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The Anime Man VS. My Trash Taste in Romance Anime

  • Published on Dec 17, 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • Emirichu
    Emirichu  2 years ago +15889

    Starting on Dec 21 The Battle Cats will have limited-edition Christmas Capsules, holiday stages, Cat Food sales, and special gifts! Download The Battle Cats here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH269
    P.S. If you're wondering why there's so many romance titles missing from this video, it's because I just picked my most favorite bits from the hour and half audio recording ^^ so if your favorite romance anime isn't mentioned I'm sorry!!! Lovely Complex and Skip Beat is S tier btw ok
    (Also Joey only picked 30 titles so if you wanna know what they all are, check out his video!)

    • Chillin' with Rachel 💛
      Chillin' with Rachel 💛 2 years ago +37

      Ilyy have a great day everyone!!
      I make vidz 💕

    • It’Sarah 💜
      It’Sarah 💜 2 years ago +21

      Oki, lysm!💜
      I make vidz

    • Ravneet Kaur
      Ravneet Kaur 2 years ago +23

      Wait this was 10 seconds ago?(talking about how long ago this comment was)
      Edit:All the comments and replies are randomly letters..

    • Spencer
      Spencer 2 years ago +9

      Hello!!! I love you Emily!!! :D

    • CrownKaz
      CrownKaz 2 years ago +7


  • The Anime Man
    The Anime Man 2 years ago +62539

    Alternative title: Emily, Daidus and Joey Scream At Each Other for 20 Minutes lol

    • Ethereal Dream
      Ethereal Dream 2 years ago +641

      Took the words right out of my mouth 🤣

    • Sir Rodrigo
      Sir Rodrigo 2 years ago +185


    • J
      J 2 years ago +517

      How about: Emily and Daidus scream each other like a old couple whilst the Anime Mans commentates.

    • Angel of curiosity
      Angel of curiosity 2 years ago +81

      I can't think of a joke so (insert funny joke here)

    • MattStarzing
      MattStarzing 2 years ago +32

      @J yep

  • _Zealos_
    _Zealos_ Year ago +2128

    Daida: "OH MY GOD! You're murdering her, stop!!!"
    Joey: *Finishes the job
    Daida: *_"WHEEZE~!_* GET DUNKED ON!"

  • John Kenneth
    John Kenneth Year ago +1557

    Emily's rant about that scene on toradora was very justified

    • autumnproblem🍂
      autumnproblem🍂 5 months ago +80

      It was hilarious, true too, like she has absolutely every reason to rant about it

    • glitched cam
      glitched cam 4 months ago +64

      as someone who has not watched the anime, emi is very much valid for that rant. Like how is taiga mad at my girlie for wanting to move up in the world and basically rejecting a guy WHO PUT HER ON THE SPOT? like taiga had NO RIGHT to be mad at miss astronaut girlie and beat her ass up, when she HERSELF rejected the glasses guy at some point apparently.
      its not really comparable but, its like proposing to someone in public, getting told no, and the girl who liked the guy beats the other up for saying no in front of people, like it's their fault the person who proposed in public, PROPOSED in public.

    • Morgan Breeman
      Morgan Breeman 3 months ago +1

      ⁠@glitched cam that’s not even what happened you have to watch it bc Emily did not understand what happened in that scene

    • The Anime Antagonist
      The Anime Antagonist 2 months ago +2

      I'm 100% sure in the anime she says she's not doing the right thing

    • Lilya
      Lilya 2 months ago +3

      I just saw it as fighting for her friend's honour or something like that. That's basically what happened, to me anyway.

  • Juliana Ingrid A. Arcilla

    - likes cats
    - cries a lot
    - has brown hair and eyes
    - only wears skirts and shorts
    - likes cats
    - cries a lot
    - has brown hair and eyes
    - only wears shorts and skirts
    The real question is, who was a copy of whom 😳

    • name changer m/w atsu!!
      name changer m/w atsu!! Year ago +40

      wait tohru from what? dragon maid? please specify this sounds like someone id kin 😭

    • Naksachai Saejane
      Naksachai Saejane Year ago +117

      @name changer m/w atsu!! toru Honda from fruit basket.

    • rybd
      rybd Year ago +8


    • rybd
      rybd Year ago +29

      both are awesome tho you cant argue with that

    • Sunny Star-
      Sunny Star- Year ago +3

      @name changer m/w atsu!! Tohru Honda from the anime Fruit Baskets

  • Ancalag0n
    Ancalag0n Year ago +1591

    Emily's takes were enlightening. Explains why me and my female friends have some very clear divides on what romance shows are good and bad. Never thought how shows can be male/female-oriented

    • Solid Oxygen
      Solid Oxygen 11 months ago +53

      An egregious example would be "I want to eat your pancreas." The story is entirely about how an aloof guy gets his life changed by a magical girl that forces herself into his life.

