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Jungleman, Robbi, Hellmuth, Masato, Berkey, Vibes, Bill Kein - Comm Will Jaffe - Live at the Bike

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #highstakespoker #pokerclips #liveatthebike
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    0:00 Stream Start
    5:57 Game Start
    39:25 Hand 14 - Jungle vs Vibes $28Kl
    46:57 Hand 17 - Bill vs Jungle $23K
    58:41 Hand 23 - Robbi vs Johnnie $12K
    1:02:24 Hand 25 - Candi vs Masato $28K
    1:14:39 Hand 29 - Berkey vs Candi $10K
    1:44:40 Hand 45 - Bill vs Phil $22K
    1:54:22 leaderboard
    3:03:38 Hand 87 - Bill vs Phil $22K
    3:13:23 Leaderboard
    3:23:20 Hand 94 - Jungle vs Phil $37K
    3:30:20 Hand 96 - Hellmuth goes off
    3:55:41 Leaderboard
    4:23:00 Hand 122 - Candi felted $45K
    Hand 124 - All in Jungle vs Vibes $58K
    4:33:54 Leaderboard
    4:30:24 Hand 126 - Berkey vs Masato $27K
    4:58:08 Hand 137 - Vibes vs Berkey $18K
    5:12:30 Leaderboard
    5:25:12 Hand 150 - Berkey all in vs Bill $90K
    5:31:32 Hand 151 - Bill all in vs Vines $34K
    5:52:36 Leaderboard
    6:13:52 Hand 171 - Robbie all in vs Berkey
    6:28:49 Hand 179 - Jungle vs Masato $22K
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Comments • 144

  • whodunnit
    whodunnit 3 months ago +29

    Will Jaffe single handedly reviving live at the bike. I’m here for it. Legend in the making

    • Eddie Vedder
      Eddie Vedder 3 months ago +1

      yeahhhhhhhh agree kinda, but he needs to slow down a bit, and be more natural

      BIG BET POKER LIVE  3 months ago

      We ❤️ Will!

  • AceFromSpace
    AceFromSpace 3 months ago +3

    Love Jaffe’s commentary. He sits back and allows the table talk and then adds the perfect snarky comment.

  • N Wilson
    N Wilson 2 months ago

    I think there’s added pressure on a player after they’ve been accused of cheating. Good for Robbi for keeping herself in the game😊

    PRAVEEN JAGARLAMUDI 3 months ago +2

    I’m loving the stream and the whole team ..kudos

  • Veronika Tizio-Goldstein

    3:05:51 Phil releases it all on the live stream. You'll thank me later!

  • Bu
    Bu 3 months ago +16

    Phil not playing the last hour and just taking his profit is just so 😂

    • Jeremy Rogers
      Jeremy Rogers 3 months ago

      Sometimes that might be prudent especially if you're way ahead, just lock it up and avoid a disastrous cooler at the end. With that being said he atleast should've called with AK and seen a flop, Berkey would've put his whole stack in with AK and at best would've been flipping for his whole stack and probably would've lost knowing his luck.

    • James Morrison
      James Morrison 3 months ago +3

      i honestly think hes broke.

    • Jeremy Rogers
      Jeremy Rogers 3 months ago

      @James Morrison Who Berkey?

    • AceFromSpace
      AceFromSpace 3 months ago +3

      Hellmuth would rather lock up a $100 win than take a 70/30 flip in his favor for $100,000. Because “what if I lose”. He plays and acts like a small stakes amateur.

    • Shipdacheese
      Shipdacheese 3 months ago +1

      @AceFromSpace Nah he plays like someone who has been through ''it'' a lot. Might be bankroll issues too.

  • Laberge
    Laberge 3 months ago

    Jaffe gonna become the next big commentator. Love it. Finally the LATB stream looking pretty competitive now.

      BIG BET POKER LIVE  3 months ago +1

      This is just beginning!

    • Laberge
      Laberge 3 months ago

      @BIG BET POKER LIVE I been here since Limon days, trust me, I've seen LATB in it's heyday, and it's great to see it coming into form again!

