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Film Theory: Scrooge McDuck's Net Worth SOLVED! (Disney's DuckTales)

  • Published on Aug 7, 2017 veröffentlicht
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    Disney boasts a ton of classic franchises, but one of the best will always be DUCKTALES. I mean it created the childhood fantasy of swimming through a literal pool of GOLD! But one thing has always troubled me. Just how rich is Scrooge McDuck? Well buckle up, Theorists, because after days of research, hours of math, and a few good refreshing swims in the old money bin I have finally discovered the answer!
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  • Stoopid Boii
    Stoopid Boii 2 years ago +4808

    Disney needs to give this guy a freaking award

    • EA
      EA 11 days ago


    • Mr. Clean
      Mr. Clean 11 days ago

      @max sir They gave him money and clearly approve of the video it is sponsored by them, its right in the description of the video

    • The Dancing Banana
      The Dancing Banana 17 days ago

      He went crazy

    • Rowyn the animator
      Rowyn the animator 18 days ago

      Yes, yes, this is rowyn

    • DBZlover1
      DBZlover1 Month ago +1

      right brother

  • François le Bois
    François le Bois Year ago +1153

    Matpat: goes crazy over the lbs system
    Me: *laughs in metric system*

    • Darold Carold
      Darold Carold 5 days ago

      @the unfunny channel how does the uk use imperial apart from on roads lol

    • ObsidianKingSlade
      ObsidianKingSlade 18 days ago

      Laughs in london stabbings

    • Ivona
      Ivona 22 days ago

      Heh... We have the best system.

    • Princess Rhianne Yatal
      Princess Rhianne Yatal 24 days ago

      yeah but in a way that everything he ever does is scientifically correct which is crazy

    • Ruppi
      Ruppi 25 days ago

      im too happy I dont have to deal with freedom units

  • nazarasaid
    nazarasaid Year ago +2444

    More important theory: how does scrooge mcduck swim through all that gold and swimming through it without getting crushed under the massive weight

    • Robert Ågren
      Robert Ågren Month ago

      He dug tunnels

    • Dandythebuttergod
      Dandythebuttergod Month ago

      Because his sigma aura simply overwhelms physics

    • nag 007
      nag 007 Month ago +1

      "It's not a liquid. It's a great many pieces of solid matter that form a hard floor like surface."

    • Tirpitz YT
      Tirpitz YT Month ago

      @Pineconicus it's probably fake, but not in his money bin,scrooge isn't dumb enough to put all his gold in that bin

  • PotatoDodger
    PotatoDodger 10 months ago +233

    Matpat never disappoints. Keep up the good work. 👍👌

    • ~Mimiko•Mochi~
      ~Mimiko•Mochi~ 3 months ago +1

      Open question. What do you guys think MatPats new theory channel is gonna be?
      Personally I think it'll be either Book Theory or Myth Theory following the 4 letter rule.

    • Evan Something
      Evan Something 6 months ago

      but your point still stands

    • Evan Something
      Evan Something 6 months ago +1

      this was made in 2017

  • TheStreamingEnderman
    TheStreamingEnderman Year ago +654

    Better theory question: How does Scrooge not break every last bone in his body, diving into a pit of gold?

    • Robert Johansson
      Robert Johansson 18 days ago

      He's very good at swimming in gold

    • Sentient Toaster
      Sentient Toaster 20 days ago

      He won't consent to gold breaking his bones

    • ckv1985
      ckv1985 Month ago

      @ayan 1
      If that was true the video would be -7 days long

    • SavageRat Entertainment
      SavageRat Entertainment 4 months ago +1

      ik poor Peter from family guy tried and he broke every bone in his body xD

    • Creator_Dolly
      Creator_Dolly 5 months ago

      Eh idk the first reply says best

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 3 months ago +70

    Despite having all that money, he still nearly went bankrupt from trying to find Della. That really shows how much he cares

  • Sarah Creates
    Sarah Creates 3 years ago +5668

    MatPat must’ve been the best at “show your working” questions.

