brad Torville Month ago

    I do love it whenever someone does one of these Legos and you can see bits and pieces left over. Hmm... Job well done?

  • Phillip Mulligan
    Phillip Mulligan 8 months ago

    My hats off to the guy who had to write and publish the Lego build manuals for these Lego sets. Putting those instructions together must be really hard and time intensive. I b=purchased the blue and yellow catamaran sail boat

  • Mitch Hifi
    Mitch Hifi Year ago +3

    Your wife seems like a great person, I'm glad she has someone like yourself to care for her. Makes me smile

    • Will Belcastro
      Will Belcastro Year ago

      @Mitch Hifi 100% my guy

    • Mitch Hifi
      Mitch Hifi Year ago +2

      @Will Belcastro Yep haha, I know he won't see it but hopefully it goes out into the universe and brings something good to them

    • Will Belcastro
      Will Belcastro Year ago

      3 hours ago on a 2 year video. Hello

  • Cbeast
    Cbeast 2 years ago

    Wow, this is the coolest set I've seen. Awesome video!

  • Roland Dawson
    Roland Dawson 4 years ago +1144

    I would be so flipping happy if you kept uploading videos like this.

    • Gabe Stevens
      Gabe Stevens 3 years ago

      1000th like gg

    • Its Galactic
      Its Galactic 4 years ago +1

      Roland Dawson same

    • John Owen
      John Owen 4 years ago +1

      I love lego. I could finish that in 12 hours. My first job when I was 10 was building models for the local toy shop.....best job ever....I got to paid to play with Lego and got to work from home.

    • soltakr
      soltakr 4 years ago +1

      Man needs to diversify. When I was young I had 2 big Lego sets. One was semi truck/SUV combo and a red alien articulated transport. Not really watched any Lego building videos besides the millenium falcon, which the guy made boring. I'm happy for more videos but maybe with interesting facts too.

    • Roland Dawson
      Roland Dawson 4 years ago +3

      Rackhage what makes you think I don’t already do that…

  • Dethsight
    Dethsight 10 months ago

    been on a technic kick recently due to quarantine. just ordered this one today. got the Volvo articulated hauler a few days ago and spent about 13 straight hours building it. and it has half the pieces that the crane does. can't wait!

  • T. S.
    T. S. Month ago

    ...i bought and built ladt week. This Lego set is absolutely the best one i have. Under both mechanical and electrical point of view. Great job lego. But i noticed the lack of a brake or something like that for the crane while not working; it would be useful to avoid crane moves unadvertedly.

  • Sebastián Morales
    Sebastián Morales Year ago +1

    Sharing the lego experience looks like true love to me

  • François Lamontagne
    François Lamontagne 9 months ago

    I have one and I like it very much. I added lights kit and I removed the V8 engine to install 2 motors , one for the steering and I created a piece with 2 Lego bars to be able to motorise translation. With a 8 teeth pinion on L-motor, I was able to put a 12 teeth gear to reach the red 16 teeth gear centered in the truck. The results are amazing. I controlled direction and translation with a remote control.

  • Anton Makov
    Anton Makov 4 years ago +232

    You should definitely try make it transparent :D

  • cousin_toe
    cousin_toe Year ago +1

    Wow that looks so fun I love building them but once they are built I never know what to do with them lol

    • Crash LAGA
      Crash LAGA Year ago +2

      Break it down, make your own model. Truck, engine, gearbox, etc

  • Crafting Guy
    Crafting Guy 9 months ago

    Wow, that's a complex lego build. I have just started lego ford and now i can say Good job guys

  • Aestreax
    Aestreax 6 months ago

    I absolutely love lego technic, i have 3 already (Land Rover, Dom's Dodge Charger & Ford Raptor) and the Land Rover took me 2 days to builds but the other took 10 hours, something abouts complex lego i bloody love doing

  • Dinoregris Vloging

    You make these vids so much more interesting then the other Lego vids on other people's channels

  • Dr. Disrespectful
    Dr. Disrespectful 4 years ago +671

    No bend test! No fire test! No scratch it! Jerry sold out to Lego guys.

    • Aaron Timm
      Aaron Timm 2 years ago

      @V3M2 plastic scratches at a level 2 or 3

    • V3M2
      V3M2 4 years ago +1

      They should scratch at a level 6 though.

    • Gazelle
      Gazelle 4 years ago

      DR D!!!??

    • Dr. Disrespectful
      Dr. Disrespectful 4 years ago

      Goooooooooooo Gillette!!!!

