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How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Sumsub
    Sumsub  8 months ago +633

    Hey guys, we just released a part two - we'll teach you how to re-appear in a new life. I'm talking new documents, work and even appearances. Check it out: clip-share.net/video/Ca6VBZe9qlg/video.html

  • Rajanya Sen
    Rajanya Sen Year ago +13167

    Its not always about disappearing it's about finding inner peace without needing anyone to validate your existence.

    • Sunshine 🌞
      Sunshine 🌞 Day ago


      ERADICATED 2 days ago

      Lol yes

    • Mariam Mekhaeil
      Mariam Mekhaeil 7 days ago

      Yess, sometimes it's just that desire to escape from problems

    • Rose Savoy
      Rose Savoy 8 days ago

      You’ve nailed it!

    • javier torres
      javier torres Month ago

      Oh yeah? Tell that to the FBI who are looking for a certain person making a comment.

  • Valley
    Valley 5 months ago +784

    Being a ghost to the world is actually the most amazing thing ever. Especially for the people with an audience that haven’t revealed their identity.

    • Valley
      Valley 21 day ago

      @Neomancr everything you do on the internet leaves “fingerprints” man. I am happy that you took care of your identity for these many years. I really wanna congratulate you. Good job! Stay a ghost! Do not let these garbage people tell you otherwise. At least we do not live for others or seeking attention but for ourselves. A simple, peaceful life where nobody can bother.

    • Neomancr
      Neomancr 22 days ago +2

      I was living as a ghost for 33 years. I only took my hood off 3 years ago. Not online but to build a credit record since j figured itd be necessary. I popped out of no where 3 years ago and then rocketed up my Fico to 782 with a 80g limit. I wonder who the hell they think I am. I'm the author of several top ranking articles and guides but never signed them. Commanded accounts that had pages and pages of shared users, even installing the account on store demos. I lived on cash and being a benevolent ghost so no one had any reason to ago after me. I managed to save a bunch of lives which is cool.
      The easiest way to disappear he's right is to spam the hell of yourself but even easier is to blend into a crowd you created to the point where they all continue using your accounts, watching your Netflix searching the web etc.

    • Evelyn Zlon
      Evelyn Zlon Month ago

      @Zap Man I don't even LIKE the Roman Empire. I just like the idea of being a Countess.

    • Evelyn Zlon
      Evelyn Zlon Month ago

      @Zap Man I'm ready for my close-up and sometimes I still refer to myself as "Countess".

    • Zap Man
      Zap Man Month ago

      @Evelyn Zlon ok.

    ACE CALA Month ago

    I believe it's about training our mind on how to not get affected by these things/social media. Even if we try to get away from these apps as much as possible, there are some which we still need. Eg: LinkedIn to search jobs or some groups on FB that are active and related to your business. It's about training your mind to stick to just whats really useful rather than opening FB, LinkedIn or Instagram a dozen times a day and mindlessly scrolling through it. One can easily delete these apps from phone and only log into it when it's really needed or atleast turn off the notifications from those apps. Back in 2014-2016, I was badly addicted to FB, until I decided to deactivate it for few months to stop the addiction. I went back to it later since I needed it for a few things, but now I only open it when I really need to access the info. With this I did notice huge change in my productivity.

  • Dorra Trojette
    Dorra Trojette 7 months ago +815

    I just want to add that you can start all over again without really deleting everything about you on the internet. The internet is nothing without the user so it’s because you give it importance that the internet becomes important to you. In other words deleting all your data will mean nothing if you mentally and emotionally still connected to the old version of you. Starting all over again comes from the inside not the outside

    • Kyla Danae
      Kyla Danae 27 days ago

      Deleting can be a good start to healing and self care with no distractions. If you are an alcoholic you get rid of alcohol. If you are addicted to social media you get rid of social media.

    • kittykittycat
      kittykittycat Month ago

      Well said sister

    • Robert Jensen
      Robert Jensen Month ago

      @Kiko Ernesto Clearly you're a very angry person. Seek help.

    • Kiko Ernesto
      Kiko Ernesto Month ago +1

      @Robert Jensen You know, for someone who preaches avoiding trackers and acts like an expert in it, I expect you to take your advice. Instead, you recklessly display your prejudice & ignorance for all to see, and prove that you're a waste of time. Also, since you didn't learn your lesson last time someone taught this to you, here's a recap:
      Generalisations are not, and never will be, factual. Generalisations oversimplify facts to simplistic observations, and allows bigots like you to dramatize it. That really shows how badly you want to this generation to be under your control.
      P.S. Indenting Clip-Share comments - *Clip-Share comments* of all things - is not, and never will, help your point. It doesn't even make you look anywhere smarter. No offense to being anti-modern. Kudos to barking up the wrong tree for more than a year, though, that must take some serious dedication!

    • Fritz olsson
      Fritz olsson 2 months ago

      @Robert Jensen Live in the woods, never return

  • La Romps
    La Romps Month ago +1

    Him: trying to delete himself from the internet
    Also him: not using an ad blocker

  • DanKO
    DanKO Year ago +4246

    To be honest, it sucks when a website doesn't give a choice to delete the account.

