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Build some Extreme Gaming Accessories they said…..

  • Published on Jul 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • To promote PC Game Pass they said "Colin build some extreme gaming accessories" but they were too extreme haha.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  4 months ago +2469

    Now i thought i was going easy on them haha, wait till you see them in action all at once, it looks like a war zone. Enjoy Subscribe and have a nice day #furzearmy

    • Aidan Chatfield
      Aidan Chatfield 2 months ago +1

      New Tunnel Video Soon?

    • MoDo
      MoDo 4 months ago

      You also need a Bassshaker structure-borne sound converter for the chair
      in German it says Bassshaker Körperschallwandler I'm not sure if the translation is correct

    • MoDo
      MoDo 4 months ago

      You also need a Bassshaker structure-borne sound converter for the chair

    • Caitlin Hanks
      Caitlin Hanks 4 months ago

      @MarvelX42 it's more sturdy that way!

    • Dante Parnassus
      Dante Parnassus 4 months ago

      It's almost like the lads over ther eat Goobersoft Did't know who you were just saw lots of subs & whent well yes well get that one .

  • Tankra
    Tankra 4 months ago +3941

    Imagine hiring Colin and being surprised that what he comes up with is absolutely insane

    • IamVlad Official
      IamVlad Official 22 days ago

      @Mainframe Error the fact your are probably saying this only because you have a childish "war" against console causeu ur a snob who only plays pc games im telling you, you would be an actual certified dumbass not to buy it, its really cheap, you get hundreds upon hundreds of games, and you can play them on xbox, pc and mobile

    • The Monster Under Your Bed
      The Monster Under Your Bed 2 months ago

      @Auriflamme when someone acts surprised, it's painfully obvious.

    • Confused Biscuit
      Confused Biscuit 2 months ago

      @TheAdventuresOfRB imagine gate keeping games

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 4 months ago

      I would want my money back if he wasn't

    • half laff
      half laff 4 months ago

      Colin and Rober need to colab

  • Collin Sutherland
    Collin Sutherland 4 months ago +987

    "I'm not sure I was the best person to ask to do this really."
    Cracked me up. Perhaps the understatement of the year from a corporate legal perspective, but you are the hero we needed for this gig. Good on ya! Can't wait to see the full results in the next video!

    • Zeratultheking
      Zeratultheking 3 months ago

      @Caitlin Hanks Exactly this is how they should do ads small blurb about them with the content creator doing their stuff. Paying for someone's "opinion" and just getting all star reviews is not good

    • Caitlin Hanks
      Caitlin Hanks 4 months ago +2

      Oh no, Microsoft knows what it's doing. The whole thing is a paid video but with Colin doing his thing. That makes watching the video much more appealing to his viewers and those viewers are more likely to share the video to gamer buddies when it's not just lipservice and things that friggin 'top ten/look what came out' blogs and articles.

    • MickeyDJ1
      MickeyDJ1 4 months ago +4

      @Jérôme Varin-Beaulieu That was obviously clearly the plan from the start, it's merely an ad for the Xbox Passport gaming eco. I mean, this is Colin Furze, lol. You more likely gonna hire him as stunt engineer for action movies, than for home gaming accessories. :)

    • Jérôme Varin-Beaulieu
      Jérôme Varin-Beaulieu 4 months ago +5

      I'm so glad he didn't go the "sellout route" and tuned down his builds for the video! Stayed true to himself!

    • Infamous Games
      Infamous Games 4 months ago +2

      I laughed so hard

  • reclamarts metal art
    reclamarts metal art 4 months ago +366

    I love how he buys shit loads of expensive stuff with their money knowing he can keep it for later projects!! Nice work mate 😃😃

    • C-M
      C-M 4 months ago +15

      @Filip Z - Once the project is over, he'll likely dismantle them and use them for future projects. He's done it before.

    • Filip Z
      Filip Z 4 months ago +1

      Errmm, but he bough it for this project…

  • Brendan Burke
    Brendan Burke 4 months ago +241

    With Forza, you can actually stream data from the game, including speed, to an external device. So if you had a way of processing that data stream, you could totally link the fan speed to the speed of the car in game.
    The Forza settings in question are just called "Data Out" something or whatever, if I recall correctly.

    • jameswalker199
      jameswalker199 4 months ago +6

      Its probably really standardised by now to the point you can read it with an arduino. I've seen similar things done with other games where a guy plugged in a real car instrument cluster and steering wheel to their racing game because all they needed was something to convert the car's CAN bus to joystick messages, and back again.

