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Gaming Laptop vs PC

  • Published on Mar 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • JupiterCoyote
    JupiterCoyote 2 months ago +11665

    Make sure you put #ad in the description: this is clearly an ad for them

    • Three Star ♫
      Three Star ♫ 2 months ago +45


    • Fatbob_MC
      Fatbob_MC 2 months ago +289

      @xmattykay0-fl1wpyour a scammer

    • RPWarner
      RPWarner 2 months ago +81

      @Fatbob_MC yea that’s so enoying

    • MrSalt
      MrSalt 2 months ago +62

      Or he genuinely likes the product and is recommending it to others.

    • Pallabi Dutta
      Pallabi Dutta 2 months ago +3


  • Alex Tube250
    Alex Tube250 Month ago +1799

    Ah yes. As an owner of both, I love my laptop constantly hitting 100 degrees on the CPU and not being able to hear my game over the loud ass fans.

    • RitzyGoldfish12
      RitzyGoldfish12 Month ago +42


    • Alex Tube250
      Alex Tube250 Month ago +44

      @RitzyGoldfish12 you bet I use them.

    • RitzyGoldfish12
      RitzyGoldfish12 Month ago +2

      @Alex Tube250 true lol

    • Einstien2409
      Einstien2409 Month ago +4

      I especially love it when I have to do a project on Autodesk and go " allright time to go to the lab and get it done on the lab computers" and when I'm home I'll go "time for some gaming, booting the desktop up".

    • Einstien2409
      Einstien2409 Month ago +19

      For me, personally, gaming laptops are an absolute waste.

  • Luhan
    Luhan 28 days ago +650

    Guys i highly recommend this laptop it even supports 4k....not the screen..the price

  • xNapKap
    xNapKap 2 months ago +3164

    bro got the portable room heater 💀

    • Rampo At Chess
      Rampo At Chess 2 months ago +44

      ​@Bishal Chand aim for the lenovo legion 5

    • DCR444亗ㅤ??
      DCR444亗ㅤ?? 2 months ago +14

      ​@Bishal Chand zephyrus g15's great

    • TheOneRetardedAssGuy
      TheOneRetardedAssGuy 2 months ago +6

      I like laptop because im actually able tk get comfortable with them virtually anywhere and not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a huge pc when a gaming laptop with the same specs from walmart is $2000

    • FC_Hunter
      FC_Hunter 2 months ago +14

      ​@Rampo At Chess legion lineup is the ONLY logical choice for a gaming laptop

    • Drew
      Drew 2 months ago +1

      @Rampo At Chess I want a laptop with at least Ryzen 6000 or a good Intel 12th Gen, RTX 3060 or better, 1TB, and 16GBDDR5 and I can’t find that in a Legion (from Lenovo directly at least) for less than $2000 Canadian Dollars

  • Nunya bz
    Nunya bz Month ago +61

    don't forget the price tag, the loud fans, and the heat

  • Ren
    Ren 12 days ago +117

    yo guys you should totally get that laptop. it isnt good just for gaming and editing, but also for cooking and making yourself feel like in summer during winter

    • CrackheadBobby
      CrackheadBobby 4 days ago +1

      Bruh top comment right here 😂🤲

    • Kenshipain
      Kenshipain 3 days ago

      on par with playstation console jet cooling

  • Mr.StealYoCat
    Mr.StealYoCat 2 months ago +4273

    Don't forget that $4500 price tag

    • Naruto LN
      Naruto LN Month ago +175

      Damn its not 10k?

    • Laser_Red
      Laser_Red Month ago +106

      You forgot 2 zeros.

    • Yash Metha123
      Yash Metha123 Month ago +70

      Xbox series S is the way to go lol 300 bucks as everyone might already got a tv or monitor. Xbox series s can push 60fps on any modern game and 60fps is smooth enough

    • nxm
      nxm Month ago +67

      @Yash Metha123yeah but you can do so much more with a pc

    • nxm
      nxm Month ago +36

      @DoofusBoy no you can build a pc for 500 that runs better than a console lmfao

  • My dumb Yt channel
    My dumb Yt channel Month ago +19

    Gotta get a nuclear power plant grade cooling system

  • Starnana
    Starnana 23 days ago +54

    My favorite part is when he talked about the benefits of a gaming PC. Very in-depth, truly a fair comparison with no bias whatsoever

  • ThickAnimeThighs
    ThickAnimeThighs 2 months ago +2457

    30 second battery life

    • CompilationHUB
      CompilationHUB 2 months ago +221

      0 battery life on the desktop

    • Dogewithagun
      Dogewithagun 2 months ago +151

      ​@CompilationHUBit doesn't need a battery coz it ain't supposed to be portable

    • paper2222
      paper2222 2 months ago +56

      150db fans

    • GamerXX1000 GD
      GamerXX1000 GD 2 months ago +64

      ​@Dogewithagun Looks like somebody didn't get the joke

  • Bilivio
    Bilivio Month ago +333

    As a laptop gamer, I think laptop is the best option.
    - especially in winter

    • Mai gamer hu
      Mai gamer hu Month ago +22

      😂 yah man this thing is literally A freaking sun Thats the only reason I hate laptop for gaming

    • Tora Riders
      Tora Riders Month ago +2

      I hate the noise.

