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ITZY Tests How Well They Know Each Other | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Jun 9, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ITZY tests who knows one another best in this episode of Vanity Fair Game Show. They tour together, sing together, and eat together, but how much do they actually know about each other?
    Check out ITZY's latest EP, CHESHIRE.
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  • Alex_Kills
    Alex_Kills 5 months ago +5637

    Their English has come such a long way since their debut. Before it would be Lia leading interviews like this, now I love how they’re all able to be involved in conversation. Well done, Itzy 🥲

    • mushkan_army 💜
      mushkan_army 💜 5 months ago +9

      Proud 😌

    • musicta maya
      musicta maya 5 months ago +63

      @Charlie Wright It's not only about JYPE not pushing Twice. Itzy already had a fluent english speaker lia and ryuin who could already converse well. Having someone to guide you and communicate really improves speaking skills.

    • Gabbs
      Gabbs 5 months ago +56

      @Charlie Wright Different circumstances too. When Twice debuted in 2015 companies’ push for Kpop in the west wasn’t a huge priority yet. The main markets were still Korea, Japan and China. (I believe Jeongyeon mentioned that pre-debut she was learning Chinese along with Nayeon through the company.) When Itzy debuted in 2019 Kpop was already going west, so they had them learn English as they would be the group to tackle a more “western” sound too, and like the other comment mentioned it helped that they already had Lia. We already seen that Neyeon is actively trying to improve her English with classes, and the opposite where Momo mentioned she doesn’t really care to learn it, so it’s a member by member basis.

    • Lam Rong Peng
      Lam Rong Peng 5 months ago +2

      love ITZY

    • Kimi
      Kimi 5 months ago +12

      @Charlie Wright I mean when you still selling out stadiums in English speaking countries does it really matter? lol

  • siyeon’s wife
    siyeon’s wife 5 months ago +3846

    yeji: “you’re a genius..”
    ryujin: “of course~”
    bye they’re so cute, I love that

  • Human Panda
    Human Panda 5 months ago +4194

    Yuna really is Queen Blink 😂. Their chemistry is so good and they always make you laugh

    ICY BUT IM ON FIRE 5 months ago +2291

    The way they were SOOO confident in answering Ryujins questions 😂

  • Jn jonojo
    Jn jonojo 5 months ago +1588

    Ryujin speaking English and her sense of humor is just gosh!! I loved it!

    • nasser abdulla
      nasser abdulla 5 months ago +3

      i noticed too!

    • mushkan_army 💜
      mushkan_army 💜 5 months ago +6

      I love her English

    • Dewparshad Singh
      Dewparshad Singh 5 months ago +8

      Her english is attractive 🤗

    • lalizexe
      lalizexe 5 months ago +3

      Kick in the door, waving the coco'
      팝콘이나 챙겨 껴들 생각 말고
      I talk that talk, runways I walk-walk
      눈 감고, pop-pop, 안 봐도 척
      One by one, then two by two
      내 손끝 툭 하나에 다 무너지는 중
      가짜 쇼 치곤 화려했지
      Makes no sense, you couldn't get a dollar out of me
      자, 오늘 밤이야, 난 독을 품은 꽃
      네 혼을 빼앗은 다음, look what you made us do
      천천히 널 잠재울 fire
      잔인할 만큼 아름다워 (I bring the pain like)
      This that pink venom, this that pink venom
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      Straight to ya dome like whoa-whoa-whoa
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      Straight to ya dome like whoa-whoa-whoa
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      Black paint and ammo', got bodies like Rambo
      Rest in peace, please, light up a candle
      This the life of a vandal, masked up, and I'm still in CELINE
      Designer crimes, or it wouldn't be me, ooh!
      Diamonds shining, drive in silence, I don't mind it, I'm riding
      Flying private side by side with the pilot up in the sky
      And I'm wyling, styling on them and there's no chance
      'Cause we got bodies on bodies like this a slow dance
      자, 오늘 밤이야, 난 독을 품은 꽃
      네 혼을 빼앗은 다음, look what you made us do
      천천히 널 잠재울 fire
      잔인할 만큼 아름다워 (I bring the pain like)
      This that pink venom, this that pink venom
      This that pink venom (get 'em, get 'em, get 'em)
      Straight to ya dome like whoa-whoa-whoa
      Straight to ya dome like ah-ah-ah
      Taste that pink venom, taste that pink venom
      Taste that pink venom (get 'em, get 'em, get 'em)
      Straight to ya dome like whoa-whoa-whoa
      Straight to ya dome like ah-ah-ah
      원한다면 provoke us
      감당 못해 and you know this
      이미 퍼져버린 shot that potion
      네 눈앞은 핑크빛 ocean
      Come and give me all the smoke
      도 아니면 모 like I'm so rock and roll
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      다 줄 세워 봐, 자, stop, drop (I bring the pain like)
      라타타타, 트라타타타
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      Straight to ya, straight to ya, straight to ya dome like
      라타타타, 트라타타타 (BLACKPINK)
      라타타타, 트라타타타 (BLACKPINK)
      라타타타, 트라타타타 (BLACKPINK)
      I bring the pain like-

