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When German Boyfriend showed to much German honesty…

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • abeg1571
    abeg1571 Month ago +32366

    Ah, so that's why he proposed. True Asian dad powers.

    • that guy
      that guy 13 days ago

      mom's power too

    • Silvia N.
      Silvia N. 26 days ago

      He proposed before they went to Vietnam, if I remember right.

    • L0rem Ipsum
      L0rem Ipsum Month ago

      sht gets more serious with rolled up sleeves

    • Hhhh Eeee
      Hhhh Eeee Month ago

      Pure perfection

    • waya
      waya Month ago


  • Bruna Cunha
    Bruna Cunha Month ago +26071

    When the boyfriend can't take the hint... "You did this to yourself" was the best way to make him decide the wedding date.

    • Michelle B
      Michelle B 25 days ago +1

      @Lynne Anderson Yes, that’s the point I was trying to make. She showed a montage of prepping him for meeting the parents. But she seemed to forget to teach him about this.

    • ざっく Zack
      ざっく Zack Month ago +1

      Hints don't matter, you should propose when you WANT to propose, not get forced into it.

    • ଓଁ d OVER analyst
      ଓଁ d OVER analyst Month ago +2

      ​@niwa s Oh, no! If in Asia you must know as different as ALL COUNTRIES in Asia are, you DO NOT say this to parents.

  • Ender Efe Cerit
    Ender Efe Cerit Month ago +14323

    Get this girl a role in a soap opera asap!

    • Audra
      Audra Month ago +1

      I know! She’s so talented!!

    • UntotesSchaf
      UntotesSchaf Month ago +1

      I removed my like for the comment to not destroy the 6666 likes but I still want to announce that I like it!

    • harmonic life
      harmonic life Month ago +14

      She is the one to play in a 'one-woman-show' all different characters..I would love to watch it👀🤣🤣👏👏

    • Cucumamacacapipi
      Cucumamacacapipi Month ago +18

      nah she's hilarious she needs to be on a comedy like maybe that british quiz show or something

    • 🥥Preppygirl🌸
      🥥Preppygirl🌸 Month ago +12

      @Deep Convos um

  • Mason🇳🇱
    Mason🇳🇱 Month ago +7509

    “Where did i sleep last year then? The couch?”
    Yes you did

    • GK
      GK Month ago +1

      Under the couch

    • Zof!
      Zof! Month ago

      he didn't. he will now.

    • Mason🇳🇱
      Mason🇳🇱 Month ago +1

      @Monalisa Nath 😂😂😂😂 yeah

    • V
      V Month ago +5

      Thats what my mama thinks and thats what shes gonna keep thinking

    • Tom S
      Tom S Month ago

      No, he will the next year.

  • Tannebi
    Tannebi Month ago +14494

    It was this moment, he knew he fucked up ✨🤌

    • Wolffia B
      Wolffia B 27 days ago

      Yeah literally and figuratively! 🤣

    • Dara Velour
      Dara Velour 28 days ago

      ​@Uyen Ninh Germans? reading the room?

    • Amit
      Amit Month ago

      Or perhaps he didn't; someone to have like Uyen is great no? Though this way, isn't fun as proposing should be 😅

    • Dina ram
      Dina ram Month ago


    • Ru HernAlva
      Ru HernAlva Month ago

      ​@Uyen Ninh🤣🤣

  • Peaches Radio
    Peaches Radio Month ago +4893

    when honesty backfires
    welcome to asia

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB 27 days ago

      @Thomas Nittel Do y’all not lie or something?? I’m genuinely curious now. I’m from the US and a lot of stuff sounds familiar but the US is full of white lies

    • Wegwerf Acc
      Wegwerf Acc 29 days ago

      ​@Uyen Ninh it's called "Notlüge" in german. Try and use that word

    • Max
      Max Month ago +1

      I'd much prefer not talking to people at all if I have to lie to them to have a pleasant relationship.

    • Layla
      Layla Month ago +1

      @Edith Puthy Your marital status is not a trivial matter though. I personally don't lie to my parents about lifestyle choices they disagree with or at all really. I don't really know anyone who does either. (were you not raised on the classic "If you're honest about what you did, I'll be inclined to be lenient with your punishment" or the liberal parents version "I'm not angry that you did it, I'm angry that you lied to me about it" ?) If anything a few couples in my life come to mind that openly refused to get married against their parents wishes, back when it was still way more taboo for unmarried couples to live together or god forbid have children before marriage.
      And while to concept of white lies might exist, it is still seen as something to be avoided. It's like you should not have brought yourself into a situation where you'd have to tell one or you should find a nicer way of saying the truth instead or at least tell a half truth. It's lying as the last resort and not a respectable way of managing social interactions. There might be strong regional differences on attitudes towards lying though so that may be why we disagree.