      BIG BET POKER LIVE  3 months ago +1

      Thanks for watching, appreciate yah

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 months ago +1

      @Laberge Jaffe the best thing to happen to LATB since the legendary Limon

    • Laberge
      Laberge 3 months ago

      @John Smith you know exactly what's up

  • Philip Berggren
    Philip Berggren 3 months ago +3

    So amazing how Phil gets to talk about people like that right infront of them with zero consequences. Hes more or less saying "everyone else is so stupid why do I let them win". Just pure insults all the time when he loses a pot.

  • Your friend
    Your friend 3 months ago

    Also commentator 11/10. How he kept his cool is solid

  • Joel Marcer
    Joel Marcer 3 months ago

    Hellmuth sits down
    Before a hands dealt and asks the table to run it twice 🤣

  • cjhush k
    cjhush k Month ago

    GOOD JOB Jaffe!

  • Tuukka Ylitalo
    Tuukka Ylitalo 3 months ago

    Lets ho Phil! Just keep telling them over and over and over and over again that they will bluff you all the money. And then actually does it. Blows my mind.

  • Blanca Tagad
    Blanca Tagad 3 months ago

    What ever bracelet you have Phil,you can’t beat a lucky card!!😜

  • musicmann
    musicmann 2 months ago

    I love watching phil play win or lose he's the 🐐

  • Eddie Gunn
    Eddie Gunn 3 months ago

    great commentary need more of it. def made this stream

  • Your friend
    Your friend 3 months ago

    After Phil made his money hustling with jungleman he literally freaked out

  • Messerwon
    Messerwon 3 months ago +2

    I love how disconnected from reality Phil is that he says, “I played a big pot against ‘the amateur’…” as if all amateurs are the same person in his mind… Such an inflated ego that can be popped like a balloon at any given time… 😣🤣

  • Star
    Star 3 months ago

    Jungleman needs to conceal his cards better. I've seen him hold it up high on streams for other channels too. Someone doesn't even have to be trying to cheat, but your eyes can just catch a flash unintentionally. Good episode and enjoyed the table talk!

    BOBBBYBEAVER Month ago

    awsome action... watching from Canada

  • michael moninger
    michael moninger 3 months ago +6

    there is no way in hell phil hellmuth will win another bracelet

    • Cloud 9 Golfer
      Cloud 9 Golfer 3 months ago

      Lmfao. 😂 my friend saw him tonight and said he was his favorite player. I was like wtf

    • ChristopherRobins420
      ChristopherRobins420 3 months ago +4

      That’s an absolutely ridiculous take. He’s one of the greatest large field mid stakes tournament players in the world.
      He destroys amateur players in WSOP tournaments. Plus he’s become fairly elite in mix games like stud, stud8, razz etc.
      Is he hot garbage at cash?
      Absolutely. But to say he won’t win another bracelet is absurd.

  • Your friend
    Your friend 3 months ago

    Calling Phil and Jungleman hustling

  • Jacob Albarado
    Jacob Albarado 3 months ago

    I love phil and jungle

  • sweet_dollars
    sweet_dollars 3 months ago +6

    Phil Hellmuth was 3betted all the time and folded AKo because he had a "read" hahah.
    He should be really grateful that other players were so bad back in the days that he was able to win so much money...with his game he can't beat an average 2/5 game today.

  • Andy Kocialski Bills Mafia

    Will Jaffe just a heads up Bill Klein donates to charity no matter what...if he loses in a game he matches what he lost and gives to charity

    K CHANNEL 3 months ago +1

    Good run Yokosawa!

  • Monster Stack Wizard
    Monster Stack Wizard 3 months ago

    What a luckbox

    • Alex Keen
      Alex Keen 3 months ago

      One of the few spots where I'm rooting fir Phil. Can't stand Jungleman.

    PRAVEEN JAGARLAMUDI 3 months ago

    DJ wears a Pioneer Seamaster head phone ..would’ve looked amazing on Jungle man

  • Samuel Mehzenta
    Samuel Mehzenta 3 months ago +10

    Based on the play we've seen from Robbi, how can you NOT conclude that she cheated. It's stupid at this point!

