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  • Shakeriddleandroll
    Shakeriddleandroll 2 years ago +2192

    They played this song at a live show, and the crowd immediately split into harmonies without prompting. Shows just how much love and support goes into Critical role!

    • Alexandria Hauser
      Alexandria Hauser 4 months ago

      I literally watched that video just before I came to this one. 😂

    • Shakeriddleandroll
      Shakeriddleandroll Year ago +1

      @KitchenMonsoon its ok! its not like you made some grievous error it was funny and earnest.

    • KitchenMonsoon
      KitchenMonsoon Year ago +1

      @Shakeriddleandroll honestly I didn't remember commenting >.> My bad

    • Shakeriddleandroll
      Shakeriddleandroll Year ago +1

      @KitchenMonsoon i know, you replied six months ago lmao. glad to see you liked this video enough to come back to it

    • KitchenMonsoon
      KitchenMonsoon Year ago +1

      I was there and part of it! It was a friggin blast, Taliesin started "conducting" us.

  • spyling
    spyling 2 years ago +2825

    Should be mentioned that all the singers are members of the critical role group

    • alex cui
      alex cui Year ago +2

      Also that these guys are voice actors not professional singers which makes it so much more amazing

    • Kristal Cornwell
      Kristal Cornwell Year ago +5

      I've seen this video over a hundred times (every episode) and it still makes me emotional

    • jeffm9770
      jeffm9770 Year ago +12

      Laura actually sang her part in the studio while feeding her baby which is amazing

    • jeffm9770
      jeffm9770 Year ago +3

      I absolutely love Ashley's singing. And Laura on the harmonies was great.

    • tails322
      tails322 Year ago +1

      Side note I'd like to point out that if you watch the charcoal there little nuances the actors do in the show incorporated into them. Like Nott the goblin rocking her flask the same way Sam reigel does to get the last drop out

  • Olivia
    Olivia 2 years ago +1122

    "This goes unnecessarily hard" it does and honestly even though I've never been to a live show, all the attendees there just LOSE THEIR COLLECTIVE MINDS and sing along. Even if you're not a fan, that level of just everyone having so much fun over something they love is so incredible to see.

    • Darkest Argentum
      Darkest Argentum Year ago +1

      first time was wild cause the cast wasn't exspecting them to sing along NOW the record the audence sing along

    • Psithyrus1
      Psithyrus1 2 years ago +8

      I was in the front row at the 2019 GenCon show, and the cast seemed really thrilled and surprised when it happened.

    • David Parkes
      David Parkes 2 years ago +6

      I think everyone in this thread can agree that the "hardness" is 100% necessary.

    • Daiv Barr
      Daiv Barr 2 years ago +10

      @Colin Deal You Are Not Wrong.
      Though I think this is particularly magical, because of the nature of the community. We are, after all, a bunch of nerds, which can be really isolating. To share something like this, With so many others, is the opposite of isolation. Or so it seems to me.

    • Colin Deal
      Colin Deal 2 years ago +8

      To be fair, pretty much anything sounds awesome when over 1000 people sing it together

  • Nonsense Plastic
    Nonsense Plastic 2 years ago +902

    I love how David went from “Dungeons and Dragons? Seriously?” To “HOLY SHIT THIS FUCKING SLAPS”

    • sadlobster1
      sadlobster1 Year ago +2

      @Tenebi Centurion Still, such fears are as stupid as the ones where people think watching MLP "turns people gay" or that Care Bears of all things are evil devil spawn

    • Tenebi Centurion
      Tenebi Centurion Year ago +2

      @sadlobster1 Well, the books contains "rituals to summon demons and they are making sex cults!!" Then there were a short few cases of some mentaly unstable people who couldnt see the difference between the imagined world and real world. That was not caused by DnD though, as they most likely had mental problems before discovering DnD. It was an age where they needed a scapegoat, and these books that's about going into dungeons where there's unimaginable monsters & demons & cultists were an easy mark.

    • sadlobster1
      sadlobster1 Year ago +2

      @Connor Grynol To be honest, what's so "Satanic" about make-believe

    • Connor Grynol
      Connor Grynol Year ago +5

      @sadlobster1 for people who haven’t role played since they were kids they probably can’t help but see it as childish, and once you get past all the math and rules, it kinda is; but that’s what makes it so fun.
      There’s also the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s, though, I don’t think that has anything to do with this.

