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REPLAY: Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses nation ahead of Ukraine war anniversary

  • Published on Feb 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday vowed to continue with Russia's year-long war in Ukraine and accused the US-led NATO alliance of fanning the flames of the conflict in the mistaken belief that it could defeat Moscow in a global confrontation. Flanked by four Russian tricolour flags, Putin told Russia's political and military elite that Russia would "carefully and consistently resolve the tasks facing us." Putin said Russia had done everything it could to avoid war, but that Western-backed Ukraine had been planning to attack Russian-controlled Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014.
    #Ukraine #Russia #Putin
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Comments • 1 876

  • RetardedFOrk
    RetardedFOrk 3 months ago +651

    Putin : says 150 words
    Translator : "ummm"

    • Amped4Life
      Amped4Life 3 months ago +50

      She was not my favorite translator. It left a lot to be desired.

    • Charlie Church
      Charlie Church 3 months ago +4

      ​@Wildliferox THANK U

  • Melvin Nogales
    Melvin Nogales 3 months ago +46

    Peace for the world 🙏🏾

  • hloniphani ntombela
    hloniphani ntombela 3 months ago +240

    Thanks for letting us watch this important speech

    • Comrade_Medvedev
      Comrade_Medvedev 3 months ago +16

      He spoke for 2 hours. And it's only 40 minutes

    • Marek Brodowski
      Marek Brodowski 3 months ago +12

      Most of his audience slept during his very important speech

    • Tuyishime Claude
      Tuyishime Claude 3 months ago +26

      @Marek Brodowski yeah but I remember there is only one man in the whole world who is more experienced in sleeping and that is Joe biden

    • Vidalsky Ociosen
      Vidalsky Ociosen 3 months ago +5

      This is the only President speech that if you smile you die.

  • Sharukh Patankar
    Sharukh Patankar 3 months ago +10

    as an American watching this, I truly apologize for what's happening. Very disappointed with the consistency of heartless Presidents.

  • Trubblegum
    Trubblegum 3 months ago +109

    The translator definitely nailed his tone.

    • Maron
      Maron 3 months ago +11

      Totally false translation

    • Damon Ambrose
      Damon Ambrose 3 months ago +2

      Yea both make you want to take a nap.

    • Andrew Moenk
      Andrew Moenk 3 months ago +2

      Haha for sure

  • John Metier
    John Metier 3 months ago +198

    This needs to be translated into English and published verbatim. It's a scream.

    • Arrey Enow
      Arrey Enow 3 months ago

      Its called Temparenent!

    • Gojira
      Gojira 3 months ago +7

      A scream?

    • FreedomForever2010
      FreedomForever2010 3 months ago +3

      The only "scream" here is a poorly programmed bot trying to undermine the audience's confidence in the news. If you really cared about the translation, then you would step up and publish your version verbatim. Where is that at "John," where's your translation?

    • Dmitriy Vet
      Dmitriy Vet 2 months ago +3

      The full version of this speech with correct English subtitles can be found on "Michael Rossi Poli Sci" channel

    • Alex.C
      Alex.C 2 months ago

      @Dmitriy Vet thank u sir

  • Румпельштильцхин

    This is not a translation - this is an interpretation of his words.

    • Ted Kaczynski
      Ted Kaczynski 3 months ago +17

      Care to elaborate?

    • Love Religion
      Love Religion 3 months ago +1

      Lmao exactly

    • Aidan DeLyon
      Aidan DeLyon 3 months ago +9

      The intimation of this comment is that the simultaneous interpretation is deviating from the speaker. It is not.

    • Румпельштильцхин
      Румпельштильцхин 3 months ago +19

      @Ted Kaczynski there is too much to specify. The interpreter puts accents not where the speaker is. The choice of words is also careful. For example, he does not say criminals, he said perverts, and so in almost every sentence.

    GIGABYTE 2 months ago +3

    Thanks for the translation. It perfectly represents how Putin is translated to USA.

  • Vahit Oruç
    Vahit Oruç 2 months ago +1

    🤍 💙 ❤️
    Ruyaya barıș
    💙 🤍 ❤️
    Fransa gibi huzurlu bir ülke olur inșallah
    Amerika kadar gelișir inșallah

  • 48&101中国偶像女团万岁 / 阿英 Ying

    In this speech, Putin has mentioned "West" or "Western" for a total of 35 times.

