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How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Prime Day, Amazon's biggest shopping event, is here, and now one-day shipping is the norm for tens of millions of items available during Amazon's Prime Day event, which runs from July 15 to July 16. To succeed at this rapid delivery, Amazon spends tens of billions of dollars every year and employs 250,000 workers in its U.S. warehouses. The process is an incredible challenge, and Amazon has faced criticism about working conditions at every step of the process. Watch the video to see what happens when you buy a Prime-eligible item on Amazon.com.
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    How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

Comments • 0

  • Nghtfall
    Nghtfall 3 years ago +3164

    I love that the message overall seems to be “don’t worry about the poor treatment of workers, soon they’ll be replaced with robots”

    • ericiskoolbeans
      ericiskoolbeans 3 years ago +37

      Nghtfall wdym I really don’t see how there miss treated

    • Quentin Warner
      Quentin Warner 3 years ago +82

      NTH_Eric do some research

    • ericiskoolbeans
      ericiskoolbeans 3 years ago +3

      jockslap ok

    • Michael NJ
      Michael NJ 3 years ago +1

      And this is exactly what he saying!

    • George k
      George k 3 years ago +17

      @ericiskoolbeans you never worked for them

  • Hoa Tran
    Hoa Tran 2 years ago +403

    I loved how this turned from learning about the packaging and shipping towards worker safety and exploitation

  • T484
    T484 2 years ago +2719

    One million hours of safety training basically means everyone watched a 3 minute safety video and was told to get back to work.

    • MR.Techroid
      MR.Techroid 2 years ago +62

      I'm in 3 minutes sounds about right Amazon is hiring grown-ups not little kids..

    • x X
      x X 2 years ago +23

      And! What about all of the years before? Like, cool they've just raised your wages and started training. Does that mean they're no longer accountable for the years prior?

    • Angel 🐎
      Angel 🐎 2 years ago +10

      Most delivery drivers here don’t even watch the safety videos.

    • S
      S 2 years ago +11

      @MR.Techroid lmao what about know how to be safe around the machinery? Most of it isn’t common sense and you’d need atleast some background knowledge to ve more safe around them.

    • ItsCora
      ItsCora 2 years ago +4

      Amazon don’t train lmao even the drivers

  • PS3GamingScotland
    PS3GamingScotland Year ago +206

    I don't use Prime and I'm more than happy to pay extra for delivery as well as waiting a few extra days for my package to arrive as I care about the drivers safety and well being. Thank you to all the delivery drivers delivering throughout the pandemic.

    • Phuong Nguyen
      Phuong Nguyen Year ago +40

      I don’t think that’s how it works. The driver will deliver so and so amount of products a day regardless of if you buy prime or not.

    • Phuong Nguyen
      Phuong Nguyen Year ago +2

      Tom Smith right lol. Prime is best

    • MobLaw
      MobLaw Year ago +4

      But this is how they get you prime is 14 bucks for the month depending on how many orders you get you can end up paying more than that in shipping so it's cheaper just to get prime

    • juice
      juice Year ago +8

      Dude, you are fooling yourself lol.

    • The Jon Brown Show
      The Jon Brown Show Year ago +3

      Well... As a ex Amazon driver during the pandemic, I'll say you're heart's in the right place(now if only Bethos, or however it's spelled, had his heart there too 😂)

  • Kelly
    Kelly 2 years ago +176

    I sincerely applaud the Amazon workers. I didn't even last one day there (I ended up getting a job somewhere else). Bravo to all of you!

    • Mica
      Mica 2 years ago +25

      My sister passed out working there. She said its miserable and she was only part time

    • Static Builds
      Static Builds Year ago

      My sister could not get hired for amazon

    • Juan
      Juan Year ago

      Only Heavily obese people say this. If you haven't worked out a day in your life then picking up a box and taping it closed can be hard

    • Arabian Boredom Fighters
      Arabian Boredom Fighters Year ago

      U need to go a 3rd world country and see how working conditions are and see only few complains cuz theres bigger fears than that thats UNEMPLOYMENT in a poor country its x100 worse

  • Patrick O'Neal
    Patrick O'Neal 7 months ago +5

    Shipping times may have shortened but for me at least, my merchandise options are being SEVERELY limited. Amazon is obviously limiting my options so they can achieve one-day delivery but I'd rather have more product choices.

  • Splash Attack TCG
    Splash Attack TCG 4 years ago +17893

    Amazon 15 Years from now: Me: Places an order
    Amazon: Check under your pillow. We knew you wanted it 3 days before you knew.

    • Gio Gomez
      Gio Gomez 4 years ago +228

      Splash Attack TCG lmao

    • PicklerickC137
      PicklerickC137 4 years ago +173


    • GP
      GP 4 years ago +56


    • Kicsip727
      Kicsip727 4 years ago +222

      What if I order a chair or something?

  • Linden
    Linden 3 years ago +9

    Also for others confused about the 300 trucks number because you see them way more often than that, you're right. Amazon has a program, much like with their delivery vans, where independent truck drivers or small companies can pull Amazon trailers for good rates. There are many thousands of Amazon trailers being pulled by independent contractors, but only 300 are pulled by their own trucks.

