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Salty Water Purifies Alcohol


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  • Alfredo Mateus
    Alfredo Mateus 2 months ago +175

    You have to specify which alcohol you are talking about. The experiment you did was with isopropyl alcohol, not with ethanol! If you try this with ethanol, the salt will precipitate instead. Ethanol is more polar than isopropyl and will not separate from water thar easily.

    • Siggy in CR
      Siggy in CR Month ago

      Thanks for mentioning this. I was wondering if this could be done as a pre-distillation step for food-grade spirits. That way you could use an fairly fast and crude distillation to get to fairly high concentrations. Someone mentioned that Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) would work for ethanol. Is this true? The bad taste wouldn't be an issue if the resulting high proof ethanol was then run through a quick distillation. The salts would be left behind.

    • Pedro Franca
      Pedro Franca 2 months ago +2

      Holy hell, the guy says "alcohol" with no qualifiers to mean "isopropyl alcohol"? Damn, Action Lab's inaccuracies strike again, I obviously thought he was referring to ethanol and found this super weird

    • Alex Besogonov
      Alex Besogonov 2 months ago +5

      You can salt out ethanol alcohol by using Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). But it tastes vile afterwards due to a small amount of salt that does mix with alcohol.

    • Alfredo Mateus
      Alfredo Mateus 2 months ago +1

      @jadedandbitter I haven't done the experiment with methanol, but since it is even more polar than ethanol, I expect that it will also precipitate the salt.

    • jadedandbitter
      jadedandbitter 2 months ago +1

      @Throefly not what I was asking, clearly.

  • The Hyperscientist
    The Hyperscientist 3 months ago +208

    This is a somewhat lesser known practice in chemistry, it's commonly used for "drying" organic solvents from any water present. Though people would normally use something like molecular sieves or anhydrous chemical salts

    • Jim Parsons
      Jim Parsons 2 months ago

      Liked the clip and this comment. Depends on the chemical sorts of liquids. I was used to using lime for many of my drying. Makes Ca(0H) quite often... back in the day. And if it doesn't mess with your product, a pretty good deal. And you can toss the calcium hydroxide in the microwave to get back to the CaO.

    • Peter
      Peter 2 months ago

      @GermanScience Labor I agree with what @tripplefives is saying. The original post on this thread never said this was the same as molecular sieves etc. it stated that it is a process that causes a "drying" of a liquid, but people more commonly would use a molecular sieve or something similar for a similar result.

    • defenestrated23
      defenestrated23 2 months ago +1

      I wouldn't say it's "lesser known" - I did this daily working as a chemist.

    • GermanScience Labor
      GermanScience Labor 2 months ago +3

      @tripplefives What does that have to do with any of the comments above?? With all respect I think you're the one missing the point. Wether this is drying or not was never the question. So thanks for answering questions no one asked, and thanks for instantly trying to insult me (poor job btw) as soon as I disagree, that says everything about you...

    • GermanScience Labor
      GermanScience Labor 2 months ago +2

      @tripplefives So? In he comment he mentioned molekular sieves, and salting out (what you describe, and what's shown in the video) is something different. With molsieves you are not seperaring layers...

  • Muhammed Mayer
    Muhammed Mayer 3 months ago +331

    I can see this being marketed as "non alcoholic, alcoholic drinks" lol

    • Robbie A
      Robbie A 2 months ago +1

      @ZakkandtheJ talking about joules m8

    • A Guy
      A Guy 2 months ago


    • LOG!C
      LOG!C 2 months ago

      @RAGHAV Contact poison control or a hospital.

    • RAGHAV
      RAGHAV 3 months ago

      I ate Lead 2+ salt by mistake in my chemistry lab .. i need help what should i do ?
      I ate like 2 grains of sand .. that was 2 dot like maybe ...

    • Muhammed Mayer
      Muhammed Mayer 3 months ago

      @ZakkandtheJ I mean, salt also provides electrolytes so why not

  • KE0KOY
    KE0KOY 2 months ago +17

    Can you do a followup video to address some of the comments below, such as how well this works with other alcohols (not good with ethanol in my experience), and talk about the concentrations this process is applicable with and what losses are involved? Thanks! I really enjoy your channel!

