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Are You an Intermediate Bassist? (17-point Checklist)

  • Published on Mar 5, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • 👉 My full beginner bass course: yeah.bassbuzz.com/intermediate
    Are you as good at bass as you think you are? Use this 17-point checklist to test if you’re an intermediate bass player… or not.
    If you struggled with anything in the video, here are some helpful resources:
    Learn to Tune - • How To Tune Your ...
    Start Learning Your Fretboard - • Learn Your Bass F...
    Fretting Technique - • Basic Bass Fretti...
    Plucking Technique - • Basic Bass Plucki...
    Muting - • Your Bass Muting ...
    Get Started With Scales - • How to Learn Bass...
    Fix Your Bass Tone - • 6 Bass Tone Fixes...
    How to Play Bass With a Drummer - • How to Play Bass ...
    Ear Training - www.musictheory.net/exercises
    12 Bar Blues Basics - • Beginner Blues Ba...
    Create Bass Lines - • 5 Easy “Shapes” f...
    Jam Skills, Learn to Read, Basic Rhythm, Syncopation, Basic Muting + More - www.bassbuzz.com/lessons/begi...
    What does being an ‘intermediate bassist’ actually mean? Well, it’s subjective. But based on over a decade of personal teaching experience, plus reviewing a lot of other teachers’ lists, these are 17 things I think anybody should be able to do at the intermediate level.
    To make this list more digestible, I broke it up into three chunks -
    First, we’ll tackle the basics. (or bassics, if you’re some kind of pun nerd) This includes tuning quickly, learning the fretboard “money notes,” alternating plucking, four finger fretting, keeping good time, playing legato, and basic muting.
    The second chunk is about theory, which I kept to a functional minimum. We’ll talk about learning basic scales, common rhythms and time signatures, and having a decent handle on your gear.
    Last up is musicianship, which covers a whole range of skills that make you not just a good bassist, but a good musician. I’ll walk you through reading, playing bass with a drummer, jamming, listening, playing the blues, creating bass lines, and playing along with full songs.
    Whew! It’s a lot to learn, which is probably why my Beginner to Badass course (which covers all this stuff) is over 30 hours of lessons… check it out: yeah.bassbuzz.com/intermediate
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  • BassBuzz
    BassBuzz  3 years ago +291

    🎸 *If you struggled with anything in the video, here are some helpful resources:*
    Learn to Tune - clip-share.net/video/MjyFJYcr6-o/video.html
    Start Learning Your Fretboard - clip-share.net/video/tcok98Vk6uA/video.html
    Fretting Technique - clip-share.net/video/ux-i7FWOLzs/video.html
    Plucking Technique - clip-share.net/video/CR8yQCZX2HQ/video.html
    Get Started With Scales - clip-share.net/video/2PzUVcDkjX8/video.html
    Fix Your Bass Tone - clip-share.net/video/0KgB7wIyTUw/video.html
    How to Play Bass With a Drummer - clip-share.net/video/PSw5uqkTPzs/video.html
    Ear Training - www.musictheory.net/exercises
    12 Bar Blues Basics - clip-share.net/video/tiloGr59WOg/video.html
    Create Bass Lines - clip-share.net/video/lAMRqLNo6yk/video.html
    Jam Skills, Learn to Read, Basic Rhythm, Syncopation, Basic Muting + More - www.bassbuzz.com/lessons/beginner

    • BazzfromtheBackground
      BazzfromtheBackground Year ago

      My pinky is half the length of my ring finger and has a slight bend.
      I try using it anyway, but it generally involves me losing the index from the neck.
      My teacher says skip it for now, work on it later. Idk it's "workable."

    • Bujor Ovidiu
      Bujor Ovidiu Year ago

      You should also remove alternate plucking, there are some of the greatest using a pick. So, please. It is turning into a posh/snobbish and pretentious thingy.

    • Bujor Ovidiu
      Bujor Ovidiu Year ago

      Fret with all four fingers should be removed. I've heard this in guitar teachers and when you look at the greatest they use just three fingers. Even you when using 4, you are actually using 3, because you are using your middle finger as much as beginner is using his pinky. It is stupid and ridiculous.

    • nicolas luque
      nicolas luque Year ago

      the first song that i play was "ala delta" Divididos

    • Michael Heeheetler
      Michael Heeheetler 2 years ago

      How do I do Ear training?

  • 2polohunnie DuMontier
    2polohunnie DuMontier 3 years ago +1080

    As a bassist who is apparently beyond "intermediate" according to the criteria listed in this video, I feel safe adding one more category that was very important in my development as a bassist: *can you play **_without_** a drummer?* In other words, can you, in a jam situation, be the rhythm section and really lay down the groove all by yourself with no drummer or other percussionist?

    • 2polohunnie DuMontier
      2polohunnie DuMontier 3 days ago +1

      @GrooveMcFunk I would never, ever doubt Mr Claypool's abilities in any situation.