    • Atomic _
      Atomic _ 5 months ago +1

      @Dewparshad Singh addractive*

  • sherra
    sherra 5 months ago +1453

    5:37 the way Ryujin sitting there knowing the members won't get the right answer because she cooked it just once , she's soooo😭

    • Queen JLacy
      Queen JLacy 5 months ago +41

      Lol I know right? 🤣😂🤣 this is why she's my bias like she is so relatable like she gives off those types of vibes like she's just so chill and just awesome💯😊.

    • Jungwndrlnd
      Jungwndrlnd 5 months ago +31

      @Queen JLacy she doesn’t give off vibes she is a vibe

    • vero
      vero 5 months ago +9

      Only part that had me laughing out loud I love her sm she’s so effortlessly funny

    • Dewparshad Singh
      Dewparshad Singh 5 months ago +5

      Sassy 😉

    • daniel jeffers
      daniel jeffers 5 months ago +2

      But they did know how many times she's cooked it.

  • Zyrcadia WithU
    Zyrcadia WithU 5 months ago +974

    the way Yuna answered with "I just walk." had me cackling for like 2 whole minutes. that was so funny.

    • mushkan_army 💜
      mushkan_army 💜 5 months ago +18

      Yuna is our laughter queen 👑

    • ELFanatic
      ELFanatic 5 months ago +10

      2 minutes doesn't seem like a long time, but it's a long time.

    • Dewparshad Singh
      Dewparshad Singh 5 months ago +7

      When yuna comes i was like here we go 😂😂

    • hellodil_lyn
      hellodil_lyn 4 months ago +1

      She is so natural

  • J
    J 5 months ago +630

    Yuna being the blink she is! And Ryujin being sassy! Love it!

  • Bits
    Bits 5 months ago +531

    Ryujin and Lia vibe so well together lol they’re hilarious

  • Chrishan Annestine
    Chrishan Annestine 5 months ago +346

    Yuna's "Forever young is the best song, but Stay is my favorite" is so relatable 🤣
    I have that stance for many groups lol

  • Luna Tagailo
    Luna Tagailo 5 months ago +541

    Ryeongchae and Yeji singing and dancing to Pink Venom is a vibe! Love it! ❤️ Hail to our blink queen Yuna!

  • Jepps
    Jepps 5 months ago +405

    6:50 - " What sport did I used to play"
    *members guess floor ball*
    Yuna " No...I just walk" honestly at this point she should be a comedian 😆

  • Hi CB97
    Hi CB97 5 months ago +1327

    4:24 Lia said "dont look", BROOOOOO ITS SO CUTE😭💛

  • mido
    mido 5 months ago +462

    I love when Ryujin speak English her accent is so attractive 😭😭

  • Cherrybear
    Cherrybear 5 months ago +440

    The way they discussed about Chaeryeong’s favorite hair color around 1:36 really made them look like sisters, especially how Yeji and Ryujin said “no.” Lol

