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Walter Drink's Gale's Coffee ☕ || Best Coffee In The World 🔥


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  • Media Buzz
    Media Buzz 2 months ago +143907

    Spoiler alert : After this Gale and Walter opened a cafe and lived happily ever after

    • Carnivorous Vegan
      Carnivorous Vegan 2 months ago +1437

      No they didn't gale died watch the show I'm right you're wrong

    • Danny Light
      Danny Light 2 months ago +6181

      ​@Carnivorous Vegan even if you are joking, it's kinda dumb

    • The Rageurai
      The Rageurai 2 months ago +301

      If only

    • Carnivorous Vegan
      Carnivorous Vegan 2 months ago +303

      @Danny Light no i watched the show gale is dead he was killed by gus ur wrong

  • Paul John Agustin
    Paul John Agustin 2 months ago +10608

    "Why the hell are we making meth?"
    "We could've given Starbucks a run for their money!" 😂

    • HardBaller
      HardBaller 2 months ago +57

      The saying is actually " a run for their money" but I get the joke👍🏽

    • David
      David Month ago +10

      @HardBaller given* starbucks a run for their money***

    • Paul John Agustin
      Paul John Agustin Month ago +12

      @HardBaller fixed it for you guys 😅

    • Paul John Agustin
      Paul John Agustin Month ago +8

      @David fixed it for you bud 😁

    • Daniel Diz
      Daniel Diz Month ago +9

      You don't beat Starbucks making good coffee

  • Not Sober Over Analyzer
    Not Sober Over Analyzer Month ago +1070

    Gales actor did such an incredible job. All of those little mannerisms are wonderful. The pride, nervousness, desire, admiration for Walt in wanting.
    His little controlled - uncontrolled smiled of joy.

    • Stavros - Stylianos Raptarchis
      Stavros - Stylianos Raptarchis Month ago +29

      If you liked Gale's actor, watch Suits. He plays Daniel Hardman there, and is fuckin amazing at it.

    • Devil's Advocate
      Devil's Advocate Month ago +4

      I agree, really good acting.

    • Mark D
      Mark D 27 days ago +5

      @Stavros - Stylianos RaptarchisAnd as Mike 'Wags' Wagner in Billions.

    • David Maltz
      David Maltz 25 days ago +2

      So different from his usual roles 😂

  • Deathlygunn
    Deathlygunn 2 months ago +19167

    "Why the hell are we making meth?" - Imagine how different Walt's life would have been if he'd met Gale before Jesse

    • Timothy Hansen
      Timothy Hansen 2 months ago +676

      That isn't possible, since Jesse was a student of Walt's. Now, had he met Gale before he NEEDED to start making Meth, that might have changed things a lot.

    • Timothy Hansen
      Timothy Hansen 2 months ago +77

      @P- Mac Except...there are actual flying monkeys. Flying Lemurs, to be specific.
      Besides, Wizard of Oz is fantastical fiction. It's not meant to even attempt to be real. Critiquing WoOz for having flying monkeys - or the Witches, for that matter - is like critiquing the Rules of Quidditch or considering Star Trek inferior to Star Wars because outside of a few instances Star Trek's cast all speak English - & when they're not, it's usually Klingon, Vulcan, or Romulan - whereas the people in Star Wars all speak different languages with subtitles & the aliens don't usually try to switch to English just because they're talking to a human.
      Or even question why Dr. Who hasn't changed it's iconic Police Box as the outer shell of the Tardaris yet. I don't know what it'd be changed to, but there are fewer & fewer people who even know what a payphone was, let alone a Police Box, so it won't have the same cultural impact anymore unless it gets updated.

    • M0rdecai5188
      M0rdecai5188 2 months ago +239

      @Timothy Hansen things wouldn’t have changed. Walt never needed to cook meth. Keep in mind at the very beginning he had his old friends offer to pay for his treatment and support his family. It was never about the money. It was about his ego and narcissism.

    • Jechew
      Jechew 2 months ago +47

      @M0rdecai5188 Having a large ego is not necessarily harmful to a person to the degree of how things turned out for Walter. The risky and dangerous field of illegal drug dealing served as a catalyst for his ego to do what it did. Things would’ve been different, probably. He probably wouldn’t be as wealthy, but things probably would’ve been different in other ways, for the better

    • Drawsome Drawer
      Drawsome Drawer 2 months ago +85

      Walt: Gale, we have to make coffe. Gale: Yeah espresso bitch!

  • Tassy McCormick
    Tassy McCormick Month ago +134

    Gale seems like a nice guy. For those of you who haven’t seen the show, I he and Walt open a coffee shop called “I Am The One Who Brews” and they are very successful.

