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Our first time, getting married young & how we met | Ep. 1

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • From how we first met, to getting married and even a little bit about our first time on our wedding night - we are SUPER STOKED to be launching the very first episode of The Unplanned Podcast.
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  • The Unplanned Podcast
    The Unplanned Podcast  Month ago +1751

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  • Beqa Queue
    Beqa Queue Month ago +840

    Almost certain they're announcing a 2nd pregnancy in the next few episodes. Matt saying "your last pregnancy" and the look on her face lolol.

    • Acagames
      Acagames 8 days ago

      @Siddhi Jain they announce it in Episode 3!!!

    • Acagames
      Acagames 8 days ago

      It’s in Episode 3!!

    • Elizabeth Nevarez
      Elizabeth Nevarez 15 days ago

      You need to go play the lottery! Lol

    • Savvy forever
      Savvy forever 15 days ago

      You predicted the future

    • Makki
      Makki 22 days ago

      Wow you were right 🥰🥰

  • Victoria Huynh
    Victoria Huynh Month ago +385

    matt is so kind and the personification of a golden retriever, and abby is so genuine and smart ❤

  • Chloe
    Chloe Month ago +479

    I was married at 19. Literally 8 days before I turned 20. We will be celebrating 9 years of marriage this year and going strong with our two little girls ages 5 and 2 🎉🎉

    • L26
      L26 Month ago +12

      I was married at 19, got abused for 4 years, 2 kids later, years of trauma, he got arrested and I left him, and now 5 years later were in a court battle 🤣 I'm glad yours worked out though 😅

    • Skadi Isolde
      Skadi Isolde Month ago +3

      So glad for you💛

    • Emily
      Emily Month ago +3

      So sweet 💕

    • Arshad Ahmad shahzaib
      Arshad Ahmad shahzaib Month ago +3

      What what what what

  • SidwithanI
    SidwithanI Month ago +700

    Matt's voice breaking ever so slightly while talking about falling in love with Abbie is just precious!!!!

  • Kristeen Tabanera
    Kristeen Tabanera Month ago +200

    This relationship is so refreshing. No bs No romanticizing every single thing. It felt real, you guys felt real. Definitely not just some influencers. Love this and can’t wait for more episodes.

  • Riley Boydstun
    Riley Boydstun Month ago +245

    Got married at 20. Wife was 19. The amount of “is she pregnant” questions I got was absolutely insane.

    • iamthesocks
      iamthesocks 16 days ago

      I can't imagine. I'm pregnant with my first at 25 and my husband 28, and even a that we've had people assume it was an unplanned pregnancy just because we're younger and didn't wait very long after getting married.

    • Morgan Widdison
      Morgan Widdison Month ago +8

      I was 17½, he was 18. Believe me when I say, the "is she pregnant" questions were maddening.
      No. Definitely not pregnant.
      Yes, we really did get married.
      No, it wasn't a spur of the moment decision.
      Yes, we actually meant to do it.
      We had plans to get married. He was going on a mission for two years. He ended up not being able to go. We decided to get married, knowing it was what we wanted. We just celebrated 8 years strong and he is the Matt to my Abby, my everything.

  • Kathy Santhouse
    Kathy Santhouse Month ago +794

    It would be really interesting to hear your parents' perspective on that period of time when you were wanting to get married and they thought it was too early.

  • Beth agbunag
    Beth agbunag Month ago +70

    I’m always so amazed at Matt’s ability to be vulnerable. He shares his emotions with Abby in such a way I haven’t seen many men do. She’s is a luck girl atleast in that regard.

    • victoria1936
      victoria1936 15 days ago +1

      @Kristen Nelsonwhat does this even mean? that only gay men share their feelings? get a life.

    • Kristen Nelson
      Kristen Nelson 17 days ago

      Bc there’s sugar in the tank 🥴 ballet tap dancing wears more rings than a female 🧐

    • Erin Sherwood
      Erin Sherwood 25 days ago +2

      Yes! I think this may be why I want to share this podcast with my husband. They communicate beautifully

  • Bekah Moten
    Bekah Moten Month ago +205

    "When you get married, you marry a set of problems." "Choose your hard." Such helpful advice, that really puts it into perspective!! I enjoyed this podcast and hearing your beautiful story. It's fun to see you guys in a different way than on your Clip-Share channel!! Excited for future episodes:)

  • Chelsi Thomas
    Chelsi Thomas Month ago +75

    Me and my husband got married at 18 and 19 and will be celebrating 6 years in March. We have 2 toddlers and a set of twins. We keep God in the center of our marriage and that is what makes our marriage thrive ! ✨️

  • 2peter1v2
    2peter1v2 29 days ago +29

    She was 17 the first time I saw her. She was 20 and I was 23 when we were married. I can relate to many of the experiences the two of you have had, and just wanted to let you know 4 kids, 11 grandchildren, and 47 years later, I'd rather be with her than anyone else.

