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iPhone 12 Review: Just Got Real!


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  • Eirik Terland
    Eirik Terland Year ago +4625

    I planned an iPhone upgrade this year but I’m so impressed with Apple’s new eco friendly strategy that I will support their vision by not buying one at all.

  • Sytron
    Sytron Year ago +1071

    To be honest with you, I'm glad Apple brought back the square-shaped version for the iPhone 12 ever since the iPhone 5.

  • Shawn Qi
    Shawn Qi Year ago +525

    I have always adored the sleek flat design of the 5/5s, glad it's back in 2020!

    • PanPan
      PanPan 4 months ago +1

      Its the one good thing happened in 2020.

    • SUPER S E
      SUPER S E 5 months ago

      Trash talk someone your own age, buddy

    • Nikke Tmzee
      Nikke Tmzee 8 months ago

      @Godzilla Kaiju GK! 🅥 honestly I feel like people forget about the 5 way before the 4 when mentioning this comparison

    • ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]
      ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive] 10 months ago +1

      oh are u blind? that kaiserdesign, with a 720p ips display, single old iphone 7/8 cam/ 2gig ram/64 gig of storage thats not expandable, tiny battery and that sucky lightning port? wow if u gonna buy this phone and then brag bout it, im gonna come up with my Galaxy S10 youre gonna cry ;) i have no support for ppl buying this angent peace of tech and thinkin they got some new and good, pls no :P

    • Godzilla Kaiju GK! 🅥
      Godzilla Kaiju GK! 🅥 11 months ago +8

      Please stop forgetting about the iPhone 4 and 4S

  • nadav lev
    nadav lev Year ago +2039

    apple: no we are removing ports next iphone, charge with a magsafe.
    people:ok what about earbuds and headphones?
    apple:we already assume you have at least 1 of our airpods by now.

    • Brook Laser
      Brook Laser Month ago

      Thats good tho

    • K D
      K D 10 months ago +1

      @Andrew Ahrenholtz do somehow attach cords to your AirPods? If so, I have a much cheaper alternative for you 🤓🥴

    • mariooo
      mariooo Year ago


    • MrGoodFridays
      MrGoodFridays Year ago +3

      It was hell during the iPhone 12 launch when I worked at MetroPCS... everyone would get mad at us and say " how do we charge our device?" We said "you have to buy theType C Charger separately" and they would get mad at US. Lol

    • TrES-2b
      TrES-2b Year ago

      Even though i dont have an iphone, i use airpods for my android🤣

  • Appsolutely Geek'D
    Appsolutely Geek'D 2 years ago +14665

    Definitely agree with the battery drain, been testing the 5G here in Australia and wow it’s a drainer for sure

    • Kim Blackmon
      Kim Blackmon 4 months ago

      Never mind so the the phone dies a lot

    • Imagine Prodigy
      Imagine Prodigy Year ago

      Wait you live in Australia and have the 5g band on the right? I live in Australia like not that far away from Melbourne but I don’t the 5g band

    • XD TK
      XD TK Year ago

      @Theo Argyros $1199 idiot

    • XD TK
      XD TK Year ago

      @NepaliTech Reviews your Nepali government doesn’t give a shit

    • Zander Stepp
      Zander Stepp Year ago

      @H0901 base iPhone 12 is $800, pro is $1000 and I’m pretty sure the pro max is $1100

  • Simone Joubert
    Simone Joubert Year ago +203

    You have been one of my favorite Clip-Share channels for a while now. Thank you for all the work you put in - you’re always professional yet entertaining.

  • CRB - LL Z
    CRB - LL Z 3 months ago +9

    I bought mine about 2 months ago and I’ve gotta say I was coming from an iPhone XS and the screen size felt like it was gonna be a deal breaker for me, but after getting used to it, it has become the perfect phone size, if you’re getting it I would recommend to go for bold text in settings and maybe making text size a bit bigger which will help visibility, battery life is decent and the cameras are ridiculously good 👍 all in all very happy with my purchase

    • Sam.
      Sam. 28 days ago

      @ArmaDolo scuse me 54 so lol? You sayin I’m old

    • Spencer Parker
      Spencer Parker Month ago +1


    • CRB - LL Z
      CRB - LL Z 3 months ago +4

      @ArmaDolo are you 10?

    • ArmaDolo
      ArmaDolo  3 months ago +1

      Are you like 50 years old?

  • Akash Lachman
    Akash Lachman Year ago +15

    The amount of work they put in this video is crazy good! That Ceramic Shield animation is what sets them apart from the rest! Great job guys!