    • ren
      ren 5 months ago +15

      Its chaeryeong! They spelled it wrong

    • Yuki
      Yuki 5 months ago +1

      @ren it sounds the same so it doesn't really matter

    • ren
      ren 5 months ago +18

      @Yuki it does matter. Chaeryeong herself said she wants people to write her name like that

    • Yuki
      Yuki 5 months ago +1

      @ren is it really like this? can you tell where she said that? i'm not being mean right now, just really curious since i hear this for the first time

    • mushkan_army 💜
      mushkan_army 💜 5 months ago

      And the main thing is they answer together 🤣🤷‍♀️

  • Elise Grönvall
    Elise Grönvall 5 months ago +256

    "what scares me the most"
    chaeryoung: people
    shes so real for that

  • rahjahknows
    rahjahknows 5 months ago +237


  • Viiko Rmz
    Viiko Rmz 5 months ago +261

    Chaeryeong speaking in English is something else

  • Silver Fox
    Silver Fox 5 months ago +448

    Yuna laugh at 7:24;is so precious.

  • findingyuri
    findingyuri 5 months ago +416

    ITZY are 5 talented & hilarious queens 👑😂

  • Veda Rao
    Veda Rao 5 months ago +417

    you know its love when your members know you better than you know yourself

  • ohnoitswono
    ohnoitswono 5 months ago +57

    5:41 Ryujin totally did that on purpose so the girls wouldn’t guess it! I love her 😂 Ryujin always wins

  • Stars 🌟
    Stars 🌟 5 months ago +451

    Itzy is so awesome!! Love them so much, their chemistry is amazing!!

  • Charles Tran
    Charles Tran 5 months ago +152

    Their English pronunciation was so clear and concise. They have been way more relaxed and comfortable in recent interviews and their English skills reflect that.

  • °• Moon.•°
    °• Moon.•° 5 months ago +168

    7:06 yuna's favorite song being "stay", it is such a dope song 🥺🥺aahh,my blink heart is so happy🖤💗

  • ahh
    ahh 5 months ago +272

    Chaeryoung is so cute with her "are you sure?" ❤️

  • ASU
    ASU 5 months ago +32

    I am living for ryujin’s English! Especially at 5:55. The way she said it was so precious and dramatic. I loved it!
    They have all gotten so good

  • weiszly
    weiszly 5 months ago +106

    Ryujin has more charisma in her left pinky finger than the entirety of the world's population combined

  • les caprices de maria
    les caprices de maria 5 months ago +44

    Ryujin knows Yeji so well

  • tayyyy
    tayyyy 5 months ago +59

    Itzy are the funniest 4th gen female groups, they are very carefree and their chemistry are untouchable

    • Dewparshad Singh
      Dewparshad Singh 5 months ago +1

      They are fearless .. They dont care about cameras😎

  • Dancing Duo
    Dancing Duo 5 months ago +52

    When Ryujin went "Time is ticking" and then they all started clicking their tongues 🤣

  • Mushy_mush
    Mushy_mush 5 months ago +33

    5:21 Lia asking who she likes when she's the one who's supposed to quiz them, Chaeryeong giving her the answer and agreeing to it 😭😭

  • J R
    J R 5 months ago +12

    ryujin's english is insanely good! its honestly pretty much on par with lia - if she keeps learning and practicing she'll sound super fluent really soon. huge props to her for taking her eng studies so seriously, she's a standout.

  • Regina
    Regina 5 months ago +49

    Lia and ryujin always hit different together

  • Shery Berry
    Shery Berry 5 months ago +14

    5:37 RAW "Ryujin always win" her competitiveness is so 😭

  • melllleesss
    melllleesss 5 months ago +38

    Yuna looks soo luxurious 💟 literally such a beauty. i can see her as a top model or an actress, Her expressions and unique feminine energy are so charming to me! U go girl

  • Mc_Girl12
    Mc_Girl12 5 months ago +97

    I love hearing them speak English, their pronunciation is sooo good!