  • Janai Olson
    Janai Olson 28 days ago +20

    This reminds me SO MUCH about my relationship with my husband! We met and started dating at 15
    He was my first kiss
    We got married on our 8 year dating anniversary
    We are now 26 and expecting our first baby in 2 months ❤️

  • Dadofgrogu
    Dadofgrogu Month ago +294

    As an 18 yr old in a committed relationship for over two years this was so educating, like i feel so normal now, all my friends are out there partying but im already getting serious about things and thinking about marriage.

    • movingacrosstheglobe
      movingacrosstheglobe Month ago +1

      I think you can still do both though, my partner and I love going out (together!) to parties, drink the night away and are still sure we want the same things as you in the future! Partying doesn't have to mean hook up culture is the only reason for that - just to give another perspective :)

    • Noah Ryan
      Noah Ryan Month ago +8

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with that coming from a 25 year old! Hookup culture has our minds warped. There's nothing wrong with settling down Young. There's nothing wrong with enjoying your youth in a different way with somebody by your side ❤️

    • Nessi M.
      Nessi M. Month ago +8

      I‘m 20 and have been in a relationship with my 22 year old boyfriend for over 3 years. We are not planning to get married anytime soon (we want to be financially stable first), but we talk about marriage and kids all of the time and know we want to spend our lives together. There is no point in dating around, when you just know you have found the right person for you ❤

    • Madelynn Meyer
      Madelynn Meyer Month ago +21

      Same! My husband and I were 17 and 18 when we started dating and we were serious right off the bat. Got married when we both were 21 (I’m now 22) and have no regrets! None of our friends could relate though, since most of them hadn’t been in any relationships, so it feel a little strange talking to them about our plans for marriage in the beginning. But I’d definitely recommend young marriage!

  • Job Diaz
    Job Diaz Month ago +34

    I’m just speechless they did this tbh. Abby seemed to be suppperrrr shy to just talk in general but to have a podcast and have conversations as serious and loving as these…. Is a game changer. Thanks guys for this!

  • Parker Zeigler
    Parker Zeigler Month ago +12

    The fact that you both would want to go back in time and do it all over again makes me cry is so wholesome you 2 were made for each other

  • Janice Gingerich
    Janice Gingerich Month ago +92

    As an engaged woman, this is SO full of things I needed to hear. Thank you!

  • Travel with Amelia Rose

    I am 15 and still have never dated anyone 😂, but your love story is so sweet and I’m learning I just have to be patient because I will find the one because what you guys have is magical and one day I will have that. Love your family and man Griffin is growing up so fast but has amazing parents that love him sooooo much. Love the new podcast and thanks for putting a smile on my face when I really needed it. Can’t wait for more episodes this one was soo good

  • PleaseWithThePettyPeople

    finally a married couple who actually should be doing a podcast.

  • Jessica Merculief
    Jessica Merculief Month ago +526

    I’m 44 and absolutely adore you both. You bring a very innocent vibe to how marriage should be. I been married for 23 years and I can say you both are my role models for a good marriage. It’s not easy! Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary. 5 kids and 1 granddaughter later, and here we are. It goes by sooooo fast! Enjoy it, love each other, don’t go to bed angry, communicate and become the best of friends. Griffin is an absolutely adorable baby. You guys do make a beautiful baby, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for growing your family. Fun fact, after we had our first daughter, we ended up having twins! 😊

    • Cassie
      Cassie Month ago +1

      My sisters are twins I wonder if it was as chaotic for us than for u lol

    • Jenn Rocchi
      Jenn Rocchi Month ago +1

      Happy Anniversary!!!

    • Sofia🦩
      Sofia🦩 Month ago +3

      @Claire Gresswell happy anniversary to you too ✨️

    • Sofia🦩
      Sofia🦩 Month ago +4

      Happy 23rd anniversary 🎉

    • Claire Gresswell
      Claire Gresswell Month ago +9

      Happy Anniversary 😊 Today (Wednesday), is our 14th anniversary & you're right - time flies.

