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Bill Burr Is Really Into Vaccines | Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

  • Published on Nov 10, 2022 veröffentlicht

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    @DEFxRECON  +186

    Bill bringing up Harvard as a punchline is always gold

  • @dumbid1000

    I love Bill Burr. He’s so hilarious. Conan always nearly pisses himself when he’s interviewing him. Such a funny duo together. The best thing about Bill Burr is he talks about real problems we’re experiencing today. Hilarious comedian. He’s solid gold.

  • @lat1502

    No matter how many times I watch Bill Burr, it never ceases to amaze me how fast he can come with a comeback that is pure comedy gold.

  • @inventgineer

    Bill & CoCo are a priceless duo -great friends, great comedians, always a fun time.

  • @hotdamndan9892

    These two can literally talk about anything and they can make it funny AF. 🤣

  • @LightskinBanditGaming

    these 2 are such a dynamic duo, all their appearances are hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • @sameershejwal6220

    Bill burr is just awesome

  • @rahulwise
    @rahulwise  +882

    Damn.. they did a whole comedy special by just talking with each other. Comic geniuses

  • @MrSen4lifE

    This proved Conan and Burr need to do a podcast together.

  • @georgiegan

    You can tell they are best friends when Conan was talking about how he suffered shingles and Bill was just making two face jokes.

  • @evosp3c
    @evosp3c  +401

    I never see Conan laugh this hard with anyone else besides Bill. It's so contagious.

  • @iLoveTheseRemoras

    I'm watching this for the third time and now I'm nearly getting killed by watching Sona's reactions 😅

  • @notownself

    Conan laughing so hard he starts sounding like Mark Hamill.

  • @jettoomey
    @jettoomey  +786

    I have not laughed this hard in years. Thank you.

  • @thebaron1985

    Bill Burr laughing at others pain is one of the funnest things about this conversation. He's such an jerk but in such an endearing way you cant even be mad at him.

  • @tugboat6940

    Bill laughed the hardest at Conan not having anyone to drive him when he had shingles 😂

  • @robertoaraya910

    God, Bill Burr is so amazing that even I, a latino with english as a third language can appreciate the nuance, the humor, the intelligence. No cultural barrier can stop this guy

  • @Blasko86

    Two-face shingles 😂

  • @bigchungus540

    2 Kings of comedy getting together it doesn’t get any better!

  • @harrydeirmengian1343

    Please make a podcast of you two!