    • GrooveMcFunk
      GrooveMcFunk 4 days ago +1

      @2polohunnie DuMontier yee, but with all of his other tricks and techniques I feel like playing without one would be able to fill the space, or creating a bass backing track with them to play with

    • 2polohunnie DuMontier
      2polohunnie DuMontier 4 days ago +1

      @GrooveMcFunk I've never heard Les Claypool play without a drummer. Just sayin'

    • GrooveMcFunk
      GrooveMcFunk 5 days ago +1

      @2polohunnie DuMontier yee, that sounds like random stress, maybe cause I've never played, and don't plan to play, any gigs. But drums make me feel like I'm safe, being on a stage and having to be both parts of the support sound scary asf. Maybe in 20 years, after I become half of what Les Claypool is.

    • 2polohunnie DuMontier
      2polohunnie DuMontier 5 days ago

      @GrooveMcFunk I was referring more to live situations: doing gigs with no drummer. It can be really challenging when playing for weddings or conventions where people want to dance. I've gotten to the point where I like playing without a drummer as much playing with one. It's better in some ways.

  • Mark Langan
    Mark Langan 2 years ago +295

    I started the checklist out of curiosity - now I'm using it as a sort of lesson planner - striving for perfection in all 17 points is definitely something to reach for.
    Thanks again for a push in the right direction

    • kindauncool
      kindauncool Month ago +3

      How's it going? 2 years later.

    • Darwin Allisany
      Darwin Allisany Year ago +8

      you should also really try and learn chord tones, kind of similar to scales but more useful when playing with others

  • Brad Ericksen
    Brad Ericksen 4 months ago +22

    In the theory section, I might add understanding the Nashville Number system. It allows you to play in any key without the bother of trying to transpose in your head when the singer decides the song is too high for them that day. (the struggle is real...) Also, when your band mate says 4,1,6,5 in Bb you know exactly what that means. If you know the root note you can play anywhere and start to see the shapes on the fretboard and not just the notes. It was honestly the best thing I ever did for my playing and understanding the instrument.

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  4 months ago +5

      Yep, good addition Brad! I force all my students to learn that. :)

  • tired void
    tired void 2 years ago +462

    me: has been playing bass for a decade
    also me: stoked I can actually do everything on the list

    • dralithi
      dralithi 5 months ago +1

      SAME hahaha

    • Zatoichi444
      Zatoichi444 5 months ago

      @TheToxicTeacher Pffffarrrrrt

    • TheToxicTeacher
      TheToxicTeacher 5 months ago

      I can't relate to this comment at all...

    • Zatoichi444
      Zatoichi444 8 months ago

      @Marcus Walker Ok, I'll give you that.

    • Marcus Walker
      Marcus Walker 8 months ago +2

      @Zatoichi444 Or if your name is PRINCE!

  • The True Cringelord
    The True Cringelord Year ago +24

    Hey! You probably wont see this comment but i just want to thank you for your helpful content! Before my parents bought me my bass, i was constatly watching your videos and practicing technique on ukulele. I got my bass two days ago and my dad (which is a musician as well) is amazed with how much unbelievable progress i did in such short time. Thank you so much

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  Year ago +15

      Muah hah I have seen this comment! :P Glad I could help!

  • Duane Jorges
    Duane Jorges 2 years ago +111

    A lot of other guys on youtube seem to want to make you feel like you are a beginner so you will buy their course or sign up for their academy or whatever. That was an honest approach - loved it!!

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  2 years ago +21

      Glad you dug it Duane!

  • r0s3 h1ps
    r0s3 h1ps 3 years ago +4832

    Me : doesn’t play or own a bass
    Also me : let’s see if I’m an intermediate bassist

    • Bro
      Bro Month ago

      Me fr

    • kindauncool
      kindauncool Month ago


    • Suwaiba Jalal-Uddin
      Suwaiba Jalal-Uddin 2 months ago

      I started playing a couple months ago I think I am a bit early to watch this vid-

    • C-Jones Lawn & Tree
      C-Jones Lawn & Tree 8 months ago +1

      LOL this is definitely a superb comment, well above intermediate.

    • Brian's Kitchen
      Brian's Kitchen 9 months ago

      That literally made me LOL!

  • PipeLawyer
    PipeLawyer 3 years ago +84

    While I confess to still being a beginner, I realized, after watching this video, that I’m a lot farther along to intermediate skill than I thought. Your teaching has certainly helped me in that regard. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

  • Chris Dow
    Chris Dow Year ago +23

    My first full song practice routine was papa was a rolling stone. It's simple and only a few notes repeated for like the whole song but two things, it's like seven and a half minutes so it's an actual workout... And all the open space in it really makes me focus on listening and being in time. Even a simple line can walk away from the drums after seven minutes if there's nothing to play and you aren't locked in.

  • darko714
    darko714 Month ago +6

    I suspected that I would fail the intermediate test and I was right. But at the same time I realized that everything on your list was achievable and would really help. The abbreviated ,music theory’ section was a revelation. Thank you!!

  • Elizabeth Larson
    Elizabeth Larson Year ago +37

    I am very much a beginner, but this video is very helpful for explaining the skill sets beginning bass players should be aiming for as they are developing their technique. I have a lot to learn and this gives me some guidelines for what to practice and how to improve.

