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I Lost $10,000 on Anime Figures.


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  • gustinex
    gustinex Year ago +8317

    Sydney is so funny here, and the overall husband and wife chemistry is too cute and too wholesome

    • Dark Alexander
      Dark Alexander 2 months ago

      @AxxL I'm here telling you to not be like this man right here. His life has been reduced to something beyond recovery, nobody will remember him and he's too far gone to be remembered by anyone.

    • JustYourNormalAverageGuy
      JustYourNormalAverageGuy 5 months ago

      @AxxL Are you really a male? Or you just a robot

    • Bekfatht
      Bekfatht 9 months ago

      @AxxL what the fuck are you saying?

    • Khang Nguyen
      Khang Nguyen 11 months ago +2

      @Kira and now we introduce… Kitagawa Marin!

    • Patriot
      Patriot Year ago


  • Big Thicc Boi
    Big Thicc Boi Year ago +1593

    I love how Sydney is the one throwing out the inappropriate jokes at everything and garnt is just trying to keep the video monetized 😂
    Not to mention Garnt having to repeatedly go find her in the Hentai aisles STILL RECORDING

    • RoBlades
      RoBlades 3 months ago +1

      @R - G - C that’s confusing

    • R - G - C
      R - G - C Year ago +51

      and good news is it somehow got monetized.

  • Silver
    Silver Year ago +3008

    Joey: I spent $10k
    Connor: I tried spending $10k
    Garnt: I *lost* $10k
    Gigguk was mourning his money when it was time to title this video.

    • Felix R
      Felix R 5 months ago

      I’m so envious that they can write this off as a business expense

    • david jackson
      david jackson 8 months ago

      @Miguel Albarracin nah, it's for clicks

    • Person Man Man
      Person Man Man Year ago

      3 mental approaches on same problem

    • x0Kiss0fDeath
      x0Kiss0fDeath Year ago

      Would guess more that they're just talking as a collective as they were aiming to spend $9,999 total (and then they rounded up to $10k).

    • Miguel Albarracin
      Miguel Albarracin Year ago +3

      Maybe it’s for taxes? So many videos “I spent $xx,xxx on x” makes it easier to quantify as a work expense.

  • Bird Religion
    Bird Religion Year ago +431

    gotta admit, Garnt is a lucky man to have Syd. I'd love a girl in my life who just wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on hentai figures for our home. respect.

    • Dangerbone
      Dangerbone 8 days ago

      @SparkleSparkleSparkle Change anime & manga to The Bible and you sound just like a 16th century monk.
      You do you, us daywalkers are bound to the pursuit (or maintenance) of a relationship with the womenfolk.

    • SparkleSparkleSparkle
      SparkleSparkleSparkle 8 days ago +1

      @Dangerbone nah bro women take away from your time to read manga, watch anime, and play the game. You would be smart not to waste your time.

    • SparkleSparkleSparkle
      SparkleSparkleSparkle 8 days ago

      @Bossy369 sorry broKing but a woman is just going to take away from your anime and gaming time. What's more important love and family or games made by tiny squinty men on an island way the f somewhere

    • Dangerbone
      Dangerbone 2 months ago

      The key is to find a woman who will put up with you at your most cringe. The biggest roadblock for most weebs to achieve that is talking with women.

    • Leonhardt Belgar
      Leonhardt Belgar 3 months ago

      Too bad girls are taught to hate men and their interest
      So the moment we say we have interest in anime, the first thing they think of is how to murder us and get away with it

  • Partha Sarathi Sahoo
    Partha Sarathi Sahoo Year ago +1641

    Garnt : "She's gonna be my partner in crime for the day"
    Sydney : *"For the day and for the LIFE"*
    Damn, Sydney really did a top-tier waifu moment there

    • Six Squirrels
      Six Squirrels Year ago +12

      yandere moment

    • Coswalker
      Coswalker Year ago +47

      I think that was to smooth of her. I saw 4 people slip and break there neck on that delivery.

  • Matej Marić
    Matej Marić Year ago +6713

    Connor: _maths_
    Joey: _cheating and spying_
    Garnt: _leaves everything to Fate_

    • NewWaveInfantry
      NewWaveInfantry 20 days ago

      @Jay B It's a Japanese toy model of a Japanese gun. Nothing American there. The way that Garnt thinks really annoys me, even if it's supposed to be a meme.