    • Duck Song Fans
      Duck Song Fans Day ago

      @_TeaTreeOil it is but companys make it difficult you usually have to contact support

    • Justin Kruger
      Justin Kruger 11 days ago

      They can still look at anything that was ever posted

    • Åke Bengtsson
      Åke Bengtsson 15 days ago

      @Rosie Rennie That’s not available in Europe

    • MrBelles
      MrBelles 29 days ago

      Or keeps your data permanently (or of course until the website shuts down and all the severs are wiped)

    • Miss pumpkin
      Miss pumpkin Month ago

      yes, and delete everything in the account itself

  • Astha Yadav
    Astha Yadav 7 months ago +185

    It's honestly comforting how relatable this sentiment is to so many people
    For quite some time now, I've really wanted for some magic to happen where BOOM and everyone completely forgets my existence, no need to suddenly leave the world and give everyone pain, rather they live happily not having to deal with you, and u start over
    But one thing i realised, ironically after the saddest and most depressing thing yet happened, that some part of me does want to reach a better future within the company of these people... kind of like a resolution? Even if i do decide to move on. So currently trying my best to solve all the shit ive handcrafted in 2020-2022 :-]
    Best wishes to everyone else in the same boat ◕‿◕ ✰

  • Celso DeJesus
    Celso DeJesus Month ago +1

    Buy a burner phone, don't log in anywhere and leave. That's it. Whatever traces are left online won't come back to you. Obviously don't look up anything about where you're going with your old phone.
    In the US you have a right to disappear as an adult. Unless you commit a crime the feds aren't going to subpoena records of what you looked for or where you went anyway.

  • Samer نعنوع
    Samer نعنوع Month ago

    even when using a bridge on tails , you have to connect by an unsafe browser and you'll leave a fingerprint ...
    You can't disappear on hardwares bloated with social media trackers , also a registered sim will identify you.
    So instead of trying to disappear , you can cycle your burned account through many devices it becomes obsolete for the algorithm . (after deleting the account's history, borrow devices from acquaintances or a strangers , sign in and leave it there) .

  • sharkin3d
    sharkin3d Month ago +3

    The fact that at least one person who has watched this video and is now missing is crazy

  • NotVicious
    NotVicious Year ago +26545

    Plot twist: The FBI is recommending this to people and whoever clicks it is automatically on a watch list...

    • arura
      arura 11 days ago

      Jokes on them I'm Asian

    • Emperoad
      Emperoad 13 days ago +1

      Too bad i already was on a watchlist

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki 16 days ago

      Last comment.

    • Noompsie
      Noompsie 18 days ago

      @Maria I didn’t know, possibly because I got clearance to work ina government job and they seen it was incorrectly done ? 🤷‍♂️ I was just drunk and a bit of nuisance is all

    • Michael Perkins
      Michael Perkins 18 days ago

      Plot twist: I’m English 😂

  • JuniperDoesStuff
    JuniperDoesStuff Month ago +1

    "How to disappear completely"
    Introverts: That's not even a fraction of my power.

  • Casse__
    Casse__ 8 months ago +257

    Yes I’ve deactivated all my social media including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and never told my friends or even post about it due to my insecurities and depression. I’ve always struggled to compare myself to others and honestly life is getting better. Just focusing on going to work and spend more time with family and friends

    • I'm marigu
      I'm marigu 2 days ago

      @Clip-ShareLyrics Clip-Share is an interactive media platform. You can use it as a social media but it doesn't have to be.

    • YouTubeLyrics
      YouTubeLyrics 12 days ago

      what about youtube

    • Fellah
      Fellah Month ago

      @Twat Suckler tf is wrong with u? Do u need a therapist..?
      I do get self love and shit but this is straight up narcissistic

    • Twat Suckler
      Twat Suckler 2 months ago

      Erm im prettier than you haha

    • Sumsub
      Sumsub  8 months ago +53

      Keep going. Social media is nothing but plaque in the brain.

  • Cat Von K
    Cat Von K 7 months ago +2

    Such an interesting video up until the point you said you would throw your phone in the pond.. Iphone batteries are so so so harmful to nature

  • xgravegame
    xgravegame 4 months ago +39

    I need this just because I hate when people find out literally anything about me without my consent.
    I don't care who you are or what you are to me, if I don't tell you I don't want you to be able to find out anything about me
    or what is called normal privacy.

  • Verity Dixon
    Verity Dixon Year ago +13276

    I deleted all social media last year, without telling any of my friends or acquaintances. I sometimes think about if they wonder where I went, since I moved to two different states in 2 months and finally settled after I deleted my social media accounts. I never really used social media anyway. It was toxic and full of fake news, political agendas, and over all just awful people who’ve been indoctrinated. I was over it and now I’m happier with just Clip-Share, so I can listen to music.

    • Jim
      Jim 28 minutes ago

      I did the same, and ended up texting and calling my family and friends more often to connect. My neice told me the other day she loves talking directly to me and not on social media, it actually brought us closer

    • Duck Song Fans
      Duck Song Fans Day ago

      dang i litteraly just use it to talk to people i like

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison 2 days ago

      Meanwhile I am over here with 3 Facebook accounts - all linked to different emails and none under my own name 😆

    • Onlyonegoodsamaritan
      Onlyonegoodsamaritan 3 days ago

      @emiihee so true

    • Bramptonboy Yt
      Bramptonboy Yt 4 days ago

      @Eggie Alfiansyah What 😭

  • cijicamp
    cijicamp 6 months ago +49

    The funniest thing about when I left social media all at once, is how like on 2 people out of the thousands of friends I had checked in. It was also really interesting how everyone just assumed that my life was horrible bc I posted no more. Honestly it's the most peace I've had in years. I've also had some of the most authentic relationships/freindships in years. If it works for some people then cool, & I may go back one day, but it's been nice to actually call people and hang out with people w/o having to post our food, or do anything extra besides connecting.