  • Eric Donohue
    Eric Donohue 2 years ago +419

    Me: has played bass for over ten years on and off, played in a band that has been paid to play gigs, can pick up a bass at any time and jam.
    Also me: I really hope I can do the things on this list.

    • Alobasss
      Alobasss 2 years ago

      Me too! Ahah

    • Dr Pepper 69
      Dr Pepper 69 2 years ago +14

      Me: played since a year and am confident.
      Me: I hope I end up here 🙏

  • Dennis G
    Dennis G 3 years ago +2776

    I’ve been a beginner for over 50 years

    • catfishrob1
      catfishrob1 Month ago

      LOL great comment. I feel pretty proud to have reached intermediate in only 4 months, but it helps that I've already learned instruments in the past and know basic theory

    • Sy
      Sy 2 months ago

      Me too (lol) but it’ll never stop me from playing…..!!!

    • Nikola Stamatović
      Nikola Stamatović 3 months ago

      18 year beginner here 😂

    • caliszn
      caliszn 3 months ago

      this scares me 😪 bc i’ve been playing for abt 2 months n i haven’t even got as far as being able to fret w 4 fingers i can make shift play songs but they most def sound like garbage

    • ps3t
      ps3t 7 months ago

      Same here but only for 20 years.

  • Nutmeg
    Nutmeg Month ago +1

    That unbelievable feeling when you’re able to check every box in one of these videos is amazing!

  • 3pack
    3pack Year ago +9

    After 8 months of progress, I can finally do all of these things. Joining my school jazz band really helped give me good practice with skills like sight reading and jamming. Best of luck to anyone else out there and dont give up!

    • Roman Kendrick
      Roman Kendrick 7 months ago +2

      same, joining the jazz band really pushed me to learn :)

  • Erin M
    Erin M 2 years ago +884

    Me watching this before my bass has arrived

    • Zatoichi444
      Zatoichi444 8 months ago

      @ferny_yodaddy :[ Listen...I've been playing for roughly 30 years. I still think I'm trash. But believe it or not, that is a good attitude, because it means that you are always striving to get a little better at a time. And in the end, all that nonsensical practice you did will suddenly bloom into an "understanding" between you and the Bass. Suddenly, one day, you will become soul mates. You and the instrument. Just don't give up.. it takes time....time....time....

    • Zatoichi444
      Zatoichi444 8 months ago

      @Erik Napitu We didn't even have the option to play bass at the high school I went to. You're lucky! and these Clip-Share vids, that help so much, we didn't have that either!

    • ferny_yodaddy :[
      ferny_yodaddy :[ Year ago

      Bro I’m watching this thinking i was decent . Im trash.

    • Reverie
      Reverie Year ago

      That’s me

    • shapedheart
      shapedheart Year ago

      Literally been watching him for awhile and I just got my bass TODAY

  • Vlad The Inhaler 4200
    Vlad The Inhaler 4200 Year ago +12

    I've had my bass for 10 months now, and have been playing it off and on. But for the past week I've been playing it more and have been noticing some major improvements. After watching this video, I'm so close to considering myself an intermediate player. I now know what I need to work on to improve my skills even further. Thanks man, maybe in a few years I'll have Davie504 fearing me. 😂

  • Diego M
    Diego M 3 months ago +5

    I can't believe i nailed it in every category. Even when i always say that i'm a terrible player. Thanks Josh for this lovely self esteem boost.

    • Dave
      Dave 2 months ago

      Same. I wouldn't say I "nailed it", but I've considered myself a "beginner" on bass for 30 years. Maybe I'm actually intermediate at this point? Hmmm.

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 months ago +1

      We are usually our own worst critics!

  • AMP
    AMP 3 years ago +753

    I'm very entertained by how well you can convincingly make yourself sound like a beginner player.

    • Henry Porvaznik
      Henry Porvaznik 2 years ago

      I've been trying to sound like an expert for a long time now. First time on Bass Buzz; I like it.

    • Luke Parris
      Luke Parris 2 years ago +4

      I’m an expert at sounding like a beginner

    • Arthur Sebba
      Arthur Sebba 2 years ago

      yeaaaah how come man hahahaha

    • AMP
      AMP 3 years ago +3

      @MixingGBP I definitely could have played Noob Josh in this video.

    • MixingGBP
      MixingGBP 3 years ago +5

      @amp...I was thinking the same thing...I thought this must be his twin bro, until I saw his tattoos. 😂

  • Tommaso Paba
    Tommaso Paba 2 years ago +6

    I've been playing the keyboards for 30+ years and now I'm studying bass, this is incredibly spot on. Especially #17: everyone should come to rehearsals with all the structures memorized (or written down). If you have to choose what to memorize between the structure and the chords, it should be the structure (provided that you can follow the chords in real time, otherwise memorize both!). If you write down chords, do not just write the different sections once, write the full structure and follow it. Know where changes are. The time needed to set up a song with the band will be 10 times faster and you will have time to concentrate on arrangements and sounds. In other words, rehearsals are not for learning the piece, but to arrange it. Should be obvious, but it's not for most amateur musicians.