    • notcha
      notcha 11 months ago +17

      uh that animation came from apple’s launch event

  • Outback Outdoors
    Outback Outdoors Year ago +30

    Great review and excellent thought on the oops, magsafe charging direction. Not everyone likes wireless everything, though the portless concept opens up room for more chip features.

  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds 2 years ago +637

    *Can't wait for the pro review!*

    • Walker
      Walker 2 years ago

      I love Samsung .. Apple is not good this days 🙂

    • Kriz Yamz
      Kriz Yamz 2 years ago

      I’m waiting for the mini how long will the battery last?

    • Akhil Naidu
      Akhil Naidu 2 years ago +1

      @Donye Swinton End of 🖕

    • Donye Swinton
      Donye Swinton 2 years ago

      @Akhil Naidu end of what

    • Akhil Naidu
      Akhil Naidu 2 years ago +1

      @Donye Swinton This is the End.

  • pastelclouds
    pastelclouds Year ago +19

    The iPhone 5 was my all time favorite phone. I’ve had an iPhone 6 Plus that my grandma gave me when she was done with it 3 years ago. I had android for a few years before that. I’m definitely wanting the 12, I’m impressed. I want that nostalgic feel so bad. It’s an iphone 5 of the future lol

  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez Year ago +7

    I got the iPhone 13 pro, and both this and the 12 pro hold similar designs. It’s just beautiful. Stainless Steel around with frosted glass in the back, it’s just what makes me love apple

  • Bumblebee
    Bumblebee Year ago +20

    I must say mkbhd changed his way of reviews past few months....now it’s more grounded for common users....loving the new contents..keep it up 👍

  • chris03661
    chris03661 Year ago +36

    I’m really happy that they went back to the flat design. I just wish the camera doesn’t protrude without a case. I still love the old iPhone 4 glass back with aluminum steel band. That was classy as hell.

  • Supra
    Supra 2 years ago +5238

    A wise man once said: “Glass is glass, and glass breaks”

    • Will
      Will 2 months ago

      @Jorge Fernando it is

    • Will
      Will 2 months ago

      Jerry rig

    • tech master
      tech master 3 months ago

      @RSHD whats your problem of him saying that u chill buddy

    • RSHD
      RSHD 3 months ago

      Dude chill

    • Charuka Wanigasinghe
      Charuka Wanigasinghe 3 months ago

      That’s the truth anyway 😂

    KUMAR UJJWAL SINGH 10 months ago +6

    Marques, dude! Your reviews are the most pragmatic one. I mean we all watch a hell lotta of different reviewer and many of them really good with their videos but you being out the very practical aspects and probably that's why people relate to you! Cheers man

  • Mickey Garcia
    Mickey Garcia Year ago +8

    Really good phones, they really did good this year. Hopefully on the next iPhone they make good phones with good batteries.

  • Krutch2x
    Krutch2x 6 months ago +15

    Just recently acquired this device and it’s my favorite iPhone ever mostly because of the nostalgia I get from the 5s but all in all I love it so far !

  • Namjoon’s Crabs
    Namjoon’s Crabs 11 months ago +12

    went from a 6 to the 12, best upgrade i ever did however the sizing did take a while to get used to as its pretty wide and square compared to the thin 6

    • Ziggy Lad
      Ziggy Lad 5 months ago

      I’ve just upgraded from a 6 to a 12. How are you finding it?

    • Aditi Panchal
      Aditi Panchal 7 months ago

      thats why i got a mini

  • Bhupinder Kainth
    Bhupinder Kainth 2 years ago +530

    can we talk about how marques and his team is just pumping videos out for us to watch. Hats off!!

    • LunarDoor
      LunarDoor 2 years ago

      its techtober he gotta keep it going

    • Jiwoo Park
      Jiwoo Park 2 years ago

      @Robert Patterson his standard is qualify
      he literally used to mention it in his intro

    • Robert Patterson
      Robert Patterson 2 years ago

      @Jiwoo Park That’s just his standard bro

    • Jiwoo Park
      Jiwoo Park 2 years ago

      @Robert Patterson yeah but he takes the time to make it quality for us

    • Robert Patterson
      Robert Patterson 2 years ago

      Omg he did his job?! Seriously...

  • Bonchego
    Bonchego Year ago +19

    Coming from the XR, I definitely notice all the differences. And of course I’ll be using this for at least 2 years.