    • Falxifer
      Falxifer Year ago

      And it worked

    • YingofDarkness
      YingofDarkness Year ago +5

      @Jaiz Jeeson He actually ending up winning. So Fate gave him the W this time, only to screw him later in the gatcha

    • Ta aD
      Ta aD Year ago +2

      @Jay B its not the G word, Its Bang Bang Bang

    • Jay B
      Jay B Year ago

      and also, Gun. Merica wins again.

  • Long Xue
    Long Xue Year ago +392

    Garnt: "It's 2021, you should know what a VPN is by now"
    Also Garnt: still uses the classic vloggers non-copyright music that we all hear at least once a day for years now.

  • Nitrixツ
    Nitrixツ Year ago +109

    Really love how Sydney loves to go to wholesome shelves and searching through the most child friendly stuff

  • Pepper Pan
    Pepper Pan Year ago +44

    Man, Garnt really just has a charm in his anime figurines videos. He's in his element, Syndey plays off so well with his jokes and the challenge aspect just keeps it interesting. Hope he finds a way to make more videos similar to this format

  • Geirbjǫrn Fergusson
    Geirbjǫrn Fergusson 10 months ago +78

    Garnt: *Points at Type 89*
    Also Garnt: "That looks like an American gun"
    Me: It is on the inside, Garnt. It is on the inside.

    • ReaperStudio
      ReaperStudio 7 months ago +2

      No that’s a American **BANG** **BANG** **BANG**

    • Eric x
      Eric x 8 months ago +1

      It’s basically an ar18 so I guess lol

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Meanwhile I would gladly spend $10,000 to have Gigguk’s facial hair.

    THE STRANGEST Year ago +12

    Man, among you three, I really love how you explained everything nicely and even you put up everything you buy in full view. I love FGO, so I can relate so much, though our favorite servant are different, but I would also risk my point just for my favorite too. Not to mention, you're so kind to Sydney. I think you allowed your cameraman goes to choose too instead of only commenting and suggesting. Great videos.

  • Laura
    Laura Year ago +20

    I love how Sydney can make it sound so cute asking for a hentai figure 😄.

  • JADLS 24
    JADLS 24 Year ago +23

    I love how you can tell how short Sydney is compared to Garnt by just the camera angles.

  • Cyber_Photography
    Cyber_Photography Year ago +15

    Anime figures are one of those things that fascinated me as a teen but now as an adult with a job I still prefer buying high quality clones over the original.
    Clones are so accurate now there is a minimal difference and the gigantic price tag on the originals is clearly severely over inflated comparing to the little to medium jump in quality

  • Anime Yahallo
    Anime Yahallo Year ago +1440

    Other "normal" girlfriends: Can you buy me a new dress?
    their boyfriends: Yes of course.
    Syd: Can you buy me a hentai figure?
    Garnt: No we aren't here for that.
    *less than a minute later*
    Syd: Can we buy a hentai figure?
    Garnt: Okay. We can buy a hentai figure.

    • Dunkingsonn
      Dunkingsonn Year ago +1

      @Hoshimaru57 But then there's the ugly bastard incident.

    • glow cat sssniper
      glow cat sssniper Year ago +6


    • Hoshimaru57
      Hoshimaru57 Year ago +14

      Any other couple it would be the guy asking. Gotta admit, he won the culture lottery with her. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if my girlfriend tried that.
      She was enamored with a nude wall scroll of Ikaros from Heaven’s Lost Property one year at the con.
      “😻😻😻DAN! Who is she? I’d **** her!”

    • sakubun
      sakubun Year ago +63

      Relationship goals

    • Thanos Noctem
      Thanos Noctem Year ago +19

      lol thats cool

  • ThAtGuT2375
    ThAtGuT2375 Year ago +29

    When you reached the secondhand store, it was literally a bunch of figures that I owned getting looked at lol

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B Year ago +15

    I'm watching yours last (by pure chance), and I love the plot twist of you going with your heart with the Fate figure. What a wholesome turn of events.
    Your anger at Connor still not playing P5 just reminds me they still haven't ported it to PC. I really want to play it. P4G is so great.

  • SkylarkD 81
    SkylarkD 81 Year ago +8

    Your wife Sydney is awesome you guys are so fun together and I love how she’s the one that once all of the demonetized figures. 🤣😂🥰

  • Spyder_V
    Spyder_V 9 months ago +5

    Watching this after Connor's video is hilarious. This video is adorably wholesome with you and Sydney just buying stuff y'all want.

