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The Day Before vanishes, TLOU Season 2 confirmed and Hi-Fi Rush dazzles | This Week In Videogames

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    The Day Before mysteriously disappears from Steam, saddle up for more TLOU Part 2 discourse and I hope you've already downloaded (and completed) Hi-Fi Rush or we're gonna have words.
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  • Skill Up
    Skill Up  Month ago +5

    Check out the Steelseries range of all new desktop speakers. Visit steelseries.com/gaming-speakers and use offer code 'Skillup' for 12% off site-wide. Thanks Steelseries for sponsoring the video.

  • Christoph Schoppe
    Christoph Schoppe Month ago +1134

    The Day Before is like when people keep asking the teacher for extensions to the deadline of their project, finding the silliest types of excuses.

    • No¹
      No¹ Month ago

      And the gameplay video dropped after all that with the same name that was apparently trademarked and also cheeks

    • Flouserschird
      Flouserschird Month ago

      Anyone with half a brain from the day it was announced should have known. The fact they never even bothered trademarking their game shows how incompetent they are. You people should know by know it’s impossible for no name indie devs to make AAA quality games.

    • Who Is Him
      Who Is Him Month ago

      Yeah but this is weird like what’s the point and why did they make one real game

    • MicHaeL MonStaR
      MicHaeL MonStaR Month ago +1

      Same with Blue Box and Abandoned... It's just juvenile behavior, and if an adult does it, they probably have some psychological issues. Perhaps they actually DO have ambitions and talent and whatnot, but they might keep putting off their work because of addiction or depression or something like that. - I feel like, at least in the case of the Kahraman guy, there might be some personal issues and they need help. Or maybe he just has an ego. Who knows. Still a psychological issue. - Not so sure about the people behind "The Day Before", however... This seems much more of an organization up to no good, because they seem more in line with each other than over at Blue Box where there's a lot of disconnect between the people within.

    • GoTron88
      GoTron88 Month ago +2

      Reminds me of the time a friend of ours cancelled out on an event we bought tickets for because she said her goldfish died. Last time we ever heard from her too lol

  • microdavid
    microdavid Month ago +115

    these videos are partly the reason why I enjoy youtube so much nowadays. They're just a chill vibe with a lot of heart and personality put into them. They have lots of humor and I enjoy them a lot. this week in video games has become one of my favorite things to look forward to

  • Jason G.
    Jason G. Month ago +32

    "playing other games" and "going outside" still send shivers down my spine

  • itsZaque
    itsZaque Month ago +26

    I’ve been loving Deadspace and I gotta applaud you for always bringing up the indie games, they’re such a good time. I’ve been playing Death in the Water 2 since you mentioned it last week and overall this have been an incredibly spooky but fun week!

  • Jesse C.
    Jesse C. Month ago +4

    Dang, actually I'm shocked that your week in news videos aren't hitting over 500k everytime. They're very high quality and full of the most important gaming news. Seriously, such a gem to get one every Tuesday on the dot. Thank you!

  • wild360
    wild360 Month ago +11

    Finished Hi-Fi Rush last night. How on earth this gem was just shadow dropped with no marketing is insane. It was outstanding in a way that video games have been lacking in over the years. Looking forward to NG+!

  • Robin Nouara
    Robin Nouara Month ago +1297

    15:30 "Krafton had invested more than 160 dollars into the game" you know what I am absolutely ready to believe that

    • Vesperon
      Vesperon Month ago

      Austin, you dropped the ball buddy!

    • Samno95
      Samno95 Month ago

      Dammit you beat me to it! XD

    • TheEyesofMagnus
      TheEyesofMagnus Month ago

      That’s so funny 😂

    • SlinginDillys
      SlinginDillys Month ago

      For real it has to be at least 165 or 170

    • Spoker
      Spoker Month ago

      I'm pretty sure they invest 160 million dollars
      Only that only 160 dollars on gameplay design, the rest on graphics, death scene, tons of marketing and paying their actors

  • Chivesy
    Chivesy Month ago +22

    Genuinely look forward to this every week, haven't missed an episode since the show started.

