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Luffy Defeats Kaido | One Piece

  • Published on Sep 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Episode 1076: Where were you when Kaido was defeated? Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll! got.cr/cc-op1076
    Monkey. D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become the king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line and beyond, this is one captain who'll never give up until he's claimed the greatest treasure on Earth: the Legendary One Piece!
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  • Crunchyroll Collection
    Crunchyroll Collection  16 days ago +160

    Watch episode 1076 here! got.cr/cc-op1076

    • Emily Thais
      Emily Thais 8 days ago +1

      Mais vai ter mais ou acabou one pirce

    • Dankdino
      Dankdino 7 days ago +1

      After all this kaido will always be my favorite

    REBORN 16 days ago +11400

    After 4 years and 150+ episodes later, Luffy has finally fulfilled his promise to Tama 😁

    • jeremy
      jeremy 16 days ago +729

      they’ve been working on this arc for 4 years? damn thats insane

    • StarCola
      StarCola 16 days ago +1399

      @jeremygoes to show how abysmal the pacing of the show is

    • Bassem Elmehdawi
      Bassem Elmehdawi 16 days ago +183

      And Aces promise to her too!

    • elite
      elite 16 days ago +216

      Egghead here we come! Can't wait for lucci vs luffy now 😅

    • Distructer
      Distructer 16 days ago +258

      It was really long yes... but also the pacing was bad lol

  • spliting2
    spliting2 14 days ago +2007

    The flashback of kaido made this scene 100x what it really was. Showing that HIStory was over.

    • wrxstslick
      wrxstslick 13 days ago +83

      Exactly, I don't usually like flashbacks but they were done extremely well in this scene n made it many times better together with the music

    • CiroPerlix
      CiroPerlix 13 days ago +28

      I see whatchu did there

    • guilherme henrique
      guilherme henrique 12 days ago +8

      i`m surprised and happy that only took 1 episode.

    • Qwao Shwao
      Qwao Shwao 12 days ago +38

      Kaido's life flashing before his eyes with that fixed POV at the start and the music, its chilling. it made me feel for Kaido in a way, like he had always been doomed to experience this fate, whereas Luffy makes his own fate, as we see in this exchange. amazing use of flashback that i would never have seen coming.

    • Alfred Hinton
      Alfred Hinton 12 days ago +18

      “Life flashing before your eyes?”

  • Farkas94
    Farkas94 13 days ago +1285

    Seriously, RIP to everyone who started this journey but weren’t able to finish it with us 😢

    • D K
      D K 12 days ago +78

      thanks bro. Sending this from afterlife

    • Master Matjes
      Master Matjes 12 days ago +34

      When OnePiece proceeds at this sluggish pace, oda won't be able to finish it himself😂

    • Devilripper
      Devilripper 11 days ago +3

      ​@Master Matjeslmao

    • Kyubii01
      Kyubii01 11 days ago +2

      @Master Matjeswhat slug ?

  • LoksTheGamer
    LoksTheGamer 12 days ago +525

    I know Kaido's defeat is the talk of the town, but man can we appreciate the music as well? It literally felt like a countdown to not only Kaido's defeat, but a finale to one of the greatest, yet stretched out arcs of the entire anime.

    • Chukwunyere Madubata
      Chukwunyere Madubata 10 days ago +8

      Agreed! Imagine if this song played during the final war, right as Luffy and Imu are clashing and Luffy is about to beat him…

    • YvngRxxd
      YvngRxxd 10 days ago +1

      @Chukwunyere Madubata imu may not even be the final villain i feel like it'll be someone from the moon where enel is at

    • Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
      Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik 10 days ago

      @YvngRxxd i feel like it could be blackbeard

    • felipe costa
      felipe costa 10 days ago +6

      Does anyone knows the ost?

    • Soul.Resonant
      Soul.Resonant 8 days ago

      Greatest is a giant stretch considering everything leading up to onigashima

  • JefflezZz
    JefflezZz 15 days ago +318

    Witnessing Luffy take a villain down live is a feeling I'll never forget. This whole arc is gonna be insane for new watchers now that it's finished

  • Matthew
    Matthew 10 days ago +87

    Standing ovation for Kaido’s voice actor Tessho Genda.
    He did a legendary job in these past 4 years

  • Tom Andrews
    Tom Andrews 16 days ago +2815

    Those shots of young Kaido as he realises his reign is finally coming to an end and seeing Oden in Luffy gave me chills.

    • L bozo
      L bozo 16 days ago +25


    • Morgoth
      Morgoth 16 days ago +85

      It tells me he knew Oden more then likely would of beaten him back then.

    • sam wilson
      sam wilson 16 days ago +27

      @Morgoth I don't Kaido didn't even use Hybrid form or the drunk forms. Kaido would've won with extreme difficulty

    • Morgoth
      Morgoth 16 days ago +19

      @samwilson4597 We don't know if he had his hybrid form back then we are talking many years ago so it's not beyond the realms that he didn't have complete mastery over his DF like he does now.