    • Hardwyck
      Hardwyck 2 months ago

      So what?

    • Charlie seen
      Charlie seen 2 months ago

      many words are used by everyone more than 35 times ....i dont think its a crime ....young and naive

  • Sally Reynolds
    Sally Reynolds 2 months ago +2

    I would like to share this speech on Twitter. Thank YOU ♥

  • High Tech
    High Tech 3 months ago +3

    17:00 is where he gets to the point !

  • Carpenter
    Carpenter 3 months ago +100

    Just watch Putin's speech and you can see how the people in the audience think by reading their faces. It's quite remarkable.

    • william hugh
      william hugh 3 months ago +2

      Do you think it's positive or negative towards putin?

    • Netizen Capet
      Netizen Capet 3 months ago +19

      No, you can't. The tone of the speech is grave, so that explains the lack of plastered, American McDonalds-made smiles. Clapping and likely attendance are mandatory... it's like Stalin-lite but there are still consequences for stepping out of line. So, we don't know what they're thinking. If I were them, I would be thinking "yeah, yeah, yeah, the US and NATO did this and that...but can you at least do what's in YOUR control by settling for a peace even if humiliating and holding real elections?"

    • Mystic Cove
      Mystic Cove 3 months ago +7

      @Netizen Capet Stop!. You're making matter worst by spreading hatred.

  • Marianne Dippenaar
    Marianne Dippenaar 3 months ago +7

    Stunning putin. He stands for the right values

  • Squidus Giganticus
    Squidus Giganticus 3 months ago +10

    What a difference! I'm so impressed!

  • Trevor_Corey
    Trevor_Corey 3 months ago +108

    I need a better translation of this speech.

    • Nobody Knows
      Nobody Knows 3 months ago +13

      Marriage is between a man and a woman (applause)

    • Arrey Enow
      Arrey Enow 3 months ago +5

      Me too.

    • FreedomForever2010
      FreedomForever2010 3 months ago +1

      This comment doesn't make sense. You couldn't understand a translation's quality unless you spoke both languages, and if you spoke both languages you wouldn't need a translation of it.

    • Alberta1stPodcast
      Alberta1stPodcast 3 months ago +4

      ​@FreedomForever2010lol the woman translating did a piss poor job

  • Cabatu Orsuville
    Cabatu Orsuville 3 months ago +23

    History repeat itself - battle between good and evil
    Human fragility - loss of respect to one another

    • Autocratus Maximus
      Autocratus Maximus 3 months ago +4

      battle between good and evil... 🤦‍♂ the is nothing like good and evil, there are only different sides of reality.

    • Black Money
      Black Money 3 months ago +2

      It's evil vs Evil at this point frfr

    • Damon Ambrose
      Damon Ambrose 3 months ago

      How do you respect someone who wants your freedom

    • Jao Bidan
      Jao Bidan 2 months ago

      If you saw the full translation of this speech? You wouldn't expect it from "the bad guy".

  • Namak Doon
    Namak Doon 3 months ago +21

    Don’t tell me this is the best Russian translator France24 can offer!!!? 😂😂😂

  • Ken Purcell
    Ken Purcell 3 months ago +15

    Looks like every person in that audience sees this speech for what it is.

    • Vidalsky Ociosen
      Vidalsky Ociosen 3 months ago +3

      Yes, the worse part is they are not allowed to smile, or else their window balcony could be dangerous they might accidentally fall tomorrow.

    • SicknessNfilth
      SicknessNfilth 3 months ago

      A lullaby?

    • MichaelGL
      MichaelGL 3 months ago

      Actually it looks like they perfectly timed their Lithium doses.

    • Ten Ten
      Ten Ten 3 months ago +2

      @MichaelGL What is there to smile about? They are people too.

    • Coma White
      Coma White 3 months ago

      @Ten Ten if they had a good leader and he was running the country good, there should be plenty to smile about.

  • dajuan kelley
    dajuan kelley 2 months ago +1

    Can you imagine what he is really saying to have all those people there and it's an applause track...

