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  • Published on Sep 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 371

  • Tenki
    Tenki  +742

    one would think after ten years NA fans would give up hope

  • Windy Windy

    You will never be disappointed about NA if you dont have any hope for them in the first place 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Seenpools
    Seenpools  +264

    EG make Cait Lux look very balanced

  • Ian van den Berg

    Razork walking past Vulcan after he ulted was really tilting to watch

  • Raymond and Sweetheart

    The gap is closing between NA and wildcards regions that's for sure.

  • Bai Su Zhen

    Impact's 0/0/0 Renekton is MVP for EG 😂😂

  • schwingmeister

    Ty Dr.ututt for giving a small ASMR Streamer like LS an audience even with kidney stones.

  • Paul Anders Bullecer

    It's amazing how LCS fans have hope for NA ever single year

  • Jack
    Jack  +28

    I can feel LS salt from EG losing and I love it

  • Raphël FEGER

    i love seeing druttut and LS together its so wholesome

  • Vít Uraj

    Always happy to see you two colab

  • Rev
    Rev  +1

    I love worlds time! Thanks for all the great youtube vids for us who can't watch live

  • Manuel Ramos

    They robbed Rhuckz MVP hard...

  • ThomasMueller999

    Haha I love how Drututt makes these streams less about pro play and more about entertainment.

  • Emily An

    If you expect disappointment then you will never be disappointed after 10 years as an NA fan

  • Code Raven


  • Patrick D

    The only team I have any hope for doing ok is C9. EG without Danny isn't going to do anything. Small chance they make it to groups and go 1-7.

  • jekster
    jekster  +6

    I'm still shocked LS put EG over FNC for getting out of this playins group. After seeing their performance against C9 in the LCS summer bracket I thought this would be what would happen. Subs on FNC or not.

  • Jameson Huddle

    Drututt is actually just too funny

  • joseph robitaille

    Druttut is one troll I can respect, he's guenuinely good.