    • Revlouch
      Revlouch 2 months ago

      @KE0KOY yeah but if it separates mostly it can serve to be re diluted in an otherwise hydrating solution in controlled parts. Just let it settle upside down and make a ghetto separation apparatus with some kinda paper or card or something. Lol

    • KE0KOY
      KE0KOY 2 months ago +1

      @Revlouch Nope, not my intention. There will still be salt in the alcohol afterwards. This works for isoprorpyl well because its less polar, but when the side chain of the alcohol gets smaller, the more polar it becomes. If you started with absolutely dry ethanol, it would still dissolve half a gram NaCl per liter, but what separates in the case of ethanol/water mixtures will contain some water and will hold more salt (and the saltwater layer will also still contain some ethanol). KCl might work better as its solubility is about half that of NaCl in ethanol, but its not worth the hassle and expense for drinking purposes. Distillation can get you to 96% ethanol, and thats strong enough to be deadly, so... And for those who are curious, if you are ever in prison and think that you can steal enough salt shakers from the chow hall to separate some 4% hooch, I'm here to tell you from experience that it will never separate (hence my comment on concentrations and losses)... In the joint, you are better off burning some popcorn right before lockdown and use your hotpot with a cup in the middle and the lid upsidedown full of cold water/ice to distill it one shot at a time.

    • Revlouch
      Revlouch 2 months ago

      Tell me you trying to get hammered without telling me you just wanna get hammered? Lol

  • Marko Mikulicic
    Marko Mikulicic 3 months ago +67

    I once tried to make limoncello in Ireland but I couldn't find 95% alcohol in the stores (which you can buy in grocery stores in Italy). Apparently in ROI the maximum legal alcohol is 40% or something like that. Had I known this trick....

    • Harry
      Harry 2 months ago

      @Pedro Franca your best bet would be to get yourself to an emergency room Pronto if you've been sippin on isopropyl alcohol. also have the attending physicians check deep inside your ears to see if they can see through to the other side. this would indicate the root of the problem.

    • Pedro Franca
      Pedro Franca 2 months ago

      According to some pther comment, he used isopropyl alcohol, and this doesn't work for ethanol. I also find it koronic he just said "alcohol" as if people wouldn't imagine he meant ethanol

    • Cerberous+1
      Cerberous+1 2 months ago

      @jadedandbitter only if you fill out a form to explain what you are using it for and most fine wine and good spirit state stores won't order it even with the form locations

    • jadedandbitter
      jadedandbitter 2 months ago

      @Cerberous+1 yes you can, 190 proof is legal in PA

    • Harry
      Harry 2 months ago

      @Liam they're worried you might Embalm your brainstem & optic nerve trying to do birthday shots

  • L. H.
    L. H. 3 months ago +13

    Very helpful, thanks 👍🏻
    I'm currently training as a chemical laboratory assistant, I was given the task of separating them at school and didn't know the answer

  • lylavati
    lylavati 3 months ago +148

    So, what does this tell me about that one friend, that swears a tiny spoon of salt saves him from a hangover? 😂

    • Øroiq
      Øroiq 23 days ago

      Just take one or 2 grams of vitanin C before you start drinking and another when you wake up. Don't worry about taking too much vit. C. Not dangerous at all.

    • Christoffer Orrmalm Utsi
      Christoffer Orrmalm Utsi 2 months ago

      @lylavati Burner disease?
      It is possible to eat more salt than only a spoonfull per day and not die and not suffering from high bloodpressure.
      Himalayasalt or ocean salt.
      Or just salt without cyanide compounds.
      Thumb rule, stay away from table salt.
      But do not take my words for fact, do your own non biased research for fact checks.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago +1

      I'd say that's not salt that he's got on that tiny spoon.

    • vitriolicAmaranth
      vitriolicAmaranth 2 months ago

      He's... Not wrong. Hangovers are primarily due to a combination of dehydration and electrolyte loss because alcohol is a non-hydrating diuretic, meaning it makes you urinate, removing water and electrolytes from your body. Drinking a lot of alcohol also makes most people sweat profusely, further depleting electrolytes. Salt is an electrolyte and helps your body uptake water.