  • MT
    MT 3 months ago +168

    This translator is missing entire sentences. Not even translated correctly what is being said. And in some cases missing 10 to 20 seconds of words.

    • juha koivu
      juha koivu 3 months ago

      maybe someone will translate it properly?....hmmm

    • LookingForSakura
      LookingForSakura 3 months ago +5

      She’s been doing that for years

    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 3 months ago +5

      It's probably nothing to miss. A liar is never believed. Even when they're telling the truth.

    • Coma White
      Coma White 3 months ago +4

      are you telling me he didn't rant about the USA for 40 mins straight? lol

    • Jeremy Tine
      Jeremy Tine 3 months ago +4

      She isn't a robot, translation in real time probably isn't easy

  • Sally Reynolds
    Sally Reynolds 2 months ago +1

    Ground, boots on the ground war. God's Speed. ♥

  • Sally Reynolds
    Sally Reynolds 2 months ago +1

    Kiev. God Bless. ♥

  • Lilly Gee
    Lilly Gee 3 months ago +31

    Proverbs 12:20
    Deceit is in the heart of those who plan evil, but there is joy for those who advise peace. 🛐🙏🛐✌️✌️✌️

  • Lemmetry '
    Lemmetry ' 3 months ago +2

    This is hilarious on it's own, but this translator takes it to a new level.

  • Sally Reynolds
    Sally Reynolds 2 months ago

    Peace! Prosperity! 🥂

  • Beezo 64
    Beezo 64 3 months ago +5

    Go Russia go

  • Michael Nice
    Michael Nice 3 months ago +66

    Putin said that he would not consider using Nukes until the existence of Russia was threatened. He clearly states that he feels the existence of Russia is what is at stake near the beginning of this speech. That is the most important take away. Russia is getting serious now, this is going to get way worse.

  • Protas Nyoni
    Protas Nyoni 3 months ago +6

    Bravo Russia, Keep it Up Putin.

  • Randy Teebow
    Randy Teebow 3 months ago +46

    the peoples faces say it all !

    • steven
      steven 3 months ago +7

      muppet show

    • Alan 4x4
      Alan 4x4 3 months ago +1

      look at their faces when they see zelensky

    • Autocratus Maximus
      Autocratus Maximus 3 months ago +3

      The most looking attentive, nothing more. And most people don't like to watch a speech, to be honest. Thats all.

    • Тамилла милашка
      Тамилла милашка 3 months ago +12

      Они должны сидеть и смеяться?! В России есть поговорка , смех без причины, признак дурачины. Тем более излагаются очень важные темы

  • sheffandjelley
    sheffandjelley 3 months ago +50

    Why is there a blackout on a basic English translation?
    To find this full speech online with translation is harder than
    getting Biden to speak coherently without a teleprompter!!😕

    • Matt B
      Matt B 3 months ago +1

      Why do u think?

    • Evgeny B
      Evgeny B 3 months ago

      Это демократия и доступность информации на западе)))

    • mococaboy17
      mococaboy17 3 months ago +8

      because they dont want you to think for yourself, those that control information, will control your mind

    • COACH V
      COACH V 3 months ago +1

      LMAO you know why

  • Kokoda144
    Kokoda144 3 months ago +111

    Everyone looks happy to be there

      GAMEPLAYER TV 3 months ago +15

      evry russian general krows that they are losing in economic and in war they are scared

    • Meow Meow
      Meow Meow 3 months ago +5

      ​@GAMEPLAYER TVlol Ukrainian are begging and whining almost everyday.

    • Steven NorCal
      Steven NorCal 3 months ago +22

      Why would you be happy in such a serious time? Only Westerners smile as they are dying

  • OlySig
    OlySig 3 months ago +13

    WOW ☢️💯

  • Nicholas Van Zuylen
    Nicholas Van Zuylen 3 months ago +170

    Audience full of happy smiling faces.

    • tony
      tony 3 months ago +8


    • Humungus
      Humungus 3 months ago +8

      PowerDrunk Minds of the World 🤣🌍😂

    • m.a.o
      m.a.o 3 months ago +27

      I lived in Russia 6 months they don't laugh or cry much i think bcuz of cold weather they lost feelings expressions but I'd say they have courage and trust in their deals

    • Titika Oyeedeem
      Titika Oyeedeem 3 months ago +6

      Worries smiling faces. Kyiv still alive.