    • xrespect
      xrespect 28 days ago +1


    • xrespect
      xrespect 28 days ago


    • pauld
      pauld 19 days ago +3

      he just said laptop gamer 💀

  • Liam0125
    Liam0125 19 days ago +17

    I love how he made no mention of the £3.5k -£4k price tag

  • Amal Shadin
    Amal Shadin 2 months ago +807

    Yeah I'll definitely check this one out as checking doesn't require money. If you were talking about buying, my poor kidneys..😅

    • FrostNoLife
      FrostNoLife 2 months ago +21

      Bro I'll throw in my kidney and we can take turns 🤣

    • PSking
      PSking 2 months ago +5

      Uhh yea he forgor to mention that thing sounds worse than ps4 airlines.

    • Slim Judy
      Slim Judy 2 months ago +4

      ​@PSking how do u know

    • Saucy Boi
      Saucy Boi 2 months ago +2

      ​@PSking ps4 airlines is atrocious

    • Mr. Shogun
      Mr. Shogun 2 months ago +2

      ​@PSking oh ...ps4 airways is abatounticous might be a deal breaker

  • Kej
    Kej 11 days ago +43

    After having a gaming laptop for the past 5 years. I have got to admit the obvious choice was apparent to me.
    The gaming pc.

      JOSE KARLO GONZALES 9 days ago +1

      True, its better to have a gaming PC over a Laptop. but I am teacher and I can't bring my gaming desktop to school so I bought a budget gaming laptop.

    • Suki
      Suki 3 days ago

      @JOSE KARLO GONZALES what laptop did u get?

  • Black
    Black Month ago +9

    After years of owning both consoles and a pc
    I would choose a console anytime ,
    No headaches no updating everything, almost stable frames , wider audience,
    Just start and play

    • Mutant Master Race
      Mutant Master Race 27 days ago

      It depends on the pc and person tbh. A laptop like the one in this video? Horrible deal. But ill take a high end pc anytime over console because its just not even comparable. Theres just so much more you can do with pcs and the performance can be way better than console. If youre a casual gamer a console is completely fine but if you are into gaming as a serious hobby the pc is just the better option.

  • DavyzeraDasPalmera
    DavyzeraDasPalmera Month ago +695

    Everybody gangsta until he checks the temperature

    • Maksii_Games
      Maksii_Games Month ago +35

      200°F? No, it's 200°C

    • DFC
      DFC Month ago +15

      If i remember correctly razor blade is one of the few gaming laptops that's notorious for having a really good cooling system (it's not better than a normal PC but it should never overheat either). The real problem is the price, I think this specific model is like 4000$

    • mr.lunatic
      mr.lunatic Month ago

      Dont you have a fridge i got a mini fridge just for the laptop ..god you call yourself gamers ?

    • DavyzeraDasPalmera
      DavyzeraDasPalmera Month ago +2

      @mr.lunatic sir theres a difference between a gamer and a overclocker

  • Mutant Master Race
    Mutant Master Race 27 days ago +14

    Laptops are not the play over desktops when it comes to gaming. They're more expensive, less upgradeable, get way hotter, and slow down significantly after only a couple years of running them. Buy a desktop if you're gaming.

    • webguy943
      webguy943 4 days ago +1

      I dont wanna lug around a 50lbs machine just so I can play solitaire lol.

    • Mutant Master Race
      Mutant Master Race 4 days ago

      @webguy943 Well, if you're gonna be moving around with it, that's different, obviously.

  • PHILIPS M3046A 🏳️‍🌈⃠

    No #ad in the entire video and no tag showing the video is paid promotion.
    According to the FTC Policy Statement Regarding Advertising Substantiation or the substantiation doctrine, you must disclose that the video is an advertisement, not doing so is a *federal crime* .
    I could very well sue you.
    How does a fine of 11,000 USD and a prison sentence of (minimum) ten years sound? If it sounds good, I'll see you in court.

  • corenik
    corenik Month ago +505

    Id rather get a desktop and use the money i saved to buy 27" 240hz

    • Dean DaWiz
      Dean DaWiz Month ago +2


    • TheGeeks 16
      TheGeeks 16 Month ago +13

      Well I see where you wanna go, the thing is, some people actually want and need mobility

    • corenik
      corenik Month ago +6

      @TheGeeks 16 true. I just answered his question in the video if i would rather have a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop.