  • Claire Marie
    Claire Marie 6 months ago +54

    This was never a desirable idea until social media arrived in our world.

    • lives in sewers irl
      lives in sewers irl 16 days ago +3

      unless you being chased

    • No Name
      No Name 2 months ago

      And vaccine mandates and government using social media and our phones to find us either individually or as a group.

  • Avery's House
    Avery's House Month ago +1

    I saw a baby on that short clip of missing people and now I'm very sad. Abductors are horrible and should be punished.

  • pizza
    pizza 5 months ago +30

    watching this video and reading the comments has made me realize how wise of a choice it was for me to never partake in this social media nonsense. The only social Media I use is Clip-Share and Discord (which I use to chat with my friends). And I plan to keep it that way.

  • Simply Savannah
    Simply Savannah Year ago +3780

    This is honestly a life goal of mine…. I love the idea of completely disappearing and starting over.

    • An Hero
      An Hero 26 days ago

      @LawI need details

    • MrBelles
      MrBelles 29 days ago

      @Law Just please let the closest people in your life have a warning so they don't have to worry about you. You don't have to reveal everything you're gonna do, just let them know that you are going to to safe.

    • MrBelles
      MrBelles 29 days ago

      Just please let the closest people in your life have a warning so they don't have to worry about you. You don't have to reveal everything you're gonna do, just let them know that you are going to to safe.

    • trevor roberts
      trevor roberts Month ago

      I agree

    • Brush421
      Brush421 Month ago

      i don't really think it is possible to start over completely fresh. everyday we pick up more baggage we must carry for the rest of our lives

  • Potatony
    Potatony Month ago

    I can just go out my house and disappear from the world completely, screw social media

  • not a fake
    not a fake Month ago

    I don't want to disappear I want my presence to be known

  • Top the Hat
    Top the Hat 2 months ago

    POV:your teacher said that “whatever you said online is there forever”

  • Little Brook Reader

    Doubtful … 🥴. What about loved ones? 🥲🥲. Broken hearts and perhaps broken lives.

  • K O
    K O Year ago +5824

    It's not about disappearing completely, we can't. It's about privacy-which we have sold for attention, validation and-memes.

    • crazy edo
      crazy edo 2 months ago

      If you are jumping into an erupting volcano you will completely disappear. Promised!😁

    • Otaku Manga Studios
      Otaku Manga Studios 6 months ago

      I’ve sold it so I can grow in social media and so Art could be my career. I just hope it will be successful one day and be worthwhile

    • Chris Cross
      Chris Cross 6 months ago

      Memes are totes worth it tho

    • GayPrideTransPride
      GayPrideTransPride 6 months ago

      dumb sheep

    • Victor Rocha
      Victor Rocha 6 months ago

      I'd say 50% on memes for me. 25% on attention and 25% for validation. Though I have completely stopped using Insta/Facebook for more than an year now and I've never had a Tik Tok/Snapchat/Twitter/Tumblr/Reddit account and the only "social media" I'd say I use is obviously YT (duh), LinkedIn because of work and Twitch/Discord for gaming, thou I don't have more than 10 contacts in neither of them.

  • Rubokopter
    Rubokopter 3 months ago +34

    Everyone dreams of just disappearing and living in a cabin deep in the woods at some point in their life.
    Just the thought gives me inner peace.

  • Bunsenn
    Bunsenn Month ago

    This is why I have 15 different email accounts, three different signatures that I use for different situations and 4 different names I use as cover on various websites. You’ll never figure out which one is the real one.

    • YourAnonSeer
      YourAnonSeer Month ago

      If you use the same device, or use any of the accounts in the same location to search the same thing it doesn’t matter if you have a million

  • Arek Arkadiusz
    Arek Arkadiusz 2 months ago +5

    11:00 I work in a bank.
    Withdrawing small amounts regularly would alarm the bank much more than a big one.
    A big one might be just a withdraw to buy something (a new computer for instance), so it's fine.
    Few smaller ones - especially done form many different machines - are automatically alarming the money laundering software. :)

  • Sebastian P.
    Sebastian P. Month ago

    Nice advises, even my blind Dog would find me following your advises. But to make you think you re "safe" its a nice aprilfools kinda thing ;)

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen Year ago +7729

    The only thing scarier than our gradual loss of privacy is the younger generation’s complete embrace of that loss.

    • Random Eevee
      Random Eevee 11 hours ago

      @Ryan Banman the Virus that gave a teenager like me long lasting stamina issues, the Virus that Had me worrying about my already older parents taking serious damage or even be sent to the Hospital, the Virus that killed thousands and has managed to flod the Hospital system and Bring it to a critical state? That Virus? Just so we're in the clear, do you mean the Virus that is proven to do Long Term damage, even to healthy people that have the illness without symptoms? You get the Point yet?

    • Random Eevee
      Random Eevee 11 hours ago

      @Robert Jensen "the youngsters embrace being told to do by the government"
      Have you missed that Like half of the current protests and political movements being run by teenagers now?
      Please actually Talk to your fellow "vast majority", thank youu!

    • Random Eevee
      Random Eevee 11 hours ago

      @Ryan Banman misinformation, please delete your comment

    • RubyParchment55
      RubyParchment55 Day ago

      @Robert Jensen Oh, how we laughed and sneered at Madison Avenue’s “perfect woman” marketing schemes!

