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  • Published on Mar 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • GYROSCOPE: www.curiositybox.com/products...
    D!NG (formerly DONG): / @dingsauce
    Jake unboxing the latest Curiosity Box (SPOILERS): • IT'S HERE
    Other great videos on this topic:
    "The gyro effect explained, without math" from Matthias Wandel
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    also see woodgears.ca/physics/gyro.html
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    wiki pages about gyroscopes and circular motion:
    centripetal force: hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/...
    xkcd on Centrifugal Force: xkcd.com/123/
    Eötvös effect:
    Music by / jakechudnow and www.audionetwork.com
    Good-lookin' 3D graphics by Eric Langlay: / ericdraven30
    mid-tier 2D animations by me.
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  • Leonard Lakey
    Leonard Lakey Year ago +1490

    I am 73 years old. 55 years ago I took physics 101 and got an "A" but this is the first time in my life that I have really understood centripetal force and the Coriolis effect in my life. Thanks Michael!

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    It's impressive how Michael is able to cut out such a perfect circular cardboard disc

    • girlfriendhaver101
      girlfriendhaver101 9 days ago

      Thats not a disc, thats a 3 dimensional chiliagon

    • OGLuqqy Chess
      OGLuqqy Chess Month ago

      this guy has clearly never heard of scissors

    • Jacob Alexander
      Jacob Alexander 2 months ago

      That'll be the next video lol

    • ArbiterAK
      ArbiterAK 2 months ago

      Literally on like 1/3 of the vids I click on you’re here. Where aren’t you?

  • KarmaStar
    KarmaStar 2 years ago +1315

    "Lesson 5... This truly was a roundabout path.. Thank you, Gyro..."

    • Chris is bored
      Chris is bored 3 months ago

      Im imagining vsauce trying to beat the algorithm(pres) with this video (super spin)

    • Toist
      Toist 7 months ago


    • Raichuliam
      Raichuliam 8 months ago

      drip chad bruh

    • Raichuliam
      Raichuliam 8 months ago


    • Minke
      Minke 10 months ago

      lmao i played n the jojo game yesterday on a private server (which i havent played in 5 months) and the moment i saw lesson 5 i was like "johnny" also i cant believe thats the joke LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • LDGaming
    LDGaming 2 years ago +665

    Jokes aside, can we take a moment to appreciate how kind he is doing this for Alzheimer's research

    • Someone
      Someone 3 months ago +1

      @EctoMorpheus specificity is important, "dementia" encompasses Alzheimer's but also describes many more conditions

    • LDGaming
      LDGaming 3 months ago

      @Sinister just changed it :)

    • Sinister
      Sinister 4 months ago


    • Dale Young
      Dale Young 4 months ago

      @TheTurkeyFarm you

    • Minke
      Minke 10 months ago

      why not jokes on side?

  • London Scott
    London Scott 2 years ago +963

    "This is a cardboard disk, I cut it myself" Good job Michael Good job

    • Fatal Shot Gaming
      Fatal Shot Gaming 22 days ago

      That address is from Breaking Bad.

    • Rhakjellg
      Rhakjellg 9 months ago

      @Striker Bowls please send me a gift. anything is appreciated

    • Striker Bowls
      Striker Bowls 9 months ago

      @Rhakjellg what?

    • Rhakjellg
      Rhakjellg 9 months ago

      @Striker Bowls 308, Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque New Mexico, 87104

    • Striker Bowls
      Striker Bowls 9 months ago

      @Rhakjellg *we're

  • Gibbous Silver
    Gibbous Silver 2 years ago +1679

    I’m living in Spain, but the “A” is silent

  • WankersCramp69
    WankersCramp69 6 years ago +6085

    VSauce, why do we always wake up right before the best part in our dreams?

