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Their Class played Subway Surfers in Real Life 😱🔥

  • Published on May 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • (Via kai.lewisssss/tt)
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  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok 4 months ago +153291

    The dog doesn’t deserve an Oscar he deserves a treat

    • T
      T 4 months ago +940

      300 likes but no replies let me fix that!!!!!🤓🤓🤓🤓
      Edit: there is now 111k likes btw

    • Kitto
      Kitto 4 months ago +472


    • Sęxÿ fashion
      Sęxÿ fashion 4 months ago +441

      Cheese 🧀 tax

    • 5 minutes kräft
      5 minutes kräft 4 months ago +102

      2 828 likes but only 3 replies lemme fix that

    • Khilly
      Khilly 4 months ago +86

      Hilarious !!! 😐

  • Hazel Kim
    Hazel Kim 13 days ago +3031

    These boys on the back being the guard and the dog deserves a raise 💀💀

    • Bunnygirl123
      Bunnygirl123 8 days ago +11

      He deserves a treat too 💀

    • 『iLoveHenryxLiam』
      『iLoveHenryxLiam』 5 days ago


    • Mutant
      Mutant 18 hours ago


    • Lord Jesus Christ is God and Saviour
      Lord Jesus Christ is God and Saviour 12 hours ago

      God, the Lord Jesus Christ loves you! Restore your relationship with God by repenting of your sins and putting your faith in Jesus Christ, "... that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures..." (1 Corinthians 15:3-4)

  • itzz_V👻☠️
    itzz_V👻☠️ 11 days ago +625

    That cute tiny voice of cat was just-😭❤️

    • Martha Molina
      Martha Molina 7 days ago +5

      What cat voice?

    • addicted to how to train your dragon
      addicted to how to train your dragon 7 days ago +5

      ITS A DOG!

    • 모 지워
      모 지워 5 days ago +12

      ​@addicted to how to train your dragonno when the melody goes like "mao mao mao mao, meow"

    • Soulsnatcher
      Soulsnatcher 4 days ago +3

      @모 지워that’s a girl from the acapella group Maytree

    • 모 지워
      모 지워 4 days ago +2

      @Soulsnatcher ik but I'm telling the person like a normal person would cause not everyone knows that 😀😀

  • TurtleNutShell
    TurtleNutShell 3 months ago +8921

    This is actually the most accurate subway surfers, other videos were not even close to subway surfers, these kids need a recognition

  • The4Transitions
    The4Transitions 13 days ago +261

    The fact that they body slammed the people at the end 💀 the dog needs an Oscar 😌🔥

  • The frog that watch’s you sleep

    Bro needs a whole prize for bringing nostalga

  • The Roblox Pancake king
    The Roblox Pancake king 27 days ago +7024

    bro the police officer needs a grammy and a oscar

  • Raynie Davis
    Raynie Davis 12 days ago +42

    The people he standing on needs an Oscar 💀

    • OmegaAlnitak
      OmegaAlnitak 7 days ago

      Bro needs the definition of an oscar

  • Fonzo
    Fonzo 9 days ago +20

    The dog and the “HUUH!!” got me 😂😂🤣🤣

    • poo poo
      poo poo 4 hours ago

      bro doesnt even tell him to stop, he just says "HUUH!!" and starts chasing him relentlessly

  • Reioloshi
    Reioloshi 3 months ago +17803

    yo these students all deserve an A+

  • Arcadia Kids
    Arcadia Kids 14 days ago +16

    bro stepped on his friends like there stairs💀

  • heyloo
    heyloo 9 days ago +4

    The police dude really looks like the actual police in subway surfers 💀

  • The_UnknownKing
    The_UnknownKing 3 months ago +6930

    I'm surprised his classmates agreed to that. It's nice seeing a whole class work together to make a video. 😎

    • PhantomFrenzy
      PhantomFrenzy 3 months ago +38

      I've been looking for this comment 🍷🗿

    • BigAce_79
      BigAce_79 3 months ago +5

      @PhantomFrenzy ong

    • アルチェスターアニメ
      アルチェスターアニメ 3 months ago +71

      They probably got the lightest kid to be the runner, so the kids who got stood on wouldn't hurt their backs

    • Princess Kenny
      Princess Kenny 3 months ago +5

      they a keeper

    • Rodica Vasluianu
      Rodica Vasluianu 3 months ago +2

      Yeah it's very nice. They did it like in video games but in real life. Original❤

  • Ellrobloxia☆彡
    Ellrobloxia☆彡 7 days ago +3

    The teachers pet in my class when I say the word “gay” :

  • princessloveskarley2
    princessloveskarley2 7 days ago +3


  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 3 months ago +8352

    These classmates are a treasure, just every single one of them wanted to participate in the video 😂