  • Terraria 456
    Terraria 456 Year ago +2540

    Sydney asking for “cultured” figures is like a kid asking their mom to go to the toys section

  • Seth Baldridge
    Seth Baldridge Year ago +42

    Me every time I see Gigguk walking around Japan:
    "Lucky bastard..."

  • Colin
    Colin Year ago +11

    As someone who wasted their life savings on FGO... I'm so proud of you for partaking in our religious practices.

  • Vex in Jeans
    Vex in Jeans Year ago +5

    Going on a anime figure shopping spree is something I dream about. Amazing video. Love watching all the perspectives it’s so fun.

  • NitroCharge 240
    NitroCharge 240 Year ago +31

    As a gunpla fan I'd take a model over prebuilt any day. But that's just because I find the building part a ton of fun
    Edit: also metal builds are models

    • Jacier
      Jacier Year ago

      @Tanto H some pre build figures look amazing compared to model kits. The one that comes to mind is the Metal Build F91. It’s just so sleek compared to its model kit form and we’ll never get it a official model kit version of it like that since they tend to keep UC kits as close as possible to on screen accuracy

    • Tanto H
      Tanto H Year ago +1

      model kit over pre built. I find pre built gundam boring, what are you gonna do with it? posing it and leave it like that? why not build it from ground up.
      building a model kit is like meditation for me

    • NitroCharge 240
      NitroCharge 240 Year ago

      @Richard Savings Gundam Universe has pretty subpar figures compared to the kits

    • Richard Savings
      Richard Savings Year ago

      16:18 Someone's clearly never heard of Gundam Universe.

    • Jacier
      Jacier Year ago

      I mean, I own quite a few metal builds and I say they're more figures than models. I see models as being built from the ground up, not prebuilt and just choosing what weapons you want. On MFC, they're listed as action figures

  • HxRRY
    HxRRY Year ago +3934

    “Just find a little sister, and see where that goes” was probably the wisest thing I’ve heard in a while

    • Someone Random
      Someone Random 10 months ago +1


    • David 4rancibia
      David 4rancibia Year ago +1

      i mean, it's a very smart way to found incest series characters, half of them are lolis

    • PrismZet
      PrismZet Year ago +1

      it goes to jail or genetic mutations.

    • Fons A
      Fons A Year ago +11

      16:42 Then the next scene, Garnt finds an ERIS GREYRAT figurine. That would be a point for Joey

    • SBFH01
      SBFH01 Year ago +20

      *Oreimo intensifies*

  • JerryMcBerry
    JerryMcBerry 7 months ago +4

    Garnt angrily ranting about Connor having no played persona 5 is literally me with all my closest friends about that game 😂😂😂

  • Blank _
    Blank _ Year ago +5

    Didn’t know they had such a massive variety of figures. Awesome

  • Spyro Shurtagul
    Spyro Shurtagul 10 months ago +5

    I love that the entire video is Garnt going "Sydney no" whenever they're in the adult sections lol

  • Lex Luther S
    Lex Luther S Year ago +3

    Sydney and garnt have the best interactions this video.
    And a woman that always wants a hentai figure.
    Truly he's hit the jackpot

  • 48D1
    48D1 11 months ago +4

    The editor must have had fun with this one 😅

  • angelbeats3333
    angelbeats3333 Year ago +4

    I love how theanimeman is just like YAY figurines for 10,000!!!
    And gigguk just goes, "it's like throwing money away...kill me now"

  • arparso
    arparso Year ago +1

    Ok, if you ever do a figure special again, Sydney needs to participate as contestant. We need more cultured figures.

  • BurntGinger96
    BurntGinger96 Year ago +2

    Ive got that Okita Alter figure myself and I've got to say excellent choice by Garnt haha

  • LorD of Nerds
    LorD of Nerds Year ago +1

    I always love it to see others spend so much money on great stuff :D But all those fingerprints on the glass though...

  • UNIT 0918
    UNIT 0918 Year ago +1

    As a Fate/stay night fan, I'm actually really proud of Garnt for choosing the much more intricate Saber and Shirou figure over the Emilia figure.

