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Legend of Zelda Sound Effects (On Drums!)

  • Published on May 10, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • making sound effects for Tears of The Kingdom with drums and some household objects! these are all my original sounds :)
    josh harmon joshplaysdrums zelda link breath of the wild tears of the kingdom nintendo musician zelda music zelda sounds how tears of the kingdom was made
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  • YuriTheImmortaL MMA
    YuriTheImmortaL MMA 3 months ago +140347

    Never seen someone so happy to be at work in my life

    • Aaron Rodriguez
      Aaron Rodriguez 3 months ago +736


    • Afham Yusof
      Afham Yusof 3 months ago +1466

      I would be happy too if i get 200$ for every 30 seconds video i posted

    • Juan Alejandro Agudelo
      Juan Alejandro Agudelo 3 months ago +161

      No faltan los pesimistas

    • sxke
      sxke 3 months ago +146

      you see how the top comment’s always the same? thats cuz they’re bots

    • Oxifrmbl
      Oxifrmbl 3 months ago +50

      Should See me working at the government Tax Office. Shits Fire. Ruining everyones experience. Honking at Student drivers the Moment the Light turns Green too.

  • BeastBoyGaming
    BeastBoyGaming 6 days ago +2102

    Honestly one of the most beautiful video game sound tracks ever produced in human history

    • soggycheezit
      soggycheezit 5 days ago +5

      Doing tricks on it

    • YourBudOven
      YourBudOven 5 days ago +1

      Never heard any of the og gran turismo sound tracks have you.

    • northeastsouthwest1
      northeastsouthwest1 5 days ago +2

      Really? You will be proven wrong easily, take your words back quick 😂

    • David Silva-lopez
      David Silva-lopez 5 days ago

      eh it’s alright new spider-man game coming up would be the best game the year

  • Zezzy BOI
    Zezzy BOI 8 days ago +172

    This was beautiful and so peaceful

  • TL-Berserker J
    TL-Berserker J 19 days ago +1860

    That is the happiest man ive ever seen.

    • Coffee Trucker
      Coffee Trucker 10 days ago +7

      Trust me... I drive big tractor trailers now and my smile is as big as his 😁👍🏻💯

    • Holly film 🎥
      Holly film 🎥 9 days ago +4

      ​@Coffee Trucker😂😂😂😂

    • Coffee Trucker
      Coffee Trucker 8 days ago +2

      ​@Holly film 🎥😂❤ I know us truck drivers go through a lot, but I am wholeheartedly honest about how I feel in my career and truck(home) ... I am at a peace that so very few really find, to coin a phrase.
      I mirror this brothers joy, in my own little way 🥰😁

    • wpgspecb
      wpgspecb 3 days ago

      Well the sounds are fake, the brick is the give away.

  • Rosettegb
    Rosettegb 5 days ago +92

    Gosh I miss being that happy at work…

  • zalaviena<3
    zalaviena<3 9 days ago +43

    Seeing his wide smiling face, I smiled too

  • G0ingbananas
    G0ingbananas 2 months ago +7042

    The pure happiness in the guy’s face just makes my day

  • Aleks. fillin
    Aleks. fillin 4 days ago +7

    Парень любит свою работу, столько эмоций!

    THE JB EXPERIENCE 9 days ago +13

    This job is pure joy.

  • Francis Ravi
    Francis Ravi 2 months ago +11877

    Bro is so good he's even playing the piano by his feet 💀

  • ClubOceanBlue
    ClubOceanBlue 3 days ago +2

    It's still amazing how much joy you are spreading from the feeling you are exuding through these sounds . . . 😊

  • JVMauro
    JVMauro 3 days ago +36

    Zelda's sound design is one of the most beautiful things. Few games achieve this level of quality.

  • 千城レンです
    千城レンです 3 months ago +5567


    • 혼글
      혼글 3 months ago +17

      조선의 독립을 위해 희생한 일본 의인들의 명복을빕니다 🙏

    • harsh pharala
      harsh pharala 3 months ago +16


    • A Guy
      A Guy 3 months ago +13

      The sound IS amazing!

    • suger / シュガー
      suger / シュガー 3 months ago +26


    • サウルス
      サウルス 3 months ago +29

      ​@혼글 はw?

