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Washing Rice?!

  • Published on Jan 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Why you yelling? #shorts #rice #wife #uncleroger
    Original weejio here: vm.tiktok.com/ZMYLR5CwH/

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  • True Story
    True Story Month ago +75874

    "Is he beating wife?!"
    "No, he is just washing rice" 😂

  • Fitraness 123
    Fitraness 123 Month ago +6929

    Mulan man won't stop yelling till everyone washes their rice

    • S Miller
      S Miller 2 days ago

      @Cyntaria you committed a crime and a felony and a war crime this is Clip-Share shorts

    • Aanya Shah
      Aanya Shah 4 days ago

      Mulan man-lmfao

    • Mihajlo Petković
      Mihajlo Petković 9 days ago

      Lol I read it as Muscle Man

  • Tariq plays
    Tariq plays Month ago +253

    “ is he beating wife?”
    “No he just washing Rice”💀💀💀

  • Isabella Almqvist
    Isabella Almqvist Month ago +4261

    Despite the fact that the dude is screaming his lungs out, his rice is more approved than "boil in the bag rice"😂🍚

  • Angolan Queen
    Angolan Queen 16 days ago +32

    "DO IT AGAIN!!"
    Prepare my grave💀💀😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Ray
    Ray Month ago +135

    He is angry at all the people that don't wash their rice. He is making sure his ancestor proud.

  • joycakey🧊
    joycakey🧊 Month ago +13781

    It's a mix of Gordon Ramsey and uncle roger, yelling and knows how to cook

    • ravel bella
      ravel bella Month ago +1

      Uncle Ramsey😂

    • Leon Sunu
      Leon Sunu Month ago

      @Lucas Oliveira Congrats you got the JOKE

    • Sly
      Sly Month ago

      @A A wait, so is Uncle Roger just… the Asian part?

  • Francis Ryan Porquez
    Francis Ryan Porquez Month ago +26

    Actually, here in Asia, we have different ways on how to cook rice. The majority of us Filipinos don't care how murky the water is when you washing rice, as long as we can follow the steps, its good to cook rice as it is.

    • TOBZ
      TOBZ 6 days ago

      Always 1 pinoy

  • Mr codester
    Mr codester Month ago +40

    *screaming at the top of lungs*
    "Why you yelling?"💀💀💀

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Month ago +13814

    One of the calmest Asian men.
    EDIT: Mom get the camera, I'm a success

    • User
      User 2 days ago

      @gumshus what part of my comment said "it's so racist"

    • User
      User 2 days ago

      @gumshus + when did I say "it's so racist"?

    • User
      User 2 days ago

      @gumshus I know

    • Redstoneminecart120
      Redstoneminecart120 2 days ago

      ​​​​​@gumshus "kinda" means a little, and for telling someone to "learn better english" earlier, "kinda" is in-fact short for "kind of", I don't believe what you said was a joke, as you defended it with over 10 comments, you also said "why does everything have to be a joke, please be serious" which would imply you had a problem with them making a joke, meaning you would be a hypocrite if what you said was a joke. Plus you seem to be annoyed and angry at these people you don't even know, you can't call them childish while blind towards your own behavior, quit it already
      Edit: you made a fatherless joke as well, and you clearly had a problem with them making a joke, your a hypocrite. What a bad ending, you lose

    • gumshus
      gumshus 2 days ago

      @User just bc the comment says "Kinda racist" doesn't mean it's "It's so racist" there not the same words

  • Gingerale2223
    Gingerale2223 13 days ago +5

    Who is the raging chef? 😂 I need more of that energy

  • Joseph Trueman
    Joseph Trueman Day ago +1

    All the neighbors said he was a very nice and gentle boy very mild-mannered and unassuming... but then one day he was washing the rice. 😂

  • ^Sky^
    ^Sky^ Month ago +1959

    I've never seen someone so passionate about rice than uncle roger 💀💀

    • mondaycerya
      mondaycerya 8 days ago

      Well, the 'washing rice' guy is much more passionate than Uncle Roger i guess, he even yelling when washing rice. 🗿

    • Zanni
      Zanni Month ago +2

      @Jeffrey Calvert bro I read “panty” im sorry I hate myselrhf

    • TLA Oltjenbruns
      TLA Oltjenbruns Month ago +3

      ​@Jeffrey Calvert I like your wife's style. Rice is amazing and deserves respect .