    • Kevin L
      Kevin L 16 days ago +41

      @Morgothdid you watch the show? In this episode kaido acknowledged that oden wanted to open the borders to let joy boy into the country and he(kaido) also stated he knew joy boy would be the one that comes someday to beat him. The flashback of Oden is just him looking back on his fight and remembering him as a strong individual. He was truly monstrous but not enough to fully 1v1 kaido from start to finish. Not even Luffy did this.

  • Gianluca Sighinolfi
    Gianluca Sighinolfi 15 days ago +242

    46 years old.. following one piece since two decades. Thank you Toei, Thank you Oda. This will be unmatched.

    • The Golden Hawaiian Swordsman Dragon
      The Golden Hawaiian Swordsman Dragon 15 days ago +12

      You said it dude!!!!! One Piece is forever The King of Adventure Shonen anime!!!!!!👒👊🐉🏴‍☠️👑👍

    • BlackGreninja1
      BlackGreninja1 14 days ago +2


    • Electric_Eye
      Electric_Eye 14 days ago +3

      Nope. Oda already said what comes after Wano will be bigger almost a year ago

    • Desliga o Pc!
      Desliga o Pc! 10 days ago +7

      17 years here. See you in the last island, Nakama. ✌️

    • 2MBoy
      2MBoy 3 days ago +1

      35, and the journey still continues, man!

  • Carazai
    Carazai 13 days ago +55

    "I want to create the world where all my friends can eat as much as they want"
    Damn, our world needs a Luffy

    • Yoyo yaya
      Yoyo yaya 6 days ago +8

      Thats the message ;)

    • Apex Gale
      Apex Gale 19 hours ago +3

      with the land we have and all the capital billionaires own we literally could solve world hunger for good. they simply choose not to

    • Carazai
      Carazai 2 hours ago

      @Apex Gale A 5 yo can realize that kind of thing but not people like Elon Musk.

  • Oli Hartley
    Oli Hartley 15 days ago +372

    I love how after dispersing Kaido's Flame Dragon at 0:52, Luffy drops in front of the fist so he can give it one last push. My man really gave this one his all

    • Nilo Henrique
      Nilo Henrique 13 days ago +17

      It's also incredible how he catapults himself to give another punch. It's amazing how they animated his rubber properties!

    • D Lara
      D Lara 12 days ago +11

      For me I like that fact after he destroyed the flame dragon he was like there you are!

    • Oli Hartley
      Oli Hartley 11 days ago +1

      ​@Nilo HenriqueThat is LITERALLY what I described in my comment, just worded differently 😂😂

    • Jordan ThatDude
      Jordan ThatDude 10 days ago +5

      Toward the end of that he waa atill infront of it and it looks like he's about to hit himself woth the fist 😂

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 6 days ago +9

    If Luffy’s fight against Kaido was this cinematic then I wonder what his final fight against Blackbeard is gonna look like.

  • Chuckery
    Chuckery 13 days ago +23

    Wow. His life flashed before his eyes
    He really knew he wasn’t going to win
    Magnificent ending to the fight

  • Xh
    Xh 16 days ago +2734

    A big round of applause for Toei animation,the staff,Oda and everyone else for this amazing arc
    Big Thanks and massive farewell to Vincent Chansard and Akihiro Ota for all they did during Wano we will miss them

    • Resting_Bonfire
      Resting_Bonfire 16 days ago +115

      This Arc had many good moments of Animations. But was overall not that amazing, especially pacing

    • PetarBlade Štrok
      PetarBlade Štrok 16 days ago +71

      Vincent is not leaving. He's just not gonna be full time. He'll be a freelancer like he was before. lol

    • Xh
      Xh 16 days ago +16

      @PetarBlade Štrok from what i heard he is only coming to help once in a while so we won’t expect him alot also Ota is a toei product i know he is coming like he did before wano,leaving and then improving to help on wano now hes doing the same thing

    • TheUltimateP1e
      TheUltimateP1e 16 days ago +7

      @Resting_Bonfire yea sure buddy

  • YonkoDGoofy
    YonkoDGoofy 15 days ago +351

    From punching a Celestial Dragon, and now an ACTUAL Dragon to end a 20 year struggle; This entire fight was everything to me, what a BLAST this was. Promise to Wano and Tama fulfilled, Scary Dragon finally defeated, and my GOD what an ending shot. Thank you, Toei. Thank you. And thank you Kaido. For bringing out the best in our goofy rubber boy.🎉🎉 What an awesome villain bro.

    • The Golden Hawaiian Swordsman Dragon
      The Golden Hawaiian Swordsman Dragon 15 days ago +6

      Like The Golden Hawaiian Swordsman Dragon HIGHLY said Earlier this year, Straw Hat WILL be a dragon slayer once he defeats Kaido the Mighty Wano Dragon!!!!! And that vow has finally come true!!!!!!👒👊🐉🏴‍☠️😎👍

    • KenKoaiju
      KenKoaiju 12 days ago +5


  • ddenozor
    ddenozor 15 days ago +560

    Kaido remembers his whole life through childhood to Oden, and realizes he was wrong to give up hope. He had similar goal back when he was young, and he certainly had the power to achieve it if he never gave up like Oden or Luffy.

