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When did Gandalf know Bilbo had The One Ring? | Tolkien Explained

  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Today, we cover the popular question - when did Gandalf realize Bilbo's ring was The One Ring? It can be easy, especially going off the Hobbit films, to see Gandalf as foolish for not knowing this for so many years, but we'll take a look at WHAT Gandalf knew and WHEN he knew it!
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  • Nerd of the Rings
    Nerd of the Rings  4 months ago +221

    What other questions about Middle-earth would you like to see me tackle on the channel? (And yeah, I couldn't resist making this thumbnail inspired by the Riddler meme. haha)

    • Vishaal Singh Chauhan
      Vishaal Singh Chauhan 4 months ago +11

      Might be a stupid question but I've always wondered how some elves can fight balrogs and other maiar. At the end of the day they are maiar so are god's.

    • Zeetox_Swe
      Zeetox_Swe 4 months ago +8

      I wonder if orchs are immortal just like elevs becouse they were like made by elves. Yes or no???

    • Zdeněk Vašata
      Zdeněk Vašata 4 months ago +16

      why saruman didnt take gandalfs fire ring when he prisoned him

    • Nardel Vexman
      Nardel Vexman 4 months ago +1

      Why do you think Tolkien used the theme of land being swallowed by water so often?

    • Loulabelle Designs
      Loulabelle Designs 4 months ago +2

      An excellent video again. I find your videos explain everything so simply and easy to understand.
      I would love to understand the relationship between Elves & Dwarves and why there is hate between Legolas & Gimli then by the end they are friends, unless you’ve already covered it. It is just a simple matter of different races or is there something more to it. Thank you

  • Kayhan Kıraçlı
    Kayhan Kıraçlı 4 months ago +1928

    Bilbo's decision to leave the One Ring to Frodo sets him apart as a truly unique character in the story. No one else in the tale has the foresight and selflessness to willingly give up the ring, knowing the immense power and temptation it holds. He is truly a one-of-a-kind hero.

    • JNeumy
      JNeumy 4 months ago +319

      And that scene in Fellowship is done to perfection. The acting, the cinematography, the music, it all perfectly shows how much trouble Bilbo is having letting it go, he then rushes out the door once he does and when he's out, we see the relief on his face. It shows perfectly how much of a burden the Ring is and with this little context, we can already tell how strong Bilbo is to be able to let it go

    • John Early
      John Early 4 months ago +240

      Didn’t Frodo offer the ring freely to Gandalf when Gandalf first explained it to him in the Shire? Didn’t Frodo say to Galadriel that he would freely give it to her if she asked for it? And, didn’t Sam freely give it back to Frodo after Sam rescued Frodo in the tower of Cirith Ungol? My point is not to diminish in any way Bilbo’s exemplary attributes, but simply to show that the other hobbits of the Shire who possessed the ring share those attributes.

    • M O V I E B A D
      M O V I E B A D 4 months ago +79

      @JNeumy not even touching the anvil sounding noise when the ring hits the floor. Such a little thing, but it illustrates the “weight” that burdens the one who carries it.

    • Katharina Lieblich
      Katharina Lieblich 4 months ago +159

      @John Early I think the difference there is that Bilbo had owned the Ring for decades, so it had all that time to get a hold on him. Frodo had barely possessed it yet. Not that Frodo isn't to be commended - he did offer it to Galadriel later on too, but again, he'd only had it for a little while and it hadn't had enough time to grip him. The same goes for Sam. Then, as Sauron's power grew and as Frodo approached closer to Mordor, the Ring gained in power and therefore in hold over Frodo's mind and heart.
      Edit: Some kind people have pointed out an error I made. . .oops. Okay, so Frodo possessed the Ring for 17 years before he left the Shire (it's been a while since I read the books). However, I think my point still stands. Bilbo had it for over 60 years and used it multiple times, while Frodo (I think) never or rarely used it. I also think that Frodo regarded it far more warily than Bilbo, especially after Gandalf's warning after the party. Bilbo thought it was just something pretty and useful, but Frodo got a hint from Gandalf that it was far more than that. In any case, Frodo's strength is still commendable and he undoubtedly deserves a seat among Hador, Hurin, Turin, Beren and all the mighty Elf-friends of old!

    • kindlin
      kindlin 4 months ago +7

      @JNeumy You kind of make me wanna go rewatch that scene.

  • samuel livermore
    samuel livermore 4 months ago +1405

    Christopher Lee and Ian McKellen are two of the greatest casting decisions in cinematic history.

    • precoius princess
      precoius princess 4 months ago +64

      No doubt. Of all the great casting choices (Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Emma Watson as Hermoine Granger, Alan Rickman as Severus Snape, etc.), those two really stand out. Legendary.

    • Shoot The Moon
      Shoot The Moon 4 months ago +44

      @precoius princess My favorite Alan Rickman character was Marvin the paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    • Glenn Tillema
      Glenn Tillema 4 months ago +34

      @Shoot The Moon My favorite is his character in Galaxy Quest; the story arc for the character is so good and clearly is a homage to Leonard Nimoy's own lifes arc on playing Spock. Alan Rickman was truly a treasure.

    • Jesse Pollard
      Jesse Pollard 3 months ago +2

      And perfect for the roles they had.

    • Apanickedseagull
      Apanickedseagull 3 months ago +19

      Did you know Christopher Lee has a heavy metal Christmas album?

  • Josh Odell
    Josh Odell 4 months ago +240

    My favorite scene in the film trilogy is when Gandalf is talking with Frodo in Moria.
    "Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be so quick to deal out death and judgement. Even the very Wise cannot see all ends."

    • smokinhalf
      smokinhalf 3 months ago +19

      Tolkien was an officer in the great war (ww1) and that explains that why one cannot decide who dies and who lives when shell fragments take so many good men

    • sigfried45
      sigfried45 3 months ago +4

      That is one of the greatest lines in the Trilogy….

    • xhagast
      xhagast 2 months ago +1

      Do you know the story of Oedipus Rex? To avoid a prophecy people did evil or foolish things. And brought it to pass. if they had not they would have escaped it.

    • Andy Hart
      Andy Hart 6 days ago +1

      This is how I measure REAL power when playing D & D.
      Any fool can take a life, but it takes a lot more effort to restore it.
      I've played (on and off) since 1978, and to date only 5 of my characters have achieved this level.

  • Legato DeadWinters
    Legato DeadWinters 4 months ago +575

    So let me get this straight. In the Hobbit, Tolkien wrote a magic ring into the story as a way for Bilbo to get out of a tough spot. Then he went back, took that ring, and made it the central plot point of the entire saga? That's cool.

    • Donavon Bain
      Donavon Bain 4 months ago +47

      You don't think Tolkien had a bigger vision? The ring represents what we call "sin." I'm pretty sure it wasn't just an ex machina for a way out of a single situation. The man created his own languages for crying out loud😆. His brilliance as a writer to tell a bigger story shouldn't be doubted. I'm 90% sure the nature of the ring wasn't an afterthought. (I only know the order I read in. Never looked into the order he wrote them. But I'd be surprised if the nature of the ring was an afterthought.)

    • bbctol
      bbctol 4 months ago +141

      @Donavon Bain In the original version of the Hobbit, it's very much just a normal magical ring; Tolkien edited the Hobbit for its second edition while he was writing Lord of the Rings, and in the second edition the ring is much more emphasized and its impact on Gollum is more pronounced.