  • Addy
    Addy 5 months ago +20

    The way they flip between English and Korean so smoothly!! You can tell they speak and understand English really well. Bilingual queens 👑

  • °• Moon.•°
    °• Moon.•° 5 months ago +84

    Chaeryeong's English accent is so cute💘💘💘

    • Mayoko
      Mayoko 5 months ago +1

      her name is Chaeryeong not Chaeryoung

    • °• Moon.•°
      °• Moon.•° 5 months ago

      @Mayoko srry for the typo😅

  • john moon
    john moon 5 months ago +29

    Chaeryeong is so animated and interactive when it comes to variety shows like this that's why I love her and that's why she could be the next predecessor to mijoo,yuqi and yena

  • Rosiex
    Rosiex 5 months ago +32

    4:24 Ryujin's laugh omg🤣

  • аксиома
    аксиома 5 months ago +14

    I love yuna's accent and she looks so gorgeous with this makeup and hairstyle !! all itzy members are incredible though

  • stationery fiend
    stationery fiend 5 months ago +94

    Cuties! Their personalities make all these interviews fun to watch! Also, Yuna's love for Forever Young is as strong as mine!! ❤️

  • siyeon’s wife
    siyeon’s wife 5 months ago +33

    chaeryeong choosing han so hee as her favorite actor/actress is so real

  • Autumn
    Autumn 5 months ago +24

    I really love Yuna’s english voice lol it’s so cute. I love Itzy so much!!!!

  • AnimeIntroStyles4
    AnimeIntroStyles4 5 months ago +12

    "My artists may be not the best singers but I'll guarantee you that they are the best humans." - JYP

  • hype boy
    hype boy 5 months ago +72

    Happy to see ryujin having fun and laughing , please baby keep your smile on your face forever 💞

  • ReveluvMidzy
    ReveluvMidzy 5 months ago +18

    Itzy is so entertaining, cute, pretty, talented and their friendship is so goals!!

  • verônica leite
    verônica leite 5 months ago +169

    Chaeryeong best SONE!

    • Asxtro
      Asxtro 5 months ago +2


    • ventaliq
      ventaliq 5 months ago +1

      What is sone

      MKHCFIRE 5 months ago +5

      @ventaliq it's the name for Girls Generation's fandom

    • Vivi🎪
      Vivi🎪 5 months ago

      Girls generation fandom name

    • o
      o 5 months ago +1

      What's acronym

  • Marcelino Wirabangsa
    Marcelino Wirabangsa 5 months ago +4

    Ryujin laugh is so addicting 🥰

  • Martha Kelly
    Martha Kelly 5 months ago +9

    Lia's favorite show being Gossip Girl and then Chaeryoung being like "i love it too!" 4:36 yessss queeens taste!!! ✨

  • Multibreed stan:)
    Multibreed stan:) 5 months ago +10

    Ryujin owns my heart♡. I just love her so much. When it was her turn to ask questions, 5:41 , this part I just love her attitude when she said "One more chance to change".
    Itzy is amazing ♡. Just love them and their personalities♡.

  • Mohammed Saleh
    Mohammed Saleh 5 months ago +14

    Yuna is so precious 🥺🫶🏻

    ML HIGHLIGHTS 5 months ago +68

    Chaeryeong is scared of people who make the loud sounds on stage. Let's get those people! 😂

  • saku906
    saku906 5 months ago +9

    Ryujin has always sounded so good in english, ever since debut her pronunciation has been so good and seems like she is fluent, Yeji's english has improved so much too!! Love hearing all of them speaking english, they have improved so much ❤

  • angel ♡
    angel ♡ 5 months ago +12

    I'm so proud of ITZY!! being a midzy since dalla dalla, they have improved their english so much just to talk with fans 😭❤️
    I have to mention, Lia and Chaeryeong are certainly the most lovable people on this planet 💗

  • Black to the Pink
    Black to the Pink 5 months ago +6

    Lia imitating how Yeji takes selfies was so funny Imao 😭✋

  • midzy
    midzy 5 months ago +24

    Itzys chemistry is a awesome!! I love them so much. They are just so cute!! Yejis smile is my everything

  • Phil Arnaiz
    Phil Arnaiz 5 months ago +35

    6:00 ..ryujin saying "i luv it" is really cool.....