    • Queen Xenit
      Queen Xenit 10 months ago


    • Dil
      Dil 11 months ago

      he really did all the math

    • Ronika Naderi
      Ronika Naderi Year ago

      @FF OWN :P

    • Ronika Naderi
      Ronika Naderi Year ago +2


    • FF OWN
      FF OWN Year ago +1


  • tom gu
    tom gu 22 days ago +4

    Literally one of my favorite characters in all of fiction. Carl barks is a genius. Creatings a whole duck verse with so many great characters.

  • GD Mememasterz
    GD Mememasterz Year ago +113

    This man needs all the respect in the world: he probably spent like a decked planning this episode and finally got it out wasting a year of this life because hes not as popular as he deserves to be.

  • kingfisher talkingpictures
    kingfisher talkingpictures 10 months ago +176

    If the bin is just full of gold, there must be some point where the sheer weight of the top levels of gold malformed the gold below it, pushing out the air voids and becoming denser. There should some simple calculus you can do based on gold’s malleability.
    Earlier this year I went to the site of Duckburg, according to Don Rosa, and got some great shots of Killmotor hill.

    • james mcdougal
      james mcdougal Month ago

      let mat have his moment..

    • Algot Kristoffersson
      Algot Kristoffersson 4 months ago +2

      That would decrease his wealth science the coins at the bottom are old and thus rare, making them more valuable than the gold they are made of to collectors.

    • Mr. Moron
      Mr. Moron 4 months ago +2

      @Tried6Times (GeT mE To 5K) yeah, at least in tbe netherlands there was a comic where it turned out there was a sinkhole pretty deep underground. And with "pretty deep" i mean VERY deep. One of the walls collaped and he flooded a chunk of duckberg in cash. After that point he got gyro to whip him up some walls that could withstand a LOT of abuse.

    • Tried6Times (GeT mE To 5K)
      Tried6Times (GeT mE To 5K) 7 months ago +2

      There was a comic in my country at least where it did just straight up collapse lol

  • ramen is good
    ramen is good 11 months ago +68

    I've learned more from Matpats three theory channels than I have from school this year

    • Chewie_69
      Chewie_69 Month ago +1

      There’s 4 now

    • Laxya Jena
      Laxya Jena 11 months ago +2

      Me too I think I should try to get a degree

  • Mind-numbing Tasks
    Mind-numbing Tasks 6 months ago +25

    Scrooge McDuck was (strangely enough), my favorite comic as a kid of 10 yrs or so (as well as Ritchie Rich). I can't even imagine you could quantify the wealth that he had, and I really think that was the whole idea.

  • Skittles_356
    Skittles_356 4 years ago +14486

    I swear this show gives me a better education than my school does.

  • Leviosa
    Leviosa 9 months ago +13

    Not a 90s kid, but this series is still my life. Comics, book, tv shows. I miss those times, in fact, i'm re-reading some of the comics, every page gives me nostalgia. Ah, how i miss childhood.

  • AdzukiBean
    AdzukiBean Year ago +21

    Hey, if MatPat impresses Disney enough, they might even make him a Disney princess!

  • Morgan O'Donnell
    Morgan O'Donnell Month ago +3

    A couple days ago I actually started watching the new remake of DuckTales on Disney+, and I am In love! It's so good!. I am conflicted to watching the one made in the late 1900s tho, but the remake is fantastic! Thx MatPat!

  • kawaiiamethist
    kawaiiamethist Year ago +44

    I'd love to see a Film Theory on Darkwing Duck! I don't care what angle you take, I just need the world to remember he's a thing and is still awesome. :) Seriously, this show still holds up.

  • Eli Bustamante
    Eli Bustamante 24 days ago +1

    Let’s give a round of applause to Matt pat this actually broke him

  • Camilo Quevedo
    Camilo Quevedo Year ago +4399

    I remember in an episode where scrooge mentioned that the bin money was literally his "petty cash" and that the bulk of his wealth is in banks and investments. Keeping the bin was just a plaything to him and a physical monument to his wealth.