  • Micaela Johnson
    Micaela Johnson 5 days ago

    The last ten minutes was something I didn’t know I needed to hear. How important marriage is. Thank you guys for sharing that

  • Angela Bowers
    Angela Bowers 8 days ago

    This is a sweet story! I appreciate how committed you both are to each other at a young age. The people I was with in my teens and 20s were not like that. What a blessing I did not marry them and got married at 33 😅. I love how we all have different love stories. Makes life so much sweeter.

  • Madelynn Brewer
    Madelynn Brewer Month ago +52

    is no one gonna talk about how matt is literally holding hands with his toes 😭😂❤️

    • Andi H.
      Andi H. Month ago

      HAHHAA yes Matt you don’t have to hold hands w your feet 😂

  • Allison Lucas
    Allison Lucas Month ago +12

    I loved the part where you talked about wishing you could go back to that place of long distance and young love.
    I'm in a long distance relationship (year 4 of it!) and I KNOW I'm so ready for marriage, but I also need to remember that this time is precious as well and not to waste it.

  • Unraveled Motherhood
    Unraveled Motherhood Month ago +8

    This is so sweet reminds me of me and my husband’s early dating days. We got married at age 20 and my family was sooo not into it, but we loved each other so much. My grandma said she wouldn’t pay for my college anymore and a cousin tried to bribe me, but we didn’t care we were going to make it work financially. Now we are 27 and about to have our 4th baby and I would never change any of that. I do miss those sweet dating days when strangers would come up to us and say how they knew we were so in love because we were! It’s so sweet to hear your story and I think it’s great that you guys waited till marriage what a blessing I hope some young people can be inspired to do the same.

  • Jayy & Abby
    Jayy & Abby Month ago +275


    • Uri Dubock
      Uri Dubock Month ago +3

      Love listening to this full on throwback of your life together ❤

  • Unusual About Casual
    Unusual About Casual Month ago +27

    I’ve finally found a person/couple to relate to. I have a pretty serious relationship with my boyfriend and my mom is definitely my best friend forever, and sometimes I even feel guilty for spending time with my significant other, instead of with her. I know it’s kinda inevitable, because you grow up and find a partner for you, however I just do everything to keep the best relationship with my mother❤️

    • Grammichal
      Grammichal Month ago

      @Saba Navaei Excellent counsel Saba!

    • Saba Navaei
      Saba Navaei Month ago +3

      Hii, I don't know how old are u or how long you are in a relationship, but I just wanted to let you know that if you spend less time with someone, doesn't mean that you are not close anymore like I have friends from pre-school that we chat like twice a year now but we just know that if anything comes up we are there for each other, but life happens, your relationship with your friends and family will change eventually and it's inevitable.
      Also if you guys are in this relationship for like 5-6 months, just give yourselves time to learn the skill of balancing, when u are in that phase u are new and u need time to figure out so many things, just don't be hard on yourself.

  • Brook Stevick
    Brook Stevick 8 days ago

    It goes SOOOO fast, my oldest just started college, and what use to seem so far away, became reality in the blink of an eye. Fun fact she is a theater kid, and misses it sooo much! ❤ You guys!!

  • Avery Thompson
    Avery Thompson Month ago +16

    My husband and I got married young and were in college. Everyone asks if we felt like we missed out on the college experience, but when you spend that time with the person you’re going to spend forever with, to me that was so much better than any party could offer. I’m definitely pro young marriage. I wouldn’t want my life any other way!
    Also, I’m so glad you guys are doing podcasts now!! Bring on the long episodes! Love you guys!

  • Danni
    Danni Month ago +25

    I got married at 19 and my husband was 20, when you know you know. 5 years later we have a little boy who is about a week younger than Griffin 😍 being married young is such a blessing

  • Elizabeth Baugus
    Elizabeth Baugus 12 days ago +1

    I was married at 19 and my husband 21. Also we met and started dating at 14 and 16. I relate so much to you guys. Love everything about this podcast and especially when you said “you marry problems. There is no perfect marriage.” I can’t wait to watch the rest.

