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18 DEADLY Tech Fails that need to be BANNED.

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I can't believe we actually got hold of the Legendary Galaxy Note 7 🔥
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  8 months ago +2990

    Yooo, long time no see! Just so you're updated, I've spent the last week in North Carolina, and I've filmed no less than 3 BIG videos that are all dropping this July 🔥
    For more Tech Fails: clip-share.net/video/IErvIekMD3U/video.html

    • CookieDaCat
      CookieDaCat 20 hours ago +1

      @well wisher well said! ❤️✨✨✨❤️

    • well wisher
      well wisher Day ago

      May your video reach a wider audience

    • well wisher
      well wisher Day ago +1

      Good content!!!!❤❤❤

    • CookieDaCat
      CookieDaCat 6 days ago

      @Selleena Rane You are a good person for wasting your time to help other people ! :)

    • Syed Ayan Ather
      Syed Ayan Ather 6 days ago

      To compete with the airbus A320neo fuel efficient engines, Boeing made there own but then came the problem of installing them on the 737. These engines were bigger and could not fit beneath the wing of 737. So the engine were installed a bit ahead of the wing to make them fit. This caused the 737 to pitch up by itself. So the MCAS system was installed which controlled this issue but due to wrong readings being fed to the MCAS from the sensors the doomed planes pitched up by themselves making them stall and💥 18:10

  • MrUnknown
    MrUnknown 8 months ago +4813

    “The developers of the SMTH app are actually the repair workers for the phones”

    • Omarplayz
      Omarplayz 2 days ago

      makes sense😂

    • Fuecoco
      Fuecoco 4 days ago

      Captilisim at its finest

    • Alaska
      Alaska 11 days ago

      Lol They need money 💀💀

    • The sensory corner
      The sensory corner 18 days ago

      @DON'T CLICK ON PROFILE PHOTO shut up I can do whatever I want 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pranav Nigam
    Pranav Nigam 8 months ago +1653

    Arun: "This product destroyed the entirety of Earth"
    Also Arun: "6 out of 10 fail"

  • JoeeeeD
    JoeeeeD 8 months ago +186

    Great to see you including a wider variety of stuff in these videos beyond just electronic devices, especially the pharmaceutical industry. If you're going to include banned medications then the top of the list in your next video should be Thalidomide. What it did was absolutely tragic, it was banned decades ago yet people are still suffering and living with severe disabilities to this day. Thousands of families destroyed and lives lost too.

    • Dimas Akbar
      Dimas Akbar Month ago

      @Wint3r existing drug, was remarketed after trial that conclude "no fetal / mother fatalities" in animal subject as general purpose "anti morning sickness drug" worldwide.
      Cause babies carried by mother that ingest it to had "flipper hand" syndrome (i.e. fetuses fails to develop all 4 limbs).

    • Wint3r
      Wint3r Month ago

      what did it do?

    • Dimas Akbar
      Dimas Akbar 4 months ago +1

      In a tragic way, thalidomide tragedy was the wake up call and the start of modern system of pharmacovigilance. I am sure bextra victim will be higher without lessons learned from that tragedy.

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal 7 months ago +2

      An easy tie for that Lithium and ketamine for acute depression. Lithium can cause all kinds of awful problems including brain damage. It was based incomplete science, and families desperate to provide reliefe to people suffering from depression.
      The other one that's just as criminal is the massive, massive failure of the diabetese medication and the abject failure of any goverment to keep a private company from raping patience, all because fairly well wide spread condition.

    • Gork Skoal
      Gork Skoal 7 months ago


  • DefinitelyZack
    DefinitelyZack 4 months ago +75

    Arun: '' this product was so terrible it gave random people a button to kill anyone they wanted with complete anonymity''
    also Arun: '' 6/10 ''

  • rajveer singh
    rajveer singh 8 months ago +158

    The smile Arun had while declaring "Now is when things get fatal". He is the one who would support the terminators, for the tech of it.

