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Stanley Cup Final Game 1 Highlights | Panthers vs. Golden Knights - June 3, 2023

  • Published on Jun 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Adin Hill made 33 saves on 35 shots and Zach Whitecloud scored the eventual game-winning goal with 13 minutes left in the third period as the Vegas Golden Knights went on to a 5-2 victory over the Florida Panthers in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.
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    00:00:04 - 1st Regulation Period
    00:02:49 - 2nd Regulation Period
    00:05:15 - 3rd Regulation Period
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  • Jason Macfarlane
    Jason Macfarlane 3 months ago +102

    Shea Theodore’s goal was a thing of beauty. Nasty high risk dangle at the line, if he blows that it’s a breakaway, creates space stays patient and puts the puck in. There were a lot of good things in this game but that was a standout

  • Big Al
    Big Al 3 months ago +119

    Bobrovsky was still insane, I thought I'd see him give up easy goals but the defense just sucked.

    • Eric Fleming
      Eric Fleming 3 months ago +9

      I kept looking up at the corner of the screen trying to figure out how much time was left on the powerplay, only to realize that Vegas was getting 60 seconds of offensive zone possession at the point during a five-on-five. Can't pin that on Bob.

    • BusterTN
      BusterTN 3 months ago

      Bob was the Bob we saw most of the season. Sub 90% save %, and the rest of their team, another case of when we aren't winning, we like to try to stir it up. Love Hague's laughing at MT. Enjoy the game from the locker room..

    • D Yates
      D Yates 3 months ago +2

      @Eric Fleming I agree. Most of the game was in Florida's end.

    • Automaton Collectives
      Automaton Collectives 3 months ago +3

      Goaltending alone seldom wins a cup. Vegas’ depth is going to be a problem for the Panthers, as it was tonight. Three lines scored for Vegas tonight.

    • Ryan U.
      Ryan U. 3 months ago

      He let in one softie, and one unfortunate quick one. If florida doesn’t pick it up a little bit, the western conference is gonna make the eastern conference look like a joke.

  • Nightwing
    Nightwing 3 months ago +28

    Why is nobody talking about Mark Stone?! The man is insane both goal and the play at 3:31 where he dangles through 4 Panther players and creates a scoring chance

    • Aden adriana Montreal
      Aden adriana Montreal 3 months ago +2

      And he's hurting as well 😔

    • Huge Grant
      Huge Grant 3 months ago +3

      I know. Mark Stone is a legend. Everybody speaks about Tkachuk, who got owned by Mark. This guy does it all, incredible sense for the game.

  • Rudz
    Rudz 3 months ago +45

    Neutral here but that’s quite a SC Final series opener. Well done to both teams !

    • Pennsylvania Dutch
      Pennsylvania Dutch 3 months ago

      Nothing on the ice indicates Stanley Cup Finals

    • LvAzure9
      LvAzure9 3 months ago +1

      @Pennsylvania Dutch lol what?

    • Rudz
      Rudz 3 months ago

      @Pennsylvania Dutch Touché

    • Aaron How
      Aaron How 3 months ago

      ​@Pennsylvania DutchTrust me, it's the Stanley cup finals.

  • Porkv2
    Porkv2 3 months ago +102

    Insane 1st game! That save was unbelievable I mean who has the effort to do that?? Great first game!!

    • Collin Green
      Collin Green 3 months ago +4

      Probably every goalie in the finals that's out of the net as a shot is comin in

    • An Ul
      An Ul 3 months ago

      He saved his own mistake. Bad positioning caused a desperate move. Not good.

    • Porkv2
      Porkv2 3 months ago +2

      @An Ul he saved his entire team tho

    • Matt Ferguson
      Matt Ferguson 3 months ago


    • topher cabba
      topher cabba 3 months ago

      lol i did it lots back in the day lol just one of those saves we goalies have to try and make outta desperation,feels good when u do lol always got a littte smile under ur mask after hehehehe

  • Dryden Brown
    Dryden Brown 3 months ago +271

    That save was UNREAL

  • Sergius Mednikus
    Sergius Mednikus 3 months ago +46

    Обидно за Бобровского,тащил как мог,защита бросала его одного против всех

  • Gerry M
    Gerry M 3 months ago +1

    Game was intense!!! Both teams played well. Anything can happen.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 3 months ago +12

    This Cup final is going to be INSANE!! GO PANTHERS!!!!