  • roba mak
    roba mak 2 days ago +3

    “He’s probably cheating on me”

  • Penstroak
    Penstroak 3 months ago +5592

    I couldn't help but smile with him. He looks absolutely thrilled with his job

    • JahGemini.2222
      JahGemini.2222 3 months ago +8

      Haha 😂 I didnt realise i was doing this until I read your comment 😅😅

    • Dogg
      Dogg 3 months ago +18

      Lmao this is fake

    • Viporex
      Viporex 3 months ago +37

      ​@Dogg it's just a guy doing Foley effects, it isn't really that peculiar or crazy of a concept to vrasp

    • Isaiah Coultrup
      Isaiah Coultrup 3 months ago

      Was legit bout to post this ver Batum

  • Robbie Cabrera
    Robbie Cabrera 5 days ago +10

    amazing how he creates strange sounds using unimaginable tools, unbelievable!!!👍

  • Mr. Peanut
    Mr. Peanut 6 days ago +1

    That was really beautiful.

  • pepper bun
    pepper bun 3 months ago +6313

    His smile is so wholesome 😭

  • you tube
    you tube 4 days ago

    Amazing and the smile and joy oh man I can still feel it coming through the screen! ❤❤

  • william lorenzo bouix
    william lorenzo bouix 22 hours ago

    Me encanta ! Este chico si que disfruta de lo que hace

  • Hmmmm...
    Hmmmm... 2 months ago +2677

    Bro is so good even the Orchestra plays through his breathing.

    • Wolf Ender
      Wolf Ender 2 months ago +10

      He's sound effect tho
      (I know it's a joke)

    • Kai Smith
      Kai Smith 2 months ago +5

      Tell me you don’t know the difference between music and sound effects without saying it.

    • Hmmmm...
      Hmmmm... 2 months ago +9

      @Kai Smith you'd be bald by now since the speed of the joke that flew over your head is faster than the speed of light.

    • YS2024
      YS2024 2 months ago

      @Hmmmm...too wordy tbh

    • Logan Hite
      Logan Hite 28 days ago

      That part had me emotional when I played for the first time 😅

  • Dinorah Miller
    Dinorah Miller 4 days ago

    Just beautiful work young man.❤

  • K L
    K L 3 days ago

    Your smile makes this video even better!

  • Tech Design Maven
    Tech Design Maven 3 months ago +4061

    Bro is experiencing that aural bliss

  • Brian Williams-Evans

    This is truly amazing💯

  • Эльза Имамова

    Вот это дааа!!! Никогда не задумывалась о звуках за кадром❤

  • Jaedo Tae
    Jaedo Tae 2 months ago +2536

    You can tell he loves what he's doing. What an inspiration! Thank you

  • Sophia Jandayan
    Sophia Jandayan 6 days ago

    This made my day instantly better

    RARESABRA LEAKS 2 months ago +1571

    That perfectly timed distorted air sound was top tier

  • Wilhelm Nurso
    Wilhelm Nurso 4 days ago

    The smile at the end. 😂 He is super happy. ^^

  • Jean Lao
    Jean Lao 2 days ago +2

    *The goofy run animation*

  • bick
    bick 3 months ago +7099


    • FancySlothVR
      FancySlothVR 3 months ago +60


    • Remu
      Remu 3 months ago +60


    • ジャ11
      ジャ11 3 months ago +22


    • Sarkic Cults
      Sarkic Cults 3 months ago +20

      @ジャ11 最初リトの村のBGMだったけど途中からダルケルのテーマになってる

    • みづき
      みづき 3 months ago +5


  • Jayson Frazier Bale
    Jayson Frazier Bale 6 days ago

    What a beautiful voice

  • ale
    ale 8 days ago

    He is happy af

  • numb
    numb 2 months ago +1246

    bro I can never get enough, he’s so happy and it instantly makes me smile

  • General Mortars
    General Mortars 5 days ago

    I'm not even mad, that was AMAZING!

  • Blind Clarity FX
    Blind Clarity FX 7 days ago

    The joy on his face says it all

  • Zackery Skaggs
    Zackery Skaggs 3 months ago +3909

    Protect him all costs. This is too pure 😭😭

    • Prathamesh Kore
      Prathamesh Kore 3 months ago +5


    • Eponymous
      Eponymous 3 months ago +26

      This protect them thing is the worst trend in internet history

    • ,/
      ,/ 3 months ago +7

      and too fake

    • Thomas Lafabregue
      Thomas Lafabregue 3 months ago +4

      ​@EponymousHarlem shake entering the chat...