  • Cameron C.
    Cameron C. 3 months ago +4

    Not sure how much this helps the drivers, but not only do I always take those Mini-surveys and leave 10/10 positive reviews, but I also try my absolute best to bundle all of my orders together so that they all arrive on the same day/time. I have a lot of respect for the drivers, and after seeing how much stress they are under while on the job? I'll always try to return the love and so I hope these small gestures can go a long way! :)

  • Pegathee Too
    Pegathee Too Year ago +2

    I dont live in a big city so I'm used to getting my packages in a few days to a week. However, the last order I placed was mailed in several different packages and took from 3 days to a week & a half. I've noticed for me, that the ones they ship through the Post Office are usually the ones that take the longest to arrive. I had 2 different packages from that last order go through the P.O. One pkg took a week & a half & went from a suburb of Mpls., up to my town, transferred to another carrier and then shipped back down to a different suburb of Mpls. Called to talk to someone (Took forever to finally get ahold of a live person!) and was finally told it was mistakenly marked as being in my town but it actually was not. (Never got an explanation where it really was.) Then, the second pkg was finally shipped and again came up to my town and again, transferred to another carrier and shipped off to a different area north of me. (Do you think it was a mistake again?) That pkg took about a week to get to me. I don't know if they're out to get me or if someone at the Post Office here is an idiot. Whatever, it's almost impossible to complain about them through Amazon. They are distancing themselves farther & farther away from their customers!

  • Terry Cole
    Terry Cole 2 years ago +11

    In my experience, their shipping is getting slower and slower for Prime customers. I have received one-day or same-day delivery on about half a dozen times in the last five years. Let’s hope that rollout picks up.

  • main
    main 2 years ago +12

    Am I the only person who thinks it's pretty scary just how difficult it's going to be small business not to mention the livelihood of millions of not just the ones who work in the company but every one .I think at some point of time there would be a need for a law controlling the growth of companies and technology for human survival and the chance to grow for other people.

    • RMOB Nation
      RMOB Nation Year ago +1

      That's some deep stuff man. Respect. ✊🏻

    • main
      main Year ago

      @RMOB Nation thanks man😁

    • yukiko. y
      yukiko. y Year ago +1

      there kinda is (competition regulation i think its called, but could be something else), though i 100% agree it could be more strict.

  • AzakielRuns
    AzakielRuns 4 years ago +2022

    In 20+ years we will say: "When I was young we had to wait for DAYS to receive our package!"

    • Irwin Arzaga
      Irwin Arzaga 4 years ago +157

      We had to actually go to the store😂

    • Joseph Kreifels II
      Joseph Kreifels II 4 years ago +61

      When I was young, I had to wait 7-14 days. Later in my life, I had to wait 2 full days. Right now I only need to wait 1 day.

    • Ginx
      Ginx 4 years ago +21

      We waited days for quality goods now we get cheap junk in one day. Awesome. That's progress

    • Rumeel12708
      Rumeel12708 4 years ago +22

      When I was a kid I had to wait to log into the Internet.

    • Tasha
      Tasha 4 years ago +1

      Like writing a letter

  • Lucas Irnaten
    Lucas Irnaten 2 years ago +44

    Amazon is so huge that they have a CEO for every simple details

  • Shu Meister
    Shu Meister 2 years ago +346

    It's good to support local businesses, or even other non local businesses directly without going through Amazon. Otherwise Amazon will end up controlling everything. And they aren't ethical.

    • Vanessa Olszen
      Vanessa Olszen 2 years ago +16


    • Sokrit lun
      Sokrit lun 2 years ago +11

      Depends are the local items cheaper or the same amount? 🤔 sometimes local shops sells more

    • Akshat Ghoshal
      Akshat Ghoshal 2 years ago +2

      They pay more to their employees than the local businesses.

  • Jhoni Danes
    Jhoni Danes 2 years ago +92

    This video went from “this is how they do one day shipping” to “Safety concerns with Amazon”

    • 陈chen迪Di
      陈chen迪Di 2 years ago +1

      which it is Amazon hire contact company to manage drivers and they get 2 or less day for safety training plus half day to tryout vans

    • Valeria Jones
      Valeria Jones 2 years ago

      When you are evaluating a business model is evident to look at the weaknesses (internal)

  • David Savian
    David Savian 2 years ago +33

    Amazon should also implement a system that sends you an alert IMMEDIATELY to your phone through TEXT not email alerting you that your package is about to be delivered so that you can then have time to pick up your package before it is stolen from your door after Amazon Prime just puts your package outside your door usually on the ground. There are actual people that are now following Amazon Prime vans and they wait for the Amazon van to drive away and they walk up to the customer doors and take their packages. They pick different neighborhoods to do this at different times of the month so that the customers and Amazon vans are always different. So, alerts to customer PHONES should be a part of Amazon practices. But, instead we have the mess that we have now. Sad when a company spends so much to build their empire up and then forgets about the most important people holding them up which are the customers and their employees that are over worked.

    • Brennan Schachtner
      Brennan Schachtner 2 years ago +5

      I get a notification in the app when it’s 10 stops away, a text would
      be nicer tho

    • yorusuyasoul
      yorusuyasoul 2 years ago +1

      I order a lot in Amazon and they will send message if the package is about to be delivered i think

    • K
      K Year ago

      The app sends you a notification when your package is 10 stops away and you can even track where the truck is on a map. Once delivered you should get another notification and they show a picture of the package at the door.

  • Lyndsay Eberhardt
    Lyndsay Eberhardt 2 years ago +143

    When everything is an emergency then nothing is an emergency, we don't need one day shipping

    • Approved Dust
      Approved Dust 2 years ago +15

      We don’t need most things on this earth bro

    • Harsh Kumar
      Harsh Kumar 2 years ago +9

      they are cashing out on dopamine release after getting the package in one day

    • Mikask
      Mikask Year ago +8

      Capitalism needs one day shipping.

    • Loathes politics
      Loathes politics Year ago

      @Mikask How? How does it make a difference regarding money if it's one days or three days?

    • Mikask
      Mikask Year ago +8

      @Loathes politics it’s psychology. Online shop is like being in a huge supermarket, you’ll buy things you don’t need. The one day shipping gives instant gratification, so it amplifies consumerism.
      It might not work on you, but it works on a lot of other people. It feeds on society’s over-consumerism.