    • RubyParchment55
      RubyParchment55 Day ago

      I always want to tell them 1. They can turn it off, and 2. Life doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Cullen The Irishman
    Cullen The Irishman 4 months ago +22

    Ive always dreamed about disappearin. For me, it's about wanting to not be bothered anymore. I don't like talking to people and I don't like them talking to me. I've experienced the ups, downs, the in-betweens, the losses, the triumphs and the heartbreaks. I'm just ready to be by myself. I don't have anything else to offer the world and it doesn't have anything to offer me.

    • Tia S.
      Tia S. 2 months ago +2

      This is EXACTLY how I feel. As long as I have music, movies/shows, and books.. I'm good.

  • Zakra Khan
    Zakra Khan Month ago +1

    Just disconnect from the server. It's not that complicated.

  • Morgan James
    Morgan James 6 months ago +1

    *ABCHACKERS🩸COM* I'm so impressed with your work , Keep on doing the great work of helping people get over their bad experience

  • my50bike
    my50bike 10 months ago +3

    Love it....I also love the idea of messing with them...Create totally random profiles so they collect random rubbish...Tech is great but how big tech are manipulating us is disgusting...- Great video mate...I would follow but not sure how long you will be around :-)

  • Helvete jeg fåkke sove
    Helvete jeg fåkke sove Year ago +16902

    me after saying a joke nobody laughed at

  • T L
    T L 2 months ago

    i love how the animal crossing community made it impossible to delete your profile

    DRIPHACK20 ON IG 5 months ago +3

    Yes, the time and effort you had put into this work that is beyond excellence.
    I got my scannable ID through ⬆️

  • Jose Pablo Luna Sanchez
    Jose Pablo Luna Sanchez 6 months ago +3

    I got fed up of corporate drama with my entertainment, so I moved to Battletech. So I disappeared in one side and appeared in the other. I could not be happier. Playing that tabletop game instead of going digital saves you from a lot of these inconveniences. No bans, they have no control over content of your game, no electricity, no need to worry about internet privacy when you play.

  • Jeff armfield
    Jeff armfield 3 months ago +55

    After hearing all this I've decided I'm too lazy to disappear.

  • Del Don
    Del Don Year ago +1930

    Imagine just wanting to be alone and learning new things? Not running from anyone, but getting focus on more positive memory. I don't think in this day in time you can really ever disappear.

    • Gémeos Lunares Tarot
      Gémeos Lunares Tarot 8 days ago

      You can if you have the resources to do so✨

    • Suri Jo
      Suri Jo 2 months ago

      @jinownmy soul Not really. there are accounts visiting then filming the members' houses without consent and fan/random accounts sharing encounters in picture or video proof.
      This happens to significant Korean celebs in general. Just the matter of you, me, us looking for those sort of things online or simply looking past the needs to.

    • Biker Firefarter
      Biker Firefarter 10 months ago +15

      In practical terms it's quite easy to disappear, especially If you take a year or so to set it up. But the emotional side of breaking all contact with family/friends is too much for most people. It's easier if you are already an 'independent' type, which most people aren't. It also helps if you have more intelligence/nous/skills than the average person. But it's do-able. And you don't have to be a recluse/hermit, you can hide in plain view.
      My friend's brother has been traveling the world for over 4-decades; 3-months here, a year elsewhere; we find out where he's been and some of what he's done, but we never know where he IS or where he's GONE again. He just 'up and gone'. On average we used to see him for a week/10-days per year, but a 2-3 year absence is not unheard of. Sometimes a postcard arrived, usually with a message, 'I'm just leaving here (brief message about a few things he's seen/done)' but no clue where he is going next. I haven't seen him for over 3-years this time, but I'm not worried. He's a good man, easy to get along with, very intelligent/talented; he has a good voice and plays the guitar well (so he can busk for spare cash, or sometimes he'll play/sing at a bar etc) he just 'wanders'. His German girl-friend went with him for 5-6years, they met while he was cycling around parts of India, (30-35 years ago), but they split up somewhere in the Philippines after moving from Antigua/Barbuda [yacht], via Portugal, West Africa, Mediterranean [by road then boat, flight] to Egypt [I think via/from Spain], Madagascar [?], Seychelles (briefly) [yacht] stopped at Maldives (briefly) [yacht], Sri Lanka[?], then Bangkok, bottom end of Thailand [as a dive chaperone] [?]), to the Philippines [?] 25-years ago. Like I said, he 'wanders'. Sometimes If he's on pushbike or in a cheap car/van, he'll sell/abandon it, and just rack up at an airport and bum around for a few days busking and asking at the desk if anyone has late-cancelled, he then nabbs their seat for cheap, (maybe sends a postcard), and he's off again. His sister has a world map full of pins and string and postcards.
      I couldn't do it, but it seems to suit him, he shows no signs of tiring of it. We think he is back in/near the Philippines or Papua New Guinea at the mo (but no guarantees, he's like The Scarlet Pimpernel).

    • Rat'O'Tim
      Rat'O'Tim Year ago +3

      too bad you need food

    • Asmita Ghorai
      Asmita Ghorai Year ago +4

      Getting to it can be hard.
      Very hard.

  • Clip It
    Clip It Month ago

    Is there any website to scan for personal info (free)

  • Butterflyfreesprit
    Butterflyfreesprit Month ago

    😋omg, i know this VID is over a year old, but i had to watch it, i came across it while strolling on youtube..i would GIVE ANYTHING to disappear, LOL!!! seriously!!! thanks for the tip!!😊😊

  • No Chill
    No Chill 7 months ago +1

    Very in depth, informative and good.
    The spam is just circling to no avail, but the phone, buying a new handset and not turning it on are really key.
    Why I say the spamming is pointless is because you're going to leave your laptop behind anyway. If you live on continent cool, there are only 2 large land masses connected, if you live on an island however I suggest buying a ticket to the continent then using cash to drive across the border, most Borders are simple to cross especially in South and Central America, Asia and Africa. Its not like they have physical border between Laos and Vietnam. Then go by a different name, this is a fast way to to fall off the face of the earth, even most P. I's will lose you as soon as you cross the border.

