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Why do Sekiro's enemies even fight him?

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Im actually garbage at Sekiro, so the last part is how I actually play 😂
    Thanks to Activision for sponsoring this video, because I was gonna make it anyway #Sekiro_Partner
    Oddwin - 19
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  • Dean Gully
    Dean Gully 3 years ago +10141

    Sekiro: *Deflects bullet with a sword*
    The only enemy npc that knows the value of life: *Yeah, im not fighting a ghost.*

    • Aclosh
      Aclosh 10 days ago

      ​@Mclovin ghost of Tsushima has that

    • kikhuy
      kikhuy 9 months ago


    • Ultra
      Ultra 9 months ago +1

      Y’all be forgettin ghost of Tsushima

    • Mclovin
      Mclovin Year ago

      NinjaStyle npcs on some of the older assassins creed games, not sure about newer ones, would have npcs run away and cower from you if you kill all but a few enemies, I always loved that attention to detail so much so I always chased down anyone who ran and killed them too lol.

    • Thomas Herbst
      Thomas Herbst 2 years ago

      @Amarutrix0 What?

  • Irish Spartan Studios
    Irish Spartan Studios 2 years ago +17123

    "So you just... Left?"
    "Sir, he killed three guys with his sword alone, collected their coin with his mind, and blocked two rounds from my rifle. All with no emotion on his face."

    • Alex
      Alex 4 months ago +1

      He's a certified action game protagonist.

    • Arnav Jain
      Arnav Jain 5 months ago

      @Ninja Master Shura...

    • Saber
      Saber 5 months ago

      @Irish Spartan Studios depends on context

    • Irish Spartan Studios
      Irish Spartan Studios 5 months ago +1

      @Saber _Incorrect._

    • Saber
      Saber 5 months ago

      @Irish Spartan Studios he has bad grammar but you’re still wrong

  • Krenzzler
    Krenzzler 2 years ago +18169

    "He's strongggg!"
    *Retreats to shrine*
    Yup, that's how it goes lol

  • DementedPancake
    DementedPancake Year ago +3374

    "my money... my hard earned money... i earned that-"
    why was this so funny to me

    • Benjamin Bauer
      Benjamin Bauer Month ago +2

      cause normally they didnt earn their hard earned money…but in this case it was, thus its tragic.

    • Nori
      Nori 3 months ago +4

      Me after paying my taxes

    • Heavens Stapler
      Heavens Stapler 4 months ago +2

      My fave moment lmao

    • Engrish_ _Kuma
      Engrish_ _Kuma 6 months ago +1

      Taxes and bills

    • Mako Shark
      Mako Shark 7 months ago +11

      Youre laughing, he earned that money and youre laughing

  • sonicsora22
    sonicsora22 2 years ago +12053

    “You have a good day.”
    Smartest henchman ever.

    • cold/steppa
      cold/steppa 2 months ago +1

      "You have a good day"- the only henchmen to survive

    • Young Kolivon
      Young Kolivon 7 months ago

      On Fucking God

    • kikhuy
      kikhuy 9 months ago


    • Fear
      Fear 11 months ago

      @Ahmed Amine Ramdani Mystery of the Batwoman, actually

  • I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money.

    1:57 Disbelief, Humiliation, Awe... That reaction had everything xD

    • Titanus
      Titanus Month ago +3

      Same , i laughed when he denying himself to have touch him

    • Fishy Fish
      Fishy Fish 5 months ago +2

      That username

    • The Camera man
      The Camera man Year ago +13

      I must Have just missed...
      Yes I missed

    • DudermanJenson
      DudermanJenson 2 years ago +20

      man stop writing such great stuff i almost choked on my sandwich

  • Peyton
    Peyton 3 years ago +28300

    This is actually impressive this dude had a whole fighting Scene with himself

    • ElusivEnigma
      ElusivEnigma Year ago

      And lost....majestically

    • Collgates
      Collgates Year ago

      I completely forgot about that , I really enjoyed this like a movie or something

    • The Necromancer
      The Necromancer Year ago

      some don't realize it, but calebcity is a MASTER film maker. it's actually insane.

