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WHY Would You Do THIS!?

  • Published on Sep 14, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Adam K
    Adam K  +22

    This guy closes his eyes and gets surprised it's getting dark

  • Kookie♡😌

    'I'm gonna do this for my mom'

  • PositivePasta14

    This is my "that's enough shorts for one day" short...

  • Ankita Gulati

    He's the type of guy who will get shocked every morning to see the sun rise

  • Jessica Aguirre

    "I'ma do this for my mom" "she's going to love me!" "SHE'S GOING TO LOVE ME!!!"💀🤣

  • 47xKING
    47xKING  +65

    Whenever you feel useless remember this guy exist!

  • سيف الغامدي

    "im gonna do it to my mom she's gonna love me"

  • ⭑ natsjolly !! ◡̈
    ⭑ natsjolly !! ◡̈ 9 hours ago +4

    him this whole video:

  • Manny1 ∆

    “Why would u put orange juice on a bag?!”

  • Astolfo lover

    "No way is it going to freeze it" 💀

  • Zsuzsanna Deák
    Zsuzsanna Deák 16 hours ago +1

    His dude’s reaction when he realises that there are 12 months: “aCtUaLlY?🙀 ThErE iS nO WaY!!!!👁👄👁”

  • Александр Леманн

    Когда не знаешь школьную физику, всё превращается в чудеса

  • JåyJay!

    If you ever feel useless remember this guy exists

  • Abhisek Pal
    Abhisek Pal 21 day ago +11

    "So, there's two baags!!!"

  • Ming ultnx

    This is the definition of talking just to hear your own voice 💀💀

  • Olivia Marie Correia

    my dude was absent on kindergarten science day

  • Music-lover😃

    “Im going to do this for my mom she’s gonna love me😌…She’s gonna love me😃”

    LATE NIGHT VIDEOS 14 days ago +2

    Happy to Tate doing a reaction video

  • Anshika Singh

    This guy giving us the reaction which no one ask for.

  • Paula Rose
    Paula Rose 14 days ago +1

    “Why would you ever wanna put orange juice in a bag?” Welcome to the Philippines 😀