    • °•Y•°
      °•Y•° 19 hours ago

      Your dreaming starts when you enter REM sleep, last part of the sleeping span which your body softly starts to activate your consciousness obviously starts from your brain and your eyes starts moving and you start to imagine, when the imagination is horror panic attacks force you to wake up faster than usual because of natural reflex to evade the bad ending however when your imagination are sweet you usually postpone the ending ending due to stay longer in sweet dream but REM Sleep have it's time span and unfortunately the answer to your question is times up while you postpone the end because you Don't wanted it to end.😊

    • se be
      se be 14 days ago

      Probably because too much emotions which makes us wake up, like when somebody wakes you up by yelling, but inside of your own brain.

    • xPluhs
      xPluhs 20 days ago

      i heard it’s cuz u get excited enough for it to wake u up

    • ISitOn MyArm
      ISitOn MyArm Month ago

      @Aaron Stevens no I just don’t try super hard to spell check and proof read every comment. It’s a Clip-Share comment dude get over yourself.

    • Aaron Stevens
      Aaron Stevens Month ago

      ​@ISitOn MyArm did you misspell "you'll" on purpose?..

  • Lawrence Hortizuela
    Lawrence Hortizuela 3 years ago +143

    I wanted to learn Gyro's spin with steel balls. Worth it!

  • danny r
    danny r 2 years ago +58

    When wheel was spinning and he flinched not wanting to die from a tire hitting him going like mach 10 was so friggin hilarious
    I love this guy

    • P. Rubin
      P. Rubin 3 months ago

      He didnt flinch, it was for comedic effect.

    • danny r
      danny r 6 months ago +2

      I know. It was hyperbole x 1000

    • Mohd Zain Lone
      Mohd Zain Lone 6 months ago +1

      That's definitely not mach 10

  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris 2 years ago +36

    As someone who was initially baffled by the concepts of the recent College Physics chapter, this has proven insanely helpful. Thank you!

  • B izichyld
    B izichyld 3 years ago +17

    I have a doctorate degree in the sciences (not physics) and I still struggle to understand these concepts. What keeps me coming back to Vsauce over and over is Michael’s ability to inspire me to keep trying to understand. Thanks Vsauce. You have enriched my life.

  • 0_Toast_0
    0_Toast_0 Year ago +408

    I feel like JoJo was actually created as bait to get people into deep scientific rabbit holes.

    • sal mo
      sal mo Month ago

      @Memes shorts popular show series that has a lot of reference-ability

    • Fatme Mustafova
      Fatme Mustafova 4 months ago

      @Jim the author Araki has hidden many references in the series, mostly to western music

    • Jim
      Jim 7 months ago

      I feel like the jojo was invented by folks who was in a deep theoretical rabbit whole :D

    • Memes shorts
      Memes shorts 8 months ago

      Huh@Mio Brundo

    • Mio Brundo
      Mio Brundo 8 months ago

      @Memes shorts Popular Japanese manga/anime series that has one of the powers called "spin" where you spin steel balls mostly (there is also a character named "Gyro").

  • Tax Avoider
    Tax Avoider 6 years ago +12141

    I suddenly have a great urge to buy a gyroscope

  • Roaster
    Roaster 2 years ago +58

    Necro kudos! An explanation of the gyro effect that makes sense. This brings something to mind that has concerned me for some time. Somebody might use a kernel of information in an unexpected way, if only they knew about it. How do you keep up? Keep learning and seeking. Thanks Michael.

  • Sv4zer
    Sv4zer 3 years ago +1059

    Vsauce: This head aint' never coming off!
    Guillotine: Am I a joke to you?

  • PainGoingCrazy
    PainGoingCrazy 9 months ago +2

    I really like the way this was explained step by step with visuals, rather than just having us plug numbers into formulas

  • Perry
    Perry 3 years ago +6

    Hi Michael , I just recently discovered your channel and I must say that I’m blown away with your broad range of topics. The knowledge you possess relating to these topics is mind blowing, how do you know so much and the way you articulate with your dry innocent humour is refreshing to a tired soul . You are the most intelligent and awesome person I don’t know and I truly wish I didn’t know more people like you . Looking forward to your next video. PS : That video about the rotating seal mug looked more like a bungholio , it was genius . Thank You .