    • Donavon Bain
      Donavon Bain 4 months ago +5

      @bbctol is it? Just normal? Or just portrayed that way? (As that fits how the ring seems. ..unornatte.) Sorry I was distracted and not researched the order he wrote the stories in irl. I still think he intended this

    • Donavon Bain
      Donavon Bain 4 months ago +8

      Yeah, I took a slight look again at his progression... yeah, No. This was clearly not an after thought. Unless you wanna say The Spirit Of God was leading him the whole time. Which🫠Maybe so. He just afterthought it by directed by God. Or was a Brilliant man. Take your pick.
      But tbh, either way! Because of the importance, and many looping intricacies; I don't see this being an after thought. This either pre conceived or directed by God. I'm willing to accept either😁

    • Nou Horni
      Nou Horni 3 months ago +59

      @Donavon Bain Tolkien based his ring on the Ring of Gyges, a thought experiment by Plato. Plato pondered if a man would still act justly if he couldn't be seen committing crimes.
      This resonated with the devout catholic (sin, good vs. evil) so he put it in the whimsical book he was writing for his children.
      Everything else came later.

  • Dan LaBrecque
    Dan LaBrecque 4 months ago +233

    I always thought Bilbo never gets enough credit for being the only being in this story able to give up the one ring on his own especially with how long and how much he had used it.

    • Paige Cartwright
      Paige Cartwright 4 months ago +38

      Sam also gives it away willingly. Although a ring bearer for such a short time he still does part with it voluntarily. This is why he is allowed to go to the undying lands. As he was a ring bearer. Even though he only has it for a few hours, no one else wants to touch it as they know it takes hold and they wouldn’t be able to withstand its evil and part with it. It’s as Gandalf says “the ring wants to be found”. So Sam and bilbo. Frodo done well up until the last minute. Which I thought was an unfair ending for him.

    • Souris Voleur
      Souris Voleur 4 months ago +5

      Sam, Gandalf, and Bombadil all have the ring for a time and give it back to Frodo.

    • Created for the moment
      Created for the moment 3 months ago +5

      The book talks about it and how great Bilbos will is.

    • Richard Kenan
      Richard Kenan 3 months ago +24

      @Paige Cartwright The One Ring is inherently unfair. Nobody, not the humblest hobbit, the staunchest dwarf, the most devoted elf, or the wisest Maiar, nobody except possibly one of the Valar, could actually have voluntarily have thrown the ring into Mount Doom. That is the nature of its power. At Mount Doom, the absolute center of its power, its grip on anybody holding it is so absolute that even the strongest resistance would be inadequate to allow somebody to destroy it of their own free will. Which is, indirectly, why Samwise is so impressive even though he carries the ring for such a short time - he carried it so close to Mount Doom, where it would have gripped his mind almost instantly, but still had the fortitude to let it go.

    • Keran Kerai
      Keran Kerai 3 months ago +9

      Hobbits without sin can hold it longer as they only want to live a peaceful life. Men want power. Dwarf want wealth. Elves want immortal life.

  • Paulafan5
    Paulafan5 4 months ago +204

    You said that it wasn't mentioned in the films that there were lesser rings made, but Gandalf has a line like "There are many magic rings in this world, Bilbo Baggins, and none of them should be used lightly." I always assumed that to mean rings that weren't one of the great rings.

    • smgdfc mfah
      smgdfc mfah 3 months ago +12

      Me too - more of a D&D world where there's all sorts of things going on and even in Middle Earth this is just one of many stories (though a big one!). There's other little things mentioned in Hobbit (book) that elude to this as he mentions "I looked for an adventurer or even a hero for our quest, but as I could find none in this part of the world I decided on a burglar" (paraphrase from memory) meaning Bilbo and in reference to the 14th member of their party (since Gandalf was not an official member).

    • Shaun Holt
      Shaun Holt 3 months ago +2


    • Robert Ågren
      Robert Ågren 3 months ago +1

      The finger rings are mentioned but not the mithril rings used to make the chainshirt.

    • corkus1111
      corkus1111 3 months ago +1

      when I read your quote I hear gandalfs voice

    • Schrodingers Cat
      Schrodingers Cat 3 months ago +3

      That is exactly what he means, for those who know how to use magic the lesser rings are just curiosities but for those who don't they can be quite dangerous. The great rings on the other hand are dangerous for everyone.

  • Nardel Vexman
    Nardel Vexman 4 months ago +458

    Always thought it was funny in the movies that if Gandalf had been wrong about the ring he would have given Frodo a horrible burn on his palm when he took it straight out of the fire.

    • Oldmandan705
      Oldmandan705 4 months ago +25

      That's funny, never thought of that

    • shakon1618
      shakon1618 4 months ago +58

      I dont know if it's in the book, but in the movie Gandalf states that the ring is quite cool before dropping it in Frodos hands

    • Rursus
      Rursus 4 months ago +20

      @shakon1618 It's in the book.

    • Markus
      Markus 4 months ago +9

      Every time Frodo put on the ring, I wondered…will it get stuck? Will he need soap to take it off? Good thing they ran out of food and Frodo didn’t gain weight.

    • DwightSmith
      DwightSmith 4 months ago +62

      @Markus the ring changes its shape to fit perfectly to whoever wears it.

  • Jopeymess Music
    Jopeymess Music 4 months ago +169

    I love the way it's shot throughout the film because it looks like Gandalf just casually hopped on horseback and popped over to Minas Tirith from the shire in like, a few days or so but coming from the books, we known it's been nearly 20 years since he had the suspicion that Bilbo's ring was sus. And in the meantime did a bunch of things within that timeframe to confirm his suspicions.

    • Kurt Zahringer
      Kurt Zahringer 4 months ago +23

      Yeah, that's a common complaint about the movies, but it kinda had to be that way. Even literary buffs and huge Tolkein fans often agree that he drags terribly in the story, here and there, especially at the beginning and end. So, if they had depicted that in the movie, the movie would have had an extremely frustrating, slow start.

    • Jopeymess Music
      Jopeymess Music 4 months ago +3

      @Kurt Zahringer Oh absolutely! It makes sense from a movie/different medium perspective 100%

    • Pixis1
      Pixis1 3 months ago +14

      In the movie's defense, they never actually say how much time has elapsed. It's shot to make it look like Gandalf went to Minas Tirith, found the scroll, and rode right back, as this gets the plot moving faster. But for all we know, those 17 years could have passed in between scenes.

    • The Radio Weyr
      The Radio Weyr 3 months ago +3

      I thought Gandalf had an ability to ride like the wind or something like that on that special horse that wasn't a horse...

    • Pixis1
      Pixis1 3 months ago +9

      @The Radio Weyr Shadowfax? He didn't have him yet in that part of the story. He gets Shadowfax in Rohan after his resurrection as Gandalf the White if I recall. (And Shadowfax was indeed a horse, just of a special breed from Valinor called the Mearas.)

  • TheSeasPower
    TheSeasPower 4 months ago +32

    For the movie at least, I knew that Gandalf knew when he told Bilbo, "You haven't aged a day." I'll never forget the look on his face and how all of the joy just seemed to drain from it. He then quickly laughed it off, but his mind was set. He only needed to get the proof to confirm what he knew.