  • 3k subs with no video challenge

    I could honestly see her family chase him out of the house until he tells them when there’s gonna be a wedding 😂

    • Maja
      Maja Month ago

      ​@Оля nah, I'm considering it according to the audacity, weight of the crime 😅

    • Maja
      Maja Month ago +1

      ​@Wander patata 🤣 XD !

    • Wander patata
      Wander patata Month ago +18

      My father would probably chase him with the first tree branch he'd seen, and there is me running behind to stop my father. Then, the neighbours would pretend they have something to do outside their house.

    • Keks Dose
      Keks Dose Month ago +7

      Thank god they're engaged by now 😂

    • Оля
      Оля Month ago +36

      @Cheng Dong okay, slippers is only mother's superpower

  • Emmie1
    Emmie1 Month ago +1758

    Asian parents will even lie to themselves about this. My sister was living with her non-Asian boyfriend for years but they don't plan to marry and my mom always called him her "friend". He was finally upgraded to "boyfriend" after they had a baby lmao.

    • Kaci Burns
      Kaci Burns 7 days ago

      ​@pinkcrow That's precisely my point. It's not the same everywhere concerning benefits. And as far as boring love goes (which I literally spoke the opposite of), I'm good with letting people live how they choose to live. It's the mundane that makes a life. I'm happy to let folks be happy.

    • pinkcrow
      pinkcrow 9 days ago +1

      @Kaci Burns again with this boring love can conquer everything kind of cliche. I don't care about couple living together without tying the knot but I care when they start having kids and the kids being denied certain legal benefits due to the parents not being married.

    • Kaci Burns
      Kaci Burns 9 days ago

      @pinkcrow Marriage is a personal choice and people can not get married for many reasons. I know many couples who would happily marry, but don’t for financial reasons because it puts themselves and their kids in a better position in life. I also know several people who have divorced one another and remained living together because of certain financial and legal benefits they received being single. In one couple’s words, “we don’t have to be married to be committed to each other, we’re going to be together no matter what label we have.” Being married also does not make you a proper parent. Being married does not make you a good or bad parent; there are many bad parents who are married as well as the other way around. Personally, getting married changed nothing for me and my husband. In our minds we were already fully committed and all of our life was integrated together so I’m not entirely sure what you mean by distrusting. We only got married for the benefits we would receive. Otherwise, our commitment has been no different. Genuine love doesn’t need a label or a piece of paper or anything else. I hope that helps make sense of other peoples personal decisions for their lives!

    • ChocolateChips
      ChocolateChips 9 days ago

      Omg True!!! I’m asian and I have a non-Asian boyfriend . I introduced my boyfriend to my parents … and they keep still calling him my friend instead of boyfriend . Oh my gosh.

    • Fatixa
      Fatixa 12 days ago

      @pinkcrow real talk

  • o3MTA3o
    o3MTA3o Month ago +4726

    As if she wouldn't have given him a run-down of the secrets we keep from family. She's smarter than this.

    • Caro Abebe
      Caro Abebe 19 days ago

      @Deep Convos It’s not a poor act, it’s funny!

    • American and Pinay
      American and Pinay Month ago

      It's cultural comedy.

    • Doozybrains
      Doozybrains Month ago

      ​@Helga Ioannidis wellllll let's say majority of Germans don't. 'Nobody except some immigrants' is a little overgeneralized and, quite Frankly, insulting. We have a Lot of cultures and Religions, different people that View those different, and Not every one of those is an Immigrant.

      SROTOSWINI PAUL Month ago +3

      ​@cane sugar agreed. I think germans are truly amazing but sometimes they need to be more flexible according to the situation which is kind of the only thing I see they have a hard time with. They are sometimes too rigid

  • • BT_Snowy •
    • BT_Snowy • Month ago +1054

    "Where did I sleep last year then? The couch?"
    Well now youre going to 😂😂

  • Darby McDonald
    Darby McDonald Month ago +925

    The German honesty is genetic, I swear, my husband canNOT help himself but be honest lol

    • Roy G Biv
      Roy G Biv Month ago

      Too bad it doesn’t apply to Turkish Germans.

    • Ari
      Ari Month ago

      I like Germans👌

    • chris west
      chris west Month ago +1

      It's not honesty, it's to correct the other person and feel superior.