    • sadlobster1
      sadlobster1 Year ago +4

      @Connor Grynol Right? So, I don't understand why some people are drawn away by D&D.
      Surely, the roleplaying aspects would bring them into playing

  • gamergirl48
    gamergirl48 2 years ago +573

    You should listen to "Daughter of the Sea" soon. It's sung by one of the lead vocalists for this song and a player on "Critical Role." Her name is Laura Bailey and her voice is stunning.

    • JW11
      JW11 Year ago

      @that's embarrassing **harp music** _Laura Bailey_

    • Nik Dumont
      Nik Dumont Year ago

      @that's embarrassing fun fact she is also the voice of Shin Chan

    • that's embarrassing
      that's embarrassing 2 years ago +5

      *angelic choir* Laura Baaaaillley

    • Randomness823
      Randomness823 2 years ago

      Oh my gosh. Tears

    • William Fletcher
      William Fletcher 2 years ago +1

      omg yes please! the vocals in this song are hauntingly beautiful

  • Robert Snyder
    Robert Snyder 2 years ago +174

    This song was created by Sam Riegel one of the cast members and sung by Laura Bailey and Ashely Johnson. With background vocals of Travis Willingham and Sam Riegel. All of them are players of the game. They are all voice actors and do media for various things.

  • Serenity Silvermoon
    Serenity Silvermoon 2 years ago +981

    For a quick bit of background, Critical Role (or CR) is a long running D&D livestream, run by a bunch of friends who happen to all be professional voice actors and storytellers. This is the theme song for their second campaign, and CR is so popular in the D&D world do to the show's awesome storytelling that just under a year ago, the company that makes D&D teamed up with the Crittical Role peeps and the released an official book set in the original world of the Dumgeon Master, Matt Mercer. You should also look into some of Sam Riegal's singing from campaign 1, where he played a bard and would often improv spoof songs.

    • James Kessler
      James Kessler Year ago +3

      @hillrp1 especially the ever popular "Do You Want to Build a Machinegun?" Duet with Percy

    • ten5h1
      ten5h1 2 years ago +3

      @Crimson Afterburner And the first bunch of stretch goals were met within 24 hours.

    • Darkest Argentum
      Darkest Argentum 2 years ago +1

      @hillrp1 Oh that would be fun

    • Julie Michelle Robinson
      Julie Michelle Robinson 2 years ago +5

      @Crimson Afterburner Yeah I was surprised that the ridiculously crowdfunded animated series wasn't mentioned before the book!!! :D

  • Seamus Page
    Seamus Page 2 years ago +596

    Hooman: Oh we're getting into the dnd area okayyyy.
    M9 Intro: How do we wanna do this?

  • LunarMoth
    LunarMoth 2 years ago +288

    "This was so unecessarily awesome"
    Yup that pretty much sums up the entire show hahaha loved that reaction!

    • FlaschenJoe11
      FlaschenJoe11 Year ago +3

      DnD in general can be JUST that awesome and I love it ^^

  • Zeke Lionhart
    Zeke Lionhart 2 years ago +300

    David has no fear for his life, he dove head-first into the RWBY community, and now is just opened the doors to the DnD/CR community. Me? I'm loving it.

    • seazt heday
      seazt heday Year ago +1

      @Zevrian Raos I always enjoyed when the reality-warping bardic scanlan powers kicked in and allowed the entire party to chime in with perfect pitch and timing

    • Zevrian Raos
      Zevrian Raos Year ago

      @seazt heday "Burt Reynolds'" improv songs in campaign 1 were indeed fantastic.

    • seazt heday
      seazt heday Year ago +2

      @Katie Gyring he might like campaign 1 for Scanlan’s improv songs though, best to be properly thorough and watch it all ;) only way to do it right

    • Fox Toxic
      Fox Toxic 2 years ago +7

      Welcome friend. You’re in for an adventure.

    • Aleph Sharp
      Aleph Sharp 2 years ago +17

      @David The Hooman 100% in the best way

  • Alaric Silver-Lord
    Alaric Silver-Lord 2 years ago +121

    We may just send him into an infinite spiral of critical role music; the critters are a fource to be reckoned with.

    • Nerdygoddess
      Nerdygoddess Year ago +2

      Whelp, the cast called it a critter death hug for a reason...