    • Jesse Pollard
      Jesse Pollard 3 months ago

      It was still only a suspicion.

    • TheSeasPower
      TheSeasPower 3 months ago +4

      @Jesse Pollard Given Gandalf's tremendous talents, I'd say his guesses are better than most people's certainties.

    • Magne M
      Magne M 3 months ago +1

      Bro was put on Middle Earth as a Mayar to guide humanity/creation as a "angel" would in the bible, but least interfere to keep their free will(which is why he only uses light magic against the dark(which is basically heaven vs hell), and you think he would not know?

    • Jesse Pollard
      Jesse Pollard 3 months ago +1

      @Magne M When he took physical form his memory was deliberately weakened and suppressed thus did NOT REMEMBER. Now after Gandalf became Gandalf the white, his memory would have been greatly restored.

    • Robert Ågren
      Robert Ågren 3 months ago

      Gandalf the Yellow

  • Tolkien Answers
    Tolkien Answers 4 months ago +802

    Short answer: Gandalf assumed Bilbo had a lesser ring until the events of LOTR.
    But wow! That is a lot of context you packed into one video, great job!

    • SD
      SD 4 months ago +13

      Gandalf knew the ring made him invisible. It would seem like ignorance on his part that he did not educate himself on the One Ring and all of its abilities.
      Even if other invisibility RIngs existed, it would have been worth Checking out immediately.

    • Istari
      Istari 4 months ago +38

      @SD Saruman did a marvelous job of convincing everyone, Gandalf included, that the One Ring had rolled down the Anduin into the sea and he was well known for his ability, in this case, to deceive and manipulate others. It's also questionable that the Free Peoples knew that much about the One Ring's abilities. It was crafted by Sauron and Isildur only had it for a couple of years before the Disaster of the Gladden Fields. It's also not known if any of the Elven smiths of Eregion who played a role in the crafting of the other Rings of Power survived the War of the Elves and Sauron.
      Furthermore, Gandalf's tasks were to help the Free Peoples resist Sauron, not to specifically track down the One Ring. He had a lot of other responsibilities as well.

    • Claudius Pulcher
      Claudius Pulcher 4 months ago +4

      no he didn't. “I wondered often how Gollum came by a Great Ring, as plainly it was - that at least was clear from the first”

    • Ky0dar
      Ky0dar 4 months ago +3

      @Claudius Pulcher Exactly. Saruman gaslit them all

    • Human Human
      Human Human 3 months ago +1

      Hi! If anyone is reading this comment, kindly please tell me the correct order I should be reading The Lord of the Rings series, is it in the follwing order: The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King?
      If yes, then what about the other LOTR books like 'The Children of the Hurin' or 'Unfinished Tales of Numenor & Middle Earth'? Are these and some other books like these being shown on the internet a part of the main LOTR books or are these just appendices? Anyone kindly explain, it would mean a lot.

  • adam himelfarb
    adam himelfarb 3 months ago +3

    interesting to note that frodo couldn’t bring himself to even toss the ring into his little fireplace (foreshadowing?) i think the first time he actually uses it is in bombadil’s house, and he immediately feels silly since tom can see him anyway. it’s a much tougher ownership trial for frodo. from the moment gandalf tells him he’s been sitting on the One Ring for 17 years, he knows he’s in immediate danger, to himself and others. and everytime those nazgul are anywhere nearby, the ring wakes up and starts wearing him down. as faramir says about boromir, “it was too sore a trial.” bilbo, without knowing just what this thing is capable of, confides in gandalf that it would be a relief to not be worrying about it all the time, since he either keeps it with him or safely hidden in bag end, but he constantly has to check and see if it’s still there. so when gandalf finally convinces him to leave it behind he seems almost grateful for the extra nudge. but i think tolkien makes it clear that of all the peoples of middle earth, hobbits were the best possible guardians of the ring, because they’re not much interested in gold/riches/treasure/flashy stuff. they value a good mug of beer, a nice fire, a hearty meal (several times a day), a merry song, and friends. the simple, uncomplicated pleasures. a dying thorin says to bilbo what a nicer world it would be if everyone was like the shirefolk.

  • Valentin Kambushev
    Valentin Kambushev 4 months ago +344

    I can't imagine how dumb Gandalf must have felt when he discovered the truth. I would punch myself mentally for not realizing that the most dangerous thing in the entire world has been under my nose all this time.

    • Robert Sok
      Robert Sok 4 months ago +70

      Not dumb. More like incredulity at the unbelievable unlikely chance that the Ring just happened to have ended up with Bilbo of all people. There were many many “lesser” magic rings in Middle Earth aside from the rings of power. Also, at that time, Gandalf had no reason not to trust and go by the words of Saruman.

    • Nogalo Grancigul
      Nogalo Grancigul 4 months ago +5

      Then again had he discovered it earlier they would have probably failed to destroy it

    • Acharacle & Achiltibuie
      Acharacle & Achiltibuie 4 months ago +16

      The Ring has an intelligence, it will deceive if it furthers it's purpose. Gandalf was deceived. BUT... he sensed the deceit, he smelt Sauron, and went to the archives of Minas Tirith, to learn of the times before he, Gandalf, existed in Middle Earth. There he learned how to test the Ring. And so the Ring betrayed itself to the one who was sent to find It and Its master.

    • legendno1
      legendno1 4 months ago +9

      the ultimate " Son of a bit**.." moment

    • rosis zuhause
      rosis zuhause 4 months ago +4

      That‘s exactly what Saruman said.

  • Ted Watson
    Ted Watson 3 months ago +36

    I think that just as the ring had a negative affect on whoever possessed it, that it could influence someone like Gandalf to pay less attention to it. The ring wants to be found and get back to it's master, but it doesn't want the wrong person to find it. Gandalf or Galadriel would have become rivals to Sauron's power if they were to take the ring, and that is not something the ring wants.

    • TheCommentGuy
      TheCommentGuy 3 months ago +5

      The ring likely draws from a person's deepest desire, usually for power. Bilbo however was a simple hobbit, humble and kind-hearted, so even for the One it would likely take an incredibly long time to corrupt such being. the One also tried to corrupt Frodo when he took it, but it was so hard for it to corrupt him that it was its edge of death that the One was finally able to corrupt him.

    • B molitor
      B molitor 2 months ago

      that's a really good point!!

    • Jason
      Jason 2 months ago

      The ring is Sauron. It corrupts and masters everyone, save Bombadil, assuming he even is a "someone". I think those great enemies would be prime targets to corrupt. As we saw with Galadriel the ring certainly calls out to these beings. The supreme master doesn't expect to lose, it doesn't think such thoughts.

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 4 months ago +20

    Gandalf's love of the halflings leaf clearly slowed his mind...💚

  • _ Maza _
    _ Maza _ 3 months ago +14

    Gandalf does mention the lesser rings in the movie, after Bilbo pulls his disappearing act from the party, he tells him something like "There are many magic rings in this world and none of them are to be used lightly"

  • Orroin
    Orroin 4 months ago +125

    Well Gandalf did say in fellowship to Bilbo "there are many magic rings and none of them should be used lightly" which did make me think at the time how many total there are 🤔
    But makes sense to me, if the greatest evil object in the world in in possession of his friend he wanted to make ABSOLUTELY certain that it was the one
    Just glad he found out in the end 😂

    • Naomi’s Randomness
      Naomi’s Randomness 4 months ago +3

      He knew there were three elf rings, seven dwarf rings, nine human ones and the one ring. So twenty in total, although some of them were lost or something.