    DRIPHACK20 ON IG 5 months ago

    Yes, the time and effort you had put into this work that is beyond excellence.
    I got my scannable ID through ⬆️

  • tom brunila
    tom brunila Year ago +2588

    Don't be so sure that your family would hire private detectives to find you.

    • malissa hyatt
      malissa hyatt 24 days ago

      I'm a hundred % sure that won't. I was invisible the whole time growing up.

    • Archrave nineteenseventeen
      Archrave nineteenseventeen 4 months ago

      Chances are ....
      They glad you disappeared

    • brendon rookes
      brendon rookes Year ago +2

      @FlyingMonkies325 or his a millionair

    • porygon
      porygon Year ago +2

      oof even I felt that , you need to be on police custody

    • Wow Sports
      Wow Sports Year ago +25

      Mine would, she would search me even in hell. Now toxic tho, she's awesome

  • 14nikolov
    14nikolov Month ago

    In other words you need to go back to the Stone Age and be paranoid all day everyday :D

  • Khimmy Bee
    Khimmy Bee 2 months ago +6

    This is so true. I also deleted all my social media for three months now. I find it odd that when I go to public areas, most people are on their phone like zombies.. also, I got anxious when there's someone just browsing on the phone and there phone's camera is pointing at me..like when Im eating if I am on public transpo. I dont know why I get anxious really. because anyone can take a photo of whatever right. it makes me uncomfortable. good thing I'm always wearing mask. uh

    • Tia S.
      Tia S. 2 months ago +1

      It's not just you. I HATE being recorded or photographed and find it weird.

  • ridiculous P
    ridiculous P Month ago

    Deleted all my socials for my own good ,never looked back

  • plexiplayer
    plexiplayer Month ago

    I wish you good luck removing all your data from all the automatically weekly and daily back-ups been made.

  • JD's Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chronicles

    2015: How to be found:
    2021: How to disappear.

    • Amy AMADO
      Amy AMADO Month ago

      😆 😂 😆

    • A D
      A D 2 months ago +1

      It took 6 years to know the real deal.

    • Kelly O'Dowd
      Kelly O'Dowd 2 months ago +1

      @Comozo pretty sure that's CERN

    • Comozo
      Comozo 2 months ago +4

      2022: how to have never had existed in the first place

    • Teguh Ilhami
      Teguh Ilhami 6 months ago +4

      it's funny because it's true

  • Bibi
    Bibi Month ago +1

    I absolutely love the idea of dissappearing from the internet

  • adoadobae
    adoadobae 20 hours ago

    Completely erasing your presence from the internet is near impossible, as some information may be permanent or be cached by many other search engines.

  • Detective Panda
    Detective Panda 2 months ago

    Quite ironic that I got the Instagram ad when I clicked the video 😂

  • طالبة سادس
    طالبة سادس 5 months ago +1

    This video made me realize just how easy it is for me to disappear being from a 3rd world country with none of that weird technology stuff (literally >95% of transactions are still cash except for employees at government/foreign private companies recently getting paid by card & I work at neither)

    • Tia S.
      Tia S. 2 months ago

      Good for you. I wouldn't wish modern day technology on ANYONE.

  • tadypetr
    tadypetr Year ago +1592

    It's so wierd, that we are so far down the tech world, that it takes so much time to delete your data, then to create one. Amazing content.

    • Noompsie
      Noompsie 7 months ago

      @Khan Meraj I don’t need to believe because it’s already true 🤷‍♂️ , I don’t think you know what you are talking about. Blockchain already exists and is being developed better everyday day haha

    • Khan Meraj
      Khan Meraj 7 months ago

      @Noompsie you believe government will allow blockchain to make people completely invisible?

    • Sahil Å.
      Sahil Å. 7 months ago

      As a dev, Setting up algo/software for deletion is just another headache for a new start up companies, which only focus on adding/Creating users and assisting users. So now you know if you making up an account with just a small company; or making an account for a game thats not even recognized around, It'll be quick; but you'll have a hard time sending request for deletion of your account. Or maybe they wont delete; Like who the hell wants to sit and delete 1000 requests manually a day just because you want it to. 💀

    • Danatronics
      Danatronics Year ago +9

      @Noompsie Ah yes, the blockchain, where every bitcoin transaction is publically logged forever. Great for privacy!

    • Goyave V
      Goyave V Year ago +2

      @Jesus yes but you can't delete it through the application

  • Six String Epic
    Six String Epic Month ago

    It feels like Clip-Share is threatening me with this recommendation 😅

  • Unassailable
    Unassailable Day ago

    I left Brazil 20 years ago, and my previous university there hired a lawyer and sued me for the student debt. They spent thousands of dollars and haven't found me in 10 years, so the judge is going to end the process. Before I moved overseas I tried to settle with their lawyer for a third of the amount I owed, they didn't want it , so I said it's better than nothing which is what you'll get from now on. They never found me since.

  • L. G.
    L. G. Month ago

    That's just creepy 😵‍💫to disappear completely not my cup of tea🙄

  • AnniesShenanigans
    AnniesShenanigans Month ago

    why would you totally ditch the phone? Why not just get a new SIM card? I guess I don't know how that works.

