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Hear what Russians think about Western tanks for Ukraine

  • Published on Jan 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • After the announcement of Germany and the US to supply tanks to Ukraine, Russia's propaganda machine is working at full throttle. Russian state TV playing down risks to Russian troops in Ukraine seems to be working on some - but not everyone is buying the hype. CNN's Nic Robertson reports. #CNN #News

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  • John West
    John West 8 months ago +220

    The number of tanks is very important. But what's critical to remember is the vehicles that must travel with tanks for an effective assault, an integrated arms team of tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and Armored Personnel Carriers is essential. The Russians sent out tanks without such an integrated tactical support structure, and the Ukrainian game of Tank Turret Toss began. Those essential support vehicles have also been promised to Ukraine, the Bradley's, Strykers, and similar vehicles from other nations. But how many, and when? The arrival of them and working to turn them into an integrated assault team working with each tank will make the critical difference between an effective assault force and a Russian version of Tank Turret Toss. I worry about the fact that it will be a mix and match between vehicles from different countries, with lots of differences to be worked out. For effective war to regain their nation, Ukraine will need these vehicles, ammo, communications, and support from drones, artillery, and aircraft. Any lack in any of these other areas will cripple the effectiveness of the whole. A combined arms approach to an assault is key to success, unlike the stupid way the Russians have been fighting, burning through troops with unsupported or poorly supported attacks. Sending out tanks with no infantry support. Sending out infantry with no mobility, No IFV, not even APC support. The Russian officers are incredibly bad at their jobs. Any video-game playing kid from the USA could do better. BTW, I used to be a tank driver, a real tank driver, not a video-game tank driver.

    • PlayshotKalo
      PlayshotKalo 8 months ago +9

      It can take up to 2 years of training to operate some of these MBTs, it will probably be around 2 years to see them operating on the battlefield in Ukraine. I mean unless we're also sending in US operators, which is unlikely

    • saucy innit
      saucy innit 8 months ago +5

      Well Russia got counters for an Ukrainian Combined Arms offensive. Plus when Surovikin came he made a lot of fortifications in Zaporozhye, where i think everyone is expecting a Ukrainian offensive to take place in the near future.

    • Kaasmeester
      Kaasmeester 8 months ago +14

      @PlayshotKalo They are doing an accelerated training programme of 3 months or so. I am hoping that at least some of the men they send are experienced tankers, already trained to operate as part of an armored group. That ought to be enough to be able to run the Leopard at least.
      Also I vote for Turret Tossing to become an olympic event.

    • ryngrd1
      ryngrd1 8 months ago +6

      Agreed John. Combined arms is how it is done.

    • Nelliene Luardo
      Nelliene Luardo 8 months ago


  • 12.8 million views
    12.8 million views 6 months ago +118

    Sometimes its hard to imagine how we humans made it this far

    • Keith Luckman
      Keith Luckman 4 months ago +6

      Sometimes I believe we don't deserve it.

    • arewefree
      arewefree 3 months ago +5


    • TS
      TS 3 months ago +3

      @arewefree No shit, Sherlock?

    • IVFlash
      IVFlash 2 months ago +3

      Well leopards actually didn't get far

  • EJ Harvey
    EJ Harvey 7 months ago +268

    "it takes a year to transport 30 tanks halfway across the globe"
    It does not take a year to transport 30 tanks across at most 1 month for " low priority shipment"

    • William Gray
      William Gray 7 months ago +23

      It'll be a bit longer with the postal strike.

    • Eno
      Eno 7 months ago +17

      It's not just about transporting the tanks though. It's also about transporting all their associated infrastructure to keep them fueled, stocked with ammo, and maintained. Beyond that, the soldiers manning the tanks also need to be trained on how to do all of that, in addition to operating the things in combat.

    • The Lightning Count
      The Lightning Count 7 months ago +1

      The main reason why it will take so long is because the haven’t been built yet.🧐
      Instead of giving Ukraine used tanks, the US plans to give them brand new M1s. Unlike the German Leopards being pulled out of some other nation deep storage, I presume Ukraine will get the latest 4-man version of the M1. That, and the the crews will need extensive training on these new M1s, because they’re MUCH more complicated than the German Leopards, and Leopard IIs.😐
      While they’re both effective weapons, the M1 would be more of a prize for Russians to capture on the battlefield. Therefore, it’s likely that the US will do all it can to make sure the crews are capable protecting it, also.💯
      On top of that, you have the logistics for ammo, fuel, spare parts, upgrades, etc., etc…🥱
      Personally, I think we should just pull a few hundred (we have over 3,000 of the things, after all…) used examples out of our deep storage, and get them over there, as soon as we can train some Ukrainian crews to man them.👍🏿
      I think TIME is going to become more important in this conflict than we know. Once Ukraine wins on the ground, that will only be the beginning of what will be necessary to bring things back to a state of normalcy.🫤
      For Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of the world.😶

    • OHER
      OHER 7 months ago

      logistics, traning etc doesnt happen over night lol

  • David T
    David T 6 months ago +28

    Im from Germany and was faced so much hate during all of 2022. There was the claim that Germany would have blocked other countries from sending Leopard tanks. Now, 2 months after green light there is only a little number of Leopard coming from other countries and mostly the old 2A4 version. I feel betrayed. not mentioning that ukraine is being betrayed in much more physical terms.

    • Lamptroll Bourandas
      Lamptroll Bourandas 2 months ago +5

      Germany also sent a very small number of tanks while it has one of the largest stocks. So don't complain. You were fairly hated and you will continue being hated.

  • Iggy's Friend
    Iggy's Friend 7 months ago +252

    Western tanks have a proven track record and it's a very enviable one. Their lethality and crew survivability has been proven time and time again. The Abrams has only lost a few in decades, the Challenger 1 and 2 has only had 1 taken out of action in combat. The Leopard 2 has an excellent reputation. The 120mm German smoothbore and the 120mm rifled Challenger guns are without peer, and the Chobham armour is unparalleled, although the tanks supplied could be stripped of their Chobham for secrecy reasons. Granted there could be losses but it won't be anything like the Russian losses. Tank on Tank the Western tanks have proven themselves against Russian tanks in the past.

    • dax dert
      dax dert 7 months ago +63

      It's different dude it's not sandy desert warm and covered by drones planes and helicopters more like Ukrainians are now Iraqis and Russians with all their arsenal is West

    • Raz
      Raz 7 months ago +27

      @dax dert makes no difference most of Ukraine is flat anyways and there is ALOT of drones on the battle field there is tons of clips of them on YT some are even dropping grenades on people i can tell you're not educated whatsoever on this war

    • Joe Roberts
      Joe Roberts 7 months ago +59

      ​@dax dert my man... Western tanks are far superior. Desert or no desert doesn't change that. Look at Russian discussion in video, it claimed a 2km max range. Longest confirmed kill is from a HESH round from rifled 120mm challenger. 4.5km shot... confirmed kill. Russians claim that their shit smells better.