  • Mina Acsente
    Mina Acsente Month ago +255

    This is insane I’m so happy you guys finally made a podcast. The quality is really good especially since this is your first one. Congrats guys ❤🎉❤

    • Glam
      Glam Month ago +7

      @The Unplanned Podcast I really love how wholesome this podcast is,to see you both talk to each other in such a calm loving way really warmed my heart so much♥️

    • Adna Čolak
      Adna Čolak Month ago +5

      @The Unplanned Podcast ❤

    • The Unplanned Podcast
      The Unplanned Podcast  Month ago +50

      Much appreciated!

  • Lisa Pubanz
    Lisa Pubanz Month ago +6

    I met my husband at 17, engaged at 19, married at 20. We were married for 23 years before he passed away. It definitely takes a lot of work, but I don’t regret anything. Loved you guys’ podcast!

  • Jade Cruz
    Jade Cruz Month ago +5

    Oh my goodness. I didn’t know I needed this. I love you guys so much and what you’re willing to share with us all. ❤️ You guys are so authentic and I love it

  • ASMR Twix
    ASMR Twix Month ago +4

    Idk why but I wasn't expecting your podcast would be this much FUN than lot's of other podcasts!!!! I'm just smiling and laughing for literally 32mins now. So excited for the next episodes!!!

  • Alejandra Vesga
    Alejandra Vesga Month ago +7

    I love that you don't romanticized relationships, and that you are fully aware that love is about being committed to you each other and working together to fix your issues as a couple. Also the fact that Matt said there is no perfect marriage is key. Nowadays there so many people who pretend to have the perfect relationship when that does not exist

  • Jennyhbell
    Jennyhbell Month ago +7

    This was so cute and I can really relate. My husband and I married when I was 20 and he was 19. We eloped (I didn’t even think of it like that back then but we definitely did haha) Looking back I can see how insane it probably looked to everyone and as a mother now I can only imagine how I would feel if one of my children did the same. It was the best decision we’ve ever made though, 13 years and three kids later and we’re still best friends ❤

  • Mireya Esposito
    Mireya Esposito Month ago +199

    I love how Matt is literally just holding his toes 😂

    • XxidfkxX
      XxidfkxX Month ago

      @The Unplanned Podcast🤣

    • Leis Sherbert
      Leis Sherbert Month ago

      @The Unplanned Podcast 😆

    • Chloe Wall
      Chloe Wall Month ago +3

      Not the dogs😂

    • Haley Grove
      Haley Grove Month ago +2

      Matt holding his. Toes is everything 😂😂😂

    • Mireya Esposito
      Mireya Esposito Month ago +5

      You guys have no idea how much you made my day just by answering!! I love you guys so much! You really take the time into reading our comments and responding! Even if it is just me talking about Matt’s toes😅

  • Haylee Sanchez
    Haylee Sanchez Month ago +7

    Absolutely loved this! My husband and I got together our sophomore/senior year of high school and then got married at 19 and 21 and we really related to your guys’ story❤️

  • Aly Castle111054
    Aly Castle111054 Month ago +8

    My husband basically asked me to marry him before we officially started dating. We were friends and would talk often over the phone while I was away at school. When I came back home he told me he wanted to date, but that he didn’t want to date for just for fun, it was with the intention of getting married and if I couldn’t see that happening then we shouldn’t date. 😂 Now, we’ve been married 11 years and have 3 kids.

  • Amelie J.
    Amelie J. Month ago +7

    Oh my gosh I love this so much! You guys remind me of my parents- they got married at 19 and 20 and had their first baby at 23. Still happily married! I am so glad you started this podcast

  • K S
    K S Month ago +7

    I feel like I am hearing my hubby and I speaking about our young marriage 26 years ago! I’m following your content because it is refreshing to see young people look at marriage and family in a positive light and see you working hard to keep it going well.

  • Raina Burdick
    Raina Burdick Month ago +8

    I feel like I relate to y’all in so many ways. I was engaged at 17🙈 married 6 months later after I turned 18 in 2017. We had known each other since ages 8 and 9. Getting married young was the best decision. We’ll celebrate our 6 year anniversary in August and then our sons first birthday in September🥰 Thank you for this podcast!