    • Nazario_Quitadamo
      Nazario_Quitadamo 15 days ago +11


    • The Lonely Mage
      The Lonely Mage 15 days ago +66

      And Kaido realizes that hovering above him is one who hasn't given up hope or his innocent dream. Kaido realizes who Luffy truly is at the end.

    • sirjairus
      sirjairus 13 days ago +45

      Nah, kaido and Luffy goals were similar but never the same, kaidos vision of freedom is different than Luffy. Kaido wants a world where the strongest can be free, bound to nobody. Luffy wants a world where everyone can feel free to do what they want. Strong or weak

    • Nazario_Quitadamo
      Nazario_Quitadamo 13 days ago +1

      @sirjairus yep, not the same but similar anyway

    • Albreezy
      Albreezy 13 days ago +1

      What was his
      goal ?

  • mixon05
    mixon05 15 days ago +65

    Now i’m waiting for a 1h long montage of that whole fight, peak action, peak fiction, peak animation, thank you everyone that took part in creation of this masterpiece

    • usu dolf
      usu dolf 12 days ago +3

      Ye som1 needs to make the whole fight with no ad breaks and smooth transitions ong som1 plz

  • Outro Aleatório
    Outro Aleatório 5 days ago +2

    Foi um dos melhores finais de lutas que já vi em um anime.

  • zombiie
    zombiie 15 days ago +37

    It’s been an amazing arc. Thank you Kaido for being such a beast

  • Keith Filibeck
    Keith Filibeck 15 days ago +1422

    all his motivations, the fact it was the simple happiness of Tama eating that pushed him over the edge is insanely touching.

    • Shrill
      Shrill 15 days ago +6

      Fr 💯

    • Kaiji Gambler
      Kaiji Gambler 14 days ago +60

      He took down Doflamingo simply because Rebecca bought lunch for him once 😂

    • Zeaos
      Zeaos 14 days ago +3

      whats touching about that? i swear op fans are so delusional sometimes

    • Keith Filibeck
      Keith Filibeck 14 days ago +74

      @Zeaos its touching because Luffy's driving motivation was that a little girl in this nation, and likely everyone, is starving, and her joy of finally having real food was one he wanted her to always experience, and Kaido is why she couldn't.

    • TheGaming illustrator
      TheGaming illustrator 14 days ago +3

      ​@Kaiji Gamblerand a friend he made in the arena was forced between killing luffy or his friends and himself dying painfully at dalflamingo's hands.

  • Xavier Cruse
    Xavier Cruse 12 days ago +104

    Probably the most powerful thing I've heard in a Shonen Anime. "I want to create a world where my friends can eat as much as they want" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kostakis
    Kostakis 15 days ago +34

    Kaido's last memory was Oden, the badass that almost turned him into sushi and ppl still not give him enough respect...Oden almost finished the Wano arc before it even started

  • Trequon Rowland
    Trequon Rowland 15 days ago +46

    One of Luffy's most well earned victories in the entire series!!!!!!!!!!!😎

  • Lucas Medina
    Lucas Medina 11 days ago +18

    The whole of Wano arc was an absolute blessing. I'm so happy I could follow this tale on through the end 😌 and I'm really grateful to all the godlike animation we've had these few years. It was some absolute work of love right there

  • Bronto Sand
    Bronto Sand 15 days ago +64

    The way they show Kin Emon and others charging towards their final glimpse of hope and then Otama which she represents the suffering that the people of this country had to go through AND THEN KAIDO SEES ODEN IN LUFFY COMING BACK TO RECLAIM WANO just gives me chills

  • Leo Morales
    Leo Morales 16 days ago +2778

    4 years later, we conclude one of the best arcs in the series.

    • Nerd ☝️🤓
      Nerd ☝️🤓 16 days ago +142

      And we still gotta conclude the aftermath of this 💀
      not complaining btw

    • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
      Wyndell Lee the Spammer 16 days ago +5


    • Amauro
      Amauro 16 days ago +76

      @Nerd ☝️🤓I bet next episode is gonna be a recap 💀

    • GokiBL
      GokiBL 16 days ago +45

      ​@Amauroit's not

    • Wakababa
      Wakababa 16 days ago +141

      really good arc but it was dragged so much , this arc had some of the best moments in the series and its peaks are unmached ,but had some meh moments as well, each episode was like , orochi :i am dead sikeeee , momonosuke :need to create clouds at some point , onighashima :WE WILL ALL BURN PLS HELP, and so many fodders fight scenes , but overall it was amazing

  • Mark Twain
    Mark Twain 13 days ago +10

    No matter what anyone says Kaido, you will always be the strongest to me.