  • Ken Cyr
    Ken Cyr 2 years ago +7

    I play Bass at my Church, and have been playing root notes, for way to long. Now listening to your U tub viedo's, I have become a better player. Taking notes and doing the teaching that your present on them. I am 70 years young and I believe it's never to late to start. Thanks so much for your engagement to teach us. BE SAFE and BLESSINGS

  • Carl Vanderweyden
    Carl Vanderweyden 3 years ago +6

    Josh, I'm a new bass player. I started watching your youTube videos and really enjoy your teaching method. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought your course! Like most people, I am home for at least a month and have decided to do your Hardcore plan. So far your course is outstanding! Thank you so much for making learning the bass a fun activity. For those of you who are on the fence about buying Josh's course, do yourself a favor and buy it! The course is very manageable and Josh makes it a truly enjoyable experience! And this coming from a guy who's been playing drums for 40 years!!!

  • Warp DriveBy
    Warp DriveBy 3 months ago

    Daily practice is massively important, but playing live with others is the fastest way to grow once a player is ready with the basics. My playing, understanding of music, ability to improvise, ability to lock in with our drummer, ability to adapt to changes on the fly ALL exploded once I was playing weekly and twice weekly with the guys. You don't need to have theory mastered, but if you want to be even decent, you need to at least learn the shapes of the modes on the fretboard, their names, and when they're applied.

  • Peter Hess
    Peter Hess 3 months ago

    I’ve been playing bass for 57 years. Never took a lesson. I play completely by ear. Depending on how complex a song may be I can usually figure it out after hearing it ~3-4 times. What’s crazy about this is I can almost visualize the chord progressions of a song. I can almost see in my minds eye the bass line. I never bothered to learn theory either. It was always hear the song play the song. If you’re thinking this is some kind of gift it’s exactly the opposite. I’ve been kicked out of so many bands because I didn’t have much patience to sit and wait while the other band members struggled learning their parts. It made me stop playing for years at a time. Enter COVID. I had to find something to do or go mad just being in the house. So I took my Alembic bass out and gave myself a project. Learn The Who Live At Leeds album. The extended one with Tommy. Took me about 6 months to totally nail it. Got a case of GAS and added a J and a P bass and now at age 72 I’m looking to join a band again.

  • Manbearpig
    Manbearpig 3 years ago +2140

    "Can you tune in 15 seconds"
    - FUUCK
    "....using a tuner"
    - Oooohhh

    • darko714
      darko714 Month ago

      Tuning a bass is hard. I almost always have to resort to using the harmonics.

    • darko714
      darko714 Month ago

      Even my tuner has trouble finding the low E. Fact.

    • Thomas Craymer
      Thomas Craymer 2 months ago

      That tuner became even more important once I started playing a fretless (that said, for live performances I always tune before actually going on the stage)

    • Chris Dow
      Chris Dow Year ago

      @General Bakshistein a career gigging musician is probably too deaf to be doing it by ear, tuners are cheap and make sure everyone is hearing the same E

    • The Red Comet
      The Red Comet Year ago

      Tune by ear

  • Adam Carbone
    Adam Carbone 2 years ago +6

    These videos are absolutely killer! You're so fun in addition to being a gifted teacher.
    If I could ask for one thing, it would be a set of videos aimed at young kids. Your energy and silliness would speak really well to elementary and middle school kids. :)
    Thanks for the great content!

  • bradleypariah
    bradleypariah 2 years ago +29

    I've been playing bass on and off for twenty eight years. I was in a band that shared the stage with national acts, and we put out a full album and multiple singles. I still have impostor syndrome. The biggest compliment I ever received is when I told a bass player that I looked up to that "I'm alright, I'm no pro," and he handed me his bass to get my opinion of his instrument. I slapped out some junk, and he said, "Uhhhh... you sound like a pro to me." I think I will forever feel like I'm super sloppy. I consider myself an "intermediate" because I don't feel like I will ever live up to Les Claypool or Victor Wooten.

    • Andrew Dodwell
      Andrew Dodwell 3 months ago

      Me too, I’ve been learning songs for 10 years now and I’m proficient in at least 12 or 13 of these points so I’m probably well on the way to intermediate grade, but whenever anyone asks I don’t call myself a beginner, I say I’m a “developing” bass player 😊

    • Kirstan Hill
      Kirstan Hill 2 years ago +3

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ve got two degrees in music, play multiple instruments, have taught for 21 years, and still pick up the bass wondering how to do this.

    • nutsenmai
      nutsenmai 2 years ago +2

      This, exactly. 🙃

  • Reubs
    Reubs 3 years ago +7

    Great work. Love the execution and the production!

  • RaphaRapha
    RaphaRapha 2 years ago +1

    I watched this video when you published it months ago and it motivated me to improve, since then i've practiced a lot, i even bought a notebook to write the basslines i came up with and write down my overall progression, as a bass player i feel like i can say that my level is intermediate, mostly thanks to you Josh, please never stop what you are doing :)

  • Sneed's Bass & Space
    Sneed's Bass & Space 2 years ago +1

    I liked how you chose "Ramble On" as one example for legato. That was the first full song I learned on bass back when I started I was 13 and didn't want to learn any "simple" song. It took about 2 years for me to get that song to sound exactly right. I'm 29 now and still just consider myself an intermediate bass player, because there is so much to learn I'm hesitant to call myself advanced. Also due to wrist injuries on my picking hand it has slowed down my ability to play slap well. It was a fracture of my scafoid bone (between top of thumb and wrist) and it left me with some pretty terrible arthritis in that area.