  • its_me_christopher_16

    bro is genuinely happy 💀

  • 4homemail
    4homemail 3 days ago

    That’s talent at work.

  • Vusi Sineke
    Vusi Sineke 3 months ago +2172

    Came for the sound effects,stayed for the happiness. That is what carefree looks like. Preciate you Sir

  • Downhill Nut
    Downhill Nut 4 days ago

    I wish I had smile like that all day at work.

  • Fluxuu
    Fluxuu 4 days ago

    i need the stone grinding for 20 hours straight

  • Strobo
    Strobo 3 months ago +3969

    His joy is contagious omg I got shives down my spine

    • Nene
      Nene 3 months ago +14

      That's tingles from ASMR .

    • ZenosOdyssey
      ZenosOdyssey  3 months ago +16

      I felt it in my pelvic area

    • Kaitlyn :3
      Kaitlyn :3 3 months ago +6

      @ZenosOdyssey 💀

  • Emclasscreation
    Emclasscreation 5 days ago

    Just beautiful ❤

  • Ivan Adan
    Ivan Adan 3 days ago

    This is eargasm to the next LEVEL!!!!!!

  • Hiksta
    Hiksta Month ago +2004

    Honestly one of the most calming technical asmrs ever

  • Анастасия Бурнашевская

    Это прекрасно ❤!! Без слов!!!

  • Michael Mercado
    Michael Mercado 16 hours ago

    I can understand why hes happy. He quite literally brings the game to life through sound. The Visuals bring us into the world but the sound immerses us in it.

  • The Maaaa
    The Maaaa 3 months ago +1338

    For some reason that made me feel happiness in a way i havent felt before

    • Мадам Purple
      Мадам Purple 3 months ago +3

      Такие же ощущения 🙂🌿💚

    • okoro divine
      okoro divine 3 months ago +1

      Same here

    • Vannia Andrea
      Vannia Andrea 3 months ago +1

      I feel so relaxed AJAJAJAJA

    • Hamoodi
      Hamoodi 3 months ago +1

      100% me too so comforting for some reason

    • Obsidian
      Obsidian 3 months ago +1

      That's basically the same thing as good asmr

  • Jessica Decoteau
    Jessica Decoteau 3 days ago

    That gave him much satisfaction ❤️‍🔥💯

  • adriana briseño
    adriana briseño 9 days ago

    q padrisimo!!! sin duda los sonidos son los q nos trasportan ala epoca o situacion de cada pelicula.

  • GlimZee
    GlimZee 3 months ago +2353

    This guy should be hired by big movie companies to do Sound effects... His Art is amazing

    • Calaca
      Calaca 3 months ago +71

      His sounds aren't even real

    • Simon Danielsson
      Simon Danielsson 3 months ago +39

      @Calaca very few sfx in movies/games are real

    • Berk
      Berk 3 months ago +36

      Their are thousands like him in the movie. Same shit is done in movies

    • Edo Fluit
      Edo Fluit 3 months ago +15

      @Calaca what do you mean arent real? like is it a prerecorded different sound?

    • wkslr
      wkslr 3 months ago

      @Simon Danielssonwhat is your point ?

  • JDplays
    JDplays 5 days ago

    Thats just *pure skill*

  • Walkingonair
    Walkingonair 6 days ago

    This is so satisfying to watch ❤

  • _Mrs.Noodle_🍜#Gacha
    _Mrs.Noodle_🍜#Gacha 2 months ago +1142

    The most relaxing video I've ever seen, you're incredibly talented❤

  • Kingdom Republic
    Kingdom Republic 7 days ago

    I never knew that Zelda can be this great, I'm gonna go buy and play it.

  • Harriet HonakerArt
    Harriet HonakerArt 6 days ago

    I wish everyone's job could feel like this

  • りょ
    りょ 3 months ago +3013


    • 혼글
      혼글 3 months ago +8

      조선의 독립을 위해 희생한 일본 의인들의 명복을빕니다

    • 陰獣放送局
      陰獣放送局 3 months ago +100

      ​@혼글 動画と関係のない事を書くな

    • ステラ
      ステラ 3 months ago +50

      ​@陰獣放送局 スルーするのが1番よ

    • Serega Samsonov
      Serega Samsonov 3 months ago +10

      Привет из России человек😊

    • ジマネコ
      ジマネコ 3 months ago +3

      @Serega Samsonov は?