    • ChunkySoup
      ChunkySoup 6 months ago

      Oh god-

    • Alexander Tasche
      Alexander Tasche 6 months ago +2

      @DisThoughts it’s true, I was really into the comics when I was younger, I’m Dutch btw, and the comics mention that a large bulk of Scrooge mcducks money pit is in the form of other currencies, like Ancient Greek and Roman coins, the person who cleans all the coins (Donald duck) goes deep into the pit to find coins like that, landing on coins that although taking up the exact same space as other coins, are much more valuable, with some going into the thousands for 1 coin, and although matpat has done an impressive and commendable effort, he fails to calculate many of such things. Btw fun fact (in the Dutch comics, the area around Scrooge mcducks money house is filled with various mines and other traps, and Scrooge can be seen defending his house with a shotgun XD a little less child friendly)

    • Sayba
      Sayba 7 months ago


    • Yuh wussap
      Yuh wussap 7 months ago

      Oh god

    • bruh breh ii
      bruh breh ii 7 months ago

      dear god in sweeden.

  • Omegod
    Omegod  3 months ago +75

    I gotta ask, who stills go back to older videos to this day for the better days and nostalgic fun theories? They’re still fun now but things are different.

  • Lee Sweets
    Lee Sweets 10 months ago +10

    The blueprints suggest that the ladder comes down to the bottom of the vault shaft. But in the scenes, Scrooge stands on his coins and grabs ahold of the bottom rung. This is much more consistent with the first method of only 10 feet deep, and its also on par with Forbes estimate.

  • Samtzyt Crafter
    Samtzyt Crafter 14 days ago

    Matpat you are one of the most high effort youtubers and, unlike many famous youtubers, put your time on making good content for us, thank you!

  • Lasercraft32
    Lasercraft32 3 months ago +3

    MatPat is usually pretty chill (to an extent) but here he's reeeaaally getting into it! XD

  • TheMinarus
    TheMinarus 4 months ago +6

    This guy clearly lost his mind doing this for us...mad respect lol

  • Grog Grueslayer
    Grog Grueslayer Year ago +1632

    I remember one comic where Uncle Scrooge gave Donald a bag of coins that he thought were worthless but Donald found out that the coins were super rare so Donald was getting rich selling the coins to coin shops. So of all the coins in the vault, the rarity of the bottom coins might up his wealth by significant amounts too.

  • Kazuma “Kevin” Hiryu

    Just came back from the season finale, but this theory still stands out.

  • Kronos Universe
    Kronos Universe Month ago +6

    So... who's going to tell MatPat that there's not only gold coins but there's also paper money inside the bin?

    • Impurvyo Lunos
      Impurvyo Lunos 28 days ago +1

      he says that in the video.around 18.5 min mark. "and remember this is all just his gold coins. that not including any jewels, gem, paper money, and real estates he own outsid of that bin.

  • Kozmio
    Kozmio 10 months ago +3

    This gets so much more complex when you consider the fact that the net worth of gold goes down every time new gold is found :0

  • Tom Kerruish
    Tom Kerruish Year ago +35

    Honestly, I'm going with the "cubic acres" value. Scrooge has so much money that it can't be embedded in three-dimensional space!

  • Carlos Gutierrez
    Carlos Gutierrez 2 months ago

    Rare footage of Matpat completing childhoods instead of ruining them

  • Bob
    Bob Year ago +1298

    Matpat: calculates amount of money in Scrooge’s vault
    Disney: what did it cost?
    Matpat: *my sanity*

  • StrawberryStar
    StrawberryStar Year ago +2

    As someone who's been growing up with the original Ducktales Cartoon and the comic books I've always been wondering how rich Scrooge McDuck is. So thanks for having made this video. Even tho the amount definitely isn't be the exact amount he owns, I think it still probably will be somewhere near what he owns.
    I also heard about the Ducktales reboot but I never really bothered checking it out because I didn't believe it would live up to it's predecessor. But now I think I'll check it out just to see if it's a good reboot. If it is I may even watch it fully just because of how much I loved the original Ducktales cartoon.
    Funfact: Scrooge MCDuck's German name is also Dagobert Duck.