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 3 years ago +89

    Dude - never stop. Your content is always structured well, well humored and informative - thanks! Like how this gave me some new areas to explore and develop as well as help me appreciate how much I have learnt.

  • siuwind
    siuwind 3 years ago +9

    Awesome video. Can you also make a checklist for an advance level? Thank you so much!

  • Vicki Ignaszak
    Vicki Ignaszak 2 years ago

    I don't generally even consider myself a bass player because my main instrument has always been guitar, but what this video told me is that my bass proficiency is enough to be at least considered intermediate or better on bass. Amazing how easy it is if you already can read notes and play another string instrument. My biggest area I need to improve is my right hand technique, honestly. And that's mostly just because I haven't played bass as much so I don't have the right calluses on my right hand.

  • Jimmy Lewis
    Jimmy Lewis 2 years ago

    You covered it pretty thoroughly. I have been playing bass probably longer than you have been alive. I'm self taught, and I play by ear. I've neglected, and not really focused on some things I should have. I've lately been focusing on these neglected things. Some of the things on your list are so familiar to me, that I chuckled when you mentioned them. Other things, not so much. I have played professionally for years, but it's been a while since I've played in a band. I really enjoy hearing other musicians perspectives on playing. It gives me ideas, and opens my mind up to greater possibilities. Thanks for the video. I'm starting to work on these areas I have neglected, and videos like this one helps.

  • Derek Dauchan
    Derek Dauchan 2 years ago

    Josh, thanks so much for this video.
    The skills you mentioned are the very things that get us called and invited to gigs and jam sessions that can result in putting money in our pockets. Appreciate you so much.

  • nickopeters
    nickopeters 9 months ago +3

    This was really astute.
    BassBuzz really knows how to list the important stuff and to describe and demonstrate it in a tangible and clear way that holds my attention.
    I like "Josh the Noob," as a great character for clearly demonstrating the contrast between successful performance of a technique, and not getting it right, which is important, although typically omitted from most bass lesson videos. I also like how he uses this gentle form of humor to illustrate what not to do.
    Thank You--.

  • stratovani
    stratovani 3 years ago +31

    For the past eight years I've been the bassist for a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tribute band. After having watched this video I now consider myself advanced intermediate. I can pretty much do everything he does in his checklist, some things a bit better, some things worse. The best advice I could give anyone who has his basics down and wants to progress is to form or join a band. You'll be amazed how fast you'll improve!

    • Dave E. King
      Dave E. King Year ago

      As Alex James (Blur) would advice: play with people who are better than you. Best way to progress fast!

    • SashiSuugi
      SashiSuugi Year ago

      Bass player of one month and the music scene where I live is pretty much dead, but I can say I’ve been improving really fast. I went from playing R U Mine to playing Hysteria. I’ve been trying to get band mates and so far I’ve gotten two beginner guitarist. No luck finding a drummer yet.

    • Thorsten Koch
      Thorsten Koch 3 years ago +5

      Definitely good advice imho. I think that all the practice makes more sense if you know what it's for. E.g. not getting flamed by your drummer 😬

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +8

      Good advice!

  • TheSquishyOne
    TheSquishyOne 4 months ago

    As a bassist who feels like they aren't intermediate, you definietly showed me i know a little more than i thought. And it made me wanna pick up my bass at that moment to practice haha.

  • Martin Marmalade
    Martin Marmalade 2 years ago +3

    Dude - you are king of the rumble. Thanks so much for the videos, which are an amazing harmony of fun and helpful. You really distilled the essence of playing into clear components. Keep on rocking!

  • jordan h
    jordan h Year ago

    This is super helpful. I've been playing Guitar for 18 years, and can play the likes of August Burns Red or Protest The Hero. But my bass knowledge really just takes the guitar behaviours and apply to bass. I'm still working on the stability/tempo of my alternate finger picking and i really loved your slap/pop video. Learning something so familiar yet so new. thanks! Excited to get going on RHCP and other recommendations.

  • Mark Brierley
    Mark Brierley 2 years ago

    That was fun. I'm an expert guitarist and play the bass in some of my oww songs, but never considered grading myself on bass as I've never actively studied it. So, yes I hit everything easily - even though I was thinking I might not be. It's easily transferable.

  • F
    F 2 years ago

    I'm a guitar player from Argentina. This year i made a jazzbass of a luthier for having un house to provide to my modest rehersal hall. The thing is that now i'm playing bass in a band and your videos make great help to become a bassist and not a guitarist playing bass. Thanks Josh

  • laurelcello
    laurelcello 3 years ago +96

    i guess i'm a better bass player than i thought i was. this video was a bit of a confidence boost, thanks man!

    • Yan The Yam
      Yan The Yam Year ago +1

      @Sithspit sounds like you've got a good ear!