    • Bost
      Bost 7 months ago +5

      For real lol.
      "But NOW, is when things get FATAL. 😃😃"

  • Gaming with C
    Gaming with C 5 months ago +86

    Hi Arun, about the 737 MAX, Boeing tried to mitigate retraining pilots to be able to make use of the 737 MAX Asap. So they fitted it with MCAS, which corrects the automatic pitch up maneuvoure due to the larger engine fitted under its wing. Unfortunately, the MCAS would often (if not always) over trim the aircraft causing it to go into an irreversible dive.

    • YouTuber cs:go TH
      YouTuber cs:go TH 7 days ago

      They are two accidents 737 Max in Ethiopia and Indonesia

    • Deniz Turkmen
      Deniz Turkmen 3 months ago

      @Midnigh7X Correct. Boeing wanted to compete with Airbus without an overhaul, and then tried to fix a hardware problem with a software. They definitely deserved the first place in this list.

    • Pearloryx
      Pearloryx 3 months ago

      @Midnigh7X correct, you got more info than this comment

    • Midnigh7X
      Midnigh7X 4 months ago +5

      Yeah, didn't they add larger engines, but because they were larger they didn't fit in the normal location, so they also had to move them forward?
      Basically, the plane should have required a new type rating due to all the changes, but boeing didn't want that as airlines didn't want to train pilots again. So instead they marketed it as the same (for pilots anyway) as the 737. And due to that, pilots were not trained on the new systems, and ultimately, died

  • May42o
    May42o 8 months ago +4173

    Arun: "This product killed over a hundred people"
    Also Arun: "7 out of 10"

    • Domgo
      Domgo 8 days ago

      7/10 is a pretty bad rating, I'd say that's balanced for the kind of fail

    • Ferdinand W.
      Ferdinand W. 2 months ago


    • lifinale
      lifinale 3 months ago

      @Thanos Why is thanos saying this

    • Thanos
      Thanos 3 months ago

      • This means we should follow Jesus to understand God's word.
      • Jesus is the light: righteousness and goodness. We should be like Jesus in order to live a life of righteousness and overcome the evil around us. By doing so, we can escape sin and have a true relationship with God.

    • lifinale
      lifinale 3 months ago

      Relatively. Relatively.
      Please understand what relative means.

  • DELAS ALAS, Zevastian C.
    DELAS ALAS, Zevastian C. 8 months ago +60

    This is such a good video, Arun. The amount of research, locations, and editing that this video needed is enormous. Thank you for doing this 👌❤️

    • MacJams
      MacJams 4 months ago +1

      such a good video about things that were or never should be 'banned' as per the title?

  • TBUK
    TBUK 7 months ago +50

    This is a common misconception. While part of the reason was the battery being too thin, the main issue was a manufacturing defect in the corner of most of the batteries at launch, which was a tiny dent in the top (left?) corner. This would cause the battery to eventually short out, as the dent caused both terminals to eventually touch each other. Most people's phones were exploding while fast charging, which was likely due to the increased power going through the battery, and lithium-ion batteries do not take well to being shorted out like that.
    Edit: Normally defects of that scale would be perfectly fine, and would never cause issues, but they made the battery too thin, meaning it shorted it out easier. Just wanted to clarify that.

    • TeeBird10
      TeeBird10 5 months ago +6

      Samsung could rebrand the galaxy note 7 as a grenade, you know, for their military manufacturing

  • gamer661
    gamer661 5 months ago +24

    Arun: "This product killed 150 people"
    Also Arun: "8/10 Fail"

    • Domgo
      Domgo 8 days ago

      That's still pretty balanced

    • Olivia
      Olivia 11 days ago

      The higher the score the worst it is

  • Kihaka
    Kihaka 7 months ago +71

    There was also another problem with the fit-bit, when some of the straps would irritate your skin and leave a rash and still the company hasn't dealt with it yet.