  • /Mattie/ /Ice/
    /Mattie/ /Ice/ Month ago +6

    I’ve been watching since series your first TWIVG, but I never actually got around to saying: Thank you SkillUp for these round-up videos. They genuinely help me stay involved with the gaming medium through a busy college life.
    Like I’ve wanted to play the Pathless ever since it come out on PlayStation/PC, and now I’ll be able to on Xbox, and I would NOT have known that without this series telling me about it.
    Just wanted to let you know we all appreciate you and your videos.

    • Varno
      Varno Month ago

      I played it on PC and its an absolute gem. Def recommend it on console and i might pick it up again on Xbox.

  • El Pope
    El Pope Month ago +6

    another amazing week in videogames, the show was sorely missed as it is truly a highlight of the week. Stay strong for the madness that february will be!

  • Austin Crumpton
    Austin Crumpton Month ago

    Episode 3 of TLOU show was great but I'm sad about the parts of the game that were omitted in place of the events of the 3rd episode. Hanging upside down as Joel trying to shoot clickers, the high school, pushing the truck while fending off infected. Those were some of the absolute best parts of the game.

  • Mayor Of SexyTown
    Mayor Of SexyTown Month ago +11

    Would love to see your take on the new " We Were Here Forever". Looks like a promising co-op title!

  • Chuyi Wang
    Chuyi Wang Month ago +723

    I love that Skill Up accidentally says $160 instead of $160 million at 15:30 because that seems to suggest that The Callisto Protocol has sold less than 10 copies worldwide.

    • ben cousins
      ben cousins Month ago

      @KJJ i grabbed it full price waited on it for few days saw the reviews then returned it unopened for a full refund

    • Outogetyou Gotyou
      Outogetyou Gotyou Month ago

      I reckon there is a slip chance they'll recoup 160 (maybe)

    • ChrisTBH
      ChrisTBH Month ago

      @Mordor RDR2 is one of the best games ever made but go off babe

    • CluckenDip
      CluckenDip Month ago

      i mean it's technically the truth lol

  • Take Your Heart
    Take Your Heart Month ago +7

    Literally was just thinking how much I wanted to watch This Week In Video Games and bam here it is. Thanks ShillUp.

  • Samuel Hubbard
    Samuel Hubbard Month ago +1

    Hey! Since we are going into, what is now, the biggest month every year in video game releases, it would be awesome if you could spin them all up into a single video to outline everything that is coming out for the month!
    Love your content, man. Keep it up.

  • DeanGetYourWings
    DeanGetYourWings Month ago +5

    Glad someone said something about The Day Before vanishes, I wanted to look into it based on some news and just nothing existed on Steam making me think I had gone insane.

  • TheYuriG
    TheYuriG Month ago +3

    Holy shit, i got chills from SkillUp whispering "We all try to escape at one point or another, but we all come back" at 17:02. Truly a videogame villain moment right there. He could probably do some Audible reader account and read me some scary books and I would easily piss myself.

  • AJB4356
    AJB4356 Month ago +849

    The Day Before drama has given me more entertainment than the game ever could have.

    • B M
      B M Month ago

      @victor n Didn't even have to pre-order it..

    • Jett Ankermann
      Jett Ankermann Month ago

      That's literally EVERY SINGLE AAA RELEASE SINCE 2014 when you think about it though, for real.
      Be a Pokemon fan. or better, a SONIC Fan. Endless entertainment, pain, and salt flow on the internet.

    • Ashaman 765
      Ashaman 765 Month ago

      @Donuts Atomic Heart looks legit. But you never really know right? Never pre order is sage advice at this point.

    • john wrath
      john wrath Month ago +1

      @Donuts atomic heart looks absolutely incredible and the devs have been way less shady. I don’t think atomic heart is a scam, but it might be a situation like Biomutant where it looks amazing in previews but doesn’t actually play nearly as well as it looks.
      The day before is a fucking scam. The “game” they’re showing in previews doesn’t exist. Atomic heart was picked up by game pass. Xbox isn’t gonna shovel millions at a dev to secure a game pass release without doing some degree of due diligence.