    • Imikan Unwana
      Imikan Unwana 2 months ago

      Yeah from xr I jumped to the 12pro and it’s too beautiful

  • Adrielle Rico
    Adrielle Rico 5 months ago +11

    I remember watching these last year and i am so obsesed with it now im getting it in a few hours , really my dream phone😭❤

  • Adrian
    Adrian Year ago +6

    My favorite iPhone design. I loved the iPhone 5 and SE. Glad they brought it back and made it bigger. Feels great in hand

  • lucia
    lucia 9 months ago +9

    You're so amazing, you told me anything i ever needed. I always wanted to see if the phone is flat because i don't like the curved ones and i don't know much about them.

  • tej
    tej Year ago +20

    He is the most honest honest technology legend I’ve ever seen en the best thing is that he is continuing being honest even getting millions of subs!
    Great work @mkbhd

  • leoninc
    leoninc 6 months ago +3

    Appreciate the review! I’m sold on the iPhone 12. So much so, I purchased it and expect it Thursday to enjoy! It is an upgrade from the iPhone 11 and I’m glad to hear about the screen, how it is prone to scratches. I already plan to put a screen protector on it, and a cover like I did with the 11. Great review, and thanks! 👍🏾

    • leoninc
      leoninc 5 months ago +2

      @veterinarian 🐶 the battery does very well! It lasts all day for me and sometimes, I can go into the next day with more than half the charge. Never had to worry about battery issues.

    • veterinarian 🐶
      veterinarian 🐶 5 months ago +1

      @Ieoninc how’s your iphone 12’s battery ?

  • August Oliver
    August Oliver 2 months ago +1

    I just got this one in 2022. I didn't like the new color schemes and this model fits my needs. Maybe if next year they come out with something awesome, I'll upgrade to it.

  • David Bolton
    David Bolton Year ago +1

    I have an iPhone 12 pro in Australia and the Australian versions did not come with the ultra wide antenna. Amazingly most of the country is within a very short time is going to have a version of 5G as the roll-out is going very fast

  • Kimia Ghaffari
    Kimia Ghaffari 2 years ago +414

    As a material science major, hearing Marques talk about toughness vs. hardness is such an epic crossover for me

    • Shadow Saiyan
      Shadow Saiyan 2 years ago

      @vivian garcia still better than simping to a random girl on the internet

    • Kimia Ghaffari
      Kimia Ghaffari 2 years ago

      @Bricknose91 it is ngl

    • Kimia Ghaffari
      Kimia Ghaffari 2 years ago

      @KrazyKillers40 thank you for thinking my major is a flex 😭

    • KrazyKillers40
      KrazyKillers40 2 years ago

      @vivian garcia you have an anime avi you’re the real virgin here

    • vivian garcia
      vivian garcia 2 years ago +1

      @Gilbert Lopez king

  • Sawdust
    Sawdust Year ago +4

    Excellent videos!! Thank you! 👍🏽 What service should I get when I buy the iPhone12? Should I buy the 12 from the same place I get service? Is there a good emergency battery bank for if you lose power in a storm? Do you like 64 or 128gb? I never had a cell phone before and hope to keep this one and be done. Is the 12 the 1 I should go for? I’m clumsy, so should I get screen protector and otter box commuter or defender? Can I use my iPad charger for the phone and vice versa? Thanks for great video and explaining 5 G, etc.

  • Anthony Roman
    Anthony Roman Year ago +14

    When I got my 11 pro max I put on a $1 screen protector, and a $5 clear case. I went to the beach the other day and took both them off, and as I thought, phone looks brand new. (Don’t worry I bought a new screen protector and used the same case)

  • MCT Tnkn
    MCT Tnkn Year ago +2

    I upgraded from an iPhone 7 to the 12 recently and am honestly amazed, other than slight glitches it's perfect.

  • 🛩️ Fly2 🗽
    🛩️ Fly2 🗽 3 months ago +2

    I was using a 10R, felt how light my friend’s 12 was & with +1gb of ram I upgraded a few days later.

  • Christoffer Søderlund
    Christoffer Søderlund 2 years ago +436

    Crazy how a 5-6 year old design can feel modern when reintroduced.

    • The Unknown
      The Unknown 2 years ago +1

      Apple arrt genius! Give you a phone from 2010 and charge 1000-1500 for it lol

    • Michael
      Michael 2 years ago

      What’s old is new again

    • ricky v
      ricky v 2 years ago

      That's what Retro is all about. (:

    • dumalmao
      dumalmao 2 years ago

      same with fashion.

    • Anderson Avelino
      Anderson Avelino 2 years ago

      So I'm not the only one to realise that!