  • Hyushi Sama
    Hyushi Sama 5 months ago +7

    My heart hurts every time I hear this .

  • Саня Изотов
    Саня Изотов 8 months ago +51

    A modernized version of the self-propelled howitzer, designated M109A1, appeared in the US Army in the early 1970s. It featured a barrel lengthened by 2.44 m, a more effective muzzle brake, improved suspension and an easier loading mechanism. After the introduction of an enhanced charge, the firing range of a conventional projectile increased to 18.1 km, and when using an active-rocket projectile - up to 24 km. And the ammunition load of 36 rounds included nuclear projectiles and guided cumulative projectiles M712 "Copperhead" with a laser seeker. The crew of the self-propelled guns - 6 people.
    The combat weight of the M109A2 self-propelled gun is already about 25 tons, the armament is a 155 mm M126 howitzer and a 12.7 mm M2 machine gun. The power plant is Detroit Diesel with a capacity of 405 hp. The maximum speed is 56 km/h, the power reserve is about 350 km. Subsequent variants of the M109 self-propelled gun were developed with the aim of further increasing the firing range and automating the fire control system. The most advanced versions are the M109A6 "Paladin" and its improved version M109A7, which uses a digital fire control system and an improved semi-automatic loading system, a 155-mm M284 gun on the M182A1 machine, an automatic loader, the base chassis from the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. The mass of the vehicle has grown and exceeded 36 tons, with the possibility of building up to 50 tons if additional armor is required.
    But so far, these self-propelled guns are coming to Ukraine not from the United States, but from other countries. Since May last year, more than 20 Norwegian M109A3GN self-propelled guns have been on the “balance sheet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, as part of the 28th and 72nd mechanized brigades. Self-propelled guns from Latvia were also seen, which purchased American M109 self-propelled guns at a rather high price in Austria, which in turn purchased them from the UK. Now London is going to buy its own M109s from the Austrians in order to deliver them to Kyiv. This circulation of self-propelled guns in Europe is due to the fact that Ukraine urgently needs to compensate for their "natural decline" - as the Russian Ministry of Defense reported, on January 29, two more "Paladins" were destroyed near the city of Kramatorsk.

    • Wheel of Ixion
      Wheel of Ixion 7 months ago +30

      I seemed to have missed your point concerning your pretentious, long winded post

    • J
      J 6 months ago +3

      ​@Wheel of Ixion is very true, but don't talk to bots. it's not healthy

    • Matthew Huszarik
      Matthew Huszarik 6 months ago +2

      The US is also sending M109s to Ukraine so far they have communicated 18.

  • Battletroll1LikesMinecraft
    Battletroll1LikesMinecraft 7 months ago +71

    Everyone is saying that humanity is going extinct soon, but I personally think it’s amazing we’ve made it this far considering the stuff that happens in our politics

    • Scherfee Films
      Scherfee Films 7 months ago

      Chernobyl was the worst if the second explosion have gone off there would be no more europe so yeah I am impressed we survived for this long xD

    • Boingo Doingo
      Boingo Doingo 7 months ago

      The only people that are saying humanity is going extinct are smooth brains. Spend less time online watching news and reading the comments (the irony is not lost on me). Life goes on and will continue to.

    • Peter Jacobsen
      Peter Jacobsen 7 months ago

      We're not going extinct. People who think we are have a very limited and simplistic understanding of humanity and the world. Homo Sapiens is an extraordinary species!

    • Yusuf Ahmed
      Yusuf Ahmed 7 months ago

      Forget that how old are u?

  • Sera Tonin
    Sera Tonin 6 months ago +25

    Brave, brave heroes. I cannot imagine the fear in those trenches. It's heartening to see when they move past that fear to a righteous anger. I don't know how they somehow maintain their integrity whilst capturing the enemy either.

  • John Costello
    John Costello 10 days ago +1

    It does NOT need a year to transport 30 tanks halfway across the world. In the autumn of 1990 it took a couple of months to transport several hundred tanks to Saudi Arabia for desert shield and then desert storm. One C-5 Galaxy can transport 2 fully equipped tanks. The USA has around 120 C-5's in service.

  • Chelo Ruiz
    Chelo Ruiz 7 months ago +26

    1) Modern weapons are vastly more lethal than any weapons we have encountered on the battlefield before.
    2) In order to cope with these weapons it is essential we have a highly trained and highly skilled combined arms team.
    3) The training of the individual as well as the team will make the difference between success and failure on the battlefield.

    • Mini Grande
      Mini Grande 7 months ago

      Which in effect proves the most lethal weapon is the human mind

    • JJ
      JJ 7 months ago +1

      @Mini Grande not any human mind. Not one that is raised to take orders and not think for itself. Not one thats country damns the human mind as the worst of all evils.

    • BakingBadOBX
      BakingBadOBX 6 months ago

      dont forget field intelligence.

    • The Drunk Koala
      The Drunk Koala 6 months ago

      Modern weapons are vastly more lethal than......
      No shit Sherlock, do u think they would make modern weapons worse?... Hey let's go back to bows and arrows.

  • Alan S
    Alan S 4 months ago

    It's good to see some people have the courage to speak their minds. On the other hand, claiming that your side is winning doesn't stop that bullet with your name on it.

  • Саня Изотов
    Саня Изотов 8 months ago +78

    At the same time, it should be noted that Britain also has its own self-made self-propelled guns. In this row, the 105-mm gun F.V.433 "Abbot" and the 155-mm howitzer AS-90, the decision to supply which to Ukraine was made only recently. According to Defense Minister Ben Wallace, the delay was due to the fact that British experts expressed doubts about the "ability of Ukrainian gunners to master these machines and use them effectively." However, in January, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the delivery of 14 Challenger main battle tanks and 30 AS-90 self-propelled howitzers to Kyiv.
    The AS-90 self-propelled artillery mount is made on a tracked chassis with a rotating turret. The hull and turret are protected by 17 mm steel armor. The main armament is a BAE Land Systems 155-mm howitzer (barrel length 39 calibers). The gun is equipped with an ejector and a muzzle brake. Guidance drive - electric. For autonomous operation of artillery systems, there is an auxiliary diesel engine. All standard 155 mm NATO ammunition is used, including trajectory-corrected ones.
    In the same ranks with the "Leopards"
    Against the background of the informational noise around the supply of Leopards to Kyiv, few people paid attention to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already armed with no less effective German-made weapons. We are talking about the PzH 2000 artillery system (Panzerhaubitze-2000) - a self-propelled artillery mount developed by Krasus-Maffei Wegman in 1998.