    • Sithspit
      Sithspit Year ago +4

      No lie. I learned several of the things he talked about and never knew there was a "thing", a name for it/them. It just felt and sounded "right". It was vindicating.

  • Andy Hinds
    Andy Hinds 4 months ago

    That was very enlightening and very entertaining! Thank you!

  • Kristian Bubica
    Kristian Bubica 2 years ago

    I've been playing for 10 months and I can say I'm pretty happy with all the things I can do from this list. (Thank you 2 year's of piano in music school for the theory part)

  • withershin
    withershin Year ago +2

    This video is really awesome. I'm just learning (40+) for the first time and your channel is my go-to learning source. I was NoobJosh about a year ago. Now I'm like 11/17 with a bass thanks mainly to your channel. Your teaching style is perfect for people like me as it is practical and real. I need to start learning more scales now.

  • Rocky Rhoades
    Rocky Rhoades 10 months ago

    It is so great seeing you with that Squier Jazz Bass. I'm a huge Squier fan and own 6 Squier basses and guitars. Oh, and the beginner to bad ass is a great course! Learned so much from you!

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    gjarasa 2 years ago

    Just starting out, I really appreciate this video as it gives goals to aim for and in such an entertaining way. Thumbs up! Searching Clip-Share in general, one suggestion is if lesson videos can be numbered or grouped so as to know the progression of learning. At times I couldnt figure out whats beginner vs advance lessons, which at times can be a turn off when learning.

  • Luke Br
    Luke Br 3 years ago +1332

    me: cool looks like I'm intermediate
    music theory: I'm gonna stop you right there

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      Episodenan Year ago +1

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    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  5 months ago

      Thanks Nita, glad you're enjoying the vids!

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    kyra Month ago

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    Vasilis Thess Year ago +1

    Your videos are very educational and extremely useful!
    You present every subject to the point, not missing out any useful information. The play-along sections of your lessons sum up the facts of each chapter and teach us the lesson in an educational and easy way! It's also admirable the fact that, with the play-alongs of famous songs, we can easily see that the things you teach us are already existing practices in music.
    The way you show the major scale, the triangles, the triads, the blues box, etc., with the white and orange dots on the fretboard, is extremely helpful for the eye and very easy to understand and apply to one's playing. These pictures plus the "moving orange dot" while you play are really like no other!...
    I also love the fact that you divide your videos in chapters. It makes learning so easy and practical.
    The tabs you give (and for free!) are so useful!
    Your videos are inspiring and fun! The idea of characters, such as "Noob Josh", "Science Josh", "French Josh", "Producer Josh", etc. is so smart and funny!
    The subtitles you add are very useful and so fun!
    You are doing an exceptional job. Better than many books I know, I must say.
    I am sending you this message because I respect and love your work very much and to let you know what a great job you 're doing.
    You are an admirable person.
    Congratulations, Mr. Josh Fossgreen!

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis 2 years ago

    thanks for the boost of confidence...last played in 1980, started playing again in May, was wondering if I am wasting my time making a comeback at 64! got 16 out of 17, don't know all my pentatonic scales yet! Great Video..... been teaching 43 years, I train colleagues in distance learning techniques. Your videos are great because of your enthusiasm!

  • God of PUNder
    God of PUNder 13 days ago

    Picked up bass in November so I've only been at it about 4 or 5 months, but I've been a drummer for 14 years, since I was a young teen, and my dad and brother are phenomenal bass players and even my in laws have amazing talent on strings, so I'm surrounded by people who I've had the privilege to jam with.
    All that to say, I'm blessed to already have the ear and the groove for it to start, and i feel like im jusg aboit at the intermediage level, but this video has helped me identify the few things I need to work on to really get there. I'll be coming back to this video for those 5 scales for sure. Plus the only notation I read is chord charts and non-rhythmic tabs, but I do read rhythms well so I could syand to work on the gab example you showed.
    Thanks for the video! Bass is a blast and I keep picking it up, just about every single day, continuing to improve!

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    Jeff Paul 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video. I picked up bass for the first time 22 months ago at the ripe old age of 55. I practice 7-10 hours a week. I got 16 out of 17 on the checklist. I do struggle with being able to pick out the key of a song by ear. Will definitely work on that. Also, I play mostly blues and classic rock, so I am not proficient in slapping or using a pick, but it is not really required in what I play...but I still want to learn.

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    Santiago jimenez 2 years ago

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    Thanks a lot for the videos!

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    Great checklist. If you can do these 17 you can play out with people, make some money and support your bass habit, and most importantly have some fun. The world always needs competent bass players.

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    nova dowdell 3 years ago +325

    me: gets a bass for christmas and learns a few songs by reading tabs and practicing scales without knowing how to jam or write my own basslines or even read sheet music
    *also me: yeah i’m pretty much john deacon*

    • Smitty
      Smitty 2 years ago

      @DatedDelvings I have perfect pitch myself, I started later on bass after I had already learned how to play Baritone and Tuba in Marching band so I was able to get reading faster. It's worth it 100% if you're still sticking with bass. Best of luck to you! It's only up from here.