    • Garage Kei
      Garage Kei 4 months ago +3

      Could just Jerry rig the pedal to the RC controller (s)

  • Will
    Will 4 months ago +322

    Something tells me you’ve been really wanting a spark machine for the longest time and this was the perfect way to buy one

    • Blue Cow Airsoft
      Blue Cow Airsoft 2 months ago +2

      @William Durrant it's probably just a block of ferocerium and a bench grinder inside

    • Jake Zanders
      Jake Zanders 4 months ago +1

      They're probably hot sparks, but sparks don't burn you. They don't really have enough mass or contact time to transfer any of their heat to your hand

    • Brian Gardner
      Brian Gardner 4 months ago

      @William Durrant I want one

    • William Durrant
      William Durrant 4 months ago +3

      It’s some kind of sorcery that creates cold sparks?!

    • Will
      Will 4 months ago +3

      @Gamer_Life Is it really a bad thing…?

  • Zach
    Zach 4 months ago +47

    I feel like the combination of these three is going to feel somewhat like waking up on a water ride and continually going through downhill sections that splash you over and over, on a holiday that uses a lot of fireworks really close to the ride. Fun, and probably at least mildly terrifying.

  • nedj10
    nedj10 4 months ago +54

    Why do I feel like this is a perfect time to collab with James Bruton so he can rig up some raspberry Pi pc interface to control these effects and time them to the game play? What could possibly go wrong :D

    • statement leaver
      statement leaver 4 months ago +1

      Microsoft and Linux together?????
      🤔🤔🤔That's like America wanting to trade with the rest of the world🤯🤯🤯

  • Real
    Real 4 months ago +42

    5:20 the continuous MANIACAL laughter is the best part of this video. You can tell just how happy he was for that test 🤣

    • Jurjen Bos
      Jurjen Bos 4 months ago +2

      And as usual, for Colin there's only one amount of anything: "too much".

  • Jeremy Collet
    Jeremy Collet 4 months ago +13

    As much as I love the tunnel videos, its nice to see you building stuff and being an absolute mad scientist again Furze.

  • Tyler Cheeseman
    Tyler Cheeseman 4 months ago +1168

    sitting that close to the blades is absolutely terrifying. excellent work.

    • Michael Cushman
      Michael Cushman 4 months ago +1

      He should hook them up to his tunnel for ventilation. Or make a wind tunnel…

    • A Flying Glenn
      A Flying Glenn 4 months ago

      @MTFT Games It's tremendous fun

    • Adam Tennant
      Adam Tennant 4 months ago +1

      @Electrode 😎

    • Electrode
      Electrode 4 months ago +4

      @Adam Tennant it's fine, if the wind is going towards you, the blades will go away from you if they break

    • Rosen
      Rosen 4 months ago +2

      the pucker factor was indeed high. want to try, don't dare to

  • Scooby Doobies
    Scooby Doobies 4 months ago +6

    The paramotor for driving games is amazing, imagine that at an arcade (with goggles), would be an absolute blast

    • jameswalker199
      jameswalker199 4 months ago

      Or a helmet like everyone's favourite doomed space marine

    • Nick Johnson
      Nick Johnson 4 months ago +2

      I suspect you'd want the goggles for the gore effect, too.

  • Ian Clay
    Ian Clay 4 months ago +2

    I fricken love this man - back to his usual brilliant wacky way of teaching engineering in a way that engages everyone - brilliant work Colin 👍

  • Toby Monaghan-Gray
    Toby Monaghan-Gray 4 months ago +6

    The arms pivot inwards so that if you're holding a controller, they rest under your arms more comfortably as that's the pose you end up in when using one.

  • Grave Bug
    Grave Bug 4 months ago +7

    They contacted Collin and didn’t expect him to do something absolutely crazy that’s hilarious 😂

  • Pri0rius
    Pri0rius 4 months ago +1095

    Come on Xbox, just provide "Safety Tie" to all testers and they will be OK no matter what they are up against. How this never occurred to them is beyond me.

    • Xbox On
      Xbox On 4 months ago +2

      Now then, you might be onto something 🤔

    • Crazyoldman84
      Crazyoldman84 4 months ago +1

      Brings a whole new meaning to lucky tie 🤣

    • Josiah Allen
      Josiah Allen 4 months ago +1

      Oh how right you are!