    • Josi K
      Josi K Month ago +4

      I'm german, just this week in the train I showed a old ticket by accident, the ticket inspector didn't noticed but I did and searched and showed the right ticket. xD Even I thought that was to honest xD

  • Pearl Lee
    Pearl Lee Month ago +616

    My husband and I still wake up in a panic, trying to think of an excuse to tell my Korean mother why I stayed the night at his place. We’ve been married for almost a year 😂

    • ズザンナ- Senpai
      ズザンナ- Senpai 11 days ago

      Sounds like trauma xdd

    • Shrimp Ryo
      Shrimp Ryo Month ago +3

      Just like a exam nightmare, poor dears! 😂 I hope yall will feel safer as the years go by. ❤️

    • Miranda Andrews
      Miranda Andrews Month ago


    • Bonbon
      Bonbon Month ago +1

      Just say I slept at hes place deal with it

    • Lu F.
      Lu F. Month ago +52

      @Bellator Dei The years of being girlfriend and boyfriend and worrying about being discovered "traumatised" both of them so much that even after they are married they still haven't gotten used to it being okay to sleep under the same roof. When they wake up they forget for a moment that they are married now, even though it has already been a year. That is how I would explain it.

  • k94tran
    k94tran Month ago +676

    One must almost marvel at the complete inability to read the room and the single minded manner in which he dug his own grave, so to speak. Turbo speed German efficiency.

    • Layla
      Layla Month ago +8

      it might be a bit ignorant, but keep in mind how different german culture is. not only is living together before marriage the norm, but outright lying to your own parents/in-laws is pretty shocking in a culture that highly values honesty. even if he was aware of how conservative her parents are, lying to them probably seemed more disrespectful than simply admitting it and accepting their reaction. in his head 'her parents disapprove of this' doesn't translate as 'we are going to lie to them about it', but as 'this is going to be a difficult conversation'.
      i actually know a few couples who were initially pressured to get married and dealt with the situation in a similar way. my parents are still unmarried 35 years later.

    • SleepySera
      SleepySera Month ago +8

      @Samantha Em Yes it is, it's just different topics people are touchy about.

    • Helga Ioannidis
      Helga Ioannidis Month ago +16

      ​@Samantha Em I'd say the know how to read the room within their culture, just as everyone else around the world.

    • Kelly Hills
      Kelly Hills Month ago +18

      @Samantha Em No, no, it really is still a required skill, and too few people have it.

  • Marianie Gozon
    Marianie Gozon Month ago +1134

    Oh, as a Filipino girl this is so relatable!

    • Alto Clef
      Alto Clef Month ago +2

      Me and filipina gf shared bedroom but not bed, and had a chaperone sleeping with us. When we got engaged, chaperone disappeared like by magic..

    • Marianie Gozon
      Marianie Gozon Month ago +1

      @My serendipity but the parents ask the couple all the times when are they getting married.

    • Marianie Gozon
      Marianie Gozon Month ago +5

      @KaNG the parents actually want the church wedding more than the official papers.

    • jigi
      jigi Month ago +1

      @KaNG expensive wedding is a Filipino tradition, to make plain to the whole family, neighbors and community that these two are married. So signing a paper won't do, because it has nothing apparent. And lacks fun of a good wedding party.

  • Subhra Tripathy
    Subhra Tripathy Month ago +416

    Hahaha... As an Indian I can imagine the nightmare and the literal shock disappointment all at once in my mother's face

    • Subhra Tripathy
      Subhra Tripathy Month ago +1

      @Moumita Santra even then my mom would freak out perhaps 😂

    • Subhra Tripathy
      Subhra Tripathy Month ago +3

      @NothingPosted905 hahaha all the best to you

    • NothingPosted905
      NothingPosted905 Month ago +7

      I'm in a situationship with an Indian guy and I know I should slink away when his mom calls

    • Moumita Santra
      Moumita Santra Month ago +5

      This has happened too many times with me...when i was living together with me fiance (now husband)....

    • comrade leppi
      comrade leppi Month ago +1

      ​@Gowri Nandana same

  • Bobby
    Bobby Month ago +424

    To this day I still don’t know if my in laws actually believed that ‘my room’ was behind the door to the linen cupboard in our flat or if they were just playing along to be polite… but we were already deep into wedding planning before they ever got to see where we lived… in totally different rooms.. in a 1 bed flat.
    Seriously though nobody’s introducing asian parents to a partner they aren’t planning to marry; why would you do that to yourself?