  • Diya Yadav
    Diya Yadav Year ago +6753

    "*What to do if you are depressed?*"
    Google: Get a therapist!

    • Astha Yadav
      Astha Yadav 7 months ago +1

      @CharlieTheGrey "Why shouldn't you put a toaster in a tub full of water ?!"
      "Because the toast would get soggy"
      _Power Puff Girls_

    • 15walkeen
      15walkeen 11 months ago +1

      100% truth in this comment.

    • CharlieTheGrey
      CharlieTheGrey Year ago +3

      Child:Give me something interesting todo
      Alexa: Try inserting a plug partly into the outlet and touching the exposed metal prongs with a penny
      (Disclaimer I'm not suggesting anyone do this - PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT - but Alexa did suggest it)

    • Cute Cat
      Cute Cat Year ago

      @Yoshi Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus INSIDE unfortunately it's not that easy

    • KISS : Keep It Short & Simple
      KISS : Keep It Short & Simple Year ago +1

      @Yoshi Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus INSIDE You are depressed because you are a consumer...

  • nigga slayer
    nigga slayer Month ago +1

    Pov: your dad planing on getting some milk

  • Ma Re
    Ma Re 2 months ago +10

    The sad thing is:
    Even when I disapear, no one cares. All of my "friends" already have forgotten me and wont ask me anything again.
    They just dont care. 🥺

    • Dr.Tapasya Diwakar
      Dr.Tapasya Diwakar 14 days ago

      Thats a good thing although until n unless u are not toxic patterns.... They are no so called friend.

    • Brian Bell
      Brian Bell Month ago +4

      That’s true. That’s how you find out who your friends really are. My best real friends can be counted on one hand. That’s all you need and it’s a lot easier to keep up with.

  • Fatum
    Fatum 2 months ago +3

    For me the desire to delete my footprint is more of just matter of peace… I’ve grown to despise social media and the affect it’s had in my life and time wasted

  • Ralph Acosta
    Ralph Acosta 6 months ago

    We're back to living in small tribes and villages, where everyone knew what you did and with whom you did it. Personally, i like keeping in touch with family and friends, though i stopped using Facebook, my only "social media" outlet. Tech knowing so much about you is the price we pay for the convenience and fun we get from it, just like ads on tv were the price we paid for the shows we enjoyed. Will the FBI or NSA ever be interested in me? VERY unlikely unless it's a mistaken identity thing. Most of us are just dots moving around the universe and the only connections we have are the ones we make, and we're lucky if anyone cares about us.

  • Feyer
    Feyer Year ago +3457

    Admit it: we've all wanted to do this at some point

  • virgilastro
    virgilastro 6 months ago +1

    ive noticed that everyone in this day & age is in love with the thought of disappearing, but no one can actually do it without posting, "cant wait to disappear & start a new life" why do you have to let everyone know you're disappearing? for many people i believe it is just a matter of wanting attention, rather than actually wanting to vanish from every and anybody. seems like most of the world adore that "lone survivor" lifestyle yet at the same time don't truly want to give up companionship.

  • Sarah Tucker
    Sarah Tucker 6 months ago +2

    I used to live in a world where life was so simple, free and private, with the exception of the NI number etc, no cctv, no passwords needed just cash.. How the world has changed, not for the better.. If only we could go back!

  • Ace ♠️
    Ace ♠️ 6 months ago

    6:39 you could also destroy the HDD or SSD or just remove it in general or take out all the internal parts of the laptop just leaving an empty shell of a computer and take off any stickers that might indicate the serial number and remove or destroy any ports or connectors that could if the correct parts are put in restore the computer. but that would be a long process and with computers that automatically back up to the cloud ie: Windows with One Drive, your data will never be truly gone.

  • km077
    km077 2 months ago +6

    When I was a kid, life was easier. To disappear, all I had to do was close my eyes.

  • Dele Ali
    Dele Ali Year ago +9461

    Tries to disappear
    Ends up on everyone's recommendation.
    *Task failed successfully*

    • Clinton Simmonds
      Clinton Simmonds 9 months ago

      @Simple Gaming aJames chapter 2v4
      Have you not shower particularly among yourselves,and become judges with evil thoughts"

    • Rosie Rennie
      Rosie Rennie 10 months ago

      Yes but none of us will know who took the advice... So technically it works and the task succeeded

    • Sky 🫂🕊️
      Sky 🫂🕊️ Year ago

      🤣Same here🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Saket Kumar
      Saket Kumar Year ago

      31 &-)

    • Mateo Arana
      Mateo Arana Year ago

      @Dynast is is not.

  • HahaItsRadical
    HahaItsRadical 3 months ago +43

    “I’m not here, this isn’t happening”-
    Thom Yorke 2000

  • Username_creates
    Username_creates 3 days ago

    I really wish we had phones that only have photos, calls and messages.
    I deleted my social media from my phone because Im too addicted to social media and the only way I control it is to put it all on my laptop which is more inconvinient to use. Its not really that Im scared of social media and data tracking. The only thing Im worried about is someone being able to steal money from me through data tracking. Like you said its easier to find people now so its not so easy to dissapear if someone trafficks you. Not just because of your data but you're also likely to be seen somewhere and captured with someone elses phone. On the other hand this means other pwoplw could easily find you. So more chances to be taken by someone.

  • Lithin
    Lithin 9 months ago +1

    The real boss move I've ever played in my life is deleting all of social media apps at the age of 25 and only using Clip-Share since then.