  • TriXJester
    TriXJester 2 years ago +15

    The two female singers were Laura Bailey (who plays Jester Lavorre) and Ashley Johnson (who plays Yasha) they're both extremely talented voice actresses, Ashley plays Ellie in Last if Us and Laura was Lust in FMA Brotherhood.
    The male vocals were the voice actors Sam Riegel (who plays Nott the Brave) who voiced Teddie in Persona4, and Travis Willingham (who plays Fjord) who you might recognize as Mustang from FMA Brotherhood as well. Travis and Laura are also married, as well are Matt Mercer (The DM) and Marisha Ray (Player of Beau)
    The song itself was written by Sam Riegel

  • Eliot Nemec
    Eliot Nemec 2 years ago +1575

    Should we recommend the D&D Beyond ad music? 😂

    • Isaiah Welch
      Isaiah Welch Year ago

      All the Yes.
      'Nuff said. Lol

    • EmmieClassix
      EmmieClassix Year ago +1

      Has be Ashley's versjon tho .

    • David Parkes
      David Parkes Year ago

      @Julieta Giménez Don't worry, you're not alone in that disorganization thing, lol.

    • Julieta Giménez
      Julieta Giménez Year ago +2

      @David Parkes this line personally calls me out every single time
      Like _damn_ Sam yes I _am_ disorganized, but you didn't have to say it like _That_

    • Aurin saint
      Aurin saint Year ago


  • Ade Akili
    Ade Akili Year ago +6

    I love singing along to this. Sam Riegel has written a certified cult classic. Who else got recommended this video a week before the Campaign 3 premiere?

  • Ollie Valentine
    Ollie Valentine 2 years ago +227

    Me: sees molly's cloak
    *Cries in a corner*
    It gets me every time
    I love molly QnQ

    • Count Kingpen
      Count Kingpen 2 years ago +6

      “Be the chaos you want to see in the world”

    • kukui buss
      kukui buss 2 years ago +4

      Molly will always be my heart, soul, and greatest weakness!!!

    • Kyoza
      Kyoza 2 years ago

      @starryflame01 Oh, yeah. I forgot about that, lol

    • starryflame01
      starryflame01 2 years ago +3

      @Kyoza It changes when major things update. Let's just say, a few major things have happened

    • Clone1027
      Clone1027 2 years ago +10

      Shine bright, Circus Man

  • Smith and Sundry
    Smith and Sundry 2 years ago +42

    you should hear an entire conference hall singing along together during a live stream

  • Thechaoticmagnet
    Thechaoticmagnet 2 years ago +147

    I am sure someone has said this, but I would like to see you react to the "dnd beyond" intro song. It was written by a player of critical role, and got a great retro feel.

    • Kyoza
      Kyoza 2 years ago +4

      @TatlTails39 Sam is great

    • TatlTails39
      TatlTails39 2 years ago +9

      It was written by the exact same guy who wrote this song

  • Buddhabright
    Buddhabright 2 years ago +64

    They did another version of this for the animated series they're making, and built the track differently. Different instruments, harmonies, things like that. Worth a look for comparison, really.

    • Prang-ish
      Prang-ish 2 years ago +2

      got a link? would love to hear it!

  • Christina Patrick
    Christina Patrick 2 years ago +12

    Watching someone react to this for the first time is one of my favorite things, especially for someone who has never seen the show. The Prince of Egypt comment was such high praise, that is one of my favorite movies for music.

  • NightWatchersPet
    NightWatchersPet 2 years ago +26

    "Unnecessarily awesome" is basically Critical Role in a nutshell

  • Frogganator
    Frogganator 2 years ago +155

    Everyone is already pointing out that the cast of critical role is all voice actors. Two of them in particular are Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey, the voice actors for Col. Roy Mustang and Lust

    • Bill Bill
      Bill Bill Year ago +2

      @Sarah Gilliss And fuckin' Illidan Stormrage.

    • Sarah Gilliss
      Sarah Gilliss Year ago

      Liam O'Brien played the Horseman War.

    • SailorSaturn10
      SailorSaturn10 2 years ago +2

      @BlazeDupree 💙💚 And McCree from Overwatch!

    • BlazeDupree 💙💚
      BlazeDupree 💙💚 2 years ago +4

      Don't forget Matthew Mercer is Levi gods dam Akermen from Attack on Titan

    • Queen Umbra
      Queen Umbra 2 years ago

      Lust ;-; *cries in FMA 03 stannie bc she dead*

  • Daniel Sheraton
    Daniel Sheraton 2 years ago +29

    Even Critical Role's advert for D&D Beyond is unnecessarily complex and awesome.