    • ProtoPropski - The Streamer
      ProtoPropski - The Streamer Year ago

      Imagine if be animated Joel Haver style, this guy could make the next animated series.

    • Jin Raigami
      Jin Raigami 2 years ago


  • Lance
    Lance 2 years ago +3815

    “He’s strong!” Runs all the way back thru the map lol just like the game

    • Killergamerz
      Killergamerz Month ago

      @King Dedede homeward idol works in bossfights

    • Elias Hobeika
      Elias Hobeika 10 months ago

      @This account is something else i think it's cause of dragon rot, the more you die in this game, the more of your friends get sick, he doing that even though the boss fight resets just to not die, I did the same lol.

    • ಠ_ಠ
      ಠ_ಠ 11 months ago


    • Tako
      Tako Year ago +4

      @King Dedede Same. Then in NG+ you beat him in a fair fight in like 2 mins.

    • King Dedede
      King Dedede Year ago +6

      @Sol_Ninja17 That’s the one in Hirata right? If so I did exactly that. Killed all the little enemies, ran and had Jizou’s aggro reset, then stealth killed for a health bar then fought him regularly for his second health bar.

  • milk
    milk 2 years ago +6644

    *finally kills sekiro*
    "thank god that's over with"
    *sekiro literally resurrects*
    "nope 🏃‍♂️💨"

    • Anass Akasbi
      Anass Akasbi 3 months ago +1

      Not only does he resurrect
      His resurrection actually sucks people life but sadly somehow the health bar does not drop

    • Urtoryu dy Althraidn
      Urtoryu dy Althraidn 3 months ago

      @Chuy X "Someone's prowling around here..."

    • - Saikros -
      - Saikros - 8 months ago +1

      C'mon people, stop stealing comments! Oh, those words already exists in other comments, so I'm stealing too! AH! THOSE WORDS TOO! AND THOSE! AAA WHAT AM I DOING?! HELP! HEEELP! I CAN'T STOP STEALING!

    • kikhuy
      kikhuy 9 months ago


    • the one
      the one Year ago

  • silentshadow2536
    silentshadow2536 Year ago +322

    That perfect parry insta-kill had me dying lol. Posture broken in one move. Dude didn’t even know what hit him

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown 2 years ago +3559

    Rifle guy: shoots
    Caleb: deflects it twice
    Rifle guy: aight imma head out

  • Lord Ziz
    Lord Ziz 11 months ago +65

    the random jumping while moving towards the enemy is the most accurate thing i've ever seen

  • Hayley’s Comet
    Hayley’s Comet 3 years ago +13569

    Sekiro: *deflects bullets*
    Guard: “you have a good day”
    Had me dead

    • Thomas Light
      Thomas Light 6 months ago

      Twice, bro! He deflected that garbage twice! XD

    • kikhuy
      kikhuy 9 months ago


    • sk82rok
      sk82rok 11 months ago

      @Tim G much like the bullet, his comment was deflected at the speed of light. Proper.

    • Voy
      Voy 11 months ago +1

      He said "I must've just missed" 😂😂😂

    • ELFanatic
      ELFanatic 11 months ago


  • Clint Orus
    Clint Orus 2 years ago +471

    I absolutely love how the Rifleman was the only one smart enough to realize "nope, I should just go"

  • PepperMeadow
    PepperMeadow 3 months ago +224

    lmao every eavedropping scene so far has this element of "should we be worried about this?" "Hmm...Nah!" "Yeah, you're probably right." *guy #1 gets backstabbed while guy #2 jumps back in shock*

  • yuno 1000
    yuno 1000 3 months ago +145

    sekiro blocks his bullets twice:
    the guard: 👁️👄👁️... you.. have a good day.. *leaves*

  • Sarika
    Sarika 2 years ago +710

    Reminded of this because I be playing Ghost of Tsushima. Jin be slaughtering entire legions of Mongol soldiers but they still think they're built different.