    • Staringcorgi6
      Staringcorgi6 4 months ago +1

      @Samuel S don’t buy the silcon ones

    • Samuel S
      Samuel S 4 months ago +6

      even apple watches has that problem..buy strap that suits your skin

    • rushy♡
      rushy♡ 5 months ago

      Get better skin

    • Omar Kabir
      Omar Kabir 5 months ago

      Probably should’ve put a before .

    • Maxim Vanderhoeden
      Maxim Vanderhoeden 5 months ago +4

      well that is the only current problem i have, but its fixable by just buying a new strap

  • Corn trooper
    Corn trooper 3 months ago +50

    People have survived plane crashes before but very rarely. But they’ve mostly been water landings because the water cushioned the blow. Also thanks for warning me about the Ionic and all other modern Fitbit models. The one I have currently hasn’t overheated because it has less features. I was thinking of getting a versa 4 for Christmas but after watching with what happened with the Ionic, I’m getting a little bit weary.

    • Wint3r
      Wint3r Month ago

      @TheBlueChurch than*

    • TheBlueChurch
      TheBlueChurch 2 months ago +1

      This is just, bullshit lmao.
      Aircraft are I N C R E D I B L Y safe, and the pilot does everything he can to land safely. A crash isn't immediately fatal to anyone onboard, the people at risk are the flight crew and first-class passengers.
      Just because Sully put it on the Hudson, doesn't mean water is safer then a flat piece of dirt.

    • your mother
      your mother 2 months ago


    • Atto boi
      Atto boi 3 months ago +7

      honestly, this feels incredibly wrong, and id like you to back this up with any sources, I was on quite a "plane disaster" binge here on youtube, and most survivals are actually on mountainsides or fairly close to the airport/recovery services.
      A crash on the water certainly cushions the blow but majority of the time the people just survive until they drown, alive and aware, very sad

  • Bryan Price
    Bryan Price 8 months ago +2526

    I had one of those pacemakers. I kept asking about getting it updated, and my cardiologist kept telling me that I didn't need to update it. Evidently the update could stop your heart from beating for a certain amount of time, and they were worried about that with me, since I was (and still am) totally dependent on a machine to keep my heart pumping. It got replaced with a different model pacemaker because the battery was almost gone, so my tech is now updated, finally. :/

    • gigachad
      gigachad Month ago

      @deez because we can mongol

    • Sheep2nd
      Sheep2nd Month ago

      @fury road you haven’t uploaded anything and ur saying ur rich. Where is ur common sense at.

    • Sheep2nd
      Sheep2nd Month ago

      @Real Life 3D lol

    • Grunt
      Grunt Month ago

      @deez what is happening

    • Michael Cortez
      Michael Cortez Month ago +1

      I’ve said to a doctor who was just as dumb after screwing up my grandmas surgery: “did you got an accredited medical school?”.

  • HarmonTheCat
    HarmonTheCat 6 months ago +38

    To this day my favorite banned iPhone app was the secret tethering app that looked like a basic calculator that allowed you to tether other devices to your internet without going through your carrier and didn't require a jailbreak. My second favorite was the secret app store disguised as a coloring book app that let you download the premium paid apps for free again, without a jailbreak.

    • Caflee
      Caflee Month ago

      @HarmonTheCat do u think it’s still possible to acquire? sorry for asking but I want to like see it

    • HarmonTheCat
      HarmonTheCat 6 months ago +3

      @Randomodude Dang, I don't remember the coloring book one but the calculator one was called FlashArmyKnife. I had them when I had an iPhone 5S which was my last iPhone before going to Samsung. Imo 5 was the best model

    • Randomodude
      Randomodude 6 months ago

      can you tell the names please?