    • G d F
      G d F 3 months ago +3

      In Bob We Trust

  • Matt Blom
    Matt Blom 3 months ago +16

    It's been fun to see the few remaining Misfit Toys from Vegas' first season playing such a big role these playoffs.

  • leoberget
    leoberget 3 months ago +8

    LETSGOOO!! Well deserved for the Knights!

  • namkablam
    namkablam 3 months ago +69


    • Stephen
      Stephen 3 months ago

      Reminiscent of Johnathan Quick in 2012!! TREMENDOUS SAVE!!

    • Eamyn
      Eamyn 3 months ago

      He’s not doing that in chel for ne

  • John Hendrickson
    John Hendrickson 3 months ago +4

    That stick save was incredible

  • Aaron How
    Aaron How 3 months ago +2

    Great opening game Vegas! Both teams played well! :)

  • Joni Mitchell
    Joni Mitchell 3 months ago +3

    Great goal Duclair off the draw Go Vegasand a thumbs up for Hill🎉🎉🎉😊

  • Chad S
    Chad S 3 months ago +3

    I think game 2 is a must win for Florida to have a chance at winning the cup. They say you’re not in trouble until you lose at home, but I don’t think Florida can afford to leave the Las Vegas desert without the series at 1-1 either.

    • Ryan Richards
      Ryan Richards 3 months ago +1

      This series is gonna be so crazy if they tie it in Vegas, like heart palpitatingly so…

  • APlaceToBeWithMyThoughts
    APlaceToBeWithMyThoughts 3 months ago +28

    this is going to be one exciting series

  • Bender Bending Rodríguez
    Bender Bending Rodríguez 3 months ago +23

    Didnt expect Vegas too get that many on Bob, game 2 will be nuts

    • David Short
      David Short 3 months ago +1

      He was left out to dry. Florida was not skating unless the puck was on their stick. Marc Staal had a brutal game too.

    • Automaton Collectives
      Automaton Collectives 3 months ago +5

      Are you kidding me? Goaltending seldom wins out against a team of depth. Three lines scored for Vegas, and the Panthers lack depth.

    • Dixon Cider
      Dixon Cider 3 months ago +1

      Could have been more but Vegas missed on almost every one on one scoring opportunity. Bob did what he could.

  • BlueWeredragon
    BlueWeredragon 3 months ago +13

    Just based on these highlights Florida gave Vegas way too many chances on the PP. Vegas also got the favor of a questionable call and favorable post bounces. So this game could have definitely gone the other way.

    • Jay _
      Jay _ 3 months ago

      You missed the game. Florida got away with a little more till the refs had enough at the end with a double minor and a game misconduct.

    • Edmonton Rails
      Edmonton Rails 3 months ago +1

      @Jay _ The refs literally gave Vegas a goal off of high sticking but go on.

    • bazoballislife
      bazoballislife 3 months ago

      Both of the Panther goals went off Golden Knight players. Could have been a shutout.

    • bazoballislife
      bazoballislife 3 months ago

      @Edmonton Rails Don't know the rules, huh?

  • Kyle Newcomer
    Kyle Newcomer 3 months ago

    Great first game, as a neutral I'm hoping this series goes the distance!

  • Mulder Scully
    Mulder Scully 3 months ago +4

    Keep it going boys, well done.

  • Knight life
    Knight life 3 months ago +46

    Hill literally doing his best impersonation of a brick wall. 😮😮😮 great game 1! Go Knights Go!

    • Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants
      Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants 3 months ago +4

      He is not even that good. He makes backup quality saves and people praise him like he is the 2nd coming.

    • Lucid
      Lucid 3 months ago +14

      @Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants have you seen that stick save? That was elite level goalie save. He also took the team to the cup finals. Stay mad, salty panthers fan

    • BTSnotTheBand
      BTSnotTheBand 3 months ago +15

      @Lucid he’s a Shark fan, he’s just mad Hill wasn’t good with the terrible Sharks defense.

    • Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants
      Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants 3 months ago +2

      @Lucid 3:16 was not an elite level goalie save and adds to my point the average person has no ability to scout a goalie.
      Hill just sticks his stick out "which any goalie can do" and Cousins shot was lazy. He does not elevate it or aim for the left side of the net. It is an AHL level shot.
      I had no idea I was a panthers fan. Where was I when that happened?

    • Fresco L
      Fresco L 3 months ago +4

      ​@Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants Why are you even here? Your videos show your IQ level

  • D Yates
    D Yates 3 months ago +2

    I was really hoping for a better game than this, but damn, Vegas is tough. No room at all for sloppy play in your own zone with these guys. Florida looked overwhelmed at times. I hope this isn't one of those quick series.

  • Kevin Hammerschmidt
    Kevin Hammerschmidt 3 months ago +5

    Teams need to come out with sportsmanship and hard work as the Knights did. Coming out as a bully and poor sportsmanship as the Panthers had, did not fair well for them. Who ended up losing.

  • Kastula Berdman
    Kastula Berdman 3 months ago

    Болел за Бобровского, но как же красиво 4 шайба зашла🔥👍

  • Frausty
    Frausty 3 months ago +2

    This series is gonna be awesome. Well played Vegas in game 1, but I want Florida to bring it home baby!

  • $tar-95
    $tar-95 3 months ago +27

    As an Oilers fan congrats on your win VGK ain't no push over

    • Mohan Churchman
      Mohan Churchman 3 months ago

      How come they didn't show the MT ejection in the highlights? I didn't get to watch the game.

    • Gregory McKinney
      Gregory McKinney 3 months ago

      @Jake Makanui so is the whole conference

  • hzr
    hzr 3 months ago +3

    Great game. I feared that this would be everyone vs Bobrovsky, but Vegas quickly showed that he is no magician. So here is to a great series between two teams that give their everything on each game!

    • Golf Fanatic
      Golf Fanatic 3 months ago +1

      You can put that more on Florida's defense than Bob. They left him out to dry in the third.

  • Mr. RJ RyNo
    Mr. RJ RyNo 3 months ago +15

    Zach Whitecloud with the game winner!....good team effort.

  • Joni Mitchell
    Joni Mitchell 3 months ago +5

    Congrats on the win🎉!

  • JoanFelicianoo
    JoanFelicianoo 3 months ago +2

    If Vegas wins it all, Hill's save will be always remembered by Vegas fans.

    • Kyle Enright
      Kyle Enright 3 months ago

      Very much like the Holtby save in 2018 when the Caps won

  • Heavy4th
    Heavy4th 3 months ago +13

    Theodore walking the line was ice cold!

  • BusterTN
    BusterTN 3 months ago +2

    Vegas just needs to play the same way. Steady. Hard on the forecheck, just a little cleanup on the breakaways and the rest is all good. And keep Hague on the ice in MT. Keep him laughing at him and he's flip out and get himself kicked out.

  • Vitaliy Khal
    Vitaliy Khal 3 months ago +8

    the Panthers rested for a long time (maybe their knees were shaking). Vegas with a win .

  • Mr. Humbleburger
    Mr. Humbleburger 3 months ago +1

    The Paddle Save Emproium collects another!!! I think Vegas is going to need to do a much better job protecting Hill in game 2. The Panthers play increasingly aggresive with each game and I already saw some after whistle hacks at Hill in game 1. Game 2 is going to be breakneck!

  • breakaway2x
    breakaway2x 3 months ago +5

    From Leafs Fan: VGK and Panthers are two well built teams, properly built for the playoffs, with depth. I have great respect for these teams. That's how you build a team.

  • Jordan Tavares
    Jordan Tavares 3 months ago

    These two teams were who I predicted from round 2 and whoever plays better is who I want to win. Let’s go Vegas and also let’s go Florida

    • Studio Shitake Takashita
      Studio Shitake Takashita 3 months ago

      Bos Vgk final was the sure bet.

    • Jordan Tavares
      Jordan Tavares 3 months ago +1

      @Studio Shitake Takashita did not know that. I just went with who looked good in playoffs as I tend to pay more attention to hockey around this time lol

  • Mark Thiel
    Mark Thiel 3 months ago

    Every series has THE SAVE. I think we just got it in game 1 already.