    • 9ine God
      9ine God 2 months ago +1

      I am leveled up to the MAX in that game. I play on the hardest difficulty and slice through enemies like butter. How dare you challenge me mongol? I am the Ghost.

    • Jean Carlo Garcia Solis
      Jean Carlo Garcia Solis 10 months ago +1

      @Kevin C. Cucumber to be fair. They have killed alot of times in sekiro xd

    • Kevin C. Cucumber
      Kevin C. Cucumber Year ago +2

      Ghost is one of the more realistic games. The enemies actually run away. In sekiro they all still fight

    • el mata pacos
      el mata pacos Year ago +8

      but they can be terrified,like some dudes just fall to the floor and are like:they dont pay me enough for this shit

  • Artur
    Artur 2 years ago +25

    I bet there was at least one realistic moment in the history of humanity when at some war some soldier so amazed and scared by the enemys skills, he layed down the weapon, turned around and in his native language said "you have a good day" and just went home.

    • Pyrrhus Of Epirus
      Pyrrhus Of Epirus 16 days ago +1

      According to Plutarch, Pyrrhus Of Epirus got so pissed off at an enemy commander slagging him off, he rode back and literally cut him in half from skull to groin and fell in two bits. After that the enemy army just left.

  • Dallas Stanley
    Dallas Stanley 3 years ago +4268

    That's the only right response when someone blocks a bullet

      DOUG DAD RON POOKIE GONDA 3 years ago +2

      That nigga walked away after that like nah bro I'm out

    • Knightmare1408
      Knightmare1408 3 years ago +2

      You forgot the “ you have a nice day “ best line to that 😂🤣😂🤣💀💀💀💀

    • Matt Blankenbaker
      Matt Blankenbaker 3 years ago +2

      The correct response is always more bullets

    • Kyle Davies
      Kyle Davies 3 years ago +7

      No no I must have missed, yes I missed

  • X R
    X R 2 years ago +182

    “You stay close to that wall strange man”
    Caleb has ascended beyond comedy itself.

  • Shiloh
    Shiloh 2 years ago +313

    "That attack won't work on him. Get out of the way" 😂 he was already on the ground

  • Jibby The Hippy
    Jibby The Hippy 2 years ago +209

    Caleb: *cuts bullet with sword*
    Other Caleb: “Have a good day.”

    LOKI's TREACHERY 2 years ago +55

    This dude is impressive how in the hell did he do all this with just himself like that's talent.

  • Mangekyo Itachi EditZz
    Mangekyo Itachi EditZz Year ago +337

    The enemy: "you stay close to that wall strange man."
    Also the enemy: "UUUUUGHHHHHH"

    • Sticks
      Sticks Year ago +5

      Okay, Mangekyo Itachi EditZz

  • Wilson Son_Of_Will
    Wilson Son_Of_Will 3 years ago +3402

    Gets beat by unblockable
    "He strong!"
    Runs to rest, runs back to boss..
    Gets beat by unblockable again
    Lmfao thats so accurate

    • Rie
      Rie 2 months ago

      ah yes the shirahagi nightmare💀

    • God
      God 2 months ago

      if its a sweep attack, jump on his head
      if its a thrust attack, mikiri counter
      if its a grab attack, dodge and punish

    • Jac
      Jac 3 years ago

      @Mari - 90% of Clip-Share comments are "I found X funny because X happened"
      Who cares

    • Vann Savage
      Vann Savage 3 years ago

      Mari - smh

  • Russell Woodler
    Russell Woodler 3 months ago +31

    Sekiro is such an amazing game. Loved every second of it. FromSoftware just don't know how to make bad games.

    • Coada Catalin
      Coada Catalin Month ago

      @KAB LAMMATS Bro, Dark Souls 2 slaps. It has flaws, yes, and in some aspects it's a bit weaker than the other entries, but it's still a top tier game.

    • Russell Woodler
      Russell Woodler 2 months ago +7

      @KAB LAMMATS I like aspects of it. But I’ll never forget the pain I endured in the frigid outskirts (when trying to fight lud and zallen). I played sotfs edition and lots of enemy placements were terrible. Some of the bosses were decent though, I loved the fume knight and sir alonne. I’d even say sir alonne is one of my favourite fights of the series. Definitely the weakest game in the soulsborne series but still pretty good.

