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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman interview on Vision 2030 [English subtitles] - Part 1/3

  • Published on Apr 26, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave an interview on national television.
    The Crown Prince appeared on the Liwan Al Mudaifer Show, and discussed developments in Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 plan. It is the fifth anniversary of the plan, which aims to transform the Kingdom and prepare it for a post-hydrocarbon age.
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Comments • 4 152

  • Chirantan Chakrabarti
    Chirantan Chakrabarti 2 years ago +499

    I lived in this wonderful country,Saudi Arabia for 18 years and came back to my country 7 years ago.But still Saudi Arabia is in my heart and I left part of my heart in this superb country.Long live the Saudi King,long live the prince and long live Indo-Saudi friendship.

    • Super hero 12
      Super hero 12 2 years ago +40

      Thank you brother for this comment, 🇮🇳 ❤️ 🇸🇦

    • Chirantan Chakrabarti
      Chirantan Chakrabarti 2 years ago +32

      @Aamir Siddiqui Never in 18 years of my stay I faced this.But of course I worked on a very high postion of an European multinational company.

    • Dana bader
      Dana bader Year ago +10

      @Aamir Siddiqui they are treated badly by other Asians and expats.. racism in KSA is done by expats against each other that why most prefer to work under Saudi manager

    • Omar Alarifi
      Omar Alarifi Year ago +45

      @Aamir Siddiqui as a Saudi citizen, we treat all foreigns as our guests with no differences. That’s what our Religion, culture, and ethics tell us to do. There might be a few Saudis don’t do that but they don’t represent our Country’s ethics

  • AbdulAziz Subaie
    AbdulAziz Subaie 2 years ago +552

    To our Indian brothers and sisters, thank you for the positive comments, may god be with you. This is the least we can do to help and i’m sure our leaders are already setting plans to join in helping you overcome this crisis. India has always been a precious friendly ally, and it is in us to prove that humanitarian aid is a duty, not just a favor as the west considers such acts. You’re brothers to us and it is a duty to offer an aid that seeks no recognition.

    • Indifirst Updates
      Indifirst Updates 2 years ago +62

      Thanks saudi arabiya for helping us in this pendmic..
      A great culture saudi arabia stend with india..

    • ZM
      ZM 2 years ago +41

      When are you going to aid Yemen? Are they not your brothers? Millions of children are starving according to the even the UN. Kadhab.

    • سعد الاحمري
      سعد الاحمري 2 years ago +42

      @ZM We are with Yemen and against the Houthis who attack Muslim sanctities

      TALIB AFZAL 2 years ago +24

      Do you know what india is doing in kashmir

    • سعد الاحمري
      سعد الاحمري 2 years ago +18

      @TALIB AFZAL Cremation of the dead

  • Wayne Stewart
    Wayne Stewart 8 months ago +227

    As an American, I have learned a lot from this man in every interview he gives; Very knowledgeable, straight to the point, informative, educative, and inspirational. God bless you, Sir.

    • Wayne Stewart
      Wayne Stewart 6 months ago +1

      @Dan iel I am not into politics. Leave the politics side to the politicians. After all, no one is there. It is against my belief to believe hearsay ... إنّ بعض الظّنّ إثم...صدق الله العظيم

    • astrology2
      astrology2 6 months ago

      Praise satan!

    • Гульсара Браво
      Гульсара Браво 6 months ago +3

      My opinion about the interview is that his Highness MBS demonstrated his excellent erudition in state politics,economics and other spheres.His preocupation of Saudies is very high and He is one of the best rulers God bless you and Saudi Arabia Inshallah

  • الجوهره اليامي
    الجوهره اليامي 5 months ago +66

    As a Saudi girl, I thank God every day that I was born a Saudi, and like any Saudi citizen, I carry in my heart strong feelings of love and loyalty for this noble prince

    • Rawan
      Rawan 5 months ago +3

      نفس الشي 🥹🇸🇦🤍

    • الجوهره اليامي
      الجوهره اليامي 5 months ago +7

      @Felix Kjaerbie Welcome..Yes, I am a Muslim..and I am very happy that I belong to a Saudi Arab Muslim prince, who serves the houses of God in Mecca and Medina, and takes care of the pilgrims of the Sacred House of God, as well as supports Muslims in all parts of the earth... I love him because I belong to a prince who struggles Terrorism and those who seek to split the Islamic nation
      I love this prince because he shows the true moderate religion that calls for tolerance, love and peace away from murder and greed for the sake of music!!!
      I love him because he made me feel proud that I belong to him and to my homeland, the great Saudi Arabia ❤️

    • Felix Kjaerbie
      Felix Kjaerbie 5 months ago +2

      @الجوهره اليامي Jubayr ibn Mut’im reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “He is not one of us who calls to tribalism. He is not one of us who fights for the sake of tribalism. He is not one of us who dies following the way of tribalism.”
      Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 5121
      Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Suyuti
      Do you not understand what the PROPHET OF ALLAH has said?