    • west_ryder
      west_ryder 10 days ago

      Not such a nice guy I you’ve seen Better Call Saul

  • Austin Vannattan
    Austin Vannattan Month ago +564

    Notice how happy Gale got when Walt said it's the best coffee he ever tasted. He absolutely idolized Mr.White. If only Gale knew his idol would be the one who ordered his death

    • AD303
      AD303 Month ago +11

      Another clown. Gale was about to replace Walter and allow him to get killed. Walter was just faster.

    • Austin Vannattan
      Austin Vannattan Month ago +72

      @AD303 Gale had no idea that Gus was gonna kill Walt. He was gonna tell Gale that Walt's cancer killed him. He knew Gale idolized Walt and would never agree to killing him

    • Sheikh U
      Sheikh U 28 days ago +18

      ​@AD303 How is that Gale's fault?, He didn't even know any of this was happening

    • Steve O
      Steve O 27 days ago +12

      Gale was innocent. He didn't deserve his end.

    • Jacob Rose
      Jacob Rose 25 days ago +19

      @Steve O while Gale was a much better person than anyone else on the show, he wasn’t pure. People forget he chose to start making meth for a criminal enterprise.
      Getting into that business is dangerous, he should’ve known the risks

  • Nguyễn Trọng Luân
    Nguyễn Trọng Luân 2 months ago +31448

    Gale was such an innocent man, unlike Walt, Walt was becoming a monster by that time

    • Nguyễn Trọng Luân
      Nguyễn Trọng Luân 2 months ago +773

      @Zollo Mollo you guys don't get what I meant. What I meant was that Gale was truly admired Walt as a brilliant chemist, a bigger brain than he is. He wanted to be friend with Walt (until Gus gentally "asked" Gale to overthrone Walt and take over the lab.
      On the other hand, Walt immediately saw Gale as a threat that need to be get rid off, we all understand that Walt was right to see Gale as a threat, but Walt wasn't hesitate even a second to k..ll Gale at any chance he got to save his own @ss. That's the "monster" part I was talking about.

    • Kieran Farrell
      Kieran Farrell 2 months ago +105

      ​@Zollo Mollo but there's a difference in the likability of someone like gus fring who is charming and charismatic but also a evil genius who would butcher you at a moments notice or gale who has a much more genuine likability

    • Shreddie Herger
      Shreddie Herger 2 months ago +47

      @Kieran Farrell Zollo was talking more about morality and innocence, not likeability.
      Gus was likeable, but a meth kingpin
      Gale was likeable, but a meth cook

  • Mafia Legendary Gamer ///M.L.G.

    In alternate universe :
    Walter makes coffee with Gale and sells it to Starbucks for million dollars. The owner of Starbucks is also Gus.

    • Lolok
      Lolok Month ago +39

      los hermanos del café

    • Dapo IbrahimTV
      Dapo IbrahimTV Month ago +3

      @Lolok 😅

    • Edward Blom
      Edward Blom Month ago +17

      Gale has a little pet project of his, a mini meth lab. Walt snorts a little and says “Why the hell are we making coffee?”

  • tanks4life
    tanks4life Month ago +169

    Gale didn't deserve to die, he was so friendly

    • Sir Isaac Mormont
      Sir Isaac Mormont Month ago +27

      He seemed like such a pure heart for a poison creator 🥹

    • tanks4life
      tanks4life Month ago +1

      @Sir Isaac Mormont ye

    • P Williams
      P Williams Month ago +19

      Yeah he didn’t deserve to die but he definitely wasn’t innocent

    • tanks4life
      tanks4life Month ago +1

      @P Williams very true

    • Grass
      Grass Month ago +2

      Lots of people didn't deserve to die in this show. But it made it very engaging

  • Ulysses Ryan-Flynn
    Ulysses Ryan-Flynn 2 months ago +6060

    Then Gale and Walt set up a coffee shop called “Breaking Beans” and live happily ever after

    • Fallen One
      Fallen One 2 months ago +118

      That unironically would be a great name for a coffee shop 😂

    • Gaming With Friends
      Gaming With Friends 2 months ago +24

      I would've watched that

    • SkinnyP
      SkinnyP 2 months ago +51

      A bakery called „Baking Bread“

    • Ronin Ryuk
      Ronin Ryuk 2 months ago +27

      A bank called "Breaking Bank"

    • Thraiel
      Thraiel 2 months ago +12

      @Fallen One near the school I go to has a small local coffee shop that exactly has that name, even has the logo and shit down to a T.

  • Rovert
    Rovert Month ago +68

    Ngl watching this at 12AM has me craving Gale's coffee. I bet it's just perfect.

    • vili toivola
      vili toivola 17 days ago

      I Make better so no biggie on this House hold

  • Steve O
    Steve O 27 days ago +18

    Gale was so innocent. He wouldn't wish harm on anyone.
    His ending was so sad. Also to see Hank laughing at his karaoke video was an insult to his memory.