  • Carlee Rose Te rangi
    Carlee Rose Te rangi 3 months ago +17

    Prayer for nations.

    K-DRAMA GOODMORNING SEOUL 3 months ago +22

    Hi! How are you?
    It's Tuesday.
    COVID-19, Ukraine, Turkiye, and Syria are still in progress. I hope it will be resolved in a positive direction as soon as possible.
    And I wish you good health and good things for the rest of the week.
    Thank you very much.

  • MrMaelstorm
    MrMaelstorm 3 months ago +25

    The western governments not the western nations as a whole. There is a big difference. Some people don't caution their actions or support to zelensky.

    • Celtic Owl
      Celtic Owl 3 months ago +7

      The majority of us are aghast at the cultural change being forced upon us and the deletion of our history

    • M H
      M H 3 months ago

      I'm hoping you can make your next comment a bit more confusing.

    • Sarmat
      Sarmat 3 months ago +3

      we know this and understand it perfectly. We also see that a lot of Americans also understand this. Of course I'm not talking about those who adore CNN and NBC.

  • Peace Peace
    Peace Peace 3 months ago +58

    Defining moment for Russian people to decide if Putin is really for the good of Russia or is it Putin personal pride and ego.

    • Tony Saint
      Tony Saint 3 months ago +3

      Hypothetically speaking, what becomes of the person who decides to put away their pride and ego?....the outcome??...my inate layperson perceptions gives me an idea of what the outcome of this war might look like.
      There is an old saying: 'The road to hell is paved with all good intentions'.

    • Tony Saint
      Tony Saint 3 months ago +1

      A palpable and possible outcome. Things can get very dangerous when there are friends around 🤔?...

    • Enerst Mweene
      Enerst Mweene 3 months ago +6

      Nations pride,,,,putin is nation pride

    COMMONS WORLD 3 months ago +54

    Russia sounds very confidant. I mean that

    • Black Money
      Black Money 3 months ago +1

      It's prophecy

    • Andy Stewart
      Andy Stewart 3 months ago +3

      All dictators sound very confident but as all have found out “ You can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

    • Damon Ambrose
      Damon Ambrose 3 months ago +1

      Only to a fool

      COMMONS WORLD 3 months ago +1

      @Damon Ambrose bwahahhaha the confidence and tact of this man president puti

  • Modibo Magassouba
    Modibo Magassouba 3 months ago +1

    Ukraine is the complex compendium of social, economic and geopolitical problems Finding a lasting peace solution requires the involvement of several stakeholders or the new multilateralism because the new world will be built by all civilizations and centers of power but not in a unilateral way

  • Erick Engeholm
    Erick Engeholm 3 months ago +105

    This translator is the equivalent to the camera man filming the sky when trying to catch Bigfoot.

    • Joseph Taylor
      Joseph Taylor 3 months ago


    • Richard Avant
      Richard Avant 3 months ago

      @Joseph Taylor That's funny!

    • Dmitriy Vet
      Dmitriy Vet 2 months ago

      The full version of this speech with correct English subtitles can be found on "Michael Rossi Poli Sci" channel

  • martador vinia
    martador vinia 3 months ago +99

    The transalator was fired after the speech , very poor

    • Анна belis
      Анна belis 3 months ago +3

      🤣🤣🤣🤣hello from Russia

    • Abe A
      Abe A 3 months ago +1

      Fired & set on 🔥😂

    • Daniel Larson
      Daniel Larson 3 months ago +1

      Babble in and babble translated.

    • dude duh
      dude duh 3 months ago +2

      @Анна belis translator was tired of repeating the Same crap

    • Dmitriy Vet
      Dmitriy Vet 2 months ago

      The full version of this speech with correct English subtitles can be found on "Michael Rossi Poli Sci" channel

  • Terry Chootiyaa
    Terry Chootiyaa 3 months ago +16

    *Look at their faces .....only people who truly unite show a serious face ☺👍*

    • Damon Ambrose
      Damon Ambrose 3 months ago +1

      Only people who know their leader is seriously jepoardizing their lives look that serious.

    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 2 months ago

      That's the best you can do?