  • Michael del Castillo
    Michael del Castillo Month ago +1

    The amount of effort that went into thinking of the lie for The Day Before is crazy. It's the same energy as people thinking of the best and most discreet ways to cheat on a test instead of just spending that energy and time studying

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo Month ago

    NOT have known that without this series telling me about it. Just wanted to let you know we all appreciate you and your videos.

  • Noob PTFO
    Noob PTFO Month ago +4

    This man still finds a way to slip Destiny into every video. He’s influenced by Hive magic I tell ya

  • CreationsFlare
    CreationsFlare Month ago +2

    The crazy thing about Hi Fi Rush is that it can be just as chill as it can be hell. I like Rhythm games, and I started on Hard and man they really turn up the pressure and requirements for S ranks.
    Conversely, Easy/Normal will probably feel like a breeze. Either way you'll be vibing through it. Literally the only flaw I have is that it has Denuvo on Steam.

  • Duhfoodz1
    Duhfoodz1 Month ago +2

    Sam Witwer really was just like "Yeah ill take 20 cents"

  • Yanik Magnan
    Yanik Magnan Month ago +600

    15:30 damn, if they made Callisto Protocol on a $160 budget, that explains a lot

    • Spoker
      Spoker Month ago +1

      @Audiojunkie The actors alone would've cost 50% of the budget

    • Audiojunkie
      Audiojunkie Month ago +3

      They spent $160 on the combat, they spent $15,999,840 on everything else .

    • Pika Pi
      Pika Pi Month ago +3

      Callisto is amazing , Days gone is beautifully underrated and I'll gladly go down with those ships.

    • Eat the Path
      Eat the Path Month ago

      @Michael T That's pretty bad for what was supposed to be the hot Triple A release of the month

    • 8butsideways
      8butsideways Month ago


  • Gizmac
    Gizmac Month ago +5

    I don’t know why but the way you present news in these videos has me watching from begging to end.

    • Meniak
      Meniak Month ago +1

      What are you begging for?

  • Ref
    Ref Month ago +1

    The reason last weeks video was such a hit is plain and simple, we missed you! Wonderful to have you back :)

  • Dan P
    Dan P Month ago +1

    In case people weren't aware - whilst there may not be another Xcom game in development, Goldhawk Interactive are currently developing their sequel to Xenonauts - a game inspired by the classic Xcom games which I highly recommend.

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed Month ago

    It’s insane to me that naughty dog is not thinking of using everything it’s learned to go back to jak and daxter. Such missed potential especially considering that there is real hunger for that series to come back and be done well.

  • TacoMoustachio
    TacoMoustachio Month ago +1

    I'm so glad Roboquest is getting some attention! I love that game, it has some great potential, and I can't wait to see where the devs take it.

  • Leonard Church
    Leonard Church Month ago +212

    Hi-Fi Rush is so good it’s practically a MUST PLAY for anyone who likes DMC or character action games.

    • The TrashCanMan
      The TrashCanMan Month ago

      @Mr Genesis it’s really not cause god of war is some walking simulator soap opera and elden ring is original

    • Mr Genesis
      Mr Genesis Month ago

      @The TrashCanMan Yeah like God of war ragnarok.. that lost to a new IP. Crazy how New IP actually get GOTY more than Sequels

    • Mr Genesis
      Mr Genesis Month ago

      @Omar Sabir get a better PC Denuvo isn't crap. Every new game has DRM deal with it. Consoles have DRM. Steam API has DRM. There's Physical game DRM.
      Denuvo doesn't make the game perform badly at all. the 98% 5000 reviews on steam mean Denuvo isn't doing anything wrong

    • IONIZE
      IONIZE Month ago

      @Jur the Orc solstice was excellent 👍

  • DecibelMAX Gaming
    DecibelMAX Gaming Month ago

    Hi-Fi Rush is friggin' incredible. Bought it on a whim after hearing some buzz about it, and I can't put it down. Definitely worthy of the hype.

  • elhijueputa84
    elhijueputa84 Month ago

    Love the content and your style of reviews. Keep it up bro!

  • Cactys
    Cactys Month ago +2

    Damn is it good to be back, I look forward to these every week! Keep up to good work Skillup!

