iPhone 11- One Month Later...

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • This is a review of the iPhone 11 one month later.
    iPhone 11: amzn.to/2mkqhy8
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max: amzn.to/2nhip0M
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Comments • 974

  • JSL Review
    JSL Review  Month ago +291

    Serious question - best iPhone ever made?? My answer - tie between iPhone 4 and 6!!

    • Asha Sooknanan
      Asha Sooknanan 2 days ago

      JSL Review 6s

    • Hairouna Empress
      Hairouna Empress 3 days ago

      iPhone 3gs was way better the 4 I still have and a 3GS and it’s way stronger than any other version

    • Andreea Popa
      Andreea Popa 3 days ago

      iphone 6s for sure! and after that, iphone 11

    • GoCrazy.Jacob
      GoCrazy.Jacob 3 days ago

      Ednickeldick Ye says the one with the pixel camera

    • Lil Bitcoin
      Lil Bitcoin 4 days ago

      iphone X, changed the whole game with its notch, size is perfect, and the screen is amazing

  • Jayrick Sitjar
    Jayrick Sitjar Hour ago

    Got my iphone 11 yeaterday and yes it is ❤️

  • arun subramanian
    arun subramanian Hour ago

    Zoom quality not great

  • Misterworldwide
    Misterworldwide 12 hours ago

    I've had an iPhone 3g, 4s, 5s, 6 and now an 11. I think the best iPhone for me is the 11

  • Remon khan
    Remon khan 22 hours ago

    yesterday got my iphone 11 red, I'm little little bit confused after switching from android to ios

  • Blobbiest 1s around

    iPhone 7 is legendary for people who are just getting there first phone

  • Will D
    Will D Day ago

    I think apple didnt update the screen from the XR so you cant buy a better screen and put it on the XR

  • Frog 00
    Frog 00 Day ago

    It's the same phone every year

  • Frog 00
    Frog 00 Day ago

    Apple so far behind

  • aamir rahman
    aamir rahman Day ago

    Is there any heating issue with iPhone 11 ??

  • brichpmr
    brichpmr Day ago

    Just upgraded to the iPhone 11 from a fine iPhone 8.....both great phones, but the 11 is simply more of a great thing, IMHO.

  • Steffi
    Steffi Day ago

    Y'all saying that u watch from ur 5s, your 6 or 6s, mine is iphone 5 lmao

  • Yona Weiner
    Yona Weiner Day ago +1

    This is not a phone with a camera
    It's a camera with a phone.

  • Nathan Hood
    Nathan Hood Day ago

    Not bad!

  • The Goat
    The Goat 2 days ago

    11 and pro max are the best iPhones

  • thefamilyshow
    thefamilyshow 2 days ago

    I upgraded to iPhone 11fron my iPhone 6s plus. And in my opinion it is not worth it. It has such a dull and dim screen compared to the 6s plus. I am annoyed

  • JFLO 6661
    JFLO 6661 3 days ago +1

    This is my very first iPhone, and honestly I can say I like it. Coming from a galaxy user for years. It really is really different to me, but I feel I’ve grown used to it fairly quickly. I also like a lot of the little features that apple included on this phone. I think I’m gonna stick with it.👍

  • Chris
    Chris 3 days ago

    I think the iphone 11 is still a but too big. It's almost as wide as the note 9 with only a 6.1in display!

  • Ashwin Hamal Thakuri

    I’m using iPhone 6s Plus and I’m perfectly fine with it...works totallly great even in 2019..what an amazing phones-6s and 6s plus wow😍

  • Meme Gaming
    Meme Gaming 4 days ago +1

    I can’t wait for my new IPhone 11 at Dec 5th.

  • Nosyleon Stories
    Nosyleon Stories 4 days ago +1

    Best review period! 🔥🔥

  • Ryan Matthew
    Ryan Matthew 4 days ago

    Watching this on iPhone 11 (purple). There’s no point of buying 11 Pro, because they’re almost identical, and Clip-Share doesn’t allow above 1080p on any iPhone, which kind of ruins the purpose of the 11 Pro. I love this phone and most definitely will not go back to android. The camera is a beast, same said for the processor. This is better than any android phone in this price range. Say what you want about your S10+ or OnePlus 7 Pro, this one Is a winner

  • Abby Hoven
    Abby Hoven 5 days ago +1

    Who els got the iPhone 11 (green)!!!

