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How did Gungi Survive Order 66 & Escaped!

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 107

  • Marisee Jien
    Marisee Jien Month ago +45

    I’m guessing that Gunji is a teenager right now. We can clearly see that he is a little bit older and a little bit more mature than Omega who is about twelve years old. So, I’m guessing that Gunji is about fourteen years of age, in Wookiee years.

  • DR4C0 R3X
    DR4C0 R3X Month ago +19

    What if Gungi was actually Quinlan's Padawan at the time of Order 66

    • Protector of the Realms
      Protector of the Realms Month ago +6

      I actually thought something similar though he finds Vos on Kashyyyk now he’s there and becomes a padawan to him now for them both to be taken out by Vader later. Because he only got to Kashyyyk for the first time this episode it sounds like so he wasn’t already there with Vos. Also I don’t think Vos would’ve ever been given an official padawan with what he went through in the Clone Wars and how he was by the end of it. But I really want to see this pairing in the post Order 66 timeline for them to then get both taken out by Vader to actually give the guy a win for once haha

  • Julio Juarez
    Julio Juarez Month ago +47

    I thought gungi was still a youngling because the last time we saw him he was still in the temple & also what happened to the rest of his friends

    • Ramon Candeleria
      Ramon Candeleria Month ago

      I agree friends died or they still alive we don't know any information about his friends whereabouts.

    • Jong Beckoned
      Jong Beckoned Month ago

      I wanna know what happened to the others as well

    • Julio Juarez
      Julio Juarez Month ago

      But even when they got their lightsabers they were still in the temple remember when anakin was dueling berris master tera senube was with them practicing

    • Julio Juarez
      Julio Juarez Month ago

      Yea i think so i know tera wasn’t a youngling he was a jedi master i think he gave his life so that gungi & his friends could escape the temple

    • Andrew Phillips
      Andrew Phillips Month ago

      @Julio Juarez Tera senubay wasn’t a youngling….. or did I misread what you said

  • anna white
    anna white Month ago +12

    BUT SAD NOTE-him being by himself might spell bad news about his team mates/friends fellow trainies always had "head canon' that gungi and the girl survived, and the brattie boy joined the darkness

    • Protector of the Realms
      Protector of the Realms Month ago +2

      In my head canon Petro sacrificed himself reinforcing that character development and lesson of selflessness he had to let the others escape while Byph got killed in the process and the rest died one by one

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips Month ago +6

    There had to be a Jedi that was on the toilet during 66, maybe gungi was dropping off a wookie & felt something wrong with the force, so he had time to get away because he wasn’t in the line of fire when order 66 happened

    • Sheel Pathak
      Sheel Pathak Month ago +2

      Anakin said “nah man I’m not checking in there”

  • A_dead
    A_dead Month ago +7

    I remember when I first started watching clone wars last summer my dad told me what arcs were his favorite, and the youngling arc was one of his favorites almost exclusively because he really liked gungi, especially his wooden lightsaber. Seeing gungi survive is so cool, I really want to see him save sev (republic commando) on kashyyyk

    • Icemansam44
      Icemansam44 Month ago

      I’d like see Sev join the bad batch OR the BB takes Sev to Mandalore and brink Karen Travis’s books into cannon

  • Rob Morris
    Rob Morris Month ago +3

    I'm guessing another thing that helped Gungi survive was prejudiced expectations. There simply weren't that many Wookie Jedi, and if someone spotted out his wooden lightsaber, they might have mistaken it for something else. Also, when I witnessed a leap of his in S2-E6, I was debating whether it was a Jedi-leap or a Wookie-leap. His toughness, strength and skill-set would have been dismissed by many as Wookie-born. Only skills like Force-push or igniting the saber would have given him away directly. Then again, being a Wookie off-planet would draw attention as well.

  • Eamon O'Toole
    Eamon O'Toole Month ago +6

    I think that order 66 might've happened before Gunji and his youngling friends had the chance to become Padwans and that he (and possibly his friends) like Grogu had miraculously escaped the attack on the Jedi temple

    • Debbie Bernhardt
      Debbie Bernhardt Month ago +1

      They were spared, gorgen was hidden under blankets. Vader spared him since it was young. Gunji was most likely staying near the planet where yoda was.