    • Lotie The Bunny
      Lotie The Bunny 4 months ago +3

      I agree ngl

    • Cindy G Picado Molina
      Cindy G Picado Molina 2 months ago

      ​@Solid Oxygenwhat-?

    • Knightmare
      Knightmare 20 days ago +2

      @Solid Oxygen That is a gross oversimplification of a the movie

  • TheGreatYukon
    TheGreatYukon 11 months ago +929

    I'ma agree with Emily that it isn't about attention span, it sounded to me like she was saying she hates the needless bullshitting around, the misunderstandings, the contrivances, the will-they-wont-they going on and on for seasons. That's not about attention span, because at a certain point it's a question of how much nonsense you're willing to put up with before you stop caring. You can't retain a relationship tension like that indefinitely, it gets old. Or at least, that's my outlook looking at these from a somewhat outsider view.

    • Mana sama
      Mana sama 11 months ago +20

      I agree

    • Xeny Dar
      Xeny Dar 8 months ago +71

      I understand, problems, no matter how believable, lose their weight and care from audience if they just keep coming. They feel forced. Like cheap ways to create drama and resolutions to reach the episodes mark.

    • Cillian
      Cillian 7 months ago +28

      It's understandable tbh, if you're gonna throw some weird shit at me you gotta give smthn understandable enough to suspend disbelief.

    • Jonas M.
      Jonas M. 4 months ago +3

      That's the reason why Gamers! Is the worst Anime in my eyes. It was more painful to watch than exarm

    • Swordz Anderson
      Swordz Anderson 4 months ago +7

      @Jonas M. Gamers is not the best example because it's just bad. Even if you try to look at the misunderstandings as comedy relief, it stops being funny. Misunderstandings are fine, I can even tolerate a ton of them, back-to-back. Gamers! just managed to do so in the most obnoxious, shove-it-in-your-face method possible.

  • illymation
    illymation 2 years ago +14689

    losing my mind at the monthly emily-anime roasts 😭😭

  • Unknown Area
    Unknown Area Year ago +692

    Daidus: Roasts Emily's taste in guys
    Also Daidus: Dates her
    Me: You do see the contradiction. Right?

    • Stefu M
      Stefu M 5 months ago +91

      To be fair, in one of her videos of “childhood crushes” (I believe with the Trash Taste boys), she said that she really loves Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove, and the boys said that he is like Daidus 😆

    • Zeke
      Zeke 3 months ago +9

      ​@Stefu Mkronks a cool guy you can't blame her tbh he'd be my best friend

    • Fairy Blu
      Fairy Blu 2 months ago +2

      ​@Stefu Myeah it was Childhood Crushes 4

  • BurntPancakes
    BurntPancakes 5 months ago +122

    Daidus:"were just here to trash on Emilys garbage truck taste"
    Also Daidus: proceeds to give Oreimo an S tier

  • Blizzardthesnowdragon
    Blizzardthesnowdragon Year ago +252

    Can't believe that Daidus and Joey wanted to put a wholesome anime under a brother/sister incest anime

    • ItzMeeAzriel27
      ItzMeeAzriel27 4 months ago +2

      Wait which ones?

    • Maria Dias
      Maria Dias 4 months ago +18

      @ItzMeeAzriel27 Ore Monogatari!! (wholesome anime) Oreimo (incest anime)

    • Synergy
      Synergy 3 months ago +11

      @Maria Diasbro i searched it up and was like brother, what the fuck?

    • Cindy G Picado Molina
      Cindy G Picado Molina 2 months ago

      ​@Maria Dias oh-

  • Rt. Hon. Sir Nigel Kidney-Traye

    My least favourite part of Toradora was how the relationship between Taiga and Riyuji was developed. The whole time she is forcing him to help her get with this other guy, after she LITERALLY broke into his house and attacked him might I add, and then out of nowhere, she apparently loves him. The whole thing just felt forced honestly.

    • RikaRieGaming
      RikaRieGaming Year ago +97

      And that there were better options for Riyuji imo I was team Ami tho.

    • serene
      serene Year ago +61

      i hate how she abused him

    • Zanko Akurou Ch.
      Zanko Akurou Ch. Year ago +51

      taiga was a problem child, I'm not saying what she did was nice but i just expected her to be an reckless moron but she is passionate and she did become at least a better person which ryuji can see and he bonded and known her for what she is and respects her and Ami being better is just meh cuz ryuji and ami never really had amazing moments. Both if them were busy chasing this other person but ended up developing for each other instead. So no, it didn't feel forced but I feel like Minori was better for ryuji but then again they lacked moments and Minori was really good at hiding her feelings for ryuji and she was too late since ryuji develop more feelings for Taiga more. Taiga and ryuji have seen each other problems and flaws that they basically clicked. Yusaku was indeed unremarkable and Ami felt like she's nothing.
      Even though Taiga did change for the better i wasn't able to like her still so I'm not saying this to say that taiga is a nice character, she's horrible.