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis Month ago +1

    A lot more views than your armor mitigation and vendor rest videos from div 1 days. I don't think I ever thank you enough for getting me through 1.3(the dark days). So glad to see all your success over the years!

  • Leskandur
    Leskandur Month ago +13

    Last week's This Week In Videogames was the most watched one because GAMERS missed you.

  • Andrew Fox
    Andrew Fox Month ago +1

    Feels good to have you back good sir. It’s going to be one hell of a year. 🇬🇧

  • I NEED SCISSORS 61!!!!
    I NEED SCISSORS 61!!!! Month ago +164

    The Day Before devs be like “my dog ate my video game”

    • evlofenn
      evlofenn Month ago

      and then it stepped on a bee! 😫

    • JohnPatrickTheFirst
      JohnPatrickTheFirst Month ago +1


    • Meniak
      Meniak Month ago +3

      The dog also ate most of their website, it seems.

    • MicHaeL MonStaR
      MicHaeL MonStaR Month ago +1

      They had a flat tire, but they're on foot.
      The bridge was open, but there's no canals or rivers.

    • MaxRepFitGM
      MaxRepFitGM Month ago +6

      Dog is purchased a year after homework is assigned

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller Month ago

    Glad you are feeling better man, thanks as always for great content 👍

  • HaloMusic
    HaloMusic Month ago

    Why was last week's video so watched and liked? Because you consistently put some of the most informative and entertaining gaming content on the platform, with near unrivaled quality of research, structure, and presentation. Additionally, you unashamedly put your personality and opinions into each video, and you have yet to have any genuinely bad takes on developments around the media (though some may disagree on your game-specific opinions). Each video gets better and better, and we all eagerly look forward to the next week's. We all went through a bit of withdrawal during your break, so it's good to have you back.

  • Justin Conforti
    Justin Conforti Month ago +2

    I’ve been holding off on trying Hi-Fi Rush, but I’ve heard so many fantastic things about it that I think I have to jump into it today.

    • Therapist At Law
      Therapist At Law Month ago

      Solid 8/10 for me. Beautiful art and great characters carry average but innovative gameplay. :)

  • Chris Martz
    Chris Martz Month ago

    Great video skill up! Congrats on last week popping off. Love your stuff.

  • MrKiki2907
    MrKiki2907 Month ago +4

    Great to see you up and running. I'm also hyped for Lightfall, can't wait. Since you've mentioned catching up with this season's content, can I suggest getting the Disparity and Ikelos SMG crafting patterns? Also, Revision Zero quest mission is awesome.

  • Milan Oodiah
    Milan Oodiah Month ago +146

    "Look at the shape of him, it just makes sense." goes in the top 10 best SkillUp lines ever written.

    • makasete30
      makasete30 Month ago

      Stormy Daniels would disagree, though.

    • Puke Rainbows
      Puke Rainbows Month ago +25

      alognside "Drugs are good" and "put on the gimp mask and your man is more than happy to obligue" trully a highlight for 2023

  • That's Cool, Joshua
    That's Cool, Joshua Month ago +1

    Glad you are putting a spotlight on “Shadows of Doubt.” First saw it on ACG and it’s definitely my cup of tea.

  • Marley G.
    Marley G. Month ago +1

    Man, so excited for more Mechwarrior. God that is such a fun franchise

  • The Rotten💯
    The Rotten💯 Month ago

    Keep it up man. Seems like you're growing and growing each week.

  • fuse625151
    fuse625151 Month ago +7

    Genuinely crazy that this channel hasn't hit 1M subs yet

  • Andy Speck
    Andy Speck Month ago +1

    Hi Fi Rush is weird and different and I love it. It’s great to see fun cartoony games come to Xbox

  • Todd Chily
    Todd Chily Month ago +169

    “Drugs are good” - Skill Up 2023

      2KOOLURATOOL Month ago

      Shilling to Big Drug. Pathetic :(

    • Mac Guffin
      Mac Guffin Month ago +1

      Explains a lot

    • Caap
      Caap Month ago +1

      Nice covert Diablo quote at end of video. Yes, I do want to “stay while, and listen.” Notification bell dinged. :)

    • Matthew Carter
      Matthew Carter Month ago +3

      "Put on the gimp mask." - Skull Up 2023

    • Caleb Harris
      Caleb Harris Month ago +5

      Can we get an antibodies review?