  • Noverian
    Noverian 2 years ago +104

    Now we started you on this path. there is few fan songs:
    Hymn of the Nein - A Critical Role Devotional
    "The List" (critical role fan song) DEMO
    "Say" (critical role fan song)
    Hell and Back | a critical role fan
    Mollymauk vs Caleb - ULTIMATE RAP BATTLE
    Yasha vs Beauregard - ULTIMATE RAP BATTLE

    • cryofpaine
      cryofpaine 2 years ago

      @Noverian honestly, I like it as much as, if not more than, the original. Maybe it's just connecting to the story more. They did such a good job taking the Vox Machina story and fitting it to Hamilton.

    • Eleventh Ancestor
      Eleventh Ancestor 2 years ago +1

      Can't forget Aiden Chan's "Sonata for Whitestone Castle"

    • ComicallyMacabre
      ComicallyMacabre 2 years ago +1

      “Willing” is also an amazing fan song if you don’t mind C1 spoilers and/or getting you heart ripped out.

    • Karys Barbrook
      Karys Barbrook 2 years ago +9

      Also lillie furfaro's brilliant songs!

    • Benjamin Keppel
      Benjamin Keppel 2 years ago +11

      Gotta do the Ruby of the Sea by Ginny Di - best fan song. Although the Autumn Orange lofi remix is epic too

  • TrueTgirl
    TrueTgirl 2 years ago +47

    Oh my dude the D&D community has all kinds of stuff going on. Music, cosplay, art, homemade accessories, an avalanche of homebrewed game content in the form of adventures, items, character options... You can find basically any sort of creative expression you can imagine among tabletop players which I guess makes sense given the kinda people fancy games of make believe attract XD.

  • Jack Bartlett
    Jack Bartlett 2 years ago +35

    Wow, love that you’re reacting to dnd musical content. It’s cool that you tend to put a spotlight on really niche music and fandoms.
    If you wanted context, critical role is a show where people play dnd, commonly referred to as an ‘actual play’ show. It sounds boring, but it’s really fun to watch if you can get into it

  • Spikeball
    Spikeball 2 years ago +19

    "Jesters - a Critical Role Parody Music Video" by Ginny Di
    I haven't watched Critical Role yet but I came across this gem. Ginny Di does a great job at letting you know which songs contains spoilers, this one is clean.
    It would be cool to see how someone who doesn't get the specific spell references thinks about how they work in the lyrics.

    • Spikeball
      Spikeball 2 years ago +2

      @Diana I liked that one too.

    • virtualatheist
      virtualatheist 2 years ago +3

      @Diana Jester's Mom has got it going on! Woohoo!!!

    • Diana
      Diana 2 years ago +2

      Ginny Di's Melee Range is also a lot of fun

  • Victoria Dicicco
    Victoria Dicicco 2 years ago +63

    You should listen to Lilli Furfaro's themes for the Mighty Nine, starting with Jester's theme 'eyes warm eyes wide'

    • Martin Booyens
      Martin Booyens 2 years ago +2

      Some good shit that is. I prefer caleb's song but both are incredible

    • Martin Booyens
      Martin Booyens 2 years ago +2

      Some good shit that is. I prefer caleb's song but both are incredible

    • Sir Tuna
      Sir Tuna 2 years ago +4


  • Vivaxo
    Vivaxo 2 years ago +5

    Laura Bailey (One of the actors in this song) also sang "Daughter of the sea" - check it out you'll like it I'm sure. She's a very talented vocalist

  • Alaric Silver-Lord
    Alaric Silver-Lord 2 years ago +20

    I really want him to take a look at lilli furfaro now. She's made some AMAZING songs baised on the CR characters.

    • Alaric Silver-Lord
      Alaric Silver-Lord 2 years ago

      @Jess I'm stuck between Bare-Bones, Bright, and Resurrection. :)

    • Jess
      Jess 2 years ago +1

      Her songs are beautiful! I still don't know if Bare Bones or Bottom Line is my favorite. Stories is great too, gosh, they're all amazing.

    • Bear
      Bear 2 years ago +3

      Yes he really needs to review her songs, they are a masterpiece!

  • Timeturner
    Timeturner 2 years ago +11

    Definitely not "unnecessarily" awesome. ;DD This show deserves _all_ the badassery of this opening! :D

  • Leo Phoenix
    Leo Phoenix 2 years ago +91

    Hey Danny boy, for your next reaction I suggest " The Other Side" cover by Caleb Hyles and Jonathan Young. It is both boys at their best and if you love Greatest Showmen you love this cover.