  • Mohd Abbas Haidar
    Mohd Abbas Haidar 2 years ago +18

    I love you, Micheal! I couldn't stop laughing throughout this video because of the non-intuitive nature of rotational mechanics. This was totally mind-blowing!

  • ToastbackWhale
    ToastbackWhale 6 years ago +141

    The Coriolis Effect is my personal favorite QED with flat-earthers, because it's not some abstract thing. You can literally go out in the desert with a rifle and watch as your bullets land in different places depending on which direction you're shooting.

    • James
      James 6 years ago


    • ToastbackWhale
      ToastbackWhale 6 years ago +2

      ShoeniceDeletedVideosX28 I knew someone would say something like that, didn't think I needed to explain what I meant.
      Different places on the target relative to your initial zero.

    • ToastbackWhale
      ToastbackWhale 6 years ago +2

      Vsauce Holy crap you actually replied to me

    • Moritz Müller
      Moritz Müller 6 years ago +2

      月食 but if earth was flat and spinning the coriolis effect would also exist, since points nearer to the center are also spinning slower

    • R1chard
      R1chard 6 years ago

      The Coriolus effect doesn't happen to work on small scale gravitational forces does it? Or is it 100% outweighed by stronger forces?

  • David Eranosian
    David Eranosian 2 years ago +21

    Michael is truly a gift to us all. Sorry for my bad spelling, but I am happy to have you in my life. Honestly. The way you explain stuff is so chaotic, energetic but yet so good.

  • AwesomeRace
    AwesomeRace 3 years ago +346

    "Hey, Vsauce"
    Me: ok normal video
    Also Micheal: do you want my head delivered to you in a box?

    • Nilko
      Nilko Month ago +1

      still normal

    • Pan simp
      Pan simp 2 years ago

      So still a normal video?

    • I'm not using this anymore
      I'm not using this anymore 2 years ago +1

      Still normal after he said that. I don’t think you know what it means

    • elixx
      elixx 2 years ago +5

      Domotron 35 *Or is it*

    • Domotron 35
      Domotron 35 3 years ago +18

      He doesnt understand a "normal video"

  • Sean Au Gagnon
    Sean Au Gagnon 4 months ago +1

    What makes this stuff so great is that Vsauce doesn't OVER explain things. They focus on the simple straightforward explanation and repeat it a couple times. Reenforcing it. Pushing you to that "aha" moment. That's why it's better to keep explanations short and to the point. Instead of going on and on and on and on and on and on and on until the person is like "what was this person talking about?"

  • Dumb Bo
    Dumb Bo 3 years ago

    Micheal, you have the gift. I don't think there is any topic that you couldn't take on and end up creating a compelling story through which to communicate the most important aspects of said topic to the broadest audience one can imagine. In short, you are an incredibly interesting and captivating person who could not just convince an Inuit that he needed a surfboard, you would create within his soul the ability to understand every aspect of surfing and the ability to extrapolate all of his to very limits of human capacity to understand the universe they inhabit.

  • Ray C
    Ray C Year ago +1

    After many years studying this topics, and after years watching Vsauce, this continues to be the BEST EXPLANATION I've came across.
    Hail Michael!! Huge thanks!

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 6 years ago +1821

    We're so lucky. Getting cool lessons from the greatest teachers of our species while drunk in your underwear.

    • IcyPickle
      IcyPickle Year ago

      Gyro gives better lessons hehe

    • David Phipps
      David Phipps 3 years ago

      Or you could have gone to science class when you were 14. You'd have already learned all this basic crap.

    • David Lenart
      David Lenart 5 years ago +3

      Peter Parker what are you doing in my underwear

    • Alexey Bulygin
      Alexey Bulygin 6 years ago +6

      Man, you're really clairvoyant person.

  • Samarth Sai
    Samarth Sai 3 years ago +2

    Things like QM or Relativity are fascinating for sure but when Newtonian mechanics blows your mind, it is a different feeling.
    Great work.