    • Burken Productions
      Burken Productions 4 months ago +2

      Well thats big m$ forya noobs as usual

    • Svein Arne Løkken
      Svein Arne Løkken 4 months ago +3

      came here to write the exact same comment.

  • Jerome B
    Jerome B 4 months ago +11

    I’m honestly a lil scared to see what the 11 million firework rig will look like

  • Toquinn
    Toquinn 4 months ago +1

    I absolutely love that you were approached to do this because you always do something ridiculously awesome! However, have the PR team at Xbox never seen one of your videos? What did they actually expect you to do?

  • Ted van Matje
    Ted van Matje 4 months ago +3

    The 'all at once' episode is going to be epic!
    Colin, you are a legend mate! 🤟😄

  • OrderlyHippo
    OrderlyHippo 4 months ago +3

    This is the most perfect job Colin could have ever gotten. It is already so funny I can’t wait to see the gamers reactions

  • quixototalis
    quixototalis 4 months ago +698

    C'mon Xbox. This was fairly sedate... for Colin. Count yourselves lucky the computer desk doesn't hydraulically unfold into a 20 foot tall hulkbuster with a flamethrower and belt of whirling knives for a real-life boss fight.

    • Pogla The Grate
      Pogla The Grate 4 months ago

      do you think maybe... possibly, that this was all scripted, and Microsoft "banned" them?

    • MonkeyJedi99
      MonkeyJedi99 4 months ago +2

      @Me04120 I don't know. A lot of people signed away their souls in the Terms of Use for a game a long while back.
      People tend not to read long legalese, which is to me the reason lawyers invented the format.

    • Lizlodude
      Lizlodude 4 months ago +1

      I mean there is that video of the dude who attached pneumatic pistons to various parts of the chair and desk...

    • Lizlodude
      Lizlodude 4 months ago +3

      @Me04120 I think that was the mistake, they should have just dropped the "prank unsuspecting gamers part" entirely and had him build crazy stuff like with Assassins' Creed.

    • Tuulos
      Tuulos 4 months ago +2

      @Ranger Kevin I'd imagine they do, but they don't show the videos to the legal team before going for the collaborations.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Month ago

    The chuckle value of this one is massive. I don't know how i managed to miss this first time around. Well done Colin! You've kept me sane during lockdown with your insane schemes!

  • Randall Salyer
    Randall Salyer 4 months ago +1

    When ever I have a stressful work day I can always count on a Colin video to make me laugh and brighten my day. Keep up the great content

  • Stu
    Stu 4 months ago +1

    I can’t wait to see all of them at once 😂 but I really want to know how much they paid Colin for this!! Like this must of cost a decent amount for all the material, engines and labour 😂😂 I just love that fact Xbox came to him for this 😂

  • Retrobution
    Retrobution 4 months ago

    5:21 XD Laughed so hard at this, it's just the build up of all the health and safety stuff before it that sells how turned up to 11 Colins builds are compared to what xbox are expecting. Like theres haptic feedback and then theres colin furze haha

  • LabPlay
    LabPlay 4 months ago +969

    Only Colin is capable of turning a powerful motor engine into a gaming experience.

    • MrGoesBoom
      MrGoesBoom 4 months ago

      @dfaultyeah ???

    • dfaultyeah
      dfaultyeah 4 months ago +2

      @MrGoesBoom yep clearly Colin made here a copycat of Jigsaw

    • smiley satanson
      smiley satanson 4 months ago +6

      imagine if they wanted him to design something for VR

    • BassBoostedDuck
      BassBoostedDuck 4 months ago +3

      true just imagen if he straped and engine to the chair so give the rumble and noise of the car

    • piranha031091
      piranha031091 4 months ago +6

      Or a cake eating experience!

  • Chris Moon
    Chris Moon 4 months ago +2

    Watching this makes me think that you should build an arcade with all this stuff! Can you imagine how much fun it would be !? 😃😃😃😃🤩

  • Crosbow
    Crosbow 22 days ago +1

    This man brings extreme to a whole new level.

  • johnixR1
    johnixR1 4 months ago

    I enjoy every video you make Colin. I watch them with my nine year old son and we have so much fun. Thank you keep up the great work, love from Greece!