    • TheGeeks 16
      TheGeeks 16 Month ago

      @corenik great, but the way you said it seems the classic "desktop is always better coz you get more fps bla bla bla"

    • corenik
      corenik Month ago +10

      @TheGeeks 16 huh? i didnt say anything about fps, i was on about saving more money if i get a desktop. maybe you need to read my comment again. i was simply answering his question in the video.

  • Timothy Fox
    Timothy Fox 14 days ago +7

    The answer is simple: Whenever possible, Desktop is better than laptop.
    * Desktops are much more modular and upgradeable.
    * Desktops are much sturdier.
    * Desktops are much better at cooling.
    * Desktops are generally cheaper given the same specs, or have better specs for the same price.
    However, laptops have their obvious strong points as well:
    * Laptops are much more portable.
    * Laptops don't take up most of your desk.
    * Laptops are generally more than adequate depending on your personal needs.
    * Laptops are almost always pre-built, so it means an amateur like me won't screw something up with his own DIY build.
    It's really up to you, but unless you actually need a laptop, go for desktops instead. I've accidentally broken laptops so far in my lifetime, and I am usually very careful, but never once have I ever even come close to knocking a desktop out.

    • itz rohith
      itz rohith 11 days ago +1

      whats wrong with u

      OMNIKIT 10 days ago +2

      Desktops nor Laptops are better, desktops are for more hardcore gamers while Laptops are for casual ones or those who want to travel and play

    • itz rohith
      itz rohith 10 days ago +2

      @OMNIKIT yes if they can some how keep laptops cool than its completly possible

      OMNIKIT 10 days ago +2

      @itz rohith I have a Asus Rog Strix G15 and it's never been hot

    • itz rohith
      itz rohith 10 days ago +2

      @OMNIKIT i have acer aspire 7 after 1 match of valorant it is a toaster👀

  • Revan
    Revan 23 hours ago

    Pros of a laptop:
    - performs well
    - portable
    - can turn into toaster or fireplace

    ANKUR 2 months ago +1416

    Bro forgot to mention that it's over 5k

    • Thambu Samuel
      Thambu Samuel 2 months ago +59

      U also forgot that it's better than his 10k custom pc

    • Shido
      Shido 2 months ago +22

      ​@Thambu Samuel 10k means light etc 😂😂😂😂

    • Robert
      Robert 2 months ago +2


    • HHHavenn
      HHHavenn 2 months ago +4

      Degrees C°?

  • BeanMann
    BeanMann Month ago +11

    As a gaming laptop user"Just about everything else" includes cooking an egg on it after an hour of gaming.

  • life
    life Month ago

    I would prefer a laptop because it can do much as the pc can do but if I have to do work at a place like somewhere I'm not home and can't do it on my pc so the laptop you can take it almost anywhere so you can play,record,stream,work,scool,meetings and more.

  • Henry
    Henry 2 months ago +680

    Looks great! An excellent heater for the winter.

  • Grawpyy ツ
    Grawpyy ツ Month ago

    I would prefer a pc beacause its seems cheaper then a proper gaming laptop like that and i would like a bigger screen and keyboard with it but thats just me

  • McVincient
    McVincient Day ago +2

    Would always go for a PC unless the spec gap is too large

  • Aiden
    Aiden 2 months ago +4079

    Bro forgot to mention that it’s 3k

    • pejelmao
      pejelmao 2 months ago +372

      5k lmao

    • ENVEE
      ENVEE 2 months ago +246

      ​@pejelmao I was about to say, 3k would actually be an incredible price and definitely worth it. 5k is a lot more realistic.

    • darkness crusader
      darkness crusader 2 months ago +52

      ​@ENVEE lmao yeah it does sound realistic, i mean razer does sell a singular rgb fan for 50 dollars, but lenovo legion pro 7i is a better purchase for cheaper since it has a 13900hx and 4080

    • Steff Dia
      Steff Dia 2 months ago +27

      5k with weak sound, heating problems, battery last 3 hours while browsing, fans too loud.
      2.8k - 3k you can buy M2 Max 14 inch, no heating problems, fans does not spin, best sound, battery last 15 hours while browsing.

  • The Lucky Ghost
    The Lucky Ghost 11 days ago

    I would prefer a gaming PC cause I don't want to charge it 50 million times

  • Kristoffer Lid
    Kristoffer Lid Month ago +2

    Tbh I prefer a laptop because I travel a lot and I need a powerful laptop, so I bought a gaming laptop and it doesn’t disappoint for my use.