  • Gaming's Finest
    Gaming's Finest Month ago

    I decided to finally play through TLOU2 for the first time after passing when it launched a couple years ago because of all the criticism. I honestly loved it, although I definitely see the adaption to tv being difficult, I would assume we'll get a simultaneous format where each episode will feature both Ellie and Abby as they progress through their own stories and their paths approach each other, don't know how well this will work narrative wise.

  • DangerGnom
    DangerGnom Month ago +1

    Thanks for mentioning Mech Warrior. Really. The last DLC came out last week, was really enjoying it. Take care and stay safe.

  • Jack Colman
    Jack Colman Month ago +1

    Can’t wait for the review of HI FI RUSH. It’s just fantastic and I’ve been gushing about it to everyone. Looking forward to hearing Skill Up simp for another game like Destiny or Outer Wilds

  • TBAZombie
    TBAZombie Month ago

    the only show, that I am looking forward to every wednesday.... to be more precise... its the only show that I look consistently every week since I discovered it^^ I even was a bit angy that I couldn't watch this episode earlier this week cause of my workload 😅

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago +1

    Each week you deliver, and it always makes for the best lunch break!

  • A Quiet Corner
    A Quiet Corner Month ago +62

    When should they have trademarked it? The Day Before announcing it

  • Damien Johnson
    Damien Johnson Month ago

    Last week's video was liked and watched so much because we missed you man! Thanks for all the great content, keep 'em coming.

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams Month ago

    Excited to see if the Pharaoh remake is good; spent a good number of hours on that one back in the day


    it's amazing how he is pushing forspoken away, reminds me when a kid pushes away something they don't like to eat haha.

  • D SC
    D SC Month ago +5

    Great episode. You’re becoming a huge influence on the review landscape and your never compromising commitment to quality and thoughtful review shines through every week. Look forward to every SkillUp video!

  • alchemist89
    alchemist89 Month ago +57

    Hi-Fi Rush is pure fun and is what I needed in my life right now

    • Test Of Time Gaming
      Test Of Time Gaming  Month ago

      makes senese why that art director left now ... clearly tango works insnt what it was ... mayne it will be good maybe it wont gusse we will see felt Tokyo wire was abit "meh"

    • Poett !
      Poett ! Month ago +1

      @Dak Sans he never said it did lmao.

    • Kyreem
      Kyreem Month ago +2

      @journeyman121 Exactly :)

    • journeyman121
      journeyman121 Month ago +7

      @Dak Sans he didn't say it did. I think it was just an aside.

  • john wrath
    john wrath Month ago

    I honestly don’t understand why the dead space remake is only getting stuck at 9/10. It’s one of the best horror games I’ve ever played. The binaural audio is creepy as fuck, the new features are superb, the combat is nail biting and intense, even the story is way more compelling with the tension between Hammond and Daniels and the *minor ch3 spoilers* brief surprise live phone call from Nicole. I’m only on ch 5 atm but this is a perfect 10/10 action horror experience. It’s so damn polished and bug free, every new thing is well thought out and I’m genuinely curious how the story is gonna end this time I’m sure there’s gonna be a twist .

  • Mr Gritster
    Mr Gritster Month ago

    I think the last this week in video games was so big was because we missed you shillup

  • The Piemaker
    The Piemaker Month ago

    I love how "sort of free stuff" was the on-screen title for the gamer gag segment, as if he was going to give some to all of us (27:47)

  • jakedizzle
    jakedizzle Month ago +1

    The third episode of the last of us could’ve been so much better though. I thought when they were arguing about painting the house Frank was going to leaving. They made it seem like they were constantly arguing in that scene like the game. Then you know, it would switch to Joel and Ellie arriving at Bill’s. Instead they just recreated the opening scene of Up.

    • Dirpy Turtle
      Dirpy Turtle Month ago

      I don’t I kind of liked the switch from the game, it brings a little more hope and light to the universe instead of the “everything is fucked and so are we” theme that the games have

  • ITOguitarbatch
    ITOguitarbatch Month ago

    The only complaint I have so far with Dead Space Remake is the lack of the ability to place a waypoint on the map and the have your located make a line to it. Would be great for all the backtracking to opened up rooms mid game.