  • Alexandru Danciu
    Alexandru Danciu 3 years ago +4

    Michel... Hope you gonna read this humble message. Keep in mind (you're a genius) and NEVER CHANGE your way about making the videos. They are just simply AMAZING in the way they are, and I would prefer to watch them over 30 years as well in the same pattern like now. And should be always (thanks for make them) 👍

  • Jpase
    Jpase 7 months ago

    I actually heard about helicopter rotors (and gyroscopes in general) "feeling" forces 90 degrees after the force was applied a while back and was very confused. Turns out I already knew why that happens, from doing orbital maneuvers in ksp. I just never thought about connecting the dots between orbital mechanics and helicopters.
    I love physics.

  • Lost lake boy 123😎
    Lost lake boy 123😎 2 years ago +36

    Now I want to see how flat earthers explain a Gyro Scope

  • Jun Yan Yap
    Jun Yan Yap Year ago +2

    Amazing! First time I have heard a somewhat intuitive explanation for the “90 degrees ahead effect”

  • louf
    louf 6 years ago +375

    Is it just me or are the thumbnails low-key modern art?

    • DumQunt
      DumQunt 5 years ago +5

      yea, especially the "Juvenoia" one.

  • KlausM54
    KlausM54 2 years ago +6

    This is one of the most efficient educational videos on Clip-Share. Afer learning physics in school and university (not my main subject) I had to turn 40 to finally understand precession.

  • ya yo
    ya yo 2 years ago +6

    I have now learned that vsauce videos aren't to be clicked for the title of thumbnail, they just are all good and I'm never disappointed

  • Uno Coltrane
    Uno Coltrane 8 months ago

    I've known the Coriolis effect affects ballistics for a little while, but I never really grasped the concept. I'm gonna have to rewatch this because I suspect the Eötvös effect has an affect on a projectile as well.

  • Brooklyn Staker
    Brooklyn Staker 2 years ago +3

    I was just learning about this in my college physics class, and most of it went right over my head... then I watched Michael explain it and was like, “OOOOOHHHHH! I SEE!”

  • Viren Sridhar
    Viren Sridhar 2 years ago

    Very nice...You are one of the few rare people who explain physics like physics...Everyone else explains physics like mathematics.

  • AaaAaAAaaAAaAaaA
    AaaAaAAaaAAaAaaA 6 years ago +44

    I never understood why gyroscopes don't fall over, even though I've watched quite a few videos on it, but Michael explained it in a simple non-confusing way so I understand it now! Good job Michael.

  • Prototype Eight
    Prototype Eight 2 years ago

    Great work here. So much better than school teaching. there could be a real curriculum developed out of your videos. thanks for teaching!!!

  • Fantomex
    Fantomex 2 years ago +3

    Gyroscope! I loved these things as a child. The box is exactly the same too. Awesome little things. Pretty trippy to see it spinning down a tiny string too. Btw mind dynamite is a great little phrase lol. I'm totally stealing it 😂

  • 112299
    112299 4 months ago

    Thank you for making physics fun and easier to understand

  • Mars
    Mars 3 years ago

    Michael, I would love to see you experiment with Viktor Schauberger's designs for purifying water. I can't seem to find much about this and would love to learn more. If I had the funding I would be all over it.

  • Ryan Dunklee
    Ryan Dunklee 2 years ago

    I’ve watched this video like 4 times in the past week. It’s related to what we’re doing in physics . So handy

  • Vontos' Magic Murder Bag
    Vontos' Magic Murder Bag 6 years ago +14

    I like that Vsauce has a bunch of things to promote now. It might mean new videos more often.

  • Adrian Schubert
    Adrian Schubert 3 years ago +1

    Just started watching this dude's videos one after another...the guy's a genius. Great stuff.

  • Orn Jonasar
    Orn Jonasar 8 days ago

    It’s also the same thing with helicopter rotors. I saw a video similar to this a few years back and all the years of “you explained that it does but not the why” were so simply answered.