  • Ben. D
    Ben. D 9 days ago +4

    Never really watched one piece, but even I know this scene meant everything to the fans. Makes me want to start up again

    • owlbgreen
      owlbgreen 6 days ago +1

      do it man. Even one pace (edit with filler removed so its more streamlined) but its so so worth it to watch the story unfold

  • WhosGonnaStopMe
    WhosGonnaStopMe 15 days ago +81

    Just like Doflamingo, it was Kaidos turn to fall. He definitely lived up to the name “the strongest creature” it’s crazy how he’s a villain but we’re gonna miss him. Thats Oda sensie writing for you. One piece the goat👏🏼😭

  • yclept Ubi
    yclept Ubi 12 days ago +9

    Most epic final clash in all of One Piece so far.... gonna be real hard to top this one boys. The music during the flashback made my entire spine tingle, knowing Kaido is about to finally be defeated, knowing that Joy Boy is back and is a PROBLEM for the World Government... just incredible... I can't wait to see how the World Government responds to Big Mom and Kaido being defeated for good.

  • Frank West, Jr.
    Frank West, Jr. 15 days ago +40

    That last push to send Kaido to the bottom of Hell was incredible.

  • HM Brandon
    HM Brandon 16 days ago +3395

    That last punch was legit terrifying, basically a meteor striking down Kaido
    It's awesome

    • Alez0401
      Alez0401 16 days ago +34

      Y ademas ese puño destruiría hasta un meteorito...

    • gizmo
      gizmo 16 days ago +30

      yeah a meteor strike thrown with maximum power output power throw from garp...

    • Kookio
      Kookio 16 days ago +19

      Its like a meteorite with rockets propelling it forwards

    • Hoods
      Hoods 16 days ago +32

      A Meteor aimed with the precision of a punch, and with conquerors haki to bot.
      So I'd say that punch is worse then a normal meteor. (especially since the attack was about 1/2rd the size of Onigashima)

    • MesdaPlay
      MesdaPlay 16 days ago +17

      The punch of the Sun God

  • Carbon91
    Carbon91 15 days ago +21

    This episode is was a BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE. I have never seen a more visually pleasing battle. The deafening crack of that fist crushing Kaido’s face was ASTOUNDING. The animation team gave us a true golden moment

  • feras
    feras 15 days ago +62

    Kaido's life flashing in his mind from being a child till he met odin means that after odin, life was meaningless and eventful. That's 20 years.

    • Ru jon
      Ru jon 15 days ago +5


    • Starry Sky
      Starry Sky 10 days ago +5

      That's why he became suicidal. He was tried of not being able to find anyone who can give him a good fight

  • General Dapster
    General Dapster 13 days ago +9

    i genuinely did not expect this to happen this episode, I was so excited to be watching it play out

  • PAC
    PAC 16 days ago +1812

    As a villain when you see your life flash before your eyes you know it's your time to go 😂. Kaido you will always be a missed 🙏.

    • Isuma demon fox
      Isuma demon fox 16 days ago +90

      Man was a true monster these pass 4 years. May he finally get the rest he deserves

    • Vistaxx 1
      Vistaxx 1 16 days ago +57

      @Isuma demon foxyeah True spoiler:
      now the stage is free for Admiral Aramaki

    • Renso_aegis0
      Renso_aegis0 16 days ago +4

      @Vistaxx 1bro I forgot all about what’s next it’s still more peak

    • Bloralies Stay
      Bloralies Stay 16 days ago +6

      @Vistaxx 1 No, Luffy is fighting Borsalino Kizaru in latest chapter and he is already winning this one EASILY and Onesided since he has become a God now. Egghead arc is probably the fasted arc yet

    • Karim El Abiad
      Karim El Abiad 16 days ago +3

      @Vistaxx 1for shanks

  • Jimbo Jimbo
    Jimbo Jimbo 15 days ago +35

    Man Kaido is such an incredible character.
    What a life that guy lived, au revoir the GOAT one piece Villain.

  • Kemuel Miller
    Kemuel Miller 20 hours ago

    I thought I would enjoy seeing Kaido being defeated but I can’t help but feel like this fight was unfair, he fought continuously without a break and still held his own! We love you Kaido.

  • aleX treme
    aleX treme 12 days ago +8

    Well done TOEI and STAFF!
    You guys totally nailed it!

  • KazuyA
    KazuyA 8 days ago +4

    Thanks Toei and Eichiro Oda to give this series a wonderful ending of defeating Kaido😍😍❤️❤️

  • The Imaginator
    The Imaginator 13 days ago +35

    This is the greatest fight in one piece thus far! The conclusion of Luffy's final punch was wonderful.

    • Timur Kral
      Timur Kral 12 days ago +2

      Yeah, very good conclusion. Best conclusion I have ever seen.

    • The Imaginator
      The Imaginator 12 days ago

      @Timur Kral Right on! This just gets me even excited on what’s to come next.

    • Jayzxi
      Jayzxi 11 days ago +1

      Don't worry some exciting stuff is going to happen in the next 12 episodes it gets crazy bro

    • The Imaginator
      The Imaginator 11 days ago

      @Jayzxi I’m ready for it!

    • Atom
      Atom 5 days ago +1

      Honestly this last punch for me could have been a little more crazy? It looks really cool and all, but I was kind of expecting a little more impact? You know like the heavens splitting because of so much conquerors haki, the ground splitting when Kaido hits it, stuff like that. It's very silly of me to want that, but I want it

  • n00bforever
    n00bforever 16 days ago +1003

    If Kaido is this strong, just imagine how powerful were Prime Roger and Garp.