    • Goblinkiller
      Goblinkiller 12 days ago +1

      Unpopular opinion: Hank is the second worst character in Breaking Bad second only to Skyler White.

    • jspade24
      jspade24 4 days ago

      ​@Goblinkiller callin cap on that one chief, Ted exists and is fucking annoying in literally every scene he's in

  • TheNecroticGamer
    TheNecroticGamer 2 months ago +15911

    "Why the hell are we making Meth?" 💀💀

    • King Kaddastic
      King Kaddastic 2 months ago +532

      He’s got a point there

    • KaiTo MoxxaS
      KaiTo MoxxaS 2 months ago +479

      Coulda got rich off meth lab coffee fr fr ❄️ ☕

    • Armando Rex Leopoldo
      Armando Rex Leopoldo 2 months ago +349

      @KaiTo MoxxaS they could have branded it methlab coffee and made a killing

    • Mons Esh
      Mons Esh 2 months ago +72

      Was this after or before he found out he'll survive the cancer? If it's before then the money wont be enough.

    • John Mclain
      John Mclain 2 months ago +16

      @Mons Esh After, this was the Gus Fring section of the show I believe.

  • Bro lo
    Bro lo 26 days ago +7

    Now I want an alternate universe where Walt and Gale convince Gus to open a coffee chain and Jesse manages the branches rather than cooking meth so that Walt and Gale are left to be the cooks until Walt's health deteriorates to the point they decide it would be best for him and Gale to mentor Jesse both as his replacement.
    Slice of life.

  • Tone 935
    Tone 935 9 days ago +3

    This is the moment Mr. White became Walt.

  • JD The Vagitarian
    JD The Vagitarian 2 months ago +12747

    You could tell it meant a lot for Walt to show him that respect, he really looked up to Walt for being an amazing chemist!

    • Che1Angelius
      Che1Angelius 2 months ago +39

      and he got scared

    • Damien 🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Damien 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 2 months ago +19

      Oh it could? Thanks for pointing out the obvious

    • takanti
      takanti 2 months ago +28

      @Damien 🏳️‍🌈⃠ np bud super happy to help

    • Che1Angelius
      Che1Angelius 2 months ago +12

      @Damien 🏳️‍🌈⃠ But those two should had been the chemist or barista. If meme monster wasn't as good, then this two would had the bad breaking.

  • Dan Lin
    Dan Lin 2 months ago +15

    Spoiler alert: Gale and Walt both ended up convincing the owner of a fried chicken franchise to switch over to a boutique coffee shop franchise where they found much success and peace.

    • RD VV
      RD VV 6 days ago

      And Jesse became a coffee addict 👀 ☕

  • Bich Chulko
    Bich Chulko Month ago

    That right there Dale could have made a whole coffee company and Walt could join

  • Vagabond Soul
    Vagabond Soul 2 months ago +6492

    So wholesome. Hope they stayed friends and lived happily ever after

    • Simon Garcia
      Simon Garcia 2 months ago +196

      Good news!! It happened. They even moved in together with also Jesse (search Jesse goes to Gale's house)

    • KaяaokeNightmare
      KaяaokeNightmare 2 months ago +31

      @Simon Garcia lol ..so evil ;)

    • Mark Santos
      Mark Santos 2 months ago +76

      I too, love the spinoff "Breaking beans"

    • After Effects Animations
      After Effects Animations 2 months ago +7

      They're a happy prosperous couple now residing in Santa Fe

  • Rizdwan Said
    Rizdwan Said Month ago

    This scene signifies that even though Gale is a master of his own creation, he still godly admires Walt for his chemistry knowledge. It shows the best of the best still jaw dropped by some unknown bestest of the best there ever be

  • Patrick Palmer
    Patrick Palmer 2 months ago +2

    They open a coffee shop together? That is awesome! I hope they let Hank in on the project too?

  • Pizzatime
    Pizzatime 2 months ago +8112

    Gale seems like a really nice guy, I hope nothing bad ever happens to him.

    • Robert Johnson
      Robert Johnson 2 months ago +451

      I've never watched B.Bad... but thanks to your comment, I know now that Gale gets absolutely rekt.

    • Russell Perry
      Russell Perry 2 months ago +94

      ​@Robert Johnson you're missing out. the show lives up to it's hype.

    • Robert Johnson
      Robert Johnson 2 months ago +86

      @Russell Perry I don't doubt that, however I simply don't watch any shows.

    • Mariano Kozz. White.
      Mariano Kozz. White. 2 months ago +45

      @Robert Johnson Yes man, me the same, I dont watch any show....But... in pandemia I watched this show. You must make an exception. Good actors.