    • RikaRieGaming
      RikaRieGaming Year ago +46

      @Zanko Akurou Ch. Oh we know all that the anime was base on Ryuji and Taiga, so of course Ami and Minori were left in the dust unfairly. Good thing we have the game, I can let him get Ami all the time. I understand Taiga but it doesn't mean I have to like the character, yeah she got better but she was still one of my least favorite as a character and end girl.

    • Densema
      Densema Year ago +24

      I don't see where it is forced. Taiga seemed to be interested just from the point where Riyuuji stood by her side after Kitamura rejected her, she even said it there. Toradora in its entirety shows the difference between having a crush on someone and acting all wierd because of it and on the other hand real love, where you get to know somebody without any shaders, without thinking too much, just getting more and more comfy together over time until the point where you just recognize how much you like that other human being and that you do not want to lose him/her by any chance. Taiga does not really know Kita, Riyuuji didnt know anything about Minori to begin with but still they thought they feel something. And then Taiga and Riyuuji grew together in their quirky ways. Taiga even cried heavily after Riyuuji almost drowned but played it down afterwards like he is hers as her butler and doggo. Youth and inexperience, guys.

  • hai tran
    hai tran 9 months ago +355

    90% of video: diadus and joey roasting emily

  • Inger and Tim Berryman
    Inger and Tim Berryman 2 years ago +17835

    Daidus has three relationship modes: 1. Roast girlfriend. 2. Comfort girlfriend. 3. Laugh at girlfriend.

    • Awesomeferret10
      Awesomeferret10 2 years ago +360

      Lol how doesn’t this have more likes.

    • Pixel Pudding 39
      Pixel Pudding 39 2 years ago +1525

      4. Replace girlfriend with homie

    • Sramble
      Sramble 2 years ago +437


    • Awesomeferret10
      Awesomeferret10 2 years ago +593

      @Sramble yeah did you see her valentines post? She made ship art of her and her boyfriend lol. They announced it in a really unofficial way in twitter I think and then were casually like “oh yeah that wasn’t a joke”

    • Sramble
      Sramble 2 years ago +93

      @Awesomeferret10 no i just started watching her today, very funny

  • Mattster Ch33f
    Mattster Ch33f Year ago +432

    13:23 to 14:45
    You have to love the way Daidus is trolling Emily so hard here, and the way she reacted. Priceless

  • Celestia Lambert
    Celestia Lambert 3 months ago +40

    Nana is STILL on Hiatus... 14 YEARS later... we're NEVER gonna see the end of it

  • why betrayer is poison
    why betrayer is poison 3 months ago +45

    Nah I'm the biggest toradora simp and love all the characters but damn, Emily's take on yusaku actually opened my eyes to how dumb and selfish that was by yusaku, and how much dumber taiga fighting her was bc she had rejected him a year ago

  • Benjamin Klaassen
    Benjamin Klaassen Year ago +420

    13:51 Okay Emily, don't hate me for this, but I have to agree with Daidus on this one; the girl's literally like the size of his arm, the logistics make absolutely no sense. It'd be like chalkin' a pool cue.

    • Jahnavi Thomas
      Jahnavi Thomas Year ago +32

      But it's sooo wholesome and adorableeeeeee ❤️❤️❤️

    • Elizabeth Lennon
      Elizabeth Lennon Year ago +60

      I freaking wheezed XD.
      I find it funny that I’ve never considered that people might have this opinion until I realized why. My parents are 5’4” and 6’7”, this was normal for me. So I zeroed in on “Big guy who looks intimidating has heart of gold and a tiny girlfriend who shows love through baking.”

    • Lumiere
      Lumiere Year ago +23

      I think it's definitely a topic worth talking about because SPOILER
      They literally do have sex at the end. Also, what's not wholesome about sex between two lovers?

    • Maplefurry
      Maplefurry Year ago +1

      @Lumiere wait they DO? I dont remember that >.>

    • TheDanox27
      TheDanox27 Year ago

      Bruh they don't do the deed, he wears her like a sleeve 💀

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 6 months ago +60

    14:02 when Emily shrieks is just too hilarious

  • Braeden
    Braeden 2 years ago +6042

    “You have a short attention span”
    Emily: “I have a short attention span”
    “So you have a short attention span”
    Emily: NOOooOo

    • MR Pickles
      MR Pickles 2 years ago +19


    • Skylark
      Skylark 2 years ago +13


    • Stinky Joe
      Stinky Joe 2 years ago +2

      @the Toyota Supra funni

    • Fred-o-saurus
      Fred-o-saurus 2 years ago +39

      Memes aside, i think she more so meant that she prefers more focused stories, which movies tend to be so, she tends to like movies more
      Because she has a short attention span 🙃

  • Quaether
    Quaether 9 months ago +201

    I absolutely loved watching Fruits Basket (2019) and I can only describe its story as angst disguised as a romantic comedy. It was delightful and heart-wrenching all at once, and it will remain one of the best anime I have watched thus far. 10/10, would recommend (if you don't mind angst).