  • Jose GR
    Jose GR 8 months ago +4

    The most simple way for me to do this was delete all my social media accounts to destroy ALL of my devices, be absent from social media for one year and then return but using fake accounts with no profile information.

  • Highlander Bones
    Highlander Bones Year ago +9426

    Finally I'm so close to becoming the ultimate introvert

    • Martyna Maćkowiak
      Martyna Maćkowiak 18 days ago


    • R J
      R J Month ago

      @Robert Jensen He was moved to a facility for physically sick prisoners.

    • R J
      R J Month ago

      @Sunshine Twe I went no contact & right, no one is checking on me.

    • Robert Jensen
      Robert Jensen 2 months ago

      @Johnny Ginseng OK, I think I'm calling BS on this one.

    • Robert Jensen
      Robert Jensen 2 months ago +2

      Yes, but you'll never be able to top the #1 Introvert out of all the Introverts, of all time: The Unabomber.

  • fufferfish
    fufferfish 6 months ago +1

    Thanks for this amazing tutorial! Now I can hide the bodies without the FBI texting me endlessly!

  • ela b
    ela b Month ago +3

    i just dont wanna see anyone i hate anymore

  • Rodrigo Acosta-Ramos
    Rodrigo Acosta-Ramos 16 days ago

    The irony doesn't escape me. I am curious about these issues. I have some optimism that some level of transparency is useful, but there is an undeniable asymmetry on information, especially when the individual is unprotected from these data brokers. This is considering that most people who grew up with the internet automatically fill in forms just to have access to the websites they find useful. It has less to do with being tech-savvy, and more to do with convenience/access. I do consider that an online footprint with everything above board, including lapses of mental health, makes us all human, but when some of this information can be used to deny someone an opportunity for work or something along those lines, the asymmetry rears its head. Maybe, that same person that pisses away their time watching videos, will actually be a diligent worker with added responsibility in the proper work setting. I hope that someday I will be able to look back and prove to myself and my future employer that this is true, because being aware of these things can be somewhat debilitating to a vulnerable/sensitive person sitting on the other side of the asymmetry.

  • Norman Graham
    Norman Graham 2 months ago

    This is a near impossible task. Any interaction with government, even a drivers license, or shockingly, voter registration, even licensing a car, is sold to data brokers by local governments. Not to mention, it's impossible to get a phone, working, without an identity. What about banking. In the USA, if you have a wad of cash, law enforcement wants to take it from you.

  • C C
    C C Year ago +1701

    At first I was like "Haha I want to disappear and start a new life somewhere else" as a joke, but bro...I don't think its a joke anymore

    • pancho del ocho
      pancho del ocho Year ago +1

      If we all disappear then well all find each other

    • TheLightingPerson
      TheLightingPerson Year ago

      @a ghost until you actually disappeared for a long time, they either regret it or don't care about the meme and worried about the reality.

    • Naking Her Crazy
      Naking Her Crazy Year ago


    • Catelyn Silverine
      Catelyn Silverine Year ago

      I totally agree with you :)

    • Road To Silver V
      Road To Silver V Year ago +4

      Don't watch breaking bad.. if ur that easy influenced 🤣

  • sup
    sup 7 months ago

    You can only really disappear from system when you dont vote, dont register at gp, dont have a current account, dont use credit, and it takes around 5 years to completely wipe yourself from it.
    It doesn't matter how much data they have and it does not matter how many social media sites your on or who knows you either, it is easly remedied by simply not using any of it.
    But to really disappear you need to remove your self from the actual system itself.
    I know from both sides

  • pb Fan
    pb Fan 2 months ago +1

    I actually did this, i deleted every possible thing even turned off my sim card so that no one can even call, no one cared except my bestfriend, she really tried hard to reconnect with me, it was the first time i felt that someone cares about me. I dunno how to explain that in words but it was euphoric. And it really helped actually, i became strong mentally and i really needed that. I just want to say you really need to have human interaction, we are biological beings we need that human touch to function properly, you can get depressed if you try to cut off from world this much. Don't be alone.

  • Biker Firefarter
    Biker Firefarter 10 months ago

    I understood very little of how any of his methods meant you would 'disappear'. All they do is add a load of evidence that you have suddenly tried to confuse the issues. This would make it obvious you were intentionally going/intending to 'disappear'. This automatically narrows the possibilities and draws attention. Why not just convert all your assets, over a reasonable but non-specific period, into 'spendable' and essential wares (false names etc) and buy/rent for cash anything else you need. Buy vans/boats etc in false names. Then one day just walk away, leaving no clue/reason why you disappeared. NEVER contact any friends/family again. Small health care is easy, major health issues might mean you have to resurface (maybe permanent, or maybe 'disappear' again if/when recovered). You'd have to drastically change appearance/accent/language etc if you were wanted for something serious. Border crossings would have to be non-official, unless you had 'kosher' false passport(s) ID(s) [which you might have to post/request for later pick-up/retrieval].
    The only reasons for 'disappearing' seem to be; financial/criminal issues, 'paranoia' or other mental problems, vexatious official pursuits or a conscious rejection of 'society'.
    Is there any other reason(s)?

  • mendyviola
    mendyviola 2 months ago

    Basically, you just to have to start living like you did back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s and but with cash alone. Difficult to do as getting cash normally requires using some sort of banking system these days that needs your valid ID. So unless you can live on cash alone (in/out) and never need health care, you will always be found.

