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would you eat this?

  • Published on Jan 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts #mukbang #asmr #eating #asmreating
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  • Servellion
    Servellion 2 months ago +32828

    This man has a metabolism like a damn nuclear reactor.

  • Atreyee Shill
    Atreyee Shill Month ago +1405

    This man makes food that scares the sh*t out of entire humanity and then asks "would you eat this?"

    • Sprite Cranberry
      Sprite Cranberry 9 days ago

      70% of the food he makes looks great but it would probably be my last meal considering I’d have a heart attack after eating it

    • Matthew Prue
      Matthew Prue 16 days ago

      See I love making jokes about this guys heart, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t absolutely demolish any dish he put in front of me.

    • 44Jess453 - GMD
      44Jess453 - GMD 29 days ago

      this one isn't bad tho, it's not the usual deep frying random things

    • GigaChad
      GigaChad 29 days ago

      I would

    • Mujtaba Barati
      Mujtaba Barati Month ago

      why scary?? I can eat a lot of that

  • I am a robot
    I am a robot Month ago +185

    This man eats more eggs a day than I eat in a lifetime

    • RJ 7399
      RJ 7399 Day ago

      ​@Irish Rover To cut them differently. Didn't want chunky yolks.

    • Irish Rover
      Irish Rover 4 days ago

      Why the hell did he separate the eggs if he was just going to combine them again? 😅

    • Roblox Guest News
      Roblox Guest News Month ago +3

      He must be Gaston

  • Nico Kendall
    Nico Kendall 2 months ago +5179

    My man is the reason eggs cost so much rn

    • pshngo
      pshngo 4 days ago

      Its only expensive in states like Commiefornia, and New Bjorn. In the south they are under $2

    • qey yeq
      qey yeq 5 days ago

      ​@Lanne absolutely no

    • Shelly
      Shelly Month ago


    • Alex 031
      Alex 031 Month ago

      ​@Lanne How expensive?

  • GamerGod!
    GamerGod! Month ago +370

    This man is the epitome of resilience

    • JJ ASMR
      JJ ASMR Month ago +1


    • Duckyman4788
      Duckyman4788 Month ago +4

      To be for real right now that’s diabolically delicious I don’t care if I have a heart attack

  • camille
    camille Month ago +7

    i was really about to say “woah something mildly healthy for once!” until he pulled out the the whole supermarkets stock of cheese and grilled it to a crisp 💀💀

  • VegetableGreenz 🇺🇸
    VegetableGreenz 🇺🇸 Month ago +2184

    I swear this guy has the world record highest cholesterol levels

    • Gary hundal
      Gary hundal Month ago +1

      The fact that you have an American flag in your name makes me wanna believe you even more.

    • HoHe20
      HoHe20 Month ago +3

      Don't swear that much because the egg cholesterol myth is busted a long time ago!

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha Month ago +1

      I 1000% agree

    • JoAnne Denison
      JoAnne Denison Month ago +4

      @Desi DEVINO your actually right. 50% of your brain and gut is cholesterol and your body manages cholesterol. But if he too many carbs and sugars the body will start to scream and everything falls apart. That's where you end up with bad blood work. I have finally given up sugar and carbs and I am only eating salads or cooked vegetables and meats now and I am absolutely fine and I'm feeling so much better

    • Veilfire
      Veilfire Month ago +1

      Nah he probably only eats a few bites and eats normally the rest of the time...

  • Robert Titan
    Robert Titan Month ago +33

    This man never ceases to amaze me. That cheese cone is genius! Ty for sharing.

  • Toni Bathani
    Toni Bathani Month ago +23

    Bro living his best life

  • Oyekunbi Adams
    Oyekunbi Adams Month ago +1111

    Mans must have a whole family living inside of him cuz that's a whole damn family meal, ma dude

    • Ikaro Game Play
      Ikaro Game Play Month ago

      ​@Swagskii ok

    • ً
      ً Month ago

      He has the whole generation

    • goof
      goof Month ago

      @Swagskii mk

    • Swagskii
      Swagskii Month ago +2

      ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ

    • لمسه حب
      لمسه حب Month ago +1

      ​@XORTE3D1TSSwiftKey yfsww

  • GamingWithVictor
    GamingWithVictor Month ago +8

    bro gets 10x the amount of protein a bodybuilder gets 💀

  • •Cotton_Le_Fish•
    •Cotton_Le_Fish• Month ago +4

    Bro takes breakfast to the next level

  • Drinny
    Drinny 2 months ago +2045

    Bro ate an entire package of shredded cheese and a carton of eggs in one sitting, actual demon 💀

    • A Long Way to Go
      A Long Way to Go Month ago +1

      ​@agent 47You know those jiggly Japanese cakes? That's about how many eggs are in 'em.