  • KimJiHoon
    KimJiHoon Year ago +1

    the most fun part about you 3 guys videos was that whenever i finish a timeline part of the location video, i would pause and watch the next person first and next before proceeding the next location. that way its kinda in sync for the podcast haha

  • Alan Hunt
    Alan Hunt Year ago

    Of the 3 Trash Tasters, you have the best camera person! Sydsnap does a great job of getting clear pictures of the figures, making this competition more interesting!

  • Julian Ubaldo
    Julian Ubaldo Year ago +1075

    The Emilia figure originally retailed for around 300usd. I wouldn't count aftermarket price since they be insane sometimes. So the fate figure was the way to go for most expensive figure.

      AASHIR QURESHI 3 months ago

      What's the anime song playing while he was doing squats?

    • TALK2811
      TALK2811 Year ago

      @Fraid Naught rem fan gonna get mald?

    • Jirro Capillo
      Jirro Capillo Year ago

      @FBI the FBI knows all

    • Zetsu
      Zetsu Year ago

      You watched joey's pov? He saw a figure from an ero game (Her name is Ayachi Nene) called Sanoba Witch he saw it for $935, while it was originally retailed for about $200

    • FBI
      FBI Year ago +2

      Also, the FATE figure is actual trash. I was also excited to buy it until I saw how Shirou and Artoria's figures actually look compared to the base. It looks like they slapped 20$ prize figures on an expensive base and called it a day. The sculpts look horrible and Shirou's face is just straight up garbage. I love FATE but that figure ain't it chief.

  • Audioxtc
    Audioxtc Year ago

    It’s amazing how much cheaper the figures are in Japan vs ordering them online. I’m pretty sure that same saber/shiro figure is close to 1k online.

  • Eucep
    Eucep 8 months ago

    I payed way to much for my Okita, but so happy I saw her in this series and so happy to have her. :)

  • lyrad24
    lyrad24 Year ago

    I like how everything was presented for this challenge. 1st video out of the boys but I think this is my favorite. :)

  • Noob MasterChief
    Noob MasterChief Year ago +3

    "Just find a little sister and see where that goes" -Gigguk 2021
    Also, choosing the milf was a good choice.

  • SleepyGoufPilot
    SleepyGoufPilot Year ago +1019

    Garnt: "What if we embrace part of American culture."
    Proceeds to buy the most Japanese gun in the store* (Howa Type 89 AKA the official rifle of the Japanese Self Defense Forces). LMAO

    • Austin Blackburn
      Austin Blackburn 6 months ago

      @SgtPotShot In fairness Americans love owing the foreign guns of other countries that their citizens will never be able to own.

    • Shinpi Karasudane (神秘 烏だね)
      Shinpi Karasudane (神秘 烏だね) 10 months ago

      Can confirm that that Tokyo Marui Type 89 is one heavy piece of kit go mine a few weeks back and it weighs 4KG’s.

    • Reckless Rickey
      Reckless Rickey Year ago +1

      Captured Japanese guns are very much a part of American history… (WWII)

    • Kelvin Foo
      Kelvin Foo Year ago +3

      @Pathfinder Savant Forget about Brandon, we want Gun Jesus, for he is The Light (muzzle flash) and The Way (all French loadout)

    • Pathfinder Savant
      Pathfinder Savant Year ago +3

      I for one look forward to the future collab between Trash Taste and Brandon Herrera.

  • Kaim Argonar
    Kaim Argonar Year ago +2

    Sydney is in need of a bonk. Watching this made me jealous. Bloody hell I wish I had a fuckton of money. How can the top 1% stay so rich? If any of them were anime fans they'd loose so much goddamn money.

  • Doodle Hobbo
    Doodle Hobbo Year ago

    Your really good at spending wisely with your money and I bet your parents are proud of it.

  • slicer100001
    slicer100001 Year ago +1

    fun fact, airsoft was invented in japan, so actually by "going american" you actually went japanese

  • Qafka
    Qafka Year ago

    there's just something extremely entertaining about watching fully grown men shopping for toys like kids

  • Saiko Banters
    Saiko Banters Year ago +1493

    The long awaited sequel. Nice beard btw Garnt!!

    • naked pötätö
      naked pötätö Year ago

      He look like a man who lost $10000 to anime figures

    • Jackie Ronald Wayerston
      Jackie Ronald Wayerston Year ago

      Grant's the new Garnt now, just like orange is the new black haha.