  • Ted A
    Ted A Year ago

    I had to learn about the coriolis effect for flight school. It never made sense, your explanation was fantastic

  • Siya
    Siya 11 months ago +1

    The rewatch ability of Michael's content is amazing

  • Szabu
    Szabu Year ago +1

    It's always a treat to have a foreigner pronounce Hungarian stuff correctly :) The way you said "Eötvös" was spot on.

  • Mr. Snuffleupagus
    Mr. Snuffleupagus 6 years ago +29

    Vsauce is like the Alton Brown of physics.

  • Ashley Perigo
    Ashley Perigo Year ago

    I love this show this guy is great explains what I know n can't express n also teaches me to helping me reach a better understanding

  • BroudbrunMusicMerge

    12:40 This is an incredible way to intuit the Coreolis Effect. I never quite pictured it before. Thanks!

  • Bryce Smith
    Bryce Smith 11 months ago

    Michael's Vsauce videos are always so nostalgic

  • somethingnottaken
    somethingnottaken 3 months ago +12

    That wheel tire demonstration will never not be awesome

  • Jamie Newman
    Jamie Newman Year ago

    Been on Clip-Share for hours trying to grasp this you’ve done it in 11 minutes thank you!

  • Jeremy Stanger
    Jeremy Stanger 6 years ago +13

    By far and away the best explanation I've ever seen of rotational dynamics. Very clever how you did it without transforming between reference frames, and i think that's what made it such a clear explanation. Although I won't dispute that the centrifugal force (and the coriolis force) are fictitious, they are extremely useful tools when working with rotating frames!

  • Ágoston Gógl
    Ágoston Gógl 2 years ago +7

    As a hungarian, I'm very pleased to hear you talking about Eötvös. :)
    He was a great physicist. One of the largest universities in my country, the ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University) is named after him.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 years ago

    You are really the best Science communicator of this generation and most likely beyond.

  • Guava Marshmellow
    Guava Marshmellow 2 years ago +530

    "When a car urine.."
    Ah, yes, intellectual captions

    • booger
      booger Year ago

      @Neil Lunavat but he moved his hand down from up so..?

    • The Rayven
      The Rayven Year ago +1

      Well, gravity does come from God?

    • Arjun Arun
      Arjun Arun Year ago

      @Motaz Fawzi @Neil Lunavat he was signalling the opposing force

    • Motaz Fawzi
      Motaz Fawzi Year ago +13

      @Neil Lunavat
      Vsauce is in Australia confirmed.

    • mark_
      mark_ Year ago +4

      @Neil Lunavat Which way is down?

  • Gamers Roost
    Gamers Roost 8 months ago

    Hi Michael. After seeing your description on the ball around your head; I am curious about why a person in a hammer throw and discus, spin in circles prior to letting go.

  • K o a t
    K o a t 8 months ago

    The fact that a guy that just talks about weird cool information is one of the most known people on Clip-Share is one thing that makes me love this platform.

  • malak h
    malak h 6 years ago +1234

    "Mom! Vsauce broke my mind again!"

    • Just A Broom
      Just A Broom 4 years ago

      But what is mind?
      (Music starts)

    • Smudge
      Smudge 5 years ago +1


    • mr meat man
      mr meat man 5 years ago +7

      Or did he? *cue vsauce music*

    • Anna Krawczuk
      Anna Krawczuk 5 years ago +10

      *Vsauce music starts playing*

    • Eris
      Eris 5 years ago +17

      Is Mind Actually Flat?

  • Vict7633
    Vict7633 3 months ago

    The part where you talk about if you blow on one side of a gyroscope, it tilts 90 degrees offset. That is also why a helicopter rotors does not make the input on the left blade to tilt right, but actually the input changes the pitch on the blade 90 degrees offset of the blade that would "logically" be the correct blade to pitch.

  • capapofa
    capapofa 2 months ago +1

    How can Michael balance the carboard so good on a pen and spin it without it falling off

  • Adrian Soto
    Adrian Soto 2 years ago

    When the gyroscope tilts at 9:38 because of gravity creating a torque on it, The gyroscope behaves the same way an AC MOTOR does. Like in an ACMotor With each coil being energized at different times to rotate magnets , the same principle can be applied with the gyroscope with gravity, the gravity pushing on different ends of the gyro which in turn creates a consistency to keep the gyro moving .