  • Tsamoka
    Tsamoka 4 months ago +1

    @colinfurze The Forza fan would be great if you paired it with a VR headset, a racing-style gaming seat, and realistic wheel and pedal controls. Play the game from first-person view and it's like you're actually in the car! The VR headset would also conveniently keep stuff out of your eyes. =^x^=

  • Bearded Frog
    Bearded Frog 4 months ago +407

    I was dying laughing the entire time imagining the conversations between Colin and Microsoft.
    Xbox: Okay, Colin, we want you to help is make a gaming accessory for immersion with our games that's over the top to prank them a little.
    Colin: Right! I know just what to do. It'll have fireworks, and explosions all around! There'll be smoke and fire everywhere and it'll explode! Haha!
    Xbox: What!? No Colin! We aren't trying to kill them, what are you thinking!?
    Colin: Right... Well, I mean I'll make like a safety shield around it or whatever...
    Xbox: What? You're not getting it. We don't want it to explode.
    Colin: Fine... What about just a little explosion of fireworks that are mostly safe, that you can put your hand near?
    Xbox: NO! Something else. Sheesh.
    Colin: Fine... Okay how about this then? I hook up jets that spray water all over them! Water suddenly shoots out, all over they keyboard and the player and the room! Like 2 bar of pressure-
    Xbox: What!?!? You want to suddenly hit gamers with excessive dangerous levels of water pressure, get water all over the place, and ruin the PC components!? No! Can you please think of something that won't set our gamers on fire, explode them, or ruin everything with water!?
    Colin: I mean I guess... What about a fan that blows on them when playing Forza, with some smoke effect like when they are drafting a player?
    Xbox: Well finally that sounds pretty reasonable... Okay.
    Colin: Great! I'll get to work on it. I've got a spare airplane size fan/engine around somewhere...
    Xbox: Wait what?
    Colin: Oh, nothing.. gotta go, bye!

  • Game Pass News
    Game Pass News 4 months ago +2

    This is great work Colin! Cannot wait to see the results of the people it's tested on! Great content as always! if you could give a Uk/Us Based Xbox Game Pass Podcast a shout out that would be great!

  • James Moore
    James Moore 4 months ago +1

    This is exactly the content I’ve needed this evening. Many thanks. With the tunnelling I thought we had sadly reached Peak Colin. Nope, not at all.

  • alphastratus
    alphastratus 4 months ago +14

    Fun fact: for a lot of racing enthusiasts there is the software simhub that takes the data (example speed) and channel ot out if the computer, by for example an arduino. Normally it's planned for 12V fans, but with a little bit of signal processing it should work with the big fan.
    (My plan would be a PWM to analog converter after the first arduino, use the analog signal as input on a second, hand programmed arduino, and use this second one to control the servo.

  • Concept of Making
    Concept of Making 4 months ago +1

    Awesome video. This channel was the first Clip-Share channel my kids and I were able to enjoy together and this type of content drives them to want to build their own projects.

  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson 4 months ago +541

    In addition to the wind speed, I think the actual "sound" of the paramotor engines will also add greatly to the effect/experience...

    • Joe
      Joe 4 months ago

      Agreed, just take it up a notch with extreme vibration of the chair!

    • Wolf God
      Wolf God 4 months ago

      Now I know how the Maxell Guy looks with a paramotor turbine blasting air at him.

    • jameswalker199
      jameswalker199 4 months ago

      Smell of the engine exhaust, too

    • Makujah
      Makujah 4 months ago +1

      @Frederica Panon I wonder if Forza has some of those racing cars from the 30s

    • Makujah
      Makujah 4 months ago +2

      The gamer word is *immersion* 🤩

  • Infinity Master
    Infinity Master 4 months ago +2

    5:22 I can NEVER get tired of Colin's *maniacal laughter!* xD

  • Arne Burghouts
    Arne Burghouts 4 months ago

    Had me proper laughing! :D
    Almost 12 million subs Colin..
    You DO realize we expect some fireworks don't you?

  • licensetodrive
    licensetodrive 4 months ago

    Love your secret bunker & the tunnel, but boy this feels good to see you back making random controlled mayhem machines :-)

  • Solux
    Solux 4 months ago +1

    Loving the fan moment, reminded me of Clarkson getting bees in his epiglottis testing the Aerial Atom on Top Gear, but the massive overpower on everything is just glorious.

  • Dan Forbes
    Dan Forbes 4 months ago

    They all look awesome! Cant wait to see you try them out!