    • Cheezee
      Cheezee 3 months ago +14

      No comments? I'm sorry :(

    • user31
      user31 3 months ago +26

      They need those participation medals

    • Selu
      Selu 3 months ago +14

      😂 it looks so funny for no reason

    • sul tan
      sul tan 3 months ago +2


  • Senoki_slayer
    Senoki_slayer 12 days ago +2

    He stepped on his classmates like nothing mattered 💀

  • Foxy12
    Foxy12 Day ago +1

    They ALL need a oscar

  • TheBird'sALT
    TheBird'sALT 3 months ago +3171

    therapist: dreams have meanings
    my dreams:

    • Rosania Guzman
      Rosania Guzman 3 months ago +10


    • Wolf Scout
      Wolf Scout 3 months ago +13

      Girls dreams: I kissed my crush
      Boys dreams:

      ♡MISS_LEAVER♡ 3 months ago +7

      Every dream u have remembered have meaning
      The dream i remembered

    • Endycat
      Endycat 3 months ago +4

      Is it strange that I remember having a dream of microwaving a turtle then?

    • Altangadas Ariungerel
      Altangadas Ariungerel 3 months ago +3

      Then your dreams serves a purpose:
      Give depression because you wanted to be in that drean longer

  • Spectrickx
    Spectrickx 14 days ago +1

    They really picked the right actors.

  • Experiment Z0Z
    Experiment Z0Z Day ago +1

    bro stepped on his classmates 💀💀

  • Ana B
    Ana B 3 months ago +18493

    Bro stepped on his classmates so gently as if he was floating💀

    • hi hi
      hi hi 3 months ago +322

      That’s what I was thinking 😭

    • X_Pingwin_X
      X_Pingwin_X 3 months ago +36

      518 likes and only 2 replise? Let me fix that

    • hAwt_HiJabi
      hAwt_HiJabi 3 months ago +40

      FR 💀

    • Itz_kaytee
      Itz_kaytee 3 months ago +69

      Nahh bro was running with his crocs

  • Andisha Wafaaq
    Andisha Wafaaq 10 days ago +1

    Bro stepped on his

  • AmbushPlaysStuff
    AmbushPlaysStuff 11 days ago +1

    "bro stepped on his classmates" tbh i would too for the sake of my life not having to go to jail

  • The Turtle King
    The Turtle King 4 months ago +24782

    The most accurate part was the cop 💀

  • doggo
    doggo 3 days ago +1

    The camera man needs a raise

  • jelly doughnuT
    jelly doughnuT 11 days ago +2

    "the dog does get quirky at night" xD

  • Luqman Story
    Luqman Story 3 months ago +4434

    This class doesn't deserve Oscar, they deserve a pizza party

  • Phaser_1
    Phaser_1 7 days ago +1

    That ain’t subway surfers that’s metro sliders 💀💀🔥🔥

  • Save Ideas
    Save Ideas 6 days ago

    bro needs a oscar for acting

  • ꧁Pʜᴜᴏɴɢ Mᴀɪ꧂
    ꧁Pʜᴜᴏɴɢ Mᴀɪ꧂ 3 months ago +5941

    Can we appreciate the fact that the guy who plays the policeman doesn’t felt insulted ?

    • SmhEchoo
      SmhEchoo 3 months ago +170

      bro its the dog bro

    • kaivjakxumaix
      kaivjakxumaix 3 months ago +49

      I guess not. 😭😭😭

    • Deo Brandoe
      Deo Brandoe 3 months ago +147

      i mean, playing as the policeman is better than being stepped on 😅

    • Agent KD6-3.7
      Agent KD6-3.7 3 months ago +46

      Then there is the fking dog

    • StarChild0511
      StarChild0511 3 months ago +34

      Why would he feel the need to be insulted or feel disrespect?

  • Purple Girl Cosplays br

    The dude who made the dog need an oscar and his dignidy back-

  • ApPlays
    ApPlays 13 days ago +1

    Bro thought he was in the “Subway Surfers Movie” trailer 💀

  • Evanmelendez21
    Evanmelendez21 4 months ago +16172

    The cop didn’t get the credit he deserved

    • Trekzity
      Trekzity 4 months ago +37


    • FrostyLemon
      FrostyLemon 4 months ago +40

      This is my school and j can prove it

    • scarlett kirkland
      scarlett kirkland 4 months ago +106

      @FrostyLemon nobody cares😭

    • z
      z 4 months ago +13

      @FrostyLemon proof?