  • 嘉羿
    嘉羿 5 days ago +2

    Can’t relate... I’m watching this on my iPhone 7+ 😭

  • Kort Kramer
    Kort Kramer 5 days ago

    Well reviewed. This will be my next phone.

  • Shelly Kucskar
    Shelly Kucskar 5 days ago

    The iphone 11 is my first iphone i have been an android user forever. Im waiting for my iphone 11 mint green 256gb to arrive in the mail so currently im using my galaxy s9+ which i love but once i saw the iphone 11 i fell in love. I cant wait to start using my very first iphone this week. Who else just switched from android to iphone?

  • Linda Surita
    Linda Surita 6 days ago

    Isn't better then iPhone pro max

  • yung.成功
    yung.成功 6 days ago +3

    i have 6s gold now and i really can’t decide if i will buy a black or red 11

  • Nerdyc 69
    Nerdyc 69 6 days ago

    iPhone 6 is my favourite so far

  • roberto armstrong
    roberto armstrong 6 days ago +8

    The 6S is easily the best iphone ever built. They still work in 2019 seemlessly with a case battery and the camera is fine minus lowlight capability.

  • yeetus thefeetus112
    yeetus thefeetus112 6 days ago

    Why does everyone only compare the new iPhones to the old ones? Shouldn't you compare it to other phones?

  • An Otter
    An Otter 6 days ago +17

    Why does everyone (including me) either have or just switched from an iphone 6s?

    • Benjámin Baranyi
      Benjámin Baranyi Day ago

      I've just did the same. I'm going to keep my 6s as its been serving me very well in the past 4 years, and actually its still pretty solid with iOS 13, so its going to be a great backup phone, but of course i just absolutely love my 11

    • maribel chapa
      maribel chapa 4 days ago

      An Otter me too

    • Churninpark
      Churninpark 4 days ago

      I have a iPhone 6s Plus and for Christmas I’m getting a iPhone 11 in red with 128gb of storage!!!

    • Priscilla Benitez
      Priscilla Benitez 5 days ago +2

      I have an iPhone 6s and literally bought the iPhone 11 today 🤣

    • Allyson Rose
      Allyson Rose 5 days ago

      An Otter I have two iPhone x’s one is cracked so I want to replace with iPhone 11 so I’ll have an x and an 11 I’m thinking yellow I go tonight

  • ça Thierry
    ça Thierry 6 days ago

    gros vidéo gg

  • Kashish Jindal
    Kashish Jindal 7 days ago +4

    I got iphone 11 in red color and this is my second iphone after 7+. So it does not matter me about display and camera because it is huge difference for me😄

  • Mr drain Bamaged
    Mr drain Bamaged 7 days ago

    Watching this on an iPhone 8

  • Foi Jerde Scherzando II

    Just upgraded from the iPhone 7 plus 32gb to the iPhone 11 128gb. It's worth the upgrade. The display is great and it's not noticeable until you put it side by side with the pro model. it's has a huge improvement in all aspect. I'm happy with my iPhone 11

  • Facts Feelings
    Facts Feelings 8 days ago +5

    What are you going to do with an Iphone 11 "Pro," render 3d graphics? start a web design business?

  • Henry Bolano
    Henry Bolano 8 days ago +1

    From samsung to iphone. This will be my first iphone ever.

    • Henry Bolano
      Henry Bolano 6 days ago

      @Son Kmr if i dont like it, might sell it aftr a while and go back to android. Just trying to use ios. Haha

    • Son Kmr
      Son Kmr 6 days ago

      Henry Bolano wrong decision

    • Dev Sharma
      Dev Sharma 6 days ago

      @tino mupanduki I am going for black.