  • William
    William 3 months ago +1

    Let's go Golden Knights!

  • InVader Dag
    InVader Dag 3 months ago +6

    Vegas!! Yes, lets go!!!!! Get the cup this year boys

  • Сергей NNogi Ru
    Сергей NNogi Ru 3 months ago +2

    Go Sergei, go Florida🔥 (Larionov,s Torpedo NN fan)

  • Jack Oats
    Jack Oats 3 months ago +14

    Im a Knights fan but let's not kid ourselves, the crossbar was our best friend. We had some puck luck. And yeah Panthers played a bit dirty here and there, but so did our guys. Petro was lucky not to be called for his crosscheck headed off the ice. VGK won ONE GAME. Still a lot of hockey. Lets not be sore winners when we havent won yet

    • MT Brick House
      MT Brick House 3 months ago +2

      Very true. Still a lot of hockey left but any hockey team will take lady luck if it's offered. Discipline will be the key this series.

    • Cow
      Cow 3 months ago +5

      As a Panthers fan seeing just.... ridiculous comments tonight, thank you for this. Fully agreed with this post. Nice to see some fans with a reasonable view of the game.

    • Jack Oats
      Jack Oats 3 months ago +5

      @Cow We have passionate fans, and we have lots of NEW fans. And When the NEW fans are super passionate they start thinking of a Stanley Cup parade after game 1. Florida is here for a reason. Everybody needs to relax until the buzzer sounds on the 4th win for either side. Like, im excited as hell for winning game one. But, ITS GAME ONE lol

    • Cow
      Cow 3 months ago +3

      @Jack Oats I had a feeling we would drop game one, but tbh, the goal is to steal one on the road. Whether it's game 1 or 2. I see this being a 6-7 game series. But agreed. From both sides, Panther and Vegas fans, it's just one game. Score may be 5-2, but it felt more like 3-2. We shall see what happens Monday. GG tonight. Hill and those posts were guardians 🤣

    • Elite Trader
      Elite Trader 3 months ago +5

      Well said. I'm rooting for FL (Pens fan), but have tremendous respect for Vegas. They are deep and much better than I've understood them to be.

  • TMC Performance
    TMC Performance 3 months ago

    Vegas just have such an amazing defense core

  • J Marx
    J Marx 3 months ago +16

    That time off hurt the panthers. Was a great game 1, and I'm looking forward to the physicality picking up in game 2. Hockey fans are in for a hell of a series. Good luck knights and cats!

    • Studio Shitake Takashita
      Studio Shitake Takashita 3 months ago +1

      Best 2 teams of playoffs are here. Best finals in years is guaranteed

    • Wendel Thiel
      Wendel Thiel 3 months ago +6

      LOL I was waiting for some dolt to say that. If the Panthers win you will say they are "well rested". If they lose "they are rusty". The time off never hurt them. They just lost. One team always does in a hockey game. Its as simple as that. Maybe Florida will win 4 straight for all you know.

    • J Marx
      J Marx 3 months ago +1

      @Wendel Thiel hmm...are you a Vegas fan? Edit: I only ask because of how aggressive your response is. I don't have a vested interest in either team. I've been a hockey fan for awhile, and in the majority of series I've seen, the team with the long layoff is usually at a disadvantage early on in the series. "Dolt"...no need to throw insults in a passive aggressive manner

    • Robert Heintze
      Robert Heintze 3 months ago

      @Studio Shitake Takashita That should have been Boston, not Fla

  • Mario Vaccarella
    Mario Vaccarella 3 months ago +2

    That Stick Save by Aidan Hill is A Hat Pick

  • William Kudrna
    William Kudrna 3 months ago

    That 2nd Florida goal was my go-to move in Sega Hockey with the Red Wings!

  • Mikayla
    Mikayla 3 months ago +2

    Let's go Knights

  • Joni Mitchell
    Joni Mitchell 3 months ago +6

    Great steal Go Knights!

  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird 3 months ago

    Good Game! That is How you turn on a "NEW" Hockey Town!

  • Суслик-агроном

    Бобер тащил как мог, красавец!