  • Sarana I
    Sarana I Year ago +3

    Question on the 5G. I just got my 12 so curious about the smart mood. Does the phone automatically switch itself to lite or do you have to adjust it somewhere on your settings?

    • Qaium Miah
      Qaium Miah Year ago

      Its auto. You wont even realise

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 10 months ago

    The scratch resistance and shatter protection is so true . Dropped my phone a couple times , no cracks but a whole lot of scratches from things like putting the phone down on a rough surface or slightly dragging the phone trying to pick it up if I accidentally put it face down on a table . XD .

  • Manoj
    Manoj Year ago

    Marques, Great Review. I wanted to check if you can throw some light on the Green dots that appear in the pictures and videos shot on iPhone 12. can it be fixed by Apple or should we replace the Camera?

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez Year ago +11

    I always check your reviews before i buy anything. Got my 1st iphone last week im loving my iphone 12 (black) your reviews are 🔥

    • Sawdust
      Sawdust Year ago

      Where did you buy it and what carrier advice? Thanks. Take care.

  • micmic
    micmic 2 years ago +498

    I swear Marques' reviews can single handedly affect the sales of any phone

    • EpicGamer___
      EpicGamer___ 2 years ago

      @Dino Dumbo 13 poor kid can’t afford it so stfu

    • Dino Dumbo 13
      Dino Dumbo 13 2 years ago +1

      @Fido Montoya dude, is the same fucking phone and he's saying is the best ,come on hahahahaha

    • Fido Montoya
      Fido Montoya 2 years ago

      @Dino Dumbo 13 Don’t be a salty baby.

    • Evie Georgoulias
      Evie Georgoulias 2 years ago +2

      I mean you're not wrong

    • ricky v
      ricky v 2 years ago +2

      Especially an iPhone. Which are you leaning towards?

  • Max Stephens
    Max Stephens Year ago +4

    Your reviews are both articulate and awesomely to a point. I am now an attentive subscriber! -max

  • Elias
    Elias Year ago +3

    Great content as always 🤗

  • Luca Botha
    Luca Botha Year ago +178

    if i get the regular 12, i’m definitely going for the purple one

    • Meer's Poetry
      Meer's Poetry Year ago

      White is so premium

    • Spoopy Scary Skelebones
      Spoopy Scary Skelebones Year ago

      It’s beautiful :’)
      I’m not biased because I’m purple amongus :>

    • Zoa
      Zoa Year ago

      I’ll be getting the iPhone 13 Pro Max and I can’t wait! There are already apple cases for it and custom cases. Will see which one to pick.

    • anish shrestha
      anish shrestha Year ago

      @That High Guy how is the battery going?

    • YoungBoy LA
      YoungBoy LA Year ago +5

      I just ordered the red it’s getting delivered Wednesday I’m happy because I got the 7 plus right now

  • Faizan Hashim
    Faizan Hashim Year ago +1526

    When ever I need an honest review. I know Marques Brownlee will have it.

  • Area of Interest
    Area of Interest 2 years ago +3658

    We are living in the World, where *Product Red* is *Orange* 🤨

    • BatmanH
      BatmanH Year ago

      Well its actually red on the iPhone 13 now

    • Let it be
      Let it be Year ago +1

      So damn true😅

    • •
       Year ago

      is it coral-esque?

    • Michael
      Michael Year ago

      @Hyogo Marume I got the product red and think it looks great tbh

    • Hyogo Marume
      Hyogo Marume Year ago

      I just got it, it’s definitely salmon color. Kinda pissed I didn’t watch this video before ordering

  • Charleston Chase
    Charleston Chase Year ago

    with better drop protection they should just focus on shatter proof with the screen and then make a screen protector and make it mainly scratch resistant

  • Matty Braps
    Matty Braps Year ago +2

    I’ve taken a photo last night using dark mode on my black iPhone 12 and omg the results are just so crisp and clear!!

  • Paul Benish
    Paul Benish Year ago +3

    Just got the iPhone 12 Pro. Feels amazing in my hand, coming from an 11

  • Ben:)
    Ben:) 11 months ago +2

    I’ve just got this - going from a super busted iPhone 7 to a new iPhone 12 is pretty extreme

  • Aaron Moiche
    Aaron Moiche 2 years ago +59

    Let’s take a second to appreciate how wild techtober is and how many videos he’s outputting for us this month, not to mention keeping a consistent high quality and content ratio 👏👏👏👏👏

    • madhan rj
      madhan rj 2 years ago +2

      yeah he is kinda the best creator in the youtube for of now

  • DeQualan Fikes
    DeQualan Fikes Year ago +1

    Awesome, review! I just purchased my i12 yesterday 3/8/22 and I absolutely love it! I own a Galaxy s20 ultra 5G, as my backup communication source. I actually, like my i12 better than my s20 ultra. Thanks, Apple!