    • David. Vox Populi
      David. Vox Populi 2 months ago

      Alcohol dehydrates the body
      Salt makes the body hold in more water
      Salty water = drinking a bit less unsalty water so you don't get a hangover
      Dehydration = Hangover headache
      If he drinks a 12-pack of beer and goes straight to bed he's gonna have an awful headache. If he drank twice as much water with the beer and ate dense food with the beer he'll probably be ok.

  • Sirron
    Sirron 2 months ago +1

    This is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. I love practical insights like this.

  • Clips
    Clips 2 months ago +2

    keeping science aside and the efforts you put to demonstrate the experiment is insane🤯

  • redeyedmonk
    redeyedmonk 2 months ago

    Fun fact, you can do this much easier with Isopropyl alcohol. When I did this in college during some backyard chemistry separations, I added much less salt.

  • Joe W
    Joe W 2 months ago +4

    You know where this might have relevance is seperating oil contaminated snow, ice or water. In States where it's a concern, they use a combination of heat and gravity to try to extract oil contamination, but this salt distillation process might work even better provided sufficient salt is available.

    • Brent Lewis
      Brent Lewis 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, I bet they hadn't thought of that.

    • Gretcie
      Gretcie 2 months ago +1

      Heat and gravity sounds like a more efficient process. You would need to use immense amounts of salt and then dispose of the saltwater as a waste product.

  • Evandro Chaves
    Evandro Chaves 2 months ago +1

    This channel never ceases to amaze me

  • Zack C
    Zack C 2 months ago +3

    Awesome video, so cool to see the layers form! Almost missed this one because the thumbnail looks like a bad ad

  • Doug Moody
    Doug Moody 2 months ago +2

    How pure is the alcohol after adding salt, and is there any salt at all in the alcohol?

  • Abdurrahman Magomedov
    Abdurrahman Magomedov 2 months ago +3

    What maximum concentration is achievable with this method?

  • Vorco
    Vorco 2 months ago

    For those days when you want to hit your favorite alcoholic drink before sobering up later on.

  • Hey Is all you need
    Hey Is all you need 2 months ago +8

    so does this mean you can turn 70% into 91%?

  • Ben germin
    Ben germin 2 months ago +1

    is this similar to when a hypertonic solution draws out the water of something?

  • Goran Josic
    Goran Josic 2 months ago +7

    But this only works with Isopropyl or Methanol alcohol?!? (Or I'm wrong?) As far as I know, it is not possible to separate ethanol from water with the help of salt.
    I mention this because the video thumbnail shows drinks that contain ethanol...

    • user255
      user255 2 months ago +1

      @winnerandloser Some chemistry papers mention it. I have not done it personally.

    • winnerandloser
      winnerandloser 2 months ago

      @user255 wow really? have you done it?

    • user255
      user255 2 months ago +4

      Salting out ethanol and methanol can be done, but not with NaCl. K2CO3 should work.

    • winnerandloser
      winnerandloser 2 months ago +2

      afaik this only works on isopropyl alcohol .. ethanol or methanol cannot be separated this way.

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin 3 months ago +16

    So basically, just siphon off the top and you've got the ultimate vodka shot?

    • arya
      arya 2 months ago

      It might still taste salty, give it a try

    • Kyle Godin
      Kyle Godin 2 months ago +5

      @Egehan Yılmaz moonshine

    • Egehan Yılmaz
      Egehan Yılmaz 3 months ago +6

      well, it is no longer called "vodka" since you seperate the water

  • Lawrence Sarsam
    Lawrence Sarsam 2 months ago

    This will really bring my prison hooch business to the next level, thanks!

  • Joe Sutter
    Joe Sutter 22 days ago

    I have a quick question. What are the effects of ammonium carbonate when inhaled?

  • Sagacious Apotheosis BLM
    Sagacious Apotheosis BLM 3 months ago +18

    This was hella cool. Definitely not to be missed-able…

    • Tim Gerard
      Tim Gerard 2 months ago

      If people don't stop using the term hella I'm going to puke!