    • Orroin
      Orroin 4 months ago +8

      @Naomi’s Randomness rings of power yes, but 'other' magic rings..............

    • DistendedPerinium
      DistendedPerinium 4 months ago +2

      @Naomi’s Randomness There was a number of lesser rings, basically made as practice while Sauron was teaching the elves.

    • J Mad
      J Mad 4 months ago +2

      There were an unknown number of "lesser rings" which, like the "one ring" were rather plain in appearance. It was more likely than not that the ring Bilbo found was a "lesser ring".

    • Star King
      Star King 3 months ago

      3 (for elves) + 9 (for men) + 7 (for dwarves) + 1 (to rule them all) = 20 Rings of Power by Sauron. Surely there are also many other rings made by other masters and mages throughout the ages.

  • Joshua Bourne
    Joshua Bourne 4 months ago +17

    Absolutely love the idea that humility and showing pity are rewarded, such as when choosing to give up the ring or not take a life in order to have it. This falls in line with Tolkien's ideas (which perhaps why he wrote it in the books) that greed, and being power hungry often lead to disastrous results, whereas when being humble and respectful, it can lead to greater things.
    As a Psychologist (so I can't help what I'm about to say), I liken the ideas of humility and respect as a way of exerting less pressure on yourself. If you are constantly greedy and power hungry, the pressure on yourself to keep having the power gnaws at you, it ramps up the pressure you feel. When you don't seek it, you feel less pressure, and when you feel less pressure, you find yourself thinking clearer, with less anxiety, and possibly becoming happier more easily.
    When that happens, you might find yourself living a longer life.

  • Rob Klarmann
    Rob Klarmann 4 months ago +12

    Little fun fact on the side: Sir Christopher Lee's voice is so special, maybe some people remember his voice-over of King Haggard in the animated movie 'The Last Unicorn'. The likeness of that character to Saruman is quite amazing. Having watched that movie as a child, it immediately brought back memories when I first watched LOTR. The way you emphasize what Tolkien wrote about Saruman's voice just goes to show that Christopher Lee was the greatest choice. What a legend!
    Thanks for this great video. It's still crazy to me that they managed to do all that time compression in LOTR: FOTR. Gandalf travelled so much... 🙂😅

  • Nathan Moore
    Nathan Moore 4 months ago +159

    Would love a theory video about what would happen in middle earth if Smeagol and Deagol never found the ring, and it stayed lost!

    • Tony Papas
      Tony Papas 4 months ago +36

      Then Sauron more slowly wears down Middle-Earth, and, while no one perhaps ever finds the ring, he doesn't get destroyed, and always remains a cancer on the world.

    • Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne 4 months ago +29

      Frodo's vision, as shown to him in the Mirror of Galadriel, would come to pass (alternate timeline). Sauron has all his power and might as long as the ring exists. His armies outnumber by 10-1 the armies of the West. So, at the battle before the Towers of The Teeth (Battle of the Morannon) there is no ring to be destroyed at the last minute, saving the day. The West is defeated and Sauron goes on to dominate Middle Earth until the end of time. The ring could remain lost, or be found by servants of The Enemy - which would accelerate the process of Sauron's victory. The only way for the West to win was how events unfolded and that was a narrow path of wide uncertainty until the end.

    • disturbed neutrino
      disturbed neutrino 4 months ago +19

      Might be that Saruman would find the Ring. After all he was frantically searching around the location where Isildur drowned. So I guess it would be up to the Ring whether it chose to be found or not.

    • kindlin
      kindlin 4 months ago +13

      @disturbed neutrino And we know it was seeking Sauron, like a lost dog.

    • Nogalo Grancigul
      Nogalo Grancigul 4 months ago +5

      Even without the ring sauron had grown incredibly powerful, had frodo not destroyed the ring and aragorn not marched on the black gate, sooner or later sauron would have marched once again on minas tirith and conquered it, and eventually the rest of middle earth. He would win and spend centuries combing middle earth for it and eventually find it

  • Travis Cummings
    Travis Cummings 4 months ago +23

    As Gandalf says himself (at least in the movie version of Fellowship of the Ring), "Even the very wise cannot see all ends."

    • crazyman8472
      crazyman8472 3 months ago +6

      Frodo: “I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.”
      Gandalf: “So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring. In which case you also were meant to have it; and that is an encouraging thought.” 😎

  • Donavon Bain
    Donavon Bain 4 months ago +11

    That's some amazing art running the background! Lots of talented artists! I like mostly the ones that look like just pencil, yet great detail; even in some, by absence of lines. They're all wonderful in their own right! Bravo to the Artists!
    Edit: Glad you give credit to the artists and a link to them!

  • panjdem
    panjdem 4 months ago +28

    Great video! I appreciate the context, it underlines how Tolkien created not just an epic tale but a living world. Doubt, plausible alternatives, enemy manipulation and plain simple hope all combined to cloud the matter. Where some authors would skip over why, Tolkien did not hold back.

  • Mark H
    Mark H 3 months ago +6

    I honestly believe he began having suspicions when he finally learned about the ring in The Hobbit and realized that was having an affect on Bilbo’s personality. Bilbo being a fundamentally honest person wasn’t the sort to try and lie and hide the truth from his companions about finding a magic ring. If I remember right in the book even Gandalf had a certain look but kept quiet and became more watchful in respect to Bilbo

  • Soumer Karki
    Soumer Karki 4 months ago +25

    Gandalf could have ascertained the nature of Bilbo's ring much sooner if he had access to the lotr wiki page.

  • TarMody
    TarMody 4 months ago +22

    This is easy to understand for us readers, who can see everything as a whole. To understand why Gandalf failed to notice this, it is necessary to look at the situation from Gandalf's point of view. It is my inference that the One Ring, in conjunction with its bearer, may also influence those around it. In this context, he may have influenced him to avoid being noticed by Gandalf.

    • HansLemurson
      HansLemurson 3 months ago +4

      And Hobbits have a great gift for going about un-noticed...

    • Magne M
      Magne M 3 months ago

      It seems that the lighter and darker extremes have much more powerful effects on each other, which is why they keep their distance

  • Garreth Frazer
    Garreth Frazer 4 months ago +9

    Honestly beyond all your amazing knowledge of Tolkein's work, i keep coming back for how good your voice overs are, truly amazing.

  • Emmanuel K
    Emmanuel K 3 months ago +4

    Just started reading fellowship and it's really interesting how Gandalf leaves and returns to the Shire to check on Frodo over the span of several years.

  • mkhachfe
    mkhachfe 3 months ago +4

    With every video I watch here or iver at In Deep Geek, i am absolutely blown away by Tolkien's writing and lore.
    The depth of this lore is incredible and i love that it is the manner in which a person gets ownership of the ring that decides their fate.
    Tolkiens books and PJs original three films are lightning in a bottle. I don't expect to see or read anything this perfect again for a very very long time

  • Tony Farson
    Tony Farson 4 months ago +7

    Great video! I feel like Gandalf answered this himself when he says that there are many magical rings in the world and none should be used lightly!" Tie that comment in with Galadriel's monolog from FOTR about "things that should not have been forgotten were lost," Then add to that the fact that we see several incidents where Gandalf's mind seemed to be slipping (the secret door into Moria, the path through Moria). My assumption has always been that after so many years and so many magical rings in the world, and a very old Gandalf the Grey (his power and mind was restored when he came back as Gandalf the White) that it is understandable that he didn't immediately jump to the idea of Bilbo's ring... found in a cave deep under the misty mountains would be THE RING... Even for a Maia.