  • Fahad H
    Fahad H Year ago +241

    He is very well spoken, but what is surprising is the level of details that he is sharing and the amount of knowledge that he has regarding the subjects that he is tackling. This is unprecedented for a Saudi King and one which I have never seen in the Middle East. This is a complete overhaul of how the country functions from a social and economic perspective and one that will change Saudi Arabia for the better. They have one hell of future ahead of them Mashallah :)

    • Boo Baal
      Boo Baal Year ago +3

      @Rafael Thats not Hadith that is fabrication and heresy.

    • Ibnus Salāh
      Ibnus Salāh Year ago +3

      No, rather the one has misunderstood the Qur'ān and the Ahadīth. The Qur'ān and the authentic Ahadīth do not contradict each other, the minds only beget certain misconceptions.

    • Ibnus Salāh
      Ibnus Salāh Year ago +1

      Brother Fahad, best to refrain from adding the word "Hell" in one's speech.

  • Shahzad Explorers TV
    Shahzad Explorers TV Month ago +4

    This is always great to see crown prince, the way he interacts with everyone, the way he communicates and conveys his message is heart touching. We are very much impressed by his kind and sympathetic nature. For me he is really a good model to follow.

  • The Travelers to Paradise جنت کے مسافر

    اللهم احفظ هذا البلاد أمنها وحكومتها و شعبها وعلمائها وعقيدتها وشبابها وشاباتها والمواطنييها والمقيميها واحفظ الحرمين الشريفين والمسجد الاقصى آمين يا رب

  • Mir Salman Ali
    Mir Salman Ali Year ago +161

    The sheer confidence in the presentation of his visionary and revolutionary ideas is commendable...Ma sha Allah !!

    • Bryan Bradley
      Bryan Bradley 5 months ago

      Its eventually going happen, you can't be ignorant forever

  • Grimari
    Grimari Year ago +228

    reading english subtitles and listening to mohammad bin salman talk, ive realized that this king is actually a total genius

  • Shivam Sharma
    Shivam Sharma 9 months ago +15

    I am from india and I want to have a leader like MBS in my country. He knows everything about his country in numbers . What a straight forward leader.

  • Malik Umer
    Malik Umer Year ago +156

    After watching this video, I can confidently say that MBS is very much clear about the vision 2030 and the strategies to achieve goal in efficient manner plus he is observing each and every element in detail with exact figures and facts.
    Finally, his attitude towards opportunities, diversity and industries are very Positive.
    May Allah bless Saudia Arabia.

  • Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali 3 months ago +3

    At start of interview, I became fan of MBS, so well spoken, knowledgeable and passionate enough to change millions of lives. He knows what he is doing and straight to the point. Long live Saudi Arabia and long live Pakistan. Currently I'm visiting first time this country and I fall in love with everything here.

  • Bruce Angel
    Bruce Angel Year ago +40

    I’m a firm believer in this young Prince.
    That being said, I have always thought and believe that small incremental changes overtime are better than big, sudden changes all at once. (Explainer: Figure out what’s working… And then tweak that so it works a little (or a lot) better. His Highness has something that works make that better. I’m not interested in policy or politics.)
    I also believe that there is no better opportunity than now for Prince Salman to lead his people in a way that plays up his strengths and what has been working and is clearly working for him.
    Can anyone define this and propose a solution? Yes, I can.
    Edit: I’m in the high 90 percentile in thinking that this is an idea. A small test could confirm. The effects would be multi-fold. No hyperbole.

    • snjdhzhz djsjx
      snjdhzhz djsjx 10 months ago

      Yes I am also a firm believer of Coro na and the vaccine chaos

  • Amy Sanchez
    Amy Sanchez Year ago +168

    This man is so prepared. He's a walking textbook of information about his country. It's clear he wants the best for his people and its so nice to see as an American with a completely selfish government the things which are possible when a leader CARES❤

    • JM
      JM 11 months ago +9

      did he want the best for Khashoggi?

    • musafir ghayr maeruf
      musafir ghayr maeruf 10 months ago +2

      @JM Best for his country...not the people 🤣

    • Nick Wong
      Nick Wong 9 months ago +4

      @JM did Khagosshi want the best for MBS?

    • Jim Dillon
      Jim Dillon 9 months ago +1

      Except for women

    • Andre Newcomb
      Andre Newcomb 9 months ago

      Sure is dispensing more information than he needs to reveal. Seems as though the masses are concerned about 'their' take. When so many 'family' were put under house arrest it was because THEY were hemorrhaging money out into the world that surely would bite them in the ass later on. It actually IS time to consolidate and keep the "take" from hopping a plane and doing the same again. A bit of social contract responsibility.