    • Andy Andrei
      Andy Andrei 4 years ago +2


  • craigsmith1948
    craigsmith1948 Year ago

    Two years ago when I watched your Rough Terrain Crane video I went out and bought it. My grandson and I worked on it for the next two weeks. It was the most fun I've ever had building something and now I'm still building Lego. I was wondering why you and Cambry haven't built the Bugatti Chiron or the Lamborghini FKP. I ordered the Lego Bugatti and waiting for it to show up in the mail. Enjoy your Clip-Shares!!!

  • Sabiha Tuba
    Sabiha Tuba Year ago

    If this set had a suspension it would live up to it's name and it would be the best Lego set of all time

  • J&K Newb
    J&K Newb 2 years ago

    Just insane , it's already hard enough to get permission from the misses for a $300 RC much less $300 of legos.
    Ten minutes later:
    Babe I found something pretty cool!

  • Mich Nygaard
    Mich Nygaard Year ago

    A little proud of our local factory: Lego. I remember the building blocks in the 60és, have them still. We have been in Legoland every summer as young (very primitive) but for sure with the kids. Not long ago i purchased a big set - we have them in supermarkets, online or in a lot of hobby shops. Lego also have two shops in Copenhagen. Thats a bit disappointing, some built and them spare brick market and sales of boxes. Could be nice, but very sterile and limited

  • Projetos do Augusto
    Projetos do Augusto 4 years ago +66

    You may think that's a nightmare to be done by Jerry. Then you remember how many hours it has taken to be designed by Lego's engineers! omg

    • Elijah Wilson
      Elijah Wilson 4 years ago +1

      Augusto Mariani Filho probably 6 months with a team

  • Mac Mac
    Mac Mac 11 months ago +1

    It’s not magic just another faithful follower/crane operator that loves following you keep the great videos going

  • harryzero 156
    harryzero 156 Year ago

    I bought the blue and white crawler crane kit, different functions, pulley lifting etc. I swapped for this red crane, then switched back, then bought the off road truck kit that can be operated with blue tooth and a mobile phone. Lego was made for Covid. My son and grandson have had great times building and operating these kits.
    Never too old for technic lego.

  • Distroctor
    Distroctor Year ago +1

    I had so much fun while building this set

  • Chris M
    Chris M Year ago

    A+ for the people who designed this Lego Technic. That must have been HARD AS FUCK.

  • TechBroll
    TechBroll 4 years ago +2307

    17 hours? she's a keeper!

    • Krutang Desai
      Krutang Desai 2 years ago

      They're married 🙈⭐

    • Carter Channel
      Carter Channel 3 years ago

      Marvin Gabriel are you talking about the girl or the Crain,🙂

    • Nikolaj Hvidberg
      Nikolaj Hvidberg 3 years ago +1


    • Dizastermaster
      Dizastermaster 3 years ago

      @Elliet Saint James West Virginia.

    • film79
      film79 3 years ago

      Is he really not related to her? They look so similar.

  • Christopher Lynch
    Christopher Lynch Year ago +2

    1 year ago I saw this video and fell in love with his set, I'm proud to announce that yesterday I ordered my dream set(this one) and couldn't be more exited

    • Christopher Lynch
      Christopher Lynch Year ago

      @Ludo turned put amazing, exactly as I expected and its what got me through online school

    • Ludo
      Ludo Year ago

      how did it turn out ? :DDD

    • Christopher Lynch
      Christopher Lynch Year ago

      @Exar amazon

    • Exar
      Exar Year ago

      Where did you ordered from?

  • Monkey  D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy Year ago

    building this alone make feel more comfortable 🔥🔥

  • littleking1 littleboy1

    I used to have a robotics teacher and he had this in his class. It was really cool. Whenever we had the chance to play with it, we did!

  • 陳鵬
    陳鵬 2 years ago

    My son just build this Crane! He saved up for it for almost a year. He made one mistake and that was to reverse on of the differentials. Luckily he caught it early and it was an easy fix. It was his first Technic set. He's 8.

  • TronicsFix
    TronicsFix 4 years ago +7473

    Now time for the durability test!

  • TheLimiteds
    TheLimiteds 2 years ago +1

    wow! you guys are so amazing building that lwgo it seems hard but i will try my best!

  • Dusty Thibodaux
    Dusty Thibodaux Year ago

    I know the point of them to send this to you is to get other people to buy it, and I was going to buy it. I looked it up ready to purchase one... but $400 that’s absolutely insane.

  • Shana Poppen
    Shana Poppen 2 years ago

    And there are wheels that turn and pistons that go up and down. It is sweet.

  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson 2 years ago

    Added this to my wishlist. Thanks for the idea!