    • tino mupanduki
      tino mupanduki 7 days ago

      Likewise I'm moving from Samsung to iphone 11. This phone is amazing but not really sure what color to go for.

  • michael p
    michael p 9 days ago

    If you want the 11, do not compare with Pro side by side. Once seen it cannot be unseen.

  • Sadiqin Latifi Amir
    Sadiqin Latifi Amir 9 days ago +2

    Link to the wallpaper at 6:19 please 😍

  • stvwberry shortcake
    stvwberry shortcake 9 days ago

    I have the choice between the iPhone 11 and iPhone xs max and I dont know which one to get 😬 its gonna be my first ever iPhone

  • 4 eh
    4 eh 9 days ago

    Being Droid for a long time, my first iphone was 6S, it was an awesome phone,became an apple lover, just hated what "corporate apple" did with destroying phones through "updates" so to force one to buy another phone. Currently on Samsung 9+ , not a bad phone. kinda on the fence going back to Iphone. Being in the Audio Sound industry for so long, Apple OS is base standard which has well supported the creative side of the Audio Sound industry. Apple products are not a luxury in the industry, its pretty much a need. Although PC/Droid is catching up quick, apple still a base standard due to its reliability's

  • Македонски Хайдутин

    Personally I'd buy the iPhone 11 if it had an OLED display. Once you go OLED you never go back.

  • Albert Castro
    Albert Castro 10 days ago

    It looks nice 👍🏻 and the price is good. And if you think about you get a new phone 📱 with the same chip as the Pro phone. And 128 GB. You get more for your money.

  • Sunsets And boats
    Sunsets And boats 10 days ago

    iPhone 8.

  • moon light
    moon light 11 days ago

    6 6s

  • Samuel Hunt
    Samuel Hunt 11 days ago

    the Iphone 11 Sounds like a really great phone over all. Great Review 👍

  • DeepboxVDM
    DeepboxVDM 12 days ago

    Getting one on Friday!!!

  • DeepboxVDM
    DeepboxVDM 12 days ago

    The pro is trash compared to the iPhone 11

  • Divine Spiritual Growth

    Great video, I bought one for me today, thanks. 😃

  • Ghoul Unifiy
    Ghoul Unifiy 12 days ago

    The I phone xr is the best iPhone hands down. It’s very cheap but still an amazing phone and isn’t to big and isn’t to small!

  • J T H
    J T H 13 days ago

    "The 720p saves a lot of cost"..mmmmmm..... can you not. If your paying that much for a phone you'd expect it to be better. And also "reviews for the consumer" I cannot offers this phone hell nah

  • Thong Thong
    Thong Thong 13 days ago

    The thing is LCD, the backlight hurt my eye, made me dizzy most of times i stay long on the screen.

  • Literal_ Garbage
    Literal_ Garbage 14 days ago

    I think Apple has a tactic for the pro lineup by adding some maybe better and very noticeable special features exclusive to the pro lineup that might make people shift to the pros or just lower the price a bit

  • Chief Victor
    Chief Victor 15 days ago

    From someone who has been in Android since day one the iPhone 11 is the only one to get my money by far the best

  • Dan
    Dan 15 days ago

    $699 in the US £724 in the UK we have a bad deal here in the UK for the iPhone 11.
    The 2018 iPhone XR is more expensive in the UK than the new 2019 iPhone 11 is in the USA.

  • JuzAlvin98x3
    JuzAlvin98x3 16 days ago

    Where do you get your wallpaper?!

  • Ashlyn Agon
    Ashlyn Agon 16 days ago

    wow almost all of you upgraded your iphones to iphone 11 while
    here am I still havent got my first iphone having no money to but one

    • Churninpark
      Churninpark 4 days ago

      Ashlyn Agon Once you learn to spell “buy” and not “but” you can have a new phone.

  • theONEandONLY
    theONEandONLY 17 days ago

    Donald Duck 🤔 ( your voice )

  • Thomas Scolaro
    Thomas Scolaro 17 days ago

    I have a white iPhone 11