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 3 years ago +7143

    One day kids will think that the Amazon rain forest was named after the company.

    • Muhammad Ali
      Muhammad Ali 3 years ago +229

      Wait is it not???

    • i eat dogs
      i eat dogs 3 years ago +112

      Ok boomer

    • Michael Baker
      Michael Baker 3 years ago +550

      one day the Amazon rain forest might not even exist if we're not careful

    • Lala
      Lala 3 years ago +182

      Honestly I think Amazon should commit to help save its namesake rainforest. At least make their existence in this world a bit less destructive.

    • streetghost
      streetghost 3 years ago +57

      @Lala Jeff Bezos recently announced a $10 billion investment to start the Bezos Earth Fund. 🌎 ♥

  • Fox
    Fox 2 years ago +14

    The asking competitors to raise their wages too is a good strategy: Either they don't and Amazon will look better or they do and Amazon won't have to deal with higher wages than their competitors which would put them at a disadvantage

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 years ago +1805

    Its so apparent that the senior vp has never worked in a warehouse. The way he dodged the question about work standards and productivity made me cringe.

    • Sunshine
      Sunshine 3 years ago +122

      Welcome to Capitalism.

    • Tech-Hilfe Portal
      Tech-Hilfe Portal 2 years ago +15

      @Sunshine has nothing to do with Capitalism

    • Sunshine
      Sunshine 2 years ago +129

      @Tech-Hilfe Portal
      Yes it has.

    • AllUpOns
      AllUpOns 2 years ago +27

      Union up. That's all.

  • Belle
    Belle Year ago +2

    It’s so crazy….. they’re huge…. I always receive my packages earlier than expected.

  • Courtneylovesreading411
    Courtneylovesreading411 2 years ago +6

    Just because Amazon workers are “able” to sustain questionable high pace working conditions does not mean that they should be expected to do so. There are a lot of things in life that people are able to do but shouldn’t.

  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan 2 years ago +6

    It's crazy to think that sometimes when I order something, it comes from a completely different side of the country within like a day.

  • Jalapeno news network
    Jalapeno news network 4 years ago +311

    I like the way the story started out about one day shipping and ended up being about the
    negative work environment the workers face

    • Tim Burton
      Tim Burton 3 years ago +19

      I know right? They needed to talk more about workers peeing in bottles so they do not have to walk the million square feet warehouse, up 4 flights or stairs through a security check point to reach the bathrooms. (then reverse it) They get 10 minutes to do this or they are fired. So they pee in bottles! WTF?!?

    • Stinky Cheese
      Stinky Cheese 3 years ago

      ?? It should have been an obvious deduction but they needed to 'xplain it to you.

    • Clive Ellis
      Clive Ellis 3 years ago

      @Tim Burton I would pee on the parcels or a manager

    • Evil
      Evil 3 years ago +3

      @Tim Burton just dont be slowest person there and youll be good. I used to go when ever i wanted and not a word had been said. the people who pee on bottles are weird and slow

    • James Brown
      James Brown 3 years ago

      Yep, gotta keep feeding that anti-corporation message!

  • Fremont
    Fremont 2 years ago +3

    Simply awesome logistics. Unfortunately putting a bazillion smaller merchants out of business, and relying on a quarter of a million workers going flat out.
    There is little sentiment in the bottom line.

  • Utopi Aria
    Utopi Aria 3 years ago +23

    I used to deliver for amazon if I remember right they would pay 47 dollars for 2 hours of delivery think I had 40- 70 packages definitely took more than 4 hours and still had to work over without the overtime. It also felt weird not having like a uniform and using your own car so people don’t know why you have their package however I was always interested how amazon get things sorted and packaged and shipped

    • Dave Gibson
      Dave Gibson 2 years ago +1

      I wonder if people have appropriate insurance if they're using their own cars?

    • Neo Anderson
      Neo Anderson 2 years ago +2

      @Dave Gibson not a chance

  • Alfred Neal
    Alfred Neal Year ago +3

    I just recently placed a order from Amazon at 10:00 am on a Thursday and received a photo text showing that the package was delivered 3-hours later at 1:00 pm . Amazing speed !

  • Phillip Prater
    Phillip Prater 3 years ago +47

    Damn he dodged that question really hard when he was asked if he thought the pace of work was reasonable lmao

  • Static Builds
    Static Builds Year ago +2

    It's always nice when other companies beat amazons time. I have ordered many items from other tech sites on 3-5 day shipping only to be surprised when it came the next day. Microsoft is a good example of this. I don't now the reason but since amazon all deliveries on all sites seem to be quicker. well except from china via Bang Good as that takes 2 weeks - 4 months.

  • Husam Wadi
    Husam Wadi 4 years ago +3811

    Amazon 10 years from now: "Our AI algorithm detected that you will buy this smart watch next Tuesday so we delivered it to you by drone a week in advanced. Thank you for thinking about Amazon."

  • Chronomax
    Chronomax 2 years ago

    here in the Netherlands it is the (by most big companies) standard one day shipping without any additional cost (above a certain amount of price)

  • Jamie Torrealba
    Jamie Torrealba 2 years ago

    The thing is so many new people are coming to Prime every single day and so they removed that option. I had ordered 2-Day Shipping even and it still took a week

  • Christie Dugal
    Christie Dugal 2 years ago +33

    Here in Ontario, Canada they list jobs as Seasonal and dependant on volume. Since they do that, it strips a lot of workers rights.