  • Zach Durocher
    Zach Durocher 2 years ago +2448

    All those legos going together just like little ribbon cables

    • Shirley Owen
      Shirley Owen 2 years ago

      @The Gay One I don t care if you have the same name

    • Alistair Burch
      Alistair Burch 2 years ago +1

      @Zach Durocher Touche!

    • Alistair Burch
      Alistair Burch 2 years ago

      @madide No they aren't.

    • Sam Martin
      Sam Martin 2 years ago

      Fuck you

    • madide
      madide 2 years ago

      Alistair Burch they are not talking about the brand, but the little bricks that are known as legos. Those are two different things. The lego bricks are not plural, unlike the brand, Lego.

  • What if we put our minecraft Beds together

    Omg imagine being put in an office and being made to design functioning lego mechanical vehicles

  • Victor Estrada
    Victor Estrada Year ago

    So Jerry goes from working on phones to construction, and from shooting guns to building legos lol

  • Didaka D
    Didaka D Year ago +1

    Fun fact: Lego employees did actually build a full sized Bugatti from mostly legos and it worked

  • Jennifer Sphar (Jenn)
    Jennifer Sphar (Jenn) 10 months ago

    They have remote-controlled ones as well their nice

  • I Like Music
    I Like Music 3 years ago +6040

    Imagine the guy who wrote this instruction step by step

    • Sara M
      Sara M 2 years ago

      @Mirek Mareš a fancy hello world done in one day, realistically

    • Mirek Mareš
      Mirek Mareš 2 years ago

      @Sara M Sure, if you wanna print hello world 200-300 times without using for cycle :D

    • Sabersz
      Sabersz 2 years ago

      @Sudoscoobs okay, I've been using LEGO for more than a decade but I didn't even know that! That's actually so cool

    • Thomas A.
      Thomas A. 2 years ago

      @Anjo Eskilyo if you ever use cad, the software makes the animations for you, it's in a assembly mode where you can move a piece one by one, and screenshot each step

    • Thomas A.
      Thomas A. 2 years ago

      @ThatsMyRc Construction if you know anything about cad, you build each piece separately, then in the assembly, you assemble all the pieces, and that's how you can get the exploded view of everything, and screenshot the step by step, as you assemble it

  • vehicle legends 2
    vehicle legends 2 11 months ago

    I got this Lego set when I was 10 it took me 10 hours to build it. I has so much fun building it. 😁

  • Freeze
    Freeze Year ago +1

    I hope you get more sponsorships with LEGO!

  • Cooked Oven
    Cooked Oven 2 years ago +2

    a similar technic set took me 14 hours over the unhealthy course of 2 days. it was the offroader!

  • Crumpled paper
    Crumpled paper Year ago

    Yeah I’m one of the people who can get absorbed in building LEGO’s, and other people can’t understand how I spend 10 hours straight building legos, especially my first technic set which I just recently built, which I did only spend 2 hours on but it felt like 20 minutes

  • Dark Scorpion
    Dark Scorpion 2 years ago +2935

    Girl literally sat through and helped build a Technic set for 17 hours.
    She's a keeper!
    FYI I am well aware that she is disabled, so please stop commenting that "dude she cant walk", as if that forces a disabled person to sit through stuff and hobbies they arent into. I've literally seen a guy who cant use his legs ride a sports bike. (A speciall customized version) People have also climbed mountains without legs...

    • gopnyk boy
      gopnyk boy 2 years ago

      @Not Angel im sorry im not a native englich speaker

    • Not Angel
      Not Angel 2 years ago

      @gopnyk boy spell it right

    • Hungry Hippos
      Hungry Hippos 2 years ago

      Dark Scorpion dude she can’t walk lol

    • Veer Patel
      Veer Patel 2 years ago

      Dark Scorpion I know right

    • Mr. Maple
      Mr. Maple 2 years ago

      @JacoBuff Gaming Actually, you see, alot of people with disabilities don't want other people to feel sorry for them.

  • WoTCrofrumz 👑🎗️

    I remember I bought the exact same lego 3 years ago from now. After I had built it, he made this video.

  • Ryan Hawley
    Ryan Hawley Year ago

    Watching you assemble an RT crane while inside my RT crane!

  • Arth Alagao
    Arth Alagao 2 years ago

    Now time for the durability test!

  • Nexusshade
    Nexusshade Year ago

    I got the Bugati Chiron and it took me about 18 hours to build by myself. but it was worth every penny + minute, building it.
    Love the vids both old and new. keep it up!

  • Ray Carter
    Ray Carter Year ago

    Hi guys, Great build! 👌🏻👏

  • David Stretch
    David Stretch Year ago

    Cool Technic Crane, I got the Blue Bugatti which to me (by myself) just over 5 days to complete, but great fun to build.