    • cryofpaine
      cryofpaine 2 years ago

      Also the gender-flipped one by Annapantsu and Cami-Cat.

    • Gillian
      Gillian 2 years ago

      legit anything Caleb and Jonathan do is incredible, so legit check any of their stuff out.

    • Lea
      Lea 2 years ago +1


    • Team CYBR
      Team CYBR 2 years ago +1

      I support this!

  • Molly S
    Molly S 2 years ago +9

    You should react to the crowd singing the theme song at the Gen Con live show 👀

  • Sheireen
    Sheireen 2 years ago +8

    YES! I hoped you'd react to this. Also reccomended it multiple times :D. Personally I prefer the Vox Machina version with the rock guitar in it but it's not a big difference.
    Your face when you realized it was a DnD related song xD
    It is from a very popular web show where a group of voice actors play together. It is very good, but with hundreds of episodes 4h each, a massive time killer.
    The vocals of this song are all from the players. The guy who created this song is also one of the players and his only musical expirience before writing the song, was playing a bard for a few years. Though he got help from professional musicians to refine it.
    I thought you might like it because it is something different and unusual.

    • Cassandra Müller
      Cassandra Müller 2 years ago +1

      I actually prefer this version but it's really cool to me that both versions have their fans :D

    • Sheireen
      Sheireen 2 years ago

      @Hero Smith he has an Emmy, not a Grammy. That would be news to me

    • Hero Smith
      Hero Smith 2 years ago

      Phillip Fishbein He's also got a Grammy, so.... yeah he's got some extensive music experience.

    • Phillip Fishbein
      Phillip Fishbein 2 years ago

      I think I remember hearing Sam talk about doing a capella in college (I think in the video discussing the creation of this song).

  • Siren
    Siren 2 years ago +7

    Oh my GOd the madlad actually did it. The opening animation still makes me lose it. Occasionally, they've updated the animation with new npcs and it's A+ top tier stuff

  • Lady Midna
    Lady Midna 2 years ago +1

    I am LOVING this new niche we've stumbled into, keep that up!
    I'm no genius on the songs made for various D&D things, so I can't suggest more but I can't wait to see!!
    Your reactions and appreciation for many areas of the arts world are always welcome, keep up the great work!

  • Kayla Rose
    Kayla Rose 2 years ago +8

    The song "Willing" by ShortOneGaming is absolutely STUNNING! It's a fan song made for one of the characters from Critical Role and you should definitely listen to it when you get the chance!

  • Nicholas Holladay-Elser

    Rewatching this reminds me of a few other D&D songs I think you should react to like Tavern Crawl (or Twisted Taverns), Useless Child, It's Alright: A Fantasy High MAP, Maw of the King, Life of a Bard, and Daybreak (by cami-cat)

  • DannyDarko27
    DannyDarko27 Year ago +2

    This track indeed goes unnecessarily hard, and yet it's quite neccessary

  • Tee Hlfx
    Tee Hlfx Year ago +1

    Also the animation is amazing - shout out to Kamille Areopagita and Kevin Areopagita who animated it !! So talented! 🙌 🇵🇭

  • Rae Kid
    Rae Kid 2 years ago +60

    Please react to What's up Danger from the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. It's a great song with a lot of spunk and it really compliments the scene it's played during, where Miles has to take his first leap of faith and really become Spider-Man.

    • Karl Wilker
      Karl Wilker 2 years ago

      Do you... Like what's up danger?
      Like What's up danger?

  • Liesbeth Verlaeckt
    Liesbeth Verlaeckt Year ago +3

    "This was so unecessarily awesome" This guy clearly doesn't know Critical Role 😂 Though his reaction of "HOLY SHIT THIS SLAPS" is pretty much what all critters experienced when hearing this for the first time 😆

  • Dakota Reighard
    Dakota Reighard 2 years ago +3

    I'd love you to do a single song score comparison with 3 versions of it. "Bad Apple" is a song I keep recommending, and the message is always the same but the way the music is done in each reflects different emotions that hit differently. There's a music box version (2013 version), a rock version, and an orchestra version. The music box and rock have English dubbing, but the orchestra is in Japanese. Would love to see or hear your thoughts because it's able to rival the compilation version of "Mighty U". The song is almost an anthem for those of us with social anxiety, depression, and low self confidence, expressing how we all struggle with asking for help and how we will feel after asking for it.