      KAB LAMMATS 2 months ago +1

      How do feel about Dark souls 2?

  • The Queen's A.C.E.
    The Queen's A.C.E. 2 years ago +36

    Man traveling halfway across the world just to rest at a shrine and go all the way back to beat that next boss is accurate af! 😂😂😭

  • Bill Misiura
    Bill Misiura Year ago +47

    Guy literally gives up and walks away after realizing he can deflect bullets...seems like a legit and smart reaction.

  • Ross Adams
    Ross Adams Year ago +31

    Just giving up once you learn he can deflect bullets and telling him to have a good day. The most relatable shit ever.

  • J
    J Year ago +10

    that money skit was amazing. it’s hilarious to imagine that sekiro actually just sucks the money from enemy pockets into his pockets.

  • S o u n d W a v e s
    S o u n d W a v e s 2 years ago +11748

    Can we just appreciate how good caleb is at moving like he actually is a video game character, like that bullet deflection into idle pose. It looks so much like an actual janky game animation that I cant help but love it

    • Era
      Era 5 months ago

      Junky animation?
      You good bro?

    • TorieRee
      TorieRee 11 months ago

      No We cannot appreciate it

    • Milky Borgir
      Milky Borgir Year ago

      i dont understand this i played sekiro and it is extremely hard

    • Zedbags
      Zedbags Year ago +1

      Climbing the fence is also perfect

    • Sherief Woodard
      Sherief Woodard Year ago +1

      @Mike Harrison That Cj jump animation

  • Kamikaze
    Kamikaze 2 years ago +39

    When people say “I’m a one man army, Caleb literally means it

  • Haiasi Eel
    Haiasi Eel 2 years ago +15

    You captured the incredible stupidity of the enemies! I almost dropped my phone in laughter. Bravo.

  • Codyiguess
    Codyiguess Year ago +10

    This game is my absolute favorite of all time. I wish they’d make a second game.

  • Michael White
    Michael White 2 years ago +120

    The 4th guy is just like “Yeap I’m out, I don’t get paid enough for this crazy shit”

  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 years ago +41

    The choreography is way too good for a scene featuring only one person

  • Arsene
    Arsene 3 years ago +4624

    Caleb: *deflects bullet*
    Enemy: aight imma head out

    • AlexDark3r
      AlexDark3r 3 years ago

      @Lyravain "Fuck this shit I'm out, mmm mmmh, fuck this shit I'm out, no thanks, don't mind me I'm just gonna grab my stuff and leave, 'scuse me please."

    • Lyravain
      Lyravain 3 years ago +3

      "Fuck this shit I'm out, ah-ha, fuck this shit I'm out, alright, fuck this shit I'm out..."

    • Y Smith
      Y Smith 3 years ago +6

      aight, ima head south

      GAMER DORIAN 3 years ago +7

      LOL XD

    • Plutoreturns
      Plutoreturns 3 years ago +19

      Or is it?
      Enemy: deflects bullet
      Caleb: aight imma head out

  • OfficialSwiftyy
    OfficialSwiftyy 2 years ago +70

    Guard:”We are completely safe inside these fortress.”
    -reality the fortress was open

  • AlphaSeagull
    AlphaSeagull 11 months ago +6

    1:44 that man was so outclassed, the deathblow icon showed up before he even got the deflect

  • Karen Bonds
    Karen Bonds 2 years ago +248

    0:56 Sephiroth's inclusion to smash in a nutshell.

    • Kid Katana
      Kid Katana Year ago +11

      _I will never be...JUST a memory!_

  • DRoidzzz
    DRoidzzz Year ago +7

    that sword deflect and stab was so smooth for just one person 💀

    NOPE NOPE Year ago +15

    I'm pretty sure this can apply to literally any game in which you have to kill something. Imagine being a soldier and you heard of an invincible soldier that restarts time itself and is killing off 100's or 1000's each time he's seen. A person that you have literally seen kill off several armies. By that point, fighting ain't even an option, the only option is submission.