  • Thorgeirn Stormcaller
    Thorgeirn Stormcaller 3 years ago

    I know this video is old but its awesome because helicopters have to take gyroscopic precession (sorry for spelling) into account. They have to offset the main input controls 45° on the "rotor" so that they can translate back to the side of the helicopter they want

  • Lorenzo Caliri
    Lorenzo Caliri 2 years ago

    this is a pure mechanics lesson,and you're doing better than my professor

  • TheSetariZeno
    TheSetariZeno 6 years ago +72

    It's funny how I just learned this in physics. I feel as smart as Vsauce for once

  • biggles258
    biggles258 3 years ago

    Don't think I've ever mashed the J-key so often, but I've finally got my head around this. Many thanks for all your excellent explanations.

  • Dale Rabinovitz
    Dale Rabinovitz 3 years ago

    If you could remove friction would the gyroscope keep spinning forever due to conservation of angular momentum? Would it in the simplest case of the axis oriented vertically just maintain that orientation forever? And would the precessing, frictionless gyroscope keep precessing forever? Or are the other forces that come into play to slow the gyro down?

  • GEN - X - 三FPV三
    GEN - X - 三FPV三 6 months ago

    From what I have observed the gyroscope (or in my case a bicycle wheel) wants to flip just like a wing nut wants to flip when it's spinning in space, but the orbital speed causes it to, instead rotate on the Y axis.

  • Corm75
    Corm75 3 years ago

    I have a question about the Eötvös effect. Does the Eötvös effect make it more fuel efficient to travel east than to travel west? I.E. you start a trip in Kansas City, Kansas and travel east St. Louis Missouri then turn around and travel west back to KC. Would you see any difference in the amount of fuel you used going east versus going west? Or is the difference so small that you wouldn't see it on any normal fuel gauge?

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    The 90 degrees ahead part of the explanation could be a little more helpful, by using a compass or clock to show it and not the 2D side shot they did. If you look directly down at a gyro, use compass directions (N, S, E, W). Lets pretend its spinning clockwise and you then apply a force to the North point, 90 degrees clockwise would be East. So the gyro will tilt that way. Just like in the first cardboard example @7:47

  • Mezan
    Mezan 6 years ago +343

    Ok so basically A level physics was just explained in minutes

    • Mezan
      Mezan 6 years ago

      Sammy197 I've never met anyone with my name (irl or online)

    • Sammy197
      Sammy197 6 years ago

      Sammy OMG you stole my username! (and many other Sammys' too) When you think about it it's kinda rare for people to find their username "thief" so it just goes to show how small of a world we live in...

    • Burp Yoshi
      Burp Yoshi 6 years ago

      tihamir299 Sixth form is college. Same thing, it's just sixth form is generally referred to as a college connected to a lower school

    • tihamir299
      tihamir299 6 years ago

      BurpYoshi A-levels is what you study at sixth form, which is year 12 and year 13.

    • Burp Yoshi
      Burp Yoshi 6 years ago

      @NotBothered10 A-levels aren't high school, they're college.

  • Victor Sterie
    Victor Sterie 2 years ago +1

    Amazing analogy, the one related to orbital mechanics, thanks! :D

  • mamaboo cee
    mamaboo cee 3 years ago

    Could you do a show on the Gravity Probe B experiment? I am fascinated by it! Thanks!

  • biohazard 38
    biohazard 38 2 years ago

    So if the gyroscope was at a let's say 45 degree angle and you somehow got it to speed up, would it go back to being straight up or would it still spin at that 45 degree angle?

  • TheUmaragu
    TheUmaragu 3 years ago

    Great explanation- I grasped many concepts, that I barely knew.

