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KEMPER - New Live Profiles!!

  • Published on Jan 15, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I deleted all my old live Kemper profiles as I wanted to start fresh. Using all Michael Britt profiles, I go through and explain what and how I'm using them. I hope you enjoy.
    If you're on Instagram please give me a follow: @thetonyemery
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Comments • 18

  • Jim Mc Dougall
    Jim Mc Dougall Year ago

    Wow, that profile in slot 3 is fantastic, so much sustain and cleans up so well with the guitars volume knob. Lovely stuff! Have a look at Dan Leggett’s video where he combines the Kemper and the HX. Best of both worlds. clip-share.net/video/LYOg0ZTX9Rc/video.html

  • Tomulator
    Tomulator Year ago

    Excellent tones. Have you tried any of MBritt's profiles from his "Crank N Go" profile pack? In particular...the Friedman BE50 Deluxe profiles are really good! I use them exclusively for my live playing.

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      Yeah I have that pack. Some great stuff on there 👍

  • Phil Rocks
    Phil Rocks Year ago +2

    Just incredible! 🤘
    Do you have an expression pedal to use Wah on the Kemper?
    I'm researching day and night in the last few weeks to make my mind between getting a Kemper or Helix for live gigs... Kemper sounds waaaay better to me, but I didn't find good quality videos with Wah demo on Kemper.

    • Tomulator
      Tomulator Year ago

      I use a Mission pedal as a wah with my Kemper Stage. No issues. Works great.👍🏼

    • Phil Rocks
      Phil Rocks Year ago

      @Tony Emery Cheers mate! Appreciate it!

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago +1

      Thanks Phil. I do have an expression pedal yeah. I have the Fractal EV-1 pedal however with the Kemper I don't really use it. I was using it live with my Fractal AX8 mainly for volume. I may experiment with it with the Kemper and Pod Go. If I do I'll make a video on it!

    • Phil Rocks
      Phil Rocks Year ago +1

      On the other hand, I'm now watching your POD GO video.... damn... 😂

  • Admiral Kahba
    Admiral Kahba 8 months ago

    Hi nice tones. Do you have a list which profiles you´ve used? :)

  • Landon Cunningham
    Landon Cunningham 4 months ago

    Curious how you recorded this - what interface?

  • Cherry Sunburst
    Cherry Sunburst Year ago

    Excellent, Tony...Thank you so much!!!

  • Paulmetal HO
    Paulmetal HO Year ago +1

    so which pack are you bought?

  • Aman Khan
    Aman Khan Year ago +1

    Great stuff.

  • kye903
    kye903 Year ago

    You keep mentioning playing live but there's no videos of your band..? Is there a separate channel or do you just not post band videos?

    • Tony Emery
      Tony Emery  Year ago

      I just haven't posted any. If and when we do get back to playing I might start doing little vlogs. We'll see.