  • Charles Russella
    Charles Russella 2 months ago +1

    I wonder if this can be used to reduce the energy needed in the distillation process - especially if the salt could be reused

    • Gretcie
      Gretcie 2 months ago

      @Neirenoir If feel like this would add a lot more labour to a process that would likely be mostly contained. Generally increased energy use would be preferable to increased labour when it comes to large scale processes.

    • arya
      arya 2 months ago

      @jimmy joe maybe that's true for methanol but I highly doubt it you sound like a nutjob. Anyway that's definitely not possible for ethanol as after 95.6% the mix has a lower boiling point than pure ethanol.

    • jimmy joe
      jimmy joe 2 months ago

      @arya Yep, NASCAR they are hiding the information how easy it really is to vacuum distill to 99.9999%. I have seen it; it looks different when you pour it into 98.65% It will be hidden under, Methanol Fuel blends. The where trying to find the best fuel for NASCAR. And at the Time that was pure Methanol. It burns fast for high horsepower. And colder to keep engines running higher longer without burning up.

    • arya
      arya 2 months ago

      @jimmy joe nascar?

    • jimmy joe
      jimmy joe 2 months ago

      @Neirenoir All you have to do is sublimit water, how hard is that? 3-7 gallons of water latter and 24-36 hours a day working to boil water. Cut it, split it, stick it in a stove. Eh, birch syrup is the most labor-intensive thing I have ever done.

  • YourLocalGameDev
    YourLocalGameDev 2 months ago

    One of the few time my chemistry knowledge comes in handy

  • Hannah Mosburg
    Hannah Mosburg 2 months ago +1

    purify to what percentage? is it higher than the percentage you put in before adding the water?

  • J Boomhauer
    J Boomhauer 3 months ago +4

    Why do the white ones sink if they float in alcohol? Surely they should stay on top?

  • Thor Julbock
    Thor Julbock 3 months ago

    Yet another awesome video👍

  • vitriolicAmaranth
    vitriolicAmaranth 2 months ago

    I knew how it was going to work but it's still cool to watch.

  • முத்து கிருஷ்ணன் க

    Sir, I still feel I don't get 'why the beads act like this? '
    Would you explain please? 🙏

    • Jimmy Jobbie
      Jimmy Jobbie Day ago +1

      maybe it's helpful to put numbers on it. remember that things float in a liquid that is denser than they are.
      let's say that, before mixing, the salt water solution is 120% the density of water, and the alcohol is 80%. If they are combined in equal volumes then the mixture has a combined density of 100% the density of water
      Lets say the white beads have a density of 90% and the blue bead of 110%. When the liquid is mixed then the white bead will float to the top as (90 is less than 100), and blue will sink (110 is more than 100)
      as the alcohol and salt water separate, the salt water at the bottom becomes 120% and the alcohol at the top 80%. The white 90% beads sink in the 80% solution and the blue 110% beads float int the 120% solution
      One thing that made this a bit confusing was that the guy in the video descried the white beads as floating in alcohol - i guess he meant sinking in alcohol (but floating in the alcohol/salt mixture) otherwise it doesn't quite make sense :)

    • Dankelpuff
      Dankelpuff 2 months ago

      The blue and white beads have different density.

    • SecretLars
      SecretLars 2 months ago +2

      blue dye vs no dye makes the blue heavier thus they ever so slightly place themselves on water while the white place under alcohol.

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 3 months ago +8

    Why do the white & blue separate, or did I miss something?

    • chitlitlah
      chitlitlah 3 months ago +6

      They both float on water and sink in alcohol so they come together when the liquids separate. However, the blue ones are slightly heavier than the two liquids mixed and the white ones are slightly lighter, so when shaken, they separate.

    • Nalisification
      Nalisification 3 months ago

      They're likely made out of two different kinds of plastic which would make one want to go to the alcohol layer and the other want to go to the water layer

  • Tri-Fire
    Tri-Fire 2 months ago

    This worked for me once with equate isopropyl alcohol but I couldn’t get it to work with Win Co isopropyl alcohol, I’m not sure why but very cool experiment

  • Odane Solomon
    Odane Solomon 3 months ago

    Really clever 🙂

  • tenderheart62
    tenderheart62 2 months ago

    Awesome channel. Thanks!!