  • McTaco
    McTaco 29 days ago +2

    We all want to see the alternate reality where Gale is spared, the show goes on but and in the series finale we aren’t sure if Walt is dead or not. Then it shows a small cafe named “Gale’s” with Gale waiting on a table and a bald man slightly out of focus wiping a table in the background.

  • Dreizify
    Dreizify Month ago

    “You’re a goddamn artist Mr. Boetticher”

  • Un Espectador Entrometido
    Un Espectador Entrometido 2 months ago +2883

    This is wholesome af

      CLYDREX EZEKIEL ALZATE 2 months ago +53

      I hope nothing bad happens to them they are such great partners

    • Jah Yeet
      Jah Yeet 2 months ago +16

      @CLYDREX EZEKIEL ALZATEsurely one wouldn’t stab the other in the back to further his own empire that boosts his ego right?

    • Angelina Bonilla
      Angelina Bonilla 2 months ago +35

      It was wholesome, up until their graphic sex scene immediately after this, which I found a little out of place but who am I to question the writers?

    • Tula
      Tula 2 months ago

      Sure 🤣🤣

  • JaynationMember
    JaynationMember Month ago

    Gustavo: Please just call me Gus.
    Walter: Please just call me Walt.

  • James Rubiolo
    James Rubiolo Month ago +5

    The sheer attraction Gale has for Walt is incredible. And Walt is the smartest guy in the room and doesn’t even know Gale found him extremely attractive since 5 minutes ago ❤️

  • Trey D
    Trey D 2 months ago +2666

    Man Gale was such a good guy. Even after explaining all the things he did to get the flavor right, when Walt says how good it is, Gale immediately points out the Sumatran beans out of bashful humility.

    • Petey
      Petey 2 months ago +13

      He was wierd af

    • Kill3r Bamb1
      Kill3r Bamb1 2 months ago +157

      @Petey a little but he was definitely a good person compared to everyone else on the show

    • Trancendental
      Trancendental 2 months ago +57

      He was a libertarian. Definitely the worst villain in the show.

    • Ryan Bush
      Ryan Bush 2 months ago +37

      @Petey what a childish response lol

  • beanchilling
    beanchilling Month ago

    “I am the one who brews!” - Gale

  • Noodlekdoodle
    Noodlekdoodle Day ago

    Despite being a meth cook, Gale didn't deserve to die. He was too wholesome for the life he chose

  • Jackson Grimsley
    Jackson Grimsley 2 months ago +1665

    “Jesse, we need to brew”

    • Syuki
      Syuki 2 months ago +22

      Jesse Jesse Where Are The Sumatran Beans I Need It Now Jesse!

    • Taylor Russell
      Taylor Russell 2 months ago +8

      We're going to eat alot of snacks togther

    • HGStudios
      HGStudios 2 months ago +7


    • Vandarte Translator ENG-ESP
      Vandarte Translator ENG-ESP 2 months ago +1

      It's coffee time!

    • Ben Vinson
      Ben Vinson 2 months ago +7

      Yo yo Mr. White - we can have different kinds it's like blends n shit - you know like you make original and I can make one with chili powder! Yeah Bitch!

  • Varecio Otako
    Varecio Otako 4 days ago

    We need a spin-off where everythings well and these two work together. No shot kid. no depressed jessy no buried hank no suffering

  • Noctoras
    Noctoras Month ago

    I just wanted a few more scenes of Gale and Walter debate chemistry. I dont care if I could not follow a sentence of their science talk. Id just be happy to see walter be able to talk about his passions for once with someone who gets it.

  • Ojama Indigo
    Ojama Indigo 2 months ago +14195

    The phonk/chad music playing dramatically over a scene of Walter drinking a cup of coffee is unintentionally hilarious

    • jason jean
      jason jean 2 months ago +328

      Sigma Sipper Heisenberg

    • HAX
      HAX 2 months ago +7


    • SomethingDumb
      SomethingDumb 2 months ago +13

      I was your 1k up vote (:

    • SomethingDumb
      SomethingDumb 2 months ago +12

      I saw 999 and couldn't miss out

    • Nik Brizendine
      Nik Brizendine 2 months ago +16

      ​@SomethingDumb you sound very proud of yourself. Here's a like!

  • Satchel
    Satchel 13 days ago

    Scenes like this make it that much more sad that gale died at the hands of Walt and Jesse. Not because gale was a bad guy… in fact I think Walt admired his acedemic mind. But because their hand was forced to either kill gale or be killed themselves.

  • Random ish channel
    Random ish channel 15 days ago

    I never liked coffee.. but I really really want to try this

  • TheValorious
    TheValorious 2 months ago +16900

    I want an alt universe where him and Gale make a coffee empire.
    Edit: Geez this is the most active comment I've ever made xD

    • JNesis
      JNesis 2 months ago +90

      And probably get bought by Bobby Axelrod.