    • geekmetalhead
      geekmetalhead 15 days ago +111

      Yeah, but he certainly was much weaker back then. Linlin gave Kaido his fruit during the God Valley incident, but it is uncertain whether it was before, during, or after the battle. Surely Oda will give us some flashback to this fight (I hope)

    • Love Unity and Peace
      Love Unity and Peace 15 days ago +75

      Personally im more interested in Rocks D Xebec and just how terrifying he was (or is)

    • jacksprat
      jacksprat 15 days ago +34

      ​@Love Unity and Peaceable to keep whitebeard big mom and kaido in line. What a force to be reckoned with

    • KY SA
      KY SA 15 days ago +10

      Prime Roger and Prime Garp we're probably not stronger then Kaido is/was today.
      He is named the strongest for a reason. It's like saying the one eyed is the king compared to the blind. know what I'm saying?
      Luffy already surpassed Roger in Gear 5.

    • l Frizzly l
      l Frizzly l 15 days ago +45

      @KY SAdon’t think he surpassed roger

  • Niicee Banks
    Niicee Banks 14 days ago +10

    One of the greatest battles & defeats of anime history .. & I been watching anime for over 15 years

  • Tola Oni
    Tola Oni 15 days ago +20

    Kaido is in that Madara and Aisen conversation man. The guy is a tank that’s not just a muscle head but saw things ahead.

  • Orges Qorri
    Orges Qorri 15 days ago +25

    Dont know why but i am feeling sorry for Kaido
    I hoped he would have another ending.We should all thank him for pushing Luffy this far and the reason hes become stronger

    • The Variety Pack
      The Variety Pack  13 days ago +4

      That’s real

    • Rohan Amor
      Rohan Amor 13 days ago +5

      Nah, Kaido is pretty content with this loss, he always wanted to be defeated the way he sees it and thought Joyboy would be the one that will take him down.

  • James Eota
    James Eota 8 days ago +1

    I love how they still go by what Luffy says. In the beginning in the bar when he was like " my punches are like pistols" been watching since episode 1.

  • Don Lee.
    Don Lee. 16 days ago +868

    “I want to create the world where my friends can eat, as much as they want” -
    Luffy.. one of Luffy’s greatest lines..

    • Victor Hernandez
      Victor Hernandez 16 days ago +27

      A man with simple needs!

    • Muhammet ali eren
      Muhammet ali eren 16 days ago +47

      Luffy wants to bring freedom everywhere. He didn't eat this fruit for nothing.

    • Arceptor
      Arceptor 16 days ago +6

      @Muhammet ali eren i thought he ate it out of anger

    • Ayzev
      Ayzev 15 days ago +7

      It might also be a clue as to what the One Piece is. Remember All Blue?

    • Dillon M
      Dillon M 15 days ago

      sanji liked that

  • New Phoenix
    New Phoenix 4 days ago

    Man i teared up, finally seeing luffy take down Kaido in the anime. I held it in, the the ending credits came and the flood gates opened. That opening is the perfect ending to usher in "The Dawn of Wano".

  • SuiCicada
    SuiCicada 15 days ago +7

    Man, us one piece fans are eating good this year. First One Piece live action, and now this fantastic event in the Wano arc.

  • florin s
    florin s 13 days ago +3

    Kaido said it right, Haki rules supreme. In the end he was defeated because Luffy's Conqueror's Haki was stronger than his and the drive behind it was more intense. The fight was already over after the first confrontation when his energy form was obliterated , and the final fist was the Warrior of Liberation doing his thing and liberating one more country and fulfilling his promises.
    As a long-term One Piece fan, nearly 20 years now😂, I really like how Oda matured Luffy and how the story progressed. Honestly I couldn't see any other better direction for the rubber kid the burst out of a barrel screaming for food. And G5 and whole Sun God Nikka is perfectly made, backing the theme set from the very beginning of the series, Liberation and Freedom.

  • Paisha
    Paisha 15 days ago +2

    Simplesmente a melhor cena de todas

  • Kinzey Paul
    Kinzey Paul 15 days ago +2

    Finally! After almost 200 episodes of Wano, 4 years of story telling, and a decade of build up Kaido is finally defeated. I caught up to One Piece during Whole Cake Island so watching this mammoth arc week to week from start to here has been quite an experience. When this arc first started in 2019 I was going into my senior year of High School and now I’m a Third Year college student. I do want to thank the anime staff, this is the best the one piece anime has ever been: the original music, the animation, the lighting, voice acting and even the intros, it’s all been amazing. Sure the pacing was still a problem but everything else was phenomenal. You can tell the anime staff wanted to do this arc justice. And of course thank you Oda for this amazing arc, now that Wano is coming to an end I’m pumped for the Post Wano and Egghead arc.

  • livw
    livw 15 days ago +748

    Thank you to Tesshô Genda for doing such a fantastic job voicing Kaido and to VINCENT CHANSARD for animating him often, he was such a force on screen and in our ears.