  • Rex Thrasher
    Rex Thrasher 3 months ago +30

    First of, let me say the two best teams throughout the playoffs are clearly in them finals. Before the game I was expecting Florida to win, but I knew it was gonna be a tight one.
    I think Florida had their chances to win this game, but I must hand it to Vegas, they are a great team and they have great fans. They were better tonight, congratulations.
    But it is far from over - can Vegas do this 3 more times? If they can, they absolutely deserve to win.

    • Studio Shitake Takashita
      Studio Shitake Takashita 3 months ago +1

      Florida's success depends a lot on how things are working around their net, eg Bob. Whereas Vegas's success depends mostly on how things are going with their playmaking at the opposing net: eg the VGK 4th line, etc. Hill knew he blew it on the first one - c'mon wraparound's don't happen in the NHL in '23. He dialed in. 2nd one was a deflection. Credit to Panthers always finding a way to score with the tiniest of moments left on the clock hello Tkachuk 4.3 seconds, etc. VGK looked awkward and unable to match Panthers first ten minutes - but they adapted and started making plays. FLA has not had to battle back from being down in a series since first round. Will they remember how?? They are plucky bunch, both teams, with forecheck and the turnover's being so crucial - hello Mark Stone's brilliant goal. Marchessault's goal to tie at 1-1 was too fast for Bob, how likely to get those set up reliably again and again? There's always a bit of luck too - Karlsson's broken stick costing the opening goal of the game... a few iron's - sometimes when you're so evenly matched, it really comes down to who's got the *luck*

    • Ze Moose
      Ze Moose 3 months ago +2

      Too many penalties and mistakes

    • Биба:)
      Биба:) 3 months ago


    • Robert Heintze
      Robert Heintze 3 months ago

      Nope, not if regular season games mean anything? Florida has lucked their way through and squeaked by in every game since game 4 of the Boston series. The Bruins collapse was reminiscent of my Caps blowing the first round 3 - 1 series lead to the Habs in 2010. Now I don't feel so bad.

  • Александр Бубликов

    Первый шаг сделан. Ванюшке и далее - удачи и здоровья.

    • ari1234a
      ari1234a 3 months ago

      Слава Украинe

  • Dirk Scholten
    Dirk Scholten 3 months ago +7

    I think florida has a good chanche to win game 2, they wont lose 3 in a row, so it will be 2-1 for some team going into game 4. This will be a great series.

  • Андрей Буяков
    Андрей Буяков 3 months ago +6

    Let Vegas take the cup.

  • Jason Province
    Jason Province 3 months ago

    I am glad two ex blues are doing good hope vegas wins. Now how do you feel about letting them go. I was mad and sad to see petro go he is my favorite player

  • Mark271792
    Mark271792 3 months ago +12

    The Panthers have yet to win a Stanley Cup Final game in franchise history.

    • Lucid
      Lucid 3 months ago +1


    • D. D. Wyss
      D. D. Wyss 3 months ago +3

      Let's hope it stays that way.

    • 24Elsinore
      24Elsinore 3 months ago

      Complete irrelevant stat

  • max27stoner
    max27stoner 3 months ago +1


  • Nalleteus
    Nalleteus 3 months ago

    Both goalies played well If they wouldnt Be on that from and players had better luck and not hitting Post like 5 Times there could have been so Many More goals.

  • R V
    R V 3 months ago

    Vegas has the edge of having extra motivation from losing in the final a few years ago. That is a bigger factor than most realize, look at the recent 97 Red Wings, 09 Penguins, 84 Oilers, etc.
    Hotter teams like the Panthers USUALLY fade in the finals as the stats even out and they get out of their rhythm, but not always. We'll see!

  • Chase Carter
    Chase Carter 3 months ago +21

    Go Knights Go baby!!!!

  • Сергей Денисов

    красивая игра..настрой у обеих команд боевой!но вегас был понапорестей.флорида ещё войдёт в ритм надеюсь!!!(переотдыхались)

    • matt lang
      matt lang 3 months ago +1

      slava ukraini

    • Алекс52V
      Алекс52V 3 months ago +2

      @matt lang у тебя заело.

    • ari1234a
      ari1234a 3 months ago +1

      @Алекс52V Слава Украинe !!

    • ari1234a
      ari1234a 3 months ago +1

      Слава Украинe !!