  • Stehmasip
    Stehmasip 2 months ago +632

    A gaming pc with similar specs would obliterate the laptop

    • Duck696
      Duck696 2 months ago +117

      at half the price

    • 1nfius?
      1nfius? 2 months ago +22

      ​@Duck696 also easier to move around, and playing on the go. There's also the added benefit of a camera (assuming it has one) and pre built keyboard

    • Duck696
      Duck696 2 months ago +43

      @1nfius? but if you buying a laptop, buy a slim one, dont buy a chunky
      I bought a chunky one and it is a pain in the ass
      Cant move easily, doesnt even want to bring it anywhere, cant even game when not charged, at 2 times the price of a stronger desktop

    • Duck696
      Duck696 2 months ago

      @1nfius? i should have bought a steam deck or a slim laptop

    • 1nfius?
      1nfius? 2 months ago +2

      @Duck696 yeah, that's in my mind of replacing my current laptop, also a bit more light

  • Luke Bataglia
    Luke Bataglia Month ago

    A pc bc I can put higher end parts and build it myself while paying less

    DILLIP MIRDHA 23 days ago

    Matt kay saying : You gotta check this out
    my budget :You gotta check me out too

  • Braden Son
    Braden Son 2 months ago +442

    This costs 10x more than a Harvard college tuition 💀

    • DJAK47
      DJAK47 2 months ago +4

      Fr bro

    • GarryberryVR
      GarryberryVR 2 months ago +3

      Jesus christ

    • ratio
      ratio Month ago +1

      you are so cool i want to be like you when i grow up ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😉😉😉😉😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊

    • Randomfy
      Randomfy Month ago +6

      @ratio ㅤ

    • Lubna Lathif
      Lubna Lathif Month ago +1

      @ratio what the

  • IlllI
    IlllI Month ago +8

    Nothing can beat the PC as of today’s technology.
    Laptops always tend to thermal throttle due to compact design. The processors and graphics for laptops are designed to work on lower powers where as desktop processors and graphic deliver higher performance drawing more power. Thermal solutions in desktops are also good so it allows the system to work on heavy loads without any throttling or lag. Lastly desktops are always upgradable unlike laptops which are limited in expansion.

    • Sammy Siddiqui
      Sammy Siddiqui Month ago +2

      Well duh. But you cant take a desktop around with you, not even to the couch. Thats the trade off

    • Coldwarfare142
      Coldwarfare142 15 days ago

      ​@Sammy Siddiqui lol imagine someone taking a desktop everywhere they go.

    • Alicia
      Alicia 13 days ago

      What is the best and cheapest gaming laptop to play r6 siege in better settings?

  • ALegitNoLife
    ALegitNoLife 11 days ago

    I'm just imaging someone using that on the bus and their legs just start melting while the fans cause the laptop to fly into the air

  • ClappOnUpp
    ClappOnUpp 2 months ago +113

    For those of you calling it a heater, I legit leave a game running on my laptop at night when my room is cold. This is not a joke.

    • ok7218
      ok7218 2 months ago +7

      Aha thats class

    • Skx5
      Skx5 Month ago +3

      Yep, my laptop from 2012 heats up room by 2-3°C after 3-4 hours of gaming, and that thing has gt650m with i7 3630qm both of which draw up to 45w each, so I would imagine that a proper gaming laptop will be powerful enough to replace an actual heater

    • abdurrahman nashit
      abdurrahman nashit Month ago +1

      Isnt that bad for the laptop?

    • Skx5
      Skx5 Month ago

      @abdurrahman nashit well, hardware usually is designed to run with temps up to 95-100°C, so I guess high temperature doesn't affect the hardware that much as long as it's under control, if temps go up beyond the safe zone PC will just turn itself off, at least on somewhat modern hardware from early-mid 2000 and newer, on earlier components I believe were some cases of GPUs destroying itself because of overheating

  • cokito quintal
    cokito quintal Month ago

    For all the people hating on laptops, remember that everyone has different necessities, for example, I go to university so I had to buy a new laptop, and I also just had a Xbox One, so I decided to buy a Gamer Laptop because it covered those two necessities, I would probably had gotten more performance in a desktop PC for the price? Sure, but I wouldn't be able to carry it to school

  • Jorge Roig
    Jorge Roig 5 days ago

    Bro has the smoothest pc of all times

  • swag messiah
    swag messiah 2 months ago +528

    5k for a nice and warm fireplace! not a bad deal at all!

    • flaykez
      flaykez 2 months ago +35

      And don’t forget the peaceful noise of a fan going into overdrive

    • Shade
      Shade 2 months ago +1


    • ???
      ??? 2 months ago

      😂😂😂 nice one

    • Guilherme
      Guilherme 2 months ago +1

      3599$ on the official website

    • NghiaMinh
      NghiaMinh 2 months ago +3

      Not really why tf would you need a 4080 on a laptop it would literally perform like a desktop 4060ti, on battery it runs like a 750ti. If you just want to max out your performance just buy a pc with that price you can already afford a 4090 setup

  • Ʌᴛᴍᴏꜱ ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ

    Not only will this burn your wallet but it'd also burn your lap and fingers too! Not to mention the electricity bill that'd leave you and your grandchildren in debt!
    But hey, atleast things would be more peaceful and quiet when you can't hear anything because the load noise of the laptop just charging left your ears incapable of sensing sound!
    *_It do be portable tho_*

  • DarkSoulx7
    DarkSoulx7 4 days ago

    Dude. That thing is like $3000+ with a bunch of drawbacks. The biggest flex a laptop has on a PC is it's portability, that's it.