    • A Long Way to Go
      A Long Way to Go Month ago +1

      Shredded cheese is meh, I could breathe shredded cheese for a living. Eggs, though... I feel like my wallet will be injured more than me...

      DAVID MASON Month ago

      2,593 calories

    • Geht dich nix an
      Geht dich nix an Month ago

      @Keeper of the Bread U understand me ingot big egggs for u

    • Keeper of the Bread
      Keeper of the Bread Month ago

      @Geht dich nix an excuse me? Wtf.

  • Banana
    Banana Month ago +6

    The amount of eggs bro used was enough to feed my whole family for a god damn week💀

  • Gio Blogging Channel
    Gio Blogging Channel Month ago +1

    Damn I’m already hungry bro it looks like a breakfast food to be honest :).

  • Prizmon
    Prizmon Month ago +328

    probably the healthiest meal he's made. but that's like being the tallest dwarf

  • A Clem
    A Clem Month ago +2

    I wish my will to live was as strong as his heart

  • FBL Editz
    FBL Editz Month ago +1

    This guy is the reason the egg industry is still alive

  • ᴇᴍᴠᴠɴ._
    ᴇᴍᴠᴠɴ._ 2 months ago +1749

    *cholesterol has left the chat to join his heart.*

    • im ahsan
      im ahsan Month ago

      @adventureexe he literally eats everything in the video

    • lonley
      lonley Month ago


    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha Month ago


    • Dawood Sulaiman
      Dawood Sulaiman Month ago +1

      This looks like a healthy keto diet for me if you follow one meal a day.

    • Neutral 10
      Neutral 10 2 months ago

      Your comment was better without the edit

  • Lomok Bern Thurg
    Lomok Bern Thurg Month ago +1

    This man ate 12 chickens in a moment.

  • Musical Chords
    Musical Chords 9 days ago +1

    this man eats more eggs than i have eaten in my entire life

  • Engineer gaming (walmart version)

    rare footage of zach choi not deep frying literally everything

  • Mr cool Mrs coolers
    Mr cool Mrs coolers Month ago +2

    This man loves egg more than his mom

  • Haris Fuady
    Haris Fuady Month ago

    That's all the calories I need for a week.. 😂

  • Nameless
    Nameless 2 months ago +1079

    zach: aye doc what did my cholesterol test come back at?
    doc: yes.

      APDI POTOSI 18 days ago

      Cocina super bien 😋 todo muy rico se ve 👌 porque no lo e privado haaaa esquisto

    • Dialogue
      Dialogue Month ago

      ​@instantsurgery, what about the mayonnaise???

    • SusPlushie
      SusPlushie Month ago

      @Елена Добрыдень да, я думаю, вы правы, но носить перчатки во время еды просто чрезмерно (если только она не острая)

    • Елена Добрыдень
      Елена Добрыдень Month ago

      ​@SusPlushie правильно он все делает по санитарии и гигиене надо готовить в перчатках

    • Upol Upol
      Upol Upol Month ago

      Самый последний тыква да

  • NealTV
    NealTV Month ago

    Man that looks so good I'm definitely going to try to make this soon

  • Anonymus Mus
    Anonymus Mus 25 days ago +1

    Bro even knows how to cut eggs without damaging the yolks

  • JamNeedsHelp
    JamNeedsHelp Month ago +198

    Zach isn’t scared of diarrhea, diarrhea is scared of him.

  • Chris Lin
    Chris Lin Month ago

    Love editing and sound. I wonder how long it took to film and edit effects this video?

  • Rida Jamadar
    Rida Jamadar 18 days ago

    Are you a Michelin 5 star chef couse damn bro you give what a good vibe to find out food prey!