  • Hcthci Ssss
    Hcthci Ssss Year ago +23

    This man’s vision will divert the current path that the Middle East is taking, his vision does not only include Saudi Arabia, it is a much broader vision that will most definitely change the entire region and have a tremendous effect on the whole world. This will be taught in history classes, a man who changed the destiny of the Middle East.

    • Suleyman 🇸🇾
      Suleyman 🇸🇾 Year ago

      @Malek Stfu ok ? We are the center of Arabian civilization. Shaam 🇸🇾🇵🇸🇯🇴🇱🇧 and Iraq 🇮🇶 controlled the biggest Arabian empires (Umayyads and Abbassids where Damascus and Baghdad were the capital) Faisal from Hejaz dreamt of getting Damascus as his capital for his Arab kingdom from Aleppo to Yemen. Shaam has history with Arabs like Palmyra and Nabatean civilization. And don’t forget the only Roman Arab emperor “Philipp the Arab” is from Syria. Anyways I won’t talk to you, I’m probably even more arab than you. The prophet liked shaam and Yemen the most.
      To summarize Shaam and Iraq was capital of biggest Arab empires and biggest Arabian civilization. Yemen had the south Arabian civilization in antiquity. How about “Saudi” Arabia ? You know, the only country who use a family name as theirs.

    • Malek
      Malek Year ago

      @Suleyman 🇸🇾 The Umayyads and the Abbasids are cousins, all from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Arabs are characterized by the ruling family, such as the Umayyads, the Abbasids, the Saudis. But you are a Syriac and you are ashamed of your origin and claim yourself to the Arabs and you brainwashed by the false Arabism launched by the Coptic Jamal Abdel Nasser and his followers the Syriacs, the Canaanites and the Phoenicians in the Levant and the Berbers in North Africa. This false Arabism indicates your ignorance of history because you are peoples for the first time who govern yourselves and suffer from an identity issues. You never be Arab orange boy, you only speak Arabic cus Saudi ancestors defeated your ruler ( Roman Empire) and force your people to speak Arabic.

    • Malek
      Malek Year ago

      @Suleyman 🇸🇾 You as Syriac, you work for Persian or Turk ? Who is your currently master?

  • Chirag
    Chirag 7 months ago +17

    MBS is one of the most smartest and daring leaders on the planet! Greetings from India

  • cereals devanne
    cereals devanne 2 years ago +92

    You hear the wise words from the Prince.... Nothing is called too fast, take the opportunity and achieve what is achievable

    • Rafael
      Rafael Year ago

      @Adriana Adnan Should have been Quran only since the beginning

    • Ev M
      Ev M Year ago +1

      The Prince is talking on the experience he learned on Dubai and US growth in a short span of time. When you have wealth it is wise to spend it on Public growth projects for the future rather than wait until it is put to on mediocre short term goals.
      Britain for example is a classic case of enormous wealth that is hardly used for public welfare thanks to even enormous corruption and daylight robbers wearing coats in power.

    • Venom707
      Venom707 11 months ago

      We listen everyday.Almost .

    • Venom707
      Venom707 11 months ago

      @Ev M Prince,..he seems a regular nice. guy.My kids love him.

  • Pushan Guha Neogi
    Pushan Guha Neogi 16 days ago +1

    This guy has a plan for his country and that is so good to see. He is smart and understand the history and reality of his kingdom in a way that we havent seen in saudi for a long time. As an indian I hope my country and his can work together productively over the next few years.

  • ayyagari subrahmanyam
    ayyagari subrahmanyam Year ago +63

    10 mins into the interview…great respect to the king for his vision !! He will definitely change Saudi to reach greater heights!!

  • rahula s
    rahula s 11 months ago +70

    The young Prince seems to have great ideas...hope it works out for KSA. I support him primarily for his efforts on reforming Islam and fighting terror; also respect for the honest effort he's taking to develop his country further. Westerners simply don't get that democracy does not work universally. Love from India👏 and wish a long life for the Prince.

    • Marco Reus
      Marco Reus 8 months ago +17

      Islam doesn't need any reforming

    • rahula s
      rahula s 8 months ago

      @faizan All religions need reforms! Most other religions have gone thru it except Islam!

      MUKHAMMAD-AMIN KHASILOV 7 months ago +10

      you know nothing about Islam to say that it needs reform, and it is not for you to say something about our religion

  • asma pnu
    asma pnu 2 years ago +19

    This talk is indeed inspiring.Thanks to the crown prince for his incredible and massive efforts.

  • Nazeeblubna Pa
    Nazeeblubna Pa 8 months ago +6

    Proud to be a Saudi

  • CM
    CM Year ago +61

    Prince is guiding the kingdom in right path fighting extresim with growth and prosperity and changing the image of Islam across the world. Love from India. May both the countries prosper together...