  • Lindsey Day
    Lindsey Day 3 months ago

    I think you can see why both teams are here. VB made some ridiculous saves while Vegas scored some equally good goals.

  • Justinn Zamora
    Justinn Zamora 3 months ago +27

    3:10 Is it fine to compare Adin Hill's save to Braden Holtby's from 5 years ago.
    Even wilder, they occurred in Vegas and in that same net. Wow.

  • Greg Scott
    Greg Scott 3 months ago

    Vegas did what the Vegas Machine does, but that wasn't "Team Panthers" with special guests "Goalie Bob" and "at any cost" Tkachuk out there that night. Great matchup.

  • Vito Anthony D.
    Vito Anthony D. 3 months ago +3

    The clock strikes midnight for the Cinderella Panthers.

  • makc kh
    makc kh 3 months ago +18

    Отличная игра команд, обе достойны кубка!

    • matt lang
      matt lang 3 months ago +1

      slava ukraini

    • Robert Edwards
      Robert Edwards 3 months ago +2

      ​@matt lang is your boyfriend also a banderite?

    • ari1234a
      ari1234a 3 months ago

      @Robert Edwards Слава Украинe !!

    • ari1234a
      ari1234a 3 months ago

      Слава Украин !!

    • Robert Edwards
      Robert Edwards 3 months ago +1

      @ari1234a Long time no see man, I have to commend you for your dedication

  • Рыбаловные байки.

    Ничего страшного парни, это только первый матч! В 2018м Кэпс тоже первый матч отдали, но подняли кубок! Болеем за Флориду!! Боб вообще лучший!

    • ari1234a
      ari1234a 3 months ago

      Слава Украинe

  • XDFerocious
    XDFerocious 3 months ago

    This couldve been so easily won by florida, Ayden Hill had some ridiculous saves that wont happen again next time. Cant wait for more from this series!!!!

    • PrettyNormalGuy
      PrettyNormalGuy 3 months ago

      Why wouldn’t you expect him to play that well next game? He has the best stats out of any goalie this post season.

  • David Beaudoin
    David Beaudoin 3 months ago +1

    That Mark Stone goal.

    TWENTY 3 months ago +2

    The Gknights looked good but I wouldn't start mapping out any parade routes through Las Vegas just yet.. Don't have a dog in the fight just an observer but this Florida team is going to be a super pain in the a** to put away. Overall This playoff has seen some great hockey I'm actually hoping this series is a seven game War

  • Lucy Vanpelt
    Lucy Vanpelt 3 months ago +2

    I was at this game ! Was f’ng EPIC !!! Go knights Go !!!

  • blackhawkswincup2010
    blackhawkswincup2010 3 months ago +16

    Panthers had a long layoff and may have gotten a bit rusty. We'll see how they respond in Game 2.

    • Kenneth Thorberg
      Kenneth Thorberg 3 months ago

      And Vegas play off has been shorter ?

    • buttkick22
      buttkick22 3 months ago +4

      ⁠@Kenneth Thorberg layoff not playoff. Read it again. Slower this time…

    • BoRRoW
      BoRRoW 3 months ago +5

      ​@buttkick22 can't ask too much from Vegas "fans". Give them a break

    • Fresco L
      Fresco L 3 months ago +1

      ​@BoRRoW I still don't understand that, what makes a real fan?

    • Wendel Thiel
      Wendel Thiel 3 months ago +2

      LOL I was waiting for some dolt to say that. If the Panthers win you will say they are "well rested". If they lose "they are rusty". The time off never hurt them. They just lost. One team always does in a hockey game. Its as simple as that. Maybe Florida will win 4 straight for all you know.

  • Tiax
    Tiax 3 months ago

    Congratulations, Vegas. You won the cup.

  • Shylock 104
    Shylock 104 3 months ago +1

    Carolina and Toronto watching the Vegas defenseman get shots through in utter confusion

  • Sean Galvin
    Sean Galvin 3 months ago +2

    I liked Adin Hill when he was with the sharks and I am not surprised at all to see him shining with Vegas. Wish to God we kept him instead of Reimer.

  • J11
    J11 3 months ago +4

    What a game!