    • Tyler Hatton
      Tyler Hatton 2 months ago +494

      "Breaking Beans"

    • TheSpanishCartel
      TheSpanishCartel 2 months ago +160

      Better drink coffee😂

    • John Magus
      John Magus 2 months ago +42

      ​@TheSpanishCartel that'll be the follow up series...

    • Frosch Reiniger
      Frosch Reiniger 2 months ago +31

      give ai tech a few more years and you shall recieve

  • Andrew Films Drums
    Andrew Films Drums Month ago +1

    Mike in his final rant to Walt:
    “We had coffee! And you threw it all away! You and your ego!”

  • Dori Wilson
    Dori Wilson Month ago

    Sumatran coffee beans are imho the best. Very dark, rich coffee

  • XtraSalt
    XtraSalt 2 months ago +4092

    If only they opened a cafe together, and Jesse could settle down with his girlfriend like he wanted. Greatest thing about this show was the realism. It encapsulated life itself, not everything goes the way you want it to and we all got flaws about us.

    • Tom McEwan
      Tom McEwan 2 months ago +54

      So this is them giving us the briefest possible glimpse of the *good* timeline...

    • mcgregor
      mcgregor 2 months ago +2

      The show glorified meth too much to take seriously.

    • BarkleyBoss
      BarkleyBoss 2 months ago +56

      @mcgregorthey show how awful using it is multiple times? And the show is about drugs ruining lives?

    • b.rose
      b.rose 2 months ago +40

      @BarkleyBoss agreed, Breaking Bad showed me much more awareness than D.A.R.E. ever could’ve. The show showed the slippery slope of addiction and that illegal drugs (and the people involved) will find a way to take you to a darker place than you wanted to be.

  • Bruno Legaspi
    Bruno Legaspi 16 days ago

    Gale - the only character that didn't deserve to die

  • Kendrick Bohringer
    Kendrick Bohringer Month ago

    Damn that cup of coffee was so good it made Walt start questioning his life choices

  • Alexander Bruwer
    Alexander Bruwer 2 months ago +3284

    The sheer admiration Gale had for Walt was amazing. It would've been awesome if they could've kept him around

    • Gamerprice40
      Gamerprice40 2 months ago +123

      It’s ironic. People respecting and admiring Walt for his intelligence is exactly what Walt wanted to feed his ego but he had to kill the only person who did so.

    • MyOwnVoucherEverywhere
      MyOwnVoucherEverywhere 2 months ago +39

      @Gamerprice40 guess one could say his admiration was..to die for 💀

    • mGa ZzZ
      mGa ZzZ Month ago +2

      Then it wont be breaking bad bruhh🫡

    • AkaTski
      AkaTski Month ago +8

      He couldnt, got a job as a name partner in a top tier law firm in New York

    • Tasorius
      Tasorius Month ago +4

      I admire his insane laugh.

  • the soldier tf2
    the soldier tf2 Month ago

    My beloved Gale ❤

  • mcgerry6969
    mcgerry6969 Month ago

    He didn't deserve to die man 😢

  • 7thDenim
    7thDenim 2 months ago +7448

    It's wonderful to see two savants appreciate each other's skill level in which one who truly understands them resonates with them

    • AntiChristXpher
      AntiChristXpher 2 months ago +36

      Walter isn’t a fucking savant 😂 gale probably is tho

    • Tony Lee
      Tony Lee 2 months ago +114

      @AntiChristXpher A savant just means a person that is highly knowledgable or highly skilled, savant syndrome is what you're thinking

    • Breyden
      Breyden 2 months ago +63

      @AntiChristXpher bro walter was a complete genius in the field. his research won a nobel prize did it not.

    • Cody Neitte
      Cody Neitte 2 months ago +1


    • Fromulus
      Fromulus 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, even if it's all fake and didn't really happen.

  • SamisAga
    SamisAga Month ago

    This is the moment when Walter decided to open a Café

  • CoconutTwee
    CoconutTwee Month ago

    I was honestly really sad gale died cause he was such an innocent guy who got in with the wrong crowd

  • Luna
    Luna 2 months ago +5471

    “why the hell are we making meth”
    The show continues on with Walt and gale making coffee and becomes a billion dollar company. Jane and jesese moves to a different country forever with the money they've made already!

    • RaySure13
      RaySure13 2 months ago +65

      What happens to Gus? Does he make peace with his cooks change of career and decide to give his chicken restaurant more of his time

    • Azazel 1399
      Azazel 1399 2 months ago +27

      Jane was dead by then

    • Alexandre Fillot
      Alexandre Fillot 2 months ago +96

      ​@RaySure13 His company and Heisenbeans remained in good terms, as they added a special unikn coffee to the Los Pollos Hermanos menu.
      Hector Salamanca passed away in his sleep, no poisonous substances where found, meaning he died naturally.
      Mister White would then be told by his doctors they where all wrong and his cancer could be treated. He will now live a full life with his wife and son.

