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Primitive Bread Toaster Restoration - 1918 Siemens-Schuckert

  • Published on Jan 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • In this restoration video, I restore a beautiful bread toaster from the 1910-the 40s.
    More about the restoration:
    When I saw this piece for sale on a site similar to eBay, I knew from the start that it would be the subject of an exciting restoration video. I didn't think twice and bought the toaster even though I wasn't sure it would ever work again or that I would find replacement parts. This toaster is quite rare; I have not been able to find one like it anywhere. The restoration process went well, with no problems but with great surprises. I did not expect it to be entirely brass made. I decided not to nickel-plate its surface but to mirror-polish it. It will look great in a kitchen as decoration. Although I managed to make it work, unfortunately, I couldn't find a similar power cord, so I had to improvise for now. I'm still looking and hoping to find one, but chances are slim, considering I need help finding a similar model on the internet. I worked on this toaster for two weeks with much love and patience, and I am thrilled with how it turned out. And the toast was amazingly delicious!
    If you have any questions about what I used and why please don't hesitate to ask! I answer every one!
    More about antique bread toaster:
    Frank Shailor of General Electric 1909 brought out the first successful toaster version. The D-12 model consisted of a cage-like device with a single heating element. It could only toast one side of the bread at once; the bread had to be flipped by hand to toast both sides. I don't want to mislead anyone, but this toaster was made simultaneously because the bread is turned by hand and is quite rudimentary, although it looks great.
    In the 1940s, toasters that turned bread by themselves or with pop-ups had just appeared, so this toaster was possibly made in the 1910s-1940s.
    Before the development of the electric toaster, sliced bread was toasted by placing it in a metal frame or on a long-handled toasting fork and holding it near a fire or over a kitchen grill.
    If you have more information or one just like it, please write to me! Also, remember to subscribe to take advantage of upcoming restoration projects!
    A good willing subscriber sent me an email with more precise information about this antique toaster. So, it was made after 1918 by Siemens-Schuckert-Werke.
    Siemens-Schuckert (or Siemens-Schuckertwerke) was a German electrical engineering company headquartered in Berlin, Erlangen, and Nuremberg that was incorporated into Siemens AG in 1966.
    Siemens Schuckert was founded in 1903 when Siemens & Halske acquired Schuckertwerke. Subsequently, Siemens & Halske specialized in communications engineering, and Siemens-Schuckert in power engineering and pneumatic instrumentation. During World War I, Siemens-Schuckert also produced aircraft. It took over the manufacturing of the renowned Protos vehicles in 1908. The company had a factory producing aircraft and other parts in World War II at Monowitz.
    The Siemens Schuckert logo consisted of an S with a smaller S superimposed on the middle, with the smaller S rotated left by 45 degrees.[notes 1][2] The logo was used into the late 1960s, when both companies merged with the Siemens-Reiniger-Werke AG to form the present-day Siemens AG.
    I also discovered that one of these toasters can be seen in the Vienna Museum.
    Many thanks to Volkmar Kostka for unlocking this mystery!
    Cheers! Johnny
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  • Rusty Shades Restoration
    Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +91

    Hi folks! It was very satisfying process to restore this antique toaster, and I hope you will like the video too!
    For more info, please read the description! Cheers!

    • Catherine L
      Catherine L 4 months ago +2

      Do you sell the items you restore?

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +1

      @Catherine L hi, sometimes I have to let them go. If you are interested, you can write me an email at: rusty.shades.contact@gmail.com

    • Susan Zipf
      Susan Zipf 4 months ago +2

      Hi - I was wondering something. I love watching your restoration videos.
      Do you take into account the increase (or decrease) in value with restoration? Some antique and vintage items are more valuable unrestored, and some increase in value with minor restoration, but decrease with major overhauls.
      How do you determine what items to restore, which ones to leave with just a good cleaning?
      My mom collected antiques for 50 years, and was always wary of restoring anything.

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +6

      Thank you! You asked some excellent questions. I search for pieces that need to be restored, mainly dented, bent with missing parts and rust. Otherwise, I'm not really into it. I have been collecting antiques for years, and some of them shouldn't be touched; for example, I will never make a roman empire coin shine, but a dented 100 yrs toaster, yes.
      Why? Because a roman coin has a patina that protects it and gives authenticity. A Roman coin is rare as well.
      A toaster like this one was mass-produced, and there was no patina, even though some people consider even rust to be patina, but not myself. Rust will make that object vanish in time; it is not protective.
      So yes, I choose them to these conditions and with this mindset.
      I hope I have managed to answer your questions. Definitely will be more to say, but I just woke up, and I need a coffee first! 😆

    • razorboyXVII
      razorboyXVII 4 months ago +1

      Nice work!