    • mike listeral
      mike listeral 2 years ago +2

      the cheaper the worker the more money the company can make, and therefore expand. unless you prefer loosing to china

    • iron
      iron 2 years ago +1

      Ayy, fellow person from ontario! but yeah, true

    • iron
      iron 2 years ago

      @mike listeral Well, The entirety of canada has always been a safe haven for foreigners, foreigners even make fun of people in their country who scam for canadian passports, because you get treated like a king as one.

  • Classy_vibes
    Classy_vibes 3 years ago +531

    "Are the working conditions reasonable?"
    Clarke: My job has expectations, your job has expectations."
    Yes, BUT are they reasonable??

    • Sunshine
      Sunshine 3 years ago +47

      That’s the answer but CEOs, managers will always come up with stories to distract from the question.

    • AllUpOns
      AllUpOns 2 years ago +16

      I'm really confused why he didn't just say "Yes" before he went into his spiel. Made his answer sound way worse.

    • Will N
      Will N 2 years ago +2

      He could have just said yes. If it wasn't people more people would be looking for other jobs like fast food or retail.

    • MoneyBytesAI
      MoneyBytesAI 2 years ago +5

      2:03 that amazon logo was added on that door xD

    • Colby McArthur
      Colby McArthur 2 years ago +2

      I worked at an Amazon fulfillment center for a summer and I thought it was a very reasonable pace

  • IntisarKazumi
    IntisarKazumi 2 years ago +230

    That eyeroll the VP made when asked the safety question is very telling.

    • Digiflower5
      Digiflower5 Year ago +11

      heck I didn't even look when he did that, I was listening and I could tell in the tone. He feels safety is fine as is and that he should not be bothered. Very rude.

    • Loathes politics
      Loathes politics Year ago +1

      I caught that and thought it was funny as hell. He was like, ugh, fk y ou.

  • Ciaran McConnon
    Ciaran McConnon 4 years ago +5685

    Dam they really spent 9 billion because we cant wait 2 days

    • Eli Blatt
      Eli Blatt 4 years ago +555

      If they dont someone else will, they control the e commerce space so it's there job to innovate and expand. They make so much money per minute

    • Apex Yonko
      Apex Yonko 4 years ago +92

      Good. Nothing but upside for me.

    • Papan 01
      Papan 01 3 years ago +50

      if you don't maintain decreasing the waiting time, it will increase instead.

    • RayJK
      RayJK 3 years ago +30

      Tf is with your profile pic LOL

    • Dragonfly Dolemite
      Dragonfly Dolemite 3 years ago +37

      Thats what a lot of these people and politicians don’t understand. Amazon invest alot in itself make the business bigger and better. Employing more people, better service, better pay etc. while paying nothing is absurd I dont believe in overtaxing

  • Metroid 1402
    Metroid 1402 2 years ago

    The message I took away is that Amazon has high expectations for their employees and won't let them have breaks. Not sure why that's a bad thing though.

  • David Savian
    David Savian 2 years ago +4

    All Amazon cares about is keeping the stock holders happy. That's it. Second to them are the customers. Third are the employees. The rate in which humans are forced to work in these Amazon warehouses is uncontionable. Bezos only thinks about profits while forcing his employees to stand for upwards of 10 hours per day while running back and forth in a giant warehouse. If he created a system whereby the workers could sit down and move while sitting down for their entire shifts while those moving seats were powered by solar energy to save on electric cost in all his warehouses, that could bring relief to the amount of energy spent by his employees and that would give Amazon workers MORE energy to be MORE efficient, more healthy and happier less disgruntled employees on their jobs. But, Bezos has no concept of that possiblility. It's sad to see that Amazon workers are treated like black slaves were treated in horrible working conditions 150 years ago. Bezos just doesn't want to see that horror. Lets see Bezos work as a warehouse employee nonstop for 6 months standing up and unable to take a bathroom break that would cut into his job performance at one of the Amazon warehouses. Lets see how happy he will be at the end of those six months. He is too comfortable with his billions to have the guts to attempt that !!!!!!!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Year ago +6

    I have an Amazon fulfillment center directly across the street from where I work. I still remember seeing the same day delivery option for the first time on an order I placed. I was like... NO WAY.
    So I placed the order at 9:10 AM and my package arrival alert happened 4 hours later. It shipped from across the street.

  • Ukraine2011
    Ukraine2011 2 years ago +1

    I'm a prime member but I also realize that one and even two day shipping isn't always going to be able. I have seen prime planes on radar too. Mostly I have always been satisfied with Amazon and shop alot with them

  • thomas aquinas
    thomas aquinas 2 years ago +5

    Wow, we are really spoiled. I ordered on line and they apologized for delivery running a few hours late. I didn't care. People pay a fortune, at times, for fast delivery, though the need is not there. I ordered from Wal-Mart once, and part of the order was hand delivered to my door 90 minutes later. That was freaky. Speed costs money, generally, and we waste a lot on air travel for things that aren't perishable or that urgent...

    GEORGE ROSS 4 years ago +835

    I think Amazon should give their flex driver a free shirt.

    • Candy
      Candy 3 years ago +49

      GEORGE ROSS I know! That’s what I was thinking. They can afford to give a free, cheap ass shirt lol

    • Roger
      Roger 3 years ago +13

      Amazon doesn't need to give the Flex drivers ANYTHING, just as the Flex drivers are free to not work for Amazon anytime they want.

      GEORGE ROSS 3 years ago +27

      @Roger Again, it is necessary to have a Flex shirt when drivers are on the way.

    • Roger
      Roger 3 years ago +3

      @GEORGE ROSS There is no law saying that Amazon has to provide the shirts.