  • Xenagirl
    Xenagirl 3 months ago +70

    It's funny how each side just thinks they are in the right and too stubborn to make a compromise. All our lives depend on the results of a few adults temper tantrums. 👌

    • Lilly Gee
      Lilly Gee 3 months ago +2


    • Tiadiad
      Tiadiad 3 months ago


    • Veknum
      Veknum 3 months ago +5

      но тут намного сложнее всё

  • Dam-a-fence
    Dam-a-fence 3 months ago +44

    "Putin said Russia had done everything it could to avoid war"
    From the description. Oh thank you France 24 English.
    One often meets his destiny on the path taken to avoid it.
    That's from Kung Fu Panda but, I've found it to be true.
    Seek to avoid something, you'll find it, because you can't avoid it if you don't first find it.

    • ronwaldo reyes
      ronwaldo reyes 3 months ago +2

      someone or somebody is lying to the max...

    • Ginny Grafton
      Ginny Grafton 3 months ago

      Lol 😆

    • Nikole Mayer
      Nikole Mayer 3 months ago

      The point of avoiding what is inevitable? If a fight is inevitable, you have to hit first

  • The Break
    The Break 3 months ago +3

    You know when you're in trouble, when you did something bad, and then realize you talked way too much when trying to explain your way out of it...?

  • sabrina kegley
    sabrina kegley 3 months ago +6

    There are a lot of good people in America that would do anything to help others that need help we are very loving people.

    • ricci1003
      ricci1003 3 months ago

      How overweight obese are they nowadays? Evidence of greed or 'compassion'?

  • Cleveland Brown
    Cleveland Brown 3 months ago +10

    Thank for English translation

  • Kwasi Yellowman
    Kwasi Yellowman 3 months ago +6

    Good speach

  • Mahan Naidu
    Mahan Naidu 3 months ago +7

    A great speech from a great leader who is also an elligent and intelligent human being

  • Glory Calling
    Glory Calling 3 months ago +11

    The savior of traditional value

    • Ginny Grafton
      Ginny Grafton 3 months ago

      Not OURS In the US traditional values

    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 2 months ago

      That's the best you can do?

  • Satka94
    Satka94 3 months ago +2

    Are you telling me there is nobody they could find with 1st language as Russian to translate the whole speech?

  • Hector Oropeza
    Hector Oropeza 3 months ago +1

    I like to hear his stand off the Budapest Treaty they made sure that the Ukraine was striped of Nuclear weapons they had and agreed to leave the country alone at any rate Russia agreed to peace by dismantling the country’s ability to defend its self !

    • engel girl
      engel girl 3 months ago +2

      Are you aware tht the nuclear weapons in Soviet states were all controlled in Moscow??

    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 2 months ago

      And Lavrov was the signatory to the Memorandum. What a class act.

  • Catherine Presley
    Catherine Presley 3 months ago +1

    Great speech

    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 2 months ago

      That's the best you can do?

  • Skylee Ramsey
    Skylee Ramsey 3 months ago +19

    Every thing Putin just said is about Russia

    • Irene Manzanarez
      Irene Manzanarez 3 months ago +3

      There is a saying that says: When you point a finger l, there are 4 fingers pointing at you!
      Putting makes it sound like he is a Saint!
      He has earned his way STRAIGHT TO HELL!

    • Albu Ru
      Albu Ru 3 months ago +1

      @Irene Manzanarez Well actually only 3 will be pointing at you , the big finger is going on right

  • Rich Shelton
    Rich Shelton 3 months ago +3

    There has to be a better translated version of this speech somewhere.

  • stevstro
    stevstro 3 months ago +1

    Underwhelming applause.

  • Topiana Nharhaynne
    Topiana Nharhaynne 3 months ago +1

    I watched part of this elsewhere with subtitle. I wanted to see the whole thing but can't find it with written translation. It just got to the part I saw earlier and the translator is only saying part of the speech. Not all his words. That is why she stutters so much. He doesn't stutter.

  • George Flo
    George Flo 3 months ago +9

    So unfair how the whole world is so opposed to him invading another country and stealing a bit of land.

      ROBLOXIANGAMER2.0 3 months ago +1

      You do realize he is lying? Look it up!