  • Protector of the Realms

    I’m super excited to see Gunji again! He was always my favourite of the youngling group and I always wanted to see more of him (especially because he’s an alien Jedi an it’s getting a bit ridiculous how many important humans and human jedi in general we’re getting in canon which is really harming the franchise tbh with it being so forced despite the odds). And although every Jedi surviving Order 66 cheapens the moment a little more, I’ll always take some more Gunji. I was really hoping he’d join the Bad Batch Crew because it doesn’t seem like a good idea to leave him on Kashyyyk exactly haha.
    Hopefully he finds Vos there though and becomes a padawan to him for them both to be taken out by Vader later. I think that pairing just works for both characters and Vader needs to actually get a win for once finally after all these years since 1977 haha. A bit ridiculous he only wins in the comics and books and loses in everything else.
    I always thought about how that youngling group experienced Order 66 and in my head canon Petro always sacrificed himself reinforcing that character development and lesson of selflessness he had to let the others escape while Byph got killed in the process and the rest died one by one with Gunji being the last one standing. Hope that’s the case here

  • Gustavo Borba
    Gustavo Borba Month ago +3

    Omega is certainly Force sensitive, let alone Force user! No doubt about it! She might be an experiment of inserting midichlorians in living beings in orther to prove it would be possible in a future clone of Palpatine!

  • Dirk
    Dirk Month ago +12

    This one again leads to the idea the Omega is force sensitive. She could feel Gungi's presence
    She says something along lines of "i got a bad feeling a out this" lol
    Then just decides to go explore, and happens to go straight to where Gungi was being held

  • Wolftal 117
    Wolftal 117 Month ago +12

    I wonder what happened to the other younglings he was with. I kind of had it in the back of my head, that maybe all of them were on another training mission when order 66 arrived, so they were separated from the mainstream of the galaxy and all successfully went into hiding together.

    • Gustavo Borba
      Gustavo Borba Month ago +1

      I think, sadly, that they didn't make it.

    • Wolftal 117
      Wolftal 117 Month ago +1

      @Protector of the Realms I guess in the end we might find out if Gungi reveals anything later.

    • Protector of the Realms
      Protector of the Realms Month ago +4

      In my head canon Petro sacrificed himself (reinforcing that character development and lesson of selflessness he had) to let the others escape while Byph got killed in the process and the rest die later as they’re hunted one by one with Gunji being the last one standing and Katooni going out second last. I always imagined it to happen at the temple during knightfall to give Vader a few more kills and the escaped ones then manage to get off planet maybe using the same ship we saw in the Illum arc

  • Lonelyy Clone
    Lonelyy Clone Month ago +6

    What if in Mando season 3 they show Gungi helping Grogo escape the temple during Order 66 c:

    • Paul yanez
      Paul yanez Month ago +1

      That would be dope

    • KandyJ
      KandyJ Month ago +1

      Thats what i was thinking too

  • MitchyB701
    MitchyB701 Month ago +3

    When he was sitting in the back of the ship I felt so bad for him imagining what he would have had to go through all alone!

  • George K
    George K Month ago +3

    Maybe gungi escaped with Grogu! He was the one that saved our little green friend

  • Officer Rebar
    Officer Rebar Month ago

    Being happy that Gungi lived also means being sad that his friends from the Clone Wars series, are likely dead

  • Jake Nixon
    Jake Nixon Month ago +2

    I wonder if Gunji just slapped the clones out of the way. I know he's young, but like the video says he is still a Wookie. They're so OP in terms of species, their only real negative is their anger/inability to speak basic (making communication sometimes difficult)
    They're smart as hell. Good natured (unlike the Trandoshans). Naturally stronger then like any other species. Throw the force in that? OP. I'd like to see Gunji just pull an Ashoka and escape with little help (obviously not in such a bad situation like Ashoka could fight from, but I'd like to see Gunji be harder to kill)

  • Darkstalker is #1!!!!!!!!

    Gunji is my favorite of all the other younglings in the gathering. So I freaked out when I saw his lightsaber. I just couldn’t believe my eyes

  • xXScissorHandsXx
    xXScissorHandsXx Month ago +4

    Anybody else appreciate the "lazer sword" call back? Original drafts of George Lucas back in the day before Lightsaber became the go-to end all.

    • Karl Rovey
      Karl Rovey Month ago +1

      Anakin even called it a Lazer sword when he told Qui-Gon Jinn that he believed Jinn was a Jedi.