  • andybaldman
    andybaldman 2 months ago

    Great! I needed a way to sort plastic beads.

  • Existenceisillusion
    Existenceisillusion 2 months ago

    You just earned a subscription 😂

  • Pre Poster
    Pre Poster 3 months ago +3

    Good demo of liquid-liquid extraction.

  • Momma O
    Momma O 3 months ago +1

    wow l love it, very interesting

  • Semechki for Putin
    Semechki for Putin 3 months ago +7

    how potent can this make alcohol?

    • Qui9
      Qui9 2 months ago +2

      If you want a product for consumption, don't use rubbing alcohol. It has orally-toxic additives which are difficult to separate, mixed in with it. It's "denatured".

    • Daniel Gehring
      Daniel Gehring 3 months ago +1

      You can't do this with alcohol meant for drinking. You have to use something like rubbing alcohol that has been distilled to the point of purity. You might get a few more proof out of a beer if you added a crap ton of salt to it but it really wouldn't be worth it.

  • M.Sweeney7
    M.Sweeney7 2 months ago

    Ok next challenge, extract alcohol from petrol (gasoline) , then do this process to get 'pure' alcohol (quotations are because you'll not get 100%)

  • deavman
    deavman 2 months ago

    28gr of salt per 125ml of water!..Well I guess I could use water from the Dead Sea then at 370gr per liter.

  • Making mistakes with Greg

    This is how inmates in prison get alcohol from hand sanitizer. I doubt it settles the other contaminates (fragrances and other Ingredients) but people will drink it anyways. Crazy lol.

  • hambo 11
    hambo 11 3 months ago

    I always loving alcohol

  • Hypervious
    Hypervious 2 months ago

    28g per 125ml of water...so you need to add an amount of salt equivalent to 22.4% the weight of the water? Yeah that's quite a bit salt.

  • Fish Central
    Fish Central 3 months ago +1

    well that's enough Action for today 🙃

  • embustero71
    embustero71 3 months ago +4

    Now I can turn E-85 into hooch in two steps.

    • Lazlow Behen
      Lazlow Behen 3 months ago +1

      That's actually much easier, though much less safe. Just add water.

  • Rocket G
    Rocket G 3 months ago

    You're the best in the biz, Dale.

  • Zaklog the Great
    Zaklog the Great 2 months ago

    So, how does the alcohol *taste* after this?

  • David Covington
    David Covington 3 months ago +8

    Is this like when you add salt to sanitizer to make the gel separate, as in jail hooch?

  • Niels Daemen
    Niels Daemen 3 months ago

    How pure can you get the alcohol this way?

  • Big Chungo
    Big Chungo 2 months ago

    Wait can I do this to distill without a license???

  • instrumentenfreak
    instrumentenfreak 3 months ago +3

    Pretty cool, but I‘d rather add molecular sieves.

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook 2 months ago

    What is the concentration of the alcohol and is it salty

  • wawawuu
    wawawuu 2 months ago

    Can you go above 96% with this method?

  • Quintinohthree
    Quintinohthree 2 months ago

    So, what's the composition either side of the phase boundary? You're gonna have salt, water and alcohol on either side, but what are the concentrations?

    • Quasimodo
      Quasimodo 2 months ago

      You need a Mcabe Thiele diagram

  • African Electron
    African Electron 2 months ago

    It would work better if you dry the salt in a oven, you would need a little less salt

  • Napalm Holocaust
    Napalm Holocaust 2 months ago

    Seeing this now I know you made no attempt to help during covid when sanitizer was in short supply. Good on ya mate 😒

  • kfir with a כ
    kfir with a כ 3 months ago +3

    I see... so if I'm hungover I should drink salt water!

    • Broockle
      Broockle 3 months ago +2

      same if you go running, get a sports drink, it has salt in it. Not the caffeinated energy drinks tho, those will do the opposite.

  • Google Google
    Google Google 3 months ago


  • Ghl Scitel
    Ghl Scitel 3 months ago

    Must try this out too. Want to convert 37% cheap vodka into 95% alcohol.

  • Koacacia
    Koacacia 2 months ago

    Is the alcohol salty though?