  • Weebalicious
    Weebalicious 3 years ago +3644

    When the dude just left and said “have a good day” after he blocked both his bullets had me.

    • CodexofLoLs
      CodexofLoLs 3 years ago

      Your name wants me to be your friend, fellow weeb

    • Saad Ali
      Saad Ali 3 years ago

      @MR YEET bless up

    • Omgo Zero
      Omgo Zero 3 years ago +1

      He didn't want to die today

    • SticksNSticks
      SticksNSticks 3 years ago

      0:33 Michael che is that you?

    • Khayran
      Khayran 3 years ago +1

      He's fired.

  • Chops.Riddim
    Chops.Riddim 2 years ago +9

    Can't praise him enough for how accurate this is👍🏼

  • ChillSpider
    ChillSpider 2 years ago +4

    Him climbing over the fence gate instead of opening it and him jumping instead of walking normally were the most accurate parts of the video lol

  • royandescartes
    royandescartes Year ago +5

    when the 3rd guard came into the scene screaming "hey! what are you doing" charges forward, and then screams "oh my god!" and gets killed, i cried so hard laughing at that

  • Joshua Middlebrooks
    Joshua Middlebrooks Year ago +4

    His facial expression once he realized he has no chance and just puts the weapon down and walks off 😂😂💯

  • Just Be Good Lito
    Just Be Good Lito 7 months ago +2

    This just makes me want to play sekiro some more 😂

  • Soil
    Soil 2 years ago +17716

    When he said "my money i earned that money" i felt that deeply

  • Aleix Ruiz Sorribes
    Aleix Ruiz Sorribes 2 years ago +4

    Caleb: Blocks bullet.
    Guard: Understandable, have a nice day.

  • Nahim
    Nahim 2 years ago +3

    This might seem effortless but the amount of times he changes outfits and edits this is outstanding.

  • Xiao Mei
    Xiao Mei 11 months ago +3

    ... the breaking posture part got me.
    ... completely relatable. That's all I be trying to do to get the fight started... lol... bunny hopping on their asses. XD

  • Billy Begood
    Billy Begood 2 years ago +28

    I especially like how you can put shruikens through someone's throat, and the other guys nearby don't even react.

  • Red Hawk
    Red Hawk 2 years ago +41

    The rifleman saying "You have a great day" was hilarious xD

  • JustAllWrong
    JustAllWrong 3 years ago +9020

    npc: "Anybody in here?"
    npc: *sees player covered in blood with 50 bodies laying around them.
    npc: "Nevermind."

    • Diogo Silva
      Diogo Silva Year ago

      Reminded me of the classic video "The smartest Batman goon ever!"

    • Sticks
      Sticks Year ago

      @Zone Oh no, he put in a single comma! He’s more dangerous than Hitler!!1!11!!

    • Zone
      Zone Year ago

      @Grammar Police Mate, what about you and your commas and the wrong "than" which shouldn't be there

    • BadLuckCharm !
      BadLuckCharm ! Year ago

      @Getbacker not true, dont go to the link its a waste of time

    • YoCarter
      YoCarter Year ago

      @Grammar Police It's not funny to do this the 100th time

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington Year ago +3

    I feel like Caleb is the type of dude to help you get through your Vietnam tour of service in the late 60s

  • The Mighty Mo
    The Mighty Mo Year ago +2

    Caleb probably took a whole 10 minutes trying to climb that fence so he decided to cut the clip instead.