  • Jonathan Frederick
    Jonathan Frederick 2 years ago

    The best part is it was sung by members of the d&d cast. They had a huge part in creating this for their fans.

  • Xiatter
    Xiatter Year ago

    If you think this song goes hard, definitely dig into the show itself. It's unnecessarily excellent most of the time.

  • Spectral Umbra
    Spectral Umbra 2 years ago

    They released a "making of" video for their intro a while back. It essentially started with someone saying, "Should we make some kind of intro?" and Sam Riegel responded by just improving the first few lines of the song on the spot, then they recorded the official thing, during which Laura Bailey was breastfeeding her child in the recording booth while singing. These guys are insane.

  • RagingKey Game Development

    Just a little trivia for you Dave, one of those precession-like voices you mentioned is the same voice as Roy Mustang. Also, one of the vocalist is the VA for Lust.

  • Matthew LeTexier
    Matthew LeTexier 2 years ago +22

    Ok, yes. RWBY and Critical Role are literally my 2 favorite things. And I am using Literally correct here

  • Screeb0 🎗
    Screeb0 🎗 2 years ago +3

    *Me singing to the theme entire time* THE ADVENTURE BEGINS-

  • Tori Oakley
    Tori Oakley 2 years ago

    VERY necessarily awesome, thank you. Yeah this song is AMAZING and as you listen to the campaign you can’t help but notice all the little things in the songs music video that just makes it even more amazing 😍

  • Randomness823
    Randomness823 2 years ago +1

    Watching you get fully into a song I absolutely jam to in every episode is so fucking good.
    I'm so sad you're missing all the references (the coat rippling off the staff for example).
    I recommend listening to it again, turned up even louder and hearing the low rumbles of Travis and the beautiful higher vocals of Sam (who thought up the whole thing and is mostly doing the harmonies), Ashley, and Laura (recorded while BREASTFEEDING her newborn, can you imagine?). Jam OUT

  • NastyEyespy
    NastyEyespy 2 years ago

    The song kept getting passed around to a bunch of different artists that kept adding their own thing into the song it started with the base vocals and drums then to trumpets and so on and so forth which I think is really cool.

  • Grace Phoenix
    Grace Phoenix Year ago

    Just FYI … Critical Role begins its third campaign this Thursday the 21st at 7 pm Pacific. You can catch the broadcast here on Clip-Share or on Twitch (CriticalRole). I am HOPING they have a new song/ opening intro.

  • Oliver Biggs
    Oliver Biggs 2 years ago +50

    There's an entire Hamilton Parody for critical role, I really recommend it, it's fantastic

    • Cássio Sousa
      Cássio Sousa 2 years ago +1

      I second that

    • Pyro
      Pyro 2 years ago +4

      @Lostdmg it’s made by the cantata pansophical, they’ve got it in a playlist here on youtube

    • Lostdmg
      Lostdmg 2 years ago +1

      Where is it?

    • Dor Mishaeli
      Dor Mishaeli 2 years ago +1

      ya is amazing

  • Andrew Dodd
    Andrew Dodd Year ago +1

    It is most definitely AWESOME when "a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors" can sing the theme to their entire show.
    Always give major kudos to Sam, Travis, Ashley and Laura.
    We just need a just as awesome or Awesome 2.0 for Campaign 3s Intro.

  • Lea
    Lea 2 years ago +1

    Me, checking Hoomans uploads to see if new RWBY reactions are out for breakfast: sees Critical Role and almost spits out cereal
    This is really the best way to open my Sunday.

  • Razgriz227
    Razgriz227 2 years ago

    Interesting fact. All the members of critical role had a hand in helping with putting this song together. The "chanting" is travis, sam regal thought it up and laura baley while ashley johnson did lyrics.

  • Cameron Kampsen
    Cameron Kampsen 2 years ago +1

    I've got to ask people which was their favorite character based on the intro. Mine has to be Cadeusus/Taliesin. That shot with the zombies is so gorgeous

  • Dracula420
    Dracula420 Year ago +2

    "That was so unnecessarily awesome!" that is perfect description of critical role in general. XD

  • Jorge Castro
    Jorge Castro 2 years ago +2

    "that was so unnecessarily awesome" kinda describes critical role as a whole tbh

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright 2 years ago

    Absolutely killing the reactions, as always. I'd love to hear you react to some of Bear Ghost's songs, they hit really hard and are some of my favorite rock songs of all time. I'd recommend Necromancin Dancin for your first one

  • M Gormley
    M Gormley 2 years ago

    There's also a very slightly different version of this song that they used for the kickstarter for the animated show. Yes, this D&D livestream was popular enough to get an animated show. One of the characters, Scanlan Shorthalt, is a bard and has a lot of improvised songs! the person who plays him also wrote the lyrics for this song. ...and that whole song for the D&D beyond ad (which he also sings. it is very silly)

  • Tin Can't
    Tin Can't Year ago

    They're making a animated show based on the first campaign which is going to have some very interesting songs in it played by their bard. You should definitely look into it once it's out.