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +1

    I think that D Squad and Colonel Gascon saved Gungi . If D Squad was still doing missions, it is entirely plausible that they were tasked to destroy Jedi Droids and equipment in the temple. Seeing the slaughter would likely not sit well with Colonel gascon, but with no choice to accept, he would see Gungi and D Squad would help smuggle him out , under jedi tunnels towards the coruscant underworld. Upon discovery of D Squad, " betraying the new empire," they would be sought after by intelligence and forced to live in the underworld. Either way I think they will re appear in Skeleton Crew.

  • Gam3RMar
    Gam3RMar Month ago +2

    I think they let him survive bcuz his species last long and can stay alive for 100s of years same with baby yoda… still holding the same feel with omega as they are kids

  • keith stimpyys
    keith stimpyys Month ago

    And the longevity of a wookie is insane they live longer than Yoda regularly I really hope Quinlan Vos is still alive

  • mark mills
    mark mills Month ago +6

    What if Gungi saved Grogu

  • FB I
    FB I Month ago +1

    They need to do a live version of him, either on the Mandalorian or on Andor

    • Christine Jorgens
      Christine Jorgens Month ago

      @Protector of the Realms
      Well, in Star Wars Legends there were *some* Order 66 survivors who lived all the way to the time of the Yuuzhan Vong! Namely K’Kruhk and T’ra Saa!

    • Protector of the Realms
      Protector of the Realms Month ago +2

      I love Gunji but no not in either of those shows. You can’t have Jedi surviving all the way through, it ruins everything. We have enough as is, by the time of the OT we should only have Yoda, Ben and Luke and then Ahsoka and Ezra MIA. We can’t have any other Jedi apart from Kanan and Ezra around beyond 5bby and certainly not active ones that would help the rebllion, it’s only those 2 and Ahsoka that do that which we know for a fact

  • anna white
    anna white Month ago +1

    it was dave who talked him into it, and he said he had big plans with him, and a few other memebers of that season, and even durin rey's time, hondo named his ship after the girl

  • Wai Luen Kong
    Wai Luen Kong Month ago

    is me or you guys also notice, do u think gunji's lightsaber stance or style is much better than those we see in other series. he is a padawan and who is his master that teach him lightsaber stance?

  • TheLootinMagpie
    TheLootinMagpie Month ago

    What if gungi was the one who saved groku in the Jedi temple

  • Matt T
    Matt T Month ago +1

    Didn't Obi-Wan say "Master Voss has moved his troops to Bos Pity"?
    So then how was he on Kashyyyk?

  • David Rodas
    David Rodas Month ago +1

    I don’t know if it’s been “a long long time” because they still have phase 2 clone trooper armor 🤔

  • Gigi
    Gigi Month ago +1

    I jus had some random thought in my head, what if gungi saved grogu to represent the relationship between yoda and chewbacca

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  • goku blackq
    goku blackq Month ago +1

    We want commander Cody and Rex with the bad batch together that's gangsta 😈🥷🏽

  • Brian Aquila
    Brian Aquila Month ago +1

    Gungi and Grogu saving the galaxy 100 years in the future

  • Ozymandias Prometheus

    I wanted to see all those Younglings get murked and Gungi survived. So far so good hopefully they show all those kids getting murked

  • anna white
    anna white Month ago +2

    here something almost everyone gets wrong ABOUT ORDER 66 it lasted a year, was not just a day or a week, "order 66...the jedi purge...it lasted over a year, and in less than 2 years most jedi were gone" so maybe gungi hasn't survived the purge just yet

  • Josh Legg
    Josh Legg Month ago +6

    I thought the Wookie’s were enslaved to build the Death Star, or is that not canon now?

    • The Mutual Friend
      The Mutual Friend Month ago +3

      Not all the wookies were enslaved a good amount of them escaped into the shadow lands on kasshyyk

    • dark night
      dark night Month ago +1

      Sorta, the wookies, geonosians and prisoners or slaves helped with that, even with weapons or ships

    • Noob Plays
      Noob Plays Month ago +6

      They were but it was mainly the Geonosis that built the first death star

  • Christine Jorgens
    Christine Jorgens Month ago

    Well, I have a Headcanon in which Byph, Ganodi and Zatt would perish in the purge that comes!
    Byph will be killed by troopers lead by an Inquisitor!
    Ganodi would die of wounds inflicted at the hands of Cad Bane who would be hired and sent by the Empire to hunt her down!
    Zatt would die of his wounds after managing to take down a Inquisitor on his native homeworld of Glee Anselm!
    Katooni, Petro and Gungi would be the only ones left of their clan!