  • Bonnie McEwan
    Bonnie McEwan Year ago

    Another helpful review-keep em up!

  • AJ Rivera
    AJ Rivera Year ago

    I think it would be dope if they used square sides but with no rounded corners like the old xperia phones but i bet they will someday.

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington Year ago

    Yeah. They finally have oled displays, new features, usable ram, normal battery size, and usable base storage.
    Welcome to the smartphone world

  • Mid G
    Mid G Year ago +4

    Watching this on my new blue iPhone 12😍 Upgraded from my iPhone 6s after 3 years of use... Would have been even better if it had 120Hz display.
    Really happy with this tho
    (Suggest me a silicon case color to match my blue phone)

    • Mid G
      Mid G Year ago

      @VIZ Every single person who sees my phone asks this exact question🤣
      Since it’s silicone even if it gets dirty a soft wipe with a cloth wd clean it…😙

    • VIZ
      VIZ Year ago

      @Mid G oh okay but wouldnt it get dirty?

    • Mid G
      Mid G Year ago

      @VIZ thanks man! But guess what.. I’ve been rocking it with a white silicone 😄

    • VIZ
      VIZ Year ago +1

      Can I suggest you?
      U shud go with Black silicone case

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      WhatsApp➕➊➐➋⓿➌➐➑➑➐➍➏ Year ago

      Plus. One..two..one..
      Three..nine... Eight..zero..
      Whatsapp for more tips

  • Timothy Williams
    Timothy Williams  Year ago +1

    i have it mint and i really think its a great iphone. my mom has the the 12 pro max and the one thing she loves about it is the amazing ceramic shield! who else agrees ?

  • Gui Souza / As Aventuras de Gui

    One thing I like about Marques’ reviews is that he is very… down to earth. I mean, he’s not easy to impress, and doesn’t let himself be influenced by marketing gimmicks

  • Albert Spice
    Albert Spice Year ago

    I bought this phone just because it sort of reminds me of the 5S. And I dont use a case because that sharp edge is just so good.

  • Jawaad Saleem
    Jawaad Saleem 2 years ago +69

    Bro you’re the only reviewer I can watch a whole 18 minutes of. There wasn’t a single point in the video where you were dragging on. Watching your videos is way too refreshing!

  • wishi
    wishi Year ago +2

    The recap bit at the end is really helpful even after watching the entire video, just getting a nice run down afterwards is nice.

  • theoriginalhippychic
    theoriginalhippychic 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for your review. I was trying to weigh my options with my company phone. We can only get the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or the iphone 12. Which would you recommend?

  • noriluka
    noriluka Year ago

    Love you and your videos!
    Thank you so much!
    You’re such a pro!

  • Gilbert Garcia
    Gilbert Garcia Year ago +3

    Had the I phone XR for years, just got an I phone 12 a couple days ago, loving it so far.

  • Alejandro Trevino
    Alejandro Trevino 2 years ago +1074

    iPhone: doesn’t come with the charger
    Charger: doesn’t come with the brick

    • Boss Reflexx
      Boss Reflexx 2 years ago

      @Major might be a bit more expensive but many manufacturers make usb c cables and samsung have been using them for a while so saying not many people make them is a load of shit 😂 hell most rtx cards have a usb c port on them and they are used for linking a quest to a pc so dunno where you got your info from 😂 go on amazon and look for usb c cables youll find plenty 😂

    • Tom Liu
      Tom Liu 2 years ago

      great way to make money! profit> all

    • Super knullisch
      Super knullisch 2 years ago

      @Major Yes compared to a USB-A, a USB-C is a lot more expensive to manufacture relatively speaking. But not in the grand scheme of things, especially not compared to the rest of the phone and the total cost of manufacturing the whole "product", so no, Apple does not have any excuse whatsoever to remove the charger, they should've been ashamed of themselves for putting that pathetic 5W in there in the first place during the last 3-4 years. And so, instead of making this piece of shit move that they just did, which is just sooo audacious, that I'm just lost for words.. they should've made amends for the 5W charger of shame and put a 15, 18 or 20W in the box instead. And while doing so, killing of that outdated, obsolete lightning port.