  • ɪᴄᴇᴄᴏʟᴅ ɴᴏᴇʟ Noel Radhakrishnan

    I loved the part where he played on PC

    • sayed ather hussaini
      sayed ather hussaini Month ago +8

      You missed the part where that's his problem.

    • Squasheii
      Squasheii Month ago +15

      @sayed ather hussainilook at the title of the video

    • Amir Razan
      Amir Razan Month ago

      ​@Squasheii It's a Spider-Man reference bro 💀

    • Areu Ready
      Areu Ready Month ago +1

      I loved the part where he gives an answer to the question

  • A and R
    A and R 9 days ago

    I have a Alienware laptop. The only reason why is I like to travel and it handles a lot of demanding games. The only con about it is it’s bulky and heavy but otherwise worth the 2k price tag. If you ever do get Alienware get the Premium warranty. I got the motherboard replaced free and they cover accidental damage including free replacement every year.

  • Kamurjan Kamurjan
    Kamurjan Kamurjan 8 days ago

    Most if not all gaming laptops can't use 100% of their power from battery alone. So if you constantly have to be plugged in why shouldn't you use a pc?

  • MR zerox
    MR zerox 2 months ago +109

    4080 laptop= 3070 desktop 🖥️👍

    • BabyHands The Great
      BabyHands The Great 2 months ago +7

      Wrong. My 3080ti M is about the same in performance to a 3070ti.

    • MR zerox
      MR zerox 2 months ago +2

      @BabyHands The Great ok I'm wrong it's more 5% power 🙂

    • Demon
      Demon 2 months ago +16

      Nah 4080 laptop performs around a 3080 ti desktop. 4090 laptop performs like 3090 ti desktop. It's not bad at all considering size and portability the problem is just the price.

    • BabyHands The Great
      BabyHands The Great 2 months ago +2

      It's between a 3080 12g and a 3080ti

    • SGT. Vernex
      SGT. Vernex 2 months ago +3

      ​​@Demon yeah thing is, there are different 30 and 40 series mobile gpus. They all have different wattages. That razer laptop could have 80 frames while a lenovo could have 150 while both having a "4080". And it isnt even well marketed that you could have that big a difference.

  • FrOmsTY
    FrOmsTY 23 days ago +1

    Imagine buying a laptop which is triple the price and give half of the performance in comparison of same specs with a PC

  • Aark Gaming
    Aark Gaming 8 days ago +1

    I would rather have the gaming pc. It is easy to upgrade plus it doesn't hit 100⁰c

  • Prime Arts
    Prime Arts 2 months ago +119

    Tell me you are sponsored by Razer without telling me you are sponsored by razer

    • Meatsweats
      Meatsweats 2 months ago

      Tbh, if price isn't a factor, the Razers are the best laptops so far

    • T stands for THEODORE
      T stands for THEODORE 2 months ago +1

      ​@Meatsweats say that to its cooling system

    • Agent 1307
      Agent 1307 2 months ago +1

      tbh if i was spending 5k to get a LAPTOP i would just get a macbook

  • Jesus Nazario
    Jesus Nazario 14 days ago

    The only problem is the battery when you have to work outside and just have 4 hours😢

  • The_Nochad
    The_Nochad Month ago +1

    Pc and I don’t even care what that furnace can do

  • Techii777
    Techii777 2 months ago +205

    Just gotta sell one and three quarters of my kidneys 💀💀

    • SSJ4GOD Valy225
      SSJ4GOD Valy225 2 months ago +1

      Dont worry is not that expensive not like those 35k $ Dell PCs 💀

    • Jyawshter
      Jyawshter 2 months ago

      ​@SSJ4GOD Valy225 how much is it?

    • Turtle production
      Turtle production 2 months ago +1

      ​@Jyawshterohh just the small price of 5K

    • Turtle production
      Turtle production 2 months ago


    • Jyawshter
      Jyawshter 2 months ago +1

      @Turtle production holy shit

  • Anarki_IN
    Anarki_IN 26 days ago

    A gaming laptop isn’t a replacement for a Gaming PC, it’s a two in one replacement for a Gaming PC + a slim ultraportable well built notebook (like a MacBook Pro 14) in the Razer Blade’s case. You can look at it as ‘doesn’t really excel at either’ or ‘does 80-85% of the job for both’. I prefer the latter.
    Plus you can game on the go, as opposed to stuffing your gaming PC in a suitcase and a portable coal power plant to power it.

  • Miguel Camarena-Alfaro

    Don’t forget the past where a pc is upgradable. A gaming laptop is not where it matters.