  • Jpays Gamer
    Jpays Gamer 2 years ago

    This video taught me this topic better than a science class ever could have and is actually understand it

  • GamersGuide ToEverything
    GamersGuide ToEverything 5 years ago +29

    I love how impressed he is with him self when he says "here is a circle...I cut it out myself"

  • Sahuagin
    Sahuagin 2 years ago

    basically, when something is spinning, all of its "points" already have strong motion vectors. if gravity is applied, gravity's motion vector is only added to the existing vectors (it doesn't replace them), and they might be a lot bigger than gravity if the object is spinning very fast, meaning the vectors just turn downwards a little bit.

  • ツLucifer
    ツLucifer 2 years ago +1

    either michael is a wizard or something else is happening... *how did he balance a cardboard circle on a pen*

  • Dairy
    Dairy Year ago +74

    "Do you want my head delivered to your door in a box?"
    "Why did my doorbell just ring?"

  • Aksheeta Safaria
    Aksheeta Safaria Year ago

    I read in my book centripetal force is real and centrifugal is imaginary and for the life of me could not understand why, thanks Michael

  • Gush 35z
    Gush 35z Year ago

    This video taught me more than a full year of my last science class

  • Yvan Dilem
    Yvan Dilem 5 years ago +314

    You are really a good popularizer of science effects.
    Continue like this.

  • Osmium Soul
    Osmium Soul 2 years ago

    One of the greatest VSauce videos of all time.

  • renvilsekawan
    renvilsekawan 2 years ago

    hi vsource, can you explain, is it possible for an object (circular) to rotate at a very very fast rotation speed resulting in the object actually silent. because each point of the object is at the limit of the singularity of space and time ... TiA

  • Marco Fresange
    Marco Fresange 12 days ago

    Very interesting about the Eötvös Effect. I wonder if this plays a part in our 'sudden diversionary tendencies'. It could play a role in our decision to divert to something we equally desire. Like I'm on my way to grab tacos, no idea that I was walking East in that direction, when suddenly I see Pizza shop which I tend to desire or favor somewhat equally to Tacos when without sny kind of prodding I suddenly divert a little to instead to end up at the Pizza shop to eat Pizza instead. Sometimes you wonder what made you end up eating pizza when you were determined to eat tacos. Never knowing that Eötvös had that effect on you. Eötvös made me do it. That lightness you felt that made you tip over to the "other" of equal desire. And not knowing anything that's really going on. I wonder.

  • Fatoni Sodiq
    Fatoni Sodiq 2 years ago

    great explanation, thanks, I learned a lot from your video

  • Brett Neff
    Brett Neff Year ago

    THANK YOU for not glossing over WHY force and torque are perpendicular to rotation. Never made sense to me until today bless you!

  • Aston Warne
    Aston Warne 6 years ago +14

    You feel so smart when you understand a vsauce video

  • Kevin Jiang
    Kevin Jiang 2 years ago

    I learned alot of this in high school physics, fun stuff :)

  • Kaledrone
    Kaledrone 3 years ago +51

    Imagine someone popping out of nowhere and asking you "Do you want my head delivered to your door in a box?"

  • Kevisaur
    Kevisaur Year ago

    Props to whoever can spin a ball and rope in a perfect circle!

  • Mick 92
    Mick 92 2 years ago +64

    Vsauce Michael: "But what IS spinning?"
    Vinesauce Vinny: "SPeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeN!"

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Year ago

    These explanations are so good.

  • Stefan Massyn
    Stefan Massyn 4 years ago +581

    If spinning things are so stable, why is my life fragile, unstable _and_ spinning out of control? HEY, MICHAEL?!

  • SamuelTM
    SamuelTM 3 years ago

    I swear this guy has so much knowledge he can take like 30 brain cells out of his brain and still be this smart

  • Captain Pålegg
    Captain Pålegg 8 months ago

    Imagine this video is your first introduction to VSauce and Michael just comes right out with “Do you want my head in a box?”

  • Т1000 Youtube
    Т1000 Youtube 2 years ago +6

    Vsauce: but hey, that's just a force, a centripetal force
    Vsauce physics theory, alternative universe
    Oh so we enter quantum mechanics now