    • Richard Wright
      Richard Wright 3 years ago +2

      They do🤦‍♂️

  • Murky Seb
    Murky Seb 2 years ago +867

    That sneaky guy that has the power to just dodge every single question makes amazon seem sooo sketchy

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 2 years ago +19


    • Susana
      Susana 2 years ago +26

      He sold his soul to the devil, the devil being Jeff Bezos

    • Yikes
      Yikes 2 years ago +4

      Which one was that again?

    • Dallin Lutz
      Dallin Lutz 2 years ago +2

      Do you have a time stamp of the guy?

    • Murky Seb
      Murky Seb 2 years ago +1

      Dallin Lutz yeah

  • Saxanith
    Saxanith 2 years ago +2

    I always naively assumed that if they had something in the warehouse already because of another order, they would just ship it your way instead to save time. But I understand now that they take advantage of their workers and I am cancelling my Prime membership today.

  • Edward Chin
    Edward Chin 2 years ago +9

    12:43 Insane how he dodged the question by saying they meet expectations (but not necessarily saying it is reasonable)

  • Monkey Guy80
    Monkey Guy80 2 years ago +2

    Amazon really my No. 1 choice for shipping. 👍🏼

  • VVeedragon
    VVeedragon 2 years ago +3

    I worked at a Prime Shipping warehouse years ago, you know how we got you your items in 1 day? We would open a full truck of boxes and Instead of grabbing each box individually and putting it on the conveyor carefully we would topple the stack over so it crashed onto the conveyor and then we just grab the ones on the ground and toss them on too. The supervisors did not care and neither did we since the only punishment we would receive was for not being fast enough.
    yes there graphics cards and motherboards that would just be tossed across the room in order to get it to you on time. It was disgusting.

  • Mill K
    Mill K 4 years ago +1005

    The lady: I love the robots
    2 years later: Amazon buys more robots
    Jeff Bezos: You're all fired

    • Tea Tea
      Tea Tea 3 years ago +24

      good cause humans are notoriously lazy

    • MM Aviation
      MM Aviation 3 years ago +4

      Tea Tea well without a job you have no money !!!

    • Tea Tea
      Tea Tea 3 years ago +5

      @MM Aviation money is the root of all evil let the robots run the world and let humans have freedom

    • Pinnacle Gaming
      Pinnacle Gaming 3 years ago +13

      Tea Tea its the love of money dum dum, nothing is inherently good or evil unless filtered through in this case your moral compass

    • AngryTom Tom
      AngryTom Tom 3 years ago


  • Kenneth Dimaano
    Kenneth Dimaano 2 years ago +32

    Amazon should be regulated. There will come a time that it will dominate the whole supply chain system if left unchecked.

  • M Molyneaux
    M Molyneaux 2 years ago +42

    I just ordered something and got it in less than 3 hours. I was so shocked that I had to come to Clip-Share to find out how Amazon did it.

    • JoJo Roberts
      JoJo Roberts 2 years ago +1

      That’s exactly why I’m watching this video. 🤣 I ordered a whole bunch of stuff and before the afternoon it was here at my door same day. It was almost creepy. “Like this is the future? 😳” type of creepy. I had to find out how they did that.

  • brandon taylor
    brandon taylor 2 years ago +2

    I’ve been driving for Amazon DSP for almost 2 months. My first week I worked 6 days and a National holiday. No overtime or holiday pay. Delivery drivers don’t get offered 401k/retirement and the medical benefits are the worst I’ve ever seen.

  • Wave Riderz
    Wave Riderz 2 years ago +1

    Am on the island of Hawaii and have been ordering thru Prime regularly for 20 years. I have never been able to get a package delivered here in 1,2, or 3 days! The average is more like 6-10 days. Ship rates for heavier items are hard to beat so there's still a benefit, however lightning speed isn't one of them. Glad Amazon is at least paying $15 hr, however there are very, very few places where one can live well on it? "Survive" is more what comes to mind when I hear that number as a wage to live on.

  • rsacode
    rsacode 2 years ago

    I have seen my prime deliveries go from 2 days to 4-5 days. It's ok, i'm not in a rush, but it is interesting that most things aren't 2 days at the moment

  • Jose JR
    Jose JR 4 years ago +2168

    Kids now days won't know the struggle of waiting at the door for 5 to 7 BUSINESS days... as in not Saturday or Sunday

    • Kilo 461
      Kilo 461 4 years ago +169

      You will if you order something from Wish 😂trust me, I've waited over a month before

    • Alkhemist 95
      Alkhemist 95 4 years ago +4

      What is that?

    • !?
      !? 4 years ago +27

      I think they still will.
      Young people might get many things delivered (like my roommate gets most of her monthly groceries delivered from the local Save On Food grocery store) but most people won't buy everything from Amazon or thru delivery companies. I think even in the future most people will still mostly just walk/bike/drive to a store like normal people to save money buying groceries in bulk and/or to get some fresh air and hang out with friends and family.
      Like a Best Buy near the city I live in in Vancouver, Canada is now less than half the size of the old one. Its a nice place to window shop thru and to occasionally buy stuff while you hang out with friends.
      Or those young people won't shell out for Prime. I'm perfectly content to wait between 2 days to a week to get an item. I rarely buy things. Usually its just esoteric things like a cell phone power cord or an HDMI cable. Or expensive purchases like a new cellphone. In those cases if I want something delivered faster I'll just pay $5 more for faster delivery for that one item. I suspect many people are similar.

    • nikoflow_FM
      nikoflow_FM 4 years ago +6

      whenever i order speedcubes from a chinese store they take 3-5 weeks to arrive so damn yes i know how to wait

  • Mat May
    Mat May 2 years ago +3

    For some reason I really miss the opportunity to work with flexibility of an Amazon flex driver in europe, but then I remember to appreciate the laws hindering this for good reasons

  • Nilo Rodriguez
    Nilo Rodriguez 2 years ago +2

    You forgot one step in the process: Arriving at the Sortation Center. That’s another very important process in getting your packages delivered NEXT DAY.