    • Major
      Major 2 years ago

      @Super knullisch for a normal usb charger, not a usb-c

    • Super knullisch
      Super knullisch 2 years ago

      @Ahmed Al-Sharif So how do you feel now? Feeling stupid much..?🤡😁😁

  • wg NADZ
    wg NADZ 7 months ago +2

    I recently bought an iphone 12 (red).
    And i notice, the battery drains very fast.
    While doing video call (with wired headset and on wifi) the battery drains from 85 % to 30 % in 2 hrs.

  • Dominick Grasso
    Dominick Grasso Year ago +1

    Great review i have the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the new blue. With case and privacy screen protector 🤘

  • Logan C
    Logan C Year ago +1

    Once again MKBHD nailed it! Getting an iPhone 12 soon🎉

  • A. Sam
    A. Sam Year ago +10

    7k dislikes? some people are just wack ... you're amazing. Thank you for the information and the time you put in. Haters can burn.

  • James Billetts
    James Billetts 2 years ago +33

    Marques, your videos are the best quality tech review videos out there. This is just another example of why I value your opinion over many other reviews I watch. You set the bar each and every time.
    I'm really looking forward to the 12 Pro review as this is the one I have on order from Sprint/T-Mobile (Sprobile?) Anyway, keep up the good work. Also, can you keep us up to date on the magsafe prints on the back of the phone? Let us know if it gets worse. I have a wireless charger already on my night stand for my Pixel 4XL that I will use for my new 12 Pro when it gets here but I may consider a magsafe charger later down the line.

  • Jack M
    Jack M Year ago

    Any ideas regarding the gaps between the screen and frame?

  • Bernice Gonzales
    Bernice Gonzales Year ago +2

    best review. comprehensible. objective. keep it up.

  • Crystal The Wolf
    Crystal The Wolf Year ago +3

    You know it's gonna be a good iPhone year when the review is 18 minutes long

  • Spencer Parker
    Spencer Parker Month ago +2

    Watching this video on an iPhone 12 and I can confirm it is a great phone

  • Jordan S. Rivera
    Jordan S. Rivera 2 years ago +1496

    iPhone: doesn’t come with the charger
    Charger: doesn’t come with the brick

    • Harshit Mishra
      Harshit Mishra 2 years ago

      @Philippos Nicopoulos bruh that charger has type C at one end...you gotta use 11 pro brick only

    • Stressball Louis
      Stressball Louis 2 years ago

      @Growing Melancholy why?

    • Growing Melancholy
      Growing Melancholy 2 years ago

      @Stressball Louis Many reasons, but the reason I am referring to here is about them making people buy chargers. They say it is for environmental reasons. Okay, if that really is the case then why not make it optional? If you need a charger, they give you one for free, if you don't need, then they don't give you one. It's more about making more money.

    • Stressball Louis
      Stressball Louis 2 years ago

      @Growing Melancholy why?

    • Growing Melancholy
      Growing Melancholy 2 years ago +1

      Yeah, fuck Apple. When I need a new phone, I'll look elsewhere.

  • Fiji Will223
    Fiji Will223 Year ago +3

    I caved in and copped the 12 today, was gonna wait for the 12s but instead i’ll keep this one till 2022 release depending on whats next

  • Aritra Dey
    Aritra Dey Year ago +1

    I think the average battery life of the iPhone 12 after its release was mostly due to iOS 14.1. My iPhone 11's battery life had a slight decrease when I updated to iOS 14.1. But that issue is fixed in iOS 14.3 and I am getting great battery life like before after that update. So I guess iPhone 12's battery also got better after iOS 14.3.

    • Mike
      Mike Year ago

      @Aritra Dey oh I see, thank you I was just wondering because I wanted to get the 12 and didn’t know if it was better than the 11.

    • Aritra Dey
      Aritra Dey Year ago +1

      @Mike The regular 12 has a longer battery life than the regular 11 (especially when using in dark mode). The 12 pro battery is a little bit worse than that of 11 pro.

    • Mike
      Mike Year ago

      Does the iPhones 12 battery last like the iPhones 11? Or lasts a little longer?

  • SQ4ME2
    SQ4ME2 Year ago +3

    I’m upgrading to this phone from my 8+ so I’m sure this is going to be a huge difference for me. Just the other day my 8+ started having issues with the home button

    • SQ4ME2
      SQ4ME2 Year ago

      @Mate O i got the 12+, its pretty good, bit of a learning curve. i dont miss my old 8+

    • ceethesea
      ceethesea Year ago

      @Mate O had it for 2 months. so far haven’t noticed that

    • Mate O
      Mate O Year ago

      @ceethesea and is the flickering of the display noticeable ?