    • z
      z 4 months ago +6

      @FrostyLemon okay

  • payton
    payton 10 days ago +2

    i can’t believe no one’s talking abt this but the “HUH” in the beginning was so funny

  • Snacker2508
    Snacker2508 2 days ago

    dog needs a raise and an oscar, but most importantly, a treat

  • Anonymos
    Anonymos 3 months ago +2546

    The first time that i saw a class working together so friendly/gently and with this perfection

  • Coolgirl1010
    Coolgirl1010 14 days ago +1

    The one day that am absent at school:

  • kartik sheoran
    kartik sheoran 13 days ago +1

    These are the moments that make school worth it and fun😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Genji Leo
    Genji Leo 3 months ago +4302

    Bro the dog and the officer really deserve an oscar

  • Snowfluff
    Snowfluff 16 hours ago

    They don't need an oscar they need 17 plane tickets straight to AGT. Because this is America's Talent.

  • Roy Hernandez
    Roy Hernandez 5 days ago +1

    Where’s the insta comments when you need them

  • Crow_WithA_Stick
    Crow_WithA_Stick 3 months ago +4523

    Bro these kids don't JUST deserve a congratulations, they deserve a GRADE WIDE ice cream party in their names!

  • Kelley Thomas
    Kelley Thomas 11 days ago

    bro the police don’t need a oscar he needs his thanksgiving feast for himself 😂

  • Michaela Forcina
    Michaela Forcina 10 days ago

    That dogs deserves an Oscar

  • rayduhh
    rayduhh 17 days ago +1095

    he got those crocs in sports mode 😭💀

  • Parneyan Niazi
    Parneyan Niazi 4 days ago

    Bro give the school an Oscar 😂

  • Tori spring
    Tori spring 5 days ago +1

    Bro really put his crocs in sports mode for this 😅

  • Paris Lynaé
    Paris Lynaé 3 months ago +1408

    Bro made sure he put them crocs on sports mode 🏃🏼💨

  • size
    size 6 days ago

    The dog deserves an Oscar

  • aznabi Shah
    aznabi Shah 4 days ago

    Theat guard needs a raise 💀

  • novvk_edits
    novvk_edits 4 months ago +2597

    You already know he's the lightest in the class

    • FrostyLemon
      FrostyLemon 4 months ago +59

      I go to the school where this was filmed

    • ♡aheli
      ♡aheli 4 months ago +24

      ​@FrostyLemon UR SO LUCKY

    • FrostyLemon
      FrostyLemon 4 months ago +9

      @♡aheli ehh, I guess

    • push fnaf Hulu
      push fnaf Hulu 3 months ago +4

      fake COEMS 🤑🤑🤑

    • anise
      anise 3 months ago +3

      @printf weird question to ask

  • evet Williams (james golston)

    everyone in this video deserve an oscar

  • Nahida Akter
    Nahida Akter 13 days ago

    The cameraman deserves a Trophy 🏆

  • 焦少华
    焦少华 3 months ago +1848

    Can we appreciate how good the two kids at the start acted

  • Smurf_Cat
    Smurf_Cat 8 days ago

    If this song doesn't not play at my funeral i will not die.

  • her..?
    her..? 5 days ago

    THE "HÖŒH" when his belly bounced got me CRYING .😭😭😭

  • ChelEdits
    ChelEdits 3 months ago +1880

    You know it’s important when the crocs are in sports mode 🤟

  • Inkling_xx
    Inkling_xx 6 days ago

    The dog doesn’t need a Oscar,He needs a Leash😭

  • The Aerospace Learner
    The Aerospace Learner 10 days ago +1

    it took me the whole video to understand why is he even on his knees 😭

  • • 8Vrynzx •
    • 8Vrynzx • 3 months ago +2426

    Man, they got the best class. My class is just straight up weird. 😂

  • FCJyvenn's / aTgk5741

    Al Dawasari's goal is so underrated

  • Zainab Akanji
    Zainab Akanji 6 days ago

    He owes those classmates his life😂😂😂

  • grass
    grass 3 months ago +1333

    The dog needs to get hired to be a hollywood actor fr 💀

    • Isk
      Isk 3 months ago +4


    • Maery
      Maery 3 months ago

      these npc comments

    • ꧁Shanzay꧂
      ꧁Shanzay꧂ 3 months ago

      @Maery your NPC reply.