    • Nathanael Advent
      Nathanael Advent 2 months ago +9

      ​@Alexandre Fillot perfect ending

    • Johnny Covenant
      Johnny Covenant 2 months ago +25

      ​@Alexandre Fillot the Salamanca family used their cartel profits to buy land in Bolivia and started the most profitable coffee company in the world

  • Thatonecarrot
    Thatonecarrot Month ago

    "Gale, this is art!"
    "It's just basic coffee, Mr. White."

  • Cody Max
    Cody Max 2 months ago

    I love that even tho they got along great and worked great together he missed the chaos that is Jesse

  • Shado0911
    Shado0911 2 months ago +5310

    ROFLMAO .. "Why the hell are we making meth?" Speaking truth, waaaaay more coffee drinkers than meth users and probably a whole helluvs lot more profitable!! 😂😂😂

    • AWS 17
      AWS 17 2 months ago +353

      And legal

    • Mustang 1969
      Mustang 1969 2 months ago +185

      And less likely to get prison or dirty cops having a part of it

    • Mustang 1969
      Mustang 1969 2 months ago +14

      And less likely to get prison or dirty cops having a part of it

    • last raven85
      last raven85 2 months ago +130

      Not only that but it's already a chicken restaurant franchise it with secret recipe coffee and you make billions

    • Jizzzmani
      Jizzzmani 2 months ago +62

      @Mustang 1969 till IRS gonna “nicely” ask for their cut

  • bigtimetrivtrav
    bigtimetrivtrav Month ago +4

    What a wholesome and lighthearted show!

  • Rajath Manjunath
    Rajath Manjunath Month ago

    Walter exclaiming while not manipulating someone means that coffee is indeed the best one in the world

  • Platinum Dragon
    Platinum Dragon 2 months ago +2435

    Bro is a next level intern 💀💀💀

    • m҉i҉k҉e҉y҉
      m҉i҉k҉e҉y҉ 2 months ago +11

      Doing slave labor as an intern for no cash at all over an extended period of time is bs

    • Karma
      Karma 2 months ago +10

      Bro was slacking on his actual job but still got praised because of how good the other thing he was doing was. It's the equivalent of slacking off on the job but before the boss can yell at you, he finds that you've washed his car inside and out, you've pumped up his tires, and refilled the tank.

  • James Cathcart
    James Cathcart Month ago +1

    "Jesse, we need to brew"

  • TheBeardedDada
    TheBeardedDada 2 months ago +1573

    The quickness of Walt needing money let to all of this, if he helped gale and they started a coffee business, he could literally have a cash cow like Starbucks for his family for life

    • budice578
      budice578 2 months ago +35

      Right, another missed Opportunity By Walt

    • Octavio Flores
      Octavio Flores 2 months ago +35

      They could have easily money laundered the rest of the money too, and easily hide it as a side gig and be able to be public billionaires

    • nic evers
      nic evers 2 months ago +11

      Most startup money isn't gotten easily.
      They managed that step but never moved forward into the legitimate businesses

    • God of Destruction Chow
      God of Destruction Chow 2 months ago +4

      Probably beyond them for a little while then it'll steady out

    • KaiserRedGamer
      KaiserRedGamer 2 months ago +11

      And a new legitimate business for money laundering. Like Los Pollos Hermanos.

  • doncorleon9
    doncorleon9 2 months ago +8

    This is what mutual respect looks like.

  • Wavys
    Wavys 2 months ago

    what a good dude, I hope nothing bad happens to him

  • Papa Waffles
    Papa Waffles 2 months ago +1214

    Gale really respected and looked up to Walt and Walter respected and was amazed by Gale's work. In a different life they could've been great colleagues

    • GobrinSan
      GobrinSan 2 months ago +42

      Some would say even friends, as many have said, i would watch a show of these 2 building a coffee empire

    • Mauricio Avila
      Mauricio Avila 2 months ago +6

      Yea amazed by his work and only his work, that's y walt was willing to have him killed

    • PaulBeen
      PaulBeen 2 months ago +16

      I don't think they would. Walt was always a self conscious narcissist

    • Mike Oyler
      Mike Oyler 2 months ago +4

      Don't you mean they could have "bean" great colleagues?

    • Hoffer
      Hoffer 2 months ago +1

      @PaulBeen and you just heard of narcissism and can’t stop using talking about it without knowing what it actually is

  • onlyremnant_
    onlyremnant_ 10 days ago

    Walt still drank Gale's coffee even after gis death 😢

  • Richard Herbert
    Richard Herbert Month ago

    For me, Gale's murder was the most gut-wrenching moment of the entire series. He was an innocent victim of Walter White's journey to becoming a monster.