  • Lalo Calderón
    Lalo Calderón 2 years ago +54

    Amazon in 2021: We deliver in only one day"
    Pizza Hut 1998: Hold my beer, we deliver in less than an hour or your pizza is free"😂

    • Russ
      Russ Year ago +1

      is that still going on? if it is im going to order then slash all their tires so i can get a free pizza.

  • Micah
    Micah 2 years ago +5

    As the video continued the more nervous I got this is a scary sight and I don’t know who can stop this company

  • Peggy Cole
    Peggy Cole 9 months ago +2

    I pay for Prime specifically for the 2-day shipping. It's never happened. Just ordered a product for same day delivery, 4-11 PM, Friday. As soon as I paid the order, I checked "my orders" & it's immediately says Sunday. That's 2-day on a same day promise. BTW, live-in New Castle county, DE. Closest Amazon is 15 min away; they just opened 2 hugh facilities, each 15 min away in different directions. I bet it doesn't come Sunday. Also my grandson works for Amazon in S. CA, had a gift sent directly to him, had 3 shipping options, instead of 2-day, I chose the 17th so he wouldn't get it too early. Now I worry will he get it by Xmas?

  • Sbeth85
    Sbeth85 3 years ago +1481

    "We have great break rooms!"
    Shows huge, EMPTY break room.
    Point proven.

    • Mateo Heredia
      Mateo Heredia 3 years ago +33

      I didn't know people got paid to be in break rooms, its obvious there is no one there some times but during break or lunch breaks its full all the time its 3 breaks a day

    • Vijaz555
      Vijaz555 3 years ago +60

      im okay with amazon doing slavery if my package get sent in 1 day

    • Mathias M
      Mathias M 3 years ago +8

      @Mateo Heredia I am paid during al my breaks. It is a normal thing in some countrys.

    • Mateo Heredia
      Mateo Heredia 3 years ago +15

      @Mathias M people at amazon do get paid in breaks too! But what I meant is they are not paid to be in the break rooms ALL day just during break times

    • Abijah Dixon
      Abijah Dixon 3 years ago +3

      And not all restroom breaks are short, unfortunately.

  • TheLetsplaymine
    TheLetsplaymine 2 years ago +35

    "We have break rooms" yet at 12:26 they are completely empty lmfao. I would also like to add that to be a 1 day shipper, they need employees that can be quick and to the point. That said, we should be aiming to allow for bathroom breaks and normal 30 minute breaks. They also need to listen to their employees when they say they cannot work faster, there is a limit to the human body.

    • M Rodgers
      M Rodgers 2 years ago

      But there's a FUNZONE doesn't that count for anything?

  • Ryan Kurtz
    Ryan Kurtz 2 years ago +2

    I work in Baltimore and I can tell you that a significant portion of people don't work very hard. If they weren't meeting expectations then I can understand letting them go. There's a production standard they need to maintain to get product out to consumers in a timely manner.

  • Sic Parvis Magna
    Sic Parvis Magna 2 years ago +2

    I know how it works it’s insanely hard for their employees

  • MoonKnight
    MoonKnight 2 years ago +3

    I love Amazon in India (as a consumer, as worker I have no idea).
    Prime costs way way way lesser here with same benefits.
    COD option.
    Deliveries are given in-hand or we also have option to leave it with neighbour.
    If we aren't home, they take it back to the nearest delivery station and attempt a delivery next day (also many times contacts us for suitable time).
    Unlike western nation where the delivery guys just leave the package in open at the door to be stolen easily.

  • Fleetroot
    Fleetroot 5 months ago

    Amazon's ability to deliver products within a day requires a highly efficient and complex delivery process, which involves a combination of advanced technology, logistics, and workforce management.


    Give them 5 years... it will be 90% robots working

    • Kristian Philipsen
      Kristian Philipsen 4 years ago +144

      That's a good thing. Imagine working in those places..

    • Peng Pong
      Peng Pong 4 years ago +76

      Now wait 10 more years and robot uprising happens

    • stillnotspicy
      stillnotspicy 4 years ago +16

      @Peng Pong they wont be self aware lol

    • Sai Vang
      Sai Vang 4 years ago +26

      @Joe Mama True but someone *"NOT"* from _America_ will 😂😂😂

    • Daniel Iles
      Daniel Iles 4 years ago +33

      It only makes sense. It’s cheaper and work conditions are tough for humans!

  • D0T SC
    D0T SC 3 years ago

    I love how Amazon is always talking in billions and others speak in terms of millions 😂

  • Mike Bostic
    Mike Bostic 2 years ago +215

    I highly doubt there will be another giant like amazon anytime soon. Such a monster they've developed into.

  • Erica Jones
    Erica Jones 2 years ago +35

    I used to buy almost anything and everything off Amazon because of how incredibly convenient the two-day shipping was, and how amazing the one-day shipping was for anything over $35. It seems that they’ve gotten rid of it, and their fastest shipping has been 4-5 business days for the last year. Common businesses are now the ones doing one-day deliveries and curbside pick up, so I don’t know how much longer Amazon will last.

    • Jzombi
      Jzombi 7 months ago +3

      i have a feeling its gonna last a very long time but i wish it wouldnt

    • young andy
      young andy 2 months ago

      @Jzombi301 this must be your areas only. I got same day delivery last week

    • Erica Jones
      Erica Jones 2 months ago

      @young andy this comment is 2 years old and it was 100% true at that time. Now it’s not only back to normal but way better. I’ve been getting same day deliveries multiple times per week.