  • Nikki Olivier
    Nikki Olivier 7 months ago +1

    Use different names for every single platform, even your email. Have an email you only use for business/family/orders, and email addresses that you use for your online persona. You can use your own face, but never use the same photo twice.

  • Narcotics officer
    Narcotics officer 20 days ago

    Thank you for the tutorial👍 definitely doing this within 10 years

  • Moonstone
    Moonstone 7 months ago +1

    People have the right to disappear, and it’s sort of a beautiful concept when you think about it

  • Darx Muxaib
    Darx Muxaib Month ago

    10 year old me after getting scolded by dad

  • jesuscross9
    jesuscross9 Year ago +1763

    I've pondered running away and starting a new life. The problem that always detours me is the realization that where ever I go...I can't escape me. I mean if I can't solve the issues I face in this life, what makes me think that I can solve them when they arise (and they will) in the new life. I find my time is better spent learning to command control of the life I already have. Not go and create a new one.

    • Katie Dotson
      Katie Dotson Month ago

      I do agree with you for the most part. Rule #1. Don't try to run away from yourself. Understand that you are a human with positive and negative attributes and the goal should be to enhance the positives and minimize the negatives. But also understand that perfection is just a word in the dictionary that doesn't exist in reality.
      But there are times for some people that starting over is what they need to grow in a positive way. At some point you made a mistake or error that family and even friends will never totally forgive you for. Some attributes of your "make up" are not a choice but nonetheless unacceptable to others. Being non-heterosexual can have some grave door slamming effects as can denying the validity of the religion you were brought up to believe in.
      Being accused of a deed you did not do but no matter what, others will not remove the stigma associated with that accusation citing the old adage of, "where there is smoke, there is fire." Or perhaps you did do something that society deems immoral or illegal. You've since decided to never make that mistake again and to go forward with dignity, integrity, and self-respect. But family, previous friends, and society in general will not stop judging you for past behavior.
      I think it's rare, but there are times when a person just needs to wipe the slate clean and start over. But also keep in mind that no matter where you go, there you are.

    • muff๑
      muff๑ 2 months ago +1

      Okay,you made me realize something thank you

    • Dinner-fork tongue🇷🇺
      Dinner-fork tongue🇷🇺 2 months ago

      Noice. Zero fear, all chad energy.

    • Cake Pudding
      Cake Pudding 7 months ago +1

      @brendon rookes Do you have wife or kids, life long or permanent commitment? If yes. Then you won’t be able to “start over” and have the world at your finger tips. If the answer is no and you don’t have a criminal past or permanent baggage then what’s stopping you?
      I’m in my late 20’s female on my way to exiting stage left. With none of the above

    • brendon rookes
      brendon rookes 7 months ago

      @Cake Pudding when i said when you have a criminal back ground i wasnt meaning me i was meaning people that have been to jail um as for why i cant restart im trying to but im 31 it feels like im to old to start over

  • _helper_
    _helper_ 7 months ago +1

    We are sharing so much personal information that finding missing person is easier than missing airpods

  • pb
    pb 9 months ago

    gotta say brad, i'm gonna miss you when you completely disappear and your parents have to hire a private detective to find you

  • no
    no 7 months ago +1

    Sometimes I feel like leaving social media, going off the grid and moving overseas. Everything in my life is too much. Fake friends, Family Drama, Past Abuse. Plus the new rules in America are horrible. I don’t have peace here.

    • Terminator
      Terminator 7 months ago

      Bruh, gime those fake friends, better fake then none

  • 248up906
    248up906 7 months ago

    this is a great video for domestic violence victims. i wish i came across this 7 yrs ago.

  • Jan
    Jan Year ago +839

    Years ago we were told to never give our identifying information to strangers on the internet. Today many people attach their face and full name to everything they do online and it's even encouraged. Seems crazy to me.

    • K.
      K. 6 months ago

      @Narima FanFicFan Idk man maybe they want attention

    • Oompa Loompa
      Oompa Loompa Year ago

      Ikr you should at least try not to use your real name

    • Crypto
      Crypto Year ago +2

      Master psychology techniques. It's like if you gradually ease someone into something they eventually fall victim to it i.e if you have friends that drink there's a very high chance you'll eventually succumb to the pressure of having one when you're with them. But as long as you've "tried" to put them out of harm's way and warn them of the repercussions then no harm done right? 😁 bit of a silly example but the same concept applies. That's basically what they've done with Technology from start to now. False senses of security. Most people don't really have a clue

    • Kymmberliestarr
      Kymmberliestarr Year ago +1

      I've never used my real name. Not even my college name and credit cards. I pay them but I've used my fake name so long it wasn't really a requirement at my smaller college even in the 90's. I went hiding from an ex and never used my real name again. I'm sure it's tired to my real name after all these years.

    • bisky
      bisky Year ago +7

      anyone who has their full name on the internet is a total tool

  • RoyalKnightX
    RoyalKnightX Month ago

    Simple don't use internet :)

  • Deep Maven
    Deep Maven 2 months ago

    The malignant narcisist wants the target victim to leave social media to further isolate them. Don't. Especially if you are in a group that fits you and loyal family members on FB. Stay connected.

  • mistirion
    mistirion 6 months ago

    It's not about disappearing, it's about being or pretending to be so absolutely random that no one has an idea of who you actually are

  • TheOutlasted
    TheOutlasted 7 months ago +1

    This is insane. I was just thinking of a way to vanish from social media and the Internet and this video popped up in my recommended. I feel like Clip-Share sometimes reads my mind. Anyways, I'll make good use of it