  • Caramel
    Caramel 2 months ago +1208

    Walter wanted to be a better person. He sold his business to Gus along with the recipe, and moved onto making coffee. He was making an honest living, and he couldn't be happier.

    • DyneMuthar
      DyneMuthar Month ago +16

      The Good Ending.

    • PIDDY
      PIDDY Month ago +7

      Black movie endings be like..

    • Nico
      Nico Month ago +1


  • Izzy Gantz
    Izzy Gantz Month ago

    Gale 100% did not deserve that. I felt as shocked as he was when Jessie actually walked through that door💔😞

  • Shawn Wesson
    Shawn Wesson Month ago

    The gentleman playing Gale will ALWAYS be Michael "Wags" Wagner from Billions; David Costabile is such an underrated actor.

  • Utkarsh Raj
    Utkarsh Raj 2 months ago +8002

    Gale's death was one of the heartbreaking scenes from breaking bad

    • Duncan Weaver
      Duncan Weaver 2 months ago +64

      It was necessary evil m8

    • Irving Flores
      Irving Flores 2 months ago +20

      He was just listening to squeaky voices.

    • Instant Win
      Instant Win 2 months ago +251

      I know 😢 So sad when he died from old age with Jesse at his bedside, holding his hand and telling him Mista White is waiting for him in heaven

    • Jackhammer078 Jack
      Jackhammer078 Jack 2 months ago +5

      Starbucks take notes 📝

  • Steve James
    Steve James Month ago

    Walt really respected Gale

  • Powercrash
    Powercrash 2 months ago

    i love walts moment right there of wow i chose this when i couldve used my chem degree for coffee he was almost convinced

  • Flaming Burrito
    Flaming Burrito 2 months ago +1154

    You can see gale truly respected Walter. His approval meant a lot to him.

    • Murky Turkey
      Murky Turkey 2 months ago +10

      He’s a nerd of course he respects another nerd 😂

    • loservert
      loservert 2 months ago +9

      He had a lot more feelings for walt then just respect!

    • Yamato Kusanagi Byakko
      Yamato Kusanagi Byakko 2 months ago +1

      @loservert Definitely.

    • Marcos Vinicius Oliveira
      Marcos Vinicius Oliveira 2 months ago +2

      Oh is that it? Really? Thanks for pointing that out what an insightful perception nobody else had i dont even think the writers thought of that

  • Tyler Demers
    Tyler Demers Month ago

    in a perfect world, i imagine walt and gale opening up a coffee shop as their front

  • Justin Borrowdale
    Justin Borrowdale Month ago

    “Why the hell are we making meth”😂

  • Hatred
    Hatred 2 months ago +1024

    What a wholesome interaction between these two men! I really hope that they ended up parting their bad ways and decided on having a coffee shop!

  • arvt
    arvt Month ago +4

    gale really got walters respect after giving him coffee

    • Don Carsley
      Don Carsley Month ago

      And pulled a thorn from his foot? Only older people will get it.

  • Doom Goodman
    Doom Goodman Month ago +1

    I wish the show just changed genres after this and just became a sitcom about gale and Walter running a coffee shop

  • Dakota Hart
    Dakota Hart 2 months ago +863

    That was the best reaction of a man appreciating another man's craft in the same profession.

  • Master Arkannor
    Master Arkannor Month ago

    For those who haven't finished the show, this is the episode where Walt and Gus opened a coffee shop and got out of the drug business. The show got pretty slow after this and turned basically into a comedy.

  • PythonSnake
    PythonSnake Month ago +1

    We missed the best spin-off in history: "Brewing Bad"

  • Turt Tell
    Turt Tell Month ago

    Such a great scene

  • bibitititeliti
    bibitititeliti 29 days ago +1

    Sumatran beans never fail me ❤

  • dihtdoht akay
    dihtdoht akay 2 months ago +105

    I love the little details in this scene, like how gale automatically assumes that walt would instantly be able to recognize what the project is about,
    because in his head, at this point in time, walt is this perfect character who's "better" than him.