    • Maril Hansen
      Maril Hansen 8 months ago +2

      i quit because i thought it was shit. Does it get better after the first couple episodes?

    • medamen555
      medamen555 8 months ago +7

      @Maril Hansen definitely! its an amazing anime that's well worth the watch

    • CabooseNori
      CabooseNori 7 months ago +3

      @Maril Hansen I watch the old school one and then the new remake. I know I was in middle school when I first got into the manga so watching it again as a adult there were some parts that were over the top and cringe. If you can get past that the message is wholesome and each characters development is so heartwarming.

    • Samy EN
      Samy EN 6 months ago +7

      @Maril Hansen I dropped it after ep 4 then gave it another chance a few years later because my roomate loved it. And now it’s one of my favorites. Absolutely gets better, definitely worth it.

    • sleepy lil rat
      sleepy lil rat 6 months ago

      aren’t they all cousins tho..?

  • Snow Lily
    Snow Lily Year ago +248

    They’re dissing Emily for not crying on the emotional scenes in anime. Meanwhile you just have me who smiles the entire time because I’m a fricken sadist.

    • ʜᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴀ
      ʜᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴀ Year ago +14

      That's literally the same with me, i laugh till my guts are sore in emotional scenes.

    • Snow Lily
      Snow Lily Year ago +12

      @ʜᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴀ I mean I have literally tried to cry and get all sad when emotional scenes in anime come up but it never works. I just can’t seem stop being a sadist. 🤷‍♀️

    • ʜᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴀ
      ʜᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴀ Year ago +11

      @Snow Lily I don't even try to cry, the giggles just start coming out. 😭

    • Snow Lily
      Snow Lily Year ago +10

      @ʜᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴀ I know right! It’s so hard not to laugh!

    • ʜᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴀ
      ʜᴀʀᴍᴏɴɪᴀ Year ago +10

      @Snow Lily We are literally kindred spirits 😌

  • glitched cam
    glitched cam 4 months ago +18

    i was about to get mad over them at the ore monogatari one. it's ATLEAST an A, not a D. big man, who was quite literally used by girls to get with his best friend, FINALLY found someone who likes him for who he is and for how kind-hearted he is. like big man was cast aside by girls, talked shit about him TO HIS CONVENTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE FRIEND, and he still wasn't ever mad at the guy. that's basically the whole thing for the anime!

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez 10 months ago +67

    I love the way on how Daidus defends Emily in 18:10 to 18:15 even though he was teasing her like a few seconds ago

  • TheMintGrrl
    TheMintGrrl 7 months ago +54

    I feel bad for poor Emily having to animate these two guys bullying her over her preferences while also having to make it look entertaining for her internet audience. I know it's all in good fun for them, but I'd be too embarrassed to do that if it were me. More power to ya, Emily.

    • Beng4lL
      Beng4lL 5 months ago +8

      Yeah the moment she says something even slightly opinionated, it devolved into daidus screaming like a caveman « WRONG WRONG WRONG SO WRONG »

    • TheMintGrrl
      TheMintGrrl 5 months ago +8

      @Beng4lL Yeah, but like I said, it's all harmless fun, like when you bully your siblings. I'm not mad at Daidus for anything, just to be clear!

  • Scorpionstrike7
    Scorpionstrike7 2 years ago +5292

    Daidus: *gives a D*
    Emily: “DEEEEEEE?!!!!”
    Joey: *gives a B*
    Emily: “BEEEEEEEE?!!!!”

    • Cade Thumann
      Cade Thumann 2 years ago +87

      Fonz: AAAAYYYYYEEEEE.......

    • c00lguy 07
      c00lguy 07 2 years ago +21

      DeeBee's manufactured by BDi industry's (i hope you get this reference)

    • Leonidas
      Leonidas 2 years ago +16

      they forgot the *Z*

    • Liquid Chameleon
      Liquid Chameleon 2 years ago +7

      My favorite part

    • 2Dapper
      2Dapper 2 years ago +3


  • ノーネーム
    ノーネーム Year ago +135

    I really enjoyed Toradora, but I also completely get Emily's rant about that whole mini-plot. I sort of came to look past it though because I thought they were just acting how hormonal teenagers would, they're not always thinking with their brain but with their raw emotions so their actions aren't logical.