  • Daniel Blatt
    Daniel Blatt 4 months ago +5

    You've made many good videos on Tolkien's Arda. And this is one of your absolute best, perhaps because you get at one of the master's great themes, the nobility of heartfelt pity. We see here how it saved Bilbo. And we'll see later how Bilbo's pity and Frodo's allowed that latter's quest to be completed even as he himself failed.
    Tollkien's idea pity, which some might call mercy, is at the heart of not just his vision, but his genius. For Bilbo's pity really does save the world.

  • Burning Embers
    Burning Embers 4 months ago +4

    I personally think this may be one of the most important videos you've made. Even Tolkien did not know the significance when he wrote of Bilbo acquiring the ring, since The Hobbit was a book written for his children way before LOTR was conceived. It's a stroke of mastery that Gollum's background ended up so well for the LOTR story. Also the timeline surrounding the first two chapters of the Fellowship of the Ring is very important for understanding Gandalf's process of understanding what Bilbo actually found, something which most PJ film fans miss out on.

  • Supreme Being
    Supreme Being 4 months ago +21

    The last comment Bilbo makes about the ring as they’re heading to the harbour (in the movies at least) is when he asks Frodo if he can see his ring again, upon finding out Frodo “lost it” Bilbo says “Ohh pity”
    Nice way to tie in pity playing such a large role in his ownership of the ring

    • Peter Hyllman
      Peter Hyllman 4 months ago +3

      Except the word actually means something entirely different in that context.

    • Rosie Hawtrey
      Rosie Hawtrey 4 months ago

      Or a good hook for Darth Bilbo in the unwritten sequels..

    • Bob Cunningham
      Bob Cunningham 3 months ago

      linguistic irony

  • SnowWarning
    SnowWarning 4 months ago +8

    Great video! The only part that does not fit, as far as I read the text, is that Gandalf assumed it could be one of the lesser Rings. As he says to Frodo in The Shadow of the Past he knew it was a Great Ring from the start:
    ‘When did I first begin to guess?’ he mused, searching back
    in memory. ‘Let me see - it was in the year that the White Council drove the Dark Power from Mirkwood, just before the Battle of Five Armies, that Bilbo found his ring. A shadow fell on my heart then, though I did not know yet what I feared. I wondered often how Gollum came by a Great Ring, as plainly it was - that at least was clear from the first. Then I heard Bilbo’s strange story of how he had ‘‘won’’ it, and I could not believe it.

    • Nerd of the Rings
      Nerd of the Rings  4 months ago +7

      That is a great point! Definitely an odd point if he means “from the first” as in when he first found out Bilbo had a ring. Then you really have to wonder if it’s a bit of contradicting tales happening.

    • SnowWarning
      SnowWarning 4 months ago +1

      @Nerd of the Rings It's not entirely clear, but because of the "then" in the next sentence it should have been before Bilbo told Gandalf his "strange story" about how he found the Ring - whenever that was, I don't know a date for it.
      Though I think the story still works with Gandalf still having the other two issues in mind - little effect on Bilbo outside of the story, and Saruman's words.
      And given that Gandalf wasn't an expert in Ring-lore and the smiths of Eregion were largely destroyed with the city, it's possible that Gandalf couldn't be 100% sure that there were only 20 Great Rings ever made.

  • Jaimy van Dam
    Jaimy van Dam 4 months ago +3

    The video itself is amazing. I enjoyed it very much how you carefully explained the order and the possible explanation for Gandalf's Error. I always like it when you do direct readings from the book in a very realistic voice. The line; "He said and did then that filled me with a fear that no words of Saruman could allay. I knew at last that something dark and deathly was at work.", it just gave me the chills. It is so sharp to the point and it expresses the shock of realization perfectly.

  • Expred
    Expred 4 months ago +6

    Amazing! I always love watching LOTR lore videos and Nerd of the Rings has been one of my favorite channels for a long time. This particular video just struck me in the right way though, the production value is superb; the list is endless: the music, soothing talking voice, great voice acting, stunning artworks that fit the words, and seeing the scroll of Isildur actually written in a scroll is all just amazing. Not to mention the topic itself here was very interesting. Yeah, I'm definitely a big fan of yours! Keep up the great work, you'll reach 1 million subs soon and then it's time for celebration! Much love from Finland!

    • Eowyn's Pride
      Eowyn's Pride 4 months ago

      🍻my sister-in-law's from Finland! She's been in Canada now for...about 25 years I think🤔

  • Dragoninthewest
    Dragoninthewest 28 days ago

    Currently reading through Fellowship of the Ring, I love that Gandalf only knew for certain it was the One Ring after tossing it in the fire

  • Anacronian
    Anacronian 4 months ago +5

    One thing I always find fascinating is the weight Tolkien puts on the way a character gains the master ring and how much it corrupts them, Bilbo got the ring while exorcising pity and was almost not corrupted, some will even say blessed and Isildur claimed the ring out of grief and as far as we know wasn't corrupted at all.

    • Julian Hall
      Julian Hall 4 months ago +2

      Isildur kept the ring knowing it was Sauron's weapon, and ignored Elrond's pleas to destroy it, and he was still wearing it when he was killed, so there is evidence he was at least slightly corrupted by it. Also that's why it was also called 'Isildur's Bane' and Aragorn feared his descent from Isildur - '... You are Isildur's heir not Isildur himself' ... '... the same blood flows in these veins'.

    • Anacronian
      Anacronian 4 months ago +2

      @Julian Hall Sure, I mean corrupted beyond the usual "Cant give the ring away" stuff that everybody seem to get when having the ring (And Hobbits seem to be the only ones who can kind'a resist that) - But isildur had the ring for 2 years and in that time he doesn't seem to make a single questionable decision, he strengthens Godor, replants the white tree, leave the throne the hands of his son, and set off to Riverdale to meet up his son and wife.

    • Julian Hall
      Julian Hall 4 months ago +2

      @Anacronian the fact Isildur kept it despite Elrond's pleas does say to me 'can't (won't?) give it away'. Tom Bombadil and Faramir (book Faramir at least) both expressed disinterest in it, but that's different from possessing it and giving it away. Neither of them had it to start with.

    • Jesse Pollard
      Jesse Pollard 4 months ago +1

      @Julian Hall not when he was killed, the Ring had just abandoned him, exposing him to the orcs that killed him.

    • Jesse Pollard
      Jesse Pollard 4 months ago +1

      @Julian Hall Bombadill did possess it briefly, but it had no power over him (couldn't even make him invisible).

  • Istari
    Istari 4 months ago +8

    I don't think Gandalf KNEW it was the One Ring at any time when Bilbo still had it; it wasn't until Frodo had the Ring and Gandalf tested it in the fireplace that he truly knew that the One Ring had truly ended up in the Shire. I think Saruman's abilities to influence others played a huge role in damping Gandalf's suspicions.