    • Sickotato
      Sickotato 7 months ago +2

      Krauss Maffei

    • Shakilur Rahaman Shakil
      Shakilur Rahaman Shakil 7 months ago


    • anonymusum
      anonymusum 7 months ago +4

      Furthermore it should be mentioned that there were a lot of countries trying to push Germany to send Leopards and to give them permission to send their own Leopards. But as all of it happened and they got the permission only a few of them are willing to send those tanks. It was clearly blame game and I as a German am not amused about it.

  • powerkingez
    powerkingez 7 months ago +14

    i dont think the early versions will be the best considering their insanely little armour on the hull and the ammo storage in said hull, even early versions of rpg's ect coud easily penetrate said hull armour, therefor i think challanger and abrams will be far better for this type of war

    • Alex Maccity
      Alex Maccity 6 months ago +2

      Abrams armour has been reduced

    • Harold Call
      Harold Call 6 months ago

      The Germans are going to send 80 or so Leopards, when they get them repaired or refurbished, while the U.S. is sending 31 Abrahms, after they are stripped of critical electronics that might fall into Russian hands. A few other nations are sending 2, 4, and maybe a half dozen outdated, maintenance intensive tanks. The Russians have destroyed 8,000 + Ukrainian tanks, so far. How long with these new tanks last, even if they make it to the battlefield?

    • Alex Locatelli
      Alex Locatelli 6 months ago +5

      I thought they had destroyed 80,000+ Ukrainian tanks, plus 5000 aircraft. :-D

    • ernie untereiner
      ernie untereiner 6 months ago +3

      ​@Harold Call keep falling for the Russian propaganda

    • Krowa święta
      Krowa święta 6 months ago +3

      @Harold Call De fuk? Ukraine never had 8k tanks.

  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw 7 months ago +2

    The Ukrainians need to be trained on one type and have them deployed in sufficient strength. Having M1A1s, Challengers and Leopards on the same battlefield will be a logistical nightmare. They all require a high level of maintenance. Fortunately, they take the same calibre ammunition. The numbers promised are insufficient for total victory. I anticipate some local gains for Ukraine in the Spring, but would be surprised if these expected gains can be sustained. Various types in penny-packets will be sufficient to turn the tide of the war. If the West really cares about Ukraine, either give them what they need, or let them make peace!

    • Коммунист1917
      Коммунист1917 2 months ago

      Well, negotiations, not weapons to profit!

    • Линда Эль
      Линда Эль 2 months ago +1

      Окей, как Вы представляете победу Украины? Вы хоть изучали нашу историю. Нас очень долго можно дразнить, мы очень долго будем терпеть, НО, если мы решили сражаться, то будем сражаться до победы, до конца. Так было, так есть, так будет. Украина очень долго нас провоцировала, ну что ж, мы ее услышали, мы пришли... мы понимаем, что это надолго, мы понимаем, что будут потери, мы понимаем, что будут лишения, но мы все к этому готовы. Мы знаем, за что мы воюем. А вы знаете, за что вы воюете? И неужели, вы и вправду думаете, что Путину просто захотелось побольше земель? Вы видели карту России? Зачем нам еще больше земли не задумывались? Не задумывались, что в этом, во всем есть другой смысл и другая логика?вас кормят откровенной ГЛУПОЙ лживой пропагандой, а вы все кушаете, да кушаете. Приятного аппетита, господа

    • Коммунист1917
      Коммунист1917 2 months ago

      @Линда Эль exactly. Спасибо, товарищ

    • altGoolam
      altGoolam 26 days ago

      You turned out to be right.

  • Geno Mitchalinni
    Geno Mitchalinni 5 months ago +1

    According to Finland, they spent alot on F-35's. So, they have alot of " outdated"Hornets " to give to Ukraine. They apologized, and Zalenski said, " no problem. We like those jets.". ( Referring to the FA-18 Hornets).

    • Mattie Daniel
      Mattie Daniel 9 days ago

      F18s aren't outdated, the Navy still uses them

      MEMEZMAN 5 days ago

      ​@mattiedaniel9372 super hornet
      Finland have legacy hornets
      F18 C/D
      Not E/F

    • C CC
      C CC 5 days ago

      🤣That's ok then.

  • Duck Chucks
    Duck Chucks  6 months ago

    Better to overestimate an enemy then underestimate but the m1 has gone toe to toe with Russian tanks before in Iraq and the tech has only gotten better while Russia is digging out t 62 tanks from storage that haven’t seen the light of day in decades tanks the Russian government said they got ride of because they were considered obsolete in the 70s kinda funny because a lot of equipment sent to Ukraine was designed in the 80s

    • C CC
      C CC 3 months ago

      sure 🤣🤣

  • Marianne Labanane
    Marianne Labanane 6 months ago +8

    I think that 16 Leopard 2 tanks are supposed to be given or lent to Ukraine. It will do a bit of damaged, but, not much if we take in account that Ukraine has approx 2000 tanks if I remember well at the begining of the war. NATO and the Americans played with Russia to try to weaken it, but it was a very very very high risk.

    • Jack Black
      Jack Black 3 months ago +1

      Thanks for the tanks.

    • The Disinformation Project
      The Disinformation Project 3 months ago +2

      They have done zero damage 😂 for how many leopards destroyed?

    • Marianne Labanane
      Marianne Labanane 3 months ago

      @The Disinformation Project Your question make no sense ...

    • The Disinformation Project
      The Disinformation Project 3 months ago +2

      @Marianne Labanane The Leopards have done zero damage towards the war effort so far. And how many Leopards have been lost?

  • Felix Liu
    Felix Liu 8 months ago +2804

    As a rule it’s usually a bad idea to downplay the strength of your enemy. Because if you win it because the enemy was shit anyway. If you lose...well you lost to weaker opponent.

    • Leech Miller
      Leech Miller 8 months ago +115

      Soldiers will usually believe themselves stronger than their enemy which is normal but if soldiers have a mindset that their enemy is particularly weak that is very bad. If they lose to that enemy soldiers will switch from underestimating the enemy to overestimating the enemy and be scared of them.

    • Bill Bob
      Bill Bob 8 months ago +39

      That's not any rule I know of.

  • Viman82
    Viman82 7 months ago +4

    Success of any military operations with tanks etc depends on combined arms manoeuvre, if Ukraine can pull off a synchronised attack with all the toys given then the Russians are in trouble, however if other wise then it will be a waste of good armour

  • Laura Dooley
    Laura Dooley 7 months ago +12

    It's hilarious how they refuse to talk about the Challanger 2 tank in anyway as if a tank that has had only 1 confirmed loss by friendly fire

    • BakingBadOBX
      BakingBadOBX 6 months ago +5

      a lot of other youtube channels have brought them up. I think the main reason is because they arent the most advanced tanks. They are beasts, no doubt, but they dont have a lot of the technology that the leopard 2 and abrams have. not that its a big deal, they are still far more advanced than the shitty t72s that they'll be wiping off the map.