    • TheMatrix Team
      TheMatrix Team Month ago +3

      As passionate or more passionate?

    • Pavel Batov
      Pavel Batov Month ago +6

      Im watching this while eating rice. No joke, I have been eating rice 3 times a day for the past 10 years.

  • hubert
    hubert Month ago +4

    nobody’s talking about how he flipped us off using the finger method

  • BTS_💜
    BTS_💜 8 days ago +1

    Finally uncle Roger is not disappointed with the way of cooking.. my life is complete

  • Papa Pill
    Papa Pill Month ago +4310

    “Is he beating wife? No he’s just washing rice” Uncle Roger got BARS

    • nobody
      nobody Month ago

      doesn't rhyme

    • Tracee Jones
      Tracee Jones Month ago

      @Pie Squared no bc u have math as pfp

    • Noob_bg
      Noob_bg Month ago +3

      ​@Pie Squared no u have maths as a profile pic so no

    • Idk224
      Idk224 Month ago +4

      ​@Pie Squared ok 👍🏽

  • Mina Ali
    Mina Ali 29 days ago +2

    The rice isn't actually murky, that's just extra starch coming off

  • Mrs salvatore
    Mrs salvatore Month ago +32

    Is he beating wife!? No he just washing rice" Had me dead I'm wheezing 😂💀

  • Blacktailer
    Blacktailer Month ago +7636

    therapist : asian Gordon Ramsay doesn't exist, he can't hurt you
    asian Gordon Ramsay :

  • Vignesh Dev
    Vignesh Dev 12 days ago +3

    Just another tip, please don't wash it in the rice cooker pot, it has non stick coating on it and the rough texture of rice will scour it. You will end up eating the coating.

  • Katherine
    Katherine 3 days ago

    He just flipped us without us even knowing 💀💀💀

  • Cool edits
    Cool edits Month ago +4856

    "Is he beating wife?!"
    "No, he is just washing rice" 🤣😂that rhymed

  • Rosita Mosot
    Rosita Mosot 7 days ago +2

    He must be Filipino because of the Rice Keeper box. Pretty popular & basic in the Philippines.

  • JRuiz
    JRuiz Month ago

    That rice was not made with love. It's the rice of contempt...

  • strawberry
    strawberry Month ago +2155

    "WASH YOUR RICE" an asian said calmly

    • Brian
      Brian Month ago

      Yer a rice maker 'ary

    • Thịnh Nguyễn Đức
      Thịnh Nguyễn Đức Month ago

      I'm only wash my rice one time

    • strawberry
      strawberry Month ago

      ​@Lynn-Marie Flechner only uncle roger and asian mums does

    • Remix
      Remix Month ago

      East Asian rice is so boring. Middle eastern rice is elite

    • Kennyz1615
      Kennyz1615 Month ago

      Nice reference

  • Kiran Butt
    Kiran Butt Month ago +3

    I love his face. He looks so disgusted by his yelling 😂 . You can never think of what he will say next .

  • precious Mago
    precious Mago Day ago

    WE HAVE THE TECHNOLGY had me rolling of my bed. lmfao

  • eve_notpoop
    eve_notpoop Month ago +2655

    I don’t know what’s more of an accomplishment;
    1: winning a Nobel prize
    2:Uncle roger liking your rice

    • Jeremy Ruse
      Jeremy Ruse Month ago


    • Anandi Bhattacharyya
      Anandi Bhattacharyya Month ago +1

      definitely uncle roger liking his rice🙌 no cap

    • eve_notpoop
      eve_notpoop Month ago +1

      @Anti-Commiehonestly I don’t know how I didn’t notice that so thanks

    • udonnoodles
      udonnoodles Month ago

      @Kristian Lind what

    • Anti-Commie
      Anti-Commie Month ago

      @Master Doog-de-gay I don’t get why people gotta make a fuss over someone correcting other’s typos. If others made a mistake, are we supposed to just let it sit? Is it wrong is any way to point it out? Bruh.

