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  • Published on Dec 6, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • A new unique challenge: using Bot MaMa's Bots and ONLY her Bots to score kills! Can the Bugs Killer do it?
    FRAG Pro Shooter releases globally on Marth 7th!
    Stay tuned on Android ➡️ goo.gl/2H41xA
    Stay tuned on iOS ➡️ apple.co/2DE0Dus
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    Facebook: FRAGTheGame/
    Twitter: FRAGTheGame
    Subreddit: www.reddit.com/r/fragTheGame
    Discord: discord.gg/2YnJkRf
    DESIGNED for mobile devices, FRAG is the perfect FPS experience for your phone or tablet! Get ready to play the BEST EVER HERO SHOOTER!
    o Challenge thousands of players in SHORT BUT EPIC real-time 1v1 matches!
    o Control your character in First-Person View - they will shoot AUTOMATICALLY!
    o SWITCH RAPIDLY between your heroes and get the advantage!
    o Dying isn’t that bad: RESPAWN INSTANTLY as another character!
    o Build your BATTLE DECK to fit your game style: offensive, defensive or balanced!
    o Over 40 UNIQUE CHARACTERS to choose from to make your Battle deck!
    o Each character has a UNIQUE POWER to turn the tides of a fight: try them all to find combos! o UPGRADE your character to make them even more awesome!
    o Expand your FAN BASE to become POPULAR!!
    o Join a CLUB or create your own to become a famous team!
    o RECORD AND SHARE your games and decks, and check others to become better!
    "Progressive Rock" by Audionatix is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ( creativecommons.org/licenses/... )
    Artist: audionautix.com/
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Comments • 28

  • FRAG Pro Shooter Official

    Have YOU tried the Bot Mama challenge! Let me know how it went ;)
    What should I try next? 🤔

    • Not a Professional Gamer
      Not a Professional Gamer 6 months ago

      I only did Wolfson 🐺 challenge and Lollypop 🍭 challenge, I think I will make Bot Mama 🤖 challenge soon 😁

    • Bocaj Yapajac
      Bocaj Yapajac Year ago

      @Thenotsogoodgamer in arena 1

    • Thenotsogoodgamer
      Thenotsogoodgamer 2 years ago

      How to get bot mama in frag

    • Ania Taira
      Ania Taira 2 years ago

      FRAG 😉😉😉

    • Samasaurus
      Samasaurus 3 years ago +1

      Pacifist Challenge: Win a game with no kills.

  • Bianca Marinho
    Bianca Marinho 3 years ago

    Alguém grava os vídeos em português brasileiro, gosto bastante do jogo

  • F4LL3N3CH0
    F4LL3N3CH0 4 years ago +2

    I'm gonna try this challenge for one of my videos!

  • kelton libich
    kelton libich 4 years ago

    How do you go to the mini map to choose your character when you die???
    Please anyone???

    • Gucci Roblox
      Gucci Roblox 4 years ago

      Well from what i know, when you have no one to transfer at the moment it'll send you to the map. Other wise just tap the map to switch characters.

  • Ayush TT
    Ayush TT 4 years ago +1

    When did next update comes?

  • Desperados
    Desperados Year ago

    I really like this game

  • iiNoThinG
    iiNoThinG 4 years ago +3

    Hi Ilove frag it was A great cool Game wow ilove it plese give me heart

  • FerGato
    FerGato 3 years ago +1

    Can i make gameplays of this game to my Clip-Share channel? I really love it and i think this is a really good game

    • FRAG Pro Shooter Official
      FRAG Pro Shooter Official  3 years ago +1

      Sure thing! You can even join our official Discord server to share your videos with the rest of our community :)

  • madmaxxo_123
    madmaxxo_123 Year ago

    Did you have to cursed

  • Alvin Mandigma
    Alvin Mandigma 2 years ago

    i try it

  • Midoriya TV
    Midoriya TV Year ago +1

    That not the real frag

    • ALB 28
      ALB 28 Year ago

      It is, its just the old vesion

  • madmaxxo_123
    madmaxxo_123 Year ago +1

    I dare you to battle nonstopgaming

  • amen gamer
    amen gamer 2 years ago

    C'est vedio est trre jolie wow

  • Ayush TT
    Ayush TT 4 years ago

    Reduce lAg

  • Cr8s
    Cr8s 4 years ago


  • tugor gamer
    tugor gamer 4 years ago +2

    Bueno no entienso no mierda ingles o no si es ingles

    • toshio_
      toshio_ 3 years ago

      Te recomiendo que primero aprendas a escribir y después aprenda inglés xd

    • — 3'33 ୨୧
      — 3'33 ୨୧ 4 years ago

      Te recomendaria una clase avanzada de ingles, xd