  • RaspBerRy WC
    RaspBerRy WC 2 months ago +81

    "Would you eat this?"
    No bro, you already ate it 💀

  • Bea
    Bea 11 days ago

    I would defiantly try this. Look really good!

  • מיסלין
    מיסלין Month ago +1

    I'm impressed that he doesn't get fat even after eating all of that. it must be hours at the gym or whatever, I wish I had a metabolism like that :0

  • Damien Vryce
    Damien Vryce 2 months ago +171

    Would I eat that? No. Would I devour that like it's the last meal I'll ever eat? Yup.

    ULTimA EMPEROR Month ago +1

    You should have your own restaurant one day

  • Gala Stef
    Gala Stef Month ago

    очень бы хотелось узнать,из чего сделан рожок ?

  • Hd.1 Cool
    Hd.1 Cool Month ago +529

    This man’s heart is stronger than a hydronic press

    • Some frames
      Some frames 20 days ago

      Bro the food IS his heart

    • Skull
      Skull Month ago

      @Kizzy Benjamin raw egg yolk tastes good, it's just in the most parts of the world they are not safe to eat raw

    • Kizzy Benjamin
      Kizzy Benjamin Month ago

      i would but not with the egg yolk

    • Faiz Ali
      Faiz Ali Month ago

      When you want to look cool by commenting this but you don't even know how to spell Hydraulic Press.

    • Brandon R
      Brandon R Month ago +1

      Bro created a new word, hydronic uno

  • Praveen Chopra
    Praveen Chopra 22 days ago

    "No meal is complete without eggs"- Zach Choi

  • 얄룽
    얄룽 Month ago +1

    보면 재료가 항상 신선해서 기분 좋음 ㅋㅋㅋ 최상급 신선함인듯

  • Audske
    Audske 2 months ago +195

    My man had the perfect chance to just make some deviled eggs

  • DogesSportsCentral
    DogesSportsCentral Month ago

    I wanna eat all the food you make 🥺

  • Anthony Beltran
    Anthony Beltran Month ago

    I didn't watch the video but I'm so hungry that yes. Yes, I'd eat whatever you just made.

  • ARIbro
    ARIbro Month ago +247

    Dude has surpassed human capabilities

  • JennySavage
    JennySavage Month ago

    "He was doing good until he pulled out the cheese" - The chronicles of Zack's heart

  • Okay???
    Okay??? 19 days ago

    I make this all the time bc of him. He cooks so much good food❤❤❤❤😂😂😂

  • wannabe_famous_person
    wannabe_famous_person 2 months ago +1624

    My guy is the one starting the egg shortage 💀
    Edit: thanks for the likes

  • Harry Keeling
    Harry Keeling 12 days ago

    Truly, the first horseman of the eggpocalypse.

  • SpiritualLifeCoach43

    I cant with the raw eggs but most of his food looks delicious. Glad he is enjoying. I enjoy watching all of the beautiful colors.

  • CSScode
    CSScode 2 months ago +329

    if anyone can make an asmr right, it’s this guy.

    • purpose and goals
      purpose and goals 2 months ago +2

      Yup because he neat with it too

    • CSScode
      CSScode 2 months ago +8

      Wait a sec I posted this comment yesterday and I got more likes than I did on a comment from 3 MONTHS AGO. Thanks so much for all that!!! 😁

  • Sasorithecat
    Sasorithecat Month ago

    God tier egg muffin right here:

  • Milk And Cereal
    Milk And Cereal 2 months ago +2042

    His cholesterol: 📈📈📈

    • Blue Line Troop.
      Blue Line Troop. 2 months ago

      That really looks good

    • instantsurgery
      instantsurgery 2 months ago +3

      recent science has debunked this old myth, you can now eat lots of eggs no problem

    • Phoenix Gaming
      Phoenix Gaming 2 months ago


    • Leslie Sharon
      Leslie Sharon 2 months ago

      @AcidRained egg yolks....doy!

    • AcidRained
      AcidRained 2 months ago

      How is eggs making he cholesterol go high?