  • Ramasamy Balakumar
    Ramasamy Balakumar 3 months ago

    Great to be back in this country. Great to see how he has transformed the country and culture positively to compete with the rest of the world.

  • ibra 999
    ibra 999 2 years ago +101

    Thank you for all the beautiful comments, especially from our brothers in India .. Believe me, the Saudi King and the Prince, the Saudi Crown Prince, love you and love assistance and humanity, and they are always the first people to help in any crisis of poverty, hunger, war or disease .. The King Salman Center affiliated to the King and supervised by the Crown Prince donated more From 100 billion dollars in a few years to countries that suffer from poverty, hunger and wars .. Saudi Arabia is a great country and its government is great, and we love the king and the crown prince. 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

    • Vicky Wells
      Vicky Wells 2 years ago +6

      Trying to make up for his shame for murdering Koshogi. 🤢🤢🤢

    • ibra 999
      ibra 999 2 years ago +13

      @Vicky Wells Did you forget Abu Ghraib prison? Have you forgotten the human crimes of America and the killing of 700,000 Japanese with a nuclear bomb? All countries have major crimes, and the killing of Khashoggi happened, and the Emir never knew about it

    • Vicky Wells
      Vicky Wells 2 years ago +2

      @ibra 999 of course no one can forget these crimes (I equally criticise ALL corrupt regimes) but ‘two wrongs do not make a right’ and we should learn from history, not repeat it.
      This sycophantic interview with MBS makes me want to vomit. 🤢🤢🤢

    • ibra 999
      ibra 999 2 years ago +13

      @Vicky Wells I am Saudi and Prince Muhammad is our Crown Prince .. Believe me, we love him and all the people love him .. He has developed our country and developed our economy and our livelihood .. We love him and he is a humane and not a dictator .. Do not believe the misleading hate media

  • Daaniyaal Hariss
    Daaniyaal Hariss 2 years ago +96

    great initiatives and the way KSA is investing in science and tech and AI and biotechnology, it is amazing to see so much development and a really clear roadmap. May Allah increase you in favors, May Allah grant you hidayah and al aafiyah In Shaa Allah. Really, KSA is blessed by Allah for having such good leadership.

    • Ali N. Al-Sidrah
      Ali N. Al-Sidrah 2 years ago +7

      Totally agree

    • Saleh Aldoshan
      Saleh Aldoshan 2 years ago +3

      Amen brother

    • Nazeer Ahamed
      Nazeer Ahamed 2 years ago +1

      INVESTING in Science and technology is easy who is scientist that is the question
      they cannot prepare one tea ..

    • Afeef Rb
      Afeef Rb 2 years ago +1

      @Nazeer Ahamed Investing in Science in Tech is not easy. First wealth needs to be generated. If Saudi leadership pocketed all the money without investing, there would be no growth. MBS could use that money for his own desires, but he choses to invest in his own country.

    • Nazeer Ahamed
      Nazeer Ahamed 2 years ago

      @Afeef Rb I know that king Abdulaziz science and technology invented only prayer calling clock. Also made in China 🇨🇳.

  • Mahbubur Rahman
    Mahbubur Rahman Year ago +45

    Man of principles and love for his nation.

  • Sam ElGebeily
    Sam ElGebeily 2 months ago +1

    I lived 26 years in Saudi, moved to Canada since. Saudi will always be my 2nd home. The Saudis deserve the best, love them. From a fellow Egyptian. Good luck MBS on your incredible mission! Although I also loved King Fahad and King Abdullah, may they rip. 😢

  • Ghafar Te
    Ghafar Te 2 years ago +55

    Great interview! Thanks for the translation.
    I like that the crown prince in Saudi Arabia is young and lively. He is comprehending all aspects of modern life and religion.

    • Ramzi T
      Ramzi T 2 years ago

      Elaborate on what you mean he is comprehending on all aspects of modern life and religion????

    • x
      x 11 months ago

      @Ramzi T he truly understands his country. he is not out of touch

    • Venom707
      Venom707 11 months ago

      He is talking on housing and development.

  • Mohammed Ihjas
    Mohammed Ihjas 9 months ago +5

    Every word he said is so specific and to the point. He has a strong hold of the country's finances and a great Vision. Honestly Before watching this Interview I was not sure about that!

  • Basir Dulal
    Basir Dulal Year ago +22

    The leadership of modern Saudi Arabia is to be commended. The crop of unimaginable thoughts is Saudi Arabia. Vision 2030 is a great destination. A nation develops only when the spread of education reaches the outskirts of a country.
    To further strengthen Vision 2030, grant citizenship to highly educated expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. And to use their talents in the interest of the country. Because there must be a difference between serving in one's own country and in another. Salman bin Mohammed is a unique leader in Saudi Arabia. Who is transforming Saudi into a modern country out of conservative policy. Thanks.