  • Maris Ortiz
    Maris Ortiz 2 years ago +4

    It seems like EVERY valid concern brought up by employees is deflected and dodged by Amazon’s management. They don’t get it, because they don’t want to get it. I’m done supporting Amazon.

  • Isauro Alfredo Bañuelos
    Isauro Alfredo Bañuelos 2 years ago +1

    I can't believe they can deliver all my things in a day that's crazy prime one day!? What's next prime instant?

  • Sky
    Sky 4 years ago +25

    FedEx honestly is a very safe work environment, we hound people on safety, it's to expensive for people to get hurt and we actually care about our employees safety unlike amazon

  • Weechapaa W
    Weechapaa W 3 years ago +1

    "I'm a picker, I pick product that then goes to pack, then they pack it and send it out to customers"
    Once again forgetting about shipdock, that has to sort, stack, and load those by strict deadlines

  • TheWiseGuy
    TheWiseGuy 2 years ago +130

    It’s simple, they have HUGE warehouses with A LOT of almost minimum wage workers working like slaves overnight shifts too, to get those packages out.

    • deceptichris
      deceptichris 2 years ago +12

      Yea it sucks. But they can quit and find a better job.

    • CTRLF8
      CTRLF8 2 years ago +3

      i get extra enjoyment ordering the simplest things knowing what goes into getting it delivered to my house by the next day.
      last week i ordered a nail clipper, a pack of rubber bands, and paper clips on separate days.

    • Sokrit lun
      Sokrit lun 2 years ago +2

      Too bad they getting paid to I need my package 😁

    • djmixnmagic
      djmixnmagic 2 years ago +17

      @deceptichris They often take these jobs because there are no other options in the area in which they live.

    • kly plays
      kly plays 2 years ago

      @deceptichris noh they can't, for better job, you need higher iq, which they don't have and thats the reason they are being exploited.

  • Cu Adfeng
    Cu Adfeng 2 years ago +163

    That dude answering most of the questions has the face of someone who knows how to answer questions from the media in a disarming way.

  • makilis salas
    makilis salas 2 years ago +20

    For once I want one of these “corporate shirts” to just tell it like it is. Reporter: “Our your workplaces grueling sweatshops?” Shirt: “Hell yea, but our employees know what’s up.”

    • makilis salas
      makilis salas 2 years ago +1

      @Patrick Merritt Wow. You ok? 😂

    • Patrick Merritt
      Patrick Merritt 2 years ago

      it is a matter of fact I am OK, thank you for asking. my father was an exec. and super at making decisions and being tactful. I have an I.Q. of 146, which is good for someone who is 74 years old. I am sick and tired of these whiny-ass babies who want everything handed to them and are so discouraged at their lack of education and integrity and common sense and make statements without the bother of investigating a little in order to say something of importance that actually carries with it some rationality. other than that I always appreciate someone inquiring about my well-being. Bless you!

    • makilis salas
      makilis salas 2 years ago

      @Patrick Merritt 👍

    • Patrick Merritt
      Patrick Merritt 2 years ago

      I do not know where to get those little symbols or how to post them, but I do like them, and "thank you" for yours

  • chrisspray666
    chrisspray666 2 years ago +409

    Neat. i always assumed they sacrificed an employee, to fuel a giant cannon they shot your package out of, strait to your door.

    • Path Wars
      Path Wars 2 years ago +7


    • Josh Elderkin
      Josh Elderkin 2 years ago +9

      They still do that

    • angie M
      angie M 2 years ago +1


    • VVeedragon
      VVeedragon 2 years ago +2

      no cannon necessary, we would just toss the boxes, electronics and everything about 10 feet onto a conveyor and then stuff it all into a bag and then kick that bag to the white vans. The only sacrifice was our sanity and hope for humankind.

    • Lazy Lizzy
      Lazy Lizzy 2 years ago +6

      No. After you place an order, an employee will spawn with your package nearby and deliver it to you.

  • Mecha Jay
    Mecha Jay 4 years ago +702

    Prime Members: _"We want it fast, and we want it now"_
    Normal Members: _"But at what cost?"_

    • Calvin Sylveste
      Calvin Sylveste 4 years ago +26

      The cost is ~$13/month

    • Carol Deaton
      Carol Deaton 4 years ago +12

      And believe me you'll pay for it wanting it fast

    • Carol Deaton
      Carol Deaton 4 years ago +9

      @Calvin Sylveste Lord they took a hundred and twenty something dollars out of my checking account for prime

    • Sammy Ariel
      Sammy Ariel 4 years ago +18

      @Carol Deaton You probably accidentally chose an annual payment instead of monthly. I hope you contacted them & resolved the problem.

    • Sammy Ariel
      Sammy Ariel 4 years ago +18

      I bought prime for their streaming service, it is the same price as Netflix but with the bonus of free postage. As long as they don't increase their price it is a good deal.

  • Sachianna7591
    Sachianna7591 2 years ago +68

    “Amazon has patents out for a giant flying warehouse.”
    “ and for drones that react to flailing hands and screaming voices.”

    • Arthur Michigan
      Arthur Michigan 2 years ago +11

      The flailing hands is probably from people tryna catch their package from the drones

    • RayJK
      RayJK 2 years ago +1

      @Arthur Michigan 😂

    • Vanko
      Vanko 2 years ago +7

      In my very honest opinion, once your business reaches a certain size or financial growth quota, you should no longer be allowed to create any future patents.

    • Arthur Michigan
      Arthur Michigan 2 years ago +1

      @Vanko wow thats actually a very good opinion

    • Flying Unosaur
      Flying Unosaur 2 years ago +7

      @Vanko "you should stop progressing because I'm too incompetent to keep up."