    • Je Ry
      Je Ry 2 years ago +1

      @Cursed Cliff yup, learning melodies would be so much easier.

    • Cursed Cliff
      Cursed Cliff 2 years ago +5

      @Je Ry 100% of those that dont have it want it

    • Je Ry
      Je Ry 2 years ago +8

      @DatedDelvings perfect pitch is like, something more than half of musicians who don't have it wish they would.
      Like it can be so useful.

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      Untitled 2 years ago +1

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  • Tech Toy Tinker Company

    Only in dreams by Weezer is both a simple song and requires you to move your hands and stretch them out a bit at the same time. It's also a reasonably slow song as well. Happy playing!

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    • Blind Justice
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      Advanced: Just a video of him flexing.
      Can you do this?
      How about this?
      Or this?
      No? Get back to practicing!

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    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  2 years ago

      Resources for all this stuff in the description!

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    I really love these vids! I have been able to learn and retain more from your vids than anyone else's. The retain part especially! These are the best tools I have found, thank you! I was suprised to find I'm farther along than I thought, but estatic to know what I should be working on to progress! Thanks for helping all us n00bz who need this kind of guidance!

  • Flavio Garcia
    Flavio Garcia 2 years ago

    It's quite weird, you know. It happens to me at times, that I am convinced that I have achieved all the 17 points you've mentioned and... one minute later, the chaos...i.e. I am completely convinced that I suck as a bass player. Maybe it's a matter of self-confidence. Btw, the lesson you delivered is awesome. It gets your brain down to work, Bravo 👏👏👏. Greetings from Argentina, 👍✌

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    Emmanuel Chaves 2 years ago

    Great video! I think improvising is also an important item to intermediate bassist.

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    puripuribuns 2 years ago +18

    i'm just getting my first bass at 26 years old, and watching this is very intimidating.

    • Daniel Batista
      Daniel Batista 2 years ago +1

      I would say: Allow you to play bad (otherwise you'll think "I don't know how to do this", and then give up), but always try to improve. My approach to learning is not get stuck in trying to learn perfectly one thing before move on to the next step. I take the next step, practice a little, then come back to the previous steps trying to improve. Often the previous steps tend to be easier as I review then after a while.

    • EJ Rose
      EJ Rose 2 years ago

      Same but I've been playing for a while now. Just never owned one before.

    • Toxophilite Rusticous
      Toxophilite Rusticous 2 years ago +1

      I've just gotten into bass during lockdown. Owned it for years but never had the chance to learn it. I've picked up so much via the Rocksmith 2014/Remastered (renamed but is the same) software (and it's required specific "Realtone" USB to guitar jack cable). The software is available on Steam (PC download), PlayStation 3/4 and XBox 360/One.
      The latter third of the video was beyond me, but the earlier parts I can either do or wasn't far off. I've reached a point where I'm struggling to progress with Rocksmith alone, but I have discovered this on Clip-Share and feel Josh can bridge that gap.
      Try Josh, Rocksmith and persistence!

    • Steve Achelis
      Steve Achelis 2 years ago +11

      I bought my first bass at 62 years old... We’re all in this together.

    • Michael Hartley
      Michael Hartley 2 years ago

      And also you dont have to learn it all at once! You can do all these things quicker than you think, just take your time with it and most importantly, have fun!!! :)

  • Gjorde Erickson
    Gjorde Erickson 3 years ago +136

    I've still got a long way to go. But, I'm starting to get a hold of things. Thanks for being a super big help

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +4

      You're welcome Gjorde!

  • Teddy Coudière
    Teddy Coudière 2 years ago

    This is a really good video, and really funny ! Thanks for making me laugh ! And reassuring me about my bass level :)

  • Mystic Mind Analysis
    Mystic Mind Analysis 2 years ago

    12/17 on the cheklist. Honestly, I think that's enough for me to count as an intermediate! I started out learning basics with yousician, and now I pretty much learn full songs exclusively. I can play 5 separate songs on with easy to medium difficulty, and I'm beginning to pick up more by practicing with a backing track sooner. I've yet to learn the scales, like bar blues, major or minor, but that's also because I suck at remembering names for stuff. I can name the notes on my fretboard, they just take a minute because I'm also slow at maths.
    Some of this has to do with how you learn TBH. Some stuff may be more difficult than anothers depending on ability. But otherwise, I largely agree with this list! I'd just put "creating basslines" as more advanced than intermediate.
    Also, just because I'm super hyped to demonstrate what I've learned, these are the songs I can play so far
    Space Dragon (from the game Night in the Woods)
    Candlemass - Bewitched
    Dio - Holy Diver
    Judas Priest - Breaking the Law
    The Romones - Blitzkrieg Bob
    Devin Townsend - Bend it Like Bender
    All relatively simple! The more complex ones I'm currently learning to play in time are "Flight of Icarus" by Iron Maiden and "Blood Bound" by Hammerfall.