  • my story knowledge
    my story knowledge Year ago +58

    I've already visited Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 I love you sir Salman of Saudi Arabia really god bless you and your descendants and new generations 😭😇😇😇😇♥️🇮🇳

  • Afsar Kaisor
    Afsar Kaisor Year ago +52

    Such a genius wise intelligent leader ! May you be blessed always. Aameen

    • flame
      flame 7 months ago

      @Green how?

  • Uncle Ali
    Uncle Ali 7 months ago +24

    MBS “there’s nothing called too fast” his answer was the truest form of procrastination
    If you have an opportunity and can be achieved and is achievable and I do not achieve it with the pretext that I don’t want to hurry, that means I’m procrastinating and I don’t want to work.
    I like the Crown Prince ❤

  • Leonard Chaikind
    Leonard Chaikind 2 years ago +30

    I think the Prince is a brilliant person with a great insight into both the future of both Saudi Arabia and the ME too.

  • Sarah Patino
    Sarah Patino 9 months ago +13

    I wouldn't mind having an Absolute Monarchy type of government with MBS being the King. God bless the Future King 🙏❤️😇😇. Love from Philippines

  • realcindy dadrana
    realcindy dadrana Year ago +26

    This crown prince has the vision for his country .very futuristic .my mother worked in Saudi Arabia for 3 decades as a midwife and now shes retired.thanks to her second home Saudi Arabia ,we finished our studies ,we have a better life now.

  • Mildeva
    Mildeva Year ago +27

    Very confident in his facts and figures.
    A great visionary.
    His thinking is beyond our times.
    His concerns proves he is a global leader of highest level.
    I will rate it one of the great interview that I have seen.

  • Sharad Pawar
    Sharad Pawar Year ago +29

    Best wishes from India to our brothers in Saudi Arabia to make this vision a reality 🇮🇳❤️🤝🇸🇦

    • Alpesh
      Alpesh 6 months ago

      Oh boy 🌚🌚🌚🌚

  • Gabiph
    Gabiph 7 months ago +8

    Handsome face, brilliant mind... I love him ❤️😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you and God bless Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman! 🙏🙏🙏

    • ؏ـطۄېْۧ♯
      ؏ـطۄېْۧ♯ 7 months ago

      اذكر الله يامسلم

    • B52
      B52 5 months ago

      @؏ـطۄېْۧ♯دري شوضعهم خاقين

    • Deimos
      Deimos 5 months ago

      @B52 أتوقع اللي ملامحه عادية عندنا يشوفونه هم جميل والعكس صحيح مع نظرتنا لهم

  • Indian
    Indian Year ago +19

    Love to the handsome prince,love to SAUDI ARABIA❤

  • Amanda Peluso
    Amanda Peluso 2 months ago +2

    MBS is such a young, intelligent, charismatic and ambitious world leader. I'm American and greatly admire the Crown Prince he really cares about his country and his people. ❤️

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 2 years ago +61

    I feel proud to be Saudi

  • syednaveedzafar
    syednaveedzafar 2 years ago +69

    31:15 and 32:47
    The country seems to be heading in right direction.
    excellent justification for all the decisions that have been made. Quite impressed the way he has explained investment strategy. 👍

  • Tameem Hussain Sheriff
    Tameem Hussain Sheriff 2 years ago +73

    A leader with clear vision for his Nation. I love him. I have been living in Saudi Arabia from 2012. Lots of positive changes in Saudi Arabia after 2015. May Allah bless Saudi Arabia with enormous wealth 🇸🇦

    • Doomer Doomson
      Doomer Doomson 2 years ago +13

      A clear vision of killing, torturing and putting behind bars anyone who opposes him right?

    • Arabian Love
      Arabian Love 2 years ago +6

      @Doomer Doomson👈🏼👈🏼
      Ppl ignore these kind of ppl like this creature
      They here to try to turn away our hope for better future he want us to be the same and not get better he want to keep lying and lying
      So ignore him

    • Muhammad bin salman
      Muhammad bin salman 2 years ago +3

      Thank you dear for your words of gratitude

  • Win Tan
    Win Tan 8 months ago +3

    Very articulate, this man speaks high volume of intelligence and is very passionate in what he's doing. I hope he continues what he does and that people of Saudi give him full support in his endeavors to transform his country.

  • N Firdose
    N Firdose 2 years ago +108

    Mashaallah ,first of all,i personally thanks the Saudi government for providing oxygen to India. Congratulations to your entire team of vision 2030 who completed 5 years 0f success. May Allah subhan wa tala enable the team to work like "NAMLA".ameen.

    • Muhammad bin salman
      Muhammad bin salman 2 years ago +7

      Ameen, we rise by helping the poor

    • N Firdose
      N Firdose 2 years ago +4

      @Muhammad bin salman Ameen ya rabbul alameen. Alhamdulillah Good work ,god is gafoorurraheem.