  • Clint Walker
    Clint Walker 3 months ago

    2:24:17 commentator says ‘Big Mits on Berkey’ , good job he wasn’t saying that about Robbi, if anyone misheard woulda sounded bad! 😂

  • ChrisandDanielMusic
    ChrisandDanielMusic 3 months ago

    i want the track suit Jungleman is wearing

  • musicmann
    musicmann 2 months ago +1

    4:08:10 "Im not gunna stay silent I'm Phil hellmuth"

    LIAM CALDWELL 2 months ago

    6hrs 10mins 20seconds. Bill Bill Bill, you have a wicked side haha

  • Clint Walker
    Clint Walker 3 months ago +1

    2:24:17 the commentator says that Berkey has big hands, but it’s not that he just got a tiny head, makes his hand look huge 😂

  • Yuen Yuen
    Yuen Yuen 3 months ago

    Nice home game feel

  • J L
    J L 3 months ago

    wtf, how is Robbi playing on stream already while Gman is still in hideout

  • honeriley
    honeriley 3 months ago +1

    Phil beats weak tournament fields

  • Tony G
    Tony G 3 months ago +3

    Robbie wont call two pair for 6K but will call 100K with J high? 🤔

    • Michael G
      Michael G 3 months ago

      Almost like she mighta coulda cheated, huh? 🤔

  • mike zilberbrand
    mike zilberbrand 2 months ago

    Phil, how many times did you fold AK?

  • Lisa Freeman
    Lisa Freeman 2 months ago

    again why is hellmuth not getting slated for wanting a pat on the back for folding AK as though its a good play .

  • villaboi0330
    villaboi0330 3 months ago +1

    Candie folding the double gutter on the flop and getting thier on the turn 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • TheSidePocketKid
    TheSidePocketKid 3 months ago

    Does anyone run worse than Bill? I'm only like an hour in but everytime I see this guy on stream slowplaying he gets fucked lol

  • Lk T
    Lk T 3 months ago

    True leaders sleep in , reserved for the million buck players..

  • Blanca Tagad
    Blanca Tagad 3 months ago

    Robbi is not gonna win,especially when she played with this professional poker player!!!😜

  • Seven Luck
    Seven Luck 3 months ago


  • Michael G
    Michael G 3 months ago +1

    Helmuth is even more annoying than usual and the poker is mostly A,B,C but the funny commentary makes the game worth watching.

  • Hugh Bleffner 🐋
    Hugh Bleffner 🐋 3 months ago +1

    Phil is delusional. He thinks he's the greatest poker player of all time, and he thinks wearing a jacket half on and half off is cool.

  • G Man
    G Man 3 months ago +1

    Vibes needs a new hair stylist

  • Anthony Pham
    Anthony Pham 3 months ago

    Commentator was great but hate how he kept referring to everyone having ‘pythons’ lol

  • Your friend
    Your friend 3 months ago

    Phill isn’t a even good at faking about his flight out anymore

  • Formidable
    Formidable 3 months ago +30

    Funny how Robbi loses every time and doesn’t come close to making any crazy calls. Almost like she was cheating that day….

    • Bernstylz
      Bernstylz 3 months ago +5

      It is strange 😂😂😂

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 months ago +1

      Yeah, but you have zero evidence of how she cheated

    • Blanca Tagad
      Blanca Tagad 3 months ago

      Agree,even fair sometimes,she doesn’t even have a guts to gamble!!😜

    • Cookie Monster
      Cookie Monster 3 months ago

      And no evidence John Smith is a pseudonym for Garrett Adelstein.

    • Whitestguyuknow
      Whitestguyuknow 3 months ago +2

      Funny how you only watch this particular stream and expect to make a decision on how good of a player she is.
      I watched multiple streams with her in it *before* that night. I wasn't feeling her cause I had a biased impression that she was a bimbo basically. Unfortunately. Then over the course of watching her play I warmed up after seeing what she was capable of.
      She can and does make some ballsy plays. If you play poker then you know people can watch 1 session and have a bad impression of how you normally play.

  • JohnnyQuad
    JohnnyQuad 2 months ago +1

    Berkey did not build his own house

  • ヒル魔
    ヒル魔 2 months ago


  • Blanca Tagad
    Blanca Tagad 3 months ago

    Respect be gets respect,you can not BUY it!!!😳

  • trent wilson
    trent wilson 3 months ago

    How the fuck does Phil fold AK again... wtf

  • alen len
    alen len 24 days ago

    Bill staredown

  • David MacWilliamson
    David MacWilliamson 3 months ago

    LOL!!! "Kill Phil" LOL!!!