  • asmr zonza
    asmr zonza 7 months ago +20

    About the Boeing: there was a flaw in the coding so basically they used this software to like see if the nose was too high up of the plane to correct it, but the problem was it was only tested in military planes like hornet, so the plane corrected the angle too much and made it dive straight to the ground since the system thought the plane was in danger

  • CageCrafter
    CageCrafter 4 months ago +4

    Arun: "This product is a nuclear bomb which destroyed the entire observable universe"
    Also Arun: "A solid 3.5 out of 10"

  • Emmanuel Cox
    Emmanuel Cox 8 months ago +20

    I now know I like this guy. I at first thought I had some type of prejudicial dislike of him maybe because he was too smooth and that goes against my grain but I love this guy because he does seem to care about things and many of them seem not to be regarding how much money he can make off of a ad for a person it seems as his reviews are sincere and these seem not to have to do with what I've seen only from him which is technology I really love the fact that this guy cares about people's safety and he brings up some safety issues which people should be concerned about if they have children especially with the toys and the baby monitors yeah this guy is getting a big a+ from me.

  • Cheezballz
    Cheezballz 3 months ago +82

    Arun: there were 477 exploding baby monitors
    Also Arun: 5/10 fail
    Me: thats just 5/10 :(

  • Dev Wave
    Dev Wave 8 months ago +993

    Samsung: tries to never mention the explosive galaxy, hoping everyone forgets about it
    Arun: releases a video annually mentioning the phone

    • Galaxy rock Studio
      Galaxy rock Studio 3 months ago

      @Striker bro even s20 ultras are exploding and z fold 2’s💀 what you on about

    • Striker
      Striker 3 months ago

      I don't think that true, when Samsung learned about it, they forced a firmware update limiting the charge limit on the battery, disabled VR. and attempted to get the phones back. Thing that "Apple" refused to do when their phones failed.
      PS. Yes i do know both version of the Note 7 were recalled, they released the second batch too soon, before they knew what the problem was (In my opinion). As well Note 7 owners got replacement phones, while they were not "Note", when the next Note came out it was one good deal.

    • scout tf2
      scout tf2 4 months ago

      @Grim PandaSlayer which MacBook? Also give a source, all I can find it “MacBook Pro explodes under one guys normal use”

    • Danny 310
      Danny 310 6 months ago +1


    • Galaxy rock Studio
      Galaxy rock Studio 6 months ago

      @Android Games Curious nah only from fools who mention iPhone 6 for folding

  • Metal Custard
    Metal Custard 7 months ago +14

    Also with the Boeing case the ceo simply tried to brush it off with pilot error, saying their training wasn’t good enough, and eventually resigning but taking a huge amount of money out of it. Plus Boeing WAS known for their incredible quality, but with wanting to keep up with airbus they rushed orders just leaving mistakes as if they weren’t there leading to even more backlash.

    • Dimas Akbar
      Dimas Akbar 4 months ago +1

      Even among aviation fan, many still use that same argument, basically supercharged by a dose of american exceptionalism and racism considering the most famous accident happened in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

  • L1z4rdon
    L1z4rdon 8 months ago +4

    I actually really like the SMTH app. Really fun to see it measure how far your throws are.

  • Basit Hakim
    Basit Hakim 3 months ago +3

    Hey Arun! Love your content!
    The last part where you pointed your other videos and there was nothing behind can be added to your tech fail video list next time😂
    Love you bro!

  • Benjamin Rangel
    Benjamin Rangel 8 months ago

    So nice to see Arun filming outside more often now. Also the quality of the videos are just getting better.

  • Richard
    Richard 5 months ago

    The quality of your videos is absolutely incredible! Thank you for making these

  • Sidd
    Sidd 8 months ago +689

    The treadmill tech reminds me how big of a responsibility a product creator takes upon before thinking to release the product in the market.