  • GrimBeeper
    GrimBeeper 2 years ago

    Yeah, this is the most recent theme song for the D&D Livestreamers known as Critical Role (as well as a slightly modified version will be the opening song for their animated series that's gonna come out in the near future). And the original idea for the song came from one of the cast members, as well as all of the vocals are other cast members

  • Justin Valentin
    Justin Valentin Year ago

    You should hear that song when they play live and the crowd sings along oh my God it's epic

  • RabidFangirlSQUEE
    RabidFangirlSQUEE Year ago +1

    The person who wrote the lyrics and the mix itself has deep Acapella roots so the voices as the melody comes from that I'm sure!

  • Saidwithhyperbole
    Saidwithhyperbole 2 years ago +1

    I love you reactions man, I would love to see you do any of the garden of sinners endings. I love how you break down the musicality in the songs, it makes you stand out from other reactors. And I can't live without my dogs

  • Benjamin Keppel
    Benjamin Keppel 2 years ago

    completely different but you should react to Caroline and Tuesday - the scene where they write "Lonliest Girl" is better than the performance version from a story telling perspective, but "Army of Two" is my personal favorite

  • Spookee
    Spookee Year ago

    There are so many things in the animation that are super amazing little Easter egg things for the lore and the game. Like when the sword gets stabbed into the ground, and the camera zooms out to see the jacket.... that's a huge thing for the story.

  • Spookee
    Spookee Year ago

    Also, if you want another song by the same people, they did a cute little shanty to go with their board game they released. It was called Uk'otoa

  • Diana
    Diana 2 years ago +5

    i suggest Eyes Warm Eyes Wide by Lilli Furfaro, its a character song for the blue tiefling and its sooo pretty.

  • tico zayas
    tico zayas 2 years ago

    The CR cast are basically the rock stars of the DnD world, the song was composed by Jason Charles Miller a friend and guest of the show, and the lyrics were written by Sam Reigal, the song is sung by Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson with Travis Willingham and Sam singing the chorus and background percussives u mentioned... all part of the main cast of the show

  • Gillian
    Gillian 2 years ago

    Dude! just discovered the channel and I love everything! your reactions are great and that your doing stuff less mainstream is so cool! Might I recommend "Bury the Light" by Casey Edwards and Victor Borba?? It's an incredible track (nice and long too) though most of the lyric videos on youtube do have the wrong lyrics, unfortunately...

  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 years ago +1

    Lament of the Orphanmaker by Chase Noseworthy
    He's a Critical Role fan that writes music and this is personally my favorite of his

  • Soroth23
    Soroth23 2 years ago +1

    If you liked this, someone made a "villain cover" metal version of it. It's called "my turn to roll - villain cover." is a good deal shorter, but it's SOOOO good.

  • Ilurvekittens kittens!

    Critical Role is amazing. If you enjoy story telling I would suggest watching Campaign 2. It is media is unlike anything I have ever watched.

  • TheHappyAipom
    TheHappyAipom 10 months ago

    Yo man love your energy. As a fellow David, take my sub and have a wonderful day. Looking forward to more content. Long time critter and in loving your joy to crit role. Keep up the work.

  • Yes
    Yes 2 years ago +16

    Welp, since we doing a dnd content...
    Could you do a "life of a bard", or cover of a "crар guide to dnd:Races" from Camicat? She's a great singer.

    CHILD_OF_GAIA 2 years ago +1

    The song was written by Sam Riegal and sung by the the critical role players .it was paid for and the complete cartoon series by all the huge fans ( CRITTERS ) which I have been proudly one for three years #CRITTERS4LIFE

  • Mike Edwards
    Mike Edwards Year ago

    This popped up the day before campaign 3 starts and it made me even more hyped!! Great react and review

  • this one it is tamar also

    You're right and you should say it. Your Turn to Roll melts and every single week I headbang to it exactly as hard as you did.