  • MadTabs
    MadTabs Month ago

    I want a parallel universe where gale helped them with gus and lives

  • Carbon
    Carbon 21 day ago

    Walt always regrets that he couldn't ask the recipe

  • Morg Boat
    Morg Boat 2 months ago +440

    honestly it was really wholesome when Gale moved out of Albuquerque and started his own coffee shop :)

    • EEE EEE
      EEE EEE 2 months ago +9

      Oh he moved out alright

    • townstown
      townstown 2 months ago +16

      And then there was that day Walt showed up, a broken man, almost unrecognisable, sobbing while begging for any kind of work. After months of bussing tables and washing dishes, he moved up to batista.
      Gale offered to make him acting assistant shift manager... But Walt knew he was taking the maximum amount of responsibility and power he could safely handle. He'd seen what could happen.
      Walt continued working at the cafe after Gale's death during an appendicitis surgery at 73. Ever aware of the dangers of power, he donated the entire enterprise Gale had left him, including the renowned internet order speciality coffee line, to a charity helping the homeless and migrants, drawing no more than a barsita paycheck and working six days a week right up until, after a busy day when the cafe was packed for the Breaking Beans 35 anniversary celebration, with free pumpkin spice sconesn for all, he passed away peacefully in his sleep, mourned by his children, buried next to his late ex-wife, with whom he'd established a platonic friendship.

    • Abraham X
      Abraham X 2 months ago

      then he became a lawyer 🫡

    • Drake Mallard
      Drake Mallard 2 months ago +3

      ​@Abraham X Yeah. Better Phone Gale

    • yonk gasp
      yonk gasp 2 months ago

      ​@townstown this is so good

  • John DoMoe
    John DoMoe 2 months ago

    This is the moment Gale became Coffeeberg.

  • sleepybim
    sleepybim Month ago

    This is the moment Gale became Coffeeberg

  • Nino Duca
    Nino Duca 2 months ago +158

    This is the moment Walt became Heisenbarista.

    • You know
      You know 2 months ago +4

      "Blue yellow pink green whatever man just keep bringing me that"
      Senor Tuco

    • iWigglytuff
      iWigglytuff 2 months ago +1

      Heisenbarista 😂😂

    • whisper of the worm
      whisper of the worm 2 months ago

      Spell my name….
      You’re heesenborg

    • Nate
      Nate 2 months ago

      We have 6 different flavors

  • Michael Hazlitt
    Michael Hazlitt Month ago

    That is the best tasting coffee ever Wonder if that unscripted

  • yungboner 69
    yungboner 69 16 days ago

    Yo gale these are the bomb!

  • Grimty Granule
    Grimty Granule 2 months ago +222

    Gale: making drugs is my passion
    Walter: too bad, you make coffee now.

    • Allen Tayoto
      Allen Tayoto 2 months ago +8

      Technically.... he's still making a more legal form drug.

    • Alex Lopez
      Alex Lopez 2 months ago +3

      GALE! We need to brew!

    • B.E.Z
      B.E.Z 2 months ago +2

      Caffeine is a drug

    • freatle
      freatle 2 months ago

      This is only true based on the clip. In the show coffee is his passion and you can tell by re-watching.

  • Jodus MacGotuss
    Jodus MacGotuss Month ago

    The fact that Walt still uses that coffee machine after murdering Gale is sadistic

  • RazorWolfQueen
    RazorWolfQueen 2 months ago

    "why the hell we making meth" best line i think ive ever heard

  • Mason Sheekey
    Mason Sheekey 2 months ago +159

    It was at this moment that Walt drank the best coffee he’d ever tasted

    • Sean Palcic
      Sean Palcic 2 months ago +1

      This is the moment walt became coffeeberg

  • Dylan Lancaster
    Dylan Lancaster Month ago

    I've never been so jealous of anybody in my life.

  • Chris714n
    Chris714n Month ago

    Now.. This is passion!

  • AstralMirage635
    AstralMirage635 2 months ago +126

    This is Gale. He went on to become a name partner at New Yorks best law firm, Pearson Hardman. He changed his name to escape the fallout from Walt's decisions.
    His name is Daniel Hardman.

    • Stephan Cooper
      Stephan Cooper 2 months ago +3

      That’s why he was embezzling

    • Phurngirathaana
      Phurngirathaana 2 months ago +1

      He ordered a dirtmax pro and shifted to New York

    • dmoneyprattt
      dmoneyprattt 2 months ago +3

      nah this is Daniel Hardman after his last lawsuit fell through and he moved changed his name to Gale and started cooking meth

    • Barron Hall
      Barron Hall 2 months ago +2

      Strange career arc for Gale...cooking meth, lawyer, then judge, then finance

  • flughafen
    flughafen 25 days ago

    Such a good guys, I hope nothing bad will happen between them

  • JonTheGeek
    JonTheGeek Month ago

    He was such a cool character

  • Eternal Productions
    Eternal Productions 2 months ago +210

    Imagine if Walt started a coffee company to launder his money instead of the car wash place , he could of had his own starbucks

  • Adhvaith. D
    Adhvaith. D 2 months ago

    Spoiler alert: After this Walter white tried to fire him because he was too good and Gale decided to change his life. He went to Harvard law and became the head of a law firm. PEARSON HARDMAN. His villain arc had begun

  • Krycurium
    Krycurium Month ago +1

    Just how much of a wholesome story it would have been if walter met gale before Jessi for business