  • Victor Belhajji
    Victor Belhajji 8 days ago

    Le coup des 2 roches en frottement est particulièrement puissant... c'est intense; profond.

  • Steven Pierce
    Steven Pierce Hour ago

    I have always loved how this was done... I am still amazed on how well this can be done.

  • Eric Electro
    Eric Electro 3 months ago +4073

    You can clearly see in his smile that he really loves his job.❤

    • Miloh
      Miloh 3 months ago +62

      He smiles in every fucking clip I think we understand he really loves his job my guy 💀

    • Drew Holli
      Drew Holli 3 months ago +3

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hes happy hes happy

    • Viてーず
      Viてーず 3 months ago +4

      and we love his works, too

    • GrinchyBoby
      GrinchyBoby 3 months ago +20

      Fake smile

    • MrMustachieo
      MrMustachieo 3 months ago +16

      The video upload is his job. Being a Foley artist is not his job..

  • shadowfightकेवल सभ्य लोगों के लिए

    Can't believe he charged them thousands of dollars for this things😂

  • Giovanni Paolo
    Giovanni Paolo 3 days ago

    Qué belleza de música!!!!!

  • Sharoz Hussain
    Sharoz Hussain Month ago +904

    These sounds are therapeutic

  • Mirza Rehan
    Mirza Rehan 8 days ago

    What a talent

  • Peter Yayi
    Peter Yayi 7 days ago

    😂😂 damn
    I repeat it again, somehow this feels like ASMR And made me sleep soundly

  • Marcese “ Qnceited “ Moore

    I have never seen something so magnificently beautiful 🥹🥹

  • 0514 SS_STUTOO
    0514 SS_STUTOO 3 months ago +1487


    • ワオ(。・о・。)
      ワオ(。・о・。) 3 months ago +2


    • Bonnie &Clyde
      Bonnie &Clyde 3 months ago +1


    • ワオ(。・о・。)
      ワオ(。・о・。) 3 months ago +3

      @Bonnie &Clyde ふたつのシーンが繋がってるんやけど、最初の石扉のシーンは始まりの空島って所を攻略し終わった後のシーン

    • 혼글
      혼글 3 months ago

      조선의 독립을 위해 희생한 일본 의인들의 명복을빕니다 🙏🏽

    • Bonnie &Clyde
      Bonnie &Clyde 3 months ago

      @ワオ(。・о・。) ありがとうございます!

  • ThePitbull
    ThePitbull 5 hours ago

    quando voce faz oque gosta, voce nao trabalha... voce se diverte haha dá pra ver que ele esta até feliz fazendo os efeitos sonoros.

  • Reynaldo JP
    Reynaldo JP 5 days ago

    Esto es arte

  • Leo
    Leo 3 months ago +354

    Man just the stone gate sound opening was so good

  • Shattered Reality
    Shattered Reality 2 days ago

    Zelda will always have a place in my heart

  • 6driz
    6driz 7 days ago

    no adult male should be this happy lmao

  • 8BitsOfFun1323
    8BitsOfFun1323 4 months ago +10715

    You always look so happy doing the effects, I love it

    • Paul Harris
      Paul Harris 4 months ago +43

      U would too if u get to play and make money. However, it comes with a great memory.

    • Marlena G
      Marlena G 4 months ago +20

      😂😂😂😂 I was just thinkin that.... nice to see him love wat he does... n its cool... I like it.

    • Hola Hola
      Hola Hola 4 months ago +3

      @Marlena G okay?

    • Baby Merman
      Baby Merman 4 months ago +7

      @Hola Hola okay what

    • Hola Hola
      Hola Hola 4 months ago +1

      @Baby Merman I can’t say okay now?

