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Worlds 2022 Play-Ins Day 1 Highlights ALL GAMES | LoL World Championship 2022 Day 1 Play-Ins

  • Published on Sep 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Worlds 2022 Play-Ins Day 1 Highlights ALL GAMES | LoL World Championship 2022 Day 1 Play-Ins - ISG vs MAD, FNC vs EG, LLL vs BYG, MAD vs IW, CHF vs FNC, DFM vs LLL, SGB vs IW, DRX vs RNG
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Comments • 164

  • @Atro16
    @Atro16  +435

    Man idk where you are from Mr Kaza, but that work you're putting in to upload the Games almost immediately after they just finished live on stream is insane, hope this timezone isn't too rough for ya. Thank you for the 5 years so far watching the Highlights on your channel, you deserve more appreciation.

  • @user-zo3zk3ge1l

    Love that they started an RNG chant right before Zeka clowns breathe and wei in a double kill 😂

  • @impulse008gaming6

    Just what we needed, a full day 1 Highlights for those who missed the Live, thank you for the effort and upload <3 <3 <3

  • @Markox101


  • @aloysiousmaligaya2170

    LLL vs BYG is my favorite match. Perfect draft for LLL. I love it.

  • @iNahtanoJ

    You know his team is in top form when Humanoid dies. What a legend

  • @ksirururu

    Drx and rng matches are definitely interesting

  • @motnurky7055

    Deft's Tristana was CLEAN

  • @trentblack9854

    Difference between RNG and DRX and the rest of the teams are MASSIVE. You could just tell mechanically and macro wise that they are just different. No to say that they can't be beat by other teams, but if they play like they did then there is no shot other teams will beat them in play ins. It's also only day 1 and teams are still figuring out metas so who knows. I just feel like for any play in teams to beat DRX and RNG they will need the draft edge for sure.

  • @katepham7339

    Thanks for the vid. Small suggestion: Time stamp between games would be great

  • @meziWienTR

    that akali from drx may delete every european team 1v5

  • @ryanforgo3500

    That ISG grel was a whole new level of graves

  • @user-rw1qx9pq8c

    The moment vulcan picked lux support I knew the match was already over

  • @koog008

    wow. that maokai dragon steal. also defts trist was op

  • @tzuyuhypetrain9791

    Hope you get enough sleep too Kaza. This WORLDS Timing is fuccked up but we have you.

  • @jamesbernardestacio969

    imo, Grell did pretty nice

  • @sorasoki

    the FNC MF Ults are perfect

  • @binand7050

    rn Nisqy is far from his peak and i think he's too important for MAD, as a midlaner and shotcaller. If he doesn't step up i'm afraid MAD will have trouble going out of groups. Obviously it's only too games so wait and see

  • @krzysgorny1775

    as a jax player these 2 games seem very relatable