Here's Why the Jaguar XJ220 Is the Craziest 1990s Supercar

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019 veröffentlicht
    The Jaguar XJ220 is the craziest 1990s supercar. Today I'm reviewing the Jaguar XJ220 to show you why it's so special and unique -- and why it was so crazy. I'm going to show you all around the XJ220, and then I'm going to take it out on the road and drive the Jaguar XJ220 supercar.
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  • security quip
    security quip Hour ago

    Everything about the car seems cheap n gimmicky for a supercar. Especially the interior.
    I'm so glad the McLaren came out shortly after

  • Aden Anthony
    Aden Anthony 4 hours ago

    20:45 Jaguar said fuck it lets put it here. Wonderful British engineering.

  • Anyo Neofus
    Anyo Neofus 4 hours ago

    loved this car since need for speed 2

  • RCBM
    RCBM 7 hours ago

    Key straight out of Ford’s ‘Smartlock’ system used on 1990’s Australian Ford Falcons and so are those dash for the roof panel, I’d probably tint it...

  • MSEngineering David
    MSEngineering David 11 hours ago

    '' The could've kept the grill in the middle but they didn't '' That's because this is something call ''style'' and the headlights are from a Rover 200.

  • MSEngineering David
    MSEngineering David 11 hours ago

    The was because it was probably slated for a v12 but emissions didn't permit that so they fell back on a Rover V6.

  • reed Fischer
    reed Fischer 12 hours ago

    THAT IS A RIM !!!!!!!!!!!

  • ドリフト王M E G A T R O C H R O M O _ メガトロクロモ

    Doug... not everyone is 6’4”, but I understand your complaint for the size on where to get in. Personally I would change that door opening, it does need to be more ajar

  • Nilz
    Nilz 15 hours ago

    Doug is the type of guy that dreamt of reviewing the XJ220 when he was little, instead of wanting to drive it.

  • Bu Jin
    Bu Jin 17 hours ago

    24:39 I think they were more worried about people stealing the fuel caps than the fuel itself. (A nice souvenir.)

  • Bu Jin
    Bu Jin 17 hours ago

    4:10 wish you weren't hiding the actual key! lol

  • Father Jack Hackett
    Father Jack Hackett 17 hours ago

    30 mins in and I'm beginning to wonder if he's actually gonna drive the thing!

  • dondilidon
    dondilidon Day ago

    Bad sales wasn't because of car size not of the engine size or luggage compartment. Bad sales were because of financial crisis. Wrong time for such a cool looking car..

  • dose17
    dose17 Day ago

    Dude looks like the Kroger version of Robert Deniro 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • dmN0wN
    dmN0wN Day ago

    This is fakin porn bro!

  • MisterBuklau
    MisterBuklau Day ago

    Those wheels look like a 90s caprice wheels

  • hindsighter
    hindsighter Day ago

    25:48 Love it how now Doug says "engine" rather than "ingine," as he used to say till a few months ago. ... oh oh ... he reverts to his old ways at 26:03 ...

  • hindsighter
    hindsighter Day ago

    The alarm horn 4:53 sounds different from the traffic horn 10:34 ... ?????

  • hindsighter
    hindsighter Day ago +1

    I can´t get over the way the Americans say Jaguar. It's "JagUar," not "JagWar;" please get it into your heads!!

    • Sean Jackson
      Sean Jackson 7 hours ago

      hindsighter please return to whatever godforsaken country you came from....

  • Jaden
    Jaden Day ago

    This used to be my favourite car when I was a child. I find it hideous now.

  • popindosin228
    popindosin228 Day ago

    Damn that door is thicc

  • Sergey Popov
    Sergey Popov Day ago

    could you find Dauer 962 for test?
    THAT is a car that worth all supercars of 90s together

  • Michael Rotherham
    Michael Rotherham Day ago +1

    SAS And here’s why your wrong

    NEWYORK BOSS Day ago

    Y didn't doug get a better shirt to review rich exspwnsive car 😂

    NEWYORK BOSS Day ago

    How he get to drive such an exspensive car n im drivin a hyundai 😂Wtf am i doing wrong

  • rebwar akram
    rebwar akram Day ago

    does this car have aircon?