    • Magne M
      Magne M 3 months ago

      Gandalf describes pipe-weed in a way that people typically talk about marijuana. He says, “…if you used this herb yourself. You might find that smoke blown out clears your mind of shadows within. Anyway, it gives patience, to listen to errors without anger.” 💀

  • Parade The Gospel
    Parade The Gospel 3 months ago +2

    I always thought how awesome it would be if they made a anima made “what if” series on Lord of the Rings. There could be lots of fun scenarios you could play with. How did things change if Bilbo really did kill gollum? What if Frodo and Sam marched with the orcs all the way to meet with Gandalf and company in battle? And so many other fun things. Some ending in disaster and the ruin of middle earth, and some taking unexpected turns.

  • Rursus
    Rursus 4 months ago +1

    As for why Gandalf checked in to Bilbo with Balin some years after the Quest of Erebor: Gandalf always had some hobbit friends to visit when he took a short vacation from his travels, most notably Gerontius the Old Took, of whom Bilbo was a grandson. They were naturally best friends, and beside that Gandalf also probably thought that Bilbo was a safe keeper of that weird and potentially dangerous ring that must have originated in Eregion.

  • Katharina Lieblich
    Katharina Lieblich 4 months ago +8

    I must say, that really got me thinking. What if Saruman had not turned to evil? Just imagine how differently things might have played out, not even in the War of the Ring but the actual finding of the One before Bilbo ever met Gollum.
    I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this, and Matt's too!

    • Kilian Ortmann
      Kilian Ortmann 4 months ago +6

      In a way I think Saruman also succumbed to the powers of the One Ring.
      Not by being exposed to it, but due to his study he got obsessed with it, and exhibits many of the same character changes that are reported for Smeagol and Isildur.

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 4 months ago +2

      Gollum was hiding under that mountain for a long time. Not until watching these videos did I realize Sauron took over Dol Guldur before Deagol found the ring, not after. Gollum could have hidden the ring for much longer if the ring hadn't abandoned him in the tunnel the day before the dwarves were captured at the back door.

  • Charlotte Harris
    Charlotte Harris 4 months ago +2

    Hey Matt, as always I love your videos. If you were ever thinking or considering doing an audio book for Tolkien's work, I would be the first to buy! I love your voice-overs of all the characters in your videos, and your ability to explain Tolkien's world while keeping the content fun and entertaining is always the best! Thank you Matt for another great one!

  • Richard Walker
    Richard Walker 4 months ago +5

    Great video, well explained, would love to of heard you explanation of why Gandalf left Frodo when he knew he had the one, I know at that time Saruman was still trusted and Gandalf went seeking his advice, even so still think Gandalf could of made sure Frodo was safe with Aragorn or the elves before seeking Saruman

  • Slade
    Slade 3 months ago +1

    I always remember Gandalf's words in the film, that there are many magic rings in the world and none should be used lightly. That was always the only explanation that I needed to explain it. Gandalf wasn't sure if Bilbo was in possession of a problem, or just some ancient heirloom.

  • graceleigh
    graceleigh 11 days ago

    Sam also gave the ring up willingly. Though he only carried it briefly, he did wear it and feel its pull intensely, as he wore it inside Mordor, where its power was greatly increased. Since the manner of receiving and giving the ring is so important, this proves significant because both Bilbo and Sam where able to live long lives, with neither being deeply affected by the ring. They both received it in a pure manner, Bilbo with pity for Gollum and Sam taking it from what he thinks is Frodo's dead body to continue the quest of destroying it. While Frodo took the ring in a pure way as well, he did not give it up willingly, which likely contributed to his inability to find peace after losing it, leading him to leave Middle-Earth for the Undying lands only a few short years after its destruction.

  • Solarnova
    Solarnova 3 months ago +1

    Thanks as always, love your videos and keep up the hard work. Would love to see one about Barad-dûr in the future! The tallest and most fortified structure in all of Middle Earth, still seemingly shrouded in mystery all this time. A prominent structure in the Second and some of the Third Age, destroyed twice. What did Sauron's Throne Room look like? Did he hold court like Kings of men or did he sway his orders through the Mouth or Eye of Sauron? Did Orcs guard the tower or some other creations of evil? Were Orc forces built up in the tower and then dispersed throughout Mordor afterwards? Did the Fel Beasts roam the tower? Did Sauron, in the Third Age, ever fear that hosts of Elves and Men may attempt to attack and destroy the tower again? Very cool stuff.

  • Peter Kennedy
    Peter Kennedy 4 months ago +5

    Here's the part that puzzles me - Galadriel knew when Frodo had put the ring on; she said he had only put it on three times since he knew what he possessed (Bombadil's house, Bree and Weathertop) when he asked at the Mirror. How could she tell that, but neither she, Elrond or Gandalf knew that the ring was active the many times Bilbo would have worn it casually or Gollum before that?

    • Jesse Pollard
      Jesse Pollard 4 months ago +1

      She had the perception. Think about this: When Frodo put the ring on and fought with Gollum just before the destruction of the ring... what she must have felt, and maybe tried to influence.

  • Jackson Curtain
    Jackson Curtain Month ago

    I was always curious about the lesser rings that were created. Thanks for discussing this.

  • Aaron Fife
    Aaron Fife 4 months ago +14

    Alright, you convinced me. I'll rewatch the movies today with this context in mind.

  • Bryan Hikes
    Bryan Hikes 4 months ago +1

    Having only watched the introduction thus far, I will say that gandalf still trusted saruman at that point and had no reason to suspect that this was not a lesser ring. As far as he knew the wisest of his order was sure the ring was washed into the sea.

  • Schrodingers Cat
    Schrodingers Cat 3 months ago +1

    This is a pretty thorough analysis and the conclusions drawn quite reasonable. Everyone thought the one ring was lost forever so anyone seeing an unadorned magic ring at that point would naturally assume it to be one of the many lesser rings. There were probably dozens of such rings made so it would not be that unusual for Gandalf to come across one from time to time. This is reinforced by the fact that Bilbo seems emotionally unaffected by the ring something unusual as all other creatures seem seriously affected by any of the rings of power let alone the one ring. The only one we know not to be similarly affected being Tom Bombadil.

  • The Wilk Report
    The Wilk Report 3 months ago +1

    He didn't know for certain that Bilbo possessed the One Ring until he confirmed his suspicions by throwing it into the fireplace in front of Frodo. Until then, he only suspected there was something more to Bilbo's ring than he initially thought, and his suspicion about the ornament's true nature became stronger as he investigated it.

  • Branfaol1
    Branfaol1 4 months ago +1

    There's a important part missed. When Bilbo first recounts how he escaped Golem to Gandalf. One of Gandalf's first responses was to say " Your story has the ring of truth, yes it RINGs of truth. Hinting greatly he knew then Bilbo had a magic ring though not knowing it was thee ring at the time.

  • Chris Hei
    Chris Hei 3 months ago

    Amazing video, I really loved it. I've never asked myself why exactly Bilbo wasn't corrupted while Golem was, and how important seeing what the ring does to Golem is such an important thing for both Bilbo and Frodo, even Gandalf

  • Jim Humphries
    Jim Humphries 4 months ago +24

    Bilbo giving up the Ring is the single most heroic act in all of Arda's history.

    • J Mad
      J Mad 4 months ago +4

      The only one to ever willingly give it up. He wasn't aware of it's significance at the time, but that shouldn't detract too much from what his actions meant.