    • Ryan M.
      Ryan M. 6 months ago +3

      The Abrahms has 7 friendly fire losses and 2 destroyed by us to prevent the enemy from getting them..never lost 1 to enemy fire and has seen more service than any other tank

    • Danbutch24
      Danbutch24 5 months ago

      ​@Ryan M. Hasn't seen much more action than Challenger.

    • Fankas2000
      Fankas2000 5 months ago

      It doesn't matter how advanced the tank is if you're only sending a dozen of them. Numbers matter.

    • Fankas2000
      Fankas2000 5 months ago

      @Ryan M. The Abrahms has been against a bunch of freedom fighters in a low intensity war with full air superiority.

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 6 months ago +6

    3:00 she's spot on but that's true of every war.

  • Shah bahadur Rajput
    Shah bahadur Rajput 6 months ago +19

    Scott Ritter . Most practical analysis of war. Man behind defence treaties of USA and Europe

    • Spaceman 🚀
      Spaceman 🚀 6 months ago +10

      I don’t think you can tell these CCN blind followers on here lol

    • MT MF
      MT MF 6 months ago +2

      @Spaceman 🚀 Try faux news for your laughs.

    • possumGFX
      possumGFX 6 months ago +4

      Scott Ritter is constantly wrong on even the most basic things of the war.

    • Lucas Koring
      Lucas Koring 6 months ago +8

      As an American
      CNN kinda sucks ngl

  • Hyushi Sama
    Hyushi Sama 5 months ago

    This makes me sick.
    Like can you imagine what the soldiers and friends and family are going thru ?
    Whats wild is the fact that people order people around and they're not dealing with shit them self .
    Instead just send people to die .
    Bruh wtf wtf .
    I can't.

  • tempest411
    tempest411 8 months ago +367

    In many of the previous engagements between the Abrams and Soviet/Russian tanks in the Middle East the Abrams just about always prevailed, BUT the Middle Eastern militaries operating their Russian tanks did so very ineptly, often using them without infantry support and not coordinating their movements with other assets. It'll be interesting to see how well the Russians manage this themselves against Western tanks. It'll also be interesting to see if the Ukrainians can keep the more maintenance-heavy Western tanks in proper operating condition. Say what you will about Russian tanks, they do manage well with a bare minimum of upkeep. Look how long old Russian tanks have held up in places like Afghanistan...Does the Taliban even know they have oil that needs to be changed???

    • Mohammed Naem Warqa
      Mohammed Naem Warqa 8 months ago +4


    • Edward Malone
      Edward Malone 8 months ago +133

      We haven’t seen any evidence that Russia can operate its tanks any more competently than Middle East countries.

    • Михай и Михаэлла
      Михай и Михаэлла 8 months ago +28

      Каким надо быть чтобы было интересно смотреть на убийство людей????

    • Mohammed Naem Warqa
      Mohammed Naem Warqa 8 months ago +6

      @Михай и Михаэлла товарищ ул блок! А в дон басе людей нет ????..

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 7 months ago +5

    I am sure they already thought of this but they should have a system where you have to go through certain hurdles to get to become an agent and if you don't go past those turtles then you cannot become an agent do hurdles have to be designed to weave out bad bad people

    • Jack Black
      Jack Black 3 months ago

      This is not me! That said, the blackouts have been getting more frequent.
      Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

    • C CC
      C CC 3 months ago

      I'll get past those Russian turtles 🤣🤣

  • ChipsDim
    ChipsDim 7 months ago +9

    Street gangs normally have no rules, it's one dog pitted against the next. However, in an organized street gang or mob, both leaders will have a bare fist fight. (I think fight club the movie was generally in this textual reference? Someone please correct me.) So a quick way to settle this fairly and squarely. Of each military wing, all captains of the special operations teams, individually compete one against the other. This is organized in a controlled fighting arena, like martial arts or boxing. This way of apportioning anger and violence against one another, in a controlled environment will save thousands of lives, permitting the common civilian in Russia and the Ukraine get on with their life. Blood running out of civilians will be retained, not the blood from the heads of unthinking belligerent autocrats. (none of what I said would ever take place, it is a dream idea) God save us humanimals from extinction..

    • bornathepicek
      bornathepicek 6 months ago +4

      And what happens when your side doesn't win? What if there is a controversial decision? Would you gamble 20% of your countries territory on a boxing match?

    • ChipsDim
      ChipsDim 6 months ago

      @bornathepicek Good questions; as in boxing or MMA there is an opportunity for rematch. And the provision for contingency rules applicable to winner and loser. What are those rules? It's not real so there is nothing to regulate, right?

    • cheeky chops 1
      cheeky chops 1 6 months ago +2

      Throw them all in the same room let them fight that's what I said all along

  • S
    S 6 months ago

    Good report from Nic Robertson.

    • Nash Bridges
      Nash Bridges 6 months ago

      Nic Robertson is yours Vladimir Solovyov.

  • Richard Cory
    Richard Cory 6 months ago

    Russian commentators are whistling in the dark. However, it is not just about the tanks for Ukraine pure and simple, it's about logistics, especially fuelling and maintenance. Tanks are very logistic heavy and they have to travel, which Russia learned to its cost at the start of the war. It is not a lesson lost on NATO. They have to take their time. Himars don't take so much logistical support.

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 7 months ago +7

    Fact is, Western tanks aren't invincible, but the crews can be trained to make them seem invincible. If the Ukrainian crews can keep up with maintenance and get some experience, they may give Russian crews a run for their money, even in the few T-90's that are left.

    • Played Out
      Played Out 7 months ago +2

      The Russians have never cared about human life including their own soldiers or citizens. NATO nations are different in war. The tank crew matters more than the tank.

    • GeneralLee131
      GeneralLee131 7 months ago +1

      A T64 recently penetrated the turret cheek of a T-90A. Even if loaded with sub-par ammo, it will be very tough for T-90 to stand up to Abrams and Leo 2.

    • osheridan
      osheridan 7 months ago +1

      ​@Played Out I think it's important to distinct between Putin and all Russians. I'm not saying we need to end this with "the magic of friendship"- Of course Ukraine has to kill in defense, that's the sad truth- But not all Russians are choosing to be where they are now. I think most would appreciate freedom

    • Alpha Nerd
      Alpha Nerd 6 months ago

      A kid with a moltov cocktail gives Russian tank crews a run for their money.

  • B
    B 25 days ago +3

    Remember when the media told us that the war in Afghanistan was going so well? Yeah.

  • Nigel Mansfield
    Nigel Mansfield 6 months ago +2

    The Russians have been historically good in defence. I assume, with Ukrainian forces occupied in defending Bakhmut, that Russia has bought itself enough time to improve its defences in the Crimea and Zaporizhe. Whether Russia's preparations will be enough to counter a trained Ukrainian assault, with new technology, western intelligence and Ukrainian fervour, I don't know. History will tell. I wish Ukraine well and great success. Long live Ukraine.