  • D S
    D S 4 months ago

    When I saw you'd made the chamber I was thinking "what the hell is he going to do with that, how longs he been messing with compressors to do that?"
    You're the man Colin

  • Monsoon
    Monsoon 4 months ago

    You know when he's done with the tunnel and has got the time, I think it would be really cool if Colin made a working jetstream Sam gun sheath. If you don't know what it is look it up as it's cool.
    Normally how it works is it takes in blanks, they hit a bolt that hits the sword firing it out and allowing him more velocity to cut off a limb but I understand if he had to change it due to the laws

  • Ante Milas
    Ante Milas 4 months ago +1

    everyone is impressed, that he made an real engine a wind fasn for forza, but im impressed, that non of his tools and stuff in the workshop got yeetet all over the room. now thats a flex

  • BoardVision
    BoardVision 4 months ago +444

    Furze I can say that at one point I had the thought "I hope Colin doesn't exchange the absolute loveable madness for more commercial deals/partnerships"
    And mate you're still alive and kicking doing what you do best, never change.

    • Travis Ray
      Travis Ray 4 months ago +12

      This man couldn't change if he WANTED to. He is who he is, and that's all he needs to be. A mad man with great imagination and splendid personality which makes watching him a pure joy.

  • Urma Isgay
    Urma Isgay 4 months ago

    love how casual colin is with cutting holes in the side of an air compressor.

  • RobR386
    RobR386 4 months ago +1

    With Colin it's "if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing" 😁

  • Tactical Pterodactyl Knives

    I love how every single part of this is so over the top and perfect hahaha

  • Sean Krake
    Sean Krake 4 months ago

    I suspect if the volume of water sprayed was more like half an ounce it might have gotten the buy off. Kinda like the 4d rides at universal. I think it would be fun to play a game like far cry with these since in one game you get water splashed on you, you can parachute and wing suit through the sky, and get caught in large fires and explosions

  • Soulful Warrior
    Soulful Warrior 2 months ago

    Colin: "The audacity, you expect me to limit the Vastness of my creative genius to what amounts to a chair, a keyboard, screen & perhaps headphones?"
    Proceeds to pull off the most elaborate troll whilst retaining great advertising value of said industry. You sir, are a freaking genius!

  • Siberius Wolf
    Siberius Wolf 4 months ago

    I think there needs to be something that makes the desk violently rattle and bounce around as you're driving fast over rough terrain. Also a bunch of loose stuff in attached draws, and the desk should be assembled a little loosely. Then it would be sketchy and loud as shit. Really want to feel the danger.

  • Captain MustanG
    Captain MustanG 4 months ago

    I'm glad someone just gave Colin money and really said "go for it"

  • Raj Gill
    Raj Gill 4 months ago

    I remember late 2016 I got my first high end laptop that had tgb keys, and was playing Witcher 3 on it. Witcher 3 will use your keyboards colors to warn you if enemies are near etc, and I remember thinking that was the coolest feature ever

  • Ivan Miranda
    Ivan Miranda 4 months ago +590

    I wasn't expecting the first test of the gore pump to be so overkill, damn Colin!!!

    • Coen Smits
      Coen Smits 4 months ago +5

      I was genuinely laughing HARD when I saw that test

    • Anthony Snyder
      Anthony Snyder 4 months ago +7

      Welcome to the splash zone has been upgraded. Colin has been working hard

    • Derek the half a bee
      Derek the half a bee 4 months ago +12

      It's going to be a gore tsunami. A goreplosion of epicness.

  • Matt Kent
    Matt Kent 4 months ago

    Props to you for sticking with ryobi and showing they can cut it just as well as the contractor tools

  • Oscar Sands
    Oscar Sands 4 months ago

    Feels like it's been ages since you've made totally rediculouse stuff like this, loved every seccond haha

  • Ben Abermanis
    Ben Abermanis 4 months ago

    A cool idea would to have a real time smoke screen from like fire extinguishers or something else blocking your view of the game in the case of a flash bang or some other blinding thing in game. Seems doable to me🤷🏼‍♂️

  • CopeML
    CopeML 4 months ago

    Honestly my thought for the blood gore would be to pump it between 2 sheets of lexan in the dome, it can be reusable and immediately pooled into a reservoir, the dome itself can be treated as an illusion it provides some sort of augmented reality, perhaps demented reality.

  • Oliver Williamson
    Oliver Williamson 4 months ago +128

    Xbox: We want extreme.
    Colin: Say no more.
    Xbox: we said extreme not insane.
    Colin: what's the difference?

    • Jacob Medlock
      Jacob Medlock 4 months ago

      The only difference between the two is presentation

    • ellen cameron
      ellen cameron 4 months ago +1

      @bob often And then after that exists the realm of Colin Furze.