    • Antonio Diavolo
      Antonio Diavolo 4 months ago +3

      @J Madbesides Tom Bombadil but ya know, he’s Tom Bombadil

    • J Mad
      J Mad 3 months ago +3

      @Antonio Diavolo true, he held it, but very briefly. I suppose Sam would have to be added to the list too. And boromir. And Gandalf.

    • Antonio Diavolo
      Antonio Diavolo 3 months ago

      @J Mad Thats a good point lol

    • Magne M
      Magne M 3 months ago

      Even if corrupted his blind adventurious optimism still stuck in old age of wisdom

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy 3 months ago

    I always felt Gandalf knew he had it, but knew it would be safe with Bilbo.

  • macsnafu
    macsnafu 3 months ago

    A great video on this question. Whenever he suspected, he couldn't confirm it until he threw the ring into the fire and saw the words engraved on it. Tolkien created so much history and lore for his story that it's truly a pleasure to explore different facets of it.

  • Ribbons
    Ribbons 3 months ago

    This is the first Ive heard about Bilbos resilience against the influence of the ring being so because of the way he inherited the one ring. Interesting stuff.

  • Jonah Falcon
    Jonah Falcon 4 months ago

    My favorite moment was in the 1977 Hobbit when Gandalf commented that Bilbo's story "Your story has the RING of truth. Yes, it RINGS true", practically winking at the camera.

  • Ollie Ox
    Ollie Ox 2 months ago +1

    I always wondered why Gandalf didn't tell the others of the danger of going through the mines of Moria.
    Also, on that topic, how come Gimli was unaware of the genocide of the dwarves in the mine? Bali was his cousin - one would think somebody would tell Gimli about it. Given the state of decomposition of the corpses, it didn't look like a very recent thing.

  • Jennifer Rivera
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    Thanks for this video. It was well done and very interesting! The artwork you use in your videos is wonderful.

  • Mars Vee
    Mars Vee 2 months ago

    This is my favorite Clip-Share channel for the Lord of the rings lore content. Can you make a video explaining all the different rings and their capabilities? Thank you!

  • Praisegrrl
    Praisegrrl 3 months ago

    He didn't know for certain until Bilbo was heading to Rivendell, when he threw the ring into the fire in front of Frodo. The ring wasn't hot, but showed a script in burning red around the ring: "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie."

  • E C
    E C 4 months ago +5

    The scene where he researched it is my favorite in the whole series

  • Henrique
    Henrique 4 months ago

    hey mat, great job in this video, I feel like this might be one of your best works, if not the best! You explained in such a depth and clear manner one of the most complicated but also important questions regarding Tolkien's lore.

  • Darren Woodbury
    Darren Woodbury 3 months ago +1

    Sauron also clouded the thoughts of his enemies, blocking foresight and causing strife and mistrust.

  • Jason Orrell
    Jason Orrell 4 months ago +28

    Your knowledge is off the scale...keep it going for us...we'll keep watching

    • chef italy
      chef italy 4 months ago

      You could learn this stuff too if you read some of the literature that is out there.

  • adam gozenya
    adam gozenya 3 months ago

    He was suspicous from the get go after the dwarves escaped goblin town. He became more suspicious over the ensuing years. He was fairly certain after reading Isildure's scroll in the vaults at Minas Tirith. He KNEW after he tested it in Frodo's hearth, as he said himself after retrieving it from Frodo's fire.

  • DEVUNK88
    DEVUNK88 4 months ago +2

    I like how the hinted at Gandalf noticing Bilbo's suspicious behavior but never actually confirming what he thought

  • Justin R
    Justin R 4 months ago

    Gandalf assumed he had a lesser ring, but in my head cannon I always believed Gandalf selected bilbo to specifically find the ring.

  • Francios De Aeruiu
    Francios De Aeruiu 3 months ago

    The way I always interpreted things from what I read was that prior to Frodo getting the ring after the eleventy seventh party gandalf only suspected the ring was a lesser one, until he actually went researching after Frodo got it, (the part that kept him away for many years) he didn't know just what ring it really was

  • Smoger_Moore
    Smoger_Moore 3 months ago

    What an amazing video! Love the combination of storytelling and the art work.

  • SenoirMongoose
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    Just amazing how Tolkien works a concept like pity from seemingly small actions by characters and turn that into the entire reason Sauron was able to be destroyed in the first place.

  • Rogon
    Rogon 3 months ago

    Writing from my partner's account. First video of yours I've seen, just wanted to say you've got a good story-telling voice. Seamless transition, not overacted and simply pleasant and fitting. Also very happy with your speeding, it was easy to follow along. Thank you!

  • Cam Buxton
    Cam Buxton 4 months ago +1

    I think he suspected it from the start. But it was not until Bilbo left Hobiton to go live with the elves that his suspicions were confirmed.

  • Rurōni Shippūden Z
    Rurōni Shippūden Z 3 months ago

    Gandalf knew before the journey even began. the main reason he brought Bilbo is that he was hoping that Bilbo would find the ring at some point.

  • Toni Atchison
    Toni Atchison 4 months ago

    Gandalf, being both wise and subtle, probably knew long before that it was a ring of power. Yet he kept his suspicions close, knowing that his friend may not be as friendly as he appears.

  • Eric Schiedler
    Eric Schiedler 3 months ago

    My favorite part is that even Tolkien didn't know Bilbo had the "One Ring" untill well after he started writing LotR.

  • paperchazerz 187
    paperchazerz 187 4 months ago +18

    Love the content keep it up 😁

  • thekillers1stfan
    thekillers1stfan 3 months ago

    I think the biggest thing that threw him off was how sturdy hobbits were to the ring's persuasion. Before Bilbo no one would have expected hobbits to be the most resilient race to the darkest of magic.

  • Bob Jonquet
    Bob Jonquet 3 months ago

    Don't forget the quip that Gandalf uses in the Hobbit when Bilbo first returns to the party with the ring after escaping the goblins and briefly describes how he did it. Gandalf knows immediately that he's lying or at least omitting details and suspects a magic ring was involved. "Your story, Bilbo, has the ring of truth. Yes, it rings true."

  • Dave Spracklen
    Dave Spracklen 4 months ago +1

    This is an excellent video from every point, IMO. It's not just explaining things because you made such good selections to read from the source material. There's inspiration with the education.

  • Luud
    Luud 4 months ago +1

    Followup question: Do you think Gandalf was carless with the protection of One Ring and The Shire after he found out about it?

  • D G
    D G 4 months ago +1

    Even Frodo never freely relinquished the Ring, only Bilbo and Sam ever did.
    A 'what if' about Bilbo being the one to take the Ring to Mordor would be interesting. Giving the Ring to his nephew is one thing, but would Bilbo have been able to drop it into the cracks of doom?

  • SD
    SD 4 months ago +5

    I have a question. Did Gandalf know the Balrog was in the Mines beforehand? The movie seems to imply both he and Saruman did, but it is not clear from the book that he did know.

    • Valentin Kambushev
      Valentin Kambushev 4 months ago +5

      I think nobody knew. Even Galadriel didn't know. The wise were referring to the Balrog as "The nameless terror" for a reason.

    • Rosie Hawtrey
      Rosie Hawtrey 4 months ago

      LOTR secret diaries Gandalf/Saruman/Sauron for the answer
      ... 😳🥺😂😂😂

    • Jesse Pollard
      Jesse Pollard 4 months ago +2

      I think he knew there was SOMETHING, but not necessarily a Balrog.