  • Доктор Ларкен
    Доктор Ларкен 6 months ago +1

    I've been studying the wrong Russian language long enough, I have every intention of going to Russia, one day, regardless of political or global circumstances!

  • Саня Изотов
    Саня Изотов 8 months ago +132

    The PzH 2000 is equipped with a 155 mm L52 howitzer with a 52-caliber barrel length, a navigation system, an automated fire control system, a manual loading system with 60 rounds of ammunition and 228 modular propellant charges, a fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing system, and a WMD protection system. The self-propelled guns are capable of firing three shells in nine seconds or ten in 56 seconds at a distance of up to 30 km. The firing range of the gun with an active-rocket projectile is up to 40 km.
    In addition, PzH 2000 can operate in automatic mode. The on-board computer is capable of independently directing the gun from target to target, receiving data via radio from an external control center. The weight of the self-propelled gun is just over 55 tons. Crew - 5 people.

  • YouTube Enjoyer
    YouTube Enjoyer 7 months ago +1

    If you watch mainstream media be either in Russia or the US, you are being grossly misinformed, and I’m UNDERSTANDING it by a lot.

  • Knottus
    Knottus 6 months ago

    Asking people on the streat is kind of pointless though. Even if they are honest, which they most likely aren't because of the fear of the government comming after them, it's still just anecdotal at best.

  • tankeriv
    tankeriv 25 days ago +3

    We are 7 months later, what has happened?
    Well unfortunately the Russian propaganda has shown to be true.
    The Western tanks, the Leopard 2 has proven a massive fail.
    There have been two duels documented on video. A T80BVM at 2km taking out a Leopard 2A6 from the front.
    And a second a T72B3M surprising a Leopard 2A4 and shooting it straight through its frontal armour.
    Only the Abrams still have a posibillity to prove itself.

  • Elsa La Muse
    Elsa La Muse 3 months ago

    If you disregard the context, that tanke schon pun is actually pretty good 😂

  • Jayaet
    Jayaet 8 months ago +53

    To drive from the western side of Germany to Kiev takes 20 hours non-stop. From Poland and other countries, who also possess Leopard tanks, about the same. If these tanks are available and operable, they could be delivered to the Ukraine within days. The other stuff is a bit more time consuming - training, maintenance, ammunition, spare parts etc. The major foot dragger by far is political procrastination.

    • TrickOrRetreat
      TrickOrRetreat 8 months ago +3

      America and Uk started training Ukrainian tank crews over 8 months ago, just in case. Also it´s well known that when Uk and Usa announces material and vehicles to be sent. They have already been in transit for months. Wy do people think Nato country´s are stupid ? So i do agree with you, that those tanks are much closer to the frontline than they let us to believe.

    • DRSNova
      DRSNova 7 months ago +2

      "If they are operable" is the important bit here. especially regarding the Leopard 1s Germany promised to send. They need extensive maintenance first, and to a lesser extend, I'm guessing, some of the Leopard 2s. It's not like all of them are just waiting, shiny and new, to be loaded onto trucks or trains.

    • Anna
      Anna 7 months ago +3

      It is a pity that we do not immediately destroy the tanks that have set foot in Ukraine.The Russian government is very loyal and kind towards the West.More than one German tank should never set foot on the holy Russian land in his life.German tanks must be destroyed, how many Soviet people died from them during the Great Patriotic War.What is happening in Ukraine now is a kindergarten comparing the ambitions of the Germans fascists.

  • Randomassname
    Randomassname 6 months ago +3

    That first lady saying its gonna be very bad if we send tanks is about to be really REALLY confused when she starts seeing NATO tanks driven by Ukrainians destroying Russian tanks easily.

    • 25 Pence
      25 Pence 6 months ago

      Very easily aswell

  • Joshua Humphrey
    Joshua Humphrey 7 months ago +3

    The tanks we (US) send to other countries are export versions of the ones we use ourselves, they are skeletonized to hell, they don't get up to date versions, not even close

  • Sam Lair
    Sam Lair 6 months ago +1

    With freedom and opportunity comes responsibility.
    This was true during the American Revolution - and it is true now.

  • Jan Taylor
    Jan Taylor  7 months ago +3

    Thought they were not allowed to call it a "war" under threat of imprisonment

    • Jan Taylor
      Jan Taylor  7 months ago

      @PeanutBar Russians usually call it a "special military operation" (if you somehow haven't noticed?) because their not allowed to call it a war, do you think that is just some kind of liberal myth?? And I'm NOT a liberal

  • Stuart Eldridge
    Stuart Eldridge 6 months ago

    Well done world leaders setting such a good example to the world blowing each other up.

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 8 months ago +71

    There may be good reasons to the contrary but it seems to me prop driven fighters could be very useful to Ukraine. They are cheap, could carry heavy cannons and machine guns and bombs. These aircraft are easy to train the pilots for, easy to fly and could fly low strafing the Russians across the battlefield. I know jets are referred but there could be some real advantages to using this WW2 tech.

    • Tommy L
      Tommy L 7 months ago +8

      That is a crazy, but perhaps brilliant idea.

    • Nic B
      Nic B 7 months ago +34

      They would be sitting ducks for MANPADS. It would be a waste of talented airman

    • Samsung Tap
      Samsung Tap 7 months ago +3

      The Skyraider went very well in Vietnam when it was Napalming civilians, didn't like getting shot at to much however.

    • RockinRedRover
      RockinRedRover 7 months ago +12

      obtained from where, museums ? This is real war, NOT Hollywood.

    • m^2
      m^2 7 months ago +3

      ​@cobraboi6784 Modern anti-aircraft missile are more than capable of tracking piston planes. Regardless, Stingers are irrelevant to the subject of Russian MANPADS.

  • Anglo Saxon
    Anglo Saxon 7 months ago +6

    The whole thing is just shocking.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 7 months ago +1

    I know the truth. There are some good people in law enforcement but there's also some bad ones and somebody has to come up with a system to leave out the bad

  • Wessex Druid
    Wessex Druid 6 months ago

    So Ukraine is now showing off it's Challenger 2s, Marders, MRAPs, Strikers, Cougars, etc in country - while at the same time Russia is sending T-55s from its museums to the front.
    T-55s didn't exactly perform well in GW1 or 2 against Western opposition.

  • killer3000ad
    killer3000ad 6 months ago +7

    The Ukrainians recently did a press conference on the capabilities of Russian's most advanced tank, the T-90M of which a number were captured entirely intact. The basic rundown was that it just a T-72B3 with some better armor and optics but take away all of that and it you are left with a poor man's T-72. They also commented that the Leopards they will be getting are far superior to the T-90M.

    • fps Misteeq
      fps Misteeq 6 months ago +2

      Thank you for a such research, probably you are ex-tank engineer.

    • JustGame
      JustGame 6 months ago +2

      Only 1 was captured intacted, the second one was damaged, how you can say "a number were captured entirely intact". And why you would take away its upgrades just to get a 72?