  • David MacWilliamson
    David MacWilliamson 3 months ago

    "Whip out the Magic" What??????

  • Dale Kerr
    Dale Kerr 3 months ago +5

    Stop inviting Hellmuth

  • heebo heebo
    heebo heebo 3 months ago

    Whatsup with everybody wearing their clothes only halfway :'D

  • Davy Kats
    Davy Kats 3 months ago


  • Ron Hunt
    Ron Hunt 3 months ago +1

    I thought jungle and the brat would make it entertaining
    But they soon became a boring jade

    • Your friend
      Your friend 3 months ago

      He’s paying for him to play for sure

  • 田中太郎
    田中太郎 3 months ago +1


  • Marc A
    Marc A 3 months ago

    Someone pooped (just watched the intro)

  • Chewy C
    Chewy C 3 months ago

    The commentator sounds like a robot.😢

  • サットン
    サットン 3 months ago +1

    運だけの男 ヨコサワ

  • ItzReal 21
    ItzReal 21 3 months ago

    Lol who listens to Taylor swift then recites a verse

  • Dac Gours
    Dac Gours 3 months ago

    Need Stapes over the obnoxious guy

  • PaddyODour
    PaddyODour 3 months ago +1

    Came for the lineup, left because I couldn’t listen to the commentator any more.

    • PotatoBob
      PotatoBob 3 months ago +5

      You’re in the minority there bud based on the other comments here, commentator was great

    • Bryce
      Bryce  3 months ago +5

      I love the commentary

  • C DMix
    C DMix 2 months ago

    Commentary is so bad I’m I almost stopped watching but the players kept me around.

  • Bob Hylka
    Bob Hylka 2 months ago

    Oh, Hellmuth? I'm out. Tired of his schtick.

  • Babar khan Mughal vlogs

    We see all other bullshit on the screen apart from the good graphics cards and the amount I mean come on people 🤗🌟🇬🇧💓💞🌟🐅🤗🤲🤔💯💯💯💞🌟🐅🤗 for that reason I'm not watching the rest

  • trent wilson
    trent wilson 3 months ago

    The graphics on this are ridiculous.. get it right

  • ひろし たなか
    ひろし たなか 3 months ago


  • Joseph Montervino
    Joseph Montervino 3 months ago +2

    Does anyone actually like Phil. He talks like he’s the president. How is this guy relevant

  • M23jnba
    M23jnba 3 months ago

    3rd to comment!!

  • Philip Cahill
    Philip Cahill 2 months ago

    Phil seems like a great guy, if he's not losing...but he is delusional about his cash game skills I think.

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 3 months ago

    This is the worst poker of all time.

  • Justin Illusion
    Justin Illusion 3 months ago +2

    An please find a new commentator, one of the worst I e heard

  • Bash Bash
    Bash Bash Month ago

    HEY PHIL YOU ARE WORST THEN BIDEN MINNESOTA AND ITS SAN DIEGO....I CAN SEE THAT MISTAKE ..WIN $100,000? i got $100 that saids that Phil loses $100,000

    BIG MAYDON 3 months ago +1

    robbi needs to be gone j4 cheat

    • Jeremy Rogers
      Jeremy Rogers 3 months ago

      She's here to stay, the only one gone forever is Garrett! 😆

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S 3 months ago

    Another losing Session for Robbi Jade Lew, What a shocker. Think this a 10+ losing streak yet she gets invited every time. I guess we like promoting bad players

    • djr
      djr 3 months ago

      These are high stakes games organized by the players. Dunno if you know this but poker is 0 sum, negative sum in fact. Do the math

    • Joe Anderson
      Joe Anderson 3 months ago +2

      lol, why wouldn't they promote/invite bad players? Isn't that literally the point? You need a mix. Do you really want to watch 8 Phil Galfonds at the table meta gaming each other? Or do you want dumb money calling down with second pair to potentially suck out and stack Phil.....