  • #StayEngeneMoaArmyGirl

    Uncle Roger is the best uncle I'm so proud to be his neice

  • LeSsGo
    LeSsGo 3 days ago

    Bro I love this guy so muchh❤ his accent is so cute and his spelling too

  • Jacqueline Smart
    Jacqueline Smart Month ago +1318

    He's yelling because of the people cooking rice the wrong way and proudly posting their mistakes all over social media. It's the spirit of vengeance within, calling out for justice.

    • PixelPizza77
      PixelPizza77 Month ago +2

      @Jacqueline SmartSo you would eat from an old fork that was dunked in some water?
      Any decently sized debris gets filtered out in manufacturing, and anything smaller like bacteria isn’t going to disappear because you gave it a bath. If you’re in the us you should just leave it as is so you keep the enrichment.

    • PixelPizza77
      PixelPizza77 Month ago

      @Jacqueline Smartmy guess is some could/would be made during the hulling process, all those abrasive moving surfaces have got to shave off a bit from at least some of the grains

    • Simon WoodburyForget
      Simon WoodburyForget Month ago +1

      @Jacqueline Smart Washing rice doesn't make it clean. Dirt definitely wont kill you and neither will insects poop.

    • Simon WoodburyForget
      Simon WoodburyForget Month ago

      There's really no way to cook rice the "wrong" way... heat + water + rice = cooked rice

    • Zebercettin
      Zebercettin Month ago

      @Diederik Its kinda true, but you gotta rinse it once before cooking…

  • Franca nwanne Okafor
    Franca nwanne Okafor 19 days ago

    "It's still murky and you're still angry."
    Uncle Roger

  • domonator5000
    domonator5000 Month ago

    It’s actually more accurate to measure the water first so you get the accurate amount of water for the number of cups of rice you’re making

  • Harshu
    Harshu Month ago +3950

    Uncle Roger becoming more and more like Gordon Ramsey. 🤣🤣

    • Lethal but Legal
      Lethal but Legal 9 days ago

      Uncle Roger is better than Gordon Ramsay.

    • Jah Far
      Jah Far 14 days ago


    • Tsewang
      Tsewang 17 days ago

      True, cos actually spices give flavor and meat has just one taste, it's the spices that add taste to meat.

    • Kapal Selam
      Kapal Selam 18 days ago

      ​@Thao the Lazy Cat yes....coz Gordon Ramsay see himself when young at uncle roger 🤣🤣

    • Harshu
      Harshu Month ago

      @Sofia Dumlao Lmao 😂

  • Kaylynn Latham
    Kaylynn Latham 16 days ago +1

    “Ya see!” Got me dying on the floor 😂

  • Shikder Mahmud Sayed
    Shikder Mahmud Sayed 11 hours ago

    Rare footage found Uncle Roger not saying to put msg on rice 🤯

  • Commander Cool
    Commander Cool Month ago +2366

    Every Filipino had that Rice storage machine in the 90s.

    • Sen
      Sen Month ago

      Fr my grandma and grandpa had that now it doesn’t work i think

    • jelly boi
      jelly boi Month ago

      Oo nga

    • just a random guy
      just a random guy Month ago

      ​@ZayaZee :3 i have that sitting in the basement

    • Wolver Exezor7
      Wolver Exezor7 Month ago

      We still have that
      The fact it's still not broken

    • _Millie_ALT
      _Millie_ALT Month ago

      Me who grew up in the 20s

  • Honeypeanutyay
    Honeypeanutyay Month ago +18

    I appreciate him being so aggressive about washing the rice because some people like my dad never do

  • ChadGiga
    ChadGiga 26 days ago +1

    "is he beating wife? no he is washing rice"
    That rhymed

  • Haaziq Ahmed
    Haaziq Ahmed Month ago +3182

    Same energy as
    “Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire, Harry?” Dumbledore asked calmly

    • Jimochi
      Jimochi Month ago

      @O_O never apologized but you’re too good m’lord 😘

    • O_O
      O_O Month ago

      @Jimochi oh ok, thanks for apologizing. i forgive you

    • Jimochi
      Jimochi Month ago

      @O_O oh man then you have the original version! It’s alright dw lmao sorry if I came out passive aggressive it wasn’t my goal. The joke is just that in the book Dumbledore ask Harry “calmly” if he put his name in it and in the movie he’s screaming his head off at him

    • O_O
      O_O Month ago

      @Jimochi what did i do man, also its from the uk. im just not gonna go through 568 pages to find a quote

    • O_O
      O_O Month ago

      @Haaziq Ahmed ok thanks

    DROWNING_SHIP Month ago

    I loved that he washed the rice twice! 😭 That's how you should do it!!!