    • RRBcrafter Games
      RRBcrafter Games 14 days ago +15

      Fr Vincent has easily become one of my favorite animators through recent One Piece

    • dobe ros
      dobe ros 14 days ago +4

      What is the name of that amazing OST?🤩

    • cowabungoid
      cowabungoid 14 days ago +8

      ​@dobe roswe probably won't get the ost name until next year since the newer OSTs like Zoro vs King, Sanji vs Queen and the Gear 5th fight music are all slated to release 2024 unless someone rips them

    • Mark Twain
      Mark Twain 13 days ago +1

      Thanks for actually laying some appreciation for all the work that the character provided. I think Kaido should be celebrated in the community honestly. People only concerned with Bajrang gun though 😕

    • demochris1
      demochris1 12 days ago

      Didn't he also voice zangief in capcom vs snk series?

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild 15 days ago +4

    I cried when Luffy defeated him 😭

  • qwerttzizzi
    qwerttzizzi 13 days ago +2

    Luffy came A LONG way..fighting Crocodile with water..to this. He became so strong..

  • Jakub J
    Jakub J 15 days ago +15

    I love the part where momo roar luffy’s name and he instantly realised he can go full in .

  • commenting account
    commenting account 13 days ago +2

    Amazing. This is what we've been building up to since punk hazard, almost the entirety of the new world saga. Very satisfying ending to a very good villain. Love one piece

  • Au106
    Au106 14 days ago +3

    Man so epic, we’re with you Luffy.

  • ChaosChanneler
    ChaosChanneler 16 days ago +375

    You know when Luffy knocks the color out of the animation that the punch is truly legendary. Goodbye Kaido, the longest lasting villain in One Piece.

    • Vinicius Henning
      Vinicius Henning 15 days ago +16

      Luffy Chalose'd Kaido.
      Like Kaido lost all the color like Charlos did back in Sabaody.

    • WavyDreem
      WavyDreem 15 days ago +2

      just like the celestial dragon lolll

    • Mathias Olsen
      Mathias Olsen 15 days ago +2

      @Vinicius Henning good point! There even was a nod to that punch, the first time he punched kaido with advanced qh - which was so freaking epic and thematicaly fitting!

    • Bob The Penguin
      Bob The Penguin 15 days ago +4

      Blackbeard whos lasted since Jaya: "Am I a joke to you?"

    • Victor Hernandez
      Victor Hernandez 15 days ago +1

      @Vinicius HenningThis came full circle!

  • Jorge La Rosa
    Jorge La Rosa 15 days ago +3

    Qué increíble fue ver al fin este momento luego de tantos años!

  • AllStar Lord
    AllStar Lord Day ago +1

    Kaido was so much on another level, that when luffy beat him I was almost surprised for a second

  • Elliot
    Elliot 15 days ago +3

    Even though im not a fan of long clashes/struggles, with flashbacks leading up....
    But this one had to be that way. It was a LONG time coming... Kaido seeing his life flash before his eyes... the music cuts out....and you see the massive fist descending like a meteor from space.
    And the way Luffy delivered the wind up and sent that hit home in the black and white style was just masterful in it's form and intensity. Hairs on my arm are standing up right now.

  • Vesper
    Vesper 15 days ago +3

    Imagine if the pacing was like this for every episode. I know it’d drastically cut the story short, but wow was this episode nonstop exciting

    • coloredgentleman
      coloredgentleman 14 days ago

      The pacing should improve now that they have closing credits.

  • Awesome Nick
    Awesome Nick 15 days ago +4

    luffy hit him so hard that he made kaido life flash before his eyes and as soon as his final attack made contact it sounded like thunder and kaido was striked down by the biggest lightning in his life!!

  • L Streamer
    L Streamer 16 days ago +498

    'The world that Luffy wants'.
    Man that shot TOEI added with Luffy feeling himself and the world he wants approaching to be after Kaido's demise is visual poetry, a long and hard fight against a barbarian warmonger who was manipulated by a large portion of his life and only saw meaning through violence and conquest to prove worth in this world, versus the liberator who wants the very basics granted to the people he conects to, mission acomplished Luffy, a big punch that carried a worldview.
    Hats off to Kaido, who fought to exhaustion, an absolute unit of a man and wall to the very f*ing end

    • FusionTMK
      FusionTMK 15 days ago

      Yes Kaido is Stronger, Man was teamed on
      But luffys a better character and has a better goal for everyone and himself

    • 3Rayfire
      3Rayfire 15 days ago +1

      Demon Wall.

    • Carlos Osler
      Carlos Osler 15 days ago +4

      ​@FusionTMK Team on mean nothing, you need Advanced conqueror to hurt him, nobody of those fodders truly hurted him maybe besides Zoro.

    • Silent Judging
      Silent Judging 15 days ago +1

      The fight was great, but let's not ignore the fact that Luffy got knocked off Onigashima and into the ocean earlier into the fight. Match would have been called there assuming Law's crew didn't show up to pick up the slack.
      That being said, this all took place prior to the introduction of Gear 5

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 15 days ago +3

    This has to be the biggest moment in one piece and anime as of yet 🔥🔥

  • Foreign Apparel
    Foreign Apparel 15 days ago +2

    Absolutely a historic moment in all of anime. Excited to see the live action do this.