    • Amaranthyne
      Amaranthyne Month ago +2

      @Kelly Hills Ah, sorry things turned out that way.
      I think it is possible to marry an individual and it is also possible to marry into a family. Both are fine as long as you are on the same page. It’s probably fine to marry someone from a nutty family as long as boundaries are clear. The issue is that they usually aren’t and you end up sucked in. My experience with toxic family is that no contact is the best kind of contact.

    • Kelly Hills
      Kelly Hills Month ago

      @Amaranthyne Well, he is my ex. 😉He didn't share their beliefs, and our beliefs at least overlapped for most of the time we were married-right up until a lot of things just shattered.
      I also generally take the approach that I marry the person, not the family (which I know is controversial for some).

    • Amaranthyne
      Amaranthyne Month ago

      @Kelly Hills I hadn’t heard the term “quiverfull” before but there was a family like that at my conservative Christian school. One of the kids spouted off this ideology in class. I wasn’t there for it, but heard about it later. We all thought it was bonkers…because it _is._ That is cultish nonsense without any theology to support it just like polygamy and foregoing technology. Your husband must be one helluva guy to overlook in-laws of that caliber.

    • Kelly Hills
      Kelly Hills Month ago

      @Amaranthyne Quiverfull. Fundamentalist evangelical Protestants.

    • Amaranthyne
      Amaranthyne Month ago

      @Kelly Hills 😵‍💫 What denomination is that supposed to be?

  • Karlina Khairunnisaa
    Karlina Khairunnisaa Month ago +632

    bro my brain would just generate 101 fake stories to elaborate that😭

    • Thomas Roll
      Thomas Roll Month ago

      @nour han yes :)

    • nour han
      nour han Month ago

      @Thomas Roll

    • Karlina Khairunnisaa
      Karlina Khairunnisaa Month ago +4

      @Thomas Roll using islam card in any conversation is getting boring u know

    • Karlina Khairunnisaa
      Karlina Khairunnisaa Month ago +1

      @Lauren Anderson THIS. you just dont wanna make the situation become any more awkward/heated

    • Karlina Khairunnisaa
      Karlina Khairunnisaa Month ago +6

      @Lyne sooo if lying even once is called as a sign of pathological liar, then ✨everyone is a pathological liar✨

  • Eiko Sato
    Eiko Sato Month ago +241

    Had a similar conversation with my parents.
    “So I’m going on a trip with him, my friend and her boyfriend.”
    “Of course you’re sleeping with your friend and your boyfriend with her boyfriend, in two separate hotel rooms, right?”
    “Yeah, of course. Of course.”

    • niwa s
      niwa s Month ago

      ​@Edith Puthy You're not telling me anything I don't know, and none of it contradicts my point that it isn't an impossible situation.
      You don't have to be influenced by your parents for it to arise, as this video shows: she's not actually "complying" with the parental expectation, just acting like it for harmony's sake/to be respectful. Skirting around topics at family gatherings because you know the resulting conversation would be unpleasant is definitely a thing even in Germany. A general willingness to honestly state your opinion doesn't equate to being in the mood for arguments 24/7, after all.

    • Edith Puthy
      Edith Puthy Month ago +1

      @niwa s We have a little more Catholics than Lutherans but many people are just church members on paper bc they were baptized as children or are just casual Christians without staunch religious beliefs. Most devout Catholics would be really old people whose children are middle-aged and older so obviously they could be sour about their children having pre-marital sex etc. but they obviously have little say in that matter bc Germans are not as influenced by their parents as adults compared to some foreign cultures where parents hold a lot of sway even once their children are grown ups.

    • niwa s
      niwa s Month ago

      @Edith Puthy There's still going to be some parents who are weird about it in Germany, e.g. religious conservatives. We do have catholics and even some fundies. So while not a likely scenario, it's also not impossible.

    • Edith Puthy
      Edith Puthy Month ago

      @sirBrouwer it's not a German rule and therefore does not apply in Germany 🤷

    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer Month ago

      @Edith Puthy no, it is making sure you follow the rules on a technicality.