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young Year ago +13

    Man that boss fight damn sure was accurate and exactly how my encounter with the Shinobi Hunter went lmbo

  • Jinxed
    Jinxed 2 years ago +2

    The idle animation Caleb does at 0:42 is brilliant, even if it is only for a second. It's the little details that make these videos so great

  • Gabriel Álvarez
    Gabriel Álvarez 2 years ago +5

    This is so accurate in so many levels i just can’t stop laughing... That “Rest” at the end was so real

  • Cliff racer
    Cliff racer 3 years ago +6059

    I like how this man is having duels with himself

    • DJW_Tekken
      DJW_Tekken 2 years ago

      Fun fact:The views of this video is as much as tge game got sold

    • Frederick Jacobson
      Frederick Jacobson 2 years ago

      He’s not ACTUALLY having duals with himself. You see:
      *launches into camera positioning, stop and start, mentions how you never see two of him in a frame etc etc
      You’re welcome.
      I realize you were perplexed, and I want to be the first to tell you that that is O K. Perplexity befuddles a great many of us every day. Every time I walk into Walmart I am perplexed as to wtf am I doing in a Walmart. It doesn’t stop there.
      Opposite gender? Perplexed!
      No fap november? Perplexed!
      Brushing and showering regularly? Perplexed!
      You see.... it’s not just you. We’re here, all around you. Too perplexed sometimes to notice. But I noticed you, yes I did.
      You’re welcome.
      But wait! There’s more!

    • Alfons Jones
      Alfons Jones 3 years ago +1

      First time?

    • GuyWithStupidJoke '-'
      GuyWithStupidJoke '-' 3 years ago

      @SteeledCelestial 😊tq man

  • VyrusGames
    VyrusGames 2 years ago +27

    Fr tho the "sitting completely still then rising like a dog when people get near" then the immediate idle pose 🤣🤣

  • TheArgonianGame Sansterblaster

    I just love that after getting 2 bullets deflected he was just like "naw mate" cause I'd probably do that too

  • Josiah The Discontinued

    I don’t think I can go through this whole vid without laughing.

  • Andres G
    Andres G 6 months ago +1

    I genuinely think this is the video that sparked up my love for sekiro, ever since i had hoped to buy it and today i have platinum'd the game.

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas 2 years ago +8

    The editing on this video is top tier, this is golden material !!!

  • FanIex
    FanIex 3 years ago +1905

    When he said"you have a good day"
    I felt that

  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee 2 years ago +1

    Every single video this man has almost got me dying

  • Brandon Tran
    Brandon Tran Year ago +2

    the way he b-hopped to the 2nd guy is so relatable

  • Mikey Martinez
    Mikey Martinez 2 months ago

    The little trip as he walked into the door way made me laugh way to hard lol

  • Alkis D.
    Alkis D. 2 years ago +2

    This must be the best single-actor/multiple-character skit I've ever seen 😮🤯

  • DylPickle
    DylPickle 2 years ago +2

    Weird how he still didn’t target the one with the gun, but yet the defenseless ones.

  • Holly Hamoyu
    Holly Hamoyu 3 years ago +2760

    “He’S sTrOng *cue running away” bro that had me rolling 💀😂

  • keqing
    keqing Year ago +3

    I can actually relate to the whole run back to the statue to rest 😭😭😭

  • MunkeyKung
    MunkeyKung 11 months ago +1

    The "You have a good day" from the sniper really got me XD

    JAXON REID Year ago +1

    I love how the dude with the sniper walked away from a fight after Sekiro blocked his bullets. *Easily the smartest grunt unit of all time.*

  • Arion
    Arion 2 months ago +6

    2:30 - 2:54 was the most relatable part of stealth games.
    I wish stuff like this worked on creepers in minecraft

  • Kenny Rondon
    Kenny Rondon 8 months ago +1

    I laughed so damn hard at the rifleman scene HAHAHHAHA

    DAISUKI - 3 years ago +2303

    "call for reinforcement!"
    *Literally calling for reinforcement*

  • why are u here?
    why are u here? 2 years ago +1

    I love the part when he's like" he's stronng" and then " runs home then comes back"

  • Lamp Shark
    Lamp Shark 2 years ago

    I was with my dad for Christmas and we had a hell of time just taking turns trying boss fights. He ended up getting me the game for Christmas and was happy I liked it so much, we talk about it all the time

  • Kaii-sama
    Kaii-sama Year ago +5

    He got me at “my money my hard owner money”😂😂😂

  • BungoStrayDawgs
    BungoStrayDawgs 2 years ago

    The journey to the rest point really hit me 😂😂

  • Dread Lock Shak
    Dread Lock Shak 2 years ago

    Bro why do I always cry real tears at every video?? this man is hilarious !!!!!!