  • Isaac  Lacsamana
    Isaac Lacsamana Year ago

    I started to play bass since pandemic so it has been a bit more than a year now, it’s a process and I enjoy learning. I guess I’m a beginner for life. It’s very challenging and rewarding to learn something new. I’ve posted my progress here on Clip-Share from the start using my 6string classical guitar to a cordoba mini bass to a squire bass. To be a beginner for the rest of my life is fine, I just love to learn more and practice more. #learningbassguitarafter50 🎸🎸✌️

  • ທະນູທອງ ແສງຂັນຄຳ

    that was a load of good advice. thanks! take note at the end about full songs. its great to be creative and do your own stuff, but it is more important to play as close to the original recordings as you can.

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    Kira Kun Plays 2 years ago

    Thank, this video made it clear I'm somewhere in between beginner and intermediate, the real hurdle to overcome. Gonna keep practicing Hysteria by Muse every day and work on my fretboard knowledge. It's time to step it up!

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    • theReal Flute
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    • Fiore
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    • Stuugie
      Stuugie 2 years ago

      This is my own interpretation, but I think "intermediate" here means you've figured out the absolute fundamentals to average play and can get by in most average situations. You could still improve speed, improve technique, learn more scales, improve volume control, learn more songs, etc, but from this point on you are spending more time improving what you know than learning important new ideas. The gates have opened and you can go any way you want with bass.

  • bree
    bree 2 months ago

    been playing guitar for 15+ years, had my bass for 8 of those... i constantly feel like a beginner but now i can finally say i'm an "intermediate" bassist

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen Year ago

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    Reese J Year ago

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  • IDk MAN?
    IDk MAN? 2 years ago

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  • Winterjolt
    Winterjolt 3 years ago +25

    I've been playing bass since I was 13 (33now) off and on, and I'm still learning new things about playing the bass. I'm self taught and I know I have bad habbits I'm still trying to get rid of. I love playing the bass. I still consider myself a beginner.

    • slipknot95maggot
      slipknot95maggot 3 years ago

      @PandaDares "for an easy instrument like bass" - as is often the case for any who keep an eye on psychology to see, when you speak you're usually just describing yourself and your own mental framework
      Which is not to say you're a natural bass god. It means you're *making* it easy

    • fattyjaybird
      fattyjaybird 3 years ago

      @PandaDares guitarists secretly love all bassplayers who aren't guitarists

    • fattyjaybird
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      General Bakshistein 3 years ago

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  • soepil
    soepil Year ago

    After going through this checklist, and playing bass for 35 years, I can safely say that I'm an intermediate bassist. I still struggle a bit with playing legato and, sometimes, mute ringing strings. Thanks for an entertaining and helpful video.

  • rad as hell
    rad as hell 2 years ago +1

    I watched this videos to see what I should learn to become better but it turns out that I can check off a bit less than half of list😅 I can’t wait to get the whole list!!!

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    Me: Has been playing bass professionally for 8 years
    Also me: Shocked that I'm an intermediate bassist according to this video 😂😂
    I should really give myself more credit.

    • Sithspit
      Sithspit Year ago

      Honestly I think most professional musicians would rank as around the same, and then there are the true visionary prodigies (Cliff Burton, etc). I feel it's the consistency to deliver at that level that makes the difference between the true professionals that are "intermediate" and the brilliant but inconsistent "beginners" or prodigies. Did that make sense? Me/Words don't wurk soemtiems.

    • Andy Lane
      Andy Lane 2 years ago +2

      Good channel! I've been playing and writing for over 35 yrs. I never feel accomplished. I did get a good feeling when veteran recording engineer told me that my timing was "fantastic" regarding hitting the 1s. Random people tell me I'm good. I guess I have insecurity. But folks keep wanting me to play with them. I came up through zero theory punk rock, but have learned a little theory over the years. Can't sight read. I guess I'll be Intermediate forever. It's cool.

    • Technico.top
      Technico.top 2 years ago +5

      /give some credit too
      If people gave you money all these years, you shouldn't be that bad ;)

  • T. Tinari
    T. Tinari Year ago

    I've been playing guitar for several years (on and off, with other musical instruments and skills) and I've been on the market for a bass. This is a great reference, and I feel a lot more confident after seeing this!

  • moogyboy6
    moogyboy6 2 years ago +1

    Yay! I'm a solid intermediate. Currently working on learning to read standard notation, but pretty much aced all your other points. Thanks for a great presentation.

  • Jiri Jiri
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    I am digging throu all your vids. Keeps me practicing hard and motivated. Thanks a lot Josh.

  • John Berry
    John Berry 10 months ago

    Hey Josh, just watched this video and I actually made it about halfway. I'm on my 3rd month of learning bass. I've looked at a ton of videos on bass, and I always come back to your page when I want to concentrate and learn. And if I think I'm getting too good, I can always rely on Noob or Robot Josh to bring me back down to reality. 😂. I have to say that your choice of Tshirt is cool, one of my favorite banjo pickers. Mr Fleck has been killing it for years. Anyway, thanks again for the help and encouragement.

  • 01FrugalBassist
    01FrugalBassist 2 years ago

    Bass players all have to start somewhere, and this checklist is a great way for an intermediate player to know what is expected and what to work on.
    Also, I've always thought of chord tones as a basic for writing songs or improvising on bass.