  • Reaper_man7700
    Reaper_man7700 Month ago

    That looks good
    Request: could you make a recipe video for that

  • Teacup
    Teacup Month ago +1

    The cheese cone caught me off guard😂

  • Anya💖
    Anya💖 2 months ago +426

    Zach's heart is working harder than all my teacher's I have every had combined💀

    • Omar Abade
      Omar Abade Month ago +1

      اورىولر ذارزيوبةيتءفارؤلاقشضص٢غربا٤بلسفيصضثلس1شىذىملاةيليخبر٤ا٦اباااعقلللتلرياثصثبلةرءيلىىةفسلاع٤ثبلغغقثيللففقثيرةفصثللابثثصصثاوى

    • Omar Abade
      Omar Abade Month ago +1

      @Raphaël Cormier ضبا

    • Omar Abade
      Omar Abade Month ago +1

      @Stephanie Richards ضيببض

    • Yanluis SntiGo
      Yanluis SntiGo Month ago +2


    • Hasan Ażîż
      Hasan Ażîż 2 months ago +1

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  • Mo Bamba
    Mo Bamba Month ago

    Bro burning calories like Flash!

  • お手つき
    お手つき 11 days ago


  • Kaan
    Kaan Month ago +27

    -How do you want your diarrhea?

  • bbbbbb
    bbbbbb Month ago +2

    9 out of 10 dentists hate this guy

  • TheSolarr
    TheSolarr Month ago

    Как же ты вкусно кусаешь! Я ж только поел)

  • Tulz
    Tulz 2 months ago +281

    Zach is just the fit nickado avocado.

    • Yesnt0073
      Yesnt0073 2 months ago +7

      Matt stone and every other competitive eater in the world:

    • SheepishBaton03
      SheepishBaton03 2 months ago +5


    • Lily
      Lily 2 months ago +3


  • lynsey rambhajan
    lynsey rambhajan Month ago

    Bruh this dde is a master chef and asmr master

  • oog boog
    oog boog Month ago +1

    my blood pressure rises whenever he eats the entire thing
    also probably my cholesterol

  • Epicduck9 From italy
    Epicduck9 From italy Month ago +180


  • Lucie Rebeyrol
    Lucie Rebeyrol Month ago

    Sa a l'air d'être un vrai régal 🥰😋

  • Cataliszt
    Cataliszt 24 days ago

    This man works at the gym 24/7 💀

  • Darion Zeiglerwheeler
    Darion Zeiglerwheeler 2 months ago +233

    This guy needs to create an English cookbook some of this I could make for parties

    • Mikey
      Mikey 2 months ago

      @Amy Wagreich Their name is Zach. And it's clearly a man. 💀

    • ً
      ً 2 months ago

      @Amy Wagreich no. wtf are you on about

    • Amanda Stubbs
      Amanda Stubbs 2 months ago

      Real though

    • laila
      laila 2 months ago

      @Amy Wagreich what

  • Dottore
    Dottore Month ago

    “Mmm mmm, tastes like heart attack”

  • Enoch
    Enoch Month ago

    Bro cholesterol through the roof rn 💀

  • 60NE
    60NE 2 months ago +327

    This man keeps every dairy supplier in full.

  • RIM
    RIM Month ago +15

    I am pregnant and cannot cook because of my aversion to smells 😖. But I find myself giving in to your cooking and wishing I could taste it 😋

  • DRAKDAYSa.k.a.闇の化け猫


  • HaydenTCEM 2
    HaydenTCEM 2 2 months ago +234

    This looks like the last meal of a death row inmate on Keto

  • Apex
    Apex Month ago

    Nice chopping - Uncle Roger

  • Juniper Peacher
    Juniper Peacher 15 days ago

    Did I just see this exact recipe made by another Asian Chef just a few videos ago in the algorithm? Yes. Yes I did.

  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris 2 months ago +100

    Bro used a whole dozen eggs....that's too rich for my blood💰

    • The Baker Girls
      The Baker Girls Month ago +1

      Yup, eggs at $6-7 a dozen right now….like wth🙄

  • PES ⚽
    PES ⚽ Month ago

    This guy loves eggs more than his heart 💀

  • Boog B
    Boog B Month ago

    Hell naw be pootin' all damn day

  • David Karman
    David Karman Month ago +408

    his heart works harder than a grand grandmother of 30 that has 94 jobs tbh

  • Jonathon Smith
    Jonathon Smith 2 days ago

    that looked amazing O_O

  • Elane Santiago
    Elane Santiago Month ago

    Heart: if you don't stop, I'll stop.