    • Christopher Mo
      Christopher Mo 5 months ago +5

      So, looks like you believe what Zelensky and Co say? They very honest people, and never lie! 😆😆😆 Especially when Mr Zelensky just had another line of cool Colombian stuff!

    • oleg Khokhlov
      oleg Khokhlov 5 months ago

      @Christopher Mo cool Colombian stuff :)

  • Jake
    Jake 5 months ago

    Russia overestimated their power and underestimated the West. That's why they thought they'd steamroll Ukraine in a few days or weeks. Apparently they refuse to learn from those costly lessons.

  • gilbs72
    gilbs72 8 months ago +1344

    Russians: "The tanks are not significant and will not affect our invasion of Ukraine."
    Russians also: "The tanks will escalate the war and we will respond."

    • Mopar21
      Mopar21 8 months ago +91

      Joe Biden: don't forget my 10%. I have a corvette.

    • Solo
      Solo 8 months ago +75

      @Mopar21 the coward WEEPY Don: I’m up to my eyeballs in debt, pay me Saudi Arabia.

    • Mopar21
      Mopar21 8 months ago +70

      @Solo Russia could level Ukraine.

    • Imperial Diecast
      Imperial Diecast 8 months ago +107

      @Mopar21 not by using conventional weapons. its cute how a country with the GDP of italy thinks it is america, and went to war with that mindset thinking they are america.

  • Donny
    Donny 7 months ago +1

    The results speak for themselves. Lot of abandoned and/or destroyed armor lying around.

  • Tutel
    Tutel 7 months ago +8

    Imma real excited to see some T-72,T-80 and T-90 crews to get promoted as cosmonots by Leo 2s and Abrams.

    • Astra Luna
      Astra Luna 6 months ago


    • El Chud Campeador
      El Chud Campeador 3 months ago +2

      Leo 2s? Aaaaah, you mean those smouldering wrecks now adorning the Eurasian steppes? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Asid Asid
    Asid Asid 6 months ago

    It's not the weapons but the advanced technology in every targets prolonged accuracy to contact the subject for complete destruction , meaning theirs no escape from the weapons strike

  • demonetized history
    demonetized history 6 months ago +1

    Lol imagine an air raid over Moscow in this day and age or like a battle of Moscow today 😂

  • Mike Glenn
    Mike Glenn 6 months ago

    They don't have a ton of T-90s in Ukraine. Most of what they have deployed are T-72 and 62s. Very old, very much not close to leopards or American Abraham tanks.

  • Hoot Owl
    Hoot Owl 8 months ago +90

    "I think this war is a political war" is the most accurate assessment. Putin invaded Ukraine because he knows a leader at war gains support. His support had dipped into the sixties before the invasion. After, it went to the eighties. People always rally around their leader in times of war, especially when they are so lied to about the reasons for a war, like the Russian people are in this one. U.S./Iraq was another example.

    • gary quarty
      gary quarty 8 months ago +18

      I don't remember Americans rallying around Nixon during Vietnam. Quite the opposite. Maybe your theory has a hole in it.

    • Eros Gritti
      Eros Gritti 8 months ago +6

      What are you saying? All wars are political. But in America, do you know what politics means? There is nothing that is not political, the word itself says it!!!!

  • Nick Reno
    Nick Reno 3 months ago +5

    4 months later. Leopard tank are burning as bright as Tigers, Panthers, Elefants (German for Elephant also known as Ferdinand) in 1940s in the same region. Do not forget American Bradley armored vehicles. 🤣

  • Geoff Dein
    Geoff Dein 7 months ago

    Senior American army people are also talking the tanks as ineffective and wrong strategy. Certainly a film student is an impeccable source of true news

  • Hjklui Hdbdn
    Hjklui Hdbdn 7 months ago

    Do not underestimate enemy, even if it look really weak.

    • Дмитрий Вел
      Дмитрий Вел 7 months ago +2

      Вы правда верите, что Россия это слабый враг? избавит вас бог узнать насколько сильна Россия. Глупец.

  • JeanAtA
    JeanAtA 5 months ago

    It's hard not to pity this nation and the length Humans can go through to prove themselves right against all sensible or accurate facts.

    • ragdaj
      ragdaj 27 days ago

      are you sure that you have accurate facts?

    SOLID 3 months ago +5

    Typicall western media: “talk about Russian propaganda , hype up the situation to the level of fairy tale and when reality hits hard like it did last week where Ukraine lost counteroffensive along with the hyped up Leopard tanks and Bradleys just ignore the whole situation and change topic “ 😂👍

    • Ivan Kowalski
      Ivan Kowalski 21 day ago

      American propaganda calling out Russian propaganda lol

    ATH3IST-FLuKE 7 months ago +4

    How him removing independent media didn't ring alarm bells is baffling.

    • Balanar6236
      Balanar6236 5 months ago +2

      Almost as baffling as our western media who do the same, like CNN😂

    • Wes Urry
      Wes Urry 5 months ago

      @Balanar6236 Bingo!

    • B
      B 25 days ago

      You mean like Zelensky did?

  • Dean Miner
    Dean Miner Day ago

    They need to be used properly. In a coordinated tactical assault, preferably with air support.

  • CriticalWokeRacistTheory
    CriticalWokeRacistTheory 8 months ago +17

    The M1 Abrams are the best tanks in the world and also the most expensive to operate. Every tank has a small army of support and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to run just one tank each month.

    • BAF_McNab
      BAF_McNab 8 months ago +8

      Best in the World ? Your opinion I am guessing. Not many who know anything about tanks would agree with you Sir (or Madam)

    • Brian
      Brian 8 months ago +4

      Mmm, not sure about that. The US lost 5 Abrams in Iraq/Kuwait during the Gulf war. The UK lost no Challenger tanks at all in the Gulf war. A Challenger 2 still holds the record fro the longest distance tank kill during the Gulf conflict. A Challenger survived 7 consecutive RPG hits from close range in Iraq. None penetrated the armour....and the crew remained safe.

    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez 8 months ago +4

      Sorry. They lost 9 in Desert Storm.
      7 from friendly fire.
      2 were destroyed to prevent the enemy from getting them.
      Try again.

    • Mr Woozie
      Mr Woozie 8 months ago +4

      Abrams is a good tank and sold to the american people as "the best". Most real experts puts Leo2 higher. US weaponsystems are usually popular amongst other NATO countries, Abrams is clearly not. The reason US want's to drag out the delivery of Abrams is probably that they know it wont do as good as Leopards.

  • Larry Morg
    Larry Morg 6 months ago

    I love the way the world is going crazy

  • vshah1010
    vshah1010 7 months ago +7

    The Ukraine President is saying "we need more tanks". And, the US and other countries are just giving them away. Wow.

