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House of the Dragon Cast Comic-Con Panel | House of the Dragon | HBO Max

  • Published on Jul 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Sit down with the cast of House of the Dragon as they answers questions during the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con Convention. House of the Dragon premieres August 21 on HBO Max.
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  • HBO Max
    HBO Max   +96

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  • Charvi Verma

    Why are there no comments about Paddy. He is the charm of the whole panel, brought so much light and laughter to the interview. Loved him ❤️

  • Sammyy06

    I love how Ryan literally asked a question to Emily, since she wasn't really involved in the other questions, to let her speak a little bit.

  • Brittany Stockham

    The audience is soooo nervous asking their questions and the newly famed actors are almost as equally as nervous answering, what a panel!!

  • Brave and Blessed

    I loved how people practically scream when Matt came in. 😅🥰 Also, George Killed me with the "a certain other show". 🤣

  • Paulyetta Freeman

    Paddy looking so proud of himself after speaking high Valyrian made me smile

  • Adam
    Adam  +2

    Its a bit awkward because I dont think the cast have realised how big their role is most of them have never been to an event like this

  • Josh Woolaghan

    If this happened today, the cheer for Paddy would have been an absolute roar!

  • Crylok
    Crylok  +976

    Im excited to see what Emma brings as Rheanyra, but 3 episodes in i gotta say, im kinda sad that Milly is gonna be leaving us in the next couple weeks. She and Matt have done what i thought was impossible and made Daemon & Rheanyra usurp Rheagar as my favorite Targaryens.

  • Be Skeptical

    I'll be sad when Milly's time is over. She's fantastic in the role.

  • Crylok
    Crylok  +598

    Also Steve Toussaint is probably the perfect casting for Corlys. He alone managed to make house Valeryon feel like what house Lannister was in GoT, but in less of a villainous way. The Targaryens are the stars of the show but any time The Sea Snake is on screen he steals the spotlight. and that is truly impressive considering how much im in love with the Blood of the Dragon. it really feels like Daemon is the only one in the cast who can maintain that spotlight when sharing the screen with him, and even then its more sharing than it is holding.

  • Sam C 95
    Sam C 95  +681

    George is so good in an interview situation, he really carries this and alleviates a lot of the awkwardness (even if a lot of his answers are recycled because not everyone would have heard them). Matt Smith is pretty good as well from his experience of massive fandoms. I don't know Olivia Cooke but from this I think she is fantastic, if her personality seeps into Alicent in any way I could see my allegiance changing a bit more green!

  • Persephone Personified

    I love the true friendship and comradary you can feel between Ryan and George

  • sblla
    sblla  +365

    Love Paddy, you can tell he's a down to earth guy with humble beginnings that doesn't take himself too seriously. I respect tf out of that.

  • Arian Dito
    Arian Dito  +437

    I love how happy Ryan looked when GRRM said "I've seen 9 out of 10 of the episodes and its pretty amazing"

  • Marwan Ali
    Marwan Ali  +525

    The cast seems to have such good chemistry. I'm glad that they do and I'm pretty sure that its gonna translate into the show

  • Grace Ehrbar

    Cannot wait !!! Also shout out to Emily she is so eloquently well spoken I’d love to hear more about the journal she wrote for her character . Truly shows her dedication 👏🏻

    KAY DENÉ  +232

    Such a great panel. Amazing cast! And Matt Smith’s answer to Stefana’s question at

  • G3ekbox
    G3ekbox 28 days ago +42

    I imagine the cheers for the actors come next year’s panel will be MUCH different….Matt Smith won’t be the only one getting a loud applause.

  • Mayuri Chavan

    I like how they started defending their own Dragons 🤣🤣🤣