  • WvlfDarkfire
    WvlfDarkfire 3 months ago +1

    Ok. The bead trick tossed my brains salad. I'm showing the kids!

  • jonathon wessling
    jonathon wessling 27 days ago

    If we separated them from each other could it be put in a fuel tank.. sorry a gas tank of a vehicle and run it?

  • Danky Gnome
    Danky Gnome 2 months ago +1

    This channel is too cool.

  • Фестиваль Языков

    It's quite misleading to say simply "alcohol" and then use isopropyl alcohol instead of ethanol. I an even see it as IPA is much more viscous.

  • JDAA76
    JDAA76 3 months ago +1

    So what did we learn today people? No matter what Chocolate milk is just as good as strawberry milk.

    • Doom_Dragon
      Doom_Dragon 3 months ago +1

      no wat u mean it's better if not the best

  • Watchin Youtube
    Watchin Youtube 2 months ago

    So I can do this to vodka and decant the more concentrated stuff on the top?

  • DavinciDamaster
    DavinciDamaster 2 months ago +1

    Heyy, steve mould did a video on this too!
    You guys should check it out, worth the watch

  • Ask How I Know
    Ask How I Know 2 months ago

    Clear high proof rum separated using filtered and reduced sea water?
    Could be really gross, but worth a test

  • NicoNinja17
    NicoNinja17 3 months ago +13

    Thats very fascinating thank you

    • Hazza Styles
      Hazza Styles 3 months ago +1

      @Theodore Sarras no lmao that actually makes sense, thx for clarifying 😅

    • Theodore Sarras
      Theodore Sarras 3 months ago

      @Hazza Styles is that irony?

    • Hazza Styles
      Hazza Styles 3 months ago

      @Theodore Sarras ohhhh yea that makes sense

    • Theodore Sarras
      Theodore Sarras 3 months ago +3

      I saw that because he upload the comment 36 seconds after the video was uploaded

    • Hazza Styles
      Hazza Styles 3 months ago

      @Theodore Sarras you can see them or something?

  • Ian Foote
    Ian Foote 3 months ago

    So, you can get cheap medical grade hooch with hand sanitizer and road salt. Or mouthwash and road salt. That's interesting 🤔
    There's a drug store on the ground floor of my apartment building. I want to try this for myself. For the sake of science 😂

  • TrueHippy
    TrueHippy 2 months ago

    After it sepreates is tue alcohol salty?

  • William Mielenz
    William Mielenz 2 months ago

    How might this work on
    A corn liquor mash ?

  • Noah Gooder
    Noah Gooder 2 months ago

    funfact a pinch of salt can reduce the bitterness of coffee

  • Agent 33
    Agent 33 2 months ago

    This is really cool

  • Bane Kondic
    Bane Kondic 2 months ago

    Just what i needed

  • Leviathanshadex
    Leviathanshadex 2 months ago

    Is it drinkable tho? How much NaCl dissolves in the alcohol?

  • Stefan Nilsson
    Stefan Nilsson 3 months ago +18

    Is the alcohol clean or does it have some salt dissolved in it?

    • Svend Kaffke
      Svend Kaffke 2 months ago +1

      @user255 ​ & @Olmost Gudinaf My confusion came from the the fact that when I think of NaCl, I always think of Sodium Chloride Solution (saltwater) for medicinal purpose (injection, cleaning of mucous membranes,...), not the table salt itself.

    • Olmost Gudinaf
      Olmost Gudinaf 2 months ago +1

      @user255 Thanks.

    • Olmost Gudinaf
      Olmost Gudinaf 2 months ago +1

      @Svend Kaffke _"How much salt is in NaCl?'_
      All of it. Kitchen salt *is* NaCl.

    • user255
      user255 2 months ago

      @Svend Kaffke Alcohol is category, which includes ethanol, methanol, isopropanol and so on. Salt is common name for NaCl and in chemistry it is category of some ionic compounds, including NaCl (IE table salt), CaCl2, K2CO3, etc. Your question doesn't make sense.

    • Svend Kaffke
      Svend Kaffke 2 months ago +1

      @user255 he said you need around 28g of salt for 125ml of water. how much salt is in NaCl?
      Edit: user255
      a few posts below mentioned this: Salting out ethanol and methanol can be done, but not with NaCl. K2CO3 should work.