    • Bulletium
      Bulletium 15 days ago +3

      no way live action is making it this far

    • Rayan♦️
      Rayan♦️ 15 days ago +3

      You’re delusional if you think they’re making more than 3 seasons/arcs

  • Jon Reaves
    Jon Reaves 13 days ago +4

    Is it wierd that this made me want to cry? No tears of joy either, seeing kaido go down really hit for some reason. He's portrayed to be irredeemable but seeinf his life flash before his eyes added humanity that wasnt shown the entirity of Wano

  • Misha Merabishvili
    Misha Merabishvili 14 days ago

    The way the sound comes of haki comes in with the fist after the orchestral chorus is nothing short of amazing, moments from Wano have utilized silent and subtle audio so well.

    RICH BLACK KID 15 days ago +1

    the way luffy screamed after delivering the punch gave me chills , you could her his pain , that wano doesnt need this devil anymore

  • Ali Bektaş
    Ali Bektaş 15 days ago +1

    You just can't beat One Piece in epic build up and dramatic pay off. It's a story that comes around only every Century. Breathtaking finale.

  • AnimeMan R7
    AnimeMan R7 16 days ago +329

    1:13 It was Luffy who finished what Oden had started by defeating Kaido. What a spectacular moment.

    • Joe Bondi
      Joe Bondi 15 days ago +1

      I’m glad that was pointed out.

    • Misato Simp
      Misato Simp 14 days ago

      @Joe Bondi wdym glad you noticed its pretty hard not to

  • TeamGhostRyderINC
    TeamGhostRyderINC 14 days ago +3

    I been waiting to see this moment for about a year in amination and it did not disappoint. Amazing episode

  • Lorenzo Alladin
    Lorenzo Alladin 15 days ago +3

    This was just poetic...history in the making

  • Zander Agito
    Zander Agito 14 days ago +3

    Huge props to Kaido for "eating" Luffy's attack. What an absolute champ. 😜

  • Dramaverse
    Dramaverse 13 days ago +2

    The land of Wano is finally liberated, nothing can stand in his way now. It’s Luffy’s sea, a dream of never ending freedom.

  • Francesco Sacco
    Francesco Sacco 12 days ago +1

    I really laughed hard when I saw Oden with that punch. After 20 years, justice is done!!

  • Pietro lollo123
    Pietro lollo123 14 days ago +7

    Man the satisfaction when orochi finally died is amazing. Kaido as well,his defeat was sooo awaited! Cant wait for egghead,i love that arc

  • Tidjy Desiree
    Tidjy Desiree 16 days ago +381

    I have no words to describe the feelings while watching that final punch from Luffy. The end of 4 years of incredible storytelling and fights, that was just amazing

    • Dillon M
      Dillon M 15 days ago +5

      imagine if you were any of the people who lived there

    • Joshua Lee
      Joshua Lee 15 days ago

      Drama queen

    • fabian rivera
      fabian rivera 15 days ago

      So it was 4 years in luffys time? or for 4 real years?

    • cloakzies
      cloakzies 15 days ago +1

      "Incredible story". This is wano not water 7 bro

    • Foxr
      Foxr 15 days ago +3

      incredible story? More like 200+ episodes of dragged content, 42 episodes of useless momo flashbacks and 40 actual one piece episodes

  • Jin
    Jin 10 days ago

    The flashbacks were super impactful especially since we got to see them about 30 times each. Definitely didn't water down this epic scene

  • jessica Army-Animegirl
    jessica Army-Animegirl 15 days ago +1

    This episode was epic I got goosebumps ❤

  • Jesus
    Jesus 11 days ago

    Crazy how after this, there is still some more action to come. Gotta Oda and his dedication to his craft

  • History of Video Games

    Luffy went from punching a Celestial Dragon to a literal one.

  • Zpring trap
    Zpring trap 4 days ago +5

    One Piece Saved my life. In 2014 I was planing to end my life, before I got the chance I watched a clip of luffy fighting for robin in eins lobby, this sparked some hope in me and I decided I was gonna watch it before I ended my my life. I am now happier then I ever have been and living life to the fullest. This anime really changed my life. Thank you Oda for making this beautiful story and changing my perspective on life.

    • YagiヤギDi星Hoshi
      YagiヤギDi星Hoshi 10 hours ago

      Hunter x Hunter & One Piece in tandem saved my life in 2014 as well. I wasn't suicidal, but was basically sure I was about to have heart failure after not sleeping for quite some time. Then I thought strongly of Netero, and meditated. Then, I felt likened to that of Luffy achieving Gear Fifth

  • Christian Kim
    Christian Kim 16 days ago +907

    This entire fight against Kaito was beautifully animated and the ending was perfect! A worthy opponent to showcase Gear 5 for the first time!

    • ТАДАМ
      ТАДАМ 16 days ago +23

      Showcase garbage g5

    • Resting_Bonfire
      Resting_Bonfire 16 days ago +29

      This fight is so overrated and executed poorly, this makes my heart bleed..