  • Shreya Fun Time
    Shreya Fun Time Year ago +7

    Oh my goodness matpat...A big round of applause from my side for spending soo much time and effort on a theory 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Fox Queen
    Fox Queen 19 days ago +1

    The fact that MatPat is a better source of education than school

  • Unknown bird
    Unknown bird Year ago +4

    This was actually my first ever film/game/food theory video I ever watched, I came back to watch it again for memories!!

  • Itisanidiot
    Itisanidiot 2 months ago +2

    I was born in 2010 and I grew up with the original duck tales
    So this really gives me the tingles

  • De Infamous
    De Infamous 2 years ago +901

    It's actually simple.
    Someone: "Okay so how much money do you have?"
    Scrooge: "Yes"

  • Oscar Michel
    Oscar Michel 9 months ago +5

    If this was based on the comic, it should be accounted that the deeper you go in the money pool, the coin gets more valuable because of their rarity

  • Proxy
    Proxy Year ago +34

    I went on disney wiki and it says. "In "The Menehune Mystery", Donald gives the only time Scrooge's net worth has been mathematically represented, saying that Scrooges wealth amounted to $500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.16 (five hundred quattuorvigintillion dollars and sixteen cents)"

    • Wraith
      Wraith 5 months ago

      @the cool congle what about in the s3 finale where Bradford said that he had a passcode for something? And the passcode was equivalent to his entire net worth?

    • the cool congle
      the cool congle 5 months ago

      @Wraith I calculated the 600 years quote, he had $315,567,360,000,000,000

    • Terra
      Terra 5 months ago

      Jesus Christ

    • Wraith
      Wraith 5 months ago

      so if he apparently has that much, why does the official description for the ducktales TV show (2017) say that he's a trillionare?
      edit: also I'm pretty sure he once said that if he lost 1 billion dollars every minute, then he'd be broke in ~600 years.
      Edit 2: I was wrong, Scrooge said he runs a multi trillion dollar business

    • Tornado In A Junkyard
      Tornado In A Junkyard 6 months ago +2

      Also known as "Good Freaking God, That's A Lot Of Coinage".

  • Elizabeth Lovett
    Elizabeth Lovett Month ago

    Loved this video because I loved watching Ducktales as a kid. Actually, this makes me feel like watching the original again.

  • Wonder
    Wonder Year ago +27

    In the episode "Escape from the ImpossiBin!", we see Scrooge put a password in to turn the trap off, and it was a 26 digit password. Later on in the episode Bradford said that the password was a sum of ALL of Scrooge's total wealth.
    So Scrooge is actually an Octillionaire.
    PS: Even though Scrooge got the password wrong, I believe he only got the NUMBERS wrong, as remembering how many digits it had would be very simple.
    Just something I'd like to throw out there

    • Mr super sentai robo
      Mr super sentai robo 10 months ago +1


    • Mr super sentai robo
      Mr super sentai robo 10 months ago +1

      Ich habe gerade mit dem Auto gesessen und ich bin jetzt in der Nähe von der Arbeit und bin jetzt auf dem Weg nach Hause und dann habe ich noch mal die Woche noch mal mit dir gesprochen und ich bin jetzt zu Hause und bin jetzt auf dem Weg nach Berlin und bin jetzt auf dem Weg nach Hause

    • ProfessorPrel
      ProfessorPrel 10 months ago +1

      I think it was just Bradford who changed the password, not scrooge who got. It wrong

  • Creative Framework
    Creative Framework 25 days ago +1

    I'd say Scrooge can have a 4 dimensional money bin as he is clearly related to another powerful character who's main mode of transport is bigger on the inside, not to mention acquiring wealth off-planet.