  • Herman Manly
    Herman Manly 3 years ago +20704

    "Stop tryna break my posture, I don't even have any weapons"
    *jumps in air menacingly*

    • Grammar Police
      Grammar Police Year ago

      Good evening sir, I do not know if you are aware but the first word of a sentence should always be capitalized. If you could tidy up this little mistake than we can all move on like nothing happened.

    • Quinn Marchese
      Quinn Marchese Year ago

      "whats he doing, patrick"
      "He's just standing there, MENACINGLY"

    • Pedro Matos
      Pedro Matos 2 years ago

      @Or!ginal car0ot too late cuz it is 2021 lol

      FUNNY BIRD MAN SHOW 2 years ago

      He's just jumping there MENACINGLY!!!!

    • Human no more
      Human no more 2 years ago

      @Ainz Ooal Gown you just gave me the hope needed to actually complete new game+ for once

  • Parth
    Parth 3 months ago +17

    The one who left is the smartest NPC in the history of video game.

  • BenRegen
    BenRegen 9 months ago +1

    "You have a good day." Slays me every time

  • Joseua Fig
    Joseua Fig 2 years ago +2

    I completely lost it at 1:44 just bc the way he did that😂😂🤣

    • Titanus
      Titanus Month ago

      Me at 1:58

    • HF HI
      HF HI Year ago +1

      Bro sammeeeeee its the way he said "omg ahhhhhhh

  • Rupa Mukherjee
    Rupa Mukherjee 2 years ago

    He was fighting so fast that the blood on the sword dried up early and it could be spotted on our vision. DAMN!! I NEED A HOMIE LIKE YOU

  • Tatienou orest
    Tatienou orest Year ago +1

    That jumping move to break posture😂

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino 3 years ago +2736

    Guard: **Sees mysterious character**
    Sekiro: **Leans up aganist the wall**
    Guard: **Intensely stares at wall**
    _Huh, must be the wind_

  • JT SOG 513
    JT SOG 513 Year ago

    His editing skills on point 🔥

  • JustAGamerPerson
    JustAGamerPerson 2 years ago

    At first, it seems like this would be super hard to film. But I’m pretty sure he has a brother to help him.

  • Ramon MirandaIII
    Ramon MirandaIII 2 years ago +1

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 A very accurate adaptation of the game. Good job.

  • Deltawarrior
    Deltawarrior 8 months ago

    You know, I never knew anything about sekiro before watching this.
    Years later, I’ve finally started playing sekiro, I can actually understand what’s going on, and it’s incredibly funny lol

  • muhanna basalem
    muhanna basalem 4 months ago

    the hugging the wall part killed me lmao

  • Show Your Genius // Adriel Rivera

    Caleb: *deflects bullet*
    Other Caleb: Say sike right now

    • Hydromano
      Hydromano 2 years ago +1

      *other caleb.*

    • Thrawn
      Thrawn 2 years ago +1


    • Alvis
      Alvis 3 years ago +1

      @SuperWolfkin It is spelled "Psych" but part of the meme is that the people that say "Say sike right now" spell it like that.
      It's like the "I'm finna" meme or the "dummy thicc" meme. Intentionally misspelt.

    • SuperWolfkin
      SuperWolfkin 3 years ago

      Its spelled Psych

    • ً
      ً 3 years ago +1

      If he would've said sike that means he did deflect the bullets

  • Michael Zautner
    Michael Zautner Year ago

    Almost the opposite of how I thought this was going to go. Thought it'd show him dying to enemies constantly and just coming back and eventually beating them after dozens of tries.

  • LuisTheCoolGuy
    LuisTheCoolGuy 2 years ago

    I like how the minion holding the gun just puts it down and walks away.

  • !?
    !? Year ago

    It'd be interesting if there was a videogame that gave you experience for fighting an enemy even if they ran after awhile