    • Resse
      Resse 16 days ago +17

      @Resting_Bonfire how?

    • Neito Monoma
      Neito Monoma 16 days ago +54

      ​@ResseIgnore them. I guess they were watching Two Pieces or something.

    • ТАДАМ
      ТАДАМ 16 days ago +7

      @Resse half of their fight animation was garbage too

    EDDY D. LOVE 9 days ago

    More than 10 years have passed since the presence of this MOUSTRE that was KAIDO... they always imagine how they would defeat such a creature.
    MANY DIDN'T MANAGE TO SEE THIS MOMENT, either due to natural deaths or accidents... but there are also many of us WHO HAVE WITNESSED one of the most EPIC moments IN THE HISTORY OF ANIME... let's live, let's continue living to see the END OF THIS SERIES.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants The Anime Lover

    Luffy is the strongest guy to ever live in one piece

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas 15 days ago

    Brilliant, amazing, chef's kiss! Such a beautiful ending. Luffy has done it! This is the cherry on top of an amazing arc in the series

  • Chef Senpaii
    Chef Senpaii 15 days ago +2

    This fight kept me on the edge from beginning to end AMAZING🏴‍☠️👑🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • shawn sinclair
    shawn sinclair 15 days ago +3

    probably one of if not the BEST finisher in one piece to date.

  • Nieznajomy
    Nieznajomy 15 days ago +382

    This is unbelievable, luffy worked really hard to make this happen and he finally did it.
    What a amazing fight this was

    • Tansu353
      Tansu353 14 days ago +14

      *lost and died one time to make it happen
      I had to say it.

    • akhs denlew
      akhs denlew 14 days ago +10

      @Tansu353 eh.. death is very... relative in animes.
      There are many people who should've died, but are not dead.

    • Green Screen Man
      Green Screen Man 14 days ago +4

      @akhs denlew basically bon clay lol

    • Tansu353
      Tansu353 14 days ago +2

      @akhs denlew Confused as to what you're trying to say here.

    • Ark enjoyer
      Ark enjoyer 14 days ago +1


  • Brunn
    Brunn 13 days ago +3

    Only GOD knows how much i got goosebumps from that "SEKAI" of Luffy

  • Young Leon
    Young Leon 14 days ago +10

    Kaidos life flashing before his eyes. The last voice he hears is Oden, the last face he sees is Luffy.

    • Rude_Boi
      Rude_Boi 9 days ago

      Just like the last face that Big Mom sees in her vision is Luffy.

  • Zack
    Zack 15 days ago +1

    The way the pacing is going, despite Luffy vs. Lucci being less than 20 chapters away, I think we'll see it happen in ~2 years.

  • Pablo Tomás Llodrá
    Pablo Tomás Llodrá 15 days ago +4

    Typical Luffy response. So simpleminded yet so badass.

  • Fellow72
    Fellow72 15 days ago +1

    It's been a great 4 years. Sure it was a very long arc, but a great one as well. Now we are finally on to the final arc of One Piece!! Maybe in 4 to 7 years, Oda will finally finish One Piece for us.

  • Bob Mishima
    Bob Mishima 13 days ago +1

    The sad thing about Kaido is that you see in the flashback with King he himself realized that he was never the main character. It's like he lived his whole life so that he would lose to Joy Boy and in this moment he realizes that this is that time.

  • Gehrman Sparrow
    Gehrman Sparrow 16 days ago +849

    After 15 long years a legacy comes to an end. THANK YOU "land sea air" KAIDO
    Thank you Oda for this unforgettable experience🙏

    • Carrotxluffy Onepiece
      Carrotxluffy Onepiece 16 days ago +3

      Wait wdym

    • A-Y
      A-Y 16 days ago +17

      Who cares ? Do you believe in Jesus tho that the most important, The gospel of Christ died on for our sins and rose on the 3 day , confess with your heart, that Jesus is Lord, believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, and you will be saved

    • Ayden Vance
      Ayden Vance 16 days ago +61

      @A-Y who asked

    • Koogan H
      Koogan H 16 days ago +41

      @A-YI got Kaido over Jesus. Tough fight but I think Jesus takes that L.

    • LegndaryHero
      LegndaryHero 16 days ago +6

      @A-YWhat’s Jesus got to do with One Piece?

  • Peter Dworzanski
    Peter Dworzanski 15 days ago +1

    Look, yeah the pacing was a little off but let’s be honest… the raid was awesome. The fights did not disappoint. It was worth it all.
    Hats off to Kaido the freaking WALL WITH FISTS for being so insanely durable and being capable of handling such a monstrous amount of damage.

  • Fadefinity
    Fadefinity 15 days ago +4

    Wano Arc’s First Aired was July 2019 and it is September 2023 as we speak! After 4 years!!! Luffy really did make it happened! Wow i cannot believe i was 19 and i am 22 now! Tama can eat now where/when-ever she wants to!! 👏🏻 Thank you Oda Sensei for beautiful story you just made! Can’t call it MasterPIECE without one PIECE! ❤