  • Absinthe
    Absinthe 5 years ago +593

    Am I the only one who actually likes matpat's cringey jokes and puns?

    • Arianna Myrie
      Arianna Myrie 3 years ago

      Are you kidding me?! DAD JOKES/PUNS ARE LIFE!!!!!!

    • Gabriel Yacopetti
      Gabriel Yacopetti 4 years ago


    • MoonDustShine
      MoonDustShine 5 years ago +1

      🙄🙄 I don't knoooow ok fine I do to HAPPY NOW I ADMITTED IT *sorry *

    • Bendaman116
      Bendaman116 5 years ago


    • Echo
      Echo 5 years ago

      I love all the puns they’re very punny........ok I’ll stop

  • Jason Faris
    Jason Faris Year ago +16

    That coin pool would be a nightmare right now. Imagine the guy who had to clean that thing.

    • Bryan Le
      Bryan Le Year ago

      Tbh I would sneak few

  • Concavenator
    Concavenator Month ago

    I feel compelled to point out that in the original Barks' and Don Rosa's stories the bin is mostly filled not with gold coins, but with silver dollars and smaller copper coins: note the color of the cash at 5:47, 6:16, or 7:06

  • Naviary Music
    Naviary Music 7 months ago +2

    As someone who grew up reading the comics, I love to see this! I do know that not everything in that massive bin is gold coins. Other than silver.. if my memories correct I think he has very hefty bills in the bottom layers of that pile!

  • Nightingale Pottery
    Nightingale Pottery Year ago +2

    I think this is the closest MatPat has ever gotten to Austin's style. Lol

  • Dark 👿👿 Devil Gamers

    Mapat is surprisingly good at evil laughter

  • Mini Zem
    Mini Zem Year ago +2047

    Worthless fun fact: According to Film Theory and Game Theory, Scrooge McDuck can buy 3,785 full sets of diamond armor.

    • Jessby Jones
      Jessby Jones 2 months ago

      Best I can do is one emerald for all of that

    • Darknessፀ
      Darknessፀ 2 months ago

      @Michael TimothyON ThiS miNeCRaFT DAYYYYYYYY

    • Paradox Gotham
      Paradox Gotham 6 months ago

      @Dani05 just factor in 50% of gold and the rest platinum together with the diamond

    • 40 Outdoors
      40 Outdoors 7 months ago


    • Sayba
      Sayba 7 months ago

      wow what about netherite armour?

  • CreeperLuke
    CreeperLuke Year ago +74

    Disney: Did you find out how rich Scrooge is?
    Matpat: Yes
    Disney: What did it cost?
    Matpat: My sanity.

    • Thong Bong
      Thong Bong Year ago


    • linkxolotl
      linkxolotl Year ago +1

      Oh wow how original, stealing comments from months ago

    • natprob
      natprob Year ago +1

      i saw this same exact comment from 4 months ago above this one. come up with something new instead of copying

    • Traunt8441
      Traunt8441 Year ago +1

      nah fnaf took matpat's sanity ngl

  • Bud Sak
    Bud Sak Year ago +4

    Seems that lots of people who were rich later in life started out with jobs such as shoe shiners. Jobs that were meticulous and required time was probably the best teachers for it. Patience is a virtue and a tool few can wield. Everything requires some amount of time and it's easy to forget that in a culture of Veruca Salt's.
    "I want it now, don't care how, I want it now!"

  • WGPlayz
    WGPlayz 3 months ago +4

    this guy is so good that people should call him google+++

  • Aerial Ballet
    Aerial Ballet Year ago +1

    I don't remember Scrooge saying his Bin was full of gold, but cash, because I remember seeing nickels, quarters, dimes, dollars and maybe a few gems and gold. But remember him stating it being cash, not just all gold.