  • James
    James Month ago +391

    "you did this to yourself" lol

    • sk
      sk Month ago


  • M.B.
    M.B. Month ago +128

    This is so true for Asian households 😭😭 My parents would NEVER let me become a roommate with a person of the opposite sex that's not a relative. Let alone a bf

    • that guy
      that guy 13 days ago

      ​@Red Leeks princess like wedding and church decoration is required for male too,so both sides should pay

    • that guy
      that guy 13 days ago

      ​@MyAcc2021 nag western culture is modern,brides father doesn't pay for weddjng

    • that guy
      that guy 13 days ago

      ​@Saranya nah,narrow minded thing

    • Red Leeks
      Red Leeks Month ago

      ​@MyAcc2021 No, it's not.
      There's no rule and both families get together to decide on the budget.
      If the bride's family wants to foot a bit more to cover for a princess wedding like the gown and church decoration they might go for it.
      That's why it's likely that the bride's parents pay more for the wedding party.

    • Alto Clef
      Alto Clef Month ago +1

      ..as if it is better if you rent a room at a love hotel for an hour or two... it will happen anyway.

  • Anna H
    Anna H Month ago +42

    Ah yes. The downsides of Asian parents/in-laws. As the German in the relationship, I just started to not speak at all, just smile and nod. They must think I am mute. Better than lying and having to remember all the lies all the time :D I must say I hate lying, but I understand that it would create all kinds of problems otherwise.

  • Kaiser Gagius
    Kaiser Gagius Month ago +118

    The fact German has no real word for gurlfriend/boyfriend and jump straight to LIFE PARTNER makes this somewhat funnier.

    • Hickshäschen
      Hickshäschen 22 days ago

      i would say "Mein fester Freund"

    • Sven F
      Sven F Month ago

      ​@Jan St eine Freundin = a friend, meine Freundin = girlfriend

    • Jan St
      Jan St Month ago +2

      Meine Freundin. Eine Freundin.
      My girlfriend. A girlfriend.
      Same for boyfriend

    • elektra121
      elektra121 Month ago

      @bennai2 True.

    • bennai2
      bennai2 Month ago +1

      @elektra121 the bureaucratic correct would be "Lebensabschnittgefährtin"

  • Geisterfahrerüberholer

    As a German, I had this with my Chinese girlfriend.
    I straight up told her parents that there is no wedding. Gf got nervous, parents mad.
    Half a year later, her dad told me "I didnt like it, but I like your honesty. " - everything was cool after that.

    • Αικατερίνη Παπαδημητρίου
      Αικατερίνη Παπαδημητρίου 25 days ago

      ​@suspicious brianBut if you're together for years, what's the wedding gonna change besides legal stuff? Will your love get stronger or something ?

    • Ignacia Gizzi
      Ignacia Gizzi Month ago +5

      ​@suspicious brian go have one yourself then

    • suspicious brian
      suspicious brian Month ago +2

      Why no wedding tho ? What's the issue ? Apart from having a baby, that's the only way to make your couple official, not just boyfriend girlfriend like teenagers.

    • Ugliness Personified
      Ugliness Personified Month ago +5

      I am gonna tell my kid, that is how Corona pandemic started.

  • Claustrum
    Claustrum Month ago +44

    Trying to explain how I'm going on holiday with my German boyfriend.
    Indian mum: so will you share a room with a girl friend?
    Me: no, it's just the boyfriend and I going on holiday.
    Mum: so you'll get separate rooms?
    Me: like I have money to burn lol
    Mum: ...

  • TheUnrankableRagamuffin

    Canadian with a Chinese girlfriend had a very similar faux pas with her dad.
    I knew better than to say we shared the same bed, but it just happened, I really wanted to show him a cute picture of our dog. I forgot that it was a photo in what was visibly her bedroom and her bed which I was supposed to have never been to.

  • Sabrina Granger
    Sabrina Granger Month ago +49

    dad is being very patient and generous in asking when the wedding is lol

  • sirBrouwer
    sirBrouwer Month ago +103

    Don't ask him to lie. That is breaking a rule and breaking a rule results in a system error.
    You now have to reboot your boyfriend back to a earlier state.

    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer 13 days ago

      @Dynamo Pirate now he is just randy.

    • Dynamo Pirate
      Dynamo Pirate 13 days ago +1

      Have you tried turning him off and on?

    • Maja
      Maja Month ago +4

      😂 Don't (try to) break the truth.
      It might slap back consequently

    • Kelly Hills
      Kelly Hills Month ago +4


    • Bellator Dei
      Bellator Dei Month ago +2


  • lerche noire
    lerche noire Month ago +22

    Asian kids know the art of self-preservation and telling Asian parents what they want to hear.

  • Know Nothing
    Know Nothing Month ago +36

    It's still so funny to me that all kinds of parents think bedroom stuff would only happen at night.