    • bob often
      bob often 4 months ago +8

      Extreme is danger .
      Insane is doing it .

  • Myles Garlick
    Myles Garlick 4 months ago +1

    I can't imagine any true DOOM fan not being all in for this experience.

  • Peter Robins
    Peter Robins 4 months ago

    Thought the fireworks & the spark machine were winners...I was getting ready to by a Play Station, then found out the daughter has one. She likes the idea of the boom sparky stuff. The "bus shelter seem like the best tent ever made...except maybe needs curtains. Any big camping companies looking to expand market reach for more discerning customers, please contact Colin Furze. Whatever it is...Colin gets it. His laughing...made my day a happy place

  • Yosa
    Yosa 4 months ago +1

    This is what u get as being an engineer. If you can think it, you can build it.
    Well done.

  • Sobicek2
    Sobicek2 4 months ago

    This actually is the most immersive experience you can have from games. In Halo, you are on a battlefield, grenades, rockets and colourful lasers are exploding all around you and you are constantly fighting for survival. Those explosions Colin created are there and now you can feel it. In Doom, you smash open a demon's skull with your hands, yes, you will get your face splashed with a lot of blood. In Forza, this fan Colin created is the real Cabrio experience. :D Not really immersive for other cars, but the engine's insane. :D Nice job Colin!

  • Peter Delaforce
    Peter Delaforce 4 months ago

    Quality Colin, talk about take it to the next level lol. Keep em coming mate videos are pure quality mate

  • iancook221188
    iancook221188 4 months ago

    you need to turn it into a VR roller-coaster simulator with the wind and a moving carriage! would be nuts

  • Gunhaver
    Gunhaver 4 months ago

    i love that your friend is just down for whatever insane thing you are doing. that's a friend for life!

  • Bryan
    Bryan 4 months ago

    The rotating arms is great for keyboard/mouse as some of us are shorter or taller and need to either spread out our arms a bit when sitting, or the opposite. Some arm chairs even have the arms shift closer in or out entirely. Like secret lab chairs.

  • Sippachu
    Sippachu 4 months ago +66

    I think the first time Xbox told him 'too dangerous', Colin wanted all his designs to be met with the same response

  • Amishhellcat
    Amishhellcat 4 months ago

    would've been a badass thing to have the forza setup move about aswell. stationary but going up and down, left to right etc depending in input :D

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark 4 months ago

    Those arm rests are great for comfort. I have a more office type chair with adjustable arms in all 3 directions and it is nice to abeable to set my arms at the exact spot I need them and have the arm rest support them. Any new chair I would buy would need the same amount of adjustments...I am spoiled :) Those arm rests need more padding though...they are not very comfortable looking.

  • Nt40
    Nt40 4 months ago

    That gaming chair bit was incredible 😂 I have wondered the same thing.. haha

  • Kaillin McMahon
    Kaillin McMahon 4 months ago

    If they decided to clone someone to sell on a mass scale, the Colin 6000 would be my first purchase.

  • Muneeb Khan
    Muneeb Khan 4 months ago +316

    3:37 that is possibly the most reasonable thing I’ve ever heard a brand say. I’m honestly impressed with the Xbox marketing team. They’re a big company and I can imagine the bureaucracy of putting someone in the slightest bit of danger. But what a fair point to make, “We came to you and our bad, but we forgot you make crazy things. Keep making crazy things and we’ll figure out how to adapt it to our needs. Also keep the cheque.”
    Honestly, more brands should allow their creators this much freedom. It’s how we get the best content and how they get the best advertising.

    • Stephen Beck
      Stephen Beck 4 months ago

      Lol at any one in this thread thinking any part of Colin’s story was not prearranged as part of the marketing campaign. It’s still good content.

    • shaness112233
      shaness112233 4 months ago +2

      Is no one going to mention that Microsoft probably never intended for Furze to make something that they could allow a rando to use? They probably just wanted to bankroll this video, and baked a storyline into their pitch. Furze wins because he still gets paid, Microsoft wins because they get their publicity for this series of videos, and we consumers win because we actually ENJOY what is essentially going to be a 20+ minute ad.
      Tl;dr: It's just a really good marketing campaign.