    • N Firdose
      N Firdose 2 years ago +2

      @Muhammad bin salman respected prince your email is not working please give me correct email.

    • Muhammad bin salman
      Muhammad bin salman 2 years ago +1

      @N Firdose send me your email address I will add you up, it seems you're having hard times

    • Gianne
      Gianne 2 years ago

      @Muhammad bin salman Hello muslim brothers

  • Aladdin
    Aladdin 9 months ago +7

    WOW... Even His voice sounds like a ruler.. MASHALLAH...

  • sanoop Indian
    sanoop Indian 2 years ago +70

    There will be a Time in Saudi Arabian history that tells before MBS and after MBS. He is a true leader he have a clear vision about kingdom and its peoples for their future
    I personally saw the changes before mbs and after mbs
    Dear Saudi’s your future is in safe hands

    • NC
      NC 2 years ago

      The guy is a murderer, whats wrong with you?

    • samar alshehri
      samar alshehri Year ago +1

      @NC so is the rest of the world leaders.

  • Sincere Sentinel of Sentience and Sapiens

    Peace and Love to Saudi Arabia from America.

    • AKumar528
      AKumar528 Year ago +3

      I'm impressed by him.. His father had given him a task of reading one book per week and would test him with random questions at the end of the week. This continued for many many years apparently.. Could be why he's become so smart.
      Compare this to India where Muslims are confined to madarasa even when they have modern education next door. If they really see Saudi as model country like they claim, they should also get good secular education

    • AÖÖL FÀÁŁ〽️
      AÖÖL FÀÁŁ〽️ Year ago +4


    • KD
      KD Year ago

      i will send you balloon if you want

    • Mira G.
      Mira G. Year ago


    • Mira G.
      Mira G. Year ago

      @AÖÖL FÀÁŁ〽️ الك فخر اي

  • Abdullah Alawad
    Abdullah Alawad 2 years ago +75

    Thanks for all the positive comments from all over the world especially our brothers from India. Let's just take this opportunity and keep united against the bad people who trying to divide us. ❤️

    • Vicky Wells
      Vicky Wells 2 years ago +8

      MBS is a MURDERER! RIP Koshogi.

    • Fatma Muhammad
      Fatma Muhammad 2 years ago +8

      @Vicky Wells yemeni blood is on his hands too.

    • yes
      yes 2 years ago +2

      Green Titanium it’s forbidden in our religion to have two religions in the Arabian island, but tho you can practice ur religion peacefully

    • yes
      yes 2 years ago +2

      Green Titanium yes they are wrong

    • moha Aa
      moha Aa 2 years ago +2

      @Vicky Wells do have an evidence? Have you read the CIA report?

  • Ms Music Lover
    Ms Music Lover 6 months ago +5

    PASSION!!! How I love to listen to this very young man speak with so much conviction, honesty, belief and passion. Without the passion there is no action. I am British but resident in Spain. Two nations who sit still and decline into poverty whilst sat on top of two very abundant lands. But there is no vision at all. In Spain we have sun baking down on us most of the year just as in Saudi Arabia. Solar power????? Unbelievable, Spain should be exporting their excess solar energy to the northern european countries just as MBS plans to do with excess Saudi sun energy. Great minds will make great plans. I have written a book myself which talks of all that we could do if only we had good leaders in our nations. We all need a Mohammed bin Salman. If we have to cling to all the existing structures, is that not why we are all so restricted. As a European, I can forsee the total collapse of Europe. The mistake that MBS must avoid is to try and be like Europe in any way. Europe is now coming to the end of another human cycle, where once again we have followed man-kind and his mad idea of leading, around in another circle of disaster. He is always leading us up the wrong path. This world so needs leaders like MBS who can see that they have all been going down the wrong path and be prepared to back track. At the same time clear up behind themselves. Corruption and the corrupt, bring them to book and start recuperating all that embezzeled money. So much of that is within the family and government!! As I say in my book, you have to start with your own. If you can´t sort out your own house well, how can you sort all of the rest out? I see that MBS started with his house and government. Bold, brave moves but so necessary if the people are to have any faith in his leadership. I have a chapter in my book titled "IT IS GOING TO NEED SOME BRAVE MEN", types like MBS is what I was talking about. Another chapter titled "THE DAYS OF THE KHALIFAS", which looks at the Royals and where they could still have an important part to play if they changed tack. Rather like MBS!! We have got it all to do and no one seems to realize it here in Europe. I have travelled in Arab, Asian and African countries and for me personally what I want is to see all of you have the chance to be the fittest of the fit this time around, who can survive all that comes your way weatherwise. Europe is causing its own destruction. Turn your backs to Europe and concentrate on your own survival because Europe certainly won´t be able to help, even if it wanted to! My heart is with all who are righteous and worthy of life, so sad that I am surrounded by so much that is worthy of life but so little that is righteous. UP, UP, UP, people of Saudi Arabia, you have a fine leader in the making. LUCKY SAUDI ARABIA.