  • (^_^メ)
    (^_^メ) 10 months ago +9

    Fun fact : The gold isn't total of his wealth, since he also invest in many mine, oil, building and many more, heck maybe he also mine meteorite and other planet(s)

  • Admiral rentableorb
    Admiral rentableorb 5 years ago +347

    Honestly I don't think Disney will ever love matpat because he keeps on claiming everyone in their moves are dead

    • al día
      al día 5 years ago

      Admiral rentableorb lol ikr

    • Zachary Gilmore
      Zachary Gilmore 5 years ago +2

      They finally asked him to the movies. He was invited to the Thor: Ragnarok premiere.

    • Kfh 78
      Kfh 78 5 years ago +5

      Admiral rentableorb there probably going to change the money amount because of that

    • UtanAnT
      UtanAnT 5 years ago +6

      Lol SO true

  • KateMakes
    KateMakes Year ago +2

    Watching this after the series aired and finished just gives me so much joy.

  • misterdot
    misterdot 9 months ago +2

    how has disney not given this guy a prize

  • The SOC
    The SOC 9 months ago +2

    I laughed way too hard at Matt losing his mind 🤣 i mean that freak out is meme worthy

  • Loki God of Mischief

    Please do a theory on the "Animaniacs'. You guys would do such a good job.

  • Wonderby
    Wonderby 3 months ago +28

    Me who watched the entire new show before watching this: uhh... ok- yes I understands

    • Squids_Daily
      Squids_Daily 2 months ago

      Funny lol. Im watching the entire old series i kinda think its better than the new one but everyone has opinions on it

  • big smoke
    big smoke 5 years ago +733

    I cant believe how much work he puts into these,my head hurts from just watching all those numbers!

    • Em
      Em 5 years ago

      FrickHeck96 Christian server The value of gold always changes so that's not much of a factor. You can use the data he provided with the current pricing of gold.

    • Phish N' Chimps
      Phish N' Chimps 5 years ago

      It helps if you're sucking up to someone. being Disney.

    • Gamer Vic
      Gamer Vic 5 years ago +1

      random person yea

    • princess sarragozza
      princess sarragozza 5 years ago +1

      random person so how much money does ha have?

    • el.45
      el.45 5 years ago +7

      random person my hurts more lol since school

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy 4 months ago

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate how much effort he put into this video

  • PeterTheMan
    PeterTheMan 7 months ago +5

    Man imagine how shiny it would get if it got sunlight, just ALL that top layer of coins reflecting so much light, you might go blind.

  • Clan McD
    Clan McD 10 months ago +1

    It's sad that the reboot ended, but the ending was great.

  • Heather Justice
    Heather Justice 10 months ago +2

    thank you for reminding me of how much I love this show when I was younger.

  • NoFather🥺
    NoFather🥺 3 months ago +5

    Pat is teaching us math more then school could ever do fast💀

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter 2 years ago +5045

    In a comic Scrooge says he was losing 1 billion a second and at that rate he’d be broke in 600 years. Doing that math Thats $18,921,600,000,000,000,000

  • mr smart
    mr smart 11 months ago +3

    As someone who has reade over 100 000 pages of Donald duck I can easily say that they mention his fortune hundreds of times and its almost always different. Happy to finally see someone trying to figure out it wealth even thought he owns a bit (lol) more than.

    SMILE 2 months ago

    Mattpat really deserves that premier experience, his donenlost his mind over this

  • Audi Lopez
    Audi Lopez 8 months ago +2

    Y'all remember Brainpop?
    MatPat is the modern brainpop

  • juliett vravo
    juliett vravo 6 months ago +1

    Love your work Matpat!!!

  • Gaming.oldandnew
    Gaming.oldandnew 3 months ago +20

    But then is the question how rich is Flintheart Glomgold if he is racing with Scrooge to become the richtet Duck in the World?

  • dvi
    dvi 4 years ago +413

    MatPat is the BEST! He does so much research for these videos and puts a lot of time and effort into these videos.