    • jakerockznoodles
      jakerockznoodles 3 months ago +1

      @MrSHURIKENCHO No, but they maybe shouldn't design their ovens in such a way that a kid could easily turn it on, get inside and close it behind them leaving them trapped inside. The problem here isn't that the mechanism is dangerous, but that it's too easily accessible to people who shouldn't be near it. Same reason we commonly put caps on medicine bottles so kids can't easily open them, or put safety switches in devices with rotating blades.
      There's always going to be a human factor, but you've still got a responsibility to account for that somewhat when designing products.

      MrSHURIKENCHO 8 months ago +5

      Really? It reminds me of how stupid people are. So if a kid goes into the oven and dies they should recall all ovens?

    • wallywallendo
      wallywallendo 8 months ago

      Still bad design, like if your company has some fault you need to change

    • Netts
      Netts 8 months ago +1

      @Ronin R Did you not watch the video?

    • nor hafiz abd rahim
      nor hafiz abd rahim 8 months ago +8

      It is more like stupid parenting. My job is to deliver and service treadmill, and I always told the owner to keep the safety key away for this exact reason.
      You cant really blame the manufacturers as most modern treadmill has a hydraulic mechanism and wheels to assist folding and moving around. Some models only needs as little as 5lbs of force to fold it. That makes even kids can lift it, even while the treadmill was on.

  • Anonymous Internet User
    Anonymous Internet User 8 months ago +4

    Never seen this channel before but dude, love your presentation style. Also nice to see a video where there isn't a face zoom every 5 seconds.

  • Thorninjag
    Thorninjag 4 months ago +3

    Arun: this item made people blind.
    Also Arun: 5/10.

  • Platoon Goon
    Platoon Goon 3 months ago +2

    The focus on the outdoor shots is wildly tight, it's appealing and also making the shots feel tighter than they are.

  • Marc Henning
    Marc Henning 6 months ago +3

    My company bought 10 of those Samsungs. On the day we got them a staff member dropped one and the screen broke, the cost to replace it was exorbitant so it got thrown in a drawer. When the recall happened we tried to send it back as well but they wouldn't take it back. So a damaged note lives on in the cupboard never even got charged once.

  • Macadelic
    Macadelic 3 months ago +26

    Any fail that caused death is a 10/10

  • Logan
    Logan 8 months ago +465

    Man, I seriously love this series and the fact that you buy these failed products, steps thing up a notch.

    • DragonSteel
      DragonSteel 8 months ago

      Cool just don't tell him fly the jet

    • Aim_bot873
      Aim_bot873 8 months ago

      @Logan I agree. "decoding what he said is beyond science"

    • Aim_bot873
      Aim_bot873 8 months ago

      I agree. "decoding what he said is beyond science"

    • Logan
      Logan 8 months ago

      @Aim_bot873 Yeah. My 69 braincells died trying to decode that sh*t

    • glockg5dpgmg&r⭐️
      glockg5dpgmg&r⭐️ 8 months ago

      Goofy ah thumbnail

  • Keyboard Clicks
    Keyboard Clicks 7 months ago +1

    love ur vids like these, entertaining but "somewhat educational", and u obviously put in effort

  • Skittlez
    Skittlez 8 months ago +3

    Your channel is so good that even a video about failures is enjoyable!

  • Derian
    Derian 2 months ago

    These vids never get boring i been watching ur vids all day and im still entertained!! nice vids👍👍

  • Tinotenda Katemauswa
    Tinotenda Katemauswa 8 months ago

    definitely diving into your videos. Thank you so much for taking the ti to teach us that are green in the field. Have a great day

  • Domehammer
    Domehammer 3 months ago +27

    Using a electric blanket while SLEEPING? That is madness...

    • DynoGamerGurl
      DynoGamerGurl Month ago

      I do that but I turn it to low. The few times I forgot, it got warm and I woke up because it felt like someone was scratching my leg…it was the heat.
      Never burned myself tho so idk how anyone can sleep with a blanket on high let alone not feel of their on fire 😳

    • Wasp are here
      Wasp are here 2 months ago +4

      If you got fucked up joints bones etc sometimes it’s a requirement for sleep.