    • Kaito
      Kaito 4 months ago +7

      Also, the reason why Taiga got pissy at Kano for rejecting him was because she didn't really reject him, she blew him off, and that feels way worse than being rejected. Least Taiga properly rejected.

  • LlamaChas
    LlamaChas 4 months ago +56

    Em: it’s just two middle schoolers being awkward with each other
    Daidus: IT’S REALISTIC
    Fax Daidus lol

  • Akira
    Akira Year ago +55

    Daidus talking about Emily not liking romance, meanwhile he’s only using it to get his rocks off lol

  • TastyCoochPasta
    TastyCoochPasta Year ago +241

    Alternate title: Joey and Daiadus murder Emirichu for 18 minutes.

  • Imischek
    Imischek 6 months ago +16

    to be honest even though tohru honda may be a bit over the top girly but being very feminine,honest and caring aint the worst personality traits to go for. who would not want a girl like that

  • Daidus
    Daidus 2 years ago +62258

    Call an ambulance, but not for me

    • Larrytoons
      Larrytoons 2 years ago +1590

      No. I refuse. You see... I have a Do Not Recessitate

    • Mothra
      Mothra 2 years ago +454

      How about n o

    • Jhon Marc Malinao
      Jhon Marc Malinao 2 years ago +280

      Hmmm..... No?

    • Bean Weeb
      Bean Weeb 2 years ago +268

      No 😈 now please eat my cheese sticks

    • Jay God
      Jay God 2 years ago +260

      Points a gun back: Not Today.

  • Humie the hurricane🌀

    9:16 i love how she animated it here like her and daidus fighting and then there's joey just there like yup i agreed to this

  • Pandaman18
    Pandaman18 Year ago +85

    I agree with daidus, we should create nicknames for anime characters.

  • time.
    time. Year ago +18

    love the way joey and daidus are drawn 💕

  • Professor Xivass
    Professor Xivass Year ago +75

    Daidus: *Calls Emily Bonobo brain*
    Me: “Bonobos don’t deserve this disrespect.”

  • REIN  レイン
    REIN  レイン Year ago +61

    Yes, Tohru and Emily are the exact same person, which is honestly, a good thing

  • meymey
    meymey 2 years ago +2539

    Bruh Emily having to draw Daidus and Joey low-key having a bromance is a mood

    • BeigeOracle
      BeigeOracle 2 years ago +30

      I think she's a higg tier Fujoshi

    • melrodiii
      melrodiii 2 years ago +88

      Emily drawing the man she has a romantic relationship with, having romantic scenes with another man, talking about romantic anime’s, lead to Emily having a romantic relationship with herself, is the romance I’m into.

    • Lindsay Mateo
      Lindsay Mateo 2 years ago +8

      @melrodiii sorry what-🧍‍♂️

    • Letícia Reis
      Letícia Reis 2 years ago +35

      it's funny how she was the third wheel even though she's dating daidus lol

    • SAYTON
      SAYTON 2 years ago +5

      U mean this 11:55?

  • Brix Pilapil
    Brix Pilapil 2 months ago +2

    Is this the first,last, and only time Emily has drawn Joey as his Avatar?
    Just something I noticed after watching CC4 and the Food Opinions Video where she draws how he actually looks

  • Aan-kun
    Aan-kun 6 months ago +13

    Ok but daidus's rant about oremonogatari dude not fitting inside the girl was very logical. And pure hilarious.

  • Victor Magoço
    Victor Magoço Year ago +55

    My understanding of the TaigaVSKano situation is that Taiga isn’t angry because the girl rejected Glasses guy, but because she treated it as a joke instead of giving a honest answer

    • Affan Sami
      Affan Sami 11 months ago +1

      i was getting irritated that emily thought it was anything other then that
      like give the dude a real answer at least

    • Kat
      Kat 8 months ago +19

      @Affan Sami still doesn't warrant physical violence

    • GoatDemon Demi
      GoatDemon Demi 4 months ago +14

      ​@Affan Sami but like, why should the girl give the glasses dude an answer?? He made a fool of himself, telling the entire damn school his feelings and thinking she'd answer. It's better she treated it like a joke than just straight up saying no 💀
      Anyway, just personal thought of someone who's never seen it ✨

    • Affan Sami
      Affan Sami 4 months ago +2

      @GoatDemon Demi give an honest answer and be honest with the guy, at least with the honesty it can be seen as good, making it a joke could just leave more emotional issues
      also you are entitled to your thoughts and that is fine

    • 黒羽 舞桜
      黒羽 舞桜 4 months ago +13

      ​@GoatDemon Demi Yeah, whether it's this or that, Taiga had no right to resort to physical violence. And the blue haired girl didn't have any obligation to answer the glasses guy. He was the one who made a fool of himself and asked the question. He even did it in front of the whole student body to put pressure on her. The blue girl was in the right the entire time.