  • Barney Potter
    Barney Potter 2 months ago

    And they're putting their life in jeopardy just talking to you!! 😢

    TRY OUT THIS 7 months ago +8

    I feel bad for anyone in a country they can't express themselves in and there being muted/canceled

    • Martin Ure
      Martin Ure 7 months ago +6

      Have you tried to say a man cannot have a baby on social media lately, before you try, buckle up it will be a bumpy ride before you are cancelled.

    • Reneco BG
      Reneco BG 4 months ago

      Assange or Snowden so free to talk, really?

  • djstona
    djstona 3 months ago +1

    I know this is 4 month old now but did she really say Nato to compensate what's been donated?. That's just daft! . The supply of arms was never a Nato initiative to begin with. I don't think certain arms would have been donated in the first place if said countries couldn't replace said stockpile?

  • MATT
    MATT 8 months ago +356

    So far, a relatively small amount of "western" weapons have decimated certain parts of the Russian military. I dont see why this would be any different, cause lets not forget when the Abrams was designed, it was designed specifically for fighting the Russians, just like Himars was. And we've all seen how effective Himars has been.

  • Billy Rio
    Billy Rio 7 months ago +1

    All the rooftop anti-air can do nothing if the drones are the 4-wheel kind.

  • Diego
    Diego 7 months ago

    The thing is Russian tanks are being decimated even without western tanks available. How is the introduction of western tanks now going to change the dynamics in favor of Russia now?

  • moritz217
    moritz217 Month ago

    "I think it's unfair and we want some, too!"

  • Jerome Carr
    Jerome Carr 7 months ago

    Zelinsky got some of the tanks they needed, but Russia has thousands already in the battlefield or on the way to the front lines. Allies are moving slow.

  • albano13
    albano13 3 months ago

    Lesson 1: a harvester is not a leopard 2 😂😂😂😂😂

  • every buddy
    every buddy 8 months ago +182

    Germany may be sending less than what Ukraine asked for but Germany also going to allow other countries that have the Leopard 2 tanks to transfer then to Ukraine from countries such as Poland. In the end, Ukraine may end up with 400 to 500 or more Leopard 2 tanks, plus upgraded T-72's and lets not forget the M2 Bradly's.

    • Shawn Meanney
      Shawn Meanney 8 months ago +9

      And lets not forget the large amount Ukraine will get from sweden with I would say the close to the best tanks made.And their not even a member of nato,Yet!

    • I
      I 8 months ago +16

      Germany can basically send no tanks without severely compromising its own defense capabilities... It was a surprise that Germany sends modern Leopard 2 A6 from the bundeswehr, and not just the old A4 from Rheinmetall in long-term storage

    • Brizzled
      Brizzled 8 months ago +3

      Leopard 2A6 is extremely modern, even rumors that Leopard 2A7 which is no way that modern of a tank will be sent in.

  • Mono Gaming
    Mono Gaming  7 months ago

    Like anything - its almost impossible to Gage how the majority of people in Russia feel about how things are going. The Kremlin would want you to think that its very popular and the information war within Russia is very much Russia's game to win. There is also almost 100 years of fear and oppression from the state here. Most ordinary people with a brain I think would rather there was no war, as to how they want no war is whats for debate.

  • Chase on The case
    Chase on The case 4 months ago +1

    Yeah I bet those Russian tanks are way better than American tanks. The abrams has a blowout panel to survive an ammunition explosion. The Russian t-72 t-80 and t-90 all have whole blowout turrets that even eject the crew when the ammo explodes!

  • Caesar Delpino
    Caesar Delpino 6 months ago

    The people who are the ones to make key decisions do not have the courage this is a fact from the time the USA abandoned billions of dollars in the enemies hand put a target on this country, these countries are not dumb and seen this as an opportunity, and it is working for them until we restore the USA to her full power and fearless attitude. Each minute it is not treated as WAR it will only cost more lives. we need show force we have already have been told it is war. and the threat is real. lets get this Done! I will be the first in line.

  • Ed Reusser
    Ed Reusser 7 months ago

    The buildup of the Ukrainian forces to a completely NATO-compatible army with every single system able to integrate with every other NATO army will have to be done eventually anyway. Unless someone can imagine a security arrangement that doesn't include NATO?

  • GarrisonFall
    GarrisonFall 6 months ago +1

    It's pointless to ask Russians about the war; they know that trouble awaits them if they say anything negative about it.

  • Michael H. Sanders
    Michael H. Sanders 8 months ago +167

    As many Leopard II's as possible 500 is a nice round number. Maintenance and repair is a huge problem with main battle tanks.
    Having a striking force of tanks that are all of the same make and model is very important.

    • B Man
      B Man 8 months ago +10

      The US tanks are VERY strong but the learning curve is steep…

    • harmless
      harmless 8 months ago +3

      And where are those supposed to come from? I guess you can try to convince Erdogan to send some; Turkey has quite a few of them.

    • axlfrhalo
      axlfrhalo 8 months ago +12

      just make those 500 appear out of thin air while you're at it

    • Sheila Martin
      Sheila Martin 8 months ago +5

      @axlfrhalo there's over 2,000 of them spread across Europe in countries willing to donate. 500 would be possible though 300 or as close to that as possible is what Ukraine is currently asking for.

  • Boathemian
    Boathemian 7 months ago

    And our media here may as well be state owned given the lack of critical reporting.

  • B4D_b0y_217
    B4D_b0y_217 7 months ago

    Here’s what Russians think about tank deliveries to Ukraine should be
    “Its not my war it’s my presidents war,I mean best of luck to Ukraine sorry for what’s going on….hope the extra armor helps”

  • eddie munster
    eddie munster 6 months ago

    This is excellent real-world practice to up our Logistics game for the inevitable confrontation with China, and which is why we should do everything we can to neuter Russia now

  • T. Barry
    T. Barry 7 months ago +1

    I'd say (if I were Zelenskyy) "We only got 2 Leopard tanks..." and quietly bring in 4 more in the back door (if at all possible). What the Russians don't know won't hurt them (until later).

  • paul stuart
    paul stuart 4 months ago

    I find it bizarre that countries who buy German weapons need their permission on how they are used. Tanks are made for war & once purchased are the property of the buyer. I sometimes wonder if Germany wants Russia to succeed in order to create an EU army (it has been proposed) to gain greater power; if weapons are under their control then they have total power in Europe without firing a shot.

    • IVFlash
      IVFlash 2 months ago

      Actually here's the thing, USA wants EU countries to deplete their weapon stockpiles to fill gaps with their own weapons, ammo and maintenance. And that's why Germany was so reluctant, because tanks also require maintenance and spare parts for years and years of service, which is beneficial to Germany. Now their tanks being decimated one by one, Elensky asks for more - more German-made tanks will be destroyed, less money for Germany in the future. And after that USA will command EU leaders to buy Abrams tanks insted of Leopards, even though it's more expensive. So it's all about the money

  • Cody
    Cody 8 months ago +151

    It's unfortunate they don't know that between the first Gulf War and The Iraq invasion in 2003 the m1 Abrams annihilated more than 300 Russian t72s without taking a single loss. Today Russia is basically only fielding t72 and the slightly faster and more armored t80 in Ukraine so it's going to be basically target practice for the Abrams and leopard If they've trained correctly.