  • Kaiju the Doggo
    Kaiju the Doggo 2 months ago +133

    imagine being in the middle of a match with 3rd degree burns from the GPU and CPU

    • FE Syeisawesome
      FE Syeisawesome Month ago +6

      No cap my laptop did this 😂

    • SaysWho?
      SaysWho? Month ago +1

      Use a keyboard

    • COZY
      COZY Month ago

      Turned my macbook pro into a frying pan... surface pro too

    • Mayowa Ibidoja
      Mayowa Ibidoja Month ago

      ​@COZY why you use a MacBook for gaming 😭😭😭😭

      OMNIKIT Month ago

      Razer has really good quiet fans idk what you mean

  • Joseph Glasson
    Joseph Glasson Month ago +1

    i already have a gaming laptop, but i think that a gaming pc is worth it more than a gaming laptop. i only have a gaming laptop because i needed something that is portable to go to collage with, and for speed and power for when im at home. if i had the money then i would have both but with limited money i had 1 choice and that is the gaming laptop. if you dont need a device for portability and just do crap at home then obviously a gaming pc, because they perform better compared with a laptop with the same specs. this is because gaming laptops draw less power and they need to fit all this crap into a little thing. so a gaming pc will be the best option, especially when gaming laptops and gaming pc's are very similar prices. hope this helped. by the way, im not an expert, but this is the best knowledge i have

  • Job Pedraza
    Job Pedraza 20 days ago +1

    Once you get a pc you will never go back, and I was a laptop gamer throughout all of college

  • zim07
    zim07 2 months ago +165

    *“Thermal throttling has entered the chat”*

    • Sensy
      Sensy 2 months ago +2


    • CVPI guy
      CVPI guy 2 months ago

      My laptop be suffering from that

    • Капибара
      Капибара 2 months ago

      И ещё сумма данного товара

    • Mr. Sofi
      Mr. Sofi 2 months ago +3

      "thermal paste has left the chat"

    • Pavel Verner
      Pavel Verner 2 months ago +1

      And cooling fans be like: “F**k this s**t I’m out.” 😂

  • syruf
    syruf 5 days ago +1

    Bro's video game was playing by itself + I would rather use desktop than burn my fingers every time I touch the keyboard

  • Abraham Alviarez
    Abraham Alviarez 15 days ago +1

    Unless u are crazy enough for dropping 4000 usd, go for it champ

  • Radio
    Radio 2 months ago +351

    Love the part where you actually compared them.

    • Ghanem mohammed
      Ghanem mohammed 2 months ago +6

      My sis has it she was it overheats easily

    • 三角貓
      三角貓 2 months ago +2

      He compared the laptop to its self, which happens to be a compact personal computer.

    • Ghanem mohammed
      Ghanem mohammed 2 months ago +1

      @pr4xzy we have it already it will help it very hot

    • Jakob
      Jakob 2 months ago

      @Ghanem mohammed the brand new ones? They are thicker and much better cooling this year…

    • lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI
      lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI 2 months ago

      @Ghanem mohammed m2 max is actually worth the money more than this one

  • bakaby
    bakaby 3 days ago +1

    Laptops are good but too many people forget to get a laptop cooler with it and end up burning their new gaming laptop after only a few months of heavy use on really intensive games. Another thing to note is that the gpus that are in laptops get anywhere from 30-60 fps lower performance wise than a desktop with the same specs and same model gpu.
    (I use to build desktops but I switched to laptops cause I move a lot and it works really well for me, I do think overall though desktops are better if you really want that extra Oomph plus itx builds exist too if you are looking for something a little more portable as well, explore all your options!)

  • paolo galvani
    paolo galvani 22 days ago

    to be honest laptops are the best for me so much they are versatile and you can play wherever you want then if you want a nice workstation you buy the monitor and connect it to the PC i love them

  • TruFell
    TruFell 2 months ago +6

    Wait till it sounds like it's a jet about to take off and throttles in productivity, these things are only good for gaming and even then they heat up too much, laptops like the xmg neo 15/euloktronics laptop with water cooling are the future

  • Hello There
    Hello There Month ago

    The only reason you should pick the miniature jet engine instead of a gaming pc is their portability

  • Droid3455
    Droid3455 13 days ago

    That 4080 performs like a desktop 4070 though

  • Mohammed
    Mohammed 2 months ago +10

    Laptops have the GPU limited to a specific TDP , so for example instead of drawing 350w it draws much less watts , unlike the PC 4080. Its called a 4080 but it won't perform like a PC 4080 cause this is a "laptop version" of the GPU. Same thing goes with the processor so be careful when purchasing and choose wisely.

  • Deadly
    Deadly Month ago

    One huge problem, laptops are hugely power limited compared to their desktop counterparts. You can defo get better specs for the same price using desktop PC parts. Never buy a high end laptop.

  • Silent
    Silent Day ago

    My broke ass can’t even afford that.