  • Joni Mitchell
    Joni Mitchell 3 months ago +2

    Brilliant longshot Vegas🎉😊

  • SinCitySinnerMike
    SinCitySinnerMike 3 months ago +5

    I won't be celebrating until we raise that cup. Vegas won game 1 in 2018 too. Florida has proven they have the fight in them.

    • JBM
      JBM 3 months ago +2

      Vegas played absolutely amazing though. Coming from an unbiased Non-Vegas fan.

    • Studio Shitake Takashita
      Studio Shitake Takashita 3 months ago

      Cant ask for any better than what these two heroic teams display these playoffs!

    • Lemuel Aguila
      Lemuel Aguila 3 months ago

      100% with you as a Knights fan. We can celebrate tonight but job is not done yet! On the side note tho…Our Vegas team this year is way better than 2018 team. Our depth is insanely good! But then again we need to do this 3 more times!

  • Shane-T5
    Shane-T5 3 months ago

    After the goal was ruled not a high stick, Florida seemed to just not care anymore in these highlights. That breakaway felt just blah once he got near the goalie

  • N B
    N B 3 months ago

    With this much speed I'm not sure how Florida can slow down Vegas sheesh.

    TWENTY 3 months ago +1

    The one thing about the Finals is how you got there. This Florida team has eliminated some very very good hockey teams. They could be gassed. Vegas may be more fresh In my opinion only because a lot of the teams Vegas knocked off wouldn't have made it past the first round in the east. Hey it's who you play at the time you play them and who wants it more. Njoy the ride

    • StrayWolf
      StrayWolf 3 months ago +3

      What are you smoking? the stars are top contenders and the oilers were heavy favorite to win it all this year. the knights beat them in six. And I don't know if bruins would have stop the knights, they remind me of 2019 stl blues. They get better and better each series.

  • D. D. Wyss
    D. D. Wyss 3 months ago +3

    And Vegas takes an early lead in the Sphincter Bowl! Can Florida come back, or did they pick a bad time to remember that they're the Florida Panthers?

    • Robert Heintze
      Robert Heintze 3 months ago +2

      I recommend Phillips Milk of Magnesia for your sphincter, if you want to be a "regular guy?"

  • Fabrizio Castiglione
    Fabrizio Castiglione 3 months ago +1

    finally met there match. Right on Vegas.

  • Дмитрий Никитин

    Бобер тащил два периода, но защита Флориды явно не хотела ему помогать. За десять минут в третьем периоде Вегас просто раскатал пантер.

    • matt lang
      matt lang 3 months ago +1

      Slava ukraini

    • ari1234a
      ari1234a 3 months ago

      Слава Украинe !!

  • Moeyyy
    Moeyyy 3 months ago +7

    eichel with an incredible strip on that empty net assist

  • Minor League
    Minor League 3 months ago

    Florida's power play needs to improve! GO CATS!

  • LoganFruz
    LoganFruz 3 months ago +97

    Bob finally looked human

  • Millennium Trader
    Millennium Trader 3 months ago +6

    How about them Knights? ❤ Lets go Vegas! 🤩 Proud of my team, my Pops & I were there. It was amazing! Keep it going gentlemen, Ill see you Monday! 🏆

    • uncle funker
      uncle funker 3 months ago

      So u were part of the most unenthusiastic crowds I think I ever heard. Never seen a crown seem so distracted

    • Millennium Trader
      Millennium Trader 3 months ago

      @uncle funker Not here to hate brother, just here to celebrate and relive the glory.

    • b.jeweled
      b.jeweled 3 months ago +1

      Congrats on the win !

    • Millennium Trader
      Millennium Trader 3 months ago

      @b.jeweled Thank you! Hopefully Game 2 is more like the first 2 periods of Game 1, a tied up battle!!

  • STNeish
    STNeish 3 months ago +38

    I thought the Stone goal was a high stick, and should have been called back... but it was a pretty close call. I'm noticing Hill getting WAY out of position a lot. Florida can take advantage of that. I'm also seeing Bobrovsky playing very low to the ice. Raising the puck might be the best way to beat him.