  • michelle
    michelle 5 months ago +20

    yeji is so classy i love everything about her

    • Dewparshad Singh
      Dewparshad Singh 5 months ago +1

      She is leader and i like her leadership quality 🤗

  • Diana
    Diana 5 months ago +35

    Yuna and I have the same taste - Stay is my favourite all time Blackpink song as well. It's amazing how they answered Pink Venom right away, she must be playing it all the time 😅 I'd like to see them dance Typa Girl!!!

    • Caroline xx
      Caroline xx 5 months ago +3

      ITZY the biggest blinks!
      Can't wait for their interactions

    • mushkan_army 💜
      mushkan_army 💜 5 months ago +1

      ​@Caroline xxbut yuna is president

  • Liviahel
    Liviahel 5 months ago +51

    this kind of video reminds me of why I love them so much, they're such nice people

  • smlforjendeuk
    smlforjendeuk 5 months ago +9

    I just guessed Lia's favorite series. Gossip girl is my favorite also. And I feel goosebumps every time I hear Yeji speaking in English, she's so good now. I'm a proud midzy. ♥️

  • ndwolfwood09
    ndwolfwood09 5 months ago +24

    Glad that finally a K-pop group, everyone speaks and understand English too! Itzy is def a international super group!

  • sou
    sou 5 months ago +100

    I really love their friendship!

  • Yoshii
    Yoshii 5 months ago +28

    I really like their friendship and how they know each other so well

  • Camilla
    Camilla 5 months ago +85

    4:22 Lia's 'don't loooook' was so cute

  • Namiswan
    Namiswan  5 months ago +41

    Yuna: who do I call first when I am having a bad day?
    No one:
    Lia: M E ✨

  • Calleigh 은미
    Calleigh 은미 5 months ago +21

    Itzy’s English gets better and better every interview! They are perfect! They even know all these cute sayings & slang - I love it 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

  • TK_1920
    TK_1920 5 months ago +4

    Lia's laugh her smile her voice 😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘

  • ok
    ok 5 months ago +4


  • MPandaLoverM
    MPandaLoverM 5 months ago +11

    People may say that itzy is losing popularity, but in my eyes they’ve become more likeable as I listen to more of their music. (I’ve been a midzy for a couple months) ❤️

  • Bobby Browning
    Bobby Browning 5 months ago +4

    Freakin love their personalities

  • fa[RiSDA]nial
    fa[RiSDA]nial 5 months ago +4

    the think i always like about itzy is how real they are

  • Nur Arumpac
    Nur Arumpac 5 months ago +2

    oh wow Chaeryeong is so mesmerizing! She’s so stunning here ❤️

  • Baako Jernigan
    Baako Jernigan 5 months ago +3

    I love the confidence and bright, positive energy they exude! It really makes you feel good just watching... thank you ITZY for being you

    MRZÁIH 5 months ago +6

    ryujin choosing nobody like you and yuna choosing stay makes my heart warm so much🤍 i love these songs so muchhhh

  • Charles Oppa
    Charles Oppa 5 months ago +1

    Hands down im so amazed of them. Their effort in communicating in english is showing in this interview, especially, Yeji. I’m so proud of her.
    Their friendship is still genuine as how i saw them the first time, i felt it. And im loving them for it.
    Eventho they did experiment new concepts in 2022, i still believe in them as artists and performers. I know that they are talented and no 4th gen girl group is coming to their level.
    World tour was a success for them, and yeah many more to come

  • Patate Boss
    Patate Boss 5 months ago +45

    5:54 "yes i cooked it once and i loved it" 🤣🤣

    PJYPRINT 5 months ago +28

    ITZY !!! love my girls so much they're so funny laid-back and comfortable with each other! i laughed everytime they were bickering and teasing eo lmao