  • SVS Anna
    SVS Anna 17 days ago +4

    Он не был таким красивым когда его сделали. А теперь он просто произведение искусства 👍

  • Лана Овчаренко

    тостер стал драгоценным украшением кухни 🤩

  • Ozwald Gardner
    Ozwald Gardner 4 months ago +118

    The shape of the toaster reflects the shape of the breads available of those times. This toaster was made before the invention of sliced bread.

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +18

      That's an excellent observation 👍

    • Not politically correct ,
      Not politically correct , 3 months ago +12

      It was also made at a time when only about 5% of the population had electricity.

    • Bob
      Bob 2 months ago

      @Not politically correct , Someone had to have electricity for everyone to have it!

    • K J
      K J 2 months ago +3

      Yes, i thought the same thing when i saw the shape of the toaster - that it was for homemade bread and longer thinner slices.

    • Taunter Atwill
      Taunter Atwill 2 months ago

      Apparently also before the inventing of earthing appliances! 😎

  • ZombifiedWatermelon
    ZombifiedWatermelon 4 months ago +36

    Man that thing came l out gorgeous!
    They used so much brass back then because there was no stainless steel, and you didn't want a rusty toaster. I don't know if this was known at the time but Brass would also have some natural anti-microbial qualities due to the copper content, which would be good for a kitchen appliance.

  • Michael Dicarlo
    Michael Dicarlo 4 months ago +123

    Kinda awesome to see electric stuff from the 1900's especially when you think about it only very well off people had electricity then so this would have been a high end and rare item . Beautiful job restoring it!

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +4

      Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the video! 🙂

    • Menuki
      Menuki 4 months ago +6

      This toaster, and robust appliances like it, were related to the Great Depression. Companies would make a lot of money upon the release of the appliances and they lasted a very long time. So long that ppl weren’t buying anymore. So sales dwindled.
      Companies were being invested upon based on their past sales, but losing business quickly. It’s one of many causes that lead to the Great Depression.

    • Terrie Martinez
      Terrie Martinez 4 months ago +4

      I've actually used one of these as a child.
      They also have them to just sit next to your fireplace coals.👍

    • Terrie Martinez
      Terrie Martinez 4 months ago +4

      @Menuki I think sales dwindled because new and improved versions came along. I burnt more toast than I toasted with a toaster like this, because you had to flip it, and you couldn't adjust the heat.
      My gramma always said burnt toast was good for the heart.🤦 Then came along a pop up timer one and that was just the cats meow.

    • Menuki
      Menuki 4 months ago +2

      @Terrie Martinez the first pop up toasters came out in 1921 and were for commercial use only. Household model were long after that. Without the internet, information (ad campaigns) took a long time to travel. The sentiment was also very different then, the gross majority of ppl weren’t chasing new technology like we do now. If it worked, why replace it. You theory also assumes it’s a different company making the pop up toaster, when it could be the same company’s new model. Which then fails why there’s little repeat business.
      My comment was on the build quality of appliances, (ovens, washing machines, vacuums, etc.) during that time period. If the never break down you never buy a new one. Companies would see a huge initial rush, but no repeat business. New tech has always been more expensive, making it a rich man’s game. The average person just doesn’t do it. Even now, for all the ppl standing in line for the new iPhone, there’s 100x more who don’t care and won’t buy a new phone until the old one is unusable

  • Hans Overvoorde
    Hans Overvoorde 3 months ago +15

    Amazing restauration! Great to see an electric device from that era as it is unfamiliar to many how far electrification was back then. It is funny to realize that 1918 was 30 years after the first German electric car appeared.

  • Sarah Washbourn
    Sarah Washbourn 2 months ago +4

    Great job! It’s such a lovely stylish item, much nicer than today’s.

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  2 months ago

      That's right, I would love to know who designed this toaster, but unfortunately, I cannot find such information.

  • AmysBees66
    AmysBees66 2 months ago +4

    WOW! Gorgeous brass toaster!
    Makes beautiful toasted bread!

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;
    TrappenWeisseGuy ; 4 months ago +5

    One thing that works great for sanding small items like that is wrapping sandpaper around a rubber eraser as a sanding block.

  • Fully Restoration Solution
    Fully Restoration Solution 4 months ago +15

    The original is one of my favourite restorations. You guys do top work. Seriously impressive effort and results.

  • Kathy Florcruz
    Kathy Florcruz Month ago +3

    That's wonderful!! What a lovely jewel this toaster is.

  • K J
    K J 2 months ago +2

    I loved this video. I’m impressed with the attention to detail and how you sanded everything! It looks beautiful.

  • Deb Levesque
    Deb Levesque 4 months ago +14

    That’s the most beautiful toaster I’ve ever seen. thanks for saving it , great Job!