  • Carolyn STEVENSON
    Carolyn STEVENSON 2 months ago +191

    gordon ramsay in his mind: is this the diabetes chef

    • Hispanic Sissy
      Hispanic Sissy Month ago

      Or a chef of constipation and cholesterol 😂😂😂😂

    • Jacob Bender
      Jacob Bender Month ago +3

      There's no excess of carbs or sugars in this dish so no diabetes, just cholesterol and high blood pressure

    • Taña Nii
      Taña Nii Month ago +4

      But, it's literally eggs, vegetables, cheese and idk what the other sauce was. Lmao like it's not that bad

  • Nexus corp - gaming and animation

    “Hey man I gotta eat 30,000 calories a day”

  • TheGamer'sPlay
    TheGamer'sPlay 28 days ago

    "No, I would not eat this, Thanks"💀

  • Pedro Garcia
    Pedro Garcia Month ago +202

    my man just ate a $16 box of eggs.

  • Sear_.
    Sear_. Month ago

    everybody gangsta until mayonnaise kicks in

  • Anupam Mukherjee
    Anupam Mukherjee 28 days ago

    He ate all that melted cheese along with all those yolks.. legend

  • Tejas Raheja
    Tejas Raheja Month ago +171

    This man has an appetite greater than goku and luffy together

  • Islamic ☆ Saviors
    Islamic ☆ Saviors 16 days ago

    he didnt know what to do with the cheese so he made a cup out of it

  • vraven1997
    vraven1997 Month ago

    That cheese crust looks delicious on its own.

  • 승연 윤
    승연 윤 Month ago +6

    보기만해도 먹고싶어요 ㅎㅎㅎ 맛있어요 ???
    먹는소리도 실감납니다

  • Recap 62
    Recap 62 Month ago

    He gonna fry the universe if that's a case

  • dentoncify
    dentoncify Month ago

    I was surprised there was not any onion in his egg salad

  • Kenedi Nakai
    Kenedi Nakai 2 months ago +206

    sulphur burps entered the chat

    • ramen addict
      ramen addict 2 months ago

      Sulfur farts

    • Michael K
      Michael K 2 months ago

      Never even heard of sulfur burps until you just mentioned it. And it sounds absolutely disgusting and also easily avoidable lol

  • Samantha McPhee
    Samantha McPhee Month ago

    Tell me this,was my mom lying when she said you can’t eat too much raw egg,or did she just hate me sticking my fingers in cookie batter?Cuz he must’ve just eaten 20 raw eggs.
    Edit:I just rematches,and yeah he hard boiled them so please ignore this

  • Rampage_za
    Rampage_za Month ago

    I’m actually concerned now.

  • ryan john
    ryan john Month ago +128

    bro gained 10,000 calories in one bite

    • Dialogue
      Dialogue Month ago +1

      ​​@DRAGO NOID doubt it as he ate 3 heart attacks last time I remember 💀

      DRAGO NOID Month ago +1

      not if he vomits

      DAVID MASON Month ago +1

      2,593 calories in whole thing day and a quarter of food

  • Kristy Van Veen
    Kristy Van Veen 2 days ago

    Helllllllll yes!!!! Minus the yolk on top, the slicing skills is top-tier!! Super impressive

  • Goodmek
    Goodmek Month ago +1

    This guy cheese tolerance is beyond cat

  • C. Spaugh
    C. Spaugh 2 months ago +277

    That’s a $15 dollar meal right there. A rich man’s food. 😭 Which makes it even more delicious. 😂

    • myveryfirstname
      myveryfirstname 2 months ago

      That's just in eggs

    • ZeroSolis
      ZeroSolis 2 months ago

      ​@ISK1PLEGDAY wtf

    • C. Spaugh
      C. Spaugh 2 months ago

      @ISK1PLEGDAY I’d starve 😂

      ISK1PLEGDAY 2 months ago

      @C. Spaugh I wish I just bought chicken breasts the other day for $43.

    • C. Spaugh
      C. Spaugh 2 months ago

      @ISK1PLEGDAY I hope you are joking. That $40 chicken better be a dinosaur.

  • Gibson Rammidi
    Gibson Rammidi 6 days ago

    Man is stronger than a damn nuclear power plant 💀