  • Pp Vk
    Pp Vk 4 months ago

    Well that is one of the best parts ..
    Shadows of the past..
    Where he has the ring in possession for so many years, decades even.
    And just in time Gandalf finds out.
    And the urgency in which it all unfolds is just so great..
    Especially with the first read.
    Luckily I'm of the generation that has read it before there were the movies..
    How would one now read this masterpiece blank minded?

  • npsit1
    npsit1 3 months ago

    In The Hobbit book, Bilbo literally told them he found a ring in the goblin caves - it wasn't a secret. At his birthday party in LOTR when he disappeared, Gandalf actually made a flash at the same time because it thought it was better than way, which Bilbo didn't agree with. Gandalf also knew Bilbo was going to stay with the elves and all that. But he didn't know it was the ONE ring until the point when he threw it into the fire and Frodo saw the writing.

  • Sonja Johnson
    Sonja Johnson 4 months ago

    Beautifully done. Very clearly setting out the sequence of events and the reasons for all that took place.

  • Facundo Morales Diorio
    Facundo Morales Diorio 3 months ago

    I like the pity take on the Ring. If you stole it because you knew it had a lot of value, you would get corrupted inmediatly. But if you felt you took it from a pitiful creature, the ring would be quiet for a pretty long time.

  • Jon Wert
    Jon Wert 3 months ago

    This always bugged me a little about Gandalf. The story is incredible (obviously) and I'm willing to go along with it. But it seems to me, as his whole mission was to aid the people against Sauron, that he would have committed the entire library of Gondor as related to Isildur and the Ring to memory many centuries before even meeting Bilbo. It's a little strange that he hadn't read those scrolls yet, seems like one of the most obvious things to do in terms of gaining information about history and your enemy.

  • Valentin Kambushev
    Valentin Kambushev 4 months ago +51

    Another answer: In the beginning, even Tolkien didn't know Bilbo's ring is the One. I mean, Gollum originally gave it to Bilbo as a reward for winning their game.

    • Rudy Gonzalez
      Rudy Gonzalez 4 months ago +11

      I'm sorry, but... unless I'm wrong (and I don't THINK I am) or I'm misunderstanding your comment, Gollum absolutely did NOT give the RING to Bilbo. Bilbo accidentally found it BEFORE the riddle game, and Gollum subsequently spends the ENTIRE rest of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings story trying to get it back. We all know that the ONLY being in Middle Earth that ever physically possessed the Ring (Sam doesn't count cuz he didn't have the Ring for longer than a day or two) and gave it up willingly was Bilbo.

    • Valentin Kambushev
      Valentin Kambushev 4 months ago +30

      @Rudy Gonzalez the thing is there are two versions of "The Hobbit"- The annotated Hobbit and the canon Hobbit most of us read today. The annotated Hobbit was written before LOTR and in it, after Bilbo wins the game, Gollum gifts him the ring and even shows him the way out of the cave. When Tolkien started writing LOTR, he decided to turn Bilbo's ring into the One. To do so, he changed "The Hobbit" to fit with LOTR and this "new" version is what is canon today.

    • Derka Von Dangerkill
      Derka Von Dangerkill 4 months ago +4

      @Valentin Kambushev I never knew there was a previous version. Side comment: my phone tried to autocorrect previous to precious.

    • Valentin Kambushev
      Valentin Kambushev 4 months ago

      @Derka Von Dangerkill it wasn't exactly previous. Tolkien never published the annotated Hobbit. It was published after his death, but it shows how things have been changing during the writing process of the Hobbit.

    • Landon Isberg
      Landon Isberg 4 months ago +1

      @Rudy Gonzalez I agree with most of what you said but how dare you discount Samwise like that. Sure, he wasn’t a ringbearer for long, but he was master of the ring while it was extremely near to its master and damn near at full strength. And he still was able to give it up. That is a massive feat. Put some goddamn respect on the name.

  • Rursus
    Rursus 4 months ago +2

    First Gandalf began to suspect when he convinced Bilbo to leave the ring over to Frodo. Later when studying Isildur's notes in Minas Tirith. And finally when returning to Frodo to make the fire test.

    • pray with Pio
      pray with Pio 4 months ago

      Yes. He explains the sequence and events in The Council of Elrond.

  • Liam Denise
    Liam Denise 3 months ago

    I imagined it went like this:
    First, Bilbo has a ring, that obviously was highly treasured by Gollum and allowed him to get out the Mountains caverns unseen, which Gandalf knew from the beginning, thereby making it a magic ring.
    Second, Gollum escaped from the mountains and was found again by the elves and then Aragorn in different places of middle earth, both times cursing baggins and wanting to find the ring, this suggests the ring has a hold over people, as Gollum had clearly not left the caves for a very long time.
    Third- after a period of some time, maybe 30- 40 years, the rumours of Bilbo being well aged, seeming almost untouched and having already reached a old age yet not slowing in activity would have been very common in the shire, and Gandalf would spend time in the Shire so even if he didn't visit Bilbo lots he would have heard. This would immediately make him suspicious, as only rings of power can sustain and prolong life so, making age not affect the user, and seeing Bilbo himself, Gandalf would have seen the sight.
    Fourth- Gandalf noticed that Bilbo would always be secretive about the ring and the true story of Gollums cave, suggesting it had a hold over him.
    Fifth- and the most terrifying, Bilbo mentions he felt thin and like butter over too much bread, which is exactly what the ring does.
    Sixth- he learnt of the Stores and the geneology books, which detailed on the very same river Isildurs ring fell in Smeagol gained a ring himself, and began to be known as Gollum.
    So I guess either shortly before Bilbo's party or in the 20 something years between Frodo leaving for Rivendell.

  • Agus Bolch
    Agus Bolch 4 months ago +2

    really love this video! that whole point of view at the end that bilbo endured the evil of the ring because of how he came in possession of it, never thought it that way! thankss

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    What a wholesome video. I know it sounds strange, but it felt oddly therapeutic to watch. Well done 🍻

  • Eowyn's Pride
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    As always, well done!!!😁🍻
    The fan art was superb!
    For me, this excerpt was theologically profound. I will not expand on that here.
    The voice overs Matt were great! It really brings you into the tale!😁🧝‍♀️🧝‍♂️🧙‍♂️🎆

  • Joshua Warren
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    Now I want to see you do a what if video where Bilbo decided to kill gollum instead of letting him live and how it would have altered history

    • Wario DS
      Wario DS 4 months ago

      In short, they would probably be stuck in Ithillien, neither Frodo or Sam knew about Emyn Muil, the Gray Marshes or the Cirith Ungol pass.
      Without Gollum/Smeagol as a guide, it's very likely they would have either perished on the way or get discovered. Even if he ended up
      betraying them, he got both of them past places that could easily be their undoing.

    • Jesse Pollard
      Jesse Pollard 3 months ago

      The ring would have been able to take over Bilbo very quickly.

  • stevebton
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    An excellent video and one of my favourites. I always enjoy the fact that they are so comprehensive.

  • John Morris
    John Morris 3 months ago

    It was obvious he didn't know until frodo put it in the fire. He suspected it could be sometime after bilbo's birthday party and clearly felt relief at first when no writing showed up.