  • Mr Ed
    Mr Ed 4 months ago +13

    My grandparents had a similar one, albeit made in US, but theirs was 110V and used a two wire plug that resembled those now used for current corn poppers and hot pots. They seldom used it, preferring the pyramid one for the cookstove. This one is prettier by far.

  • bnhietala
    bnhietala 4 months ago +10

    The only other time I've seen a toaster like this is when Snoopy used one to make toast in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. So cool to see a real one!

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +3

      That's so cool! I would like to see that scene, is that possible? Somewhere on Clip-Share?

  • Jeanie Horine
    Jeanie Horine 3 months ago +3

    Beautiful toaster! Work of art.

  • Gary Mucher
    Gary Mucher 4 months ago +10

    I get the feeling that it now looks better than when it was new. I have never seen such a toaster, but I just have that feeling... Thumbs Up!

  • George Brown
    George Brown 4 months ago +11

    That looks so good, and it works like a charm too. You did an excellent job of cleaning and restoring the old toaster. Great work.

  • Shirallee Haggart
    Shirallee Haggart 4 months ago +9

    You did a great job in restoring this toaster. I like the shape of the toaster as well.

  • Mark O
    Mark O 4 months ago +13

    I liked how when you opened the base we could see the new bolts nuts and washers holding it together

  • tava ramirez
    tava ramirez 3 months ago +7

    That turned out to be so beautiful. These videos fascinate me. I love seeing how the items work as you make them new again. It looks like a little brass travel trailor!❤

  • Sharon Taylor
    Sharon Taylor 4 months ago +9

    It’s beautiful. Love the look of metal household items from the 19th and 20th centuries. Design was more appealing than in, say, today’s toasters.

  • M. Jewell
    M. Jewell 4 months ago +6

    Sweet little toaster! The plugs (or where the plugs would fit in the body of the toaster) remind me of the twin plugs I had on an old Singer cabinet sewing machine, the kind that folded inside a nice wood table. The plugs were Bakelite or rubber/early plastic, but had that split bunny ear shape of yours, with a cloth covered cord. Perhaps an old sewing machine or other electrical appliance could yield some parts for you. Also, for working on soft metals like brass, I highly recommend covering your hammer heads with a layer or two of chamois leather. You can wire it onto the head of the hammer because it will need replacing as it wears. You will notice a big difference in the surface of your work and avoid unnecessary marks/scuffs. Thanks for this entertaining video--I hope you heated/burned off some of the fumes before making the first slices of toast??

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +4

      Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed the video and the outcome. I did heat it up a few times before filming the test. 🙂

  • Craxy4Life
    Craxy4Life 4 months ago +15

    And you even finished by using a brass knife to butter your toast. 😂 Nice work.

  • Katty Castrillo
    Katty Castrillo 4 months ago +7

    You never cease to amaze me! It is now a beautiful vintage toaster. Obviously, the materials used before were forever, it's over a hundred years old and it still works!

  • ld
    ld 12 days ago +1

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    Restoration Mania 3 months ago +2

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    Andrew Sewell 4 months ago +6

    A lovely restoration well done 😊

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    Christine Creasey 4 months ago +9

    That toaster turned out beautifully, couldn't get over how much sandpaper you had to use

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +5

      Thank you! Yes, I used it a lot, and it took me almost two weeks to get this result. 😅

  • Марина Вознесенская

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    Zippy MacAdoo 4 months ago +6

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    Sandra Forsman 4 months ago +8

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    GordiansKnotHere 4 months ago +5

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    susie pattinson 4 months ago +5

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    Robert Underwood 4 months ago +8

    Absolutely stunning. Love watching your videos. You are a master

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +1

      Thank you for your beautiful words! I'm trying my best in every video, and I hope with time, I'll be better and better.

    • Robert Underwood
      Robert Underwood 4 months ago +1

      @Rusty Shades Restoration You are truly welcome Sir.

  • NeedsMoreBirds
    NeedsMoreBirds 4 months ago +20

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    virgnia callahan Month ago

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    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  Month ago

      Thank you for your kind words, Virginia! I'm glad you enjoy my work! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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    Chervona 3 months ago +2

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  • Steven Keithley
    Steven Keithley 4 months ago +3

    Great job on the restoration .You have some really great videos too. Keep'em coming bud . Wishing you and your family the best. Stay safe and be well brother. 👊😎🤙🍻🇺🇸

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago

      Thank you, Steven! I'm happy to know that you enjoyed my videos. I wish you the same to you and your family! Cheers!

  • Maximus Gaming
    Maximus Gaming 4 months ago +3

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    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago

      Indeed, a lot of sanding and polishing on this piece, but if you enjoyed the restoration process means that it wasn't in vain. Thank you for watching! 🙂

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    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +1

      That's true. I'm constantly transferring myself back when I restore something, thinking about those days and how people lived. Usually, I connect the period with historical events; it may sound weird, but it is happening, and I enjoy it.