  • shohmyoh
    shohmyoh 8 months ago +875

    Both Manhunt games created a bunch of controversy. I think the main reson for Manhunt 2 getting banned and censored was because you were supposed to swing your arms with the Wiimote in a way that was similar to killing someone. I did see some news report and the host looked shocked beyond belief. But then again most NEWS programs show videogames as the most dangerous device in your home.

    • Soupy Mittens
      Soupy Mittens 3 months ago

      Wait wait wait wait wait
      That game was on the Wii?

    • Brillo, Jayson S.
      Brillo, Jayson S. 3 months ago +2

      @The name's Fidel ey same. im usually trigger-happy and sadistic in most violent games, but im very afraid to slit a chicken's throat for roasting, let alone murder somebody. it's all about control and thinking these two worlds are separate.

    • CardMasterLive
      CardMasterLive 4 months ago

      ​@a1boPlayz Blade and Sorcery is great just saying lol

    • Nawako
      Nawako 4 months ago +2

      Manhunt 2: gets banned in 2 countries
      Postal 2: "Watch me"

    • Dominika Kratochvíl
      Dominika Kratochvíl 4 months ago +2

      Every News after some tragedy is like: “Man killed 10 people. Experts believe it was caused by violence in My Little Ponny games the man played. Goverment decided to cancel this game, so incident won’t repeat.”
      Parents in whole country: 😱😱😱
      Kids in whole country:😭😭😭

  • Dhirein Gamage
    Dhirein Gamage 8 months ago +1

    Your content is getting increasingly better with every video. You have my RESPECT.

  • VX
    VX 8 months ago +1

    WOW learned a lot from this video, love how the videos cover more than just electronics🔥

  • Paul's Aviation Vlogs
    Paul's Aviation Vlogs 4 months ago +4

    17:08 Yup, I definitely heard about the problem with the Boeing 737MAX. In fact, during that time, the majority of headlines were all about how its system screwed up and had a tendency to almost crash the planes.
    18:07 Also, what a coincidence that I'm watching this video in an Opera GX browser

  • BagOfNoob
    BagOfNoob 7 months ago +1

    at one point in time, a bunch of hyundais and kias had engine fires, meaning that they had to recall all of the ones that had that issue. luckily, the manufacturers of hundai and kia cars have came back from that incident very well, because the kia seltos has a good kelly blue book rating

  • André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

    Arun: this product destroyed 36 galaxies
    Also Arun: 5/10 fail

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco 8 months ago +445

    I remember seeing the Nano all over the place. The problems you mentioned weren't it's only downsides tho, it wasn't the strongest from what I know. This one time, I was going back home from school in the school bus. This nano came in like a snail, rammed into us, our bus drove away and what I saw behind was the car with a dent so big. Like the whole front was curved inward lmao and the lady driving was just flabbergasted

    • Rajneesh Suvarna
      Rajneesh Suvarna 8 months ago

      That dent was big because the Nano has its boot in the front, so its just empty space crumbling. What you missed is that the woman was flabbergasted and not injured.
      Fires in motor vehicles ICE or electric are not unheard of. To quote s study
      "From 2012 - 2021, there has been approximately one Tesla vehicle fire for every 210 million miles traveled. By comparison, data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and U.S. Department of Transportation shows that in the United States there is a vehicle fire for every 19 million miles travelled."
      By that yardstick, 10 fires in Nanos is not cataclysmic. To put things in perspective the Pontiac Fiero had a fire in one of every 400 cars sold.
      The $200,000-plus price tag Lamborghinis Gallardo has had fires reported from all over the world. Certainly more than the Nano and on much lesser numbers sold

    • Coco Loco
      Coco Loco 8 months ago

      @Dog it's not a competition lmao, all cars should generally be safe. From what I know, relatively all Teslas are safe. The ones that caught fire were recalled and replaced and others have a high rating on safety, unlike nano. Not against nano either since it sounds like a better alternative to a bike or a scootie, that is if they fixed the fire thing.