    • Adam D.
      Adam D. Year ago

      @striker 15 it says alter ego meltryllis on the packaging i think

    • striker 15
      striker 15 Year ago

      Anyone know which figure garnt was looking at in 5:15
      I thought it was medusa but I'm not sure

    • Owen wu
      Owen wu Year ago +1

      Don't u mean grant? XD

  • Hoshimaru57
    Hoshimaru57 Year ago +2

    19:58 Funny thing, I actually saw that Houki a couple days ago. She was at Kinokuniya in NJ for…I wanna say $380?
    22:38 don’t remind me😭 I collect Zoids. They’re a pain in the ass to get a hold of!
    I DO have King Gojulas (got mine for $380, and it’s the most expensive anime item I own) and Liger Zero though (and like 40 others, so I’m not doing too badly).

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon Year ago +1

    honestly garnt and syds's pov is chaotic as hell and i'm all here for it

  • &y
    &y Year ago +3

    You didnt lose $10000, you simply gained $10000 worth of anime figures

  • まあまあ殴られた後

    As a Japanese, thanks for contribute to japanese or anime economy.

  • Ashley Lightheart
    Ashley Lightheart Year ago +855

    Gigguk: Doesn't this look like the figure of an ugly bastard.
    Sydney:... A girl can dream...
    [Gigguk has left the chat room]

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty Year ago +1

    I love how you can tell how short Sydney is compared to Garnt by just the camera angles.

  • If You Don’t Like Me Then I’m A Bot

    This is in a sense, the biggest flex one can do. Spending thousands on plastic

  • JeffDvrx
    JeffDvrx Year ago +3

    I'm just gonna say it. That Emilia figure looked pretty amazing, on par with the Fate one

  • Nathan Cooley
    Nathan Cooley Year ago

    Garnt: "That gun looks American, I'll get that one."
    Also Garnt: *buys an L1A1, a British service Rifle*

  • Oceeta
    Oceeta Year ago +721

    Is it just me or does Garnt look so much more comfortable in public while on camera? The last time the boys did this, you could see he was a nervous wreck even while trying his best to hide it. I'm so glad that he's come such a long way in a little over a year!

    • UNIT 0918
      UNIT 0918 Year ago +2

      Maybe it also helps that Sydney is the one filming so they can bounce off each other naturally.

    • Arshad
      Arshad Year ago +3

      Well it’s good that he is less anxious now.

    • Kelvin Foo
      Kelvin Foo Year ago +3

      Garnt has evolved from "Little Baby Man" to "BeardggukAZ"!

    • Oceeta
      Oceeta Year ago +3

      @Ibukun Okunoye Yo! Can't believe I found a fellow Nigerian Trash Taste fan in the wild! The Gacha gods are on my side!

    • Ibukun Okunoye
      Ibukun Okunoye Year ago +1

      you're right dude

  • Source
    Source Year ago +2

    Joey: I Spent $10,000 on Anime Figures in Japan
    Connor: I Tried Spending $10,000 On Anime Figures In Japan
    Grant: I Lost $10,000 on Anime Figures.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Year ago

    honestly garnt and syds's pov is chaotic as hell and i'm all here for it

  • SaturoAnni
    SaturoAnni Year ago

    Haha love how sydney always food some good culture stuff 😂

  • Arima
    Arima Year ago +1

    12:00 this part made me laugh so hard

  • Blex
    Blex Year ago +396

    Taking Sydney as an shopping advisor to an anime figurine store is the definition of the getting demonitized any% speedrun 😂

    • Ross Done
      Ross Done Year ago +4

      Not just shopping advisor. Camera-woman, meaning the camera will end up pointing where she looks. Instant fail.

    • Lucy White
      Lucy White Year ago

      pretty much yes

  • Hotrob
    Hotrob Year ago

    I don't know how anyone could resist Sydney's heartfelt plea at 25:33

  • Oredax MC
    Oredax MC Year ago +4

    I have that Emilia figure as well as the Rem version of it, I preordered them though so I got it for $330 each. It basically doubled in price damn

  • Павел Алексеев

    Только что посмотрел озвучку от ДжоШизо, и вот прошёл глянуть оригинал)

  • Baudelaire
    Baudelaire Year ago

    "incest is in the heart"
    "just find a little sister and see where that goes"
    This killed me 😂

  • AniPhoenix
    AniPhoenix Year ago +787

    Gigguk's beard makes him look 100 years older and 10x manlier XD

    • Vectra9 _
      Vectra9 _ Year ago

      Is it just me or he now looks like either a drug cartel owner or an entrepreneur

    • 12ww
      12ww Year ago

      He's IS already pretty old though

    • Knight King
      Knight King Year ago

      praise thee of ye speech on incest

    • Kelvin Foo
      Kelvin Foo Year ago +6

      Izakaya owners be saying "I don't want any trouble..." when he shows up.