    • Edith Puthy
      Edith Puthy Month ago +4

      The couch where Netflix and chill happens: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    • Ernest Khalimov
      Ernest Khalimov Month ago +3

      Tbf that when it happens the most and ladies like to be comfy and not fall over

    • Lily Snape
      Lily Snape Month ago +16

      And only in a bed

  • m0L3ify
    m0L3ify Month ago +16

    When I moved in with my first boyfriend, my dad was genuinely confused as to why we only had one bed. 😂

  • Emmett Schneider
    Emmett Schneider Month ago +13

    I need a full series of this, in the style of a Vietnamese drama 😩 Literally the best✨

  • Madeline Medellin
    Madeline Medellin Month ago +60

    Any girl from a culture that still holds old world traditions knows the struggles dating today....we lie lie lie to keep the peace!

    • Kevin
      Kevin 17 days ago +1

      @elissa lesse Expecting children is neither outdated, nor "putrid". Most married people have sex together. When 2 fertile people have sex regularly, a pregnancy will occur sooner or later. Most people in the world are fertile so statistically, it is normal to expect a married couple to produce children at some point.
      Also, childbearing is a noble endeavor and there shouldn't be any sort of animosity against the women who engage themselves in it. That is how a 100% of us got on this planet, including you. Remember it.

    • elissa lesse
      elissa lesse 18 days ago +1

      @Kevin ew, “expect” children? yeah, no, that is WAY outdated thinking, you might not be SURPRISED at childreb, but expecting it is so.. putrid.

    • Wolfz Music
      Wolfz Music Month ago +1

      ​@Kevin you can still be married and be committed. My parents have been together 30 years and they're committed

    • Kevin
      Kevin Month ago +2

      @Nigglaas I personally won't let my parents dictate but I would listen to their input and consider it in my decisions because they want my well-being and have been through situations I never experienced so they might look at situations from a wiser angle.

    • Nigglaas
      Nigglaas Month ago +19

      ​@KevinLetting your parents dictate over your relationship is old though...One should be able to judge their and their partners commitment by themselves, especially if they're in their 20s.

  • jacencko011
    jacencko011 Month ago +13

    My husband and I actually sleep in separate rooms during the week cuz of our different work schedules (I get up at 5am and he gets up at 8am) plus he’s a super light sleeper

  • Totally Twisted
    Totally Twisted Month ago +105

    Considering she gave him hour long lectures on meeting her family, i m pretty sure she left this part out to ensure he proposes quickly 🤣

  • Vex Intersectional
    Vex Intersectional Month ago +26

    what wedding? 😐
    *continues german honesty*

  • Hmb pro
    Hmb pro Month ago +314

    he knew he did smth wrong
    edit: MOM IM FAMOUS

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago +13

    “Where did I sleep the last 2 years then? The couch?”
    But the next 2 years? Maybe! 😅😂

  • Edda Van Leemputten
    Edda Van Leemputten Month ago +4

    Not just relatable in couples where one is Asian. Try rural Belgium. Had a call from the father of my daughter’s father because said boyfriend had fallen asleep on the couch at my house while I was away… to visit with my own significant other. He was very worried. Throughout the conversation with that sweet, concerned father I was constantly thinking: “What you’re worried about is not reserved for after sundown.”
    Safe to say that no matter how tired that polite, intelligent, kind medical student son of his is, he’s decidedly uncomfortable with the very idea of his offspring sleeping elsewhere. Chaperone or no, snoring or no.
    He’s a sweet, caring father. I have the utmost respect for him and his values. Daughter, boyfriend and me have worked out a solution. If boyfriend is too tired I’m driving him home and he can come collect his bicycle the next day.

  • Pandris Pg
    Pandris Pg Month ago +9

    In Indonesia, we would call it as MBA aka married by accident 😂

  • G 3
    G 3 Month ago +8

    This happened to me with my ex😂
    He was the one who fucked up😂 and I was the one who was scolded 😂
    Even when we stayed at the hotel, my parents expected us to sleep separately 😂Damn, we are dating and then how could you expect us not to sleep together?????

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      Red Leeks Month ago

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      In 4 years he was still struggling financially and pushing for marriage+baby.
      I was the western one and my boyfriend was chinese.
      A man shouldn't sleep with a woman for years without intention to marry her

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    • lerche noire
      lerche noire Month ago +1

      Coming from a Catholic upbringing, I feel you. But why would mutual intimate relations be BAD while being a guy's servant is GOOD? Surely we've come a long way in equality that the expectations at least value you as your own individual? I also worked while going to school, and it wasn't hard.

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      Saves a lot of anger and reputations

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