  • Elizabeth Lennon
    Elizabeth Lennon Year ago +25

    I think the psych major in me liked Anohana for the revisiting old feelings part and not the romance aspect at all. I liked the catharsis of it and that’s why my favorite episode is when everyone finally spills their guts.

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope Year ago +13

    The way Daidus' mic peaks into oblivion is so goddamn funny to me for some reason

  • Caleb Hyles
    Caleb Hyles 2 years ago +10859


    • HashBrown
      HashBrown 2 years ago +208

      Howdy, didn't expect to see you here.

      UNION JACK THE RIPPER 2 years ago +79

      now i just want an anime drawing of you and jonathan. TO THE INTERNET

    • Thanatoast
      Thanatoast 2 years ago +17

      She was Vored 😜🙄😜🙄😜🙄🙄😜🙄😜😅🤣😅🤣😅

    • Zeldris Morningstar
      Zeldris Morningstar 2 years ago +6

      He before this comment hits 1k likes

    • Eli Rey Alvarado
      Eli Rey Alvarado 2 years ago +12

      CALEB!!! Bro keep doing what you're doing, I love you man

  • GrimaceTheMask
    GrimaceTheMask Year ago +30

    The part where she is taking notes on the animation is literally what I’m doing whenever I watch anime

  • the Honorable Shadow
    the Honorable Shadow Year ago +44

    I wonder if Emily has seen noragami, it's a really good anime, and one of the main characters is similar to Emily, down to the outfits she wears.

  • SolaceMax
    SolaceMax 9 months ago +49

    Damn no mercy for Emily haha Joey literally said you’re aqua from Konosuba

  • Cronotriggered
    Cronotriggered Year ago +26

    Tsuki ga Kirei, despite being titled as such, is actually the most down to earth romance I think I've ever watched. It made me look back on that time in my life when I was too young to really know anything, but felt like I was old enough to go out and learn stuff, and man what a trip. I highly recommend it and it's adorable as fuck to top it off. Just don't be like emily ig.

    • Affan Sami
      Affan Sami 11 months ago +1

      to be fair tsuki ga kirei is basically one of the most japanese way of saying i love you to someone so it fits very well

  • Everythingis Taken
    Everythingis Taken Year ago +41

    5:52 I can actually really relate to this part. Not as much with like anime but with animations that people draw on Clip-Share.

  • jackalexande
    jackalexande 2 years ago +8847

    Daidus manages to flirt with everyone but his actual girlfriend

    • A homo sapien
      A homo sapien 2 years ago +181


    • lara casey
      lara casey 2 years ago +549

      thats sad he does has a tsundere characteristics thats actually kinda cute for two anime watchers tho

    • Lxsers Lxne
      Lxsers Lxne 2 years ago +385

      Probably why they started dating to be honest. He doesn’t try to be nice he’s being himself

    • dana
      dana 2 years ago +125

      Wait... they are dating!!?

    • Lxsers Lxne
      Lxsers Lxne 2 years ago +126

      @dana for a little while now actually

  • NevermindHDx
    NevermindHDx Year ago +21

    I don't even watch anime, but I thoroughly enjoyed these two bros just broing it out and roasting the absolute frigg out of Emily. 20 minutes well spent.

  • AssailantLF
    AssailantLF Year ago +9

    The art in this one was so good. You capture the expressions and emotions of the convo _so_ perfectly!

  • Rose Cadenza
    Rose Cadenza Year ago +10

    In Emily's defense for Toradora, I can totally understand this. The fact that the glasses guy (I can't remember his name either) left the student council, quit attending school, and bleached his hair because of a girl. At first when it was happening, I thought something a lot worse happened. When it was revealed why he was doing this, I wanted to throw my computer out the window! It's such a stupid reason for all that. You know what I would've told him? "Buck up! Get your life together and move on!" Other than that, I absolutely loved the show and is one of my favorites.
    I loved Daidus's immediate response to Clannad. It's literally the best anime in the world. It's so weird. I feel like it's criminally underrated. I feel like it's not talked about how much of a masterpiece it is. I bet, if you talked to people 10 years ago about Clannad, people would rave about good it is. I joined the hype train for Clannad pretty late. Honestly, any anime that makes me cry is an automatic S tier for me. And since I cry pretty easily, I have a lot of favorites.
    To me, Tsuki ga Kirei is so good. It's so different because it's so much more realistic. I thought I was going to be bored of it, but I just find it all so wholesome. The ending scene of the last episode had me crying because it was so wholesome.
    I can't remember if I watched the whole thing of 5 Centimeters Per Second. It was pretty cute, but it's kind of slow. I may have stopped in the middle somewhere. I should try to watch it again. But I'm more into the romcoms.