    • SwaggerCanada
      SwaggerCanada 3 months ago +1


    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 2 months ago

      That's the best you can do?

    • Elvis Jones
      Elvis Jones 2 months ago

      What I see on television what I see like a black person sadly to say he sounds like he's on point😢

    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 2 months ago

      @Elvis Jones Grammer?

  • Jake Status
    Jake Status Month ago +1

    All hail Russia ❤

  • Luis Pessoa
    Luis Pessoa 3 months ago +9

    thank you France 24 for the translation

  • Edward Sianski
    Edward Sianski 3 months ago +65

    It looks as though all the Easter Island statues have made their way to Moscow. The one hour and 45 minute address proves that the military are not the only Russians who can endure prolonged suffering.

    • Dam-a-fence
      Dam-a-fence 3 months ago +1


    • Craig Finnegan
      Craig Finnegan 3 months ago +5

      @Dam-a-fence The statues on Easter Island faced out to sea for centuries, waiting in vain for a rescue from their frozen captivity. They're still there today, still waiting.

    • From the streets
      From the streets 3 months ago

      Touchy Touchy 😄

    • Red Lyfe
      Red Lyfe 3 months ago +6

      this guy better than listening to biden

  • STS_StopTheScamming 🦅
    STS_StopTheScamming 🦅 3 months ago +2

    17:39 he’s right there

  • GNDE
    GNDE 3 months ago +47

    Every person who hears this will understand how lost we are as a country and how Putin has socially transformed Russia into what America was in the 1950's.

    • J M
      J M 3 months ago +1

      Who’s we?

    • Sarmat
      Sarmat 3 months ago +3

      Добрый день!
      А вы из какого города?
      Вы жили в России в 90-е?
      Забыли про беспризорных детей, которые дышали клеем в пакете?
      А дефолт 98?
      Уровень криминальной обработки помните?
      Уровень внешнего долга с 91 по 99?
      Кредитная игла, с которой мы не могли слезть?
      Учителя, экономисты, бухгалтеры стали продавцами на рынках. Помните?
      Ножки Буша?

    • Uyin
      Uyin 3 months ago

      Who is we?

    • Sanja Lukic
      Sanja Lukic 3 months ago

      Zivio Vlado

  • Ella-Marie
    Ella-Marie 3 months ago +2

    Eye opening!! 😳

  • Vincent Mogojwa
    Vincent Mogojwa 3 months ago +8

    The translator is so poor. I wish I could hear and understand Russian language.

  • M Janny
    M Janny 2 months ago +3

    Is there a version where the translator actually does their job?

  • martin ruffley
    martin ruffley 3 months ago +1

    thats a wild bunch audience so happy to be there

    • krazivaya
      krazivaya 3 months ago


  • Reynaldo Bajao
    Reynaldo Bajao 3 months ago

    this must be translate in visayan language to make the world understand what putin want in his speech.....oooh man!

  • Derek Pam
    Derek Pam 3 months ago +23

    What a difference to who he thanks… Canada would never say mothers or wives …. Thank you Putin

    • Eoin collins
      Eoin collins 3 months ago +3

      Well he has created one hundred thousand widows so who else should he thank.

    • evilaquaman
      evilaquaman 3 months ago

      As posted by the Internet Research Agency

    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 2 months ago

      That's the best you can do?

  • Azka Zishan
    Azka Zishan 3 months ago +15

    Historical speech

  • Republika Dugave
    Republika Dugave 3 months ago +5

    And here i am sitting in my living room when i could be a translator...

  • Kevin Amare
    Kevin Amare 3 months ago +6

    God bless Russia…. Victory on the way 💪🏿

  • Kristine Glapa
    Kristine Glapa 2 months ago

    he has so much respect of his citizens why not the same in western countries

  • 200bedroompainting
    200bedroompainting 3 months ago +1

    Love just Love Faith and Hope

  • Henrik Arboe Jensen
    Henrik Arboe Jensen 3 months ago +2

    What he really says is that russification is a hate present.

  • Tanya Tanya
    Tanya Tanya 3 months ago


  • Rephaim Og
    Rephaim Og 3 months ago +65

    Wait a minute. I thought all the western experts said Putin was in bad shape and dying of cancer? He looks fine to me. hmmmmmmmm.