    • M7MD
      M7MD 6 months ago +2

      🤝🏻👏🏻 Truo , Thank you bro ❤️🇸🇦

    • Ms Music Lover
      Ms Music Lover 6 months ago +1

      @M7MD Hi, just to correct you. I am female so therefore sis. Thanks for taking a look. I see the SA and so ask are you a Saudi national who is living in Saudi Arabia and so seeing from `On The Inside Looking Out´, which is the title of my second book? My first book was titled On The Outside Looking In, which is of course from where I am observing MBS. I would be very interested to have views from within. I live in Spain and whilst King Mohammed VI of Morocco seems to be thinking very futuristically for Morocco, still we have boat loads of Moroccans arriving on the shores of Almeria most days of the week and sadly, Algerians every day of the week. I have known closely so many lovely Arab people but they come to Europe with a belief that is completely erroneous. They will not find a welcome and they certainly won´t find work having entered illegally. We have a beach here called LA PLAYA DE LOS MUERTOS, the beach of the dead. The current of the sea brings the dead bodies of all who go overboard up onto the shore. It is traumatic to say the very least. My master who is a local taxi driver, regularly picks up wet, cold, hungry, exhausted young Arabs from the beach front, who haven´t any idea exactly where they are but are all wanting to get to a city. He shares his sandwiches and flask of coffee with them and then they all fall asleep. But at least they didn´t get picked up by the patrolling police squad!! The African/Arab Exodus is a reality. I know that both China and Russia have big plans for Africa but so too do Europe. I believe that MBS together with King Mohammed VI of Morocco and along with China and Russia, they are the future of Africa, if they could all work together and with the right ethics. As we are seeing in Europe, any economy that is higher than another will attract immigrant workers. The only way to stop the exodus is to raise or lower all economies to within a similar value. Take a look at the minimum wages around the world as I explore in my second book and you can see why the migratory patterns of humans are as they are. We have massive unemployment in Europe in all areas minus Scandinavia who have the highest minimum wage of all in Europe. Lower population numbers too of course. Contraception, sexual education, smaller families and so able to keep up with a steady population growth. Outside of China and Japan, these are the most evolved humans in the world. They apply their accumulated wisdom well and are able to get that spread to all corners of their lands. YING AND YANG another chapter in my first book. Saudi Arabia as it is, is a very young country and as such, doesn´t have so much to take out, there in a great advantage over the americanized world. Equality is the key. The Scandinavians lead the way there too as I explored in my second book and female leadership around the world. We can see clearly where we have come to with only half of the world able to make the decisions which we all have to live by. The males and only a few of them, who make the decisions for the citizens of the whole world to live by. But if only half the world´s work force can actively contribute to decision making and work, then can you not see why we as women need to step up and take our place at last. Doesn´t a country need to have all its population working, instead of the males working for their boss´and the females working for their husbands for free. Which is my situation right now. I have no access to money, I can make no decision for myself as to how I live my life. The wonder of the internet and KDP has given me a free platform for my books, my `trains of thought´ that my master knows nothing of, so sadly I can´t speak of it to anyone who I know but I am very proud of my work. I am now setting out my second and I am equally proud of this one. But I live as an invisible being with a gag over my mouth. That is what man-kind´s domination does to a woman. Brilliant women like myself are trapped and hidden away. Internet has been our saviour, a life line and today is my first time of contacting someone unknown to me. When I saw I had a reply, I couldn´t believe it. Someone has contacted me. WOW!! Someone somewhere knows I am alive! That is why I have written my books, in the hopes that through them I may meet like minded people. Thankyou for giving me those moments of your time. I wish you an enjoyable day.

  • GroVera Christiansen
    GroVera Christiansen Year ago +52

    Vision 2030 is an interesting future planning of Saudi Arabia . In order to see and understand the dynamic progress from a farming country into a modern industrial and
    Technical Society, I want to read more history of the Saudi Arabiya and visit some museums. Thank you for an informative interview. Gro Vera Neste Christiansen

    • Juan carlos Aguilar
      Juan carlos Aguilar Year ago +2

      Me gusta.
      Soy fanático por su cultura.
      Son persona muy coherente
      Desde Paraguay.
      Mi respeto saludos

    • Aziz AA
      Aziz AA Year ago

      @Juan carlos Aguilar come visit us.. love from Saudi Arabia

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      Great news that Allah finishes there plans and entire family😁

    • Shapandi Sardi
      Shapandi Sardi 2 years ago +1

      Agreed. The Crown Prince has a good vision for his country. May Allaah عز وجل protects Saudi Arabia, its rulers and people, and gives them progress and prosperity, aamiin.