    • Nshbr Vrjsn
      Nshbr Vrjsn 4 months ago

      @ElQuark0 first of all, you have to know that uk safety regulation is really strict. Secondly, I bet xbox know what they are doing by hiring colin. Otherwise they wouldnt let him upload this video

    • TheDuckMan2523
      TheDuckMan2523 4 months ago

      Xbox just assumed the kind of person who wanted to add explosives to a gaming chair might possibly have some other fun ideas for the head of marketing’s office…

    • LolindirLink
      LolindirLink 4 months ago

      @ElQuark0 continueing to work with him costs them more money, so i have to disagree. They could have easily pulled the plug on first attempt but they stuck because who knows! He COULD invent something that goes viral, And even if it stays in the Furze bubble, We've all heard "Xbox gives our friend Colin Cash and Colin says something nice about Xbox". Marketing budgets will be spend elsewhere anyways, Colin isn't the only "stunt" they've got going right now. And that's how marketing goes. If they had any doubt they'd just move on like that.

  • John_Hmstr
    John_Hmstr 4 months ago

    honestly i have no idea what they expected. this is pretty tame for colin.
    i love the idea of the spark generators that come on at key moments. only real hazard would be getting bits in your eyes. simple safety goggles or even putting the spark generator in a tall "decorative" poly column fixes that concern.
    LOL! the gore dispenser could absolutely work and be "safe". Right in line with a long legacy of "pranks" involving water. mind you i expect folks are going to be utterly shocked and a little traumatized when they are splashed with "gore" in time with events in a game such as doom... but simple questionnaire asking about tolerance of such things and disclaimer should over it.
    the paramotor is the real winner here. could build a black shroud around the front and have a light cloth hanging down in front of it to conceal the rig when its not running. dressing the "exhibit or new technology" up as a "true surround sound and haptic experience" would get folks interested. Honestly timing the motor start to something in the game and equipping some good headphones would sell this stunt well and be super fun. simple goggles again makes this about as safe as any other daily activity since flying debris hitting the eyes is about the only hazard here so long as the exhaust is vented and the paramotor contained.

  • Scott Seebeck
    Scott Seebeck 4 months ago

    Colin, sir, you are a mad man. God bless you! Thanks for the fantastic video.

  • myles
    myles 4 months ago

    when I watch your videos I think about all the over the top safety rules in the machine shop I work for then I see you setting up a paramotor in your shed hahaha it's awesome

  • ender_slayer3
    ender_slayer3 4 months ago

    Gotta be honest Colin, the gore launcher idea, while it is REALLY cool AND fits the theme of DOOM REALLY well, it probably isn't a good idea for the simple reason that Doom is a game that you can very easily lose yourself in, and being sprayed by gore (or what you perceive as gore) might possible send some people into a blood frenzy

  • Hex the Warlock
    Hex the Warlock 4 months ago +129

    Xbox: Make an extreme gaming chair.
    Colinfurze: (does)
    Xbox: oh... Oh no...

    • Mark Wright
      Mark Wright 4 months ago

      @Mart Collin's 'meh' is still too much for them. I think the safe sparks was a bit of a meh compromise (outside of how cool that piece of kit is to produce, as another comment called them, 'cold sparks' that you can run your hand through, etc) to make it safe and they still said no to it. There wasn't even a pop from them to represent an explosion properly.
      Randomly, we had bulbs in our house that would have done a better job, but when they failed at the end of their life (so not on command). When the filament blew when turning it on, the whole socket would flash and you'd get a bang from the glass separating from the metal and crashing to the ground. I had one explode above my head once and was nearly hit by the glass as it fell to a tile floor and shattered. The whole batch was like that, but the rest we used in the living room where the glass landed on a carpeted floor and didn't break further, but the few sparks that rained down on the sofa caused a few moments of panic a couple of times.
      We didn't go further than tell the seller about the first one or two doing this, but I believe they said it was the normal way for them to blow or something like that. (yeah right).

    • jmccormac01
      jmccormac01 4 months ago

      Colin replies: Wait, have you watched any of my videos?

    • Mart
      Mart 4 months ago +1

      @WoodCraft Kits Their "extreme level" is Colin's "meh"

    • WoodCraft Kits
      WoodCraft Kits 4 months ago

      I feel like they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into by using the word "extreme" around Colin!

    • Mike
      Mike 4 months ago +4

      I think they figured out their version of 'extreme' is much, MUCH different than Colin's version of 'extreme'.

  • David Gillespie
    David Gillespie 4 months ago

    I loved this video Colin it was a call back to early content. Well done sir.