    • Dog
      Dog 8 months ago +1

      10 fires is nothing compared to tesla fires , also taking ur family of 4 is safer on a nano than on a single scooter on bad roads?. Of course u cant expect everything does a bike have AC? Nanos are quite common even now after 10 years in rural areas, owners kids wouldve probably fallen down the hill if they rode to school over a pothole. I am totally greatfull that there is a product that could cater to the needs of some people and save so many lives

    • El Ultimo
      El Ultimo 8 months ago +1

      My question is whether the Nano is potentially more dangerous in an accident than a scooter or Lambretta. The US is "Safety-mad" with mandated car designs, yet still allows motorcycles & scooters.

    • aiden arts
      aiden arts 8 months ago

      Bus is rambrom

  • hu
    hu 8 months ago +22

    3:05 Now here’s the main problem with this, Polaris isn’t mainly at fault here. If anything the manufacturers at the dealership that sell the OHVs are at fault. This is because the OHVs do not come fully built when they are delivered to a dealership, the mechanics have to wire the power and put on the roll cage that goes on top of the OHV if it comes with one . The OHV only comes with the whole body itself that’s delivered. The mechanics/dealer manufacturers still have to put some of the parts together in order for it to work.

    • hu
      hu 7 months ago

      @SPoD No, because dealer employees are trained by the dealer high rankings who are told how to assemble them correctly. But some people fuck up.

    • SPoD
      SPoD 7 months ago

      Wouldn’t that still be the fault of Polaris, though? It sounds like they forgot to mention either the proper torque specification or thread sealant.

  • nurt44
    nurt44 8 months ago

    It’s crazy with the invo spa blanket last night I was thinking about how good of an idea it would be to choose where ur blanket would heat up and how hot lol

  • CheetosNFL
    CheetosNFL 5 months ago

    I’d love to see Mrwhostheboss do the Cicret bracelet. I just saw Captain Disillusion do a video on it and think it’s the perfect topic for a tech fail video

  • Bele Lokai
    Bele Lokai 8 months ago

    I have been watching you since the beginning. It just occurred to me.. Your energy, the way you narate and personality is half the reason I am a fan.

  • Combyte_Dev
    Combyte_Dev 2 months ago

    Great vid and i've been using Opera GX for a while now and the Opera browsers are deff my fav

  • Erebos
    Erebos 8 months ago

    Lawn Darts are still available here in Germany, you even could get them from amazon just a year ago or so. But we don’t have warning labels to put pets in a microwave either…

  • Sim z
    Sim z 8 months ago +1

    It's crazy that car manufacturers barely need to test these scenarios. That's scary... I mostly blame the lack of tech-savvy law makers... It's embarrassing how little our government knows about technology...

  • A random guy
    A random guy 5 months ago

    I was legit asking for a pelotron treadmill because they looked so cool being able to watch things whilst running

  • Hi
    Hi 7 months ago

    I love how the selfie stick is more dangerous than a blowing up phone

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    • caav56
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      @Armorpiercerkุ้ง IIRC, in Watchdogs, it isn't. Aiden uses normal RF link to "update" it to force a heart attack.
      Maybe same applies to Hacknet, when you less connect directly to pacemaker and more to the computed that controls the pacemaker.