    • Studio Shitake Takashita
      Studio Shitake Takashita 3 months ago +3

      A lot of pucks skipping over sticks, skaters losing edge...quality of ice always a factor in the warm cities this time of year - it was always a factor when Tampa made/won Cup finals... Also LA's ten yrs ago etc. hope they really do their best to keep top quality ice for these games

    • Paul Thompson
      Paul Thompson 3 months ago +8

      Was called a good goal on ice so any replay had to very clearly show it was high stick, which they didn't. Looked fairly close though.

    • Stephen
      Stephen 3 months ago +9

      Definitely a high stick!! Knights got that call there

    • Theophilus
      Theophilus 3 months ago +1

      @Stephen Ya, you could see the smirk on Cassidy's face when it was called too. He knows he got real lucky on that.

    • PrettyNormalGuy
      PrettyNormalGuy 3 months ago

      @Stephen definitely was not. If Mark Stone is standing up straight that puck is not above his shoulders.

  • VGKStone
    VGKStone 3 months ago +3

    I’m a Vegas fan and I want to say that wasn’t a high stick cause to me it honestly didn’t look like it from the ground/ice view, looks like too close to call it illegal. Unless the threshold for a high stick is lower than I think it is?

    • Montucky Man
      Montucky Man 3 months ago +1

      It has to be ABOVE the players shoulder if he was standing straight up. He was leaned way forwards and stick at his lowered shoulder height. Good play.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 3 months ago

    Congrats VGK on Game 1.

  • Pelzon P
    Pelzon P 3 months ago

    Wow! What a game, This is going to be a war over 7 games... I was sweaty when this one was over

  • Happy Being Miserable
    Happy Being Miserable 3 months ago +1

    Like to see Jonathan Marchessault win a Cup against his former team that left him unprotected in the expansion draft!

  • MadHat
    MadHat 3 months ago +1

    I mean, it's pretty much a given that Vegas will win the cup. Only 1 team in modern NHL history has finished lower than the 4th seed to start the playoffs and gone on to win the cup (LA in 2012). Other than that, every cup winner in a full regular season since expansion has finished 4th or higher.
    Fantastic run by Tkachuk and the boys, but history tells us this series is already over.

  • Luke Simons
    Luke Simons 3 months ago +2

    insane save by hill.... lets go cats

    • Ryan Richards
      Ryan Richards 3 months ago

      I agree, a lot of folks seem to be arguing about whether or not it was a “good” save. That is irrelevant, the save was insane.

  • Ray Trevino
    Ray Trevino 3 months ago +10

    Jack Eichel, going to win a Stanley cup before Connor McDavid. Unbelievable. And he’s contributing he was the leading scorer for Vegas this year? I’m not sure about the playoffs but 2 points 1st game of finals. Not bad!

    • Studio Shitake Takashita
      Studio Shitake Takashita 3 months ago +3

      but he certainly wouldn't/mightn't - had he stayed in Buffalo, right? Morale of the story? For Connor especially - don't play for a sh*t franchise that ain't goin' nowhere.

    • zen archer
      zen archer 3 months ago +3

      I'm glad for Eichel, however this series goes. Being stuck in Buffalo with a seriously injured neck that the team wouldn't let you get surgery on, must have been awful. The move to Vegas has totally worked out for him, and Buffalo have done well out of it as well. One of the rare "win-win" trades.

  • Henks LV
    Henks LV 3 months ago

    On that first shot, while the VGK player was going on the offensive, all I could think was "So you really think you're gonna beat playoff Bobrosky? Good luck!"

  • Alex P
    Alex P 3 months ago +1

    I'm not Vegas or Florida fan. Vegas deserves the Cup. So many lost finals. Great game from both teams.

    • romaliop
      romaliop 3 months ago +2

      Both have the same amount of lost finals...

  • David Metzler
    David Metzler 3 months ago +1

    I can't stop saying WHAT after that save, my goodness

  • foolmenow00
    foolmenow00 3 months ago +1

    Cat's 'pipe' music kept them from being up 2-0 would've been huge! Yet late 1st period goal was an omen. Series is making chances count or you'll lose. V's best team in p/o's 5on5 - don't gamble on that changing with those 4 lines! Bad goal for Hill then became Capitol Hill on that Hasek-like paddle save! Cats need game 2 to make a statement as 2-0 MAY be too much to overcome, imo.