  • Addy Grace
    Addy Grace Month ago +72


  • Maria Alejandra
    Maria Alejandra Month ago +4

    I love this!!! I remember how you both used to say that you had nothing to talk about in a podcast and yet here you are both being so real that I couldn’t stop listening. I’m a young adults counselor and I listened to your first episode today after work. Listening to both of you talk about your young love experience has honestly made my day. I’m so happy that you guys changed your mind about doing a podcast. 😊 Best wishes to you both and baby Griffin! ✨

  • 717greeny
    717greeny Month ago +6

    I loved hearing that Abby’s parents were not on board with being married young because I had the same experience! It’s so comforting to know that happened to other people

  • Dee
    Dee Month ago +3

    So cute. I met my husband at 25, he was 35. Almost 30 years together & his kiss still melts me. ❤

  • TessaKaye
    TessaKaye Month ago +4

    My husband and I got married at 19 and 20 (we’re 22 and 23 now and expecting our second child) and it broke my heart how many people just straight up told me I was making a mistake. And it was adults that I knew who had also got married young and were still married so I thought they would be on my side. The only people who were super excited for us were my husband’s parents and an older couple we became really close with which helped a lot. But it really hurt my relationship with all of those people, because it didn’t make me feel like I was making a mistake or cause me to reconsider. It just felt like no one was on my (our) side and like no one trusted my ability to make a decision because I was positive 1000% that marrying my husband then was the right thing to do and what God was leading us to do.

  • Lilly
    Lilly Month ago +5

    This is sooo amazing! I'm so excited to see what the next episode is about. Me and my boyfriend really want to get married young, I think you two are such an inspiration and can't wait to see what new joys the future brings:) Also was it just me or did anyone else crave pizza after this episode;)

  • Jill O
    Jill O Month ago +37

    Their is definitely a maturity to you both, and knowing and having the commitment to each other, within the sanctuary of marriage, for it to last forever. Wonderful how you both are experiencing new ventures together and it is certainly working! And also, you are aware of the impact you may have, in discussions you choose to have, to make a difference in other young people watching your podcast, who are admiring and looking up to you. Your keeping it grounded and real with life for others in your age group and even older to see.

  • Micheline Corsar
    Micheline Corsar Month ago +4

    This is amazing! I’m 20, I’m getting married in June. My fiancé is 25. We are also waiting until marriage. I love that part about choosing your hard 🥰

  • Morgan Widdison
    Morgan Widdison Month ago +5

    I was 17½, he was 18. Believe me when I say, the "is she pregnant" questions were maddening.
    No. Definitely not pregnant.
    Yes, we really did get married.
    No, it wasn't a spur of the moment decision.
    Yes, we actually meant to do it.
    We had plans to get married. He was going on a mission for two years. He ended up not being able to go. We decided to get married, knowing it was what we wanted. We just celebrated 8 years strong and he is the Matt to my Abby, my everything.

  • Kaylie Figueroa
    Kaylie Figueroa Month ago +8

    I've been watching Matt & Abby for a while, and watching this podcast has really made me feel normal about young love and marriage. My boyfriend and I are 23 and 24. We've been dating since 2021(making two years in a weeks time) but we have literally been ready for marriage about 6 months into dating each other. We both admitted to being in love with each other a month into the relationship and he's even told me if he was financially stable enough, we'd already have a kid or 2. What I am trying to say is, Watching Matt and Abby's relationship really makes young love feel real. We aren't the majority. Most people want to 'enjoy' their young ages by playing the field and whatnot but I feel like when you know, you know and I am glad that my boyfriend and I don't have to feel like we're the only ones in the world with this mentality. Espeically in this day and age where love and relationships seem to be fading... our plan is to be married on December 12, 2026

    • Adriane Guerreiro
      Adriane Guerreiro 21 day ago

      My husband and I started dating at 22yo, got married at 24 and had our baby at 25. I never felt it was a "young love", maybe because I had already done a lot up to that point in life lol, but now we are both 30 and it feels like no time has passed by. It's crazy. But I wouldn't have done anything different

  • jakesbug
    jakesbug Month ago +5

    I love hearing your story! Reminds me of being 17 myself and falling in love with my now-husband :) Slightly different because while I was finishing up high school, he was a little older and living on his own, working, partying, etc. Two weeks after we met, I went to his 20th birthday and we have been inseparable since. We were non-traditional college students - went (together) almost 3 years after getting married. We chose similar degrees and had a lot of classes together which was SO MUCH FUN. I enjoyed doing it with my best friend! Coming up on 10 years married, dating for 13, and due with our second child in June. Beyond blessed.