  • Colin Deal
    Colin Deal 2 years ago

    3:12 "Look at the art!!"
    Literally what the cast of Critical Role says anytime they look on twitter (and echoed by fans during the pre-show art rolls).

  • Matthew Ledbetter
    Matthew Ledbetter 2 years ago

    Maybe this will get you into more D&D inspired music! AMy Vorpahl has "Songs in the Key of D&D" and Jason Charles Miller is hard rocker in his own right (also did the original music behind this theme).
    Also, your handle here reminds me of Team Hooman. A group started by Felicia Day that promotes joy and inclusion (and rude jokes). You'd fit right it it appears!

  • kethryveris k
    kethryveris k Year ago

    The song was composed by Jason Charles Miller if you want to look up more of his stuff. (Lyrics are by one of the voice actors on the show, Sam Riegel.)

  • PlatinumRaven11
    PlatinumRaven11 Year ago

    That was an opening song to a live stream, it was insane how hype I felt when that song came on

  • EggsHatching
    EggsHatching 2 years ago

    It plays at the begining of every episode and singing along is MANDATORY. i was watching an ep of Crit casualy a few minutes ago and starting singing in the kitchen while i made lunch... only to realize to my horror i was wearing headphones and my grandma was staring. So embarasing XD

  • LizzoneAngel
    LizzoneAngel 2 years ago

    I really want you to see that fans sing it back - of course it’s not polished but masses sing roll roll critical - just amazing

  • Jacoby Ullman
    Jacoby Ullman 2 years ago

    Woah! Never expected you to react to Critical Role! I love both D&D and Critical Role. If you ever get the chance to play, I totally recommend it.

  • SirMethos
    SirMethos Year ago

    "That was unnecessarily awesome" That sounds like a pretty accurate description of Critical Role and the entire cast to me. ^^

  • Dimetime35c
    Dimetime35c 2 years ago +1

    Its perfect to the feeling of a D&D campaign.

  • Matty Mac
    Matty Mac Year ago +2

    For anybody who doesn’t know, the critical role animated show comes out on February 4th 2022, on Amazon prime video! More shit like this!

  • starryflame01
    starryflame01 Year ago +2

    So this is just in, Critical Role has a new opening, I think you'll enjoy reviewing it when you can.

  • spyling
    spyling 2 years ago

    I would love to see you react to other critical role videos such at "My friends" or "I must be good for something". If you are not afraid of spoilers that is
    And if you are interested in other DnD content then i recomend Dingo Doodles and Puffin Forest, they are exellent youtubers that animate stories from their campains.

  • Sam the Actual Kenku

    The instrumentals were done by Jason Charles Miller, the lyrics were written by Sam Riegel, and the singing was done by Sam Riegel and Travis Willingham for the low base parts (critical, role, mighty nein. All those bits) the backing vocals was Ashley Johnson and the lead vocals were Laura Bailey.

  • SimplyMocha
    SimplyMocha 2 years ago

    Didn't expeeect this one hell yes getting into the realm of Crit role and D&D now nice!!!

  • bigguy952
    bigguy952 Year ago

    And I bet you were happy to see some familiar names that voiced your childhood cartoons; Ashley Johnson was prominent in Disney and Cartoon Network cartoons like Recess, Teen Titans, and Ben 10 Alien Force. And got guys that voice anime like Matthew Mercer and Laura Bailey

  • The Irishpanic
    The Irishpanic Year ago

    I can't live without coffee. I will get a migraine if I don't have 24 ounce of coffee a day. Credit to Sam reigel for writing the song and Ashley Johnson for the main lyrics

  • Critical Lol
    Critical Lol Year ago

    Hey, shout-out to Jason Charles Miller for helping to compose this version of the theme song and composing all of other CR theme song versions as well.

  • Jordan Peterson (no, not THAT one)

    Critters and Nightwish Army: we find ourselves everywhere eventually.

  • Crispen Richards
    Crispen Richards 2 years ago

    I mean, yes, this music is from a DND livestream, but if you want actual licensed music produced to accompany Dungeons and Dragons official content, look for the CD that came with Sharn City of Towers, it’s full of amazing orchestral music to go along with the noir/pulp/high fantasy setting of Eberron.

  • Weiss Schnee
    Weiss Schnee 2 years ago

    I accepted the challenge not to headbang through seeing this, and I exceed with success! It wasn't that easy though XD!