  • The Travelling Force User

    Did anyone realise that he kept saying Order 6 not Order 66

    • Thire Chandler
      Thire Chandler Month ago +1

      He said 2 times I counted. 1:00 and 6:52. I need to find more information on order 6.

  • kieron halliday
    kieron halliday Month ago

    Grammar. "How did Gungi survive order 66 and escaped." In English, we only change the first verb in the clause to the past tense. The first verb in this clause is the past tense of 'do/does' (did). Therefore, we use the present tense of the other verbs in the clause ('survive' and 'escape'). *"How did Gungi survive order 66 and escape."*

  • anna white
    anna white Month ago

    well last we know he didnt have a teacher, the main guy training him tho we saw in obi wan show

  • 42
    42 Month ago +1

    Omfg. I'm not against Gungi. I am so amazed that Luke was very very FAR from the only jedi. In fact there were at least a few dozen, and NOT ONE aided, or at least Canonically aided or made themselves aware to Luke. More importantly, alot of the why and how of the force revolved around Luke being just that. Just as we learned that Sidious was as powerful as he was due to the same thing... ignoring the literal 1000s of open dark side users.
    I mean beyond alot of generals and those on coruscant they don't seem to have done a very good job at that whole jedi hunt thing

    • 42
      42 Month ago

      @David Martinez that's true. Had the lore been different. But it's that the reasons given for WHY Palpatine was so powerful is that he was the only sith and thus all ds power was essentially in him or he was it's conduit and the same was assumed with Luke, but more importantly that being Palpatine had an army of ds users who were only not single by some technicality I don't really get, and that all Lessens Vaders actions and especially his sacrifice as well as Luke's journey and sacrifices as well. Thet ruined any importance the starwars story had.

    • David Martinez
      David Martinez Month ago

      I think we can still have rogue jedi it in the universe. It's not like they are going to openly say they are jedi

    • 42
      42 Month ago

      @Protector of the Realms right!

    • Protector of the Realms
      Protector of the Realms Month ago +2

      Every Jedi that survives order 66 undoubtedly cheapens the moment and weight of the whole thing, however the OT isn’t ruined yet though I do fear it 1 day maybe. But we just can’t have any Jedi survive up to 0bby and we can’t have any Jedi survive and be helping the rebellion up to 5bby. That’s in Rebels timeline and the only Jedi that can be active in that period are Kanan, Ahsoka, Yoda, Kenobi, Ezra and then later Luke. We know what happens to Kanan before the OT takes place and Ahsoka doesn’t even identify as a Jedi but her and Ezra are MIA and can’t help so in the OT we only should have Obi-wan, Luke and Yoda. Now I’m worried that this is going to get ruined but hopefully it won’t and that will be it

  • Elliot Sterling
    Elliot Sterling Month ago

    No way he just pronounced Ilum like that 2:45

  • AntiQuake
    AntiQuake Month ago

    Gunji was the only interesting youngling from his group

  • CK Romulus s11and
    CK Romulus s11and Month ago

    if they think you can sell merch , you survive ,

  • anna white
    anna white Month ago

    is the voss story you talked about canon?? becuz in rots obi said he was on bosspiti

    • Protector of the Realms
      Protector of the Realms Month ago

      Yeah I had never heard that story actually before so I wonder where it’s from. But it can’t be legends, Vos got blown up on Kashyyyk in legends. It’s a bit ridiculous though how all the Jedi that were on Kashyyyk survived order 66 in canon, like the clones there absolutely sucked ahaha. I also just roll my eyes every time another Jedi survived order 66. At this rate the only ones that are gonna actually have been killed are just like the 10 ones we see in ROTS lol

  • HereticMusik 410
    HereticMusik 410 Month ago

    Fungi was on Endor lol

  • anna white
    anna white Month ago

    yep give you this s2 is goin as strong s1 and an........another show, here is another thing this ep makes better about the book of boba fett, gives you a whole new level of why satis hates the transdoshans

  • patrick guerriero
    patrick guerriero Month ago +4

    Who splices your audio?

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  • Ahemjas Garcha
    Ahemjas Garcha Month ago +1

    Are they cis remnits at the end of the empire

  • The War Kid14
    The War Kid14 Month ago +2

    Oh that makes snese

  • Zearzy
    Zearzy Month ago +2


  • Da predator
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    Rerum Trading Month ago +1

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    Reece Ogilvie Month ago +1

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