  • babrums
    babrums 2 months ago +8

    As a razer laptop owner i can say thay you will be dissapointed in how actually short livespend of this brand notebooks is. Keyboard keys are falling out, battery life is short, battery itself can inflate, heatsink degradation, and of cource this thing is hot as f from both sides. Also razer tend to install low quality of monitor flex cable - it literally can break in half after the usual lid opening.

  • RobinWrath16
    RobinWrath16 Month ago

    Very simple..
    Choose PC if you are always at home...
    Choose Laptop if you are a Traveler etc whatever you do outside.. 👍👍👍

  • Firefly
    Firefly 7 days ago +1

    I said yes. My wallet said no.

  • Thows
    Thows 2 months ago +42

    He forgot to say that it makes the sound of a JET when you play, the components perform 35% less than in a desktop and the battery does not reach 3 hours with all the fury.

    • 6funny
      6funny Month ago +3

      More than 35 percent. From experience, my laptop is worse than integrated graphics on an i3, mind you I have a 1650 GPU in my laptop

    • Sammy Siddiqui
      Sammy Siddiqui Month ago +1

      Had a solid 3070 pc rig i played warzone on, then i played on my brothers 2060 laptop and it wasnt much of a downgrade. Like maybe 10-20 fps less at most

  • Dagamerturtle
    Dagamerturtle 10 days ago +1

    guys take it from me whos been stupidly buying gaming laptops for the past 6 or so years, buying a gaming laptop instead of a PC was the biggest mistake i have ever made. I regret it every second of my life. even if it has a good GPU, its always way worse than its desktop counterpart, and the CPU always gets thermal throttled to oblivion (intel moment) if youre thinking about buying a gaming laptop, just dont

  • sei paradeis
    sei paradeis 22 days ago

    I just burned my gaming laptop last week. I don't recommend them.

  • Dogy
    Dogy 2 months ago +191

    You can use it like a kitchen stove after 15min😅

  • S.A Challenger
    S.A Challenger 17 days ago

    Laptop is always better since it got a induction stove attached on it

  • PoworGames
    PoworGames Month ago +9

    yeah mom i need this for my zoom classes

  • Okay Fine
    Okay Fine Month ago +78

    The laptop hate in this comment section is real.

    • Ezrapierce123
      Ezrapierce123 Month ago +25

      It ain't laptop hate tbh, it's hate for the fact that this is just advertising and the fact that he wanted to frame this like useful information when it was really him just plugging the laptop👀

    • Trap Guardian
      Trap Guardian Month ago +1

      Desktops aren't only like 3 times cheaper but also their GPUs and processors are much more powerful than laptops'

    • Jayden
      Jayden Month ago +3

      This short is straight up a sponsored video, ain’t no way it isn’t.

    • Pearloryx
      Pearloryx Month ago +1

      ​@Trap Guardianand the cable management is a nightmare

    • Trap Guardian
      Trap Guardian 26 days ago +1

      @Jayden it is bro obviously don't even need to think

    SPACEGUY Month ago +1

    The specs on a gaming laptop don’t translate to the same components on a gaming pc. They’re altered heavily to obviously fit into a laptop, that it’s not even really a 4080, that’s just marketing talk. Also my 3070ti with a 5900X can easily hit like 300+fps on overwatch at 1440, yet this more powerful 13th gen intel chip and “4080” is struggling to keep it consistently at 165. Of course, the fans will be on at 100%, so it’ll sound like you’re running your own personal airport, and the components will thermal throttle anyway so. Point being, DO NOT get a gaming laptop as your main gaming device. It is NOT a replacement for a gaming pc. Gaming laptop is best for people who genuinely need the extra power in a laptop: game designers, 3D modeling, rendering, and animation, architects, devs, etc. and want to play games on the side…maybe if they’re remote so they can still game with the bois. For a student, it’s OVERKILL. Better to buy a MacBook M1 (new $800, used $600) and a console. OR buy a budget gaming pc for

  • Logan R
    Logan R 28 days ago

    Here in the UK it's annoying to get the parts new to build a proper rig and all the premades are dog shit and expensive. Gaming laptops follow this trend too, but they typically sport better specs for their price and they're more readily available. Considering they're portable too and all you need is some headphones to ignore the fans they're brilliant things. Definitely worth considering if you're a student, travel a lot or don't have the same availability or market for tech as the US seems to bolster.

  • Otify
    Otify 2 months ago +13

    im actually using that laptop. you forgot to tell how you need to buy an additional industrial level cooler. also atleast tell the viewers that i had to sell one of my kidneys to buy that thing. 10/10 worth it, best fire place ive bought in a while.