  • Norbert Szabó
    Norbert Szabó Year ago

    Hello! If you assemble more lego sets make streams of it. Second buy or diy some boxes in which you can sort the pieces so they wont roll everywhere. Nice video

  • Saul Robles
    Saul Robles Year ago

    The Ducati is pretty badass. Got it yesterday and took me almost 2 hours to build.

  • Atharva Shrivastava
    Atharva Shrivastava 3 years ago +564

    Okay It’s official now.. if she builds a Lego technic set with you .. she’s your soulmate!!

    • yamahonkawazuki
      yamahonkawazuki 2 years ago

      @johnDomain why is this if i may inquire?

    • Fabio Gaxiola
      Fabio Gaxiola 3 years ago

      Sinha Sahab she’s not his sis he posted a photo of he his brother and her sister

    • John Rigdon
      John Rigdon 3 years ago

      TF! Lol I can't believe someone said that's his sister 😂

    • Kip
      Kip 3 years ago +1

      I would build a Lego technic ... they cool af ... if only they weren't so damn expensive for a poor person like me 😭😭

    • Roland Dawson
      Roland Dawson 3 years ago +1

      Sinha Sahab they’re not related, you weirdo.

  • Phillip Shadid
    Phillip Shadid Year ago

    And to think... someone designed this... insane.

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab 2 years ago

    God I love Lego - it’s the ultimate thing to unwind doing I think. Shame it’s so expensive though..

    • delano88888
      delano88888 2 months ago

      If you calculate what you pay per hour of building, it's not expensive at all. Also you get to keep it at the end, or sell it and make most of your money back!

  • Harsh Shah
    Harsh Shah Year ago

    i and my 2 friends have built this during the summer vacation.
    we worked 3 hours a day and finished it in 6 days .
    the set was of my friend's but now one gear has some issue and its not going in reverse

  • That Guy Named George

    This set is causing me some serious panic fussing.
    I can't get past bag one because I'm too worried about the gears not meshing properly.
    Anytime there's resistance where I don't think there's supposed to be, a not smooth sound as I test it,
    or jerky not smooth motion, I fuss over it, unable to figure out why, and worries about ruining it if I try to fix it.
    Took me an entire week just to accept it as functioning good enough and wouldn't cause problems.
    Lego know how to get perfectious people a heart attack.
    I swear if I get to the end and suddenly the gears don't feel right all the way at the core., I will just take the thing to a mechanic.

  • Joako C.
    Joako C. 4 years ago +59

    I always feel like those Lego kits were so expensive, but after watching this video i change my opinión, 270 dollars for all those mechanical pieces that work perfectly together is not that much. PD: Cambry is so beautifull, I hope science can restore her legs funcionality soon!

    • Joako C.
      Joako C. 4 years ago +2

      @O_O The girl that appears on the video, she had an accident and she can't move her legs, there are some videos on Jerry's channel making a custom off-road wheelchair for her.

    • O_O
      O_O 4 years ago

      who is cambry ?

    • Minerva Li
      Minerva Li 4 years ago +5

      Hope she would recover as well.

    • Minerva Li
      Minerva Li 4 years ago +1

      this one is a good value. It has a lot of moving parts and mechanism. The kits with stationary parts only are usually overpriced.

  • Tristin Roper
    Tristin Roper Year ago +3

    I'm still using the Lego mindstorm in school and its on of the most enjoyable things ibe done in over a year.
    This is the only sponsored video that actually makes me want to buy the product Goodjob on the build guys.

  • Dave
    Dave 7 months ago

    I would love to see other videos if you do want to make the other construction items

  • Dan Fontaine
    Dan Fontaine 10 months ago

    I just want to give you guys a tip for building Lego don’t pour all the pieces into one pile pour them all into little piles each bag pour into a little pile and don’t mix them together it makes it way easier to find pieces

  • Ricardo Kutz
    Ricardo Kutz Year ago

    @JerryRigEverything - Not firing, LOL> Reciprocating ;)
    I've built a few of the technics kits, but this ones' price tag has kept me from going for it, maybe someday !
    Reciprocating motion
    The piston moves in a reciprocating motion, which is converted into circular motion of the crankshaft, which ultimately propels the vehicle or does other useful work. The reciprocating motion of a pump piston is close to, but different from, sinusoidal simple harmonic motion.