    • ceethesea
      ceethesea Year ago

      @Mate O pretty good battery lasts all day and has smooth performance

    • Mate O
      Mate O Year ago +1

      How is the iPhone 12? I’m with a 7+ right now and I don’t know if to get the iPhone 12 or 11

  • Mr. Realistic
    Mr. Realistic Year ago

    The thing I’m not looking forward to if Apple gets rid of the port and forces MagSafe is that I won’t be able to use my Popsocket

  • Jordan Mann
    Jordan Mann 2 years ago +59

    I'm really pleased that apple in a sense took a step back, with all the "curve", and "Glossy glass backs", its a relief to focus on a more dependable longer lasting exterior. I personally really liked the more "box" like frames, it feels like you have a better grip and in my personal opinion it looks better. I do kind of wish hey would come out with more options with color and the option to have it gloss for the people who like it. Apple has always been kind of limiting when it comes to colors and styles. Overall its a good step away from all the "innovating" new tech. I like practical way more than fancy useless features.

  • Swoosh
    Swoosh 3 months ago +1

    I can't wait for my android days to be behind me. I'm getting my iPhone when I return from my overseas trip later this year. Looking forward to it yay! I'll probably watch this again to decide whether I'll get this or the pro

  • Moonwalker ForLife
    Moonwalker ForLife Year ago +1

    Just upgraded from the first SE to the 12! Love it already!!

  • Jeff Peñaredondo
    Jeff Peñaredondo Year ago +1

    Regarding the portless iphone that they seem to foresee in the future, it would be possible if they made the xcode or IOS development on the Iphone/Ipad without the use of lighting cable to render the developed application let say the coming of monterey OS in the macbook pro with the feature of seamless transfer of application and can execute to different devices

    • Samuel Manny
      Samuel Manny Year ago

      Or a dock tru magsafe for both data transfer and efficient charging...you know the dock in iPad pros that connects to magic keyboards?...

  • Devin Murps
    Devin Murps Year ago +1

    It’s like the Crystal used in watches, sapphire for scratch resistance and mineral crystal for shatter resistance. Then there’s the whole thing about acrylic crystal, but that’s minimal advantages on both fronts.

  • Samwid Timsina
    Samwid Timsina 2 years ago +127

    I like it how all the tech youtubers are supporting each other so nicely. Like how mrwhosetheboss has featured MKBHD in his iphone video and some other videos and here how MKBHD talks about the scratch resistance and talks about zerryrig. They dont consider each other as competitors rather they talk about each others like they're colleagues.

    • Samwid Timsina
      Samwid Timsina 2 years ago

      @Prateek Kumar yeah i agree. jerry and mkbhd review tech differently but i dont think there are many ways in which u can differentiate MKBHD and MRWhosetheboss but still they are so supportive of each other. and not just in videos, in real life too. a few years back a tech youtuber Austin Evan's house caught fire and he lost his home so every tech youtuber out there banded together and collected money and bought a macbook to help him. Austin's dad literally cries in that video. and thats the support im talking about

    • Samwid Timsina
      Samwid Timsina 2 years ago

      @Robbae yeah exactly. we enjoy everyone's video and all of them are okay with their viewers watching other tech contents, its almost as if they want us to watch other channel's reviews too.

    • I23
      I23 2 years ago

      @Evilz Review did I? It was in response to the fact how in business, you don’t need a personal reason to target them. being competition is justifiable means. For Tech youtubers this is their business.

    • I23
      I23 2 years ago

      @Evilz Review in business, the fact that you don’t hold monopoly or majority market share gives you enough reason to target a business. Eg if I don’t like mkbhd, I will go watch another Clip-Sharer. But mkbhd will have no beef with said youtuber.
      Whereas in business, a company will always try to retain its market dominance let alone endorse its competitor

    • Putrandi Muqtadir
      Putrandi Muqtadir 2 years ago

      Just like (most part of) the Skincare folks, so Peaceful :")

  • lante07
    lante07 Year ago

    Quick Question: is the front facing camera great for creating youtube videos?

  • Nathan Dias
    Nathan Dias Year ago

    I am not going to buy this phone but the quality of this review is just 💯.