  • 🌿 Jizuki Xa 🌿
    🌿 Jizuki Xa 🌿 Month ago +1

    omg thanks for reminding me abt the rice measuring machine 😭😭😭😭 It was pure nostalgia bc my family would use that to measure rice when i was little and now we don't have it anymore

  • ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕤𝕒𝕦𝕨𝕫

    The reason why he's yelling because he reacts to people who doesn't wash rice lol. I love that man 😔

    • Ellie Johnson
      Ellie Johnson 13 days ago

      @Miyuki.📸 That sounds like a you problem. Doing something simply because others told you it's gross without an actual reason isn't a very good foundation for your ideas.

    • Miyuki.📸
      Miyuki.📸 13 days ago

      ​@Ellie Johnson well I learned a thing or two abt people who dont wash rice coz u dont need to. BUT growing up in my household that isnt acceptable. its like u dump shit but dont wipe. it feels disgusting and it just triggered me idk man

    • ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕤𝕒𝕦𝕨𝕫
      ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕤𝕒𝕦𝕨𝕫 Month ago +1

      @Alya Puspita Maynar don't worry about that, I always wash rice lol

    • Alya Puspita Maynar
      Alya Puspita Maynar Month ago +2

      Please washhhhh you can see bugs floating

    • Ellie Johnson
      Ellie Johnson Month ago +1

      @KhaanMan66 Oh, that's the kind of rice I eat! That makes a lot of sense, then.

  • Jay
    Jay 29 days ago

    Legend has it he’s still yelling at rice

  • Turtle Chef
    Turtle Chef Month ago

    In America the rice water is murky because we enrich our rice with nutrients to help ensure people get the nutrition they need.

  • Dontenvymeloveme
    Dontenvymeloveme Month ago +717

    "It's still murky and you still angry" GOT ME DYING 💀

  • Nika D God
    Nika D God Month ago +1

    That part about neighbors calling the police is so true! I had a Brian Regan cd playing outside as a kid and our Chinese neighbors called the police thinking someone was beating their wife. 😂

  • Arwen Aaleyah Cabile

    No one talking bout the way he flipped us off💀

  • CrestlineIceberg
    CrestlineIceberg Month ago +593

    This is first video I seen from Uncle Roger where he didn't say "Haiya!"
    The guys in the video definitely made quite the accomplishment lol.

    • Bambleo Boo
      Bambleo Boo Month ago +2


    • Pritpal singh
      Pritpal singh Month ago +3

      TBH he just cooked rice and no colander in sight

    • bro zak
      bro zak Month ago +3

      True 😂

    • Bobfish
      Bobfish Month ago +5

      103 likes with no comment?
      I'm here to fix that😎

  • •xcherycup•
    •xcherycup• 15 days ago +1

    "is he beating wife?!"
    "no he is beating rice"

    DROWNING_SHIP Month ago

    This rice cooking and washing video gave me utter satisfaction, specially how we measure it with our finger and instinct 😭 so happy

  • Brick bread
    Brick bread Month ago +186

    “Is he beating wife?”
    “No, he just washing rice”
    Love it lmao

    • Fazadhika Rizq Koswara
      Fazadhika Rizq Koswara Month ago +1

      @Pennyworth fellow broke college students would disagree my guy

    • Pennyworth
      Pennyworth Month ago +1

      @Fazadhika Rizq Koswara naaah thats just you lil bro

    • Fazadhika Rizq Koswara
      Fazadhika Rizq Koswara Month ago +1

      When you're single, broke, and all you have is your good ol trusty rice cooker 🤣

  • Zeke2p9
    Zeke2p9 Month ago

    Bro hit the ceremonial rice cooker bowl to start the ritual.