  • jimmysandshoe
    jimmysandshoe Day ago

    It’s a ford key Doug

  • ITX Official
    ITX Official 2 days ago

    30:06 It might seem ridiculous, but as someone working at a roadside assistance company, I can assure you that a surprisingly high amount of people (even sports car owners) actually don't know which car they have!!

  • Life in the 413
    Life in the 413 2 days ago

    The interior looks so cheap. Probably why they made the door opening so short. They didn't want you to actually go in it.

  • amupoti b
    amupoti b 2 days ago

    gran turismo 2!!!!!!!

  • Darin Kong
    Darin Kong 3 days ago +1

    Doug, FYI the "angry cat logo" is called a "growler" and the hood ornaments are called "Leaper"

  • Damián Gustavo Repetto


  • HMan
    HMan 3 days ago +1

    It kind of looks like a bootleg Lambo that thought it was a Lotus...

  • Kaden Flores
    Kaden Flores 3 days ago

    My grandmas car has a better alarm...

  • Sugonese balls
    Sugonese balls 3 days ago

    fuck this guys voice

  • Ciara Donnelly
    Ciara Donnelly 3 days ago

    Would not like to take it through the drive thru

  • onni kemppi
    onni kemppi 3 days ago

    A really fast fish

  • Marco Rodriguez
    Marco Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Do a dougscore on a 07 or newer ext escalade!

  • Frederick Ar
    Frederick Ar 4 days ago

    Some kind of road ship for it's size

  • evan aldridge
    evan aldridge 4 days ago

    forza motorsports taught me so much about these type of cars

  • Cut de Pie Fails
    Cut de Pie Fails 4 days ago +1

    Clients sued jaguar for the deposits because they were broke from the crisis and used the 'promise' as a base.

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 3 days ago

      Yes. On delivery to their buyers many went immediately on sale.

  • QCCanales
    QCCanales 4 days ago

    my 1997 vr6 gti sounds a lot better than that

  • mangaboyff7
    mangaboyff7 4 days ago

    This has been my favourite car since I was 7 love it!!!!

  • Black Mafia
    Black Mafia 4 days ago

    best car in world

  • Pramod ch
    Pramod ch 4 days ago

    Omg doesnt the horn of the car sound like the horn in gta san andreas

  • jordan harding
    jordan harding 4 days ago +9

    British people: "Jaguar"
    Americans: "Jagwaaaaaaaa"

  • spasticus autisticus
    spasticus autisticus 4 days ago +1

    It's a ford Europe key same as millions of escorts and fiestas

  • Luciel Campbell
    Luciel Campbell 4 days ago

    Regarding the fuel cap locking. I doubt it was about getting fuel stolen but rather getting the cap itself stolen.

  • TyrantRex
    TyrantRex 4 days ago

    Smh. The XJ220 has been my dream car for pretty much my entire life, but knowing my golf clubs won't fit is a deal breaker.
    Edit: Sweet Jesus...Pop DOWN headlights?! Nvm, I'll have by butler bring my clubs in the Rolls.

  • Glupi Medo
    Glupi Medo 4 days ago

    This is just a beautiful car. Plus it is manual :)

    POWER & WILL 5 days ago

    Most fine! Been my fav 90s car since I was 15

  • alex ojideagu
    alex ojideagu 5 days ago

    XJ220 GT won AT LE MANS, 1993 but was disqualified

  • alex ojideagu
    alex ojideagu 5 days ago

    Pulp Fiction "The Door Situation"

  • Lee Gordon
    Lee Gordon 5 days ago

    Over-articulating. Annoying.

  • Jonathan Akbari
    Jonathan Akbari 5 days ago

    Doug I love the sea dogs!!!!

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre 5 days ago

    Gran Turismo 4

  • mick2d2
    mick2d2 5 days ago

    Talk about precision design! The windows are the wrong side for the door, the mirrors aren't symetric, because of the pillar!

  • Daniell Martínez
    Daniell Martínez 5 days ago +1

    what a beautiful car 🤙🏻💯

  • J L
    J L 5 days ago

    Take a shot every time he say XJ220 and you'd be wasted 5 mins in...and blacked out by the time it's over, which would make it more tolerable to hear him say "XJ220" 100 times!

  • xtrbg
    xtrbg 5 days ago

    Have a shot everytime he says XJ220. You won't make it past the third minute...