    • Toan Do
      Toan Do 4 years ago

      He can go insane in the process sooooooo......

    • giorgos giorgos
      giorgos giorgos 4 years ago

      Well, not always. Don't misunderstand me, I love MatPat. But there are just some of his theories that just don't have enough research to make them believable enough.

    • gluone
      gluone 4 years ago

      Yes,and that’s why I love his videos!

    • Salli Ford
      Salli Ford 4 years ago +1


  • Nate Luther
    Nate Luther 10 months ago

    He needs his own Disney show

  • Mental_
    Mental_ 7 months ago

    MatPat is kinda scary when he laughs out of pure insanity

  • Thegatchatuber
    Thegatchatuber 21 day ago +1

    Can we all agree on something? I mean we all gotta agree on this. EVERY SINGLE SECOND while mat pat was doing research, he was internally, and mentally screaming

  • Blueberry Minion
    Blueberry Minion Year ago +4

    I like how instead of being 1 of the smartest teachers he decided to become a youtuber that counts how much gold a fictional character or sees if turning young boys into donkeys is worth a profit

  • Shreya tries to animate

    I can imagine a time traveler going back in time and having all this conflicting evidence and yelling at Matpat: "HERE YOU GO, I GAVE YOU FACTS, ARE YOU SATISFIED"

  • CousinFethry
    CousinFethry 2 years ago +1778

    When you realize at his richest Scrooge can buy the the entire world.

    • buff beluga
      buff beluga Year ago

      Imagine if he built a bridge made out of ps5s how long would it be

    • drwillfulneglect
      drwillfulneglect Year ago


    • Dipper Pines
      Dipper Pines Year ago

      @CousinFethry interesting

    • CousinFethry
      CousinFethry Year ago

      @Dipper Pines No

    • Dipper Pines
      Dipper Pines Year ago

      @CousinFethry because it’s not surrounded by water. Wouldn’t the water interrupt the signal???????

  • LightMile
    LightMile 8 months ago

    I know we should REALLY appreciate how he makes these theory's. Love vid

  • Robert Atha
    Robert Atha 10 months ago

    In one of the episodes it shows piles of money being shoved towards rescuing Della, and I came up with the estimate that in those searches he spent around 85 trillion dollars

  • Janine Leffler
    Janine Leffler 5 months ago

    I still need to watch the Ducktales reboot. Very excited as it was my favorite Disney Afternoon cartoon.

  • Kokopufs
    Kokopufs 9 months ago

    I grew up on the new and rebooted series. I actually didn't know there was an original series until i caught my father watching it randomly at midnight

  • William R
    William R 10 months ago +2

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  • CoffeePirate800
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      Jack da ‘alf brain ork 5 years ago

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      kaitlyn 5 years ago

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  • ChocolateCat229
    ChocolateCat229 Year ago +1

    I wasn’t a kid in the 90’s, I was actually born in 2009 but I still grew up on Ducktales, Gummi Bears, and Chip & Dale. I’m glad my parents let me watch these shows since none of my friends have ever seen these shows.

  • nosynerd
    nosynerd 11 days ago +1

    Film theory idea: how many years in prison would Scrooge mcduck be charged with ( since he has done some seriously illegal stuff like kindnapping like three times)

  • Z broly
    Z broly 4 months ago +1

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    You still have our love ❤️

  • huuweee
    huuweee Year ago +1

    Ok, this is a fairly old theory by now, but since i didn't see someone else mention it in the comments: Since Scrooge has a dime it is to asume that the gold coins probably not made of pure gold rather than some other materials like every other currency we know today. Also in -at least- the german verion they refer to it as 'Taler' wich was an acutal currency somehere around 1900. That would mean that the weight is irrelevant due to the coins only have the value of what the coin says it have and he probably don't have only coins with the same value.

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  • Different videos at different times

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  • Bldrslpr
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    Scrooge: Hold my dime.

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