  • Marie Boshra School of Style SoS

    Cambrey: we finished
    Zach: time for durability test

    • Corn 567
      Corn 567 2 years ago

      1000th like

    • no
      no 2 years ago +2

      Copied, bitch

    • Dexter Teo
      Dexter Teo 2 years ago

      Jaya Adhikari Cambrey*

    • Porkipilj
      Porkipilj 2 years ago +5

      We are seeing scratches at a level 2 with deeper grooves at a level 3

    • Jaya Adhikari
      Jaya Adhikari 2 years ago +1

      Canbry:why do I date him

  • Ion Marica
    Ion Marica 2 years ago

    The rubber is of really good material. I have an old 8880 technic lego and the tyres are like new.... And if you started with the construction machines, keep it going. they also have some Liebherr machines. Check them out.

  • MrDadyD
    MrDadyD Year ago

    NOthing says love like building Lego together.

  • Sam S
    Sam S Year ago

    I am so jealous. You seriously get to break phones, build Legos and electric Hummer. Oh yeah, and you got to do a durability test on the Rivian. Well you do share the experience!

  • Populous Break
    Populous Break 9 months ago

    I literally thought this was awesome bc I never seen a technic actually work.

  • Truman
    Truman 3 years ago +3300

    Plastic is plastic, it scratched at a level 3 with deeper grooves at a level 4.

    • Gameplayer 55055
      Gameplayer 55055 2 years ago

      But it scratches your foot very deeply

    • Francinator
      Francinator 2 years ago +1

      @waffeltek thanks for sharing your POV

    • Francinator
      Francinator 2 years ago +3

      @waffeltek look in the mirror

    • Questwalker
      Questwalker 2 years ago +2

      @waffeltek 8 year olds are not allowed on this site.

    • Jonathan Noland
      Jonathan Noland 2 years ago +1

      CowRedbeard Games polecat is another term for ferret so it could also be that.

  • Errorist
    Errorist Year ago

    Really gotta pay respects to Lego. Imagine thinking of this monstrosity and creating that fat af manual showing each step one by one. Madness

  • Harold Foutz
    Harold Foutz 10 months ago

    You should do the Lego technic crawler crane next
    It will be awesome.

  • Edward
    Edward 2 years ago

    I built a lego technic (a friend gave it) and it took me 3 months it was a car and it could actually drive and had headlights and had really cool doors. But this is cooler.

  • BAH
    BAH 2 years ago

    Legos are the best thing ever. There good because they make your mind calm and stuff. When u build a big lego like it doesn't feel like a long time it feels short.

  • Frostysaur
    Frostysaur 4 years ago +413

    Time for the teardown. I want to see what's inside

    • Precious M
      Precious M 4 years ago


    • Kavin Suresh
      Kavin Suresh 4 years ago

      Akheel Abu hurair genius

    • Akheel
      Akheel 4 years ago +3

      Just watch this vid backwards

    • shivankit ss
      shivankit ss 4 years ago +1

      @AngryBear yess I was gonna say the same thing

    • AngryBear
      AngryBear 4 years ago +17

      Lol Jerry should just put the same video on reverse and call it LEGO teardown.

  • WWFC
    WWFC Year ago

    I’d love this set if I could buy it and also Lego is the best thing to happen to earth

  • pusher44 gmcjb
    pusher44 gmcjb Year ago

    I'm VERY late w/ this comment, but 3 suggestions, from a Lego Technic person, other large sets are the bucket wheel excavator (HUGE), the largest dozer 42030, and the not as big, but nicely complicated mobile crane 42009. Lawrence.

  • Ping Pong Un
    Ping Pong Un Year ago

    Lego has the same history as minecraft. It started with a few basic blocks, then evolved into tons of technical and cool blocks/parts.

  • Damon Day
    Damon Day Year ago

    building one project is far much harder than cracking one. :)

  • Roy Blackstone
    Roy Blackstone 3 years ago +1333

    "We've completed the lego technic set. Now let's take it apart and see what's inside."

    • Danielle Furlong
      Danielle Furlong 2 years ago

      Team Void Gaming it wouldn’t break I threw a Lego technic down the stairs and nothing happened

    • Jxhnzin
      Jxhnzin 2 years ago

      The most underrated comment

    • SADT1
      SADT1 2 years ago

      With this set of spare parts you could create some engineering marvel. So take it apart as soon as you play enough, and start creating something of your own! :)

    • Peter H.
      Peter H. 3 years ago +7

      As you can see it scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

    • Prabhanie Liyanage
      Prabhanie Liyanage 3 years ago +1

      I dont think Jerry will allow Dan to do it

  • Sukurmom
    Sukurmom Year ago

    I bought the Bugatti and built it in 10 hours... my finger tips hurt so bad 😂 but its definitely worth it!