  • Nat256
    Nat256 Year ago +11

    Toradora was one of my first anime’s and it will forever hold a place in my heart, I’m so glad they did it justice

  • cancio caleb
    cancio caleb Year ago +8

    I need a compilation video of Emirichu just screaming that's the funniest thing ever.

  • Jazzels
    Jazzels 2 years ago +5791

    *Emily S tiers one*
    Daidus: except that one, that ones a D

    • Betam Balu
      Betam Balu 2 years ago +205

      I have no doubt that he did this on purpose to get to Emily

    • Flurry Quackers
      Flurry Quackers 2 years ago +47


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      Ra awesome 2 years ago +13

      This is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    • the dust06
      the dust06 2 years ago +3

      @Betam Balu angry

    • Butterscotch Sketches
      Butterscotch Sketches 2 years ago +3

      She tiered 2 S tiers because fruits basket and the one with giant lips

  • stariverse
    stariverse Month ago +2

    i get what emily means with the beatiful animes. they are all so pretty but nothing really makes you think 'wow this is a cool plot'.

  • Tronic
    Tronic 2 days ago +1

    17:21 I love that Daidus gets so mad that his audio starts cutting off.

  • Kroki Krumpsun
    Kroki Krumpsun Year ago +4

    I actually totally get Emi’s taste cus it’s like- I want realistic relationships and human interactions in a compelling (usually fictional) world.

  • Brad Dalrymple
    Brad Dalrymple Year ago +5

    The animation makes this. I don't know how I lived for this long without you. Knocking it out of the park

  • Iris
    Iris Year ago +26

    I totally love and agree with Emirichu regarding the Toradora one.

  • KingJulian
    KingJulian 2 years ago +3770

    I feel like I was watching Emily and Daidus go through Couple’s Therapy, and Joey was their therapist.

  • Graveyard Monarch
    Graveyard Monarch 10 months ago +2

    Daidus was looking for a tsundere and Emirichu was looking for a himbo. They found each other.

  • DogLover
    DogLover Year ago +9

    Emily and daidus argue like a old married couple 😂

  • Helena Chester
    Helena Chester Year ago +18

    I roccomend one called Lovely Complex. I know you said that you don't like slow burn or misunderstanding, and I suppose this one can be pretty bad for that in the middle, but stuff also happens, it's really wholesome, really cute, and the animation style is simultaneously funny and pretty.

  • Pedro Santana
    Pedro Santana Month ago

    Daidus laughing at Joey roasting Emily will forever be the one thing to give me hope in life

  • Jubilate
    Jubilate 4 months ago +8

    emily and daidus are the ones in a relationship yet emily ends up being the third wheel XD

  • G
    G 2 years ago +3918

    I love how Daidus is half protecting Emily and half roasting her lmao

    • Nutise Chaos
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      I know right! Such great content.

    • CEO of Jeanneism
      CEO of Jeanneism 2 years ago +114

      Truly how you use a Shield, and Sword.

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      Nia Cervantes 2 years ago +12

      The Cain Instinct

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      Thats how dating works

    • ItsAmeSamuel
      ItsAmeSamuel 2 years ago +47

      Wait daidus and emirichu are dating? I haven’t watched in a couple months so I haven’t been updated about anything lol

  • rufusdrumknott
    rufusdrumknott 11 months ago +2

    The effort put into the visuals for this video do not go unappreciated, I don’t care for romance anime so I wouldn’t usually watch a video like this but your personalities and the illustrations made this video a side-splittingly hilarious experience!!

  • Bunsenn
    Bunsenn Year ago +9

    In this episode of Emirichu: *Emily, Joey, and Daidus gradually lose their sanity*

  • Zeke
    Zeke 3 months ago

    Emily:" basically your a tsundere simper"
    Proceeds to make him her boyfriend so shes calling herself a tsundere

  • sheilandry khalila
    sheilandry khalila Year ago +17

    To be honest I can kinda relate to emily, mostly because i hate most romance anime beacuse they either have a s*** ton of misunderstanding, too flat and nothing really happens, or just this dreadfully dramatic. The romance anime I like is maid sama and horimiya or something similiar. Though to be fair, the middle part of maid sama (the one in the manga) is very dramatic and has all this misunderstanding and I wouldn't really read it again because it gives me anxiety, but the ending was really cute and wholesome and the whole series was pretty funny especially the initial part so i'll give it a pass

  • Denku
    Denku 10 months ago +5

    I feel like Joey at some points is very much preventing Emily and Daidus from killing eachother over romance anime

  • akikaze
    akikaze 2 years ago +3106

    Daidus: We’re literally just here to trash Emily’s garbage-

  • Stephanie Carlson
    Stephanie Carlson Year ago +3

    I wish to have a relationship like those two. It's so cute them arguing like that about anime.