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    Hey! I've never been to Saudi Arabia. I know very few culture of Saudis.
    But I want them to prosper more & be a successful, progressive in field of Science, technology and research. They've given opportunities to many Indians. So I wish them best of Luck for their 2030 Vision from Hindu Indian Brother. 🇮🇳🤝🇸🇦

    • Maths ÖP
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      Hindu think of gazwaieh Hind

    • Sandeep Patel
      Sandeep Patel Year ago

      @Maths ÖP no Muslims thinks of gazwa ae hind
      If your knows Hindus were and are majority if we want make India a Hindu state we had done it before but we not did Muslims asked for a separate nation from Hindustan they got Pakistan and we still let Muslims live in India even they took a country already from us

    • Maths ÖP
      Maths ÖP Year ago

      @Sandeep Patel dont be over confident

    • Maths ÖP
      Maths ÖP Year ago

      @Sandeep Patel they are intimidating

    • Sandeep Patel
      Sandeep Patel Year ago +1

      @Maths ÖP lmao u even knows meaning of gazwa ae Hind
      It is started by Muslims not Hindus
      Gazwa ae hind means making Hindustan a Islamic country

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    • ABC Nature
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      @Fancy, Woo! 🍭
      A positive paradigm shift in the middle East.

    • Binu Sreedharan
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      Yes he is a hope, he knows islam is the main objection for the development of Saudi Arabia, in future he will outlaw Islam sure. Then Saudi Arabia will be top nation in the world

    • Binu Sreedharan
      Binu Sreedharan Year ago

      Sacrifice awaits no man , he is our ally

  • Shirsho Ghosh
    Shirsho Ghosh 8 months ago +10

    He is so well-spoken and knowledgeable. He starts by saying "the Kingdom was much before the oil"
    Absolute visionary ❤️
    Waiting for his reign and revolutionary development in SA
    Love from 🇮🇳

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    Saudi Arabia is very lucky to have a forward thinking visionary like prince MBS.

    MASSOUD EBRAHIM 10 months ago +4

    MBS is the best thing that happened to Saudi Arabia. He is a visionary, a bright person and doesn’t look at Islam as 1400 years ago. He gathers smart and bright people from around the world for betterment of Saudi lives. The people of Saudi Arabia are lucky and fortunate to have a person of his caliber.
    He shines in the Middle East like a beacon as oppose to the rest of the leaders that are backward , dark minded and live in the past.

  • deadB0Insaide
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    I hope for a quick recovery for Indian brothers 🇸🇦🤝🇮🇳

    • ابو سالم الدوسـي 🇸🇦
      ابو سالم الدوسـي 🇸🇦 2 years ago

      Green Titanium Why am I late for worship, tell me

    • ابو سالم الدوسـي 🇸🇦
      ابو سالم الدوسـي 🇸🇦 2 years ago

      Green TitaniumThe Arabs do not have a Latin pagan god, so we do not worship an idol, and we do not see it in the first place in order to determine its race, but believe in it because creatures were not created on their own. In the original, he was the one who created the Arabs, the Latins, the Chinese, the Indians, all the human race, animals, the land, the seas, the planets and the galaxies and made us peoples and tribes to get acquainted even if they return to the origin All human beings, we emerged from one human being, and we branched out into 7 billion people on earth, and that is the Prophet Adam

    • ابو سالم الدوسـي 🇸🇦
      ابو سالم الدوسـي 🇸🇦 2 years ago

      Green Titanium Do you think that galaxies, planets, oxygen and marine creatures were created from the Big Bang? And do you think that when a male and a female, whether human or animal, coexist and bring a new creature on the earth? Do you expect all of this to come without a Creator who arranged all this?

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    It is clear MBS is passionate about what he does..Wishing him the best!

    MOHA VLOG 5 months ago +4

    أعشق أمير السعودية ...و من خلاله صرت أعشق السعوديين.

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    Wow the Prince really knows his maths. He's economically taking the country from oil dependency to the world market and new developements. He has really had to make a lot of difficult changes for developement of the country from the old system which is extremely difficult. Plus this is the first time a saudi prince has given such a detailed account of public money and how money will be spent for future projects. Amazing interview really well detailed, hope to see Saudi prosper in the future under this man.

  • Economics Concept Research

    Mashallah. A great visionary King Mohammed bin Salman is. May Allah keep the leadership under him and grant huge success to vision 2030. I have read vision 2030. Insha'Allah it will bring more future economic stability and increase level of employment and income. Lots of blessings to the king and Royal family.

  • skystallion
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    Hats off to crown prince for his excellent vision 2030 for Saudi Arabia

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      مرتزقة اليوتيوب يحذفون تعليقاتي ابشركم بنسوي سوشل ميديا خاصه بنا قريبا مثل الصين ولن تتمكنو من دخولها 😎🇸🇦💚

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    Big respect from Germany

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      MUSTAFFA ALAWI 2 years ago +6

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      When you don’t have evidences but you got the spirit to hate:

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