  • Daniel Immortuos
    Daniel Immortuos 11 months ago +4

    Bought my first iPhone a couple of weeks ago, and it’s the iPhone 12. Even though it’s not really worth it, I’m in love with this phone

    • Oea Ld
      Oea Ld 7 months ago

      Same , but a day ago

  • DinoGaming 0706
    DinoGaming 0706 Year ago

    i’m about to get the 12 the only thing i don’t like about it is the square design around. but with a case i don’t think it matters much

  • Edgar Botello
    Edgar Botello 2 years ago +586

    I feel like apple is slowly trying to find a way to have every accessory for iphones bought separately to where the only thing you get in the box is the phone.

    • ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]
      ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive] 10 months ago

      @Egdar, well next to be not being up to the standards of the industry since its the fuckin most expensive phone on the end consumer market but lags behind at 7 points, Battery, design, savety (no fingerprint under display/ not even on the back) no expendable memory, to week of ROM/RAM, lightning instead of usb c, design that thick bezzals and the big notch, batter capacity, and the charging speed, i mean cmon, wheres the reason to still buy this shit? and this not a IOS vs ANDROID conversation cuz thats subjectivew and at the end of the day not really THAT mutch of a difference to make up for buying it or not :P

    • Arush Pati
      Arush Pati 2 years ago

      Or the actual box itself 😭

    • Crumbz McChip
      Crumbz McChip 2 years ago

      @Andrew Minkin That's what you call a presale.

    • Andrew Minkin
      Andrew Minkin 2 years ago +1

      nah nah it’s where you buy the phone separately next year you’ll only get the receipt

    • Hillary Bozenski
      Hillary Bozenski 2 years ago

      Apple stickers and manual sold separately or part of our new apple tech packages!

  • shravan Dode
    shravan Dode Year ago

    Watching this again and again to understand how my phone works 🤩

  • Frans Bester
    Frans Bester Year ago +1

    Brilliant review. I’m out to get mine. Thanks

  • FrankieMabe
    FrankieMabe 5 months ago

    I have 1 question. can you turn on the 5g option and turn it off or, can you turn 5g off and turn on LTE on ur own?

  • Red Bean
    Red Bean Year ago

    Im stuck between android and ios! I am currently using a samsung, and I am perfectly content with it. However, something about iphpne just appeals a lot to me. I might get an iphone, then use it for a while and make my decision. Can someone tell me, as an android user, if i do switch, will I be missing out on lots of features? Not just system features but hardware and software ones.

  • Can I get 50k with videos?
    Can I get 50k with videos? 2 years ago +781

    Apple: doesn’t add a 4th camera
    Everyone: *impossible*

    • ricky v
      ricky v 2 years ago

      It's coming.

    • Davey G.
      Davey G. 2 years ago

      Why are there so many accounts like this? You need QUALITY videos, like mine fors subs . PUT IN THE WORK!

    • AnJai
      AnJai 2 years ago

      They will probably add another one in their next phone since it’s rumored that they’re adding an anamorphic lens for video

    • Jessica
      Jessica 2 years ago +2

      wow this comment is very original and never seen before

    • Ike D
      Ike D 2 years ago

      There’s no point in a 4th camera

  • Fitness75 Gympower
    Fitness75 Gympower Year ago +5

    Great tips on reviewing the iPhone 12 👌

  • An Knee
    An Knee Year ago +1

    I went from a 7 to a 12… it surprised me how long a battery could last

  • R R
    R R Year ago

    There's no excuse for apple to not give 120hz displays. It could be an option like it is on much cheaper devices...

  • Derek John Weir
    Derek John Weir Year ago

    Have just changed over from Android and Samsung S10, glad I did fantastic handset and features.

  • Rain-E Jo
    Rain-E Jo 2 years ago +1545

    “New flat design”
    iPhone 4 and iPhone 5: “am I a joke to you”

    • Abracadabra
      Abracadabra 2 years ago

      @EXtraTerrestrial28 or an ipad pro

    • Mike H
      Mike H 2 years ago

      Had to turn off the 5g on my phone. Shi# doesn't even work in Pittsburgh.

    • Gxact
      Gxact 2 years ago +1

      iPhone 5s to 12: My true successor...

    • Rain-E Jo
      Rain-E Jo 2 years ago

      @QUAN TEAZ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

      QUAN TEAZ 2 years ago +1

      i wont lie but im using an iphone 5

  • Thatoneguy
    Thatoneguy Year ago +2

    This is the only popular tech reviewer who includes time stamps. Well done.

  • Abrar Hasin Abir
    Abrar Hasin Abir Year ago +118

    Apple:the new OLED screen/display
    Samsung: we did on our fridge