    • B Man
      B Man 8 months ago +12

      Cody, the training is my concern.. these are very complicated tanks and the learning curve is steep.. I hope this is not a waste of great tanks because they don’t know how to use them…

    • harmless
      harmless 8 months ago +19

      @B Man All experts I have heard said the training will take a few weeks. It will be finished by end of March when the tanks are expected to be delivered.
      Heck, even the training for the Gepard, which is a rather complicated piece of kit, took the Ukrainians only 42 days.

    • James Street
      James Street 8 months ago +24

      Exactly right. Like the F15 is undefeated in dog fights against Russian planes. Undefeated as in 104-0 undefeated. Even the hapless Saudi's gigged 2 MiG29's. During the Gulf War TULA and Aviaconversia, 2 Russian military electronics contractors, tried selling Saddam Hussein GPS jammers to jam our GPS guided bombs. We took out the Russian jammers with GPS guided bombs. Every weapon Russia has put on the battlefield against us we've burned it to dust.

    • ice wendigo
      ice wendigo 8 months ago +14

      LOL🤣 less than 100 tanks, you're having a laugh!
      How many of these will even see a Russian Tank before getting wrecked missiles, bombs and other weapon systems? 1? 2?
      ...and by the time they're in Ukraine who is going to crew them? Freshly conscripted teenagers with no experience?

  • Rob Gardiner
    Rob Gardiner 7 months ago +3

    Have watched so many youtube clips. Would love to visit Russia. But what is going on is mad. Russia has been ruined by Puntin (not the Russian people)

  • PandemoniumMeltDown
    PandemoniumMeltDown 7 months ago +1

    Rick Robertson needs to learn the difference between recruitment and conscription!

  • PlayersczArt
    PlayersczArt 3 months ago +4

    Well, this video really aged like milk, 4 Leopards destroyed - these are only confirmed by video shooting, I am silent about how many remained outside the cameras... Where is this "impeccable reputation of one of the best tanks in the world?" For you to understand, one of these was pierced by the Lancet drone into the side and simply burned it. A drone for several million rubles burned a tank for several million euros. I am silent about the destroyed Bradleys, there are already a second dozen of them, and maybe even more. People who talked about NATO tanks as some kind of Wunderwaffe, where are you? Why are you silent or say that "there are no invulnerable tanks?" Where is your gamechanger?

    • IVFlash
      IVFlash 2 months ago

      Actually Lancet officially cost $35000 a piece, but they sometimes miss, or don't do critical damage to vehicle. But even if you need 3 pcs - $105k to destroy a tank - which costs $10 mil - it's still 1:100 cost ratio!! And most important, Russians produce them en masse every day - you cannot say the same about a Western tank industry

  • A.S. Joe
    A.S. Joe 6 months ago +2

    I lost it at the "TANKE SCHON" one, that's pretty good.

  • Geno Mitchalinni
    Geno Mitchalinni 5 months ago

    Ukraine wanted. F-16 Flying Falcons. Helsinki, Finland gave them F/A-18 Hornets.

  • Renoir
    Renoir 8 months ago +63

    Leopard-2A6 has 1,000mm thick armour and can penetrate 800mm at 2km at night. The Russian T-90 only has 600mm armour and it’s best ammo can’t penetrate the Leopard, Abrams or Challenger (not from the front). Russian ATGM’s are also virtually impotent. However, there will obviously be losses since the sides and rear are vulnerable.

    • Mr T
      Mr T 8 months ago +8


    • exocet1
      exocet1 8 months ago +3

      I believe the tanks the Germans are giving to Ukraine are leos 2a4 version at least what I have read. So maybe by the time I write this that will have changed. But I think the 2a4 lack thermals for the commander and only have it for the gunner. The main issue is going to be the heaviness of the Allied tanks being given to ukraine. They will also need bridging equipment as most Ukrainian bridges cannot handle the weight of these tanks. Furthermore, some of the tanks will not be used but will remain to be used as spare parts. The Turks used the Leopards and got hit hard by ATGM in Syria.

    • ADZ01982
      ADZ01982 8 months ago +5

      Ridiculous statement

    • Bruce Williams
      Bruce Williams 8 months ago +14

      i think you have too many zeros. that's a meter thick

  • Jeep 'CJ3B'
    Jeep 'CJ3B' 6 months ago +1

    As a US Military Vet. It is sad to see all the death war brings. However, all I can say to Russia is "Bring it on" I pray for all who have lost love ones in this war. My God Bless those who are trying to bring this war to an end. Especially, for all those Ukrainians who have been force out of their homes. Let freedom ring!

    • Mateo
      Mateo 6 months ago +2

      What u think about the nord stream?

    • one hot potato
      one hot potato 2 months ago

      Its USA that started this war.
      You wanted to park your missiles in the guise of NATO in Ukraine. Russia defended its territory and Ukraine was made a scape goat. Bet the American military industry out there is trying its hardest to stop this war😂.
      If you feel Ukraine had its own say to join a group, you would also ponder on countries US attacked cause the group was anti USA.
      Its all geopolitics my friend. Patroitism and humanity are just aftermaths of it.

  • Michael Mace
    Michael Mace 6 months ago

    They need to hold the tanks back until the fighters are delivered.The tanks are going to need air cover on the battlefield as well as the infantry supporting them in the offensive.

  • J
    J 6 months ago +1

    "Battered Abrams," more like the best MBT in the world, which is combat proven. Unlike that turret launching firecracker coffin on tracks that those idiots have. Thousands of them have been destroyed, that really shows you something doesn't it?

  • Conky
    Conky  6 months ago

    Reporters shouldn’t be reporting how many, only what kind of weapons are headed to Ukraine. Reporters sometimes break a story that gets friendly people killed, just to be the one to break it and score a big journalism win. Reporters are like attorneys 😂

  • mads2a
    mads2a 8 months ago +18

    The worst feeling one can have is that of regret. Regret that he could have done something more when he had the opportunity to do so, realizing too late that what he had on hand could have certainly stopped a horrendous tragedy. I hope these leaders soon rise up to the level where President Zelensky is already at.

    • Bill Bob
      Bill Bob 8 months ago +11

      Zelensky is a clown, so maybe rising up wasn't the right words.

    • ElleJr RN
      ElleJr RN 8 months ago +6

      Corrupt to his core.

    • Silver Wolf
      Silver Wolf 8 months ago +6

      " I hope these leaders soon rise up to the level where President Zelensky is already at." I agree they need to get on his level of hiding in a bunker while forcing 60yr old men to die for him as he buys mansions and tours the US.