  • Rudba
    Rudba 5 days ago

    "It's still murky"
    "Nd u still angry"
    Got me rolling on the floor

  • KiwiDerVorgel
    KiwiDerVorgel Month ago +389

    As a Canadian Rice Cooker, I use the finger method

  • Ilkyaz
    Ilkyaz 4 days ago +1

    As a Turkish person, rice cookers hurt my soul. Uncle Roger disappointed me.

  • Imien Tan
    Imien Tan 29 days ago

    Uncle roger is so calm patient....😎

  • 4NN13 H
    4NN13 H Month ago +603

    As a white girl who grew up in a white household eating unrinsed white rice but who now, in adulthood, has access to the internet, let me assure you that I share this man’s righteous fury. All those years eating bad rice…

    • 4NN13 H
      4NN13 H Month ago

      @Skry I mean, who wants beef with the rice scientists? They’re basically our overlords.

    • 4NN13 H
      4NN13 H Month ago

      @Grant Flippin Hot bs. I fry chicken, but I also rinse and pat it first because I haven’t given up altogether.

    • Skry
      Skry Month ago

      Bag of rice I bought yesterday said not to wash it. I'm gonna trust the rice scientists at the rice factory.

    • TOTpot
      TOTpot Month ago

      ​@Doop a Derp bc the white stuff is starch and some dishes need it and cleaning it takes it all away

  • Hailey
    Hailey Month ago +2

    Let’s all take a moment to appreciate how much time he puts on this videos 😂

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith Month ago

    Now, you and I both know that Chinese police don't give a damn about domestic abuse.

  • Just someone
    Just someone Month ago +200

    “It’s still murky and your still angry” was funny for some reason 😂😂

    • ADHD Dad
      ADHD Dad Month ago

      He's probably using enriched rice.

  • Mrs. Miller
    Mrs. Miller 28 days ago

    Today I made rice on the stove. It's how I've always made it. This time, I let the rice sit in the water for 15 minutes before turning it on.....MOST PERFECT fall apart and cooked rice I've ever made ❤️

  • NL
    NL Month ago +1

    "Washit" got me rollin dawg

  • KoreA~ BaNNed Me FoR HaTing sNaKes too 🐍

    "Is he beating his wife?"
    "No he is just washing rice"
    The way it rhymed had me cracked up

  • 𝙷𝚊𝚟𝚘𝚌

    My guy just casually flipped us off

  • Hoàng Vũ
    Hoàng Vũ 17 days ago

    The cleaner the water is, the less Vitamin B1 it contains. Just a soft clean to make sure no bug, sand or things like that mixed in your rice, and you're good to go.

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago +645

    The man probably isolated himself from society

  • szac justin
    szac justin Month ago +1

    Uncle Roger Disapproval 😂

  • catgamer232
    catgamer232 2 days ago

    My family used to have a rice storage machine like that when I was a kid.. Oh so nostalgic 😂

  • ♠ Encore! ♣
    ♠ Encore! ♣ Month ago +154

    The only Uncle Roger video where I haven’t heard “Haiyaaaaah”

    • Tetsujinhanmaa
      Tetsujinhanmaa Month ago +2

      He not wrong, just ah-NOY-ing.

    • Ethan McNeill
      Ethan McNeill Month ago +4

      Because this is the rare occurrence of the video getting everything right

  • 98 SR20
    98 SR20 13 days ago

    I used to play with the rice dispenser when I was little. The one we had had 3 levers on it. It was fun to use. 😂

  • Denise S
    Denise S Month ago +1

    Use that rice water as a leave in conditioner it works wonders for the hair


    Cop: "Is he beating wife?"
    The neighbours: *"No officer he's beating his rice.."*

  • divine beans
    divine beans Month ago

    ”its still murky and ur still angry” Got me good 😂😂

  • Estevan Llantada
    Estevan Llantada Month ago

    I love washing my rice, i feel so clean afterward

  • Goose
    Goose Month ago +103

    Him shouting "look how murky it is" is actually him simulating how your parents teach you to wash rice

  • deaf mute
    deaf mute Month ago

    uncle roger should watch chinese cooking demystified, that would be interesting

  • fynn birtciel
    fynn birtciel Month ago +114

    "Is he washing wife?"
    "No, he just beating rice"

    • Saptarshi Chakraborty
      Saptarshi Chakraborty Month ago

      Daily chores in Ohio:

    • The tAlEnTeD hamster
      The tAlEnTeD hamster Month ago

      ​@J T he actually wrote *washing* wife 💀

    • K
      K Month ago +1

      ​@J T cuz that's the funny part

    • J T
      J T Month ago +2

      Why everyone copy this"is he beating wife, no he just wash rice". Why

    PRIDE GAMING 29 days ago

    Uncle Roger is the manifestation of cute devil in asian society....