  • Bugnarok
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    • Rusty Shades Restoration
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      Thank you Julie! 🙂
      I'm glad you enjoyed the restoration process and how the toaster turned out!

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    You gave that toaster a new lease of life. Brilliant video! How long did it take you?

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +4

      Thank you, Michael. I worked on this piece for around two weeks. A decent amount of hours per day, from 4-8 sometimes.

    • Michael Kelleher
      Michael Kelleher 4 months ago +2

      @Rusty Shades Restoration oh my…it looks awesome again. :)

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +2

      I'm glad you enjoyed the video and the transformation! Cheers!

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    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago

      Haha, one more toaster like this and I can change my channel name in Rusty & Bankrupt 😅

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    Thanks for saving this old toaster, for sharing your talent, and hard, hard work with us. I'm subscribing, and can't wait to watch your next video! I hope you, and those you love, will have a wonderful 2023 🙂

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +1

      Thank you so much! I'm happy to know that you enjoyed the video. I wish you all the best and a great year too! Cheers!

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    Barb Chester 4 months ago +2

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  • Carlos Alexandre de Carvalho

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    This is a work of art, beautiful.

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  Month ago

      Thank you so much. Till now, no, but I can't say that it always goes as I wish. Let's say I had some bad days, too, like everyone else.

  • Glenn Wall
    Glenn Wall 2 months ago +1

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  • Individuell83
    Individuell83 4 months ago +3

    Beautiful job!
    Looks like the heating elements are wound around a glimmer plate and not asbestos, as it was common in later decades

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor 4 months ago +1

    Congratulations great job, very interesting old toaster, you are expert!

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago

      Thank you, Tim; I'm pleased you enjoyed the restoration process and how the toaster turned out.

  • Semenov777
    Semenov777 4 months ago +2

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  • Lauren Piantino
    Lauren Piantino 4 months ago +2

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  • Lucia Lima
    Lucia Lima 4 months ago +2

    essa é das antigas 1918
    105 anos lindissima

  • mark Bethea
    mark Bethea 4 months ago +3

    I watched this restoration twice. I have about 7 primitive type toasters because I like collecting them. Enjoyed the process!!!!!

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +1

      I'm happy to know that you enjoyed the restoration. I would love to see your collection.

    • mark Bethea
      mark Bethea 4 months ago +1

      @Rusty Shades Restoration for some reason I could not find how to send pictures.

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +1

      If you have Instagram you can find me with the same name, if not use this email adress: rusty.shades.contact@gmail.com

  • KAT Hunt
    KAT Hunt 4 months ago +5

    You did a nice job. To get the brass to shine without scratched try wet sanding with wd40 as the lubricant.

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +3

      Thank you, I know this technique, but in this particular case, I didn't want to get a 100% full mirror effect because is not a blade, especially for interior or bottom parts. Some minor marks on it don't affect anyone.

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B 4 months ago +1

    It looks great !! Glad it still works !

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    oneshot_me 3 months ago +1

    Beautiful restoration and you did a masterful job restoring it as well!!!!!! Very beautiful I have to say!!!
    Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

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    Steve Reid 4 months ago +4

    Great work as usual

  • Jogbad the Bad
    Jogbad the Bad 4 months ago +4

    Nice restoration! Should the side doors have more spring in them, to hold the bread in place, I wonder?

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +2

      Thank you! Yes, but I've decided to don't hook them up again because it will only help to burn the bread on the edges because of pressure.

  • Austeration
    Austeration 4 months ago +8

    Amazing job 👍 a nice surprise I bet to find it was all made out of Brass. I love it. Polished brass is the best. I hope you find some original plugs for it. Glad you didn't modify it suit a regular plug 👏🏼 I have a strange urge now to go and cook some toast and Vegemite Great work.

    • Rusty Shades Restoration
      Rusty Shades Restoration  4 months ago +1

      Thank you! Yes, it was a lovely surprise 😮 I hope to find original plugs; now I know the brand, thanks to my beautiful community, and I know what to search on the web or at the flea market.
      Bone appetite!

    • Scian Géar
      Scian Géar 4 months ago +3

      What, you eat vegemite? I thought it was only for repelling drop-bears 😂

    • Austeration
      Austeration 4 months ago

      @Scian Géar are you from Australia?
      If not who told you about the killer drop bears ?

    • Scian Géar
      Scian Géar 4 months ago +1

      @Austeration I'm from across The Ditch in the Shaky Isles, but I have cousins in the Lucky(-to-survive-the-wildlife) Country 😄

    • Austeration
      Austeration 4 months ago

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    Marco Antonio Pazetto 4 months ago +1

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