  • Arvind Sharma
    Arvind Sharma 3 months ago

    Its awesome

  • Flag User
    Flag User 2 months ago

    so i can use just one bottle to keep wine and soup

  • Young Gandalf
    Young Gandalf 3 months ago +10

    My liver also purifies alcohol.

  • Kekus Magnus
    Kekus Magnus 3 months ago +1

    hmmmmm why isnt this used to extract alcohol, because of the energy required to boil away the water and reuse the salt?

    • Avik Saha
      Avik Saha 3 months ago

      How about solar dehydrators, practical salt cultivation

    KURDinEXILE 3 months ago


  • Vulcan Peace
    Vulcan Peace 2 months ago

    Skimming from the top to make drinks that are even more alcoholic

  • Uncle Jeezy
    Uncle Jeezy 2 months ago

    This is why you add salt to alcohol for cleaning a bong.

  • Evan Like
    Evan Like 3 months ago +1

    Or how to separate out the water lol I'm not drinking the alcohol

  • Abraxas Jinx
    Abraxas Jinx 2 months ago

    Can I use this trick to refine cheap vodka?

  • Catalist
    Catalist 3 months ago +3

    Ah yes, same method as The NileRed do.

  • SexyEarHair
    SexyEarHair 3 months ago +4

    does this work on ipa as well? Like making 70% into 99%?

    • Olmost Gudinaf
      Olmost Gudinaf 2 months ago

      @SexyEarHair What hipster crap?
      As far as I know, IPA can be one of 2 things: 1) isopropyl alcohol or 2) India pale ale. The latter coming from the British empire era, a beer strong enough to survive the long journey by ship to India as well as the hot climate. None of the two has anything to do with hipsters. Is there a third meaning?

    • View Bot
      View Bot 3 months ago

      @That Guy not everywhere

    • Ku龜。Tâibûn台文
      Ku龜。Tâibûn台文 3 months ago

      Great application!!!!

    • That Guy
      That Guy 3 months ago +1

      Yes. Although you can just buy 99 percent.

    • lefthandedspanner
      lefthandedspanner 3 months ago

      it works even better - isopropyl alcohol is less miscible with water

  • John z Brzozowa
    John z Brzozowa 2 months ago

    Okay. But can you drink this?

  • Aidan Flanigan
    Aidan Flanigan 2 months ago

    Noticed this while cleaning my bong lmaoooo

  • MadMaxV
    MadMaxV 2 months ago

    now i can get stronger alcohol to get watsed,! thank you man! omg,,, partyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  • Ogrematic
    Ogrematic 2 months ago

    How to make your friends drink something gross using science.

  • [CYXXYC]
    [CYXXYC] 3 months ago

    whats the difference between those beads?

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 2 months ago +1

    Does this work with rubbing alcohol?

    • Alex Walker
      Alex Walker 2 months ago

      @He-Man bruh alcohol is overrated unless you Molotov it or something. It is pretty good as a cleaning agent.

    • He-Man
      He-Man 2 months ago +1

      Yes. However, it will only separate the rubbing alcohol out, and will not produce drinkable ethanol (which is a different kind of alcohol).

  • Алексић Владица.

    Hey Lab! Can I make the alcoholic drink of Mine a lot stronger with this trick?

  • Valor Vanguard
    Valor Vanguard 3 months ago +4

    All the hobbyist brewers in the comments: Woo! Time to make some strong stuff!

    • Adam N
      Adam N 3 months ago

      Ignoring that you weren't being serious: Probably can work, but freeze distillation is probably still easier and better. Also in places where distillation (or respective equipment) is banned, freeze distillation gets around that, as it's not actually distillation at all, people just call it that because it gets the point across. It's technically called "fractional freezing". Nonetheless, it makes booze more booze-y and is ez pz, which is a win all around! Edit: watch for methanol though. Don't want to go blind and all.

  • Zimzim Al
    Zimzim Al 3 months ago

    You just ruined perfectly good alcohol

  • Denis Belov
    Denis Belov 3 months ago