  • RandomGamingKid
    RandomGamingKid 2 days ago +1

    Ima get my mom this one instead of a microwave

  • jamie
    jamie 2 months ago +43

    Bro forgot we’re not rich like him 💀

    • boom
      boom 2 months ago

      Anyone with a job can save

    • blind tree man
      blind tree man 2 months ago +6

      ​@boom yes, but only those who can live excessively would really even consider the option of buying a 5k USD gaming laptop lol

    • Shade
      Shade 2 months ago +1

      ​@blind tree man This laptop costs 3.6k not 5k even 4090 laptop costs 4.3k

      TYPICAL TRYHARDTM 2 months ago

      Can't wait for it to lose 3k in value after a year and buy it on eBay 💀

    • hotbananadog
      hotbananadog 2 months ago

      guys just build your own $1200 PC, I got a Ryzen 5 5600x, 32gb of Corsair vengeance ddr4, Rx 6600 xt and 2tb of storage for just $1200

  • DVO
    DVO 29 days ago

    I have both, although I love my desktop pc with 4090 and 83" LG OLED 4k120hz gsync

  • Sameer Verma
    Sameer Verma 7 days ago

    Still I'll have a PC! It has many more benefits than a laptop, upgrade options, proper setup look, and have PS VR2 compatibility at some point.

  • Feathers m
    Feathers m 2 months ago +83

    Loved watching the part of the video that was Vs the computer

    • ZeroSkill
      ZeroSkill 2 months ago

      Pretty sure some of the Laptop GPU performance is cropped from the original VGA Card used for PC
      Not only because it's physically much smaller

  • Aqua Prime
    Aqua Prime Day ago +1

    he's lucky he didn't put that laptop on his lap..

  • Zulkifal
    Zulkifal Month ago

    As a gaming laptop user which works as a part time room heater, i can say it's quite fun

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac 2 months ago +69

    I can hear those jet engines from here

    • Oofu
      Oofu 2 months ago +3

      POV: You use a MacBook
      (See what I did with your name?)

    • Jimmy Mac
      Jimmy Mac 2 months ago

      @Oofu Ironically, im more of an android/pc user.

    • Pixie
      Pixie 2 months ago

      ​@Jimmy Mac gottem

  • The Poppy Gamer Cave
    The Poppy Gamer Cave Month ago +1

    Put on your mind this: NOTEBOOK NEVER BE BETTER THAN PC

  • KKGM_George
    KKGM_George Month ago

    when a reviewer isn’t smart enough to realise a laptop is a pc 💀

  • Nugget_Man
    Nugget_Man 2 months ago +51

    I just finished my build and im so happy to actually be able to enable high textures 😂

    • Janjic
      Janjic 2 months ago +1


  • phaldaz
    phaldaz Month ago +2

    This feels like an ad... is this an ad... do y'all feel like this is an ad? 🤔

  • Relic
    Relic Month ago

    Don't forget you you can't upgrade it in future unless you buy a whole new laptop. Certainly the more expensive way to game

  • Legen_ OfAimbot
    Legen_ OfAimbot 2 months ago +3

    I love gaming laptops but I’m starting to dislike the fact that they are overheating at times on games that require a lot of performance

  • Kyle
    Kyle 23 days ago

    Man, these Clip-Share reviewers who only care about advertising products and don't tell us the real deal about gaming laptops.
    If you're gaming on a laptop every day, all that heat can mess up your hardware and make it die sooner. And the build quality matters too, like those hinges that don't let any air flow in - they could totally crack because of the heat. That's why you see none of these guys saying anything about existing problems on gaming laptop like that hinge thing on msi models.
    I just wish these reviewers would stop sugarcoating stuff and start giving us the truth so we can make smarter choices

  • Chickadeez
    Chickadeez Month ago +11

    man is forgetting that mobile GPUs don't live up to their names, a mobile 4080 boosts 15% slower than a desktop 4070Ti, and will always be thermal throttling the CPU's boost frequency I've gone through enough gaming laptops to know that

    • Draxx
      Draxx Month ago


    • Chickadeez
      Chickadeez Month ago +2

      @Draxx yes a laptop GPU is usually referred to as mobile GPU since there is a difference in performance to it's pc counterpart and since it's mobile compared to PC which is meant to be stationary
      Compare the mobile rtx 3080 to the rtx 3080 and on average the desktop rtx 3080 is about 45-50% faster while still sharing the same name on top of that the laptop CPU and GPU are bound to thermal throttle sooner or later

    • John Daniel Esguerra
      John Daniel Esguerra Month ago +1

      ​@Draxx yep, laptop gpus are usually lower in Performance than desktop counterparts, roughly similar to laptop CPUs as as well.
      You wont get the same power level as a proper desktop PC, but laptops great advantage is if you are on the go and on the move.
      Game almost everywhere you like (as long as you have enough battery and portable power bank for laptops)

    • vibe
      vibe 4 days ago

      i wish i knew this lmao i was thinking maybe a 10-20 fps difference, boy was i wrong

  • Tenzin Moe
    Tenzin Moe Month ago +1

    I don’t care if the laptop runs better than a cheeta with a jet pack, the desktop experience will always be better in my opinion

  • Ricardo T
    Ricardo T Month ago

    CPU will be a drag. All that fan noise would be annoying