    • Napael Edagui
      Napael Edagui Year ago +3

      His voice unfortunately doesn't match the beard.

  • luthfihar
    luthfihar Year ago +1

    my respect for giguk shot up after that emilia decision

  • stormhawkdude
    stormhawkdude Year ago +1

    Garnt; "Gacha luck, don't let me down!"
    Garnt's Gacha luck; "So you have chosen death."

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel Year ago

    Ah yes another episode of "Gigguk regrets his life choices"!

  • Wido
    Wido Year ago

    Grant, you bought some beautiful figures I do have to admit.

  • Alex Denton
    Alex Denton Year ago +742

    19:00 that was the most genuine and happy “*GASP* REALLY?!?!” I’ve ever heard and it was about buying a hentai figure. I love it

  • ChocoboKid
    ChocoboKid Year ago +2

    Garnt: I must complete challenges!
    Syd: Tiddies go brrr!!!!

  • Andrew Tobin
    Andrew Tobin 11 months ago

    20 seconds after introducing Syd: “I don’t know how we’ve done this, but we’ve entered the hentai section.”
    Not sure what he expected.

  • Ran
    Ran Year ago

    12:20 I actually have this statue, and that looks like it's discoloured from being in sunlight. It's from Art of War though, and all their statues are amazing quality.

  • reefswer
    reefswer Year ago +1

    This needs to be a yearly event

  • Marcuszeus 555
    Marcuszeus 555 Year ago +443

    "Garnt proceeds to be very helpful to his editor and wanders off to tell someone else he's buying this. Sydney spends this time looking at naked lady parts." Oh poor Ailan 😂

    • Marcuszeus 555
      Marcuszeus 555 Year ago +5

      @Sean Jagger Oh okay

    • Sean Jagger
      Sean Jagger Year ago +12

      I’m pretty sure the editor of this video is Ailan, considering all the Gundam comments throughout the video lol.

  • Goleon
    Goleon 9 months ago

    Grant: “Our first mission is to find a lewd figure. Now Sydney, we got two eyes working for us right now.”
    Sydney: ~films a sexy looking figure~ “That’s a good nipple right there. That’s a good nipple. I like them. I like them a lot.”
    Grant: “Do you think this video’s going to be monetize?”
    Sydney: ~sad sounding tone~ “No.”

  • bubbazwezzy_707
    bubbazwezzy_707 Year ago +1

    I watch these channels to somewhat get away from american culture but watching Garnt buy that BANG BANG with the national anthem was very comforting as an american who has never used one before.

  • Salaga yikes
    Salaga yikes 7 months ago +2

    I know she was joking but Sydney saying goblin slayer and berserk are the same thing is straight up blasphemous

  • VirgilTheMob
    VirgilTheMob Year ago

    Managed to score that Fate statue for 400-something dollars on release from Yahoo Auctions, with an opened shipping box but the inside one still intact. It's an absolute behemoth and a crown jewel in any Fate figure collection. Unless you're crazy enough to buy the 3k bucks, 1 meter tall resin version of that, you've got the Holy Grail of Fate figures.

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen Year ago +343

    Gigguk buys an an Airsoft Rifle to spite Joey and Connor with his American Patriotism
    _Gets a Japanese Rifle_

    • dodo bird
      dodo bird Year ago

      @vorlon010 I just looked it up, apparently the Howa 89's mechanisms are very similar to the AR-18, not to mention that Howa used to make AR-18 rifles under license from Armalite.
      The Howa 89 is at the very least a cousin to the AR-18, and I could see them even being half siblings, design wise.

    • vorlon010
      vorlon010 Year ago

      @dodo bird sadly most brit gun nerds are stuck with airsoft replicas or paying crazy amounts to the police on the regular.
      Saying that, isn't the Type 89 another AR180 derivative? That'd make it sorta like an american gun?

    • dodo bird
      dodo bird Year ago

      The worst part is that he even said "that looks like an american gun"
      ... well, best I can get from a brit, I guess.