  • Moises Jimenez gudino

    Aghhh i cant stop watching !!! When link falls through the sky literal chills 😭

  • mrpickle 1900
    mrpickle 1900 4 days ago

    Foley artists are talented mfs

  • あ
     3 months ago +755


    • aisu hieta
      aisu hieta 3 months ago +6


    • Note-DS
      Note-DS 3 months ago

      August 9, 1945

      OKATAMISTUDIOS 3 months ago

      August 9, 1945

    • あ
       3 months ago +1


    • J/B
      J/B 3 months ago +5

      @Note-DS Haha😁 Are you too embarrassed to reveal your country name lol

  • Sexy Girl
    Sexy Girl 4 days ago +1

    9 tháng sau tui xem lại vẫn cười 1 mình😂😂😂

  • mohamad does 3d
    mohamad does 3d 5 days ago

    I never played Zelda yet this feels so nostalgic

    KING SPESHALIST 3 months ago +881

    Now THIS is a guy that enjoys his work. This is incredible

    • Comporio
      Comporio 3 months ago +1

      Is it really work tho?

    • Lizzieshmizzie
      Lizzieshmizzie 3 months ago +8

      ​@Archneon yes...? Sound design is fundamental to so many industries..

    • Comporio
      Comporio 3 months ago +4

      @Lizzieshmizzie iam saying is it this guys job or is he just doing tik toks

    • Zer0Spinn
      Zer0Spinn 3 months ago +3

      It makes me uncomfortable tbh. It may just be that we are two different people and that's that but I never smile like that when I'm lost on the flow and enjoying playing and instrument/producing/sound-designing so it feels fake to me. Idk, people are weird, and I'm people.

    • Average™
      Average™ 3 months ago +1

      ​@Zer0Spinn "This guy smiling and enjoying his job makes me uncomfortable"

  • Dharshan Ashok
    Dharshan Ashok 9 days ago

    Dunno why…but watching this man enjoying his work is such a turn on😅

  • Randy Figlehorn
    Randy Figlehorn 4 days ago +1

    It’s the facial expressions for me. Anyone that happy doing there thing always gets me pumped for it too.

  • TvFreakLady
    TvFreakLady Month ago +1686

    He must be the happiest man ever. ❤

  • Learn Math from Chan
    Learn Math from Chan 4 days ago +1

    And his pay is 1000$ after that

  • Brooklyn Flood
    Brooklyn Flood 4 days ago

    He looks so proud I smiled a real smile for the first time in At least 4 months

  • Floating Disembodied Head
    Floating Disembodied Head 4 months ago +832

    Now this guy is truly living the life.

  • NoLaKazi
    NoLaKazi 6 days ago

    Now THIS.. is a job!

  • Fried Lemon
    Fried Lemon Month ago +2005

    I literally got chills from the sheer joy you radiate...

    • dan
      dan Month ago +9

      I cringed out of my body

    • KHdreadnought
      KHdreadnought 24 days ago


    • 77I
      77I 24 days ago

      for me my ear rang

  • Bradley
    Bradley 2 days ago

    This guy loves what he does 😂 I respect it so much

  • Pockets Full of Dynamite

    Define happiness?
    Josh Harmon:

  • Koushik
    Koushik 3 months ago +2020

    He was so satisfied with what he did that he couldn't contain himself . Just look at that smile at the end

    • Guyjin Online
      Guyjin Online 3 months ago +6

      Kinda like my son when he let's one rip harder than Beyblade in the car...💨

    • Smart Chick_
      Smart Chick_ 3 months ago


    • Feral Cypher
      Feral Cypher 3 months ago +1

      He's smiling all the way through. He lives his job... An inspiration to us all

    • Isaac Koch
      Isaac Koch 3 months ago +4

      ​@Feral Cypher not really. It's fake as hell. I love drawing bug do I sit there with a big cheeky grin on my face? No sir. Ask yourself do you think he still smiles when the camara is off?

    • Good Burger
      Good Burger 3 months ago

      Yeahhhh its a creepy smile

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 2 days ago

    Foley artists are demigods

    IND AVINASH 3 months ago +2429

    When the passion becomes professional,
    The smile happens that time.

  • King Tumpus
    King Tumpus 4 days ago

    Love the dudes smile! Made me smile haha

  • Yateendra
    Yateendra 3 days ago

    You're not Harmon, you're the Harman of Harman Kardan.😅❤

  • りんご🍎໊
    りんご🍎໊ 3 months ago +461


  • Oliver Weiß
    Oliver Weiß Day ago

    Got to love his passion with it

  • Ahmad Farooq
    Ahmad Farooq 7 days ago

    The happy man in this world

  • Damn Jamz
    Damn Jamz 4 months ago +992

    The joy in this man's face