  • Darth Bader
    Darth Bader 4 months ago

    Fantastic! I love that your ideas were too much for them!

  • GreenKey
    GreenKey 4 months ago

    Colin still has his Childlike sense of Wonder and I'm loving it!!!

    YOUDIEMOFO 4 months ago

    @ 5:21 that laugh. I love it. Much love brother. Thank you for all of the laughs here and multitude of material to say the least.

  • RivsterDandy
    RivsterDandy 4 months ago +246

    Colin has clearly ascended beyond peak gamer

    • Mr Monkey
      Mr Monkey 4 months ago +1

      Wow I didn’t expect to see you here, how’s it going mate?

  • steve_kemp70
    steve_kemp70 4 months ago

    I bloody love the gore Canon, please Colin go 5bar just for shits and giggles, freaking brilliant video Colin, love all of the ideas 👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘Cheers from Melbourne Australia

  • Wolf God
    Wolf God 4 months ago +1

    He spares SOME expenses when he's making all kinds of cray-balls inventions, but not only that, working on some impressive projects: his secret tunnel from his shed, to house, and eventually to his bunker.

  • Edramon
    Edramon 4 months ago

    You need to work with some modders and get the triggers for these properly integrated into the game.
    Even better, work with some VR enthusiasts too - who wouldn't want to feel the gore splatter all over you when you chainsaw a demon in VR. Fans and vests to simulate impact already have gadgets, but the gore would probably be new.

  • Customs_By_ Noumps
    Customs_By_ Noumps 4 months ago

    Love ya Colin! You crazy bastard 🛠️🔥
    A vibrating chair with surround sound would've been enough. Don't ever change mate! 😆👍

    JAIRUS OF ALL 4 months ago +354

    Exactly the ridiculousness I love! Classic Colin.

    • A10-BAM420-
      A10-BAM420- 4 months ago +1

      @JAIRUS OF ALL hell yeah! 🤘 looking forward to it

      JAIRUS OF ALL 4 months ago +3

      @A10-BAM420- Thanks!! You’re gonna love the videos coming out this Saturday!

    • A10-BAM420-
      A10-BAM420- 4 months ago +2

      hey you! loved the spnkr you made!

  • Jerry Ape
    Jerry Ape Month ago

    Colin is always sooo gooood in his creativity!

  • pokeepoof
    pokeepoof 4 months ago

    These are all genuinely insane ideas, like, its not even a crazy awesome somewhat impractical set of ideas, they're just insane.

  • Tree Lym
    Tree Lym 4 months ago

    With all the other awesome stuff, I'm surprised you didn't add hydraulics to the chair to try and simulate the movement.

  • Just Arkon
    Just Arkon 4 months ago

    Only Colin is capable of turning a powerful motor engine into a gaming experience.

  • IronGlade
    IronGlade 4 months ago +68

    Only Colin gets the idea to simulate the wind with TWO paramotors. Never change man, never change :)

    • Mark Wright
      Mark Wright 4 months ago

      Well you do need to simulate the wind when turning somehow :)

    BYERE 4 months ago

    You know, a game like Carmaggedon would be perfect for all 3 happening at once!

  • Pellbort
    Pellbort 4 months ago +1

    "When things happen in the game, things will happen to you in the real world!"
    I already have this for Halo Infinite
    In the game: I melee a guy point blank and the hit doesn't register because the servers are trash
    In real life: I throw my mouse across the room and say gamer words

  • Глеб Сальманов

    Colin being evil-genius-style surprised that Microsoft doesn't want unsuspecting gamers subjected to contraptions descriptions of which sound like "death laser machine of doom", is what I'm here for.

  • Will Caine
    Will Caine 4 months ago +1

    Colin should definitely prank some friends with the fun versions if Xbox aren't going to

  • Luke
    Luke 4 months ago +121

    The water thing could have been sold to them for "Sea of Thieves". But I guess, then you may need to connect a hose to it, for water supply.

    • Theodore Alenas
      Theodore Alenas 4 months ago +24

      If they did ask him for sea of thieves, he'd cage a real thief in a box, caught in the streets, and release him once you die in game.

  • Jake Likes Tech
    Jake Likes Tech 4 months ago +1

    4:40 is the perfect out of context moment you can ask for.

  • Phoenix X
    Phoenix X 4 months ago

    some space games can use two joysticks for flight controls, being able to tilt the armrests out means you can use the arm rest to rest the arm on - regardless of the positions of the joysticks..