  • Matt Herbert
    Matt Herbert Month ago +39

    Thanks for yet another excellent Week in Videogames!

    • Matt Herbert
      Matt Herbert Month ago +6

      @Dylan Smith Definitely. I see Skill Up I know I'm in for quality content.

    • Dylan Smith
      Dylan Smith Month ago +6

      Bro hasn't even watched the video yet not that you need to for skill up tho

  • John John
    John John Month ago

    I'm surprised there's been no mention of Steamworld Build being announced last week. I haven't played a resource management game since the original Roller Coaster Tycoon or one of the early Sim City's, but I'm surprisingly hyped for this game. The Steamworld games have all been fantastic.

  • Bosspatz
    Bosspatz Month ago

    I don’t normally do this, but for the next fest coming up next week be sure to check out the Book of Hours demo!
    Made by the same people who made Cultist Simulator and it definitely deserves some attention!

  • Zburator
    Zburator Month ago

    This might be an odd question, but where did you find the soundtrack for this episode? Seems more rockin' than previous titles and just sounds fantastic.

  • Decoy
    Decoy Month ago +5

    I love how I got a little “I strongly recommend…” pop-up in the top right, after he finished talking about drugs being good. I was like “Yea! Skill Up recommending some good good!”

  • rarsali
    rarsali Month ago

    I met the developers of RoboQuest at Gamescom last year (Indie floor). Very wholesome people. Had promised to try it out when it comes out and now I get to do that thanks to Game Pass. So looking forward!

  • Zach
    Zach Month ago +116

    After finishing Hifi rush last night I can definitely say it'll be in my mind come December

    • Dak Sans
      Dak Sans Month ago

      @Test Of Time Gaming Both Forspoken and Hi-Fi Rush released around the same time. One is garbage and the other one is not

    • Dak Sans
      Dak Sans Month ago

      @Test Of Time Gaming Game pass is killing playstation

    • Test Of Time Gaming
      Test Of Time Gaming  Month ago

      shouod we compare xboxs lowest rated ganme to forspoken if you really wanna be captain redundant?

    • Test Of Time Gaming
      Test Of Time Gaming  Month ago

      please explain how PlayStation (the most profitable brand in the console space) is dying ? il grab sime popcorn i cabt wait to read this amazing ecnomics reply 😂😂😂😂

    • Dak Sans
      Dak Sans Month ago +1

      @Michael T Hi-Fi Rush is dominating steam charts despite being on game pass whereas Forspoken is day one flop 😂😂

  • Pierre Che
    Pierre Che Month ago

    It did big cause we missed our skill up weekly dose ;). Also the dead space review was next level. No one structures their videos about gaming that well in my opinion.

  • Kristian Coleman
    Kristian Coleman Month ago

    Always thankful for your content! Thank you!!!

  • mvhess
    mvhess Month ago +1

    "its like if Apple designed a sex toy for your face" had me erupt in laughter in the office.

  • NamelessGary
    NamelessGary Month ago +1

    I really wish developers had more freedom to make the projects they’re passionate about. Sure, Tango Gameworks is known for horror games, but that doesn’t mean those are the only things they can make. I think we would have more fantastic games if developers could just do what they want rather than be forced into a soulless franchise.

  • Matthew Getman
    Matthew Getman Month ago

    I kind of appreciate the fact the last of us mostly follows the games for now because I always am sad there are amazing stories in games people like my dad will
    Never get to experience

    JAKOBI Month ago +23

    Thank you SkillUp for making my morning. Hi-Fi Rush is the surprise drop that we all needed.

  • Vincent Torrijos
    Vincent Torrijos Month ago

    "No idea why that did as well as it did" you're one of the best voices in the industry my guy, your opinion is respected specifically because you're both alright with getting critical and always make sure to shout out the indie games.