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    For the 737 Max, I think a big reason why it was sped through FAA approval since both the update to the Airbus A320 neo and more importantly, the Airbus A220 which was originally designed, engineered and manufactured by the Canadian company Bombardier as the "Bombardier CS series". These were much more fuel efficient than the Boeing 737 and US airlines such as Delta made huge orders for this advanced aircraft. There seemed to be some backroom deals done by Boeing and the FAA where they first banned the aircraft not for any safety reasons, but because they said the Canadian government helped with investment (Which apparently the US government never does for Boeing and their numerous defence contracts /s). Eventually Airbus partnered with Bombardier and assembles some parts of the plane in their Alabama plant. It's a very well designed plane, and rather than innovate and compete, Boeing tried to weasel their dangerous plane onto the market.
    Airbus saw the value and innovations of the plane and partnered with, and then bought up Bombardier's passenger plane division. (Makes it cheaper to produce now since Airbus has way more buying power than Bombardier)

    • Liam Farrell
      Liam Farrell 6 months ago

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    • akbar khan
      akbar khan 6 months ago

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    • akbar khan
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      @Liam Farrell I assume you watched the documentary on netflix? I find it also to be factual.

    • Supreme Bad Racing
      Supreme Bad Racing 7 months ago +1

      The Airbus A320neo was marketed as being almost identical to the A320ceo and it was close enough pilots didn't need to retrain (correct if I'm wrong). At the same time, Boeing was aware the 737 MAX had different handling characteristics due to the placement of the LEAP 1B higher up the wing. But to compete with Airbus, they had to advertise the plane as identical. No additional simulator training was necessary and they only gave an iPad training session I think. MCAS was not mentioned

    • Sean Rosairo
      Sean Rosairo 8 months ago

      @Patfre Those were the old Boeing designs. Ones where engineers called the shots instead of the modern beancounter Boeing

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    They are being rebranded and sold even on Amazon at very cheap prices. I was thinking of buying one then I though it could be a fire hazard.
    So I googled it and found news about some even catching fire. They are still available on amazon though.

  • JBest9
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    Ok for the peloton one they actually fixed it. About half a year ago after they started noticing the safety issues, they added a code you had to know in order to even get the treadmill to work. But yeah I could definitely see the treadmill leading to many safety problems still
    Edit: also they made a new model of the treadmill that is still being sold

    • JamesTK
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    If they had cracked then the damp air would have caused them to ignite!
    Half a ton of batteries in a BEV is very dangerous. Almost impossible to put the fire out.

  • Stevie-Ray
    Stevie-Ray 8 months ago

    One aspect of those lawn-darts which made them so dangerous is kind of related to that Send Me To Heaven app, where kids being kids would try to see how high they could throw them! (Imagine if those darts were available now with inbuilt GPS/WiFi to let you know!)

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    The problem is that Boeing wanted to rush the plane out and touted the MAX as a direct replacement to the 737, with no additional training needed. However, because of the engine being placed right on the wing instead of under the wing, the thrust would naturally make the 737 MAX nose up more than the 737, so they used software to adjust the flaps automatically, bringing the nose down to emanate the 737. The issue of the crashes was caused by that software misenterpeting incoming data, and automatically taking the plane down regardless of how hard the pilots tried to pitch up.
    All because a competitor was releasing a plane they thought would outcompete the Boeing 737. It's even more of a tragedy than is presented here.
    EDIT: not the flaps, the trim was being adjusted

    • yassen alyasiri
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      Nothing new just ordinary behavior of greedy big corporations.

    • AbhikamaP
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      @derbagger22 even if they knew the MCAS still bring the airplane down, the black box from Ethiopian airlines shown that the pilots knows how to turn off the MCAS, they did all the steps required written by Boeing itself, still the plane goes down

    • Pranav Kumar
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      So,like the HICAS is my late S13 Silva( 4 wheel steering) it made me Reverse hard into my neighbors truck, at low speed things HICAS system turns the opposite direction and at high speed it turns the same direction . This was a car from the 80's! Most people removed the HICAS. It resulted in a Wright off. Moral of the story is : don't over complicate things, I now just drive the new yaris.

    • derbagger22
      derbagger22 8 months ago +3

      The worst part about it was they sold an upgrade to the MCAS that involved more sensors, but wasn't provided for every plane. So when the sensors failed, that was it. The pilots needed to know how to override MCAS and most didn't know it was even there...

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