    • DJKLY242
      DJKLY242 3 months ago +11

      he’s been dying for the last 20+ yrs

    • Eirirunna
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      @DJKLY242 philosophically, we are all dying

    • Ghost of McAfee
      Ghost of McAfee 3 months ago +1

      Which expert said that and what are they an expert at?

    • Jewlz  watchin’
      Jewlz watchin’ 3 months ago

      well remember QE2 dying of bone cancer and two days before she did greeted another PM.. just saying 😂lol

    • STS_StopTheScamming 🦅
      STS_StopTheScamming 🦅 3 months ago

      I remember that time

  • Vanha Mies
    Vanha Mies 3 months ago +8

    "Soldiers should be able to come back for 2 weeks every 6 months." Considering the casualty rate, most will never enjoy their time off.

    • hzj79
      hzj79 3 months ago +1

      What’s the casualty rate according to your insider information?

    • Lito Tan
      Lito Tan 3 months ago

      If the soldiers comes back alive.

  • Off Grid living to Live Again

    Thankyou ! Through sickness and in Health may Ark Angel Michael guide and protect you 💙 🙏 stay true!

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    The translator sounds like a soul without any emotions.

  • Deborah Blackmon
    Deborah Blackmon 3 months ago +9

    If I had a dime for everytime she said "ugh" I would be rich.

  • Constitution advocate formerly Clayton Bigsby

    Sad when the Russian President sounds more American than the “American president.”

    • Rich Michno
      Rich Michno 2 months ago

      Thank you, I was actually looking for someone to make this comment. I'll be honest I trust what this guy says more than our bafoon of a leader we have.

    • Pete perez
      Pete perez 2 months ago

      Right, this guy makes scense

  • Jill Featherman
    Jill Featherman 3 months ago +8

    That’s a beautiful building where this is being held.

  • Ben Malin
    Ben Malin 3 months ago +6

    The final humiliation for Putin is this translators voice acting as his.

  • Phillip Goodwin
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    I like to thank all the people who exposed my lies whom I had thrown out a window 😂😂

  • Ray Shalabi
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    This is the best game of “Two truth and a Lie” i’ve ever played

    • Paul Hooks
      Paul Hooks 3 months ago +3

      Don’t you mean the best game of two lies and a lie?

    • Turtle Sergio
      Turtle Sergio 3 months ago

      ​@Paul Hooks what lie are you talking about?

    • MichaelGL
      MichaelGL 3 months ago +1

      While he was thanking the army & navy, he forgot to thank all the prisoners...

  • TheBigO1986
    TheBigO1986 3 months ago +3

    The peoples body of language says it all

    • thefreestylefrEaK
      thefreestylefrEaK 3 months ago

      If they look. or say anything in defiance he'll make them disappear.

  • Philip J Fry
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    western media doesn't show this thanks for showing us.

  • Joan Dean
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    The truth is on your side. ❤Zion

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    please someone add subtitles...

  • ChristinaRose D.P.
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    Behind our backs they signed The Agile Nations Agenda CHARTER with the WEF!
    "In a world first, the agreement paves the way for the nations to cooperate in helping innovators navigate each country’s rules, test new ideas with regulators and scale them across the seven markets. Priority areas for cooperation include the green economy, mobility, data, financial and professional services, and medical diagnosis and treatment."
    Can we not get this undone????

  • Goodluck Kessy
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    I need a better subtitle translation ??? Where can I get it????

  • Barbara Burns
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  • Homegrown Music
    Homegrown Music 3 months ago +31

    I think he's right about a lot of it sadly. Hope he can take the higher road though as it seems like USA is pig headed about this. This man will never back down and he is winning the support of the people.

  • João Marreiros
    João Marreiros 3 months ago

    Speaking more to the internal competition and potential opposition than anything else, a normal version of the Medvedev rant.

  • Gabriele Battistelli
    Gabriele Battistelli 2 months ago

  • Robert Rawlyss
    Robert Rawlyss 3 months ago

    He’s now talking about 2 weeks off every 6 months! I think he thought at the beginning that it would all be over in 3 days! Does he not think that the audience don’t believe a word? The mighty Russian forces have been held and pushed back! Long live the revolution!