  • imitenotbe
    imitenotbe Month ago

    HiFi Rush showed them that shadowdrops are possible and could be incredibly well received. Give the Todd what he wants. Let the Todd give us "and you can play it tonight"

  • bombomos
    bombomos Month ago

    Hi Fi Rush deserves all the praise

  • Kovax X
    Kovax X Month ago

    Dude, last week's this week went large because we all missed you!

  • J.K. Smith
    J.K. Smith Month ago

    Part II might get adapted where episode 1 will follow Ellie, episode 2 Abby and they keep switching until it culminates at the cinema.

  • Scoop Reviews
    Scoop Reviews Month ago +77

    SkillUp pls bring This Week in Videogames back to Spotify !!!

    • A Potato
      A Potato Month ago +1

      @J H Eden you work for Clip-Share?

    • J H Eden
      J H Eden Month ago +1

      @Matt Bget Clip-Share family subscription $20 pmonth split between 5 others Clip-Share premium for 3.30 pmonth

    • Matt B
      Matt B Month ago +9

      Yes plz youtube in my pocket is a nightmare of random ad clicks and video skips

    • Spitfiretman
      Spitfiretman Month ago +4

      yes please!

    • Bobby Lopez
      Bobby Lopez Month ago +4

      We miss it skill up

  • Mitchell Wallace
    Mitchell Wallace Month ago

    We all watched last week's update video because it was the only bit of new content from you in awhile. Keep it coming man.

  • Armored Leo
    Armored Leo Month ago

    Its unfortunate. I actually really liked forspoken despite its short comings. The world is interesting and the combat is pretty dope. I think it deserves another shot with a sequel.

  • Zach Gerrity
    Zach Gerrity Month ago

    Damn I really think season 2 of TLOU TV show should've been a new in-between story between the two games.

  • Therapist At Law
    Therapist At Law Month ago

    This man brought RECEIPTS for The Day Before. I love it.

  • Astariol
    Astariol Month ago

    Fntasic is starting to seem more and more like a certain character from New Vegas with a theoretical degree in Physics.

  • NDenizen
    NDenizen Month ago +85

    Hi-Fi Rush is insane, would recommend it to anyone

    • Liquid Guns
      Liquid Guns Month ago

      @Damocles i second you. I too played it and didn't like it due to it's Genre but all my friends are extremely satisfied with it.

    • Damocles
      Damocles Month ago +3

      It's not for everyone, I simply can't get past the comic book artstyle. I'm sure it's a good game though!

    • TheSheb
      TheSheb Month ago +3

      Just finished it, it gets better as it goes along.

      MARCUS AARON �LIAO GO Month ago +3

      @JJ C why, because its short? Tbh, I kind of appreciate shorter but repayable games.

    • JJ C
      JJ C Month ago

      @MARCUS AARON �LIAO GO Not even close. Fun game but no.

    MUDDY EYEBALL Month ago

    Congrats on the solid viewer numbers on that last episode, sorry that you now have to sound like Kermit once a quarter now to meet those target ratings and hit goal expectations!! Great content, always relevant and creative. Thanks for the entertainment always!!

  • Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey Month ago

    another banger - can you believe this is free - absolutely nuts - thank you mate

  • Nicky Iacobazzi
    Nicky Iacobazzi Month ago

    i could sit here all day listening to you talk madness about The Day Before

  • TwoK
    TwoK Month ago +6

    Could we get timestamps in the description/time scrubber? It makes it easier to track what topic were on.

  • Hraesvelgr
    Hraesvelgr Month ago

    As much as we don’t want you to burn out, but I’d love some solid Skill Up content that isn’t just reviews.
    I’d love to hand over more watch time but can’t with new reviews because I want to experience the game first

  • Caesar AMVS
    Caesar AMVS Month ago +3

    Hoping the Hi-Fi director can now make The Evil Within 3! He directed the DLC for the first and directed the second game. Seeing as Ghostwire: Tokyo started as TEW3, there's still hope!

  • TheHooligan95
    TheHooligan95 Month ago

    I'm very busy this month, but every time I boot up HiFi Rush it quickly gets better and better.

  • Andre Billups
    Andre Billups Month ago

    That’s a good guy right there. Good guy at Blizzard May he always be blessed for not going against what he believes is right and wrong just for a job and money.