  • Dewparshad Singh
    Dewparshad Singh 5 months ago +15

    Ryeji is realllll.. Look how ryujin know about yeji🤗

    • xXliaz
      xXliaz 5 months ago +1

      Ik my friend well??? Stop shipping idols and ship them as friendships

    • Dewparshad Singh
      Dewparshad Singh 5 months ago

      @xXliaz im not shipping 😕

  • Mxg Ong
    Mxg Ong 5 months ago +2

    Chaeryeong 0:19
    Yeji 1:55
    lia 3:56
    Ryujin: 5:29
    Yuna: 6:44

  • Joyce Carla Silva
    Joyce Carla Silva 3 months ago

    Elas são tão fofas ahhhh 😍 elas todas lindinhas falando o que gostam e o que não gostam foi tão legal!!! Amo ver interações do itzy

  • Maria Bianca
    Maria Bianca 5 months ago +11

    Queria muito o cover da Yuna cantando Stay, combina muito com a voz linda dela! Amo vocês Itzy ♡

  • Taglebot
    Taglebot 5 months ago +3

    The ticking clock sound they make is so satisfying.
    CHAERYEONG is fantastic with black hair. (YEJI with grapefruit hair)
    I can easily see YUNA being a daddy’s girl.

  • Yel YL
    Yel YL 5 months ago +5

    The effort they've put into learning English truly makes global fans love them even more 🥰

  • Blackpinksdom
    Blackpinksdom 5 months ago +7

    Yuna's taste in music 🥺💗

  • tayyyy
    tayyyy 5 months ago +6

    Itzy are not friends, they are sisters ✨

  • Peanut Butter Toast
    Peanut Butter Toast 5 months ago +4

    Yuna proving once again she's 100% a BLINK 😆
    I love ITZY so much! This was so fun to watch and they looked like they were having a good time!

  • The Magnifier
    The Magnifier 5 months ago +2

    They improved a lot in speaking english. Master YEJI said before, IT'S ALL ABOUT CONFIDENCE 😅😆😁❤

  • sherra
    sherra 5 months ago +28

    Helppp Ryujin is soooo funny

  • lovelcy
    lovelcy 5 months ago +8


  • kidlucky1224
    kidlucky1224 5 months ago +5

    I see Itzy interview and I click. They are so interesting. It’s just like Chan talking in his room. ❤

  • Ben Foreman
    Ben Foreman 5 months ago +13

    I can't believe they got Ryujins favorite Itzy song wrong! I knew it was Nobody like you....hands up if you knew too! ✋

    • ohnoitswono
      ohnoitswono 5 months ago +1

      ikr i got it too! and i guessed gossip girl for lia 😅 but ryujin recently mentioned loving 24 hrs so maybe that’s why

    • Ben Foreman
      Ben Foreman 5 months ago

      Yuna saying that when she calls her Mom when having a bad day that she makes it worse, I really want the context of why....cos I bet its hilarious 🤣

    • Prasith Oudomvilay
      Prasith Oudomvilay 5 months ago

      I knew it was that one

  • ♡︎Amy♡︎シ︎
    ♡︎Amy♡︎シ︎ Month ago +4

    Never listened to any of their songs yet and I clicked on this video just because I was bored but Yuna is already my favorite for sure.

  • jules
    jules 5 months ago +4

    ITZY make my day by just smiling I love them so much 💕🫶🏼🥹

  • Jay Leppo
    Jay Leppo 5 months ago +41

    I would love to teach Yeji how to play guitar 🖤🖤🖤

    • ManwithoutUterus
      ManwithoutUterus 5 months ago +3

      I would love to learn to play guitar to teach Yeji how to play guitar😅

  • Chloe Connolly
    Chloe Connolly 5 months ago +34

    I love itzy so much I only started listening to K-pop last year and itzy is one of my favourite groups yuna is bias but the more I watch interviews I question if I have a bias because all the girls are beautiful and seem sweet I love all the girls

  • mushkan_army 💜
    mushkan_army 💜 5 months ago +3

    My queens, we laugh together, we fighting together.. love you itzy 💜🥺

  • • 천 사 💌 •
    • 천 사 💌 • 4 months ago +1

    Just so amazing girls love you ITZY 👏☺😯😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜🍭😇🤗