  • RatedE Stops Commercial Fishing

    I've worked at a sortation center as a warehouse associate. The Fulfillment centers have it really harsh and hard compared to the sort centers, and I can't think of any delivery driving job that isn't tense, other than food chains.

    • TheStonewatcher
      TheStonewatcher Year ago

      I'm in a dispatch center and I agree g. All the expectations are explained before you start working in the warehouse, people complaining about being overworked perhaps should find a job that requires less physical aptitude.

  • CalKlein
    CalKlein 2 years ago +1

    I still get excited when I order prime same day delivery

  • John Rigola
    John Rigola 3 years ago +2

    Amazon is like any other business. It exists because people need a job.

  • rosilene avelino
    rosilene avelino 2 years ago

    muito agradecido

  • hoastbeef
    hoastbeef 4 years ago +3108

    Next year:
    Jeff Bezos is going to clone himself so that he can "personally" delivery every Amazon package to your house.

    • Alex
      Alex 4 years ago +2


    • Wheneggsdrop
      Wheneggsdrop 4 years ago +5

      I mean I know some people would shot the clone with a gun or something

    • pyrophobia133
      pyrophobia133 4 years ago +11


    • Visual One Studio
      Visual One Studio 4 years ago +3

      hoastbeef haha. That gave me a good chuckle.

  • Kay S
    Kay S 3 years ago

    "With great power, comes great responsibility."

  • Mark Mathosian
    Mark Mathosian 2 years ago +1

    Always wondered how this all works. Thanks for the education. 😄👍

  • Tarskybull Beme
    Tarskybull Beme Year ago

    Imagine a world where giant warehouses float in the sky, and as a person places an order on a phone, he need only wave to call down a little blimp thing that delivers the item right to his hand, seconds later. He walks down the street with his new headphones as the blimp flies up ready to be called again like hundreds of others throughout the day. This is the way people order clothing, tools, and even sandwiches for lunch, and has become the familiar metropolitan sight as citizens reach up and are instantly met with the objects of their whims.
    Quick, someone write a dystopian about that.

  • Diamond Yolo
    Diamond Yolo 2 years ago +1

    They are killin it. Way to go!

  • Fireball XL-5
    Fireball XL-5 2 years ago

    Big companies will virtually always take advantage of and blame employees for anything.

  • Esther Van
    Esther Van 3 years ago +778

    Prime has to start shipping with smaller boxes. I bought a battery the other day for my camera and it came in a box big enough to ship 100 batteries.

    • Jake
      Jake 3 years ago +40

      esty van the reason for this is due to federal regulations on the shipment of anything with certain types of battery which also require specific labels that are a regulated size as well.

    • Mark Knight
      Mark Knight 3 years ago +70

      Then they'll ship something massive in one of those crappy little bubble wrap envelopes..

    • Timmy123
      Timmy123 3 years ago +22

      esty van who buys batteries online lmao

    • kindesgedanke
      kindesgedanke 3 years ago +5

      KWShado it’s not just batteries. it’s everything that includes batteries. like phones or wireless earbuds.

    • Esther Van
      Esther Van 3 years ago +32

      deee dawwwggg I do photography so I often buy batteries that are very specific and hard to find in generic stores. lol, it's great how people like to make assumptions.

  • Alpzeptanime
    Alpzeptanime 3 years ago +6

    I remember in the 90s when I used to sent the order by mail, take a weeks to deliver to their office, and then they sent me the package to my house varied between another week or two. pain in the neck! at least that how I got my 1989 Northgate Omnikey lol

  • Epic_Ragerr
    Epic_Ragerr 2 years ago

    I deliver for Amazon Flex and we have Vests with Amazon written on it and beanies with the Amazon logo, so they improved that 👍

  • qwort
    qwort 2 years ago

    The closest thing i got to 1 day shiping was a week and a half shiping

  • Gen Doll
    Gen Doll 3 years ago +2

    Growing up, if you got something shipped to you you must have mooooney! It was like, a special occasion or had to be some rare item that you paid a lot of money for and of course my family very rarely had anything shipped and if we did it wasn’t from buying it online!
    Heck it wasn’t until recently, literally this past year, that we started buying things online. I bought a few items on eBay when I was in high school (the cheapest jewelry i could find lol and I felt like a high roller cause I got something delivered to me!).
    But now, we buy so much online, specifically from Amazon! Lol!! It’s just so easy. Besides the fact that you have to do your research on the item and read reviews, it’s just so easy! Buying is easy, researching it is easy, and returning is easy! I just returned something from Amazon for the first time a couple weeks ago and I just dropped it off at my local Kohl’s and they packed, labeled and shipped it for me for free!
    It’s so neat how Amazon has this insane technology and all that, I just wish Google would have something like that since we have a Google smart home AND it bothers me how much these trucks are hurting the environment with so much being shipped. I don’t know lol. Guess we’ll see in time!

  • yungforeskin
    yungforeskin 2 years ago +1

    I always watch this video when I'm waiting for a package

  • Schmidty
    Schmidty 4 years ago +13

    Kudos to the thousands of workers who striked on prime day around the world!

  • Work Out
    Work Out 2 years ago +5

    Bottomline: Once you order, they send your product over and you get it within a day

    • Al Borland
      Al Borland 2 years ago

      @Wendy Ganel you do know that you have to pay a yearly prime membership in order to receive 1-2 day shipping right?

  • Li Hung
    Li Hung 2 years ago +2

    Can you imagin if you have to pack a package in 15 seconds or something consecutivly for hours or else your fired? Kinda stressful.

  • Armani Transport
    Armani Transport Year ago

    @5:52 One thing i always notice about Amazon. He is always thinking how to get the product out of the warehouse faster. That pandemic in March 2020 opened up everybody's eyes