    • Lobo Diablo
      Lobo Diablo Year ago +3

      @ilham septian as long as it shoots we're all in for firearms

    • Doomgel
      Doomgel Year ago +10

      @ilham septian You would be right my good man. Americans don't discriminate. All weapons are welcome on these shores. ;)

  • IMMentat
    IMMentat Year ago

    4:30 yep, he's with Hi, erm Syd alright.
    Man chose good taste over a pyrrhic victory, he's a good boi (that said it was a nice looking fic, just amelia is simply a lame character)
    19:09 Garnt just gained a LOT of faction points :p
    20:15 TBH vs gatcha those figures are actually pretty damned good value.
    25:30 and there goes the accrued faction. Silly Garnt. 25:55 or not.

  • Chris Droste
    Chris Droste Year ago

    late to the party but as soon as i heard "buy the most expensive anime figure you can find" I immediately thought that the $10k budget was not enough to contain it.
    there are 1:1 scale figures out there that cost $15k USD when new and it wouldn't surprise me to find one in Akiba.
    (yes i really wanted that 1:1 Rem wdya)

  • The 19th Fighter
    The 19th Fighter Year ago +2

    18:19 That's not even a lobster. That's the less expensive crayfish.
    I learned that from KonoSuba. Don't judge me.

  • Jls32657
    Jls32657 Year ago +1

    These edits are on point some of the funniest I've seen

  • Mariano Seravalli
    Mariano Seravalli Year ago +667

    As a gundam fan i would fucking pay for a stream of the bois building a master grade gunpla and seeing how much it takes them to figure it out

    • metal enthusiast
      metal enthusiast 10 months ago

      I got visually pissed while he was going through the gundam figures

    • Eucep
      Eucep 10 months ago

      @Hoshimaru57 If you want something big, there are the simpler and bigger 1/48 scale Mega scale kits (PG are 1/60). There also are some insane big HG 1/144 kits of the Neo Zeong or the Dendrobium (best to look em up why such small scale are among the biggest gunpla). PG's tend to be more expensive, then again way more long term fun building them.

    • Zudah Kai
      Zudah Kai Year ago +1

      Thats assuming they can find one without calling it mazinger

    • NicheNetwork
      NicheNetwork Year ago

      @👺samurai boi lmfao you're almost good at pissing people off

    • Paul C
      Paul C Year ago +2

      Joey just built his first one on stream maybe 4 days ago. Just watch the vod on his twitch

  • Dalchini & Host
    Dalchini & Host Year ago

    Garnt's had a real social glow up recently, I really like to see it!

  • Sugar Spice N Everything Nice

    high key enjoyed the part when all the arrows pointed to the mechs garnt literally just talked about 💀 @16:20

  • Twi Light
    Twi Light Year ago +1

    Well, Sydney seemed like she had a great time.

  • Anmol Sk
    Anmol Sk Year ago +2

    When ever the re zero witch theme comes up it kills me each time 😂

  • LuisGT
    LuisGT Year ago +2

    I'm angry at the fact Garnt called my precious Melty a bitch... and the fact that I couldn't buy that figure

    • Himanshu Singh
      Himanshu Singh Year ago +1

      Same, I hate how he said it when there's a high chance that he hasn't even played her event and doesn't even know her.

  • 02
    02 Month ago +1

    Wow! By the standards of my country, you are rich enough that you can spend 550 dollars on 1 figure. According to our salaries, I had to work for 7 months without spending money on anything

  • Raffaele Miceli
    Raffaele Miceli Year ago

    Gigguk: Yom is one of my favorite artists.
    Me: Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

  • ArtisticBang91
    ArtisticBang91 Year ago

    10:54 Echidnut would be really envious of Gigguk bought that 😂

  • YingofDarkness
    YingofDarkness Year ago +511

    This was so funny to watch! Connor trolling Garnt, Sydney acting like a kid asking Garnt to buy her hentai figures, and just Garnt's commentary in general was so good this video! My favorite of the three guys for sure!

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu Year ago +4

      Sydney asking for “cultured” figures is like a kid asking their mom to go to the toys section

  • donny
    donny 9 months ago

    I love how it isn’t “I spent $10 grand” but it’s “I lost $10 grand”

  • Arkan Matlub
    Arkan Matlub Year ago +1

    Honestly that Emilia statue looked pretty dope too