    • R4nd0m
      R4nd0m 3 months ago

      @Maery You most likely don't even know what NPC stands for

  • Joanne Castleton
    Joanne Castleton 29 minutes ago

    if subway surfers had a irl movie:

  • Tax is theft
    Tax is theft 9 days ago

    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the aggressiveness of the dog 😂

  • Vegeta
    Vegeta 3 months ago +2209

    The guy who played as his dog was a true legend 😂

  • AlexDeFoc
    AlexDeFoc 3 months ago +2610

    Props to the kids bro. Such dedication and cooperation

    • TweetyGuy
      TweetyGuy 3 months ago +21

      props to the props 💀💀💀

    • D.A. B
      D.A. B 3 months ago

      @dont_click_this_profile bot

  • SonKun
    SonKun 10 days ago

    TikTok trends in school be like:

  • James J
    James J 9 days ago +1

    *principal walks outside*

  • UncleRay
    UncleRay Month ago +3614

    bro the police officer here deserves a raise

  • Martha Molina
    Martha Molina 7 days ago

    If this song ain’t playing at my funeral I ain’t ded

  • 쀵쀵귀염이
    쀵쀵귀염이 23 days ago +3736

    These are the moments that make school worth it and fun lmaoo

  • Cali!
    Cali! 5 days ago

    Bro needs a Oscar for beat boxing like that😂😂😂

  • Freeloser
    Freeloser 14 days ago

    This kid Harvard needs him

    CRICKK 4 months ago +6037

    That cop’s HUAGHHH was beautiful

  • Zoe the queen
    Zoe the queen 10 days ago +1

    And I wish this would be a fun activity for school they got so lucky 💀💀

  • Holly Cassidy
    Holly Cassidy 14 days ago

    Bro took “no stepping on classmates & no piggy bank” to a new level

  • Pyrix36
    Pyrix36 4 months ago +6318

    These graphics look so good i almost thought they were real ngl 💀

    • Wyatt
      Wyatt 4 months ago +11


    • KasenVlogs_9898
      KasenVlogs_9898 4 months ago +108

      fr i thought this was like on a real track but it must be a new map

    • Cheesyx Tidy
      Cheesyx Tidy 4 months ago +46

      @KasenVlogs_9898 same I thought it was pleasant park for a sec but now I relies it’s just a game

    • Ashley Kinney
      Ashley Kinney 4 months ago +4

      i did this at my to lol

  • Johnny Rizz
    Johnny Rizz  Day ago

    Give those classmates an Oscar for agreeing to this

  • Natalie
    Natalie 7 days ago

    when the coach says” ok everyone we’re running laps today .”

  • Klock_Tax
    Klock_Tax 3 months ago +1045

    The guy playing the dog needs an Oscar asap. Looked real, like chat is this real.

    • Dubbyduckk
      Dubbyduckk 3 months ago +7

      No he deserves a treat 🍬

    • FrostyLemon
      FrostyLemon 3 months ago +1

      He's my friend

    • FrostyLemon
      FrostyLemon 3 months ago

      BecUse I go to this school

    • JEE Concept Recaps
      JEE Concept Recaps 3 months ago +1

      ​@FrostyLemon What grade are you guys in ?

    • Lucas
      Lucas 3 months ago

      @FrostyLemon that’s most likely lies lol

  • wubbox
    wubbox 14 days ago

    Imagine playing subway surfers in Ohio 💀💀💀

  • Eg Mations
    Eg Mations 12 days ago +1

    Imagine if he was wearing cliets 💀💀💀

  • Mazzzboissss
    Mazzzboissss 3 months ago +4006

    This is a goddamn masterpiece you can’t change my mind 😂

  • 1. Student of the best master

    The dedication of the people who got stepped on it’s just amazing😂😂

  • Iris the Imp
    Iris the Imp 8 days ago

    the gym teacher: 👁️👄👁️

  • OxylSketch
    OxylSketch 3 months ago +10789


  • Fionn Bailey
    Fionn Bailey 6 days ago +1

    If we should do this in P.E

  • Devil wolf
    Devil wolf 5 days ago

    The cameraman actually keeping up: 🥱


    I wonder how they convinced that person to play the dog 🌚💀 .

  • tss_star~
    tss_star~ 11 days ago

    How the boy became convinced of the role of the dog 💀💀💀💀

  • Jamie Marszalek
    Jamie Marszalek 10 days ago

    Let’s give credit to those classmates 💀💀

  • LVortex55
    LVortex55 3 months ago +2433

    The "HUH" from the kid at the beggining is priceless 😂

  • ILiveInThisEarth(plsNo)
    ILiveInThisEarth(plsNo) 15 days ago +7

    If this song isn’t playing at my funeral i ain't dyin 💀🌚

  • Emma world’s
    Emma world’s  13 days ago

    The aHhHhHhH got me rolling to Ohio💀

    IMTHEBETTER 3 months ago +2340

    his classmates spine be like “my back hurts yall i think i broke it”

  • Snek's Magic Hat
    Snek's Magic Hat 8 days ago

    Just imagining the gym teacher saying yes to this and watching it occur

  • Audra Roberts
    Audra Roberts 7 days ago +1

    The dog got me jumping out of my window 😭😭

  • WanderMouche
    WanderMouche 3 months ago +622

    The boy who did the guard sound definitely gets an A+