  • Saurabh Nadkarni
    Saurabh Nadkarni Month ago

    The last two sentences were so poetic 😇

  • Vida Tusing
    Vida Tusing Month ago +104

    Its still murky and you're still angry got me rolling...

    • RenderHub
      RenderHub Month ago

      ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ

  • Dunno
    Dunno Month ago

    Omg he’s adorable 🤣🤣🤣

  • acryonym pasta
    acryonym pasta Month ago

    Thank you bro, my favorite food on the entire planet is plain white rice with a little soy sauce so i enjoyed the toutorial

  • Antwourphious
    Antwourphious Month ago +160

    The yelling is because he got one of those algorithm mishaps where he sees white people not washing rice for like 2 hours then and he's had enough.

  • Elliot Alexandre
    Elliot Alexandre 3 hours ago

    "why you yelling" 💀💀💀

  • Simon Azrael
    Simon Azrael Month ago

    This guy is a combination of every New Yorker and an Asian man mashed into one and he constantly switches between both personalities and I'm scared

  • Dương Phạm
    Dương Phạm Month ago +77

    Real Asians don’t actually wash the rice until the water is completely pure. We actually keep a bit of that murky thing since it has nutrients like B vitamin in it. Believe me I’ve been washing rice like that for 10 or 20 years and none of my family members have had any health problems 😅

    • Xu Kenny
      Xu Kenny Month ago

      wel, you didn't wash out the extra nutricients, so its all good

    • Jaf Javier
      Jaf Javier Month ago

      twice is the maximum limit in our household

    • B. Fett Gun Shorts
      B. Fett Gun Shorts Month ago

      Me just figuring out you have to wash rice after 40 years of eating it.

    • chocolatteu
      chocolatteu Month ago

      @Al z yeahh it's still quite common in rural areas

    • Al z
      Al z Month ago

      ​@chocolatteu in d village still has it hehhh

  • Bobby Harrell
    Bobby Harrell Month ago

    Chinese American and Japanese American out here killing it. 😁👍

  • Tiffany Moonlace
    Tiffany Moonlace 26 days ago

    This gave me a good laugh that REALLY needed! thank you! 🤣😂🙏🏻

  • King                               •100 years ago
    King •100 years ago Month ago +26

    "is he beating wife?"
    "No, he just washing rice"
    - Uncle roger

  • Embrose
    Embrose Month ago

    I usually don't wash my rice and it still tastes good, but when I do wash it it tastes amazing and after each time I tell myself I'll wash it from now on. But I still forget...

  • E.N.D
    E.N.D Month ago

    Every time I hear Uncle Roger speak, he turn into Uncle Torture

    FALLEN ONE GAMING Month ago +63

    20 year old filipino here, that finger method is so relatable that is how I was raised 🤣🤣

  • Juan Mazeiourkhan
    Juan Mazeiourkhan Month ago

    P1- What's the case here?
    P2- He's a rice abuser.

  • Glidden Walle
    Glidden Walle Month ago

    That's what you get, when you only watch tiktoks where they either don't or encourage you not to wash the rice.

  • KillerCakeee
    KillerCakeee Month ago +34

    he’s just flipping us out in the finger method

  • Dreyaudz Larga
    Dreyaudz Larga 4 days ago

    "Is he beating wife"
    "No, he just washing rice"

  • DosapaWasTaken
    DosapaWasTaken 5 days ago

    got me rolling 💀

  • Drunken Shooter
    Drunken Shooter Month ago +67

    I'm so glad we don't eat rice in my household. Now people can't tell me I'm doing it wrong

    • Frida kahlo
      Frida kahlo Month ago +1

      What do you mean you dont eat rice????