  • Heather Ward
    Heather Ward Month ago +7

    What I love about you two is the level of maturity that each of you have, which btw is way beyond your years. Your understanding of commitment, give and take and marriage is something that takes some people years to grasp ... if ever. I've been following your adventures for about a year now and I look forward to each new post. Sometimes I feel guilty ... like I'm prying into someone's personal life, but I just can't help it - your both so darn adorable! Thank you for sharing a part of your lives with us. May you never lose the spark that you have for life and each other.

    • mechadoggy
      mechadoggy Month ago

      “Your understanding of commitment, give and take and marriage is something that takes some people years to grasp” I think they did premarital counseling before getting married. I wonder if that’s why they have such wisdom on these issues.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago +29

    I am so happy you have a podcast. I completely felt the unplanned no schedule part ! You are such an inspiration and honestly I love your relationship and how open you are !

  • Annette Fare
    Annette Fare Month ago +2

    My favorite thing about you guys is how easy you are to relate to! I was laughing with you guys the whole time!!

  • Claudia Griego
    Claudia Griego Month ago +2

    Gosh, I love this. I can't wait to have a relationship like this.

  • ellejaya
    ellejaya 13 days ago

    You guys are simply the Best and such a Blessing to watch! Thank you for sharing!

  • Wendy Hamm
    Wendy Hamm 23 days ago +1

    I am rewatching this for the 2nd time. Thank you for reminding me what it's like to be young and in love. It's been a while. Hubby and I have been together for 25 years now and sometimes life passes by, so don't forget how these days feel regardless of what happens.

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago +3

    My fiancé and I are going to be 20 when we get married this July! We have been together for 4 years now and been friends since middle school. I love to hear your guys’ story and how you guys made getting married in college. So excited for future episodes!

  • Christopher Nester
    Christopher Nester Month ago +38

    The lighting, the sound, the vibes, the content…. AMAZING. 🎉 Congratulations on episode 1!

  • Chy Stephens
    Chy Stephens Month ago +1

    This podcast brings up so many memories with our relationship like for real. This is so authentic and so worth the watch 💕 Love it

  • Maria Smith
    Maria Smith Month ago +1

    I can’t even explain how happy i am about this podcast!! I started watching you all in your tiny apartment right after college. It’s so fun to hear you guys talk about your story thru high school and college. Ah love you guys!!

  • 13anw
    13anw Month ago +4

    This was great!! I was 18 and my husband was 22 when we got married, and we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year! 🥰💗

  • Brianna E Claprood
    Brianna E Claprood Month ago +1

    My absolute most favorite podcast!! Love you guys and your insightful wisdom! I got married young and I can relate to everything you just said. Being married is a blessing and a commitment that is so so worth it

  • Jenn Mohammed
    Jenn Mohammed Month ago +3

    I absolutely love this ❤️ My husband and I got married at 19 & 20, so I relate to this a lot. We've been married 14 years this year 🙏

  • stefan
    stefan Month ago +31

    i’m super excited for the both of you! this is such an amazing step in your life!

  • Emily Loutzenhiser
    Emily Loutzenhiser Month ago +3

    Thank you both so much for this. You guys have been so encouraging and inspiring to me. I'm 21 and my fiancé is 19 and we are getting married in May. We have been dating almost 5 years. I have always felt judged and sometimes unsupported for being in a committed relationship since high-school and for wanting to get married young. My fiancé and I grew up together and we knew we wanted to get married pretty quick into our dating relationship. We starting dating when I was 16 and he was 15. It's been hard to find people to relate to. I really resonated with what you guys said about your parents sending you to talk to people to basically talk you out of marriage so young. I felt like the same thing happened to me. It's such a blessing to watch you two love and respect each other. It's encouraging that you built a healthy marriage so young in your life, I'm learning so much from you both. I'm very thankful for what you all do. You guys are awesome, thank you for taking the time to share your life with everyone, I know that's not always easy. Love you guys, God bless:)

  • Divya Venkataramani
    Divya Venkataramani Month ago +1

    so nice to see people falling in love and sticking on to it no matter what :) Wish you guys stay so forever

  • Cooking with Sherry
    Cooking with Sherry 7 days ago

    Me and my husband got married at 24. We’ve been married now over 32 years never been happier. When you find the right person it just works… the funny thing is our daughters I think give us the most criticism about getting married at 24. They are just getting married at 29 and it’s not because we hold them back. They did that on your own.

  • Priscila Sweeney
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    • E M M Y
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