  • MickeyMouse
    MickeyMouse Year ago

    These are one of the few videos that make me actually laugh, they roll off each other's personalities so well

    YIP YIP  11 months ago +6

    Emily Ur pov as a girl in romance anime is so so valid. Sympathized so easily

  • StarryKnight
    StarryKnight Year ago +2

    I love these videos so much, the rewatch value is ASTRONOMICAL LMAO I AM STILL LAUGHING YEARS LATER

  • Matthew Laxon
    Matthew Laxon 4 months ago

    I need a part 2 to this with some newer shows like Tonikawa

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    kyles mom 2 years ago +2486

    Alternative title: Daidus and Joey ignoring Emily’s opinion for 20 minutes straight

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    I’m already a massive battle cats fan, I’m glad to see that they’ve sponsored people

  • TheFidow
    TheFidow Year ago +1

    I’ve been subbed to Emily for a while but never got a full grasp of her Niche. I knew it was drawing but I didn’t know in what set format it was done in. Until watching this I totally get it now and it’s amazing.
    This is so well done. Such a unique take on tier listing videos. 😄

  • CoeurCorazon
    CoeurCorazon 9 months ago +37

    I watch seinen, shounen animes. Never romance or anything like that. "Cute" characters IMO were the ones that had but a sliver of humanity.

  • cyvrwie
    cyvrwie Year ago +2

    If I ever meet someone like Emily I'd roast the shit of them like Joey did in this episode lmao It'd be so funny

  • Jzawa Haise
    Jzawa Haise Year ago +1

    I know that I am 1year late but Emirichu drawings are the most wholesome thing in this universe, especially the expression is just so out of this world that I laugh so much right when it starts gosh, I'm never forgetting this!

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 2 years ago +3050

    Emily: "has a different opinion*
    Daidus: *Screaming intensifies*

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama 2 years ago +16

      @Fellow Stand User Yeah I get that a lot

    • leylin tempest
      leylin tempest 2 years ago +6

      @Joe Mama is that kira yoshikage and GER combined??? Or is it rohan??

    • Hachiハチ
      Hachiハチ 2 years ago +2

      @leylin tempest my bet is on Rohan

    • Random Epileptic Guy
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  • Lyjee
    Lyjee Year ago +4

    I really like these anime talks with Emily's animation, why? it's funny, relatable and gives me AMAZING ANIME RECOMMENDATIONS. Yeah and it really makes my day to see Emily's vids💕

  • Otaku
    Otaku Year ago +3

    The fact that Emily and Daidus are now dating adds so much irony into this i love it

  • K’s art
    K’s art 3 months ago +22

    The video:
    10% about anime
    90% roasting Emily

  • Todd Elmsworth
    Todd Elmsworth Year ago

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  • Celron_Miles
    Celron_Miles Year ago

    To be honest when Didus started describing characters by their traits, not remembering their names? I felt personally called out, and at the same time proud of that boi.

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    This video is hilarious completely🤣 I can’t describe how much I laughed watching this! It’s great! Loved it!

  • Solstice18
    Solstice18 2 months ago +3

    Tohru Honda influenced the kind of person I wanted to be when I grew up too.
    Then life beat me half to death and now I'm more like Hatori.

  • Draca Cartoons
    Draca Cartoons Year ago +1

    The expressions in your videos are so funny and interesting. I love them and I love your work! I am wanting to screenshot Daidus's expression at 14:43 because it is a freaking meme emote all on its own. I love it.

  • BatoOfTheWaterTribe

    I always find myself coming back to these videos, so good, especially the roasting Emily bits

  • ●[Gacha_Ray]●
    ●[Gacha_Ray]● Year ago +2

    poor Emily is trying to give her honest opinion but gets roasted like a thanksgiving turkey that got to close to an outlet

  • KittenPanda
    KittenPanda 2 years ago +1854

    This whole video is Daidus roasting Emily, but also defending her to keep himself at a good boyfriend status 😂

    • secret sins
      secret sins 2 years ago +69

      omg they r together? wait for how long have they been together??

    • alysumi !
      alysumi ! 2 years ago +105

      @secret sins For about a year, if I'm not wrong daidus posted a one-year anniversary gift in his Instagram

    • Sakura Moonflower
      Sakura Moonflower 2 years ago +41

      What, they started dating?! I thought they were just friends! XD

    • The Seven Deadly Sins
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    I know nothing about literally any of these animes but this has still been one of the most amusing videos that I have ever watched.